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  1. Westjet knows the Air Canada plan retains aircraft and employees in Quebec and will appeal to the Provincial and Federal Governments so they can't have much hope for their protest. I suppose they're really just hoping to get some of AC's European airport slots?
  2. But I bet there isn't a man alive who hasn't gotten out of a nasty situation by saying "Huh. Will you look at that? My watch must be slow."
  3. It is a good article. " Bill Gates told CNBC in November that “over 50 per cent of business travel and over 30 per cent of days in the office would go away” — a prediction dismissed by Ed Bastian, chief executive of Delta Air Lines, who countered that the Microsoft founder was not qualified to forecast the future of corporate travel." "...Yet to refer to business travel as a “monolith is dangerous”, says Mark Hoplamazian, chief executive of Hyatt Hotels. “Different segments will have different impacts.” Almost certainly the Leisure market will come back strong. Hard to really
  4. Outline.com usually works for me but not this time - I did get the article though when I entered We don’t know how many people will choose to fly into google
  5. As long as they don't tip over and kill the kid what does it matter? They have seatbelts I expect?
  6. But if I need to go to England for whatever reason, nothing there tells me I won't be let back in to Canada. As a Canadian - I expect more from our feckless Feds.
  7. Does anybody find it incongruous that we let people leave here and fly to England but now will not let them come back because of the new COVID variant. At the very least shouldn't we have 'repatriation flights to Trenton and then mandatory quarantine on base for 14 days?
  8. True - I forgot about those. These newer boats are scary fast. I prefer the comfort of the Yacht though.
  9. They did. Pretty sweet. https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-46445/taconite.htm
  10. I expect that whatever mutation they have over there is already here so it's only a matter of time before we exceed the various provincial health systems ICU capacity. The lockdowns can't come quick or soon enough. Anybody needing surgery in the next little while will be SOL otherwise.
  11. The aerodynamics look interesting. Wing is far back, V tail instead of rudder, engine inlet, curved fuselage. Looks like a lot of work from the advanced design group didn't go to waste.
  12. "Favourite" pet peeves? Is that like a near miss?
  13. Yep. That captures the mood in our house perfectly.