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  1. We’ll see how electric vehicles perform in Florida during and after the hurricane. Not only will there be charging issues but with the storm surge, salt water intrusion might be an issue.
  2. So Trudeau unilaterally decides to ban personal property (no debate and no vote in parliament) and Alberta says wait a minute….good for them.
  3. SIGH…….maybe we were a little premature in getting rid of the 50 yr old Buffalos….more troubling is the fact there are no answers in procurement process. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/mps-doubt-procurement-department-claim-there-are-no-documents-on-troubled-2-2-billion-aircraft-purchase
  4. First reported on pg 56 of this thread….man caught trying to enter Canada with 56 handguns and ammo…it was just a big misunderstanding taking a wrong turn.. https://www.theobserver.ca/news/accused-took-wrong-turn-into-canada-gun-border-bust-trial-hears
  5. Don’t think it would bode well for RAIC renewal…
  6. I don’t understand the conundrum that is being presented ….. since the topics have a separate header and you don’t want to read what’s in the non aviation section, don’t open it! From a moderators pov, I could see how the workload is increased and maybe the members don’t really get to see what goes on “behind the scenes”…..I will agree the politics side does get repetitive. Which goes back to my original point, if a member is not interested in the non aviation side, and knows it’s the same old, same old, why go there? Reduce the workload for the moderators.
  7. It is kind of ironic that there is an article in the National Post by Terry Glavin questioning how wealthy connected Iranians seem to appear in Canada: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/terry-glavin-ottawas-lush-welcome-mat-for-rich-iranians-linked-to-its-brutal-regime and an article in a Toronto paper which covered a deadly car accident involving a speeding, impaired, unlicensed driver who had just arrived from Iran: Yes, the accident was in 2019, but with the current government, who knows what has been going on with immigration….. More questions are being raised: https://nationalpost.com/news/iranian-vice-presidents-son-allowed-to-live-in-canada-despite-visa-rejection-for-others And of course, diversity is our strength…
  8. CBC has commented that there will be a “Missing Person” fly by of CF18s at the Queen’s commemoration ceremony. I guess I’m old school thinking it was a “Missing Man” formation.
  9. Gee…I wonder if they were headed west from a certain border crossing near Cornwall or had created their own “point of entry” along the St. Lawrence:
  10. I was surprised by the supporters of Charest……the man spoke well and certainly had experience in government but carried a lot of baggage…not what is needed in todays politics….. - Apparently, he didn’t resonate well with the Conservative party in Quebec either……he only won 6 out of roughly 80 ridings!! We’ll see if he is a team player or takes his toys and goes home!
  11. “the lack of participation is puzzling” possibly due to the fact that it is impossible to defend this guy anymore…..with all the scandals….VA Norman, SNC, WE charity, Emergencies Act, Mass Casualty interference and probably a few more I’ve lost track of…..how could anyone say, just a minute, the government had it right…. and more to the point, if they had evidence to back up their position, why would they hide behind cabinet confidence and not answer direct questions in a parliamentary committee?? Then there are the members that disagree with the current government and are just fatigued with the examples of constant mismanagement ……Wolfhunter come to mind. In the mean time….. the hits just keep on comin!
  12. Another example of the Trudeau government still in play……deny, ignore, obfuscate, and lie (although they don’t call it that)………if the citizens of this country were really paying attention to the numerous examples of the abuses of power that has been demonstrated in the last 7 years, sockboy wouldn’t be so smug……but, here we are….2 more parliamentary committees looking at government wrongdoing…..and the public yawns. Here is an excerpt from the committee looking at the invocation of the Emergency Act, an NDP mp questioning our deputy pm no less…clear and transparent …. and the NDP has the nerve to support this government,
  13. I know it is frustrating to see this clown still in “power”, travelling the country and scattering millions here and millions there, and preaching how to be good Canadians….but if there is any consolation, try and find a positive news article about him ….. even the gays are **bleep** at him! https://nationalpost.com/opinion/adam-zivo-liberals-again-pretend-to-care-about-the-lgbtq-community
  14. Further to my comments on illegal guns in local communities, not just in big cities: https://www.kingstonist.com/news/three-members-of-the-outlaws-mc-arrested-in-kingston-area/
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