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  1. Of course you're not more prone to getting it, you either do or don't get it. The chances of a much worse outcome from Covid is absolutely attributable to obesity.
  2. Not far at all but that’s pretty beefy wing structure in that area. Scary deal regardless!
  3. The most effective treatment for Covid-19 is staying in good health. Age followed by obesity are the major risk factors for this disease. You will however, never hear any health authority at any level tell people to take responsibility for their own health. This is the nanny state that we now live in.
  4. I know this was posted before but I still go back and read it on occasion. This, for my money was the most amazing aircraft that ever entered commercial service. Enjoy, again.
  5. This kind of thing happens when aircraft have been idle for long periods of time and while irritating is not really unexpected.
  6. Do you think that maybe, just maybe the trans-Atlantic world might have changed a wee in the last year?
  7. So, since you're dragging up sh!t from 20 years ago you must feel that Ed Sims has a point then, no?
  8. I believe he got his Canadian ATPL but not sure. He was also responsible for Tech Ops. I've talked to him many times, he's a genuine, caring guy and I wish him and his family well.
  9. Well, considering they left from Tucson (Marana actually but close enough) the problem obviously manifested itself pretty quickly. Most of them have been there since January this year and there are definitely storage challenges with being in that environment.
  10. For the life of me I just do not understand why an airline, any airline would be using 737 Classics as a startup? They are maintenance and fuel pigs not supported anymore by the manufacturer anymore. 737 NG's and A320's are dirt cheap now. The desert has many of them that are in line for the chopper that are far better than those. Makes it easy for other carriers to undercut them though...
  11. That was 7-8 years ago. It's possible but Boeing is pretty tainted these days and the KC-46A hasn't exactly been a great program anyway... My play money thinks they'll just go straight to the A330/KC-30 MRTT and be done with it. Buy it off the shelf and then modify it somewhere in Quebec. The A310's are called CC-150's btw.