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  1. Ah....ha......I flew it take-off and one landing........(Toulouse in the SIM building while on the A310 course)
  2. Don has summed it up well. Check lists and Memory Items are all the pilots can really do and one could possibly insert your comment in any emergency procedure at some point. Naturally there are circumstances where a pilot may try another procedure should the checklist he is using does not resolve the problem, but in doing so, he may actually exacerbate the problem because deviating from the prescribed check list is a gamble and the consequences are not known. Armchair quarterbacking is something we all do and some of the thoughts/opinions put forth may be valid but when time is of the essence one has to realize, that in an emergency pilots are wired to follow "known" procedures and check-lists.
  3. . I believe they're both shut off now in the Runaway drill? That is correct.
  4. SIM training costs for AC... per pilot.................................................$197.85 SIM training costs utilizing AC Sim for WestJet ... per pilot .....$13, 486.79 SIM training costs utilizing AC for Sunwing,... per pilot.............$ 21,376.89
  5. Yup..and woe be those that do not ensure handles are in the stowed position prior to using the CC electric trim switch......
  6. I can't recall the exact number of full rotations one has to do manually for the full range of trim available but for my training experience I did fly an approach from 10000 feet to touchdown using just manual trim. The point here is that the max speed I had was 250 kts, backing off to final approach speed but I do recall that when gear and flaps were dumped it was rather awkward to get the correct trim on. I would assume if these fellows went to manual trim, ND, with the speed increasing and in that case it would be difficult to trim out to neutral due to the increasing air load on the HS.and if they felt that manual trim was not working, perhaps that is the reason for selecting STAB TRIM back on. Bear in mind, I was flying the T-Rex, (200), when the earth was cooling and best I can get out of the mental file cabinet was 40-45 turns to go from full ND to full NU. Edited after Internet search....Well there is certainly a load full of opinions out there as to how many revolutions the manual trim wheel has from max ND to max NU and upon reflection of a fading memory, perhaps my "40 revolutions" was what I used during my flight. The exact number , according to numerous sources is somewhere between 65 -235 revolutions....If you are associated with the 800 MAX, have strong arms, and wrists, how about going into one of the non flying machines and spinning the wheel from max NU to max ND and report back here...Perhaps your name/avatar will be go viral in all aviation related forums....PS...Make sure you put the trim back where you found it before you leave the aircraft
  7. Don, The trim switches on the CC are electric. The only way to trim manually is with the cut-out switches OFF and moving the stab trim wheel manually. I think WOODY was referring to the idea that if the Cut-OUT switches are turned off in a High Speed ND attitude (Not electrically trimming to a neutral attitude first), the manual effort of moving the manual trim wheel may be exceedingly difficult to achieve.
  8. Did one in a T-33, but inadvertently, and ended up in a low level tumble..... (Student was doing a vertical roll and got confused..I think I already posted the story a long time ago)
  9. Boeing will survive but their stock has taken a big hit and the trickle down will be felt world wide.. Soon the clown in "la Maison-Blanche" will do something only he could conjure up and Boeing will be off the front page....... Just wait for it.
  10. How can it be accurate when it infers that the crew followed a checklist...but turned on the TRIM switches again? Here I am assuming they thought they were actioning a regular runaway trim situation. In my opinion I think most drivers know that if there is a pitch issue, one turns off the trim switches and manually trims. The switches are NOT turned on again. In other words they did not follow the Boeing checklist yet the non informed reader will certainly assume the complete and accurate checklist was followed based on the headline.....but then again, it is the PRESS.....
  11. Ethiopian Airlines Pilots Initially Followed Boeing’s Required Emergency Steps to Disable 737 MAX System I find that a very misleading headline.....considering what they actually did (switches back on).
  12. Not complaints ....more like observations...yes ??
  13. So nice for NOK....I scuba...but in a "shorty" and the water is normally 26-27C .... Hate "dry suits".
  14. Don......Same story yesterday ...different link
  15. All Electric Aircraft Will Result In Boon For Produce Farmers of PEI PGSU (Portable Ground starting Unit) LCIL Low Cost Interior Lighting
  16. I was sitting in my car at Walmart the other day, watching this woman, who apparently forgot where she parked. She kept putting her remote in the air and every time she squeezed it …I honked my horn.
  17. You do realize this is all satire, tongue in cheek???
  18. .....continue the banked turn until inverted, power to idle, pull cc gently until nose is 10 degrees above horizon and roll to upright and gently increase power as aircraft levels...........ohhhh sorry, you were recovering a "transport" not a 'whiz-bang"..........
  19. More on the shutdown and the pax predicament
  20. Interesting reading........
  21. Many of the young kids who hear about the clown doing 254km/hr think it is a non issue, just having fun, no damage done. Personally I would like to see his licence suspended for a year, the car impounded for a year and a $10,000.00 fine.......... but that is me....who came upon a Mustang GT wrapped around a road sign with the young driver impaled by one of the uprights and his passenger flattened by the rolling car... After I threw up, I used my radio Shack , bolted in the car, (one of the first cell phones on the market key usually called "the brick").... to call the police and ambulance. The RCMP officer said the speedometer was stuck at 135 MPH... Kids should be forced to look at ":stupid driver accident photos"
  22. He waited 4 months before coming forward ???