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  1. I went through the Canadian Governments website today try to find out what we need to leave for Ireland on Sunday and return on Monday August 9. I'm still working on it 8 hrs later. (I'm actually it leaving for another go tomorrow.) Our government is insane.
  2. Mostly a case of us not letting in visitors from the UK - tit for tat.
  3. Have to admit that with no spectators these are the strangest games Ive ever watched. The excitement just isn't there. CBC's coverage is kind of lame as well. I don't want to half a match of anything but they certainly seem to be doing a lot of it. The published broadcast schedule is not that that great either.
  4. Tinder, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit...... (we're doomed)
  5. It's curious that the powers that be are not evacuating that project immediately pending a survey and it's even more curious that residents would continue to reside there. For myself - I deliberately avoid as many bridges in Quebec as I possible can and race like a bat out of hell every time I pass over or under one.
  6. Mamma Mia! I'll never listen to Abba the same way again.
  7. Most of the time anyways https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/04/16/stowaway-crate-1965-robson/
  8. Gotta love the dreamers. Some neat vides in the article below. The Jetsons dream is a fantasy but I can see some kind of utilitarian role for these flying cars. I even wonder how many of these 'flying cars' have development funding from the Military? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/12/technology/flying-cars.html
  9. My parents worked in London during the war. Growing up I heard plenty of stories abut the buzz bombs, including the tipping manoeuvre here. Kind of neat to see some documentation on it.
  10. German researcher may have found Canadian bomber crew missing for 7 decades https://globalnews.ca/news/7911144/missing-world-war-two-canadian-bomber-crew-found-germany/
  11. Toronto - Rouge Park area I knew the 12 week waiting period was about to end last Saturday but Shoppers never phoned as they said they would. I even checked with them in person last week and they were still spouting the same line. Figuring I needed to do something I wasn't looking forward to chasing all over the city for a clinic or waiting on the hold or for some website to work so I just walked into the Shoppers I had the first shot at. They said no problem What's your name? Does 7:00 pm work? Do you prefer Coffee or Tea with your biscuit while you wait? (I might have imagined that last part?)
  12. I just walked into my local Shoppers at 6 pm to ask about 2nd AZ shots. (1st shot was mar 13). They set me up for This Wednesday at 7:00 pm.
  13. I think it has more to do with taking away people freedoms and treating them like, well.........cattle.
  14. This looks interesting https://saab-seminar.creo.se/210608/welcome_to_saabs_annual_gripen_seminar The live webcast will start at 13:00 CEST on 8th of June 2021
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