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  1. How long do they recall rights extend for?
  2. Isn't it dismissed pretty quickly when the crew have the runway and terrain in sight.
  3. If his comments about lowest airspeed on approach >210 kts it would mean crew never got a gear warning.
  4. Reservations (front desk) quizzed me - I answered honestly and made a point of saying I was from coming Ontario - She understood and she said I was good to go.
  5. It's my wife's 60th Birthday tomorrow. The trip to Vegas with the girls is cancelled but I did ring up the Westin in Whistler to see if we could book a few days there. As far as I can tell there are some operational issues at the Hotel due to COVID (no in restaurant dining) but nothing of real consequence preventing us from having a great time except the flight from YYZ. (keep in mind mind I'm comparing that adventure to sitting at home in the burbs of YYZ watching House Hunters International)
  6. Main gear definitely appeared down as well. Nose gear looked down as well. RAT definitely deployed - (manually? or from loss of both IDGs?)
  7. From Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary, "...Passengers will have to ask crew to use the toilet to stop queues forming...." If there was any shred of the old jet set glamour left in this business it just flew out the outflow valve right there.
  8. As somebody who has built and sold a number of small to medium sized businesses before getting involved in aviation I have one golden rule - put it on the wife's card. (She's an accountant.)
  9. I saw those videos myself and have to admit I was shocked. Most of the cars in the lineups were late model and most of the people looked to be upper middle class yuppie types. I had to question the meaning of "Food Bank" here because none of these people looked needy or like they were living paycheck to paycheck. If they are then I think I understand why being poor in America is a lot better than being poor anywhere else.
  10. Tempest will be able to fly unmanned, and use swarming technology to control drones. It will incorporate artificial intelligence deep learning and possess directed-energy weapons.[15][16] Another piece of technology being designed into Tempest is so-called Cooperative Engagement Capability, the ability to cooperate on the battlefield, sharing sensor data and messages to coordinate attack or defence.[13] Tempest will feature an adaptive cycle engine and a virtual cockpit shown on a pilot's helmet-mounted display. I think I saw that movie - it didn't end well for the plane.
  11. Ok - What gives? The Canadian Navy's new aircraft carrier? Some older AC pilot taking this Self Isolation thing a bit too earnestly? There must be some kind of story there Don
  12. A friend tells me that if you cross the border from Ontario into Quebec and then come back into Ontario you will receive an alert message from the Government of Ontario telling you to self isolate for 14 days. He did that (crossed over and came back) and on the return trip he stopped along the highway for a rest whereupon he and his wife were immediately notified.
  13. John Roberts posted the question of the uninsured to Donald today at his press briefing. Donald passed the buck to Pence who then for 6 minutes twaddled on avoiding a direct answer. In the end it all came down to no insurance = pay up front for care.