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  1. Our Prime Minister

    My favourite Mattel doll was Divorce Barbie: Comes with all Ken's stuff!!
  2. maybe time to update the ops manual for tower controllers..probably frustrating for them to adhere to standards in vmc that would make US tower controllers gag.. Nav Canada likes to brag of the safest atc systems in the world [but also, not the most efficient!]
  3. There is another wing of the existing customs hall that isn't opened up yet....Customs advised me they don't have the traffic volumes to justify it.
  4. In our daily news, it is reported our exec team has been in contact with Nav Canada at the highest levels, to ensure the service returns to normal. Ya...probably around October November when golfing, boating, etc isn't so appealing!
  5. Management could care less about"inheriting" problems...they just make the grunts work harder to cover the shortages and passengers get delayed...
  6. As I mentioned, tues night at 830??. They might becoming more frequent, but what is the cause?? And from a business point, shouldn't be accepted, unless Nav Canada starts giving rebates from lack of performance!
  7. Yesterday Swissport picketers were creating huge lineups of cars trying to access parking off Viscount Rd. I understand the frustration of workers, but does it help when you inconvenience other staff, and not management? As for Nav Canada, what recourse do we have with a monopoly?? Where is is our Transport Minister ?? (or are drones still keeping him awake at night?). Example....Tues /8th doing a rescue mission....2030 call clc del...grnd delay program for Yz ....yah right! These grad delays are becoming more and more frequent, more frustrating, and what can the customer do? At the end of the day it costs the operators Thousand and thousands in misconnects and spoiled travel plans. I have no hesitation in blaming Nav Canada/ atc for the passengers inconvenience in my PAs. The other great line from a Us pilot: Hey Yz, just want you to know you guys are #2 in the world for atc........Really who's' #1???he asked.. Response....Everbody else!!! btw...just a reminder but the CEO of Nav Canada "earns" $4.5 mil a year!!
  8. National Disgrace

    Why don't we [Trudeau Gov't] just admit defeat and approach the US with a fistful of cash and make it official..."Will you defend our coastlines and airspace...we have been unable to organize an effective military since PET defunded it and its too complicated now to re-equip.."
  9. Our Prime Minister

    And let's cut to the chase....they are not refugees, they are economic migrants!! Shopping for the best deal. (Can't say I blame them, given the turds open door policy).
  10. Wheel Tug - Cool!

    C' is an airline forum, after all!!!
  11. Reckless self-entitlement

    Yup...SHOULD being the key word...can't help but feel the attitude when they go by though.
  12. Capital Punishment

    And why should Derek Saretzky be permitted to live out his days after snuffing out the lives of 3 people and destroying the lives of the relatives?? Sorry, this guy gave up his position in society and should not be the guest of taxpayers...anybody here want to pony up for the next 99 years?
  13. AC and Lot at YYZ Touch Wings.

    Fwiw..last night we were transported from gate 175 to 122 (yyz) in a ramp vehicle. Aside from doing walk arounds, what a different perspective being airside ground level from being in the cocokpit. It's dangerous out there!
  14. Reckless self-entitlement

    And on the other side of th coin....I live along the Thousand Islands Parkway, a favourite for bikers. I am constantly having to move over in my lane out of precaution to give a wide berth to motorcyclists who insist on riding 2 abreast, with one guy placing his left handlebar near or on the yellow dividing line. I get it, it is his right but, it is just the attitude of the group that "hey, I'm not gonna move" fwiw, I used to have a bike back in the day. I guess now I'm older I drive more conservatively.
  15. Capital Punishment

    And speaking of yyz, do you think there is a correlation between the stopping of "carding" and the recent increase (read daily) shootings?? Naw, just coincidence.