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  1. And for all of the turds grandstanding on handguns and AR 15 bans, making Canada a safer place...he is really just diverting attention away from a problem that is killing people across a broader spectrum of the population. And as with the illegal gun problem, this one originates with smuggling: National numbers More than 12,800 apparent opioid-related deaths occurred between January 2016 and March 2019: 3,023 deaths occurred in 2016 and 4,120 occurred in 2017 4,588 deaths occurred in 2018; this means that 1 life was lost every 2 hours related to opioids 1,082 occurred between January and March 2019
  2. The image of macron and Trudeau (wearing the western hat) is a little too “tight” for me!!
  3. What are the bets that McKenna will be shifted out of the environment portfolio?
  4. How third world is this, that the government can’t decide to replace tired worn out 30 year old aircraft??...and yet we call ourselves an aerospace leader and relevant on the world stage. Wasnt it that long ago where the Air Force was sent on a mission and we had to borrow F18 parts from Spain?
  5. I was at the Geneseo Airshow one year and the Mats Connie was there....the best! The sound of the 4 Wrights was unbelievable...they let the crowd stand beside the wings as she maneuvered on to her stand....lots of power required on the grass. The only down side to the show was that they forgot the nose gear pin so they did the show with the nose gear down.
  6. Conservative policy that began under the liberals.....4 years before Harper was elected??
  7. I think this is a new record: Where exactly do you put that much cash? Or how big was his coat? And if that wasn’t bad enough.....check out the last line: No wonder Toronto has a problem.
  8. As much as I would like to see Justin try....
  9. Cmon’s obviously a fake....not a bilingual sign
  10. And how many new hospitals, doctors, nurses etc is trudeau funding to accommodate the goals of his immigration/family reunification targets?? Most of these newcomers (yup, I said newcomers, as opposed to old stock) head for Toronto,Montreal or Vancouver to an already clogged healthcare system.
  11. That very conclusion of arson was suggested by a poster on the AE forum after the fires broke out....he indicated it happened every season as the locals would be employed to help put out the fires.
  12. I can’t help but wonder how the “judge” would have viewed the case if it was his runaway daughter being forced to perform sex acts......unbelievable is an understatement and a sad illustration on why this country’s public security will continue to worsen.
  13. Yeah like that’s gonna happen!! Officer probably shopping for new clothes to wear while undercover...
  14. This country is on a downhill slide.....critics vilify large corporations and industry for taking advantages of incentives and then, when the same companies decide that it is no longer profitable to operate here (because of the make the rich pay mantra), the same critics will be wondering where the high wage, quality middle class jobs went. It’s not rocket science.