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    Gender Neutral Airline Tickets

    If I poignant and relevant Listen to the words................(music at 0+22) This is the song that should have got the Grammy ...IMO
  2. Kip Powick

    AIr Transat Complainers

    It would seem that many folks went to Haiti this year and now want to come back to Canada because Haiti has once again erupted into political violence. Those that flew down using AT are whining that AT isn't doing enough to get them out of the country. Most have huddled in a resort and are screaming for AT to fly down and rescue them AT has an aircraft and crew on standby and , rightly so, are not going to turn a wheel until they can be guaranteed safe arrival and departure What is wrong with these idiotic travelers that feel that the airline that flew them down there should rescue them just because they may have paid for a round trip ticket?? I am bias, but having been there decades ago and that is the last country I would visit in my free time, (taken to the hotel in armed vehicles and not allowed to leave hotel without armed much fun.....,.and it was a humanitarian cargo flight). I understand there are probably many who went back to visit relatives that are still down there but they made that choice and if they think AT is going to endanger their staff to bring a few whiners back..........well they might have a long wait. Sorta like the woman that planned a trip down south and a few days after her arrival there was an earthquake and she wanted to sue AC for taking her to an area where there could be possible earthquakes any time of the century. And finally....since the quake of 2010 the USA has given Haiti 13 BILLION in aid and Canada has given 220 MILLION....where did this money go........? Don't bother answering because we all know where most of it went.
  3. It is a Q-400 the airline is Flybe......just wondering about the windshield wipers.... More realistic now.............((.sunny with intermittent rain showers))
  4. Probably just perspective but that is a rather unusual set up for windshield wipers... Saab 340?
  5. Well that's good..........another soul off my Christmas Card list......
  6. Kip Powick

    Contact on Pushback

    The key words are left bogey and partially locked up..... I see no skid/scuff marks from the right bogey
  7. Kip Powick

    Contact on Pushback

    If you look at the tire tracks in both photos it looks like the left bogey was partially locked up.
  8. The new "goose" livery had one final change before being applied to aircraft. The eye of the goose had to be removed as a superstition by many Japanese was that a single eye was symbol of evil.......(.not good for the Asian market)
  9. Kip Powick

    A380 cancellations/Qantas

    I had a tour of the C5 Galaxy by a USAF friend of mine. It was quite impressive in those days.....the moment you stepped in it you heard a wirrrrrring sound and your weight was put in the load data base !!! The old grizzled engineer who accompanied my friend and I couldn't stop bitching about the young pilots who just got their wings and were allowed to crew on the aircraft. He said the aircraft was really well built and it had to be the way those "newbies" just kept "crashing " it on the runway. Was in Colorado Springs when one C5 pushed up the throttles prior to takeoff roll and the entire over/under run behind the aircraft probably landed in Wyoming .
  10. A380 cancellations by Qantas raise new questions about the superjumbo's future Hong Kong (CNN Business) Doubts about the future of the Airbus A380 have grown after yet another airline canceled an order for the superjumbo jet. Australia's Qantas (QABSY) said Thursday that it had scrapped longstanding plans to buy eight more of the double-decker planes. The A380 has been a major disappointment for Airbus (EADSF), racking up less than a quarter of the sales the European company forecast when it first introduced the giant jetliner more than a decade ago. The underwhelming demand has fueled questions about how long the manufacturer can justify continuing production of the iconic aircraft. Airlines like Qantas have shifted their interest to lighter, more fuel efficient passenger jets. "For Qantas, the A380 is the aircraft of the past and not its future," said Ellis Taylor, Asia finance editor at aviation intelligence firm FlightGlobal. Other airlines including Virgin Atlantic have ditched plans to buy the aircraft in the past year. Airbus now has only 79 firm orders for it, according to FlightGlobal data. The program's future could hinge on Dubai-based Emirates, the largest A380 operator with more than 100 of the aircraft in service. The Gulf carrier last year ordered a further 20 of the superjumbo jets, with the option to buy an additional 16 on top of that. But Airbus said last month that it was renegotiating the deal with Emirates following reports that the airline was looking to switch its orders to the smaller and newer A350. "Emirates switching all of its order would certainly be the death knell for the A380," Taylor said. Other potential customers for the aircraft include British Airways and Japan's All Nippon Airways (ALNPY), but neither airline has committed to adding more A380s to its fleet. "That makes it hard to see where more sales will come from in the near term," said Taylor. An Airbus spokesman on Thursday confirmed that Qantas had changed its order but didn't comment on what it meant for the A380's future. Qantas said it's in the process of upgrading its 12 existing A380s and planned to "operate the aircraft well into the future."
  11. Kip Powick

    A380 cancellations/Qantas

    One of the most complicated productions with sections of the aircraft arriving from various cities in Europe by land, sea and air for final assembly in Toulouse, France. Many years ago there was an hour documentary on TV which showed video of all the pieces being shipped and coming together in Toulouse. I was there on the A310 course back in '88 for 5 weeks.....Toulouse is a nice little town but the problem is that you always have to be looking down when walking....No "poop and scoop" law...
  12. Kip Powick

    Qantas Engine Ferry

    Initially all 747's had the hard points because there were no aircraft large enough to transport a 747 engine if someone needed one at a distant point. Once the 747F was introduced, (large enough hold to carry a 747 engine), the hard point became an option. Some airlines that had only 747 pax aircraft opted for the hard points rather than pay for another carrier to transport an engine if and when it was required away from their maintenance base. Not sure about the DC 10
  13. Kip Powick

    WestJet 787

    Wow.....Cool...Looks like a jar of pickled eggs for each of those crew members.....
  14. Kip Powick

    Windowless Planes

    Based on the pictures, what is more concerning is that when the pilots go back to look at a wing, for whatever reason, it is not there !!!!!!
  15. Kip Powick

    Another Hazard of Ramping...

    SOP for WD crews..
  16. Kip Powick

    The F-35

    Years ago, when the RCAF was intercepting the Russian Bombers who were testing the DEW line etc, they would intercept them as the RCAF flew along side of them, the Navigator, in the back seat of the CF 100/101, would hold up a big sign.......GIVE UP or WE WILL BLOW UP. Lotta money wasted on fighters because "someone" said...hey, we had fighter pilots in we still must need them...Time DND and the politicians had a reality check. Let the clown down south and ego maniac in the geographically largest country in the world play their games and we''ll just watch the chaos.
  17. Kip Powick

    Windowless Planes

    As long as you put more air-sickness bags on-board...... I can think of many reasons why this is NOT a good idea.
  18. Kip Powick

    Delta Highlights their New A220 Aircraft

    Terminal was finished demolition in 2014. Now the area is used for "moto-sport" and drag racing.
  19. Kip Powick

    Too Cold for the Plane +- Lack of Customs

    Hey Southshore......did y'all get SCREECHED IN..... at Gander?? I did back in 1966 and much later in my career I took a Herc in there and of course all the troops had changed so "they" said I had to be SCREECHED IN. In desperation I asked for the book they kept all the names in of those that had been initiated.........believe it of not...I found my name and avoided the ritual. My FO was a pipe-line female, and know how it goes......I might as well have been flying solo the next day !!!
  20. Kip Powick

    Too Cold for the Plane +- Lack of Customs

    Because of the "boon-doggle" with its last stop and the money it probably cost them United that has designated Goose as an EMERGENCY other words, United does not want to route plan the airport as an ALTERNATE or FUEL STOP airport. Goose has not stated they will only accept declared EMERGENCY calls . Goose is trying to figure out how they can better handle a diversion to their airport. Remember this is NFLD and Labrador ........perhaps they are still stuck in the DC3 and Super Constellation days !!! Putting on my tin hat and flame retardant suit now...
  21. Kip Powick

    An old pilots reflections...

    A week before my daughter got married, she sent me a T-Shirt. This is a screen shot of what it said when it was new.....It's kind of worn and ratty now but I'm not getting rid of it.
  22. Well..... I'll just throw out a couple of times where the change of frequency is obvious and is done without notice.....ON THE GROUND......If one is on the ground at an airport and monitoring your last assigned frequency and oddly you stop hearing any may be that your radio has failed on that frequency. Time to go to another airport frequency. Bear in mind, one would not move the aircraft beyond the previously cleared point ..... especially if it meant crossing an active runway. IN THE AIR.....When flying and you enter another countries FIR and have not been advised to change frequency by your last ATC controller and you can not contact them, (your last controller) on any of "their" frequencies it would be advisable to attempt contact on frequencies that are applicable for the FIR you just entered. Certainly there are other reasons where changing frequency without notice may be warranted but those reasons would be super exemptions and probably only utilized to prevent a disaster. Every pilots main concern is the safety of their aircraft and its contents but there are times when common sense prevails and radio frequencies are changed without being advised to do so.