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  1. You might also wonder why the younger brother was also involved in the theatre??? And why was he smiling in the background? As for the mother, kinda hard to judge her facial expressions in the interview.
  2. If the incident happened over the N atlantic, some police forces have been reluctant to charge because the incident happened outside of their jurisdiction. Anecdotely, I had a situation where I requested the local force at YYZ to meet the aircraft for a couple of jerks who were being obnoxious and suspected of drinking their own booze on the flight. Law enforcement again, was reluctant to charge because of lack of evidence, however, they said they also appraised CBSA of the situation. A closer inspection of the individuals background revealed some info that led to them having a bad day......if they had just kept their mouths shut!!
  3. “ emotional pretexts that rationalize backing politicians or legislation that erode free speech, due process or national security in the name of fighting some unprecedented enemy.” BINGO!!! Here is an example of the logic being put forth by supporters of M103: “It is noteworthy that right before the holidays, Scott Reid, Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston in Ontario, asked the House of Commons to support his motion to declare Jan. 29 as Canada's national day of solidarity with victims of anti-religious bigotry and violence. The Conservative Party actively and vociferously opposed the use of the term "Islamophobia" as a way to describe anti-Muslim animus, opposing Motion 103, which called for the study of the phenomenon, along with racism and religious discrimination. This latest effort to co-opt the discussion shows just how deeply entrenched anti-Muslim sentiment is.” The opposition to the motion does not illustrate anti Muslim sentiment but has everything to do with limiting free speech as Islamophobia has not been defined. And why just limit the motion to Islam? What about the other religious groups that are subject to hate? Btw...this quote was taken from an article by the president of the Canadian Labour Congress. Is the author speaking on behalf of that group or are theses just his personal feelings?? Do we, as a country, really want a sharia type of law put on the books as a result of the study?
  4. Don’t forget this little stunt demonstrates the need for M103 and how it is a necessary piece of legislation for the new diverse Canada.
  5. How are they going to remove that??? Where’s Joe Patroni??
  6. Our Prime Minister

    There will also be some explaining required by Scott Brison and Trudeau regarding the removal of the Navy’s second in command. From the article, it appears the Irving family didn’t like the way the Vice Admiral was getting things done at the Davie shipyard (on time and on budget). So they had Mr Brison apply some pressure....the vice admiral has been removed, RCMP are investigating still 2 years later and the supply ship program is at a standstill. Trudeaus new clear and transparent government doing politics different from the bad old Harper days. it will make for an interesting court case.
  7. Our Prime Minister

    Aside the ethics report coming out the day after parliament recessed, here’s something that was swept under the rug: Pay attention to the wording from Minister Joly.
  8. Kathleen Wynne

    And now that interest rates are going back up.....the problem for the next party is to clean this up,without getting such a bad rap from the unions (look what evil Tim Tudak was going to do), the libs are elected again in 5 years.
  9. Our Prime Minister

    These town hall meetings are a joke ... soft questions by adoring university challenges to his lengthy rambling philosophies.. People are starting to notice:
  10. That might be true Boestar but the nationalities/culture/values aren’t the same as the past.
  11. Is This Your Canada?

    Video store still in use in small town here....maybe not everybody can afford Netflix subscription
  12. You’re right Boestar....didn’t mean to imply it was just the Salvadorans that have a criminal element....there are the Nigerians and the Somalis too. Haitians....nuff said.
  13. "There is no question that Canadian authorities are concerned about the worst gang elements from Central America migrating north and escaping some of the heat down here," Mr. Morales said. That comment was from 8 years many Canadians have heard of this gang?? they are here, we do not need more problems.
  14. “She said she has pleaded with the Canadian government to consider allowing these Salvadorans to come to Canada not simply as refugees. “They have been in the U.S. for 17 or 18 years. They are reliable workers with mortgages,” she said. “If somebody has a small business in California, why not allow them to establish a small business in Canada?” As soon as somebody mentions Salvadoran, why I am I cringing? Oh yeah, a small cultural entity known as MS 13.....check it out.
  15. Is This Your Canada?

    A little off topic, more federal news, but take the recent news of job creation with a grain of salt...30% were in the civil service! I doubt Trudeau or Wynne will mention that nugget. “Job gains in December were split between private sector (+28,000), public sector (+22,000) and self-employed (+28,000), while full-time employment was up 24,000 and part-time employment rose 55,000. However, the monthly gain in hours worked (+1.3 per cent) — the fastest pace since September 2003 — may be what most convinces the BoC to look through economic softness in the fourth quarter.”