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  1. It's all kind of moot now isn't it. The ban below will include much of the Caribbean. Canadian travellers not allowed in EU https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/eu-shuts-door-to-travel-from-canada-lets-in-singapore-visitors-1.1511061
  2. You've said that several times I think. Wasn't the real fear driving the bailouts that having to refund so many airfares nearly overnight would put several carriers into Chapter 11?
  3. Why do so many feel that way? We have nurses crossing the border daily, sanitation folks, truckers, business folks, etc not to mention aircrew, and despite their lack of quarantining I've yet to see, in 7 months, any outbreak linked to their daily travels back and forth. I would also wager that most of the folks doing that snowbird thing will be more scrupulous upon their return in their anti COVID practices than the people staying here.
  4. Well who will come out of this economically stronger and united - China, who put lockdowns in place at the first sign of trouble, or the Americans?
  5. Not to worry. The fees will come down when traffic picks up I'm sure
  6. I flew Dubai to Toronto in one a few years ago in business class. I couldn't count the number of A380s all lined up at the terminal and each won was pretty much full. I really thought many of us were going to be out of work pretty soon.
  7. To be quite honest - while I love the idea of an electric car I really want the auto driving option.
  8. Good luck with that in this COVID environment.
  9. For now now yes but I saw the money as an investment is spinoff and support local industries. If we don't it here there isn't a state in the US that wouldn't do the same in our place.
  10. What's the chance an Insurance company is going to have to pay out? Pretty slim I would think.
  11. A bit late. Again! Still though - every little bit helps.
  12. I wonder what the fate of SMS will be after the dust from all this settles.
  13. I was using my trusty HP laptop. Typing in the address manually worked though. Have fun.