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  1. And if anyone was wondering why the liberals wanted tax and spend freedom for another 20 is an interesting story from the Globe:
  2. Priceless!! Classic do as I say, not as I do.....for you with kids that are missing playing hockey with their friends, you’ll appreciate the irony.
  3. All in the family!! After the recent disclosure that Amanda Alvaro was benefitted from government contracts and ALSO was a pro-trudeau commentator on CBC, this little gem comes along....who also used to be a pro-trudeau commentator on the CBC. And just to clean up any messy details... All of this on top of the WE scandal and have some splainin to do.
  4. Gee....again, how do our oil and resource sector workers feel?? Same line of defence for the SNC affair...standing up for jobs (in Quebec)....for once I would like to hear him defend jobs somewhere else in the country.
  5. No BLM spin JD....looked like the officer involved was black....which shouldn’t matter anyway. The use of body cams, to me, can prove invaluable in the defence of the officer. Perhaps it was selective, but the A&E Live PD was just gave viewers a reality check on what LEO were dealing with...and it didn’t fit the BLM narrative! That is, until it was cancelled by the network after the George Floyd incident. A mistake, imo.
  6. The same can be said for that “clean” fuel......ethanol.
  7. It’s tough enough to get someone to come in on time and pour lattes!
  8. And while I get that students employment would be impacted, why wouldn’t the government look at payment at the end of the summer (most would still be living in their parents basement) or even offer tuition credit rather than to get cash out the door as quick as possible.....still don’t buy WE was the only option.
  9. Reminds me of an old joke with a twist...... What’s the difference between a rat and a liberal??? There are some things that a rat just won’t do!
  10. Maybe we will find out why the country was so slow to heed the independent warnings re: Covid 19 Trudeau should be gone by then and won’t have to defend his governments actions on this or the shooting rampage in Nova Scotia.
  11. I’m sceptical enough to think that even though this was the right thing to do, politics still played a role. NS MPs probably said we liberals will take a bigger hit by not having an inquiry than dealing with the findings. They will probably hope for an election before the findings come out! Live long enough to spin another day.
  12. And for those keeping track, 4 separate shootings in the GTA last night (not so long ago 1 a week was the norm). No news conferences or lectures from Tory or Blair.
  13. A nice little summary of the current situation with an amusing last sentence:
  14. A little trivia I had forgotten about: As if Morneau wasn’t wealthy enough from the family business, Morneau Shepell, he also has a financial cushion from his wife, an member of the McCain food empire! So he can definitely relate to the middle class and those working hard to join it......funny, you don’t hear the libs using that tag line anymore (although blaming Harper comes up on a daily basis).