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  1. I'm speechless at the optics and staggering greed of this Big payout to Madoff firm hired to pay back victims; zero so far paid to victims https://www.thestar.com/business/2017/05/23/big-payout-to-madoff-firm-hired-to-pay-back-victims-zero-so-far-paid-to-victims.html
  2. Since 9/11 the US has become overly paranoid. Could homeland just want easier surreptitious access to laptops coming from overseas by forcing everybody to check them?
  3. Was this a good move? The new plan has a NPV of $ 2 Billion.
  4. 5700? Are you reading that right. Difference in Total Full Time employees 2017 - 2016 = 1500 new bodies = a 5.7% increase
  5. YTZ?
  6. Pick the place - I'll show up with the flying car - You bring the Hyundia Lets see who gets more phone numbers (Girls numbers).
  7. Desperate to get that image erased I thought the Video must be really old or the genre has matures - Not a single pretty girl with a tattoo. Never understood the whole Bumper sticker on a Ferrari thing.
  8. It's not just a delay tactic in hopes of settling the Class action sooner? Maybe an Insurance policy thing then?
  9. Are you kidding me - that's for super elites and costs a fortune.
  10. What does that mean? You can exceed α prot?
  11. From the article "...A proposal under review by the federal government to privatize Canadian airports would end up costing passengers more, Rovinescu said, adding that he believes new owners would raise fees to earn a rate of return. Critics, however, say airport privatization may actually bring down those fees as it would encourage greater competition......" The 'critics' don't seem to get it - free market competition in Canada doesn't always work to drive down prices. With airports essentially being local monopolies it's especially unlikely.
  12. Where's my skateboard?
  13. Weren't the sanctions against Iran lifted a little while ago?
  14. The Holy see influences the beliefs and values of more than a billion individuals worldwide and god knows how many Heads of State and political organizations. How can one ignore that when in some respects it represents more influence on world issues than Canada has?
  15. Nothing breeds ignorance like the Internet. False news thrives. Everybody is an expert on something, etc., People now just keep scrolling until they find something they like or resonates with them and then that becomes their truth.