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  1. Wrong description of what happened after the pull up....( why the steep left bank...... which concluded with a left hand roll and a very nose low attitude.) It stands to reason seeing the pilot was in the right seat that he did a steep left hand turn in order to see if making the airport was possible ...but ...why continue the roll ?. Every single engine jet aircraft loses altitude in a roll, The nose must be pulled up in order to be at the same altitude as when you started the roll. A dead engine aircraft would loose even more altitude with zero thrust. Rolls in an airshow where the aircraft starts a roll as it is going by and maintains the same altitude when becoming wings level is only accomplished by using brief moments of zero -negative "G" when the pilot pushes the nose up while being inverted.
  2. I miss the pretty smiles from the gentle sex......
  3. It seems that, over there, in too many cockpits, "Intimidation" is the flavour of the day, with zero or very little CRM in evidence.....after the fact The culture in many countries is that what the Captain says is "gospel" and you dare not challenge his word. We are indeed fortunate "over here" that for the most part, it is a "no-go" or "go-around " if one of the pilots, regardless of status, is not happy as the event unfolds.
  4. Really ??? Not being politically correct here but I would say that is , for too many reasons to list here, the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Time for a reality check up in Disneyland North...
  5. Yes, I agree and the CNN guy probably read this.... "the crew declared Mayday repeatedly reporting they had lost both engines." and being an aviation "expert" deduced that the smoke was from combustibles on the ground.
  6. A CNN "expert" says there was no fire on impact so possible fuel starvation ergo, no fuel ?
  7. Amazing what can be done with LEDs Here is some more in Seoul ..
  8. Difference between 7 *** and 2*** is 5***...surprised you did not know that Sorry, couldn't resist that
  9. I remember reading "somewhere that Airbus had to sell 250 A-380s to break even given the R and D and present day cost to build. The only stat I have seen now is reference 2019....242 built
  10. Can be read by subscribers only
  11. Agree...If the takeoff involves more than 3 aircraft. The normal takeoff with 3 jets is a VIC formation.....Loss of power by # 1 is a straight pull up, loss of power by #2 is pull up out of the formation and turn right, Loss of power by # 3 is pull up out of formation and turn left. Their departure was only a two plane formation with # 2 on the left ...(((why was # 2 on the left when a two plane normally has #2 on the right?...the reason would be this pilot flew formation from the right seat and it is always easier to fly on the lead from the side you have your flight controls on rather than fly "cross-cockpit" .....on anyone)))) that case it is SOP to pull up and turn away from the lead...If he had been #2 on the right side it would have been a pull up and turn away from the lead. Yes, The CO was certainly correct and I would think he is talking about the procedures that must be briefed when doing a big formation take-off as each aircraft must know, and is told in the briefing, what his 'escape" procedure is supposed to be in the event of an engine failure. The procedure done before the accident is SOP when in "little" formations.
  12. Well.........not really. She had been with them since 2018..... She had probably done enough flights that all the Captain would do is check that she was all "connected" properly in the aircraft. Obviously when someone "new" goes for a ride, (Press or other VIP), they have a ground briefing and a repeat verbal briefing once they are strapped in but as a member of the crew, (her name was on the side of the aircraft), there probably would not be a procedure briefing each time she strapped in as she would be very familiar about the "exit" calls and procedures... It was a very sad day where time was the critical factor and of course super stress seeing she had never been put in that position...Jet pilots have the ejection procedure wired to their brains and can do the procedure without even thinking about it.
  13. I would doubt that she passed out. There wouldn't be more than possibly 2G, if that, in the pull up. A hard pull up might get you higher...but with poor airspeed. In this type of maneuver you are aiming to get higher than you are but with the recommended glide speed/ engine relight speed. I believe in the Tutor, each seat is initiated by the individual in the seat and there is no way you can fire the other person out. As stated as soon as the Captain says "EJECT" you should be going up the rails........but in this case the available time for ejection was compressed to a second or two..
  14. No emoji so assume this is a tongue in cheek comment. Tandem aeros are much different than side by side .....Seeing my primary aircraft was tandem and seldom did I use a mirror for a Clear Hood exercise and picking up section lines and roads was much easier when all you had to do was align the vert stab with the line or road as you came over the top. IP's used the mirror, (one), to ensure Roger Ramjet was not peeking out from under the hood during IFR training and naturally when IP's went up by themselves for a bit of unauthorized "air to air combat" practice.......
  15. That disputes the Nurse's comments above and doesn't say much for a "0 altitude/90 kts" speed ejection seat.I know know there is a downward trajectory factor when the aircraft is descending but..........
  16. I believe the Tutor had a 0/90kt seat, ( I only flew in it for about 8 hours), and the most difficult part for me was looping aerobatics.Sitting side by side threw my perception off when coming over the top of a loop and it took a few loops to figure out what one should see when upside down versus tandem seating in most all other jets. (The American T37 trainer was also tandem and looked like a Tudor except it had a normal "t" tail, had two engines and looked as if someone had stepped on top of the middle of the fuselage . It was not that much fun to fly. Trivia.....there was problems with the hardness of the Tutor windscreen, or so the technicians doing the bird strike tests thought. They called the "Brass Hats" and told them that every dead chicken they shot out of the cannon broke the windscreen. The problem was rectified when the "Brass Hats" advised the technicians they were to thaw the chickens out prior to firing them at the windscreen. A contributing factor with the Tutor at Kamloops going down so suddenly is that when the canopy is removed, a great deal of lift is lost, not a good thing at at low airspeed. No idea why the aircraft did a roll during the flight Captain Casey was here in Trenton, I never met her but I did see her at a large function on the air side of the base. The loss of a fine young lady........I can only assume she changed branches in the Forces, (Army to Air Force), during her tenure as a PR Officer. The Forces went back to almost original rank insignia in about 2014 and according to Press releases Ms Casey joined the Snowbirds in 2018. The TRIBUTE PHOTO of her standing, arms folded, in front of a Snowbird aircraft, has her shoulder epaulets as an Army Captain, yet there are later photos with her wearing Air Force epaulets. The change of Branches must have taken time and ....... I guess she finally realized that if God wanted the ARMY to fly he would have painted the sky brown.
  17. I think you may be referring to Joe Lycett . If Veitch has one please post it, I think he is hilarious, after all he is a stand up
  18. It has been reported that she did not even get out of the aircraft....... wonder why there " appeared" to be two ejections.. “I’m a retired nurse, so of course I went into the backyard and there was a woman, she was in the plane and she was deceased. “We worked on her for quite a while, but… just she had catastrophic injuries.” Not a good few weeks for our female members of the Forces....
  19. This guy is great...he has many "talks" about problems with computers
  20. I think an engine failure is a good possibility.....When an engine failure occurs in a SE jet the normal reaction is to "pull-up" and convert airspeed to altitude and attain the required glide speed. Lets assume that is what the pilot did and then the left turn would be an attempt to see if he could get back to the airport. Unfortunately he was in the process of accelerating to normal climb airspeed so he wouldn't have gained much altitude and that coupled with a turn didn't enhance his airspeed or altitude, Recognizing that...........he would never make the airport, he was over a populated area, which was not of his making, and with no dead stick options, and everything running toward "zero" he knew that there was only one way out...pull the I taught my students......".they can replace the aircraft but they can;t replace you" If it is confirmed that there was actually another person on board, and they never made it, that is truly unfortunate and very sad.
  21. Yes, that is a very good possibility and I don't imagine there was any good looking terra firma to dead stick the aircraft onto. If you trained at MJ there was always acres and acres of flat land to dead stick onto but in Beautiful BC....not so much in the valleys....
  22. I am not sure of the sequence in the Tutor but the T-33 eventually went to sequential ejection seats. If the backseat pilot guy pulled the handles, he was gone and the front seat guy was automatically ejected shortly there after. It was a requirement because the seats were changed to ROKAT seats, (lower ejection limits), and if the guy upfront went first he would BBQ the back seat guy. Not sure how the Tutor works but if there was 2 smoke trails , perhaps they have sequential ejection as well, or seeing it is a trainer perhaps any seat could trigger both seats During dual training , normally the IP would initiate ejection. I told my students I would say "EJECT" three times, the first time would be me and the next two would be echoes....
  23. Armchair QB........Looks like a control problem....Pitch-up, followed by a stall and no room to recover, ejection.... I was part of an investigation team in Moose Jaw of a similar incident with a T-33. Pilot's knee-board fell and jammed the control column. Could be something loose in the other seat if that seat was not occupied, and was not secured. Most of the time the planes are flown solo except when they may carry a Military maintenance, or PR member with them. Hopefully just one occupant in this case.
  24. Born: April 26, 1916, Ely, United Kingdom Died: September 1, 2013, Reymerston, United Kingdom
  25. Marshall...... you were warned before........ thus you cannot post this personal porn video........Have a nice weekend.