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  1. I’m still betting the tele promoter went off line....
  2. The whole world is watching........uuuuhhhh......Trudeau doesn’t want to get called out by trump but wants to appear strong....this just focuses attention around the world that Trudeau never answers a question or speaks specifically about a subject (other than tax and spend)........maybe he still does have a shot at the UN!
  3. re: our hard working MPs spending a socially distanced paddle on the Rideau Canal......considering the current government has a anti-oil agenda.....nice to see they are floating in plastic kayaks courtesy of the petrochemical industry!!!
  4. Ok Deicer let’s go long as you stand in front of me....
  5. I'm not missing the point at all...merely stating if you don't want to get shot, don't go where they are shooting...with the level of gun ownership in the US, its not just the police that will be armed. Pick your protests.
  6. Or people could stay home....and stay safe...things are really getting out of control down much “civil” disobedience should be allowed and where will it stop??
  7. While we are self isolating, wearing masks, being scolded by politicians for going into parks for fresh air, plane loads of “visitors” have dropped into the country from god knows where carrying god knows what: Feel better now??
  8. Things are getting desperate....Toronto Mayor Tory is getting worried...Trudeau is spending money he has already boasted about spending!
  9. Wow!!! Our society will be so much better for these actions to focus the the law enforcement actions and improve our relationship with non whites... On the other hand, haven’t heard of any protests from BLM or Mohawk warriors around the deaths of Dimarjio Jenkins or victims of La Loche, hhhhmmm..... And as far as Justice for Regis....
  10. And where would these lawyers get their direction from??? Disgusting.
  11. Its been over a month and still no comments from the feds....but MPs can ask questions and get answers from trudeau and blair in the House of Commons, right??? Or maybe have an inquiry like they should have had with lavalin or VA Norman...... oh yeah ...they made a deal that parliament doesnt sit till the end of convenient...
  12. Sooner or later, reality is going to bite our drama teacher and his minions can’t lock down the economy for months and expect it to come “roaring back”...the country will be mired in recession, and the government will have tapped out its line of credit......citizens will wonder, how could this happen, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.. unfortunately, we are the ones that will pay for his ego.
  13. I’m not defending Trump or his policies, but at least the Potus has open access by the press...he may answer, he may ignore them, he may tell the to F off, but at least he has the guts to be in front of journalists and take unscripted, unfiltered questions. Our guy??? Not a F@$*ing chance!
  14. Probably been accused of being pessimistic (or maybe just aware of what’s going on in the country) but I really wonder what will be left of the country I grew up in, 5 years from now.
  15. We don’t believe in no stinkin’ virus!!!