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  1. Weelll sorta. A bit too much emphasis on what the monitoring pilot 'merely' did. What wasn't mentioned was that they 'merely' maintained full liability for anything that went wrong. If that experiment had ended in an accident, I am pretty sure the company would not have been so quick to hand all the 'credit' to their automation. Would a lot of 'merely' have been used to describe the AI role in that case? Nice paint job and there is progress, but the oversales is, well, overselling. Just my opnion. Vs
  2. I believe there is another thread on here were a pilot wrapped themselves in a larger cause and connected it to a legal issue. Human nature has its pros and cons. Among the cons is the need to dominate using any means possible. As well meaning and well founded as the direction to be more inclusive is, we as a society have not yet figured out how to prevent the abuse or gaming of corrective measures by those seeking unfair leverage. If there is going to be a widening of hiring criteria to include things not tied to skill, knowledge and experience, then the checking criteria and chec
  3. The more I learn the worse it looks. Perhaps I really am into the jurassic nostalgia phase of life, but after successfully handling an abnormal (and who hasn't had a few), I usually felt a confidence boost that the aircraft and procedures worked. Even if everything did not exactly line up with the checklist, there was enough there to work with and make an effective plan. PTSD from a successful event that we have beaten into us at every sim? I keep looking for more to this story. How did this pilot's partner fare? No mention I could find of a CRM aspect. Vs
  4. I think I am mostly sad for this individual. If they think that is what ended their career, despite all of redundancy aboard the aircraft and the numerous simulator sessions practicing engine out, then there is probably another issue going unaddressed. Can't imagine what CBs and heavy turbs must have been like for them. Vs
  5. I think we have underestimated this thing at every step. Maybe I'm jaded at this point but it seems too early to say anything beyond this week - as in - it's good news that things are in decline, this week. Maybe what is going on in India is short term immunity to COVID 1. Maybe that immunity lasts, maybe it doesn't, maybe the next strain breaks through like influenza does. Maybe we end up needing an annual shot or booster, maybe not. That's a lot of maybes. I bet someone who really knows what they are talking about could add a lot more. Play safe.... Vs
  6. The last line is the most important. COVID has punished complacency with relentless consistency. The numbers way well be lower now, but that is cold comfort to the families losing loved ones every day. While the numbers show measures are working and perhaps lend some strength to our collective resolve, there is little there to tell me we can relax, not yet. Vs
  7. I have liked some of what Mr. Carney has done in the past but this is a profile grab at the expense of hundreds of thousands of livelihoods. I assume that Mr. Carney's next business trip will be by foot. If not, then stop suggesting extortion as a tool of policy. Vs
  8. Are you talking about the US DoT one that they then withdrew from? I seem to recall they objected to some of the same conditions WJ now wants. Maybe I'm not referring to the same thing you are though. Vs
  9. I think I have to call BS on Mr. Sims. WestJet has gone into the corners elbows up any time I have ever had to deal with them out of the public eye. That's fine, it's a competitive business, but a statement about lilly whiteness is too Trumpian for my taste. The flip side of this - if the innuendo here is that there is government help putting a thumb on the scale, asking that government to give you slots, etc, seems like doing the same thing to me. Either the Transat deal is good or it is not. It is not made good with a loot bag like some kid's birthday party. Vs
  10. I haven't seen the ADS-B raw data, but looking at the kink in the flight track, with any speed at all I think of destructive G loads, even with the extreme descent rate reported. That would have been a test for the tailplane. Has anyone seen superimposed weather?
  11. Don, I personally want to thank you for equipping the next generation of narrow body bus drivers with a straight faced response when the in-charge asks if we were brought down by ground fire. I have three questions I would like to ask the PIA management: 1) How long did it take you to figure out so many pilots had fake licences (apparently all this wasn't known until a short time ago, or ?); 2) Since it is possible now, why wasn't the vetting process done sooner (presumably not that easy or simple); 3) If not that easy or simple, what makes you think you have caught all of
  12. I believe the C of A for the Max is still in force. It is prohibited from commercial operations by Ministerial Order, but there are ferry and maintenance test flights happening worldwide. As for carrying airline personnel on a positioning, maintenance or training/currency flight, it may or may not be a prohibited operation depending on the regulator. I haven't checked, but are there any bizjet variants of the Max around? It would be interesting to know if they are operating. Vs
  13. I see wisdom can still be found at your address Don! Hope everyone out your way remains well. I have a vision of you on the keys, playing something particularly fitting for the times. All the best Vs
  14. I think the steep idle thrust approach would have been nearly certain, even with normal gear and flaps. The initial report referencing gear trouble suggests a go around because of an issue experienced on approach and not a bounce, but as is so often the case, what is reported initially and what the investigation verifies can be different in critical ways. We'll likely just have to wait and see. Vs
  15. I haven't seen a METAR but assume the temperature was fairly warm. Given that and the rather high approach angle (well past stable approach criteria just about anywhere), then there would be a continued and significant loss of altitude as a go around was initiated. Is it possible the crew initiated the go around too late and/or too gently to overcome their descent rate, so struck the runway during the go around? Vs