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  1. He's brilliant, J.O., Mitch, yours is good too, but instrumentals won't quite capture the full breadth of 'Floyd's collective genius .... unless they can cover this - Cheers - IFG
  2. One Liberal MP voted for the motion, and one independent opposition MP against, otherwise a straight minority governing party vs. opposition vote, passing 183/151 (Vote Detail - 67 - Members of Parliament - House of Commons of Canada (ourcommons.ca). Parliamentary procedure is pretty arcane, but this shouldn't be confused with a bill to make law. I don't know what kind of order is created when this sort of opposition motion is passed (UpperDeck??), or whether it brings any force to bear on the government at all. IAC ... seems likely close to the mark. Still, Libs had to know
  3. Cool pic! Sure hope you didn't scare the crap out of him tho' .... Cheers - IFG (p.s. J.O., well bowled )
  4. My own family was caught up in this last year, with a FL trip. We took the offered credit, not expecting it all to drag on for a year or more, but - some time late last year we were offered a refund (unsolicited BTW), and took it. I don't recall the details of it now, but I do wonder why there are still people out of pocket. For those that are and seek redress - Specs, you kinda cherry-picked what to highlight in that CTA extract. Reading the entire section makes clear that it's addressing obligations in a flight disruption situation, and not an extended shutdown of operations. From your
  5. If you like Rossini (backing up Bugs - nicely synced) : Cheers - IFG
  6. - "The examination of the engine's fan blades revealed fan blade No. 11 was fractured transversely across the airfoil directly above the fairings that are between the base of each blade. The other fan blade, which was identified as fan blade No. 10 and was the adjacent trailing blade, was fractured across the airfoil at about midspanmidspan". Looking at the picture above of the naked engine: if history doesn't repeat itself, it sure rhymes a lot - Cheers, IFG
  7. Indeed! Damage at wing root catches the eye, too. Looks mostly but not entirely to the fairing, but ... How far is that from tanks?
  8. Hi, UpperDeck - On the "degree" - I was not suggesting your degree was from Twitter LS, but that of some of your interlocutors (& us dollar-store epidemiologists). If anything, I meant to commiserate. I've followed your legal comments here for years with interest, your patience and impatience with opinions unburdened by any legal tutoring, and have no doubt about your own qualification to comment (and practice) whatsoever. I haven't looked up the post, and if it seemed that way, I definitely fumbled that. My own formal education stopped before a Bachelor's degree, if that matters. I
  9. Fair enough. I did not see the presentation you seem to be referring to, but not answering questions certainly brings more of them! I have been seeing quite a bit of stuff about the effect of the newer strains that suggests another surge, with similar suggested forecasts, so I'm not so inclined to summarily discount it. I'll have to look up the other national projections you refer to. I wonder what the inputs are regarding vaccination. Seems clear that they're a game-changer, WHEN they are widespread. We're definitely stumbling out of the blocks on that. Absent vaccination, it seems
  10. Hi, Don - Never had the chance to train all-in-the-sim. I still remember my first sim session, though: my first landing, I thought "I'm in a sim!", and pulled full reverse, max brakes etc. just for the fun of it. We had a hell of a time getting my partners reading glasses from under his rudder pedals. He shoulda had one of those dorky cords like I did Re: AF447 - My recollection is they established that the recovery procedure that worked for stall recovery in the airplane also did so in the sim and left it at that. Pretty much like landing the sim. What gets you on the ground in one piec
  11. And we'll hope that 20K projection is way off-base I guess my point is we don't really know OWOTO, just that some more pessimistic possibilities are not totally nuts. 20K/day in 42 days does seem high though. I think prevalence of the new strain doubles about every 10 days, which is a confusing metric, since the old strain is diminishing, which means the doubling time for B117 is a little longer than that. Regardless, it is increasing, and if Rt is 1.3-1.4, at a steady clip. I agree the math to get to20K/day is pretty opaque, but maybe not out by orders of magnitude. Back
  12. Hi, Fido - I guess it depends where you are and who you associate with. I live in a very low-infection area (touch wood!), and I'm like you. Don't know anybody who's got it. Daughters in YYZ on the other hand - both have had co-workers infected. TTC-ing daily, they take COVID very seriously. So, retired in the sticks, out working in YYZ - it does make a difference Cheers, IFG
  13. I don't see what's so hard to understand. Epidemiologists' models are not perfect, but even my layman's mind can grasp as a possibility that if prevalent R0 does go up 50%, we'll notice that. The measures we've taken have maintained it around 0.9, and consistent with that there's been a slow decline since late last year. If the new strain has R0 of 1.3-1.4 (+50%), it will be increasing. One strain gradually reducing, the other increasing, eventually new equals old in number, and old fades away, new continues increase. 1.3+ R0 makes for a pretty steady increase rate. This is the gro
  14. (but in fairness, 'twas the "discernable transfer benefit" of sim motion during training, not the real physiological effects that is called into question). I'd think any pilot who's trained in a sim marvels at the apparent fidelity. Care has to be taken not to lull into blind trust that aircraft behavior will always be reflected. e.g. I remember a paper discussing upset training after AF447 which cautioned that the aerodynamics around the stall are too chaotic to substantively code and simulate - I recall it said that more than 1-2 degrees of sideslip was pretty much guesswork from a simu