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  1. "Where" any past terrorists have come from is almost irrelevant. 'Where" any future issues come from is relevant. If you look at the security apparatus in some of the countries not banned (ie. UAE, Kuwait etc) there is little need to ban anyone. Compare that to Yemen or Iraq and the comparison is not even valid. Politics plays a role as well or I am sure Saudi and Pakistan would have been added to the list. While I don't like Trump I hardly believe that his business interests have much to do with it.
  2. What I find more interesting is that they are proactive in looking at new screening for pilots and threw in additional alcohol testing. Yet, fatigue, which results in the same issues as alcohol is simply glossed over. The simple fact is that the regulator don't give a flying f#ck about truly dealing with any issues. As long as they, and the airlines, follow the regs and laws which, are so watered down as to be useless, they can continue to look good.
  3. When I arrived it was a fantastic job, well balanced and we were treated well. Things changed when they tried to squeeze the maximum out of the crews and it appears that, at the moment, they are intent on continuing that. It has become a large, bloated company - I couldn't even begin to explain how archaic it is in many respects due to the culture and history of the company. They reduced the pilot requirement many times dropping even the jet time requirement. Still they are having difficulty. The young guys from company's like Ryan Air, who were expected to stay (being grateful to the Gods for getting a job on a big shiny jet) are leaving as well as they realize that they can't spend 30 years here and that going back may be the better option! There are some great aspects to the job - the route network is massive and you see every continent. The people you work with are varied, interesting and enjoyable. But it is no longer a 'destination' job in most people opinion. It will take a change in management 'philosophy' to improve things. It's not necessarily about the money but reasonable flying hours and returning to a bidding system that actually works and leave that is actually given. Pprune is awash with the issues
  4. Rich-- I am not sure they will ever hire DEC's directly onto the 380 (unless they are coming from a 380). They have moved guys from the 777 across recently. Having said that, they change their policies regularly.
  5. Pilots are flying 95-1005 hours a month, having problems getting their vacation time...........list goes on. EK used to lose a few each month but at the moment are averaging 40-50 resignations a month. Lots of Americans going home and others going to Korean or Chinese carriers.
  6. At the rate pilots are leaving EK they have to do something, anything, to try and recruit!
  7. J.O. - that's why I qualified the statement by saying I don't trust the Turks actually fully accepted the refugees. Been there enough to know it is most certainly Muslim.
  8. I note that in that list there is not a single Muslim or Arab country (not sure I trust the Turkish number). Interesting that!
  9. I know my company uses "in uniform" as the trigger. So if you show up in the lobby, in uniform, to catch the bus you are at work and required to be sober. So, in fact, it includes ground school and office duty! But, sometimes people make mistakes. I can see how someone might go a bit far, having fun and drink too much. The responsible thing to do then would be to call in sick! There is a cost in delays but the cost in actually flying (or damage to the company image) is far greater. Then learn from the error!
  10. If they touched down and then commanded the Go Around without physically following through on the Thrust Levers they might have gotten themselves caught since the AT would not have commanded go around thrust. They pull up, realize too late that the thrust is still at idle................ Just another theory.
  11. Actually, it was a normal approach (no emergency etc). Once again, some news organizations speculated incorrectly.
  12. Some news organizations misquoted the press release. Each pilot had over 7000 hours. The captain has approx. 15 years at EK. FO (info now public) is from Qantas. Moon - not sure about a gear up approach. All EK 777s are equipped with advanced RAAS. A "Too Low Gear" warning would have triggered. A colleague mentioned to me yesterday that he drove through a severe dust devil on the other side of the airport. It was so bad he had to stop driving and called operations to warn them. Heard the crash while calling and saw the end result. The investigation will be interesting.
  13. Those temps are quite normal in Dubai in the summertime as are the winds. It's a coastal airport in a desert region so it can be a bit wonky. It is not unusual to have 40 knot wind from the west at 4000' which transitions to a wind from 120 (landing runway) at sea level. Yesterdays conditions were gusty in sand - again normal ops here. Wind and weather will be a factor for sure but there is more to the story I think. A friend witnessed it and said they landed very hard, bounced, went around and then sunk back onto the runway. Heavy bounce is not something practiced very often (in a jet) and the workload in the flight deck multiples quickly. The fact that the gear was retracted so quickly is interesting as well - workload induced error? Miscommunication? Wrong handle (hard to tell from any photos if flaps are at 30 or 20)?