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  1. Imo …a Hail Mary move would be for Erin OToole to step aside and have the party to acclaim Dr Lesyn Lewis as leader…re-define the Conservatives brand….female, bipoc, educated…it would get people’s attention as an alternative for our feminist cancel culture drama teacher stand in. Sad commentary when a white male veteran with experience in international affairs can’t convince voters he is a viable alternative.
  2. After reading the above link and a couple of others surrounding Brampton politics, you can’t help wonder about the liberal prospects….an electorate disillusioned with failed promises and grandiose plans from a pm (I wonder how the India trip was viewed by the south Asian diaspora) or MPs making statements and then refusing to answer questions. Or is another scandal being hidden from the public…….Trudeau and Gropegate, Kent Hehr with workplace harassment, Raj Grewal and fraud, Marwa Tabarra and Darshan Kang sexual harassment. This one must be good … the guy has been awol since last October and of course, no information forthcoming and questions are being ignored: https://thepointer.com/article/2021-05-12/mississauga-streetsville-mp-gagan-sikand-still-on-leave-staff-won-t-answer-basic-questions
  3. Back in the day…… a government would be ridiculed and subject to a confidence vote over a yearly deficit of $20 billion …..(the number equivalent to the product of a thousand and a million; 1,000,000,000 or 109……. x 20) ….. Yet, in the span of 3 days, sockboy has spent our money with hardly a whimper or a wtf from the public. How much more will be drained before the election is called??
  4. Regarding the federal “green investment” in the Muskrat Falls project, the Globe and Mail makes some interesting points:
  5. Not surprised by the trend of educated professionals in “clean tech” bailing for more lucrative waters……this was from 2018: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/technology/article-canada-facing-brain-drain-as-young-tech-talent-leaves-for-silicon/ I don’t imagine things have slowed considering the lack of investment capital and the deficit spending which has become a way of life for the government. The slogan “make the rich pay” is not lost on a young professional that has options.
  6. For those left wing nuts that think we have to do our part, control the worlds climate, reduce GHGs, pay our carbon tax and choke the life out of Alberta in the name putting an end to dirty oil, while BC still employs thousands in the coal industry……here is an eye opener on Justin’s futile climate change policies…. Canada barely registers at about 1.6 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions, but this relatively piddling contribution to the climate crisis still puts Canada among the top 10 countries in the greenhouse-gas sweepstakes — and in no way absolves us from the responsibility of shouldering our fair share of the international effort to keep the planet cool. But while we’ve been busy beating up on those beastly Albertans, Beijing has been laughing at us…….. Widespread anger in China over its pollution-choked cities has moved coal plants away from many urban centres, and Beijing has made some less-than-convincing moves to uncouple its own economy from coal. But while all that was going on, China became the world’s largest investor in overseas coal projects. Over the past 20 years, Chinese state banks have laid out nearly $250 billion in overseas energy sectors, heavily favouring coal-powered generation. Since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, Chinese banks have emerged as the top 10 lenders for coal financing around the world. The main investors: the Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It’s a profitable racket, with no risk of furious Chinese masses choking on coal pollution. The Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air has found that China’s overseas coal projects, in some of the world’s poorest countries, produce pollution up to seven times as toxic as China’s domestic standards allow……. The U.S.-China talks in Tianjin this week went nowhere, and Beijing’s postures and demands made one thing abundantly clear. The idea that despite our differences with China, liberal democracies must somehow come to a co-operative rapprochement with Beijing is as much an obsolete cliché as the notion that it’s all about oil. Chinese diplomats hectored the American delegation. Sure, maybe we’ll get to carbon neutrality, 10 years after everybody else does. In the meantime, shut up about Hong Kong, shut up about the ongoing genocide in Xinjiang, shut up about Tibet, shut up about Beijing’s growing reach as a global police-state hegemon, roll back all your sanctions, and never mind about Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan. We are going to darken the skies with coal smoke and load the upper 9stratosphere with greenhouse gases, and there’s nothing to discuss except your submission. That is Beijing’s intention. The sooner the world comes to grips with what Beijing intends, the better. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/terry-glavin-coal-spewing-china-has-taken-the-worlds-climate-hostage
  7. See "dissolution of parliament and calling an election" step 3 on my first link gg.ca.... dare to dream she wouldnt approve.
  8. https://www.gg.ca/en/procedures-dissolution-parliament-and-calling-election Also…..
  9. Would love to find she has enough independence to say “No Justin, I am not your lap dog and now is not the time to call an election!” Dare to dream!
  10. Sad news from aviation world….the pilot that pulled off one of most iconic aviation shots and legendary demo pilot has been killed in a plane crash. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/the-story-and-video-behind-dale-snort-snodgrass-legendary-super-low-banana-pass/ https://theaviationist.com/2021/07/25/dale-snort-snodgrass/
  11. Saw first liberal election ad on a YouTube clip last night ….. claiming victory on banning assault weapons, climate change, economy and job creation…., but still denies election coming in interviews.
  12. Bring in more immigrants! Here’s a great example of why living in small communities is becoming impossible…..what used to be sleepy places like Prince Edward County have become the new got to spots…..good luck for joe average trying to find a rental property for the family. https://torontolife.com/real-estate/a-toronto-family-bought-a-cottage-in-prince-edward-county-for-685000-then-they-realized-what-it-could-fetch-on-the-rental-market/
  13. I would also point out that the government is keen to bring in 1/2 a million people a year to the country but are they also providing the housing, the medical facilities, the infra structure to support that new population?? Record housing prices now in all markets….rental market drying up..renters are forced on the street when landlords cashin on prices….health care on the brink..family member told first surgery appointment available in 2022… Etc Theses costs fall to the provinces, who are already financially stretched to the max. The new Canadians don’t flock to Dryden or Fort St John. Needless to say, the problems of large cities will only get worse with this increase, and the taxpayers will foot the bill. But it’s all in Trudeau’s election plans….what immigrant will vote against bringing his family over here and/or the federal benefits that come with it?
  14. Interesting comments from a Indigenous writer, after seeing Trudeau’s picture with the teddy bear: Maybe people are starting to figure this guy out ! https://nationalpost.com/opinion/melissa-mbarki-trudeaus-virtue-signalling-to-first-nations-is-meaningless
  15. Like the teddy bear in the photo, he has us by the nuts!
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