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  1. Just a quick summing gave me over 100 flights cancelled.
  2. I actually liked the snow. It slowed things down a bit and made people more sympathetic or courteous to each other. Then again - I had a plow service.
  3. How does Montreal never make these lists? I'm a unilingual Anglo and it's still the best place I ever lived.
  4. Having been on both sides of the deal - better financing always wins. It is a business after all and operating economics are for the next guy to worry about.
  5. That's such an Irish thing to say - I gotta go work there just for the punchlines.
  6. Anybody hear of any rumblings to do the same over here?
  7. From the ground - the scariest plane there is I think cause it doesn't fly away - it just loiters there with that huge gun shooting everywhere and busting up every tank in sight. The Ukranians would love a few I bet.
  8. Not that I don't love the new planes but they're missing something with all that aluminum - a recycle icon on the side somewhere I think
  9. I'm no expert but I agree with his wife that it was some kind of depression. He has completely withdrawn from everybody which is why he and the union parted ways I think.
  10. He was but they parted somehow.
  11. A pilot friend at one our majors was recently terminated. He claims it was a medical issue that he felt put him in the position of operating an airplane unsafely and he refused to fly. The company said otherwise and now he needs a lawyer to negotiate a termination settlement with the company. Does anybody know of any lawyers out there for pilots?
  12. Given their history with GE on the narrowbody Airbus fleet that was a surprise.
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