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  1. Our Prime Minister

    And one more from the CBC. The ego of this guy is huge. Watch the clips and see Morneaus's reactions..
  2. Will Boeing Give a Damn? The libs might be thwarted even on their misguided efforts to buy Australia's cast offs. Imo it would be a huge waste of money trying to retrofit Old A models to bridge the military's shortcomings. I'm sure no one in the Air forces upper command would say what they really think.
  3. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    When Evan Solomon tried to pin Brison down on what would be the threshold for employee discounts (ie a person who gets employee pricing on a car), Brison wouldn't bite, only to respond they wouldn't target retail and service workers.
  4. Our Prime Minister

    Wonder why our federal budget deficit is in the billions???? Justin is just a little out of touch with Fred and Ethel's daily struggles balancing their budgets. What is the value in paying $200k for something that only beauracrats (for the most part) get to see?
  5. Our Prime Minister

    What Trudeau and Moreau will not say about the new tax rules:
  6. Our Prime Minister

    From our Finance Minister : Oh, btw, I forgot to mention this little detail (now that somebody caught me) This really the mean time, he's trying to screw the "rich". I wonder what skeletons are in the wife's financial closet?
  7. All About NAFTA

    I caught an interview last night with a congressman, I believe, who indicated that if Trump thinks he can terminate Nafta, he should read the Constitution. It would require a vote in the house, where many states are quite happy with the deal.
  8. NDP...Breath of Fresh Air

    Yup he's a breath of fresh air alright...if anybody has doubts about the tax grab by Trudeau, Singh is really going to dig deep into other people's pockets. This will be the nail in the coffin for keeping or attracting industry in Canada. Singh will ensure low and middle income seniors see an increase to their benefits - leaving no senior behind. Working Canadian Guarantee: Canadians work hard and together we’ve built a beautiful country. Yet, millions of working Canadians continue to live in poverty. This is an injustice. A Jagmeet Singh-led government will fight for workers. As Prime Minister, Jagmeet will introduce the Working Canadian Guarantee: The Working Canadian Guarantee will triple the support under the current system for low income workers. It will build off of the legacy of the Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) by incorporating funding from the WITB and the Canada Employment Credit. Similar to the WITB, the Working Canadian Guarantee is an income-tested wage subsidy for workers. Those working full-time on minimum wage will qualify for the Working Canadian Guarantee. Jagmeet’s plan will both expand the generosity of the WITB and slow its phase-out such that those working full-time for the minimum wage will be eligible for the Working Canadian Guarantee. While the WITB is an annual refund, Jagmeet’s Working Canadian Guarantee will be provided in either monthly or quarterly payments. Together, with Jagmeet Singh’s Better Work Agenda, the Working Canadian Guarantee will help ensure that hundreds of thousands of Canadians have access to decent work, fair wages and benefits, and are not forced to live in poverty. TAXES: Canadians know that when we look out for one another, we all do better. A Jagmeet Singh-led government will build an inclusive and more progressive tax system that will ask Canadians to invest in one another. This will be done by closing loopholes that have allowed corporations to avoid paying their fair share and help alleviate poverty for millions of Canadians. As Prime Minister, Jagmeet Singh will take bold action and build a tax system that is more fair and just. It’s time to invest in all Canadians, that is why Jagmeet Singh will introduce a broad collection of tax reforms including: More progressive income taxation Jagmeet will introduce new tax brackets for high incomes earners. This will include two new tax brackets for Canadians earning $350,000 and $500,000 respectively that are 2% and 4% higher than the existing marginal rate respectively. Capital gains inclusion rate Capital gains almost entirely benefit the wealthiest Canadians. Jagmeet will ensure that the wealthiest Canadians pay their fair share by increasing the capital gains inclusion rate from 50% to 75%. Estate taxation Jagmeet will implement a 40% estate tax on assets in surplus of $4 million dollars to help build a more equal Canada. Primary residences will be exempt. Corporate taxation Jagmeet will ask corporations to pay more and help build a fairer society. He will reverse the corporate tax cuts of the last 20 years and increase the Corporate Income Tax to 19.5% from 15%. Jagmeet will bring an end to corporate perks. Corporate tax write-offs for box seat tickets and expensive meals will end and corporations will be asked to pay their fair share. Tackling tax avoidance, evasion, and loopholes Jagmeet will make sure the Canada Revenue Agency has the resources it needs to combat tax evasion by providing additional resources for data collection and auditing teams. Jagmeet will also establish a Tax Fairness Commission. It has been 50 years since the Carter Royal Commission on Taxation and a lot has changed in that time. As Prime Minister, Jagmeet will create an expert commission tasked with recommending a path forward to making the Canadian tax system more progressive and balanced, so the wealthiest in our country are paying their fair share. This will include a review of all existing tax credits, deductions, and the TFSA. DRUGS IMMEDIATE DECRIMINALIZATION OF MARIJUANA AND FULL PARDONS Incarceration of Canadians with marijuana possession offences makes little sense as the government moves to legalize its use. It also disproportionately impacts racialized groups. That’s why Jagmeet calls for: The immediate decriminalization of possession of personal amounts of marijuana Immediately moving to pardon those with personal cannabis possession charges Offering blanket pardons and the dropping of all outstanding charges to those charged with personal cannabis possession Including a provision for review of administrative charges where the original offence was personal cannabis possession and developing a reparatory justice program for individuals 30 years and younger who have been negatively impacted by such charges A PATH TO COMPLETE DECRIMINALIZATION It is time that Canada confronts the negative consequences of criminalizing the personal use of illicit drugs and substances. There is an urgent need for Canada to provide support to people who self-medicate with illicit drugs in response to trauma, violence, mental illness, and homelessness. Jagmeet will: Strike an expert task force to determine the best path to decriminalize all personal possession of controlled substances as has been done in Portugal In communities most heavily impacted by the overdose crisis, call on the Trudeau government to issue guidance to local law enforcement to suspend enforcement of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and cease to arrest for possession RESPONDING TO THE OPIOID CRISIS In the face of the national opioid overdose crisis, which is devastating families and communities across the country, immediate action is needed. Jagmeet calls on the federal government to immediately: Meet with FCM’s Big City Mayors caucus and commit to a plan to address the recommendations from their Task Force on the Opioid crisis Appoint a dedicated team to focus on the overdose crisis across all federal agencies complete with a clear mandate for action and necessary financial resources Expedite the approval for requests for supervised consumption services Announce opioid agonist therapy (OAT) as an essential service and mandate provinces to provide free methadone and buprenorphine Support efforts by cities, municipalities, provinces and First Nations to offer Naloxone for free Announce emergency provincial funding dedicated to heroin and hydromorphone assisted treatment Scale up training on harm reduction and trauma informed practice for health care providers across the country Mandate that people being released from prison who are known to use drugs have a comprehensive discharge plan including housing, social assistance, medical and addiction follow-up. His first budget will be a whopper!!!!
  9. NDP...Breath of Fresh Air

    Oohh ..little sensitive..Not that I voted for any of the new age politicians.
  10. NDP...Breath of Fresh Air

    Great...we get it ....he's this, he's that, but what are his policies???? Anecdotally, have heard he wants to take the party to a hard left, like decriminalizing all drugs...more facts please before we have another love affair with a politician and live to regret it!!
  11. It's not just the Air Force and the Navy that is neglected. Not too many nations would try re-fit a 50 year old ship: Why Ottawa yanked a Coast Guard ship out of $4M refit 10/8 - Hamilton, Ont. – The Government of Canada is pulling the plug on the much-delayed refit of the venerable Canadian Coast Guard Ship Hudson. CBC News has learned the Coast Guard towed the Hudson out of an Ontario shipyard Friday with the $4-million refit unfinished. The ocean science research ship arrived at Heddle Marine in Hamilton, Ont., in December 2016 for maintenance work that was supposed to be completed in May. The Coast Guard won't say what went wrong and can't say when the ship will be back in service. "The Canadian Coast Guard and Public Services and Procurement Canada have worked closely with Heddle Marine to manage delays in the scheduled maintenance of the CCGS Hudson, and to bring her back into service in a reasonable time frame. Despite those efforts, the work has not been completed," spokesperson Vance Chow said in an emailed response to questions from CBC News. On Friday, the 91-metre ship was towed across Hamilton Harbor to the Canada Centre for Inland Waters — a federal facility in Burlington — "to await the completion of the maintenance work required before she can return to service." The Coast Guard says new timelines for the ship's return to service are currently under review. The refit included overhauling the superstructure and masts, blasting and recoating the hull, replacing steel and repairing the rudder. When CBC News revealed the refit delays in August, the company said it had been instructed by the Coast Guard not to discuss the situation. Heddle Marine spokesperson Shaun Padulo emailed a short statement in response to CBC News inquiries on Friday about the end of the refit. "Although there were a number of challenges faced during the dry docking of the CCGS Hudson which led to delays in the completion of the work, Canada has accepted all of the completed work," Padulo wrote. The Coast Guard has not responded to a request to explain the nature of the refit delay, how much work remains on the refit or who will pay. In an update to employees via email this week the department said it is unclear what impact the ship's "sitting around for so long" will have on completing the final stages of the refit. The delay has already forced the cancellation of scientific cruises scheduled for the storied Hudson, which is Canada's premier marine research vessel. The 54-year-old workhorse was supposed to be replaced several years ago, but that too has been delayed. CBC
  12. Here's a link with better video: It looks like it may be a very strong gusty wind judging how quick the tire smoke clears.What I find interesting is the amount of rudder deflection during the approach....too much dancing on the rudders imo! I try and keep the aircraft steady using airleron/ elevator til about 150' and then gradually ease in the rudder.
  13. Our Prime Minister

    The honeymoon is OVER....