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  1. Desperate to get that image erased I thought the Video must be really old or the genre has matures - Not a single pretty girl with a tattoo. Never understood the whole Bumper sticker on a Ferrari thing.
  2. It's not just a delay tactic in hopes of settling the Class action sooner? Maybe an Insurance policy thing then?
  3. Are you kidding me - that's for super elites and costs a fortune.
  4. What does that mean? You can exceed α prot?
  5. From the article "...A proposal under review by the federal government to privatize Canadian airports would end up costing passengers more, Rovinescu said, adding that he believes new owners would raise fees to earn a rate of return. Critics, however, say airport privatization may actually bring down those fees as it would encourage greater competition......" The 'critics' don't seem to get it - free market competition in Canada doesn't always work to drive down prices. With airports essentially being local monopolies it's especially unlikely.
  6. Where's my skateboard?
  7. Weren't the sanctions against Iran lifted a little while ago?
  8. The Holy see influences the beliefs and values of more than a billion individuals worldwide and god knows how many Heads of State and political organizations. How can one ignore that when in some respects it represents more influence on world issues than Canada has?
  9. Nothing breeds ignorance like the Internet. False news thrives. Everybody is an expert on something, etc., People now just keep scrolling until they find something they like or resonates with them and then that becomes their truth.
  10. You sure you have the correct picture - I've been at it for hours and found 2 dogs 1 rowboat 3 Waldos 43 beach balls 77 twin engine bombers 2 band aids (walked into a door while focusing on the image - they were in the cup board) 100+ sexy woman profiles - this is where I stopped. I could keep looking but I think I better go find a therapist now.
  11. In all fairness that's a really tough one. We just witnessed a guy here Toronto, a fellow who had previously skipped the country to avoid criminal prosecution a few yrs ago, skip the country again while awaiting his sentencing hearing after recently being convicted of a rather serious sexual assault (Raped a drunk woman). HTF did he skip the country after being convicted!? It kind of demonstrates how absolutely incompetent our police and security agencies are in terms of data management. They let a guy awaiting sentencing skip the country! Carding does seem like an obviously valuable intelligence tool in the right hands. The problem is that it is the hands of our security and police forces. During the recent debates they could not demonstrate or quantify how effective it was as an intelligence tool. That's completely unacceptable. There were ways they could have done that without giving away secrets but they either didn't or couldn't. I also have no doubt whatsoever that completely law abiding productive and responsible young black men are being unfairly treated by the system and the police, sometimes with serious or devastating implications in pursuing the Carding practices and maintaining that database. How do we weigh that damage against the perceived benefit - young black men (most often from from a low income background) are proportionally over represented in convictions for violent and/or gun related crime? I'm all for overly punitive even draconian gun laws but I don't want perfectly respectable young men subject to undue scrutiny at the hands of our police and forces. Far too often it does not end well for the young man.
  12. The amount of illegals gun that seem to be available on the streets of Toronto is staggering. I'd be satisfied if the gun laws were just made hugely punitive for even simple possession of an illegal firearm. A nice reward for information leading to them would be kind of helpful as well. Knowledge of an illegal gun should be subject to criminal charges as well. To not report it is essentially aiding and abetting in a crime so why shouldn't there be punitive felony charges tied to it? I mean look at this story: https://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2016/11/16/12-year-old-girl-among-nine-facing-gun-possession-charges.html The girl was charged because she lived in the house and modus operandi of the police is to charge everybody on the premises. Nevertheless - how does this happen - the unchecked rampant proliferation of these illegal guns? The only way to stop it is to make these things as hot as nuclear weapons. Zero tolerance.
  13. Want a fun 3-4 weekend? Fly to Memphis, Graceland, Beale St, Sun Records, etc and then take a slow drive to Nashville. Spend a day or two in Nashville (Grand Ole Opry) and then fly home from there. If you want to learn a bit more about about the roots of American music - that trip is a pretty good crash course. (Graceland and Elvis' planes are a bit creepy and tacky though).
  14. Urban vs Rural population in the US is an 80/20 split. The population there became more urban than rural around 1920. The constitution however is biased towards the rural vote as that was the way it was way back in 1776. It's why North Dakota gets 7 times as much money from Homeland Security as does New York, Even today, states with only 17% of the US population can theoretically elect a Senate Majority and it's constitutionally enshrined - can't be changed. Wyoming has 1 representative in the house and 2 senators. California has 53 house representatives and 2 senators. Wyoming get 3 electoral college votes, California gets 55. Based on their relative populations though California should have 155 votes. I can understand the need for smaller states to have a seat at the government table but the imbalance and the divide in the US will only get worse as time passes. This is not good for anybody.
  15. Lufthansa doesn't have a Rouge equivalent that EU bound passengers can be connected to - Germanwings? Eurowings?