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  1. I think the camera work would have been better if it was a test...Go to YouTube and read the comments...interesting (how true?) comments there
  2. Thunder Air - Serving Thunder Bay, Timmins and Northern ... http://www.thunderair.com Thunder Airlines operates scheduled flights seven days a week in Northern Ontario along the James Bay coast. Timmins, Moosonee, Fort Albany, Kashechewan and . I think Perimeter Airlines used the Metro
  3. I'd rather paddle .. I remember decades ago watching a beautiful cruiser going across the Bay of Quinte, the vessel was about 40-45 feet long. I causally asked the guy I was with, "I wonder how many miles to the gallon he gets?" His reply was, " If that is your biggest concern, you can't afford the boat" He was/is correct,
  4. I can remember a search we did, (Halifax RCC), and we found a light twin about 10 miles from the point of departure and the only reason a tasked C-130 found it was that an eagle eyed spotter at one of the side doors spotted a small part of the vertical stab, (white), that was stuck on the top of a tree in a heavily wooded area. Aircraft that go down in a wooded area are hard to find because they normally don't do much damage to the trees and the trees just snap back upright once the aircraft has penetrated the trees. There was an awful lot of aircraft, and man power expended on the posted search and thee comes a time where the RCC has to downgrade the search and hand it over to the police, (Land search) Had a single engine go down in the bay of Fundy...Boaters saw it go down about 4 miles off shore. Got to the wreckage but no one in it. Just a pile of neatly folded clothes. Body was found about 6 months later in a wooded area by a hunter, about 4 miles inland. Not a schred of clothing on the remains...Verdict= suicide
  5. We went from 8-6-4-2 engines in the military and commercial aviation world and even at 2 engines there are times we have engine problems... Now with some of these "rotor heads" we can anticipate the dreaded 15 , 13, 11, 9 engine approaches ????
  6. That pilot had previous problems and should have been grounded prior to this accident. I read the indepth investigation while stationed in the USA..........every once in awhile a flyer slips through the cracks.... and there has been others and will be others...fact of life
  7. There is no FINAL answer. We all have opinions based on what we have flown. Pilots don't really care about the bean counters, they will fly whatever they are told to do so. Tons of stats out there both pro and con on all aircraft types and some are based on NOT flying either type Example.. Air France over the Atlantic......would a CC have changed the outcome ?? Trying to get a definitive answer to this question is like asking women and men who is the best kisser.....
  8. Hello WD......Yes sir, you guys at WD will maintain the WD brand and carry on as usual and we will have two separate airlines under the Canadian Airlines International banner.......and won't we have fun.....????
  9. I guess those of us who were born when the earth was cooling , got through school, took up flying for decades, and never heard the word "depression" in the present context were pretty lucky. I had come off jets and was on the Cosmo, (CV580), in Trenton and was not fully aware that when you retarded the thrust levers prior to flaring you had 16 speed brakes out on the wings so my first "arrival" was rather hard. I tried to make light of it by saying " that must have left a small "depression" on the runway " to which my instructor replied, "more than likely a crater".
  10. I was going back and forth over the puddle when we went to GREEN... In Ireland, at the airport, a lady came up to me and asked what she could bring back to Ireland duty free. I was also doing a lot of transport to and from YOW and Downsview during the CNE...we were in a pretty nice hotel in YYZ when we happened to see a two star be approached by a lady and he was asked to get her car to the front door as soon as possible....I have never heard a general officer use such language with a civilian.......suffice to say he was really POed and part of his answer was "Do I look like a fu*#en door-man to you ??" Well in greens I guess we sorta did...until people got used to it...Thank goodness BLUE came back.
  11. Indeed, a good app but for those that are not that computer savvy, sending a text message with CLICK my flight number would be much easier and gives the recipient enough info to know what is "supposed" to happen .
  12. Thanks but it doesn't show how much AV gas has increased...need a baseline for example, 01 March 2022 In my area, road gas has increased about 65%, since 01 March 2022 .......what is happening with AV gas ???
  13. Not sure if this works for different types of cell phones but if you want to see, or send to a friend, your flight info, including a map, merely send yourself, or a contact, the flight number in this format via text message . I'm using an iPhone 11 For Air Canada flight 604 YYZ-YHZ on 27 May, in the morning, you would enter in the text message AC604 When you, or the recipient receives the text message and clicks on AC604 this what they will see
  14. We have all seen gas prices at the pump escalate but we hear nothing about AV gas....... Normally we hear that ticket prices are going up when gas goes up, especially at the rate we are seeing to-day, or does the price of "road" gas have no effect on the price of AV gas ??
  15. G'evening Sir , Might want to move that to this thread........( Page two).... \ I think it is pretty much the same info that I dropped in earlier
  16. Hong Kong (CNN)Black box data recovered from a China Eastern flight that crashed in March suggests someone in the cockpit intentionally downed the plane, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a preliminary assessment from United States officials. The Boeing 737-800 was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou when it nosedived from 29,000 feet mid air into the mountains, killing all 132 passengers and crew on board. It was China's deadliest air disaster in decades. Information extracted from the plane's damaged flight-data recorder shows human input orders to the controls sent the plane into its deadly dive, according to the Journal, citing people familiar with the probe. "The plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit," the Journal quoted a person who is familiar with American officials' preliminary assessment as saying. The plane's flight-data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were recovered from the crash and sent to the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Washington DC for analysis, Chinese state media earlier. American officials involved in the investigation are focusing on the actions of a pilot, the Journal reported, adding that it is also possible that someone else on the plane could have broken into the cockpit and deliberately caused the crash. Chinese airliner carrying 132 people crashes in southern Guangxi region Chinese investigators have not revealed any mechanical or technical problems with the aircraft that could have caused the crash and might require further action across the industry -- as is typical in such events -- a fact American officials believe lends credibility to their assessment, the journal reported. CNN has reached out to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and China Eastern Airlines for comment. In a statement to the Journal, China Eastern said no evidence has emerged that could determine whether or not there were problems with the aircraft involved in the accident. The airline told the Journal that the pilots' health and family conditions were good, and added that their financial status was also in good shape. "Any unofficial speculation may interfere with the accident investigation and affect the real progress of the global air transport industry," the airline told the Journal. On Wednesday, China's state-run newspaper the Global Times cited a statement from the CAAC, which said it had reached out to the NTSB investigators who denied "releasing information on the investigation to any media outlets." According to the Global Times, the CAAC said the investigation is ongoing in a "scientific and rigorous" manner, and pledged to release "timely and accurate" updates. A mother, a fiancé, a friend. China mourns the victims of China Eastern Airlines crash In a summary of its preliminary report released on April 20, the CAAC said the two black boxes were "severely damaged" and "the data restoration and analysis work is still in progress." The report said the flight crew and maintenance personnel "met the relevant standards" and there were no items on board that had been declared as dangerous goods, nor were there any forecasts of dangerous weather. Before the plane deviated from the cruising altitude, the radio communications between the crew and the air traffic control department did not show any abnormality, according to the report. Rumors about a copilot intentionally crashing the plane had circulated widely on China's internet by early April, with some pointing to the CAAC's remarks on the mental health of aviation staff following the crash. At a meeting on aviation safety on April 6, CAAC director Feng Zhenglin urged Communist Party officials at all levels to "stabilize the thoughts of their teams, make utmost efforts to solve employees' problems in their work, life and study, and ensure their physical and mental health." "In particular, officials should do their best in the ideological work of pilots to lay a solid foundation for the front line to operate safely," Feng said. The speculations about pilot suicide causing the crash have previously prompted the CAAC to issue a denial. "These rumors...have seriously misled the public and interfered with the investigation of the accident," Wu Shijie, a CAAC official, told a press conference on April 11, adding that police were carrying out investigations to hold the rumor mongers responsible.
  17. In Boeing, there are probably a lot of managers who retired on the job...
  18. Milestone birthday last week....my daughter sent this, inside a birthday card, and part of what she wrote was; "Reminds me of you, Dad" Nice to see that at least she, considering the world as we know it today, has not lost her sense of humour.
  19. J.D. Power's top US airlines for economy passengers 1. Southwest Airlines 2. JetBlue Airways 3. Delta Air Lines 4. Allegiant Air 5. Alaska Airlines 6. Air Canada 7. United Airlines 8. Spirit Airlines 9. American Airlines 10. Frontier Airlines 11. WestJet J.D. Power's top US airlines for premium economy passengers 1. JetBlue Airways 2. Delta Air Lines 3. Alaska Airlines 4. American Airlines 5. United Airlines 6. Air Canada J.D. Power's top US airlines for first/business passengers 1. JetBlue Airways 2. Alaska Airlines 3. Delta Air Lines 4. Air Canada 5. United Airlines 6. American Airlines No idea why AC and WJ are in the midst of US airlines...
  20. I sent the emails...Got 5 replies yesterday out of the list of 9 individuals in my area.....and they all said via "auto reply"...... Thanks for getting in touch! This automated reply is to assure you that your message has been received, will be read, and considered.
  21. Yes, and thank you !!
  22. Link or at least some screen shots, (photos), alluded to in the article please.
  23. The only reason I would endure a 20 hour flight would be if I was the winner of a multimillion dollar Lotto and had to go in person to "there" in order to collect the winnings. Even if I had a "bestest" buddy living at one of the destinations and he died......the widow would have to be happy with just a Hallmark sympathy card...... I agree with mo32a
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