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  1. Maybe this is a bounce and they forgot to arm the spoilers...[not sure if there is a auto feature to deploy spoilers when reverse is selected]
  2. Oh...did I say scam????
  3. Silly me...I thought the aircraft art was subtle reminder of the pilots wife!!
  4. After you have thought about that, here is an article from before it was revealed she was pregnant. I think the pregnancy is a scam to get out. And now:
  5. Hydro had a promotion about 4 months ago to switch to a high efficiency heat exchanger type water heater...looked at it but the cost seemed too steep. I thought i would just keep paying with my old electric. I could buy a lot of kws before i saw a return on investment.
  6. I'll give you my average Ontario hydro bill so far this winter: approx 1600 sq ft bungalow, propane heat, in the country. 2 adults that are home avg 18 days/mth, no kids, no computer/tv running 24/7, electric water heater. Roughly 1100 kw hours - $123 (216 peak, 178 mid peak, 703 off Peak) Regulatory Charges 8 Delivery. (Wtf) 89 Hst. 29 ttl. $240 And the govt says I saved $8 through a provincial rebate which just means they are charging it somewhere else to make it look like they giving the folks a break! fwiw....I think I am one of the lucky ones...horror stories about retired folks stuck in their 70s dream home with electric heat (which the govt pushed in the 70s...remember live better electrically! Ha).
  7. Ok...but the hail would be falling straight down, not from an a/c doing 145 kits. Think of dropping a bomb. The ac attitude would almost be near vertical to achieve that type of penetration.
  8. I'm still not buying this story.....look at the size of the hole and tell me a chunk of ice that big could go through all that building material. I don't think ice would have the mass to do the damage...maybe a piece of steel or lead, but not ice.
  9. If this trickle turns to a flood, it will be a test alright. It is human nature for individuals to become upset at a perceived injustice. There were rumblings from Citizens after the Syrian refugees....what has the government done for Canada's own poor and homeless? There will be a greater backlash if the gov't allows too many or directs to much resources at settling these "refugees". They are already in a safe country, choosing to migrate to a safer one that says it is refugee friendly. Interesting to note the airline bag tags still attached to the luggage (as pointed out in the video). Has there been real,actual persecution in the US that would justify a claim? Thanks to social media the word is out on the loopholes of the safe country agreement. And what does it say, about border security where who knows who can walk in and be welcomed. Germany and France would probably like to do things different today. But once they are here, they are golden...taxpayers will foot the bill for housing, food, medical care, education while are own in need will sit on the sidelines watching the selfie pm brag about Canada's openness and generosity saying to themselves...what about me? And getting back to the topic of the thread, the supporters of this motion would probably call me an old stock,racist for putting limits on the migrants (not refugees imo).
  10. I am surprised that a chunk of ice, falling off an aircraft travelling at 150 mph outdoors penetrate vertically down through shingles, plywood sheeting, more sheeting, drywall etc. My thought would be that it would bounce, skip or even shatter on impact.
  11. Yup clear and transparent's what Trudeau promised.. but it's not just the Feds that have access to a majimarker: btw..doesn't seem to be too much love between Wynne and JT....he has stonewalled her on health care increases (tough to balance her budget next year) and he doesn't want her new polling numbers to spoil his brand.
  12. Our Transport Minister and x astronaut made a special announcement on the seriousness of laser strikes and how the government strives to keep the travelling public safe. No comment on our 3rd world flight deck duty regulations.
  13. I agree that nobody has a specific bin...except for the j cabin...there should be an expectation of being able to stow your bag in a bin in the j cabin, (part of the $ value attached to the ticket). The j pax should not hav to worry about his carry on being "bumped" by a y passenger trying to avoid excess bag fees or the myriad of problems in the y cabin.
  14. thing th libs did successfully was divert attention with m103...and the conservatives shot themselves in the foot, took the bait. But remember the concerns before JT took his Christmas holiday on the billionaires island...the pay for access dinners with the Chinese billionaires..could there be a link?? Naww...again, these guys are ssoooo different from Harper.
  15. The weak link in Bens strategy is the GTAA!