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  1. Boeing is really in a bind, aren't they? Could The Boeing 777X Program Be Terminated? Jens Flottau November 27, 2020 Credit: David Ryder/Getty Images Is it conceivable that the Boeing 777X could be terminated? Ask The Editors Aviation Week Executive Editor for Commercial Aviation Jens Flottau responds: Boeing currently has three widebody models in its portfolio: the 747-8, the 777X and the 787. While the 747-8 is being p
  2. Of note, Air Canada has "737 Max 8" as a graphic of the aft fuselage whereas WestJet has "737-8" on theirs. Leading the pack yet again.
  3. I’m just returning from my fifth trip down here since this all started and mask compliance is very good most everywhere with the slight exception of the work site... Grocery stores, restaurants and the airport are all almost 100%.
  4. Death from Covid as opposed to death with Covid compared to the number of deaths overall is a rounding error. We shut down the world on Neil Ferguson's completely flawed premise of a 4-5% predicted death rate.
  5. The deal is dead. Transat will be the first in Canada to officially disappear. AC can not be held to a deal like this in these Covid times.
  6. The Canadian government has not provided one red cent to Canada's airlines so unlike almost every other country on the planet they/we have to fend for ourselves. There's the cynic in me that thinks that the liberals would love to see all the airlines fail so they can get slightly closer to their unrealistic, unattainable carbon emission targets
  7. Haven't seen a WestJet hater/troll like you in a while. What's your major bitch?
  8. Oh please, trans-Atlantic travel has taken a dump and slots are probably now available. Why wouldn't they do that? FWIW, pre Covid the LGW numbers were very good, actually better than expected by a significant margin I had heard.
  9. Strategic Air Command great movie! Has some cool B-47 scenes in the last half.
  10. What troubles me with this government is I think they'd happily let AC, WJ and everyone else die so they can take green credit for it. I've never been so nauseated in my whole life with these crooks in power.
  11. It was clear to me. Jack, I too hope you stick around.
  12. Opinion: A Five-Part Strategy For Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Kevin Michaels July 16, 2020 Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Credit: Boeing What a difference a year makes. In March 2019, Boeing was on top of the world, boasting an eight-year order backlog and a market capitalization of $240 billion. Today, it is at a structural disadvantage versus Airbus, with its share price diminished as it grapples with the worst crisis of the jetliner era. Some observers are beginning to doubt that it can hold up its end of the airliner production duopoly. CEO Dav