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  1. The only thing more frustrating than watching the smug sitting pm get re-elected is watching the Tories shoot themselves in the foot ….first during the election with the gun issue and now with MPs and vaccines not getting vaccinated.
  2. From the reconciliation file: Now, in order to prove sockboy is serious about reconciliation after going surfing on national day of reconciliation….the Tk’emlups leaders have submitted a list of demands including: If followed through, it needless to say, would set quite the precedent for other groups in the country trying to gain title. This will be interesting.
  3. Not a lot of runway ….. 6100’……I thought the trust reversers would be deployed unless stowing them is part of evac drill. I had a look on Google Earth, and there were 2 MD 80 series of jets on the ramp.
  4. A couple of things that stick out for me in the picture in the Mcleans article…..one is the Liberal election sign in the background…the other is the cash this individual will be collecting due to the CCB..say he makes $40k a year with his construction job, 7 kids…..4 under 6, and 3-17. He will receive almost $43000/year thanks to the Justin and the liberals!!! https://ativa.com/canada-child-benefit-calculator/
  5. Not unless you dictate to immigrants where they will settle….they will go to where there are strong established communities of their ethnicity. And they ain’t moving to Moosonee. https://www.cicnews.com/2021/02/where-canadas-immigrants-settled-in-2020-0217293.html#gs.df4x11
  6. I listened to Safety Minister Blair (doofus) try to explain why negative PCR tests are still required for double vaccinated Canadians returning to Canada when the postitvety rate is .2%.... POINT 2%. (he even corrected the interviewer who said it was .5%). he said it was about keeping Canadians safe and following the science.....no word about the science or effects from 1000"s of truckdrivers which cross every day, with no testing or requirements for vaccine!!!!
  7. Well this is a new twist for Toronto’s communities of diversity…..definitely not the holder of an RPAL… Girl, 15, charged with first-degree murder of teenaged Toronto boy Caden Francis, 16, was shot on July 3 https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/girl-15-charged-with-first-degree-murder-of-teenaged-toronto-boy
  8. What happened with our vaccine deal with China?? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/fifth-estate-the-vaccine-47-1.6205546 Just don’t expect answers from government cabinet ministers or the pm…..they would not respond to questions.
  9. the turd got what he wished for …. He was re-elected, albeit with a minority…so if he had the plan, the team, the leadership, where is he and why the delay in getting parliament moving again? So the country will drift along, without the benefit of parliament, subject to the whims of the liberals and a basic dictatorship…..is this what people voted for? We are such putzes!! https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/don-martin-s-blog/don-martin-at-24-post-election-days-and-counting-the-federal-government-is-still-in-limbo-1.5622596
  10. Skipping through the channels last night I came across an Arabic language newscast (diversity is our strength). There was coverage of a conference or gathering of some sort with a large screen at the front ……..Trudeau and his new found concern for anti-semitism was the topic of discussion …… I wonder what they were thinking?
  11. Agree……as frustrating as it is to see this idiot survive another election…we are just along for the ride (and going downhill quickly, imo).
  12. It may seem a little cold but…. I would like to see a breakdown of Covid deaths….% of Covid deaths that were attributable to other comorbidities….ie obesity, lung disease, etc.
  13. Interesting how we are getting daily updates again from Theresa Tam now that the election is over…..she can lecture us again about avoiding large gatherings without embarrassing her political masters.
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