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  1. Kinda like Trudeau : And it wasn’t evident in this clip from a few years ago of Sockboy taking a hard line...he’s the only one that shook Putin’s hand. We’ll see how Trudeau’s best buddy will respond now to getting out of the Ukraine. Maybe pretty please??
  2. Imo ... disappointed yes,,, but he had to come up with something to counter the growing lib/eco CO2 emission hysteria....otherwise, he and the party would relegated to dinosaur status. Things have to adapt.
  3. Here’s a few minutes of over the top sarcasm, but it is funny when it’s the Democrats problem to deal with the border crisis. Harris’s speech delivery is only second to the excruciating language and tempo of Christia Freelands delivery. I get the feeling she thinks she is talking to grade three students who need time to understand her salient points. Pay attention to the segment on AOC visiting the border, acting at its best, as she was in a parking lot hamming it up for the cameras. And now the over the top rationale for the on whose responsible.
  4. First, we get laughed at with Trudeau’s fashion trip to India, Canada’s problems with ethics, our inability to vaccinate like other civilized countries. Now, we are laughed at for our nations fashion sense at the Olympics......think denim: Our image in the world just keeps getting better and better.
  5. Wow ...lots of self serving points to be made, especially the one regarding how quiet it is now...surprised they don’t want the Gardiner shut down.
  6. I always chuckle when the eco types want to make a point about CO2 emissions and they invariably have a picture of cooling towers belching out huge clouds of........water vapour.
  7. And unlike Airbus, the trust levers move with auto throttle if idle thrust was commanded on one engine, it would have been more than noticeable to see the thrust levers split.
  8. This reminds me of a anecdote retold by then Wing Commander Robin Olds. He was on a mission over North Vietnam, trying to avoid Sams and AAA, when he made a comment to his guy in back: ”I have just got back from Washington, and have it on good authority that this is NOT happening!”
  9. Still waiting for the anti energy government to make a stand and shutdown BCs coal mining and the downstream CO2 emmisions.....where is our energy minister..I forgot....he’s from BC. Where are the environmentalists and anti energy groups protests and demonstrations? If they call it dirty oil, surely coal must be held to a dirtier standard.
  10. I am surprised I have not seen any coverage of the pm’s wife’s speech at the Liberal Convention Friday night...seeing how she has dropped out of public view prompting rumour and speculation, I thought the appearance might answer the questions. Searching for headlines, this is still floating around from none other than the WE charity: Pearls of wisdom from Sophie......who knew??
  11. I think that the powers at be have to start adapting to the reality that this pandemic is not going away for a variety of reasons in the short term.....agree with the idea of zonal restrictions...why lock down rural areas when the major infection sites are in metro Toronto? Why lockdown the land border with the US (when the US CDC has advised against travel to Canada) when every second car on the 401 between Kingston and Prescott is from Quebec? Why prevent people who want to go to their seasonal residences via land crossings ( who pay taxes and are vaccinated and tested) when there is a ste
  12. And while the Can/Us border remains locked, even though the US is miles ahead of in vaccinations (Florida alone has vaccinated more people....7.1 mill...than has been in all of Canada!) infected flights continue to arrive: Tell me why Canada is one of the exempted air bridge countries, if the government is so worried about infected travellers?
  13. Rather embarrassing news for Canada on the world stage, so more evidence things won’t open soon:
  14. This alternative is still probably cheaper than a direct flight (if they were still offered) at AC or WJ at 2 or 300/ tickets on Allegiant or Southwest in to Buffalo than a cab ride!! And returning snowbirds will have already had the vaccine down south, been tested 72 hours prior, tested on entry, and subject again to the test 10 days in quarantine. Taxi service is also being offered for the Ottawa residents....flying into OGS least, to get landed in Canada. Alliegiant stopped service there this winter but connectors are still flying.