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  1. Thanks for the reply. That's kinda what I'd expect. Sounds like she'll be able to get some work done ? Cheers, IFG ?
  2. Hello, All - Wondering what it's like negotiating Pearson these days. I haven't been through since way before COVID. Website says 90 minutes for domestic departures (and holy smokes, 3 hours for a.m. US!?). In the real world, does that mean bring something to read, particularly with online check-in and carry-on, or has everything slowed down? One might hope that disastrously reduced RSM's would at least speed things up for the self-loaders, but maybe COVID procedures or reduced staff gums up the works? Anyway, cheers & TIA - IFG ?
  3. Indeed, UD', holy blasphemy was very curmudgeonly of me! Post amended - please do not force me to swallow IPA! I do think I've been pretty gentle and respectful considering a strongly-held opinion. There's really little alternative, if one wants to maintain an even keel going forward. I don't think the Trump cheering squad here quite appreciates the risks in this man as POTUS, but risk is not prediction, any more than HRC-favouring polls were. It's merely my own distillation of his policy aspirations (many IMHO misguided at best), and the wide-ranging implications of the normalizatio
  4. For Pete's sake, why are all you folks so sure you know what happened, what was in peoples heads ... what "the people clearly said". About half of the folks who could vote, did vote. Maybe, just maybe, the vast majority of those bloody well voted for the party they always vote for regardless. The margin was tiny, either way it might have fallen, and also of course very fortuitously distributed for the "winner" as well, since the edge favoured the "loser". So winning an election does not always signal some momentous shift in "the people's" determined wisdom. Ontario did not turn socialist
  5. But by and large, J.O., they were not wrong. I read the following article before the election was out, and as it unfolded, was thinking Nate Silver had nailed it - in explaining the range of outcomes bracketed in the polling. How to Read Polls - Fivethirtyeight.com Excerts: "Our forecast has Clinton winning the national popular vote by 3.6 percentage points, which is similar to her lead in recent national polls. Her chances of winning the popular vote are 81 percent, according to our forecast .... "The track record of polling in American presidential elections is pretty g
  6. Fido, just try to imagine for a minute if Trump had won the popular vote and lost the EC. She, and POTUS, conceded, graciously and unequivocally! Sheesh! Seeker - OK, "the media" says a lot of things, but that's just the sort of dishonest slithering that Levant excels at. I'm not bothering with what some individual hack simply blathered, that's not "the media" saying anything. I'm talking about the ongoing deeper analysis of the coverage and prognostication. The coverage I've watched is dissecting it all pretty carefully, acknowledging the outcome did not match the projectio
  7. I remember in the early days of GPWS; let's just say it was a lot better when algorithms got refined. I can't imagine not following EGPWS immediately in IMC, and never experienced any spurious warnings myself in VMC (except for some rare guidance in the flare ). Hypothetically, one might imagine a situation where a spurious warning is anticipated, and hold plans for ignoring it, but I think Vsplat is on point about disabling it if unavoidably necessary rather than 'desensitizing' what should be an almost visceral reaction in normal ops. Likewise on TCAS, delay is not good. I've read that
  8. Seeker, I thought you'd see through bullsh!t from Ezra Levant. The "mainstream media" has not been saying what he says they're saying. Levant is a libeling a$$hole, and his video is a mixture of untruth and spun deception of percentage graphs. Unless you are interested enough to ask me specifically to argue it out, I'm not wasting the time, because its not a 140-character explanation, but Trump won the turnout battle (just enough to turn the EC, NOT the actual vote BTW). Those disappointing percentages (for the D's) have been covered and discussed pretty accurately and honestly. They are right
  9. The future and overseas markets dipped about 5% or so last night, likely can be attributed to a Brexit-ish swoon, but the dynamics here are more complicated, so todays uptick should be no more shocking, particularly in light of the multi-day losing streak prior during Trump's Comey-bump in the polls. There's still a lot of money sloshing around looking for a home, no return in safe havens. Some will see opportunity if Trump manages to regenerate the energy sector (ignoring environmental concerns if one cares at all), and re-deregulates markets (worked last time, didn't it?). One howling i
  10. Jaydee - I share your , but I'm not sure that it's your stuff Mo32a wants to suppress. I suspect he's more inclined to wish a pox on all houses? IAC, WRT your lament about the polls further up the thread: There were the same doubts about their accuracy in 2012, in the light of huge Romney rally crowds etc. Re: your theory about not canvassing some cohorts, my understanding is that their data base starts with the voter rolls, so if names are not registered, they can't vote anyway. They've gotten pretty sophisticated, but it's still just math, and the error factors are well-known - and
  11. Well, not answering for DonH, but since I largely share his appraisal, my $0.02: this probably isn't the place for dissecting McLuhan but honestly, UD', DJT has been a very public figure for decades, and very proprietary about his image. His actions, outside of an initial core business in real estate development, provide much to inform about his character, regardless of his words and presentation, the content of which also inform. And who said anything about "beyond redemption"? (As if he'd ever seek or aspire to that IAC). WYSIWYG was supposed to be one of his principal virtues, wasn't it?
  12. I'm curious. Assuming you refer to: Your source? From Military.com: .... In a later statement on the incident, Air Force Central Command said that the Russian fighter was escorting a Russian surveillance aircraft and inadvertently flew across the nose of the U.S. aircraft .... (For the entire article) Even Brietbart doesn't seem to support your take: .... The near-miss occurred late on October 17, when a Russian jet that was escorting a larger spy-plane manoeuvered in the vicinity of an American warplane, USAF Lt. Gen Jeff Harrigan said .... Brietbart article Both a
  13. Must be something about B. B. King playing Ottawa, Moon'. I remember when he played in a smaller hall (I'm thinking Lisgar? early seventies, anyway). He and his band were comming up from their previous gig in Peterborough, in a blizzard. They were in different vehicles, and he made it barely on time, they were delayed. On he came with Peter Jermyn & Bob Coulthard from the MRQ. After about an hour, the band came onstage mid-song and smoothly took over. Brilliant memories indeed! Cheers, IFG
  14. More .... David Frum - The Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy David Frum - The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton And for those complacently & gladly assuming Trump will lose: Reposting Bluemic's Link From the Other Thread, Trump v. 2.0 The most eloquent and persuasive arguments against handing the White House keys to DJT come not from his nominal opponents, but from the other side of the aisle, i.e. the Party that put him up. Of course those who just want to tip the table over will dismiss them as elite lackeys. If they were more thoughtfully informed, t
  15. Of course not literally what I meant, UD', tongue was firmly in cheek, but that was the most trivial part of my post. Since you didn't comment on my other suggestions (Comey's added commentary in July enmeshed him in his ill-handled political snarl, & a few of us might be credited for at least aspiring to "innocence"), I'll take it you think Comey's July presser was appropriate and professional, that you do tar us all with your brush, and your reticence indicates low interest in any of that. Fair enough, nothing ventured, nothing gained Cheers, IFG