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  1. I can't believe I beat Malcolm in posting this! Westjet Wins Best Low Cost Carrier Americas 2019 by Christine Forbes Smith November 13, 2018 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter WestJet cabin crew bring the magic back into flying Westjet now in its 22nd year has emerged as a significant force in Canadian aviation and has again won the AirlineRatings Low-Cost Carrier Award for the Americas, although its radar is now focused on premium travelers as well. The Calgary-based carrier commenced operations in February 1996 and has grown to become Canada’s second-biggest airline. Today, it boasts a fleet of 122 aircraft and a network that serves, along with regional offshoot WestJet Encore, more than 109 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. However, while it is voted as Best Low-Cost Airline for the Americas, it is also an airline in transition to a full-service, global carrier a project that started in 2016. The airline has invested more than $4 billion in Boeing 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliners. Westjet Boeing 787 Its first of 10 787-9s arrives in January, and WestJet introduced its flight schedule for the 787 on October 10 with the first three 787 Dreamliners to serve London, Paris, and Dublin non-stop from Calgary. Westjet has also taken delivery of the nine of the 50 737MAXs it has on order. Lounges are also coming in for a makeover with upgrades in each of its Canadian hubs; Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto to meet the needs of the premium traveler. READ: VietJet Air Wins Best Ultra Low Cost Airline Award For 2019 At the same time, it has upgraded its loyalty program, WestJet Rewards, adding a new upper tier called Platinum that will also cater to the premium traveler. In May WestJet announced new Premium Economy seats to replace the Plus seats and the new seats would feature a more extensive 2-2 configuration on 737s. And in October, it introduced an entirely new brand campaign called “Love Where You’re Going.” The brand campaign is intended to be multi-faceted, targeted to employees as we want them to love where they are going career-wise and also targeted to the business traveler – we want them to enjoy where they are going in life, and their career and WestJet wants to help fulfill that. Westjet Economy Plus on the 767, which will be replaced by the 787s. “WestJet is a carrier that has established a reputation for flair, humor and community engagement,” Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said. “There is no question WestJet is an airline that is going places – particularly into the premium end of the market.’’ And low fares haven’t stopped it giving passengers room to breathe with a seat pitch in the main cabin of 31-33 inches and 36-38 inches in its WestJet Plus section. Its WestJet Connect app offers free TV shows and movies as well as the ability to buy in-flight Internet packages. WestJet’s DisneyWorld livery on the Boeing 737 Famous for its humorous April Fool’s day videos, WestJet earned community respect with events such as 2016’s “Snowflake Soiree” benefiting the residents of a Canadian town ravaged by wildfires. READ: The AirlineRatings Top 10 Airlines For 2019
  2. I sincerely hope so. Viking has done some pretty promising things with the DeHavilland line thus far.
  3. Longview Aviation Capital Corp. Acquires Dash 8 Program from Bombardier Inc. Production to Continue Uninterrupted at Downsview Facility Includes Trademark to Iconic de Havilland Brand Victoria, British Columbia, November 8th, 2018: Longview Aviation Capital Corp., parent company to Viking Air Limited, a leading Canadian aircraft manufacturer, today agreed to acquire, through an affiliate, the entire Dash 8 program including the 100, 200 and 300 series and the in-production Q400 program from Bombardier Inc. Also included as part of the transaction are rights to the de Havilland name and trademark in an all-Canadian transaction. Once completed, Longview will become North America’s largest commercial turbo-prop aircraft manufacturer. “The Dash 8 turbo-prop is the perfect complement to our existing portfolio of specialized aircraft including the Twin Otter and the Canadair CL 215 and 415 series of water bombers,” said David Curtis, CEO of Longview Aviation Capital Corp. “We see enormous value in the de Havilland Dash 8 program, with these aircraft in demand and in use all around the world.” As part of the agreement, Longview will receive all assets and intellectual property and Type Certificates associated with the Dash 8 program. Upon the closing of the transaction, Longview will also assume responsibility for the worldwide product support business – covering more than 1,000 aircraft either currently in service or slated for production. Longview will continue to independently operate the program at the original de Havilland manufacturing site located at Downsview, Ontario upon closing of the transaction. The Downsview site was sold by Bombardier earlier this year but, under the terms of a lease with the new owners and a license from Bombardier, production will remain on-site until at least 2021. As part of the transaction Longview also looks forward to welcoming Bombardier employees currently associated with the production, support and sales of the Dash 8 program. “We are committed to a business-as-usual approach that will see no interruption to the production, delivery and support of these outstanding aircraft,” added Curtis. “With the entire de Havilland product line reunited under the same banner for the first time in decades, we look forward to working with customers, suppliers and employees upon close of the transaction to determine what opportunities lie ahead.” Longview and Bombardier will work closely in the period until the closing of the transaction to ensure a seamless transition for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with no interruption in production, delivery and support of the aircraft. This transaction builds on Longview’s established track record of acquiring and successfully operating significant aircraft manufacturing, parts and serving programs including the Twin Otter program and the Canadair CL 215 and 415 waterbomber series. The transaction is subject to typical closing conditions and the receipt of regulatory approvals. The sale and transaction are expected to close by the second half of 2019. -30- Contact: Trevor Zeck, Longview Communications 604.375.5941  Longview Aviation Capital Corp. (LAC) was established in 2016 to manage a portfolio of long-term investments in the Canadian aerospace industry. At present, LAC includes and/or is associated with the assets of Viking Air Ltd., Pacific Sky Aviation Ltd, Longview Aviation Asset Management Inc. and Longview Aviation Services. With the addition of the Dash 8 Q Series, Longview holds the Type Certificates and entire product line of the original deHavilland aircraft company including the Twin Otter program and the DHC-1 through DHC-7 series, as well as the former Canadair CL-215, CL-215T, and CL-415 waterbomber aircraft. Through Pacific Sky, Longview also operates the world’s only certified Category “D” Full-Flight Simulator for the Series 400 Twin Otter, complete with seaplane simulation capabilities. Upon completion of the Q Series transaction, Longview will have a workforce of approximately 1,800 full-time employees in manufacturing and service support in locations across Canada including Victoria, Calgary and Toronto.
  4. Very interesting read, especially the part about the death of the captain. I'm going to take down the whole link. I don't believe I'm allowed to even provide that. Go to AvHerald and search "Spirit A319 at Boston" and you'll find it.
  5. Not 100% sure but I think it stands for International Terminal Building. Which in YYC is indeed a Papa Oscar Sierra.
  6. I have as well but as we know, this guy was UNRESPONSIVE for a period of time. I'll say it again, if WJ had allowed an unresponsive person to fly and they had died then this thread would be completely different. Could it have be handled differently? Probably but the ambulance chasers smelled a lawsuit and here we are.
  7. Maverick

    Delta........And Its New Addition

    I've said from the start that this aircraft is a winner! WestJet's 737-600's and -700' have no natural replacement in the Boeing stable anymore so I can see a point down the road that the A220 series would look very attractive to us. I think AC made a great decision replacing the E-Jets with them.
  8. I agree, Kip. A bit more tact could have been used with the fellow. I was more reacting to anonymous' over the top derision of the airline. I have zero problem with constructive criticism but the almost spitting bile he/she spewed doesn't belong here.
  9. Pretty good deal for an aircraft with those qualities.
  10. So let me get this straight, you'd be okay to depart with a non responsive passenger? How do you think your favourite airline would be viewed if the guy had stroked out? Let me just say that you're my winner for d!ckhead post of the year.
  11. Maverick

    AEF Slowing Down ??

    Ground checks serviceable!
  12. As a dedicated Nexus user and big fan of European travel, this is great news!
  13. Maverick

    Lion Air Down

    Terrible news. As Ex-9A Guy said, that’s a weird profile. Also this is the first hull loss a 737 MAX. This one probably won’t be a cut and dried case...
  14. The USAF initially chose the much more capable A330-200 based KC-45 but surprising no one, Boeing sued and won. Now 10 years later this mutt still isn't in service. Boeing disclosed another $176 million in cost overruns on its KC-46 tanker program, pushing the extra costs on its military refueling aircraft program to $3.6 billion. In its third-quarter earnings report Wednesday, Boeing said its Boeing Commercial Airplanes unit swallowed $112 million of the costs, while Boeing Defense, Space and Security ate $64 million. Boeing Chairman and CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the continuing cost growth was due to "higher than expected effort to meet customer requirements to support delivery of the initial aircraft, as well as due to incremental delays in certification and testing." Muilenburg and CFO Greg Smith said sales of the aerial refueling jets to the U.S. and allies will generate cash for Boeing and shareholders for decades ahead. The KC-46 is a militarized version of specially-modified 767 airframes. Boeing makes them in its Everett factories, including a center where military systems and hardware are installed. In March, two top Air Force officials complained about tanker delivery delays and urged Boeing to provide additional resources and engineering talent to fix the problems. Boeing Defense CEO Leanne Caret in May vowed to deliver the first 18 KC-46 tankers in 2018. On Wednesday, Muilenburg said Boeing will deliver the first KC-46 "during the fourth quarter," but he raised the prospect of a few other deliveries, too. "Though there's still work ahead of us, we're moving closer to delivering these highly mission-capable aircraft to our customer," Muilenburg said. "Currently, four aircraft have completed the FAA ticketing process and have moved to the Boeing military delivery center." The Air Force has signed deals to buy 52 of the tankers so far, and Muilenburg said Boeing remains "very confident in the long-term value of this franchise." He said the program's "going to have a production run measured in hundreds of airplanes with decades of follow-on support and training." Analysts grilled Muilenburg about the possibility for tanker-like cost overruns on Boeing's new military contract wins: the T-X Air Force training jet and MQ-25 aerial refueling drone. The Boeing CEO argued advance spending on prototypes helped win those deals. Two T-X test aircraft are already built and have completed 71 test flights. That makes them less risky than the tanker, Muilenburg said. "These (trainers and drones) are small development programs leading to rapid production," Muilenburg said. "The risk profiles of these programs are dramatically different than the tanker." Boeing said it also booked $691 million in charges for its planned T-X and MQ-25 program investments.
  15. Isn't this an Air Canada thread?