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  1. Hi, Kip - here's a graph for your time period. Nothing like the steep spike in mogas last few months, BUT - Here's a 1-year graph. Trend's definitely been up. The prices seem low, so I'm assuming it's airline contract prices, which are substantially lower than public retail. Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel Prices: U.S. Gulf Coast (WJFUELUSGULF) | FRED | St. Louis Fed (stlouisfed.org) Cheers, IFG p.s. I was looking into retail avgas prices several months ago in US, and they ranged north and south of $5/gal between ON & FL, self-serve at smaller airports (I think mogas was running mid-ish 2's?). If they're only $6-7 now, the increase % is definitely less than mogas -
  2. Hi again, Airband & Vsplat - First read, you're correct, the bill does not seem to propose the sort of broad pension "protection" I commented about. Altho' not finding anything in a quick look at info about this bill, I quote the following from Ms. Gladu in HoC: This IS the kind of thing I worry about. As for what I see in the bill (so far!), altho' introduced by a CPC member as a private bill, it's pretty bipartisan (how long will that last?), incorporating & building on previous efforts by members of all parties. There may be some 'careful what you ask for' tripwires, but that weed-diving is a whole other discussion. Editing my post. Cheers, IFG p.s. More I think about it, I shoulda left my 1st post (above) alone
  3. Hi, Airband - I have to confess I know little more about the CPC proposal than what's in the post above. But in defense - "Federal Government regulations currently do not protect your pension" or "Bill C228 that would provide pension security in the event that it is required", did't lead me directly to such technical considerations as creditor priorities etc. With that said, I should go find out a bit more about the bill itself . Cheers, IFG
  4. Comment deleted - The bill referred to above doesn't YET seem to justify a concern about RPP's being favoured more than RSP/RIF's (even if some interested parties lobby for it). Cheers, IFG
  5. It's OK, Moon', pour yourself another bowl of Corn Flakes . Truly, bugs me too when cut-and-pastes are not linked. OP likely just didn't catch the ..er.. seniority .. of that piece, altho' the year references were a hint . But, if you really want to know it, just swipe a sentence or two, place it in quotes in the Google window, and voila! Cheers - IFG
  6. Hi, Specs - The article contains no details to qualify or quantify the changes, but does include following: "The change, announced by EASA March 25, will take effect as of Oct. 30, and will more closely align EU rules with ICAO guidance about fuel planning and management." EASA rules do seem a bit more generous than than "over here". All that said, tho' here's some food for thought (from about 5 years ago) in the other direction : Risk analysis of the EASA minimum fuel requirements considering the ACARE-defined safety target - ScienceDirect Cheers - IFG
  7. Well ... they didn't get'em all . I remember groping about many nights years ago at KF with the runway turn-off lights (& occasional shot of inboard landing). Your story is exactly what we were told, except a some birds escaped. Only a couple of tails, but they were ex-AC. Our powers-that-be were unmoved by our 'objection' Cheers - IFG
  8. Hi, Junior - There are probably quite a few guys back in Canada from overseas gigs (wallets full, COVID cutbacks?). I know 5-6 myself, all with extensive 'bus'sing experience, and I'm not all that 'plugged-in' anymore. Cheers - IFG
  9. Hi, Floyd - As far as I know, 727 & 737 have the same windows. Boeing did away with the "eyebrow" windows on later models, but they weren't any use for flight visibility anyway. re: ".... but then I have always enjoyed flying whatever I was in!" - BIG Cheers - IFG
  10. Hi, J.O. - Yep, water is dense stuff. Maybe Greg's on to something here. Lots of deck space for the SARtech's, fill up the water tanks with gas for long-range patrol/loitering, and still a water-bomber as well (applicable for insurrections in the nation's capital?) Cheers - IFG
  11. Agreed. I do remember that accident, but was more appalled at the training standards revealed, than the crew's logged experience levels. IAC, lack of reciprocal recognition for licensing validations is not unique to the US, but that's a particularly heavy-handed application. Cheers, Ian
  12. Globe editorial about AC/WS/GTAA request on testing (pretty much on airlines' side!): https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/editorials/article-on-mandatory-covid-19-testing-for-travellers-the-airlines-have-a-point/ Cheers - IFG
  13. Indeed, and upgraded some since I last saw it A trip down memory lane reading that list, being disproportionately populated with Eastern Caribbean strips. Of course, back then, there were shorter ones, particularly in the Grenadines. Fun times - IFG
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