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  2. To say that that people should have a rainy day fund is fair. But we are discussing significant numbers of people losing their jobs. Significant numbers of small businesses disappearing (a tax break, as you suggest, is useless in these cases). Those suicides DO matter and who are you/me/anyone to say that saving a life over on this side (due Covid) is more important than the loss of life that occurs on the other side due to those decisions? Also, it is, in fact, a luxury for many people in this country to have money saved in the amounts required to make it through the pandemic. I know, ba
  3. Of course in Feb 2020 the consensus was that curtailing travel was not necessarily effective. Secondly, the objective then (as it should be now) is to keep the hospitals from being overloaded. The intention was NOT to bring the case count down to zero as Australia and NZ have targeted. That type of policy is successful only if a vaccine is available and, at the time, that was not a known. Lockdowns have massive effects on the populace. We know suicides have more than doubled, that alcoholism has increased etc. The number of people who have lost their jobs or businesses is not minor. I fin
  4. Well, Flair pays more for a new FO than AC does. But I do love the arrogance that still exists among the pilot corps in Canada.
  5. How many doctors and nurses have gotten COVID? Almost none. Why? According to a friends doctor wife its becasue they wear mask, always wash their hands and don't touch their faces. She deals almost exclusively with covid patients (in the US). We need that message HAMMERED home here. Well if the War Measures Act is needed then they had better take over the LTC homes - remove THOSE private rights and take care of the issue. The vast majority of deaths have occurred there and yet our governments have done absolutely nothing in that area. Now they are deflecting so that the public
  6. 13 aircraft this year and another 11 next year.
  7. So the Feds will shut down travel utilizing an Emergencies Act. Yet they have know, since the spring, that long term care homes are incredibly vulnerable and yet have done NOTHING. Thousands have dies in those homes, the most significant number of any group, yet the feds and provincial governments havn't stepped in. Why not initiate the Emergencies Act, take over the homes, provide the needed procedures, care (pay the staff what is required) etc. Smoke and mirrors to deflect their pathetic handling of the pandemic.
  8. In the same way that collaboration is enhanced by the 'water cooler' conversations, lunches etc. It is also far easier to walk through an office, have quick conversations etc. that Zoom/Teams etc. do lend themselves to. The concept that huge numbers will soon be working from home, is in my opinion, not something that is going to happen.
  9. While we argue about restrictions our governments continue dropping the ball. We have known since March that the LTC homes are at incredibly high risk and yet NOTHING was done in the last 6-8 months to deal with that. If we can restrict movement then why can we not restrict and set requirements for the owners of the LTC homes? If required take them over! In Ontario the largest were paid $130 million in CERB and yet still paid out dividends all while doing almost nothing to mitigate risk. We KNOW that over 90% of deaths occur in these homes and this age group. But did nothing. Seems conven
  10. They also bought the 400's pre-pandemic. At that time an NG was $250,000/month, though not so now.
  11. While I certainly agree that refunds are in order I would love to see how many of these people wanting refunds cry foul when on the other side. How many are upset when they miss a doctor/dentist appointment and are expected to still pay? How may make a restaurant reservation and perhaps don't show? If it's fair in one case it is fair in all cases.
  12. Take a look at the GTAA's annual report especially executive wages. They justify them by comparing themselves to some utilities, a few international airports and oil companies. Tell you what - compare yourself to other NON-profits and then come up with a justification. AIF is for capital expenditures and airports are now pulling that in for general operations. They have 'rebated' in one form or another the landing fees for AC, WJ etc. and now cannot fund their operations.
  13. Interesting that the airports are raising fees and cutting staff yet their Senior management and BoD's have not taken pay cuts! Same at NavCan - CEO still making $650,000/year and they want to increase fees by 30%. There is STILL a disconnect in this country.
  14. Swoop attempting to find airports willing to subsidize their flights in some manner.