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  1. Bad news for my hometown: For all the bragging about how great a job the Ontario Liberals are doing for the economy, this really sucks!! The largest employer in the area. They used to be the only manufacturer of Bounce and Swiffer, but the co. decided to build a new plant down south. Can't think help but think that electricity, taxes, and hostile gov't regulations played a big factor. t
  2. I wonder if the 2 AA pilots were packing?? Part of the FFDO program?
  3. Shades of 9/11....shoot it down if it starts heading for downtown, i would assume. Who knows what was said to ATC.
  4. Jesus....I guess smiling and apologizing just doesn't work!
  5. Poor little prince....the opposition is beating him at his clear and transparent "answers". Don Martin likens Jt to a " carp gulping on a sun deck " trying to respond in question period. Even the Globe and Mail is critical:
  6. Key word.....PURCHASE
  7. Hopefully the Libs will listen. Junior making decisions he is not qualified to make:
  8. Personally, I would like the co. do a review of employees that directly contribute to the bottom line and those that seem to be trying to justify their positions as, for lack of a better phrase, cheerleaders. I swear there is literally a manager in charge of handing out the awards of excellence. Every new position is a manager of something or other. Yet, when it comes to inflight staff, groomers, sales agents,mtc, or anybody else that gets the airline off the ground, the numbers have been cut back. But rest assured, there is a manager looking over their shoulders to make sure we have on time performance.
  9. Yup....silly could he miss this event??
  10. I guess Gerry Butts must be on holiday....and the head shed is keeping Junior on a short leash..strange not seeing his face in the media every day.
  11. Where IS Waldo these days? No easy photo ops or public appearances....
  12. The tire press monitor might be an option that AC 330's don't the Back Up Speed System
  13. Brake temps not tire pressures
  14. here is some more to the story: ”We feel the management has had more than enough time to replace the expats with Indian national pilots. We therefore demand that all expats be released immediately,” the union said in a statement. The exclusivity provisions begin May 1 but the union said all training and currency activity involving non-Indian pilots was to stop April 16. The airline has rejected the demands at all levels. In a statement, the airline said Jet Airways “is an equal opportunities employer” and is “diverse in race, gender, caste, creed or religion ... Jet Airways is committed to offer equal opportunities to all pilots and follows a structured plan for their recruitment based on business outlook.” The union also cited a confrontation between a non-Indian pilot and a wheelchair passenger whose personal chair was incorrectly loaded as baggage. The passenger claimed the pilot was aggressive and abusive toward him because retrieving the chair caused a departure delay, but it did not directly explain what his nationality had to do with the fracas. "The safety of our passengers and pilots is of prime importance and these kind of issues cannot be tolerated at all,” the union statement said. “The expats are also a huge drain on the company's and the nation's finances." from AV herald
  15. The guy in Jaydee's video loses his own message about respect and being an adult by literally yelling and screaming in order to make his point. The YouTube effect.