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  1. Hi, Rich - Taking your RV down? Not sure yet if I'll make it this year, but what's the deal across the road (haven't made it through all the documentation from EAA if they have anything on it)? Last time I went, I only had a night or two, but got dinged a minimum stay at Scholler. For a pup tent and motorbike Cheers, IFG
  2. Hi, Kip - here's a graph for your time period. Nothing like the steep spike in mogas last few months, BUT - Here's a 1-year graph. Trend's definitely been up. The prices seem low, so I'm assuming it's airline contract prices, which are substantially lower than public retail. Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel Prices: U.S. Gulf Coast (WJFUELUSGULF) | FRED | St. Louis Fed (stlouisfed.org) Cheers, IFG p.s. I was looking into retail avgas prices several months ago in US, and they ranged north and south of $5/gal between ON & FL, self-serve at smaller airports (I think mogas was running mid-ish 2's?). If they're only $6-7 now, the increase % is definitely less than mogas -
  3. It's OK, Moon', pour yourself another bowl of Corn Flakes . Truly, bugs me too when cut-and-pastes are not linked. OP likely just didn't catch the ..er.. seniority .. of that piece, altho' the year references were a hint . But, if you really want to know it, just swipe a sentence or two, place it in quotes in the Google window, and voila! Cheers - IFG
  4. Hi, Specs - The article contains no details to qualify or quantify the changes, but does include following: "The change, announced by EASA March 25, will take effect as of Oct. 30, and will more closely align EU rules with ICAO guidance about fuel planning and management." EASA rules do seem a bit more generous than than "over here". All that said, tho' here's some food for thought (from about 5 years ago) in the other direction : Risk analysis of the EASA minimum fuel requirements considering the ACARE-defined safety target - ScienceDirect Cheers - IFG
  5. Well ... they didn't get'em all . I remember groping about many nights years ago at KF with the runway turn-off lights (& occasional shot of inboard landing). Your story is exactly what we were told, except a some birds escaped. Only a couple of tails, but they were ex-AC. Our powers-that-be were unmoved by our 'objection' Cheers - IFG
  6. Hi, Junior - There are probably quite a few guys back in Canada from overseas gigs (wallets full, COVID cutbacks?). I know 5-6 myself, all with extensive 'bus'sing experience, and I'm not all that 'plugged-in' anymore. Cheers - IFG
  7. Hi, Floyd - As far as I know, 727 & 737 have the same windows. Boeing did away with the "eyebrow" windows on later models, but they weren't any use for flight visibility anyway. re: ".... but then I have always enjoyed flying whatever I was in!" - BIG Cheers - IFG
  8. Hi, J.O. - Yep, water is dense stuff. Maybe Greg's on to something here. Lots of deck space for the SARtech's, fill up the water tanks with gas for long-range patrol/loitering, and still a water-bomber as well (applicable for insurrections in the nation's capital?) Cheers - IFG
  9. Agreed. I do remember that accident, but was more appalled at the training standards revealed, than the crew's logged experience levels. IAC, lack of reciprocal recognition for licensing validations is not unique to the US, but that's a particularly heavy-handed application. Cheers, Ian
  10. Globe editorial about AC/WS/GTAA request on testing (pretty much on airlines' side!): https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/editorials/article-on-mandatory-covid-19-testing-for-travellers-the-airlines-have-a-point/ Cheers - IFG
  11. Indeed, and upgraded some since I last saw it A trip down memory lane reading that list, being disproportionately populated with Eastern Caribbean strips. Of course, back then, there were shorter ones, particularly in the Grenadines. Fun times - IFG
  12. Hi, Rich - Would CAR705 (or other international equivalent) experience not meet those requirements? Cheers _ IFG
  13. & The Way It Was : Braniff Airways Concorde Operations | heritage-concorde (heritageconcorde.com) "Aviation history was made at Mach .95 on Friday January 12, 1979 as two Concordes, belonging to Air France and British Airways, flew in from the east and lined up to land on parallel runways at Dallas DFW. The simultaneous touchdown marked the beginning of a regularly scheduled supersonic service between Dallas DFW and Europe by Braniff in cooperation with Air France and British Airways. The new interchange was the first of its kind involving a United States carrier and foreign airlines ...." Cheers, IFG
  14. Hello again, Seeker - Ok, I'll move "for Pete's sake" to the strong response cupboard (& try to tone it down) My dilemma: the Seeker that wrote: "Look, I'm not blaming the experts - we just really underestimated the problem or overestimated our ability. Really - not blaming anyone for this. We're all in it together and it turned out to be harder than we thought" doesn't sound the same as the guy above who predicates his question with the premise vaccinations aren't working. When the manifestly are, but limited by a difficult cohort that won't take them. An earlier post outlines the confirmation of that in current ON #'s. Again I'd invite you to consider the aspirational #'s if almost everybody was vaxxed. The recent levels of infection & transmission would show about 2-400 instead of 7-900 daily new ones. But with full vaxx uptake, we'd never even have reached those levels. With community spread reduced by more than half, R#'s would be way below the expansionary range, and outbreaks could be quickly contained. You wrote: "Somewhere early in the process we were told that we (society) could throw a bunch of money and our best experts at the problem, have an expedited vaccine ready in a year or so, vaccinate 75%-80%, achieve herd immunity and then Build Back Better." We could apply the same inference to ON #'s for an 80% uptake, i.e. about 12M vaxx'd instead of current 10M, yielding about 200 or so fewer dailies. Don't know exactly where that would place R#'s, but pretty sure it's < 1. All that with the hope that an even more communicable variant doesn't mutate while we've still got these millions of determined human petri dishes. The guy that wasn't blaming the experts would be onboard, instead of talking about vaccines "not working". Quick thought about Ivermectin that just might resonate for you . Your no-harm-no-foul approach could be analogized with the power of prayer. No apparent harm (not even nausea and/or diarrhea), and far be it from us to prevent good folk from praying their hearts out if they think it "works" . BTW, of course off-label usage of prescription drugs is widespread and respectable. It's also usually conducted in relatively quiet privacy. The problem with loudly validating these off-label usages online, even as panic courses through the web, is that stupid people feel encouraged to unintentional self-harm. Whether that should matter at all or not is another type of discussion altogether. Cheers, IFG
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