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  1. Trudeau will use the shootings to distract the electorate away from that messy affair about arbitrarily invoking the Emergency Measures Act to extract him from not wanting to deal with the trucker convoy.
  2. A timely if not lengthy record of the “mass grave” story: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/the-year-of-the-graves-how-the-worlds-media-got-it-wrong-on-residential-school-graves
  3. One advantage the bus has over the 37 must be containerized baggage….maybe it doesn’t matter to bean counters, the job still gets done but it must have an effect on turn times.
  4. “A month after authorities called off the search, family members of one of the pilots of an aircraft that went missing in Ontario have found the wreckage. Brian Slingerland’s family chartered a plane and spent most of last Saturday searching an area near the last known position of the Piper Comanche Slingerland and his friend John Fehr had recently purchased and were ferrying back to their homes in Alberta, more than 1,500 miles west. They found the wreckage less than five miles from the point of last radar contact of the plane in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The duo took off from Dehli, Ontario, about 100 miles west of Buffalo, New York, to Marathon, Ontario, about 100 miles north of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, on April 14. After the plane disappeared, searchers flew about 350 hours trying to find the plane but the search was called off April 24. Authorities say they don’t know what the family did that the searchers didn’t to find the wreckage. “I’m not sure what tactics they were employing,” Ontario Provincial Police detective Trevor Tremblay told local media. “But they found the aircraft about seven kilometres from the last known point on radar.”
  5. And Marco Mendocino will be full of misinformation and lies as he brings in more restrictions on handguns using the Texas shootings as a pretence to “keep Canadians safe”…Quebec is on board, and with the backing of the NDP, and the bloc to support the libs. Ford has said he is not interested in more laws against law abiding citizens….just get tough on criminals. We’ll see but I’m not optimistic. Meanwhile, the gangs and druggies will still carry as a sign of power and the shootings will continue.
  6. Agreed….all the claims of genocide will make both the indigenous community and the government look disingenuous in the eyes of the world.
  7. Maybe we will never know…..and it will perpetuate the story. From the globe & mail
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trudeau-kamloops-unmarked-graves-1.6463037 We probably have an idea as to why, but has there been any progress in actually finding human remains associated with the sites? I haven’t followed the story closely, other than headlines, but is there a valid reason why no excavation has taken place to unearth the truth? My understanding is the ground penetrating radar only detects anomalies in the earth structure and detailed records were few and far between ie the burial sites could also contain town folk. It just seems to me, that after a whole year, we would have a more definitive answer on the story. Other than generating another small government/indigenous department.
  9. Who would have ever expected to see a headline like this in a foreign newspaper? Liberals must be proud.. https://nypost.com/2022/05/21/how-canada-went-from-liberal-democracy-to-authoritarian-state/
  10. WOW !! Does this put things in perspective……from California no less…
  11. My point is not that the courts failed to convict, but rather the behaviour of our new Canadian father …… still having trouble adjusting to his new countries’ values!
  12. Diversity is our strength……no comment from our feminist pm…what to choose, what to choose!
  13. Or you can use this: https://www.appurse.com/com.flightradar24free.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIobrsjMfs9wIVQgnnCh1UyAAZEAAYASAAEgL5fPD_BwE
  14. Diversity is our strength……and it was only a matter of time:
  15. If I was a BC taxpayer, I’d be po’d……isn’t there something else with greater priority than trying to re-write history through a woke anti colonial lens? What the heck….. it’s only 3/4 of a billion (before the cost overruns) for 1 museum. Just think of all the clean drugs for injection sites that could buy.
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