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  1. By singling out flying though you're doing irreparable damage to the industry and the economy. The stigma of this will affect our business for decades to come now.
  2. Well then what about buses, subways and trains. You sit with the same people for an hour sometimes - there's no ventilation and no cleaning and nowadays almost everybody everybody on that bus or train in the Toronto area has a presto card so they can be easily contacted if a carrier was known to have travelled a specific route at a specific time identified yet there is zero effort to do so even though the risk of spread is significantly higher and the number of passengers is higher.
  3. I've been looking for a new cottage - something on the shore. Some observations I'm finding it scary as hell to ride my bike in cottage country. Definitely a non starter with little kids. And damn - who knew Kayaks were that squirrely? New canoes (Swift) cost > $4K? Wow! There a lot of slobs and snobs up here Internet service is dodgy What do folks with big boats or houseboats do all day? Aren't they claustrophobic, crowded, etc? After the first few high speed sprints what else do you do with a Jet Ski?
  4. $1.25 million is hardly punitive or even a deterrent for other organizations. The FAA has obviously learned nothing here or is too influenced by political pressures.
  5. But there's big leap between exposure on a flight vs transmission. We keep tracking the exposures but I've yet to see any health official connect any new infection to transmission on a particular flight. I suppose if just one person did get infected on a flight though how could you prove it? I think you'd need 2 or 3 people that were newly infected and could be connected to a particular flight to raise the risk level but that scenario definitely hasn't happened yet or we'd all know about it.
  6. Non U.S.-companies use Chapter 15 to block creditors who want to file lawsuits or tie up assets in the United States. Reuters has a good summary https://www.reuters.com/article/us-virgin-atlantic-bankruptcy/virgin-atlantic-airways-seeks-us-chapter-15-bankruptcy-protection-idUSKCN2502RZ
  7. Politically speaking, anything less than keeping up a full quarantine will bring the minority government down. If it were a majority government I'm almost certain we be easing travel restrictions.
  8. Stopping all service into and out of Ottawa would be stronger
  9. You guys are comparing apples to oranges. There are some airlines that FFers regard as prestige simply because of their cabin crew. There are some airlines that people won't even touch because of their accident history and poor flight crew performance. The bottom line is that provided the flight crew is competent, you can't have a profitable international carrier without a great cabin crew and the better the cabin crew do their job, the more the flight crew can be paid.
  10. I agree but if you read the comments related to the story in the various news media outlets you'll be shocked (then again maybe not). They're overwhelmingly negative. Whatever air of authority or credibility was intended by letting the Chief Medical Officer issue the letter instead of an executive, it seems to have been for naught. I think a 2 week $1 seat sale to some safer vacation destinations (eg Bermuda) would have more influence on public pressure. Are you COVID FREE* and need a vacation? COVID FREE Bermuda is just 3 hrs away. $1.00 Return Airfare starting August 01 *Canada requires 14 day quarantine upon return even from COVID free countries
  11. Was that before or after the pandemic started and then was it before or after the US govt let it be known that Airline specific aid was coming ($25 Billion through Sept 30 and they're now talking of $32 Bill for the next installment Oct 01 to ??) In the EU Lufthansa and Air France got Billions in government Aid as well. Alitalia got aid recently. The Govt of Portugal upped their stake in TAP to 72%. I have lost track of how mch other countries are doing to support thie carriers. The Canadian government has offered nothing remotely similar.
  12. From what I've read I can't recall any airline out that willingly refunded customers money without being assured of, or actually receiving, financial aid from their government. And why should they? We can't give John Q Public his money back because we'll probably go bankrupt if the Gov't doesn't at the very least give us the money we paid out beforehand to meet the operating requirements they (and in a sense John Q Public) stipulated for us to offer that service, and also compensate our shareholders for the losses they will sustain by taking away our ability to conduct business. As it stands, would we even have enough to pay back all ticket holders or just a portion of them? As far as I'm concerned - Ticketholders should go after the government to get their money back. They are the ones that cancelled the flights. If they don't like it then they and the government go after us in court. Oh wait...
  13. Of course. We all do. I pay taxes to help keep those services running and I expect the services to be there when I need them. Some folks incurred additional or unplanned expenses because those services were unavailable when we all paid for them to be there. Shouldn't we be reimbursed when they are not?
  14. FYI - you can head to Bermuda right now and there is no quarantine rqd on arrival as long as you do a PCR test a week before departure and another upon arrival in BDA. The test on arrival is $75.00 and you must stay in your hotel room until the test results are in (6-8 hrs tops). (kids under 9 or 10 are not required to test upon arrival) This is what the Federal government should be doing here for Canadian Airlines and travellers but aren't. Their failure is all the more disappointing when you appreciate that other countries are doing like Bermuda and using testing kits from Canadian companies that still have not been approved for use in Canada. BTNX is an example. They're in Markham. Product Description The Rapid Response COVID-19 IgG/IgM Test Cassette is a rapid, qualitative test for the detection of anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgM and anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies in human whole blood, serum, or plasma samples, as an aid in the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease. Interpretation of test results are positive (two lines or three lines) and negative (one line). Available for sale to healthcare professionals in United States and Europe (CE marked). Health Canada approval pending for diagnostic use.
  15. Hospitals and other medical provider, Courthouses, Government services,.... Funeral Homes, Banquet Halls, Gyms, Academic Institutions (public and private).....