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  1. Such bull crap. A racist website.
  2. Canada had the most foreign tourists last year in almost two decades http://www.travelweek.ca/news/canada-breaks-14-year-tourism-record-nearly-20m-arrivals-2016/ Meanwhile, US tourism is hitting a "Trump Slump" http://www.frommers.com/tips/miscellaneous/the-travel-press-is-reporting-the-trump-slump-a-devastating-drop-in-tourism-to-the-united-states If these trends persist, it could be a banner year like none other for tourism to Canada. Good for the airlines, good for everyone else who makes a buck off foreign tourism.
  3. Of course, in the National Post clipping above, the salient portion is as follows: If you don’t ordinarily pay attention to these competing iterations of squalor, or if you just prefer to have your “narrative” about these sorts of things kept tidy and neat, you will not notice that in the real world, Muslim Canadians and the rest of us are not at one another’s throats at all. Not even close. It would help a great deal if even the most well-meaning MPs ratcheted back the rhetoric.
  4. As a Canadian, I'm excited about the Aireon project and its benefits. This looks like it may be the global delivery system for a lot of ADS benefits. And for once, Canada, via NavCan is not only participating, but is a lead investor. https://aireon.com/benefits/airlines/
  5. There is strong speculation that UA and AC will reapply for anti-trust immunity, so let's not talk about what "all US airlines want. It's the same old "us vs them". AA and DL will object to the Justice Department but it won't be because AC picking up two passengers on a Dash 8 at Cleveland is an issue. As for the international segments, That said, sixth freedom traffic is gravy, profit, not the underlying support to bring a new route close to break even. If there is no domestic support for a given route, it won't last for long. When Donald Trump met with the airline CEOs a couple of weeks ago, the one thing he zoned in on was airlines like the ME3 allegedly supported financially by their governments. Air Canada is a lot of things, but it is not directly funded by the federal government. In fact, one can argue the opposite today.
  6. There are strong rumblings of a CSeries order by IAG (British Airways, Are Lingus, various regionals)
  7. I would distinguish faith and belief from organized religion, but you're not wrong: so many murdered in the name of organized religion and sectarianism.
  8. Oh go ram your bigotry where the sun doesn't shine. You're just an intolerant old goat. The motion doesn't pose any kind of insult. If you want to argue that it's unnecessary, fine, if you want to argue that it is political, fine. If you want to argue that it is meaningful and thus an affront to your "sense if decency" you're merely exposing your own lack of it. Here, there's more to the world than a Lorne Gunter or Anthony Furey rant catering to that injured sense of decency. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/editorials/globe-editorial-call-it-islamophobia-or-anti-muslim-bigotry-mps-should-unanimously-condemn-it/article34055838/ http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-m-103-is-a-political-billboard-pick-a-side-and-advertise-your-virtues http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/andrew-coyne-free-speech-guided-by-judgment-and-conscience-not-rules
  9. Westjet plunged into a similar trough the day its results came out, but soon climbed back to its average for the previous 30 days. I expect AC will recover, too. Both airlines are making a lot of money, paying for some new aircraft with cash, enjoying good credit ratings. And the idiots in Washington keep doing things which can only help both airlines, but especially AC with its large intercontinental exposure. They seem determined to kill off the $200 bn foreign inbound tourist market. The latest idea of some brainchild is to require review of the social media accounts of Chinese tourists. Its an impractical and costly idea, and I'm not aware of Chinese tourists launching terror attacks anywhere, but the mere suggestion of it has reverberated in the Chinese media. A lot of people around the world are thinking of other destinations than the US - so why not Canada.
  10. When 61% of the US adult population as per current polling is dissatisfied with his administration, it is disingenuous to talk about all critics as "The Left". It's just your lame attempt to stigmatize people who don't think like you. The dissatisfied cover a cross-section of the population, and include many "NeverTrump" conservatives, center-rightests, moderates as well as those who genuinely can be called "The Left", i.e. progressives. As for your assertion that things will fall into place and "then he'll really start to roll", there is no evidence that he or the people around him know how to govern, and until he has a chief of staff who is truly experienced in high level government administration, and has strong Washington experience and contacts, that won't change fast. A total of 696 executive branch positions require Senate confirmation. As of today, he hasn't even nominated anyone for 662 of those. Here's a leading conservative's view of Trump, barely a month into his presidency https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/17/opinion/what-a-failed-trump-administration-looks-like.html
  11. You're as crazy and delusional as Trump. What has he done? Seriously? The whole Republican agenda is bogging down in Congress because he's giving it no direction. His poorly drafted immigration order has been stayed by the courts. His NSA director has just walked the plank, and the man Trump offered the job to - Admiral John Harwood has refused it - because Trump won't allow him to pick his own staff. According to multiple media, Harwood told associates he wouldn't join that "**bleep** show" Trump is running. Trump's the Manchurian Candidate. Even Fox is turning on him after his ridiculous press conference today. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/02/16/shepard-smith-slams-president-trump/98023272/
  12. Isn't there a protocol that free riders like that Westjet pilot should not bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak? A thank you for AC bringing him home or to work would have been appropriate.
  13. My God, your sense of proportions is ridiculous.
  14. So Flynn is gone, who goes next in this Gong Show?