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  1. Essentially, the criticism is that the F-35, far from being the relatively inexpensive alternative to another F15 or F-22 which were brutally expensive, has turned into much the same thing - a "Ferrari", he dubbed it, which you only should drive on weekends, not used to commuting to work. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2021/02/23/the-us-air-force-just-admitted-the-f-35-stealth-fighter-has-failed/?sh=19cf81551b16&utm_source=ForbesMainTwitter&utm_campaign=socialflowForbesMainTwitter&utm_medium=social
  2. Return to DIA on one engine was pretty routine, with a smooth landing. Plane was one of the oldest 777-200 builds, fifth off the line, but that's pretty much immaterial here.
  3. https://twitter.com/davidshepardson/status/1363240785681018880/photo/1
  4. I'm taking it too, Seeker, but it doesn't mean I believe it protects me against Covid, only that it seems to have enough health benefit to justify taking it, my doctor recommended it long ago because my level was low, and because it is cheap and can be bought without prescription.
  5. The results;s of Vitamin D trials are inconclusive. The one point of agreement is that people with a significant deficiency of Vitamin D may be more susceptible but there's no evidence that people who have no deficiency are better protected - they get sick and die of Covid as well. As for nose sprays and repurposed drugs, I've learned through this not to be swayed by press releases from the manufacturers, and that includes the vaccine makers. I am relying entirely on regulatory agencies verifying trial results. In the case of the Canadian nose spray, it's 3-6 months away from any approval as a
  6. It is starting to feel like a four-dimensional game of chicken. Your assumption is possible, so is the possibility that the latest restrictions on travel and a slower recovery from the pandemic make this a loser for AC. Peladeau is still waving his $5 offer - but will it be $5 if he's going to make a serious offer? Or will it be $4.50 or $4. Right now, AC stock has bounded back to almost $24 as I type this, and based on the share conversion price in the current deal, a Transat share is worth $6.51 in a swap.
  7. No, only those A220s ordered by US airlines (Delta, JetBlue, etc) are assembled in Alabama. All others are assembled in Montreal, or is it Mirabel? I have no idea whether WestJet would consider the A220. That would obviously be a break in the single manufacturer practice the company has followed since its inception. Southwest is looking at it the A220, as well as at the Max 7, for a big expansion of the lower end of its fleet. However, there is almost a universal view that Southwest is using the A220 to leverage a huge discount from Boeing, even if the A220 specs out as the better choice. As t
  8. I'm not sure what point there would be for the government to, in effect, buy stock in passenger airlines since we have only four publicly traded passenger airline companies, soon to be three, and only one of those three (Air Canada) is a pure airline play. Porter, Sunwing, Flair and Westjet are privately owned. Chorus is publicly traded, but largely a creature of Air Canada's network with a sideline in leasing . Exchange Income owns several small carriers, but also has other businesses. If the government wants shares in AC, it would likely demand something else of the privately owned carriers,
  9. Interesting conditions, but I imagine most airlines wouldn't benefit as much from Aeroplan as AC would in raking in Aeroplan dollars now that it owns it again. The critical mass benefits of growing the plan further are great to the owner, and as it grows, it becomes even more unlikely any government would ever allow AC to fail since that would make every Aeroplan member an unsecured creditor.