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  1. The tire press monitor might be an option that AC 330's don't the Back Up Speed System
  2. Brake temps not tire pressures
  3. here is some more to the story: ”We feel the management has had more than enough time to replace the expats with Indian national pilots. We therefore demand that all expats be released immediately,” the union said in a statement. The exclusivity provisions begin May 1 but the union said all training and currency activity involving non-Indian pilots was to stop April 16. The airline has rejected the demands at all levels. In a statement, the airline said Jet Airways “is an equal opportunities employer” and is “diverse in race, gender, caste, creed or religion ... Jet Airways is committed to offer equal opportunities to all pilots and follows a structured plan for their recruitment based on business outlook.” The union also cited a confrontation between a non-Indian pilot and a wheelchair passenger whose personal chair was incorrectly loaded as baggage. The passenger claimed the pilot was aggressive and abusive toward him because retrieving the chair caused a departure delay, but it did not directly explain what his nationality had to do with the fracas. "The safety of our passengers and pilots is of prime importance and these kind of issues cannot be tolerated at all,” the union statement said. “The expats are also a huge drain on the company's and the nation's finances." from AV herald
  4. The guy in Jaydee's video loses his own message about respect and being an adult by literally yelling and screaming in order to make his point. The YouTube effect.
  5. Reality is sinking in and the gloves are coming off:
  6. Security trying to look like cops...and nobody mentions the guys in yul wearing the smokey the bear hats?
  7. Nothing sinister here...from another article: Probably just another Texan on a layover. Doesn't go anywhere without his six-shooter.
  8. I agree the co. needs latitude controlling seat inventory, but I scratch my head when they allow overbooking during holiday/vacation seasons.
  9. Fair enough but AC still seems to get dragged through the mud quite abit. Kinda like the 6 degrees of Air Canada.
  10. Sounds unacceptable but is it really? Buddy here says He was a fully paid customer, but later in the article it says he booked on points. Sounds unacceptable but reading the article, how does Air Canada solely take the blame? The customers book through an agency who purchases seats on Lufthansa who then subs the seats to AC. AC then says they're full and puts them on standby.Doesn't the agency bear some responsibility here for not following up on the product? And why wouldn't LH get back to the agency and tell them of the standby situation. And finally, why would the passengers wait til checkin at the airport to Get their seats? I find the CBC looking at one carrier in particular. There is more than one carrier flying in and out of this country. Where was the CBC when WJ was having all the cancellation introducing the 67 into the fleet?
  11. Ok....stick with the CBC and Pastor Mansbridge lecturing the audience on what it takes to be a "good" Canadian, what are true Canadian values. After all, they wouldn't bite the hand that feeds them $1 billion+ a year. Everything is going according to the Liberal plan. btw..ever wonder what Peter or Hubert Lacroix get paid??? Good luck!
  12. Or is it trouble for Jet Airways?.
  13. I find it strange how this, and many other legitimate security concerns, seem to have dropped off the radar. Maybe not so much a flood, but the flow of migrants continues. The guy in this video does not seem to fit the mood ... young, allegedly Syrian and by himself...yup no cause for concern here Justin.
  14. Here is another example of clear and transparent government: