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    My dear mother drove me to my first flying lessons at Cedar’s outside Montreal when I was 15 years old. Working after school at a grocery store afforded me one lesson a week and she would sit and wait for the couple of hours I was busy doing my flying. Later on she saw me solo after I turned 16. Two months later I got my drivers license. It was one of her favourite stories she liked to tell people and mine too. To all the mother’s out there have a happy day.
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    "Tammie Jo Shults is commercial aviation's latest hero. So why aren't there more pilots like her?" Who dreams up with this kind of nonsense? If this sort of incident was a daily occurrence, there'd be new heros everywhere. The Captain got the aircraft on the ground safely, but like she herself said, that's not an act of heroism, she and her crew were just doing their jobs. Ask yourself, why hasn't the FO received the hero label, or the FA's, or the people trying to save the life of the pax?
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    A catastrophic engine failure combined with a virtually simultaneous explosive decompression would be a challenging command upgrade scenario in the relatively sterile environment of a simulator. Handling it in real life is an extremely rare and challenging scenario, never mind being told someone went out a window. That said, I believe the outcome is one we should expect from any well trained crew working with solid SOPs.
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    Always strikes me as odd to take a bunch of young men, place them a situation where they are literally fighting for their lives and the lives of the citizens back home and then berate them for having a picture of a pretty girl on their aircraft. Kind of like how we allow video depictions of violence and murder on TV but, collectively, lose our minds over a bare bottom or exposed breast. Seems like the priorities are wrong.
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    Best watched in FULL SCREEN Very Kool
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    Thought the first WJ "hackathon" was directed on Air Canada a few years ago! And it wasn't from a hangar!
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    I think this release by AC is as much about Karma as anything else. AC has eaten many a S#%t sandwich from the good folks in teal, funny how things turnaround sometimes. Good on AC for jumping on this opportunity.
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    Dare I say… of course he wanted the emails reviewed. I want the emails reviewed too and the sooner the better. I don’t care if they are on the dark web, the light web or in Bill’s jacket pocket. That hardly makes me guilty of collusion with Russia and it’s neither a small matter nor an exercise in collecting “dirt”. I want to see evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia too, where is that? How many pages before we get there? CNN reports things like fire is hot and water is wet as if they were actually revelations of some kind. It's like none of us would ever have considered the notion without their help.
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    The vast majority, and by that I mean just about every crew member I work with, doesn't deserve that comment. Vs
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    From a Veterans site.... ” Of all the places Trudeau could have selected to fulfill his political promise, he picks the deadliest UN mission on the planet with absolutely no peace to keep. If one of those helicopters goes down, who exactly is going to carry out the search and rescue mission? Who will be guarding the airfield or the medical facilities? Based on the numbers it won’t be Canadians. Playing politics with the lives of Canadian soldiers to appease the UN...how bloody pitiful. “
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    I'm not sure the 'each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs' remark defining communism is accurate, but to make my position clear Deicer ... I advocate on behalf of the 'if you don't feel like earning a living, you don't get to eat' approach, instead of the socialistic system currently being abused by freeloaders that says; 'you work, I eat'. Now before you go off, I want to stress; I've always held that the people of a civilized society will stand prepared to extend a helping hand when & where a genuine 'need' exists, but I do not subscribe to the notion that says lifelong welfare benefits etc. should be extended to individuals that just don't want to make an effort to contribute positively to society.
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    But what about the death of one's soul? That can happen with accordion music.
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    I was at a resort down south and at lunch time in the main dining room, this "child" was running around and screaming and bouncing cutlery on the tables...... An elderly British fellow watched the antics for a while, as the kid ran around and around the buffet. The old fellow went over the buffet and got a dinner plate and heaped it as high as he could with spaghetti and lots of sauce. I watched him as he kept an eye for the kid and just at the right moment he stepped out in front of the kid and "pretended" to accidentally collide with the child and dumped the entire plate all over the kid...... from the neck down... Needless to say he apologized profusely as the mother came running to her child, grabbed him and kept telling him they had to go back to their room and change his clothes.....the kid never came back.................... and as the exit door closed on the mother and the child, applause broke out at all the tables.
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    I hear he used a 3-D printer to make an ignition key.....
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    RE: Malcolm, I start my day reading this forum and if Malcolm didn't take the time and effort to find and post his articles it would become too short and uninteresting!
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    If you want a well equipped military NEVER elect a Liberal government.
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    "I once watched a guy get clocked right off of a tug by the VHF antenna on a 767." Not to be insensitive, but the picture I see is reminiscent of the guy in a raincoat that used to ride a small tricycle around in skits on the old 'Laugh In' show.
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    Bullet. Singular. Fire the bullet, your gun is now empty. Once a strike has been "struck", all employees in the bargaining group are considered terminated. Their frozen contract evaporates. They have nothing left until...the company caves in, offers them their jobs back (sometimes with worse conditions than what was struck for) or hopefully, a better contract than what they had. Best of luck to the pilot group but you always need to be careful what you wish for.
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    I was watching the CH 9 CTV news (YZ) last night and twice the news- person stated that the truck had T-boned the bus......... I fired off an email and asked ....where did you get that information as the authorities, (RCMP), have not stated that was the case....? I asked if they looked closely at the photos because it is pretty evident, IMO, that there is no damage to the front end of the Tractor and the load of peat moss was blown over the terrain as if it was hit by something. The load did not disperse like it would have if the Truck had T-Boned the bus.. I did not receive a reply....... But tonight the news-person did a bunch of back-tracking and stated that it would be weeks before the RCMP could release details about the cause of the accident.. The Press......
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    so now do we have like 9 boarding zones?
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    Been there done that and the t-shirt still fits. What’s wrong with gun club members in good standing, and with appropriate ID, transporting a hand gun (restricted weapon) to and from the range without a permit to convey. I don’t mind waiting while you type it up but it’s an administrative burden previously seen as too much expense for too little benefit... it's a "see ya tomorrow" thing. My province used to require a fire permit to have a camp fire and it was good for a week. So, I had a permit, actually a series of them for the whole burning season. A truly crazy amount of paper for very little gain. Now we have a website, you check it before lighting up. Ignore it at your peril because you either can or can’t…. pretty simple really. Don’t got a computer… phone em and listen to the recording. And, BTW, gangbangers mostly don’t have a PALs, they don’t get a permit to convey their hand guns to and from the crime site and they don’t have a permit to carry once they get there. So, raise the standard of conduct, training and proficiency to obtain a PAL and I will support it. Then you can feel confident not imposing silly, costly and ineffective solutions to problems that don't exist.
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    I think deicers account has been hacked by a Russian bot. No other explanation makes any sense.
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    Back When Real Men Were Pilots (Rotate at the overrun and suck the gear up) Those were the good ole days. Pilots back then were men that didn't want to be women or girly men. Pilots all knew who Jimmy Doolittle was. Pilots drank coffee, whiskey, smoked cigars and didn't wear digital watches. They carried their own suitcases and brain bags, like the real men they were. Pilots didn't bend over into the crash position multiple times each day in front of the passengers at security so that some Gov't agent could probe for tweezers or fingernail clippers or too much toothpaste. Pilots did not go through the terminal impersonating a caddy pulling a bunch of golf clubs, computers, guitars, and feed bags full of tofu and granola on a sissy-trailer with no hat and granny glasses hanging on a pink string around their pencil neck while talking to their personal trainer on the cell phone!!! Being an airline Captain was as good as being the King in a Mel Brooks movie. All the Stewardesses (aka. Flight Attendants) were young, attractive, single women that were proud to be combatants in the sexual revolution. They didn't have to turn sideways, grease up and suck it in to get through the cockpit door. They would blush, and say thank you, when told that they looked good, instead of filing a sexual harassment claim. Junior Stewardesses, (aka: Flight Attendants) shared a room and talked about men.... with no thoughts of substitution. Passengers wore nice clothes and were polite and they didn't speak gibberish or listen to loud gangsta rap on their iPods. They bathed and didn't smell like a rotting pile of garbage in a jogging suit and flip-flops. Children didn't travel alone, commuting between trailer parks. There were no Biggest Losers asking for a seatbelt extension or a Scotch and grapefruit juice cocktail with a twist. If the Captain wanted to throw some offensive, ranting jerk off the airplane, it was done without any worries of a lawsuit or getting fired. Axial flow engines crackled with the sound of freedom and left an impressive black smoke trail like a locomotive burning soft coal. Jet fuel was cheap and once the throttles were pushed up they were left there. After all, it was the jet age and the idea was to go fast (run like a lizard on a hardwood floor) "Economy cruise" was something in the performance book, but no one knew why or where it was. When the clacker went off, no one got all tight and scared because Boeing built it out of iron. Nothing was going to fall off and that sound had the same effect on real pilots then, as Viagra does now for these new age guys. There was very little plastic and no composites on the airplanes. Airplanes and women had eye-pleasing symmetrical curves, not a bunch of ugly vortex generators, ventral fins, winglets, flow diverters, tattoos, rings in their nose, tongues and eyebrows. Airlines were run by men like Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, C.R. Smith and Juan Trippe who had built their companies virtually from scratch, knew most of their employees by name, and were lifetime airline employees themselves.. ..not pseudo financiers and bean counters who flit from one occupation to another for a few bucks, a better parachute or a fancier title, while fervently believing that they are a class of beings unto themselves. And so it was back then....and never will be again! Damn!!! Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. What is first, you ask? The Landing, of course!