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  1. And with a record deficit and handing out $$$$$ to everybody under the sun, I wonder how trudeau can reconcile or look veterans in the face: ”Why are we still fighting certain veterans groups in court? Because they're asking for more than we are able to give right now,"
  2. Some amusing reading from Don Martin:
  3. And maybe our GG could say “No, we just had an election and it is not in the interest of the country in the middle of a pandemic” Who am I kidding??
  4. Well, it looks like the NDP have blinked (surprise).....Singh has indicated he won’t give trudeau his election. Just out of curiosity, I would like to see the results of a poll of average Canadians: 1) are you aware the liberals just created a situation where they would call anther election in this pandemic? 2) do you realize it was caused by the liberals refusal to answer opposition questions over the WE scandal? Sadly, I think it would be 80% no to both questions!
  5. If you build it, they will come........(a tale about homelessness in Toronto): Roehampton Hotel shelter a mess The Roehampton hotel COVID shelter has been totally trashed and the TVs have been removed from all the rooms because they were being smashed, a source told the Toronto Sun. The city insider, who works as a Client Support Worker (CSW) but preferred to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, said many of the clients are using drugs in their own rooms due to the backlash from the midtown community. The source said a co-worker was “absolutely disgusted” with a client
  6. I have no faith, despite their moral outrage of the liberal coverup and philibustering, Jagmeet will take the bait on the election threat and will make a deal with trudeau to muzzle the committees. And I have zero faith in the Canadian voting public....after Gropegate, Mark Norman, Lavalin, China and the 2 Michaels, .... as long as the $$$$$ keep flowing, Trudeau is safe. Cut off somebodies entitlement, cerb, Ui, then the public starts screaming. The independent media??? Nuff said. And one pet peeve of mine is the reference to the leader of the opposition from CBC reporters....
  7. From the Law of Unintended Consequences file: Geezus...don’t these guys know these are restricted weapons and have strict rules governing their ownership?? It’s not like you can just carry one around with you in your tricked out beemer or Benz!!! Wait til Justin finds out about this....he will take it very seriously because the safety of Canadians is first and foremost, he will have our back, and you don’t need a handgun to shoot your enemy or make a video.
  8. Yup ... Canada is back alright... Trudeau has really taken a hard line! Meanwhile in NS... Gee....I think I could do his job!
  9. Wondering why we have a ginormous deficit?: “A federal environmental program paid out millions in grants without proof the subsidies had any impact. Auditors at the Department of Fisheries found more than a third of grant recipients failed to report on what they did with the money: “Reporting is inconsistent.” “Executive pay at a Crown bank should ‘raise eyebrows’ for taxpayers, MPs said yesterday. The Canada Infrastructure Bank last year paid more in “termination benefits” than it did in salaries for senior managers
  10. Looking back on the record of Trudeau, can anyone come up with a foreign or domestic policy decision that he has actually taken?? (Other than the low hanging fruit of taxing and making sweeping statements on womens issues, diversity indigenous issues and the environment). Still waiting for him to take a position on huawei (unlike the rest of the 5 eyes), the Middle East, arms sales, Russia etc. For example... And now domestically, we have a pot bu
  11. And while trying to blame Harper for the cuts and demise of the GPHIN, even though they have been in power for 5 years, can we fact check this statement? We made historic investments in science, we’ve worked to restore many of the cuts made to our institutions over 10 long years,” Mr. Trudeau said. “We will continue to work with our scientists and our experts every step of the way.”
  12. Here’s a classic example of what could be applied to today’s protestors:
  13. To follow on with the general theme on what would you do without.....I like the idea of a plebiscite or proposition with new programs, with the accompanying price, would you vote for national pharmacare or “living wage” with a $150/yr increase in your federal taxes. But this is Canada and people want social programs or new environmental standards without having to pay for them.
  14. Everybody is entitled to their opinions but I disagree with your slander, J DUNKIN, of our friend Deicer.....I don’t think your making the case you think you are making. Can’t we all just get along??
  15. I guess we will never know what really is going on with the migrant situation, certainly not from mainstream media: How many more like him have gained the system and are walking the streets??