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  1. Great ..... another agency that takes the health and security of Canadians “very seriously”. Thank you,Ralph Goodale,for your stern tone before you got fired. I can just imagine how many “Canadians” will give honest,truthful answers coming back here after a trip back “home”.
  2. “It’s gotten to the point where I cringe every time he opens his mouth.”....... Are you talking about when he uses his “big boy” voice, his “bedroom” voice or his “kindergarten teacher” voice??
  3. When is the province or the federal government, for that matter, going to get serious about road safety??? This one is unbelievable!! I get the fact that there is a huge demand for truck drivers...everything now is just in time delivery, the amazons and wayfairers will only make the situation worse, but when will the governments tackle the elephant in the room and start implementing stricter licensing standards. The Humboldt crash should have been the wake up call. It’s a common joke at Timmies or anywhere else about foreign truck drivers and their lack of skills. And while I’m at it...why don’t we name the drivers in these incidents? Is political correctness at play?? Come on! They did mention Brampton, so read between the lines! Every other minor offender gets named. How about the guy that stole the tractor trailer loaded with meat and crashed into the gas station in Toronto? Still waiting....
  4. We have medical problems like this already with anti-biotic resistant viruses:
  5. Did Canadians ever find out how much Rosie Barton, Adrienne Arsenault, et al are paid??
  6. “ Police believe they were able to prevent countless doses of tainted drugs from ending up in the hands of British Columbians after making what they believe is one of the largest fentanyl seizures in Canadian history. A joint investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the RCMP that began more than two years ago resulted in the discovery of 13.7 kilograms of fentanyl and analogues, and the consequent 12-year prison sentence for a Richmond man. The investigation began in July 2017, when CBSA identified “a suspicious importer” who was smuggling fentanyl into Canada, and linked him to seven previous fentanyl seizures totalling 3.5 kilograms. The importer, identified as Jaroslaw Pawel Orzel, was having fentanyl sent from China to rented mailboxes across the Metro Vancouver region using courier services.” Do you think there is a link here between the drug trade and the recent increase in shootings??
  7. Anybody else find it unusual that the debris field is so wide spread, small sections of fuselage scorched and dispersed, and the vertical fin is intact and lying by itself??
  8. More fallout from a poorly thought through election sound bite: And more telling is this quote.....if I knew it was going to be this hard, I wouldn’t have come here! Gee....who could have predicted this?.. Trudeau won’t care..It’s the province’s problem now!
  9. Lovely.....I see the airport authority is still using the All Terrain All Weather Park n Fly emergency rescue vehicles!! They don’t scrimp when it comes to their passenger safety.
  10. Ramp jobs, whether fueling or aircraft handling, are tough jobs. It’s either too cold or too hot, aircraft are on tight turns, pressure, and it’s a very hostile (read dangerous) environment.....certainly worth more than $15/hr. I’ve done enough walk around to observe the working conditions. And record profits should reflect compensation for employees.
  11. Interesting....I was under the impression that even though you are in a Canadian airport, entry to US customs was considered US territory, so would have thought they would be charged by USC and Border Protection.
  12. Toronto news...Another report of an loaded handgun being seized during a traffic stop and a violent struggle resulted...the usual narcotics, possession, and assault charges were laid. And of course, fatality from a shooting and separately, a car was found with bullet holes in it. Gun violence is daily, almost a non-event now. I realize the politicians are on Christmas holidays, but the lack of comments and grandstanding re handgun ban is noticeable. Btw...two men got into a knife fight...both dying of stab wounds! How things have changed in this city.
  13. Hi Don...small point, but I have yet to find a reference or image of the f100 with LEDs...I always thought the wing was “hard”. My understanding was that the LEDs made a big difference in t/o performance and that the lack of made a clean wing all the more critical.
  14. And not all the shootings are located in Toronto, Calgary has been in the news as well...apparently one of our Ontario thugs was known to citizens there.. Hhmmmmm....not exactly a law abiding kind of, why was he allowed to be on the streets?