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  1. I haven't seen the ADS-B raw data, but looking at the kink in the flight track, with any speed at all I think of destructive G loads, even with the extreme descent rate reported. That would have been a test for the tailplane. Has anyone seen superimposed weather?
  2. Don, I personally want to thank you for equipping the next generation of narrow body bus drivers with a straight faced response when the in-charge asks if we were brought down by ground fire. I have three questions I would like to ask the PIA management: 1) How long did it take you to figure out so many pilots had fake licences (apparently all this wasn't known until a short time ago, or ?); 2) Since it is possible now, why wasn't the vetting process done sooner (presumably not that easy or simple); 3) If not that easy or simple, what makes you think you have caught all of
  3. I believe the C of A for the Max is still in force. It is prohibited from commercial operations by Ministerial Order, but there are ferry and maintenance test flights happening worldwide. As for carrying airline personnel on a positioning, maintenance or training/currency flight, it may or may not be a prohibited operation depending on the regulator. I haven't checked, but are there any bizjet variants of the Max around? It would be interesting to know if they are operating. Vs
  4. I see wisdom can still be found at your address Don! Hope everyone out your way remains well. I have a vision of you on the keys, playing something particularly fitting for the times. All the best Vs
  5. I think the steep idle thrust approach would have been nearly certain, even with normal gear and flaps. The initial report referencing gear trouble suggests a go around because of an issue experienced on approach and not a bounce, but as is so often the case, what is reported initially and what the investigation verifies can be different in critical ways. We'll likely just have to wait and see. Vs
  6. I haven't seen a METAR but assume the temperature was fairly warm. Given that and the rather high approach angle (well past stable approach criteria just about anywhere), then there would be a continued and significant loss of altitude as a go around was initiated. Is it possible the crew initiated the go around too late and/or too gently to overcome their descent rate, so struck the runway during the go around? Vs
  7. Don - good to hear from you! I hope everyone is well out your way. BC has managed things very well thus far, our fingers are crossed that the trend continues to improve. Never flew the Lockheed, or the 27 for that matter. From all accounts, great aircraft that earned lifelong loyalty. Nice to read the discussion here. Fin 201 carried a plaque, commemorating the Captain who brought her aboard, only to die suddenly a short time later. I understand that plaque will now hold a place of prominence in Flight Ops and that is a good thing. COVID has really stripped away so much stu
  8. Always got me home, never hurt me. Things I really love in an aircraft. Why they spent the money to remove the pull out tray and replace it with approach plate holders is a head scratcher, no matter how many times it's been explained to me. Vs
  9. Hmmmm.. Maybe, but the logic doesn't really add up. While it is possible the memo you posted is authentic, I have to wonder why the logo is as aliased as it is while the memorandum text is so much crisper. I guess we will see. Vs
  10. I'm not sure of the city, but in our area, Friday was a special case in a couple of places due to reduced lab pickup schedules and no scheduled weekend service. I know a doc in our area that was similarly affected, they were sidelined as a result. Tests on Thursday morning knew by suppertime. I imagine there will be a backlog on testing shortly, if not already, but the test itself doesn't need more than several hours now. FWIW Vs
  11. boestar, I don't know where you got that info. If a lab capable of processing a test is in town, results are available within 6 hours. We are seeing this turnaround in my city. The longer waits are for tests that need to be sent to a centralised lab, still the case in many US cities but I guess the Donald got first class treatment. That said, if indeed the tests were negative, that would be a rare statement of fact from that idiot. Vs
  12. What I would like to know is who among Trump's insider friends did he tell ahead of this announcement. There are going to be big winners and big losers. Vs
  13. Unless that blade buried itself in something that stopped rotation. Vs
  14. This thread reminds me of the one on helicopters and stats. If ever there was a statistics-generator, this might be it. Vs