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  1. Many more articles can be found. There are certainly two sides to the argument.
  2. Agree Kip - they have not completely thought out how to deal with driving aspect. If fact, a judge in my local area recently lamented that the number of drunk driver cases he is seeing has never been so high! It seems people don't care or believe it is their 'right' to smoke or drink and then drive. There are so many cases clogging the legal system in Alberta that they are decriminalizing drunk driving. Wonderful. But lets ban guns! They are the real problem.
  3. I'm not a smoker (of any kind) but it will be interesting to see if this holds. I can't see how it is legal for a company to ban something that you do on your own time - provided you are not under the influence when you show up for work (or the legal definition of influence). SUppose someone could say it is their religious right
  4. Trader

    Air Canada fined $65K

    I had this dozens of times over the last 10 years. Each time we would call Medlink (doctor) and each time they had the pax removed until they had at least 12 hours symptom free (no vomiting). It happened so often that there was always the thought to not bother making the call and simply have the person offloaded. I always did make the call though for this exact reason - if a doctor advised against travel you have covered yourself, your crew, your airline AND looked after the best interest of the passenger.
  5. Trader

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    Except that is not extensive training. 100 rounds a year is minimal and anyone who shots regularly will agree. Placing time constraints during the qualification, while increasing the level of stress, marginally, doesn't simulate any real world environment. Many police forces have altered their requirements because their officers simply cannot meet the requirements. Like anything you need practice.
  6. Trader

    ID Check

    Wait a everyone now supposed to assume that if a person is identifying as transgender that they should not be 'outed' or that they want to be discreet???? What is someone supposed to do?? If your ID is male and your present as a female then you should be questioned. It is your choice to present/identify as another gender but not anyone else's responsibility to attempt to figure out how you feel about it. This is getting out of hand and I don't see how they were 'unsafe'.
  7. Trader

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    Guessing it also comes down to pay - if you are armed you can demand a higher salary. Do CBSA's in airports earn leass than at land crossings due to carrying a weapon.
  8. You don't have to spend much time in the Middle East to realize they often act like spoiled children. The Saudi's, in particular, are an incredibly arrogant bunch and would be the only nation that I could honestly say 'I can't stand' - and that is using polite language.
  9. Not sure what he was thinking. Though the footage is nice.
  10. Wolfhunter - agree completely. I'm back after 15 years and driving anywhere in the GTA is a frustrating experience. Dubai was similar but worse - the signal was a notice that the person should accelerate to block you, leaving a gap was a sign that you were stupid and they would move into it, merging lanes meant turn 3 lanes that were merging into 2 lanes into FOUR lanes - me first, me first. It was primarily Indian and East Asian drivers that were the offenders. Speaking with a few Indian buddies it was explained that the driving was FAR superior to what was experienced in India but those characteristics remained. Before anyone goes off on a rant about racism - it has nothing to do with that but is an accurate observation. And, yes, of course there are other bad drivers.
  11. Trader

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    9 or 10 captains in the first batch of 19. Not sure how many in the current ground school.
  12. Trader

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    They will be kept in their positions and protected. Perhaps at the bottom of the list but kept. From the rumor mill.
  13. Trader

    Emirates Parking Planes

    blues - oh, no doubt!!!!! Which is why pilots are leaving and why I left myself. I decided to come back (for some of those poor wages ) for a multitude of reasons, the work schedule at EK being one reason.
  14. Trader

    Emirates Parking Planes

    The article is somewhat misleading in that it is only 10-20 aircraft a month over a period of several months. Not 45 at once. However, EK has had 8-12 parked for the last 18 months at least and that is just what is visible. But EK never learns. They have a hugely experienced pilot base - or had, as it is rapidly dwindling. But short sighted management (both Arab and Western) pushed and pushed with deteriorating conditions. I flew 112 hours last Feb and 95 hours is average (though the managers would be quick to point out that is not 'every' month since you have vacation ). Most of these 'managers' stay for terms under 5 years so there is no incentive, other than their bonus, to keep pilots. They work in a culture where saving face is more important than anything else so the problems get swept under the rug. They crashed an airplane over a year ago and have at least 6 major incidents in the last 18 months (some which made it public). Inexperience and long hours rearing their heads. Canada is only now starting to see and attempt to deal with their shortage and are WAY behind the curve. The Chinese have been very proactive with high wages and increasingly adjusting contracts to meet the requirements of different pilots, ages and nationalities. Meanwhile in Canada the wages and conditions remain pathetic. I'm not sure what the managers here plan to do (if they have a plan at all) but it is going to cost them dearly either in a lack of pilots or an accident as they push less and less qualified people into seats, particularly the left seat.
  15. Trader

    Cdn Duty Day Regs Perhaps it is time for the Canadian unions to band together and hold their own press conference. This was frustrating to listen to!! G. Sugar, from Cargojet, even had the audacity to attempt to deflect the debate by claiming that they should be focusing more on alcohol and drugs among pilots.