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  1. Specs


    Schwarz said something negative to the effect of employees getting $250k for working 12 days a month. (He's gonna be a real big hit with the 'owners' at WJ).
  2. What's happened that the high and mighty UAE and QATAR carriers have been cancelling orders in such significant numbers. And if the A380 is now nearly dead - what will emirates replace it with?
  3. Share price went to $35.50 at opening - where's that O2 mask?
  4. I heard through a TC friend that they are already there
  5. Well I was going to suggest extendable pool skimmer poles, each with one of these big nets on the end. A few ground guys running around and each equipped with one of those may not solve the problem but it might be good for a few laughs and breaking the tension in the airport.
  6. The lesson there is that above the wing crew should not clean cabins.