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  1. It seems much more serious on the Boeing aircraft than on the Airbus aircraft. From what I understand, both manufacturers have IAP restrictions due to 5G but, the Boeing aircraft have additional issues with the thrust reversers and some flight controls which are triggered by the Rad Alt on some models. On the Airbus side the Landing gear needs to be compressed to trigger those systems.
  2. It's just statistical probability I think. The prevalent mutation that develops here after Omicron, will, in all probability, be the same one that develops independently and takes hold somewhere else. Closing borders won't stop that. It may slow the transmission but not by much as local growth will be exponential.
  3. That was great but wheres the rest of it? It seems to end early
  4. I don't see how that could ever be done in Canada with the drivers we have on our roads.
  5. They issued an AD subsequent to the CASA that effectivily duplicates the FAA AD. I suppose they issued it to ensure Canadian Operators do not disregard the US airport Notams or have an AMOC they want to use?
  6. It's curious that the FAA are the only folks out there with an AD on this. The Euros and other have had 5G for a while and are still watching for evidence of interference. Canada has banned the towers from Airport approach areas.
  7. Isn't it because it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show?
  8. Same to you Mitch. It's definitely not a traditional Christmas for us but we'll muddle through it and get to overindulge another time.
  9. Yeah but good grief. 30% false positives!? What a ridiculous service standard - slightly better than flipping a coin.
  10. That's true everywhere I think. The are only really reliable at testing for positive results. If it says positive then you probably do have covid. If it says negative then you might be virus free but you also might be in the early or late stages of an infection where there is not enough virus to trigger a positive and you're much less infectious. This latter point has been raised by several Chief Medical Officers in the last day or two to highlight that if haven't had any symptoms then do the test right before you go to your party instead of doing it a day or two before. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/23/opinion/rapid-tests-omicron-britain.html
  11. FWIW - I have been clicking on a few adds over the past month (Gym equipment) but the links more often than not don't work.
  12. I did - I'll be the first to admit Airline customer service leaves a lot to be desired but then again people get what they pay for. If we put more on the desks or gates or phones then the costs will go up and customers will go elsewhere - and get the same service under the same conditions. I looked at a few others as well. Porter was rated 4/10. Swoop was 3/10 Sky regional wasn't listed. Transat got 5/10 Jazz was a WHOPPING 8/10.
  13. Yikes - some angry people there. Some deservedly so.
  14. There goes our Christmas and Holiday business. Better get your haircuts done now before we lock stuff down for another 4 months.
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