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  1. Forget sex about returning to the basics....Hopefully not all schools are like this:
  2. Time for the avionics manufacturers to come up with some kind of technology to overcontrol these tcas, to avoid collisions. Or we could get Garneau to demand a worldwide ban....there, problem solved!
  3. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    This gives you an idea what the cops are up against, at least in the states. The police officer was responding to a call about a stolen car, shooting and attempted robbery. How these hoods think they can get away after engaging the cops is beyond me.
  4. From another article referencing an independent study of Canada’s immigration policies, past and present: The nearly 50,000 claims made in 2017 were mostly from people avoiding the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S. that would likely have rendered them ineligible. By the simple act of crossing between ports of entry, they have been able to access Canada and its generous welfare provisions. The government made significant reforms between 2010 and 2012 to address a similar increase. The Balanced Refugee Reform legislation was aimed at making sure bona fide claimants would be approved more quickly and failed claimants removed just as judiciously. The goal was a system that was “fast, fair and final.” Alongside the imposition of visas on Mexicans and Czechs because of concerns over bogus claims, there were structural changes that allowed public servants, rather than political appointees, to be the first level decision makers at the Immigration and Refugee Board’s Refugee Protection Division. There was also an increase in operating funds that allowed for the elimination of the backlog within two years. Stable funding was put in place to facilitate a system that handled 22,500 claims annually. The numbers between 2010 and 2017 are instructive. In 2010, before the changes, there were 52,023 pending cases; the intake was 25,783; and the output was 34,260. In 2013, the corresponding numbers were 22,544; 10,227; and 21,091. By 2017, those numbers were 47,209; 47,425; and 23,102. A more streamlined system saw the backlog cut in half and bogus claimants dissuaded from trying to enter Canada – only 10,227 people claimed asylum here in 2013. Since then, the backlog has more than doubled and claimants quadrupled, as visas were waived for Mexicans and Romanians, and floods of Haitians and Nigerians were attracted by word that the Canadian system is a push-over. Part of the reason the backlog went down was that failed claimants were actually removed. In 2012/13, 14,490 failed claimants were returned to their country of origin. In 2016/17, that number was just 3,892. The result is a refugee population that “significantly exceeds the funding capacity,” in Yeates’ words. “Resourcing and prioritization of refugee removals are not fully at the level envisaged under the reforms,” he said.
  5. People are becoming aware of how screwed up the turds policies are.....people are working their tails off, having everything they touch taxed and then a story covering Syrian refugees is published: Take a look at the comment guy even wished Trudeau would get cancer and die! The next election will be interesting.
  6. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    Shall I assume you’re talking about me being lazy, Boestar? Or are you just generally **bleep** off about people that comment here? Thanks for the schoolin....
  7. Fine, park a wind turbine in your backyard and see what is does to your real estate value. And the wind isn’t free....the liberals made sure of that...have a look at the rates we are paying the suppliers of wind and solar.
  8. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    The link doesn’t work, but if you are referring to the on by heather mallick....complaining about a new roof and chimney, you’ll have to come up with something better than that. Those repairs are what I would hardly call luxurious.
  9. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    Trudeau doesn’t care about the defence of the country nor does he care about who walks in the country.
  10. I guess the question is how much will we have to pay for additional wind/solar power at above market rates at a time where we are selling excess power to the US while we have to buy the overpriced "green power"?? Financially, it may be better to pay the penalties now than have the citizens fleeced over the longer term of the contracts. And its not just the about business and industries that are trying toi stay profitable in the wake of the liberals disastrous policies. GOOD MOVE Doug !!!! the federal/provincial you have one of the little princes yes men telling an Ontario cabinet minister she is being "un - Canadian".......does the immigration minister like sex and travel?????
  11. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Why isn’t this nice young man still in school???? After all, he’s only sixteen!!
  12. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    “Other backbenchers from Ontario whose stars are rising include Whitby MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes” I can’t see the little prince promotin this MP.....she’s already raised eyebrows and created controversy with her “white privilege” comments....might alienate old liberals even further.
  13. I always thought Warren Kinsella was abit of a dick.....until he stood up for Doug Ford during the election, shooting down someone who accused Ford of being a racist. With his latest comments on Trudeau wrt groping, I have to admit I’ve changed my mind.
  14. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    Definitely not the centre of attention this time! As the little prince used to say ...... “Canada is back!,” Yup...... back row!
  15. st27

    Our Prime Minister

    Kinda makes the criticism of Bev Odas $16 glass of orange juice ( which is kinda normal for room service in a London hotel) seem kind of petty...... Global Affairs Canada spent $24,638 on 86 leather cushions destined to pad chairs at its embassy in Mexico City, but hey, it’s the liberals spending so it’s ok.