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  1. How can Charles Sousa ever look himself in the mirror??? Or any of the previous liberal cabinet!! Jail would be too good for them.....maybe they could be sentenced to clean toilets in overcrowded hospitals or work in homeless shelters for the people they have put on the street from their economic policies.
  2. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    The Libs are desperate....watched QP yesterday and this disgusting response by the turd....Bill Blair lost his temper with a question about migrants....then Libs reverted to having backbenchers “answer”questions with their standard line of defense....blame Harper.
  3. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Lots more people being lost to opioids ...11 a day now....where’s the feds on this one?.
  4. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    As Wolf mentioned, it’s the manipulation of data to achieve a stated goal. Just wait, the statistics will overwhelmingly support the governments position of a handgun ban and legal law abiding firearms owners will be demonized.
  5. st27

    Shootings and Knifings Mohawk territory....government isn’t going to do anything there (remember reconciliation??)....and that’s where a car crossed smuggling 60 handguns, (later to be stopped down the 401 in a gang crackdown). Yup, time to ban handguns. How Blair and The turd can stand up and say they take security seriously is a joke.
  6. st27

    Shootings and Knifings More law abiding gun owners.....ahhhh..maybe not. Number 17 on the list of charges should be a big “hello” moment for Tory And Justy...Houston, we have a problem and it won’t be solved by a handgun ban.
  7. Or that a major US co. Based in NYC just bought a huge chunk of a Canadian canabis producer. OOopps .... sorry, that falls under Capitalism....different rules...
  8. st27

    The New Bearded ones

    Beards must be neatly trimmed......ok but some of the guys think they have a beard but really, they don’t..if you get my drift. As for “it was coming anyway”... since when does AC do anything that doesn’t have a PC spin to it? It may not have been for the one individual, but the co. was just looking down the road. Minor issue in the grand scheme of things.
  9. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    He forgot “racists”...
  10. st27

    The New Bearded ones

    Not a fan of the facial growth...still think hats are part of the uniform....that’s why it is called “uniform”. As VP pointed out, this policy changed at AC not because of concerns over the pilot group, but because the co. hired an individual from a specific cultural group.
  11. Yup ... let’s play hard ball and make them Jingos sweat!!! Well show’em how to respect women’s rights and the environment!
  12. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Ddduuhhh!!! From a google search of guns and gangs....huge amounts of illegal weapons smuggled in to the country....not your law abiding gun owners!
  13. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Never short on exaggeration....Adam Vaughan speaks. Except that his definition of “kid” is a little disengenuous. Let alone he doesn’t want to make tough decisions when it comes to violent crime in the city. If not guns then knives....but guns are more glamorous to your gangster thug. And we all know thugs don’t care if they are banned or not. And why is a Toronto problem an issue for the rest of the country?? A quick look at victims and perpetrators indicates it is a narrow segment of the population. So a suggestion to the Libs......a win win win...let’s ban handguns to all youth 35 yoa and younger in the GTAA....there! Problem solved!
  14. Probably not the info the Libs want released!