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  1. There’s not a snowballs chance in hell that that is even on the radar as a 100-1 maybe.
  2. If ever there was a time for an airline to invoke force majeure it's now. Transat may be one of the first casualties of COVID-19.
  3. Which airlines are most in peril as of now? My first thought is Flair but who else?
  4. I’m departing Phoenix in about an hour and a half. I shall report my experience...
  5. Strategy Norwegian seeks urgent government support By Cirium13 March 2020 Norwegian is asking the government in Oslo for an immediate bailout as it struggles to cope with the coronavirus outbreak that is decimating travel demand. “We’re in a very demanding situation at the moment,” states chief executive Jacob Schram. “We need exact measures to strengthen our liquidity in the short term immediately.” Source: Norwegian While the carrier welcomes a move to suspend some taxes levied on airlines such as passenger fees, “it is crucial for us that the government will work on solutions for a phase two. We are asking for these solutions to come quickly,” Schram says. Norwegian is willing to take “all measures necessary” to reduce its losses, he continues, “no matter how painful they are.” The Norwegian government has said that it could be open to providing the industry with financial help in other ways, press reports say, although no details have been announced. Market turmoil means that Norwegian is unable to turn to investors to raise equity or issue debt in order to secure new liquidity, “which means that it is not possible to finance businesses in a normal fashion”. The carrier highlights that it has undergone significant restructuring over the past year and has sold 24 aircraft. It also has a low share of fuel hedging, locking only 25% of its expected fuel consumption – which could see it benefit from a recent fuel price reduction. In a note to clients issued yesterday, HSBC said that it expected Norwegian to face “cash flow challenges in the near term,” given the dramatic deterioration in market conditions and the US ban on travellers from Schengen-area European countries. “Suppliers will likely take a very cautious view towards Norwegian, exacerbating cash challenges. The likelihood of airlines being able to raise significant amounts of new equity in the present environment does not look high.”
  6. So what you're saying is if WJ or AC stop flying somewhere because of COVID-19 that they have no obligation to refund the ticket price to people that booked before March 4th? Too bad so sad, you pays a you money you take a you chances?
  7. Interesting. In addition to most of their Max8's there's also an A330-300 stored at Marana.
  8. I looked at about 1/2 of the AC 737-8’s and they all have the MAX on them.
  9. WestJet never had the graphic “Max” on the outside, just 737-8.
  10. I’ll look tomorrow. There’s 22 of them in Marana along with one A330.
  11. For sure. Now how big will the over-reaction be?
  12. I don’t disagree with the assessment but this is typical liberal virtue-signaling. Wait until everyone else says it then tag on. I expected much better from a guy like Marc Garneau but I suppose I shouldn’t have considering his party.
  13. Interesting. We sold 10 of our early direct-buys to Southwest a few years ago and they were absolutely stunned at how good a shape they were in, At that time they were buying up every used -700 they could find. I was at the facility where they being prepared for Southwest service and some of the equivalent age -700's I saw from southeast Asia frankly shocked me. The Chinese -700's were taking around 90 days to prepare, the WJ ones were about 45 I was told. FWTW...