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  1. Another kick in the stones for my hometown: Not directly Wynnes's fault about Sears, but with hydro, cap and trade, and general high tax structure, I think it is finally manifesting with the retail sector. People don't have money in their pockets.
  2. Here's some of the fallout from one of his "Sunny Ways" platitudes:
  3. Funny how reporting differs from one side of the border to the other: The US coverage speaks of the terrorist act and the main thrust of our gov't news arm is what a good guy he mention of terrorist act. Can't help but think if it was a white guy stabbing a minority, "Sunny Ways" would be all over this as a hate crime of epic proportion. And precious little media coverage of the terror attack in Scarborough, even though the bail hearing was yesterday. And speaking of Sunny Ways, he is busy in Yz today, meeting Gm execs, interview with US journalists, preparing lunch baskets for know doing the "hard" work that Canadians expect him to do. (No visits to Younge Street mission are scheduled).
  4. Or NDHQ realizes they don't have the equipment to do these missions ......
  5. More lies.....Trudeau says Canada is back....the UN doesn't think so!!
  6. And why wouldn't the lcbo employees roll the dice and go on strike....Wynne does not want any more bad publicity and look at some of the money she has been throwing around lately to opseu and the teachers.
  7. World Wildlife Fund.....(not world wrestling federation)
  8. Don't worry folks...this is all what the liberals call " clear and transparent" ....nothing to see here, move along and forget what what they promised..
  9. Just a quick look at the WWF where Jerry Butts spent a little time ...intriguing....that's where former Toronto mayor David Millar ended up as well as Galen Weston jrs wife
  10. Happens all the time ... I refused boarding to a 90'ish female that had health issues, could not walk on her own and could not speak English/French. The family had left her on her own at checking, assumin the co. would take care of her. The agents had tee'd up another passenger who said she would volunteer as a travel companion...when the volunteer had a look at the elderly passenger, she quickly changed her mind. And this was going to be an 8 hr flight. The agents were **bleep** because she had gotten over to India and was now returning to Canada via Fra ( what were they going to do with her)'s not fair to our f/as (who are short staffed as it is) to babysit, or our other pax should she need in flt assistance, or worse, a medical diversion.
  11. I think Erie (and the rest of the Lakes and St Lawrence River)has been suffering for a lot longer than 6 years.....untreated sewage being dumped since the beginning of time (treatment began in the 70's), phosphates from detergents, oil (remember the Cuyahoga River catching fire?) and generally human ignorance....and yet where do the cities in the Great Lakes basin get their drinking water??
  12. Gee, wonder what was discussed at those cash for access dinners with the Chinese???? The arrogance of this guy just keeps growing..first a health care network and now defence.. . Question period has really sunk to that of a comedy routine.
  13. This thing is too big to's a huge gov't sponsored feel good boondoggle! From mypov!
  14. Downer alert... I posted this under the political partition but......for all the talk from the current government about ghg's and the environment....they have chartered a ship, built with 1959 Diesel engines (think dirty) to motor around the country for 150 days (Canada 150 C3) no mention of ghg's or emissions. But the gov't is ready to tax my ass for carbon emissions?
  15. mention of all the greenhouse gases produced by this old technolgy vessel which was built in 1959. She still has the original Fairbanks Morse diesels. It would be interesting to note if this ship if this ship has been retrofitted as most operators are doing on the lakes. Somehow, I doubt it, as its all about the show.