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  1. I also get a chuckle out of the “Q1/Q2” business type references being used now for vaccine delivery......from a communications POV, the spin doctors are thinking that the public will swallow it, sounding a hell of a lot better than “2-4 months from now”.
  2. The previously reported delay in vaccine shipments is worse than the government was letting on: I wonder what was signed for in the contracts (other countries have released details of their orders).....speculation, but I think Canada was late to the plate, managed a few deliveries to make it looked like they had a plan, but in reality we are getting leftovers behind other g7 countries. We have ordered more vaccines from various producers than anybody else, hoping that e
  3. And in case some of you may believe that Canada , read Justin, has this under control, that our vaccine strategy will have needles in is a quote from last weeks sermon from the tent: And this was before the Phizer production slow down.
  4. We may have the most vaccines of any other country, as our government likes to boast, but we will probably get them delivered after everybody else:
  5. I know, I know, it’s Rebel News......but...... just because the CBC didn’t report it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. There were early signs of the Corona virus that the government chose to ignore while relying on the WHO....The letter seems compelling. Given Trudeau’s record on being transparent, is this coverup more or less plausible?
  6. Psssst...yous guys wanna buy a watch???
  7. Trudeau seems to have a selective memory, ...
  8. Under the heading......WHERE ARE THEY NOW??.......Certainly not seeking a better path.... Any bets where those guns were headed to?? Just don’t ask Bill Blair.
  9. It hasn’t been picked up by the CBC or Bell Media (Global News reported) but more embarrassing questions need to be answered by the RCMP..... In October 2014, Canadian intelligence leaders were invited to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s headquarters in Chantilly, Va. The DEA had a theory: the upper echelons of global money laundering, terrorism, drug-trafficking and organized crime all bleed together. And only a handful of men in this murky world of extremely powerful criminals had organizations capable of laundering more than $10 billion annually. The DEA undercover agent
  10. I posted a pic of years gone by on the Cargo people realize how FedEx started?? An interesting read...
  11. I remember parking next to one of these on the hangar line in YUL more than a few years ago......all of them had a name btw
  12. Hey c’mon......Trump had a strong business background....just don’t pay attention to the bankruptcies, fraud, and lawsuits against him. And he did have an airline!
  13. By work experience, I didn’t mean experience in the field of the cabinet.. I meant just having A job or high level management/business experience.
  14. Fair enough Dagger, and looking at Mr Algabra’s bio, he should fit well into the Transport role. My opinion of the guy was based on previous impressions when he was an MP in opposition. I still stand by my position of MPs placed into cabinet roles where they have little or no work experience......can’t wait to see where Trudeau places newly elected Olympic paddler, Adam van koeverden.
  15. To look at it in another, more general context.....I am not disputing the individuals academic or professional qualifications, I am merely indicating the symbology this government seems to run on. It is not about putting competent people in positions, but more what the individual represents..... remember it’s 2015. Take for example our Minister of National Revenue......Dianne Lebouthillier......”Prior to her career in politics, she was a local social worker, managing clients out of the Rocher Percé Health and Social Services Centre in Chandler. She worked with long-time MNA Georges Mamel