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  1. I'll be sad to see the Downsview plant disappear but it's in the middle of a city with a horrible housing crisis and a shortage of land and it's situated on the subway line. Add to that that moving the plant anywhere else other than YYZ would displace a few thousand local workers. All in All this seems like win win for everybody doesn't it?
  2. You mean it's it's not a poor promo for Methane gas.
  3. "... The FAA has responded by issuing airworthiness directives requiring additional fan blade inspections. ..."
  4. There is a lot of unrest in Chile right now and the country still has some unpleasant memories of Martial law.
  5. Travelling like a Canadian means you're a beacon of peace in turbulent situations? I can see why she has won all those acting awards - she didn't skip a beat saying that on the run. I'd have blown the line for sure - Travelling like a Canadian means you can enjoy a peace of bacon in a tube station.
  6. My wife and daughter did a sightseeing flight trip with them last year during a Disney Cruise port stop and I spent some time with the crew (mutual friends) so I feel a bit of a connection here. The pilot on my wife's trip had 600 hundred hours TT. I thought that would be fine for a Beaver on floats. Looking at their accident history though I'm doing the armchair quarterback thing - 3 Fatal accidents in 9 years. That's high. Accidents and incidents On 16 July 2010, a DHC-2 Beaver floatplane, registration C-GAXL,[3] crashed into a wooded mountainside and caught fire near Lake Péribonka, Quebec, after encountering adverse weather conditions seven minutes into the flight. Of the six people on board, the pilot and three passengers were killed.[4][5] On 23 August 2015, a DHC-2 Beaver floatplane, registration C-FKRJ,[6] crashed into a wooded mountainside and caught fire near Les Bergeronnes, Quebec, shortly after taking off from Long Lake, near Tadoussac, on a sightseeing flight. All people on board, the pilot and six passengers, were killed.[7][8][9] On July 15th 2019, a DHC-2 Beaver floatplane crashed into a Labrador Lake late Monday night. The aircraft was on flight path from a fishing lodge near Crossroads Lake, near the Quebec border, to a remote camp on Mistastin Lake in northern Labrador. On board Were seven people, four of them are confirmed dead and the fate of the remaining three is unclear. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined however officials with the Transportation Safety Board have been called in.
  7. Specs


    Schwarz said something negative to the effect of employees getting $250k for working 12 days a month. (He's gonna be a real big hit with the 'owners' at WJ).
  8. What's happened that the high and mighty UAE and QATAR carriers have been cancelling orders in such significant numbers. And if the A380 is now nearly dead - what will emirates replace it with?
  9. Share price went to $35.50 at opening - where's that O2 mask?
  10. I heard through a TC friend that they are already there
  11. Well I was going to suggest extendable pool skimmer poles, each with one of these big nets on the end. A few ground guys running around and each equipped with one of those may not solve the problem but it might be good for a few laughs and breaking the tension in the airport.