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  1. I'm not posting this "view from the left" for "balance". The complaint about "the media" and the notion of "bias" does need elaboration and questioning rather than 42 pt. font headlines and other signs of drama & hyperbole. The left just does it with taste... The country and the government, be it Trudeau or other PM, will make up its mind based upon many factors including a view from the left or right. The notion of outright bias is easily recognized by those with good intellectual hygiene habits and robust crap-detectors, while the subtleties in both these stories produce "slant" to
  2. Re sorting out who can cross the border, it is just another step in the "essential travel" process outlined by both our countries. Vaccine "passports" have been around a long time. I would venture a guess that all airline personnel who flew have the yellow vaccination booklet; I have mine from 1973, albeit pretty worn out. Either that record or the individual vaccination card(s) provided by the individual health region in which each person vaccinated should be produced in the same way either one's passport or NEXUS card is produced. Where legitimate medical exceptions to these vaccin
  3. Halt to 737 MAX deliveries stymies Boeing’s recovery effort May 11, 2021 at 8:00 am Updated May 11, 2021 at 4:46 pm An Air Force tanker (at right) and two “white tail” 737 MAXs are parked on a short runway at the north end of Paine Field in April. (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times) By Dominic Gates Seattle Times aerospace reporter Boeing delivered just four 737 MAXs in April before an electrical problem grounded the jet again, halting further deliveries until a fix is approved. The setback fr
  4. Absolutely the right thing to do, short-term. The world will not be free from COVID-19 without a plan that includes vaccinations for all nations. From Al Jazeera: ‘Monumental moment’: US backs COVID vaccine patent waivers World Health Organization chief welcomes US announcement that it will support waivers for coronavirus vaccines. 5 May 2021 The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has welcomed a decision by the United States to back intellectual property waivers for coronavirus vaccines, calling it “a monumental moment” in the fight against the deadly virus.
  5. This site has some more clarification:
  6. Hi Kip; Mine is in July as well. Likely we'll wait but because "4-months" is a logistally-based estimate on availability and not a medically-researched fact, that time frame is moveable by demand & politics. I don't know what is categorized as "essential travel" these days. The border is appearing to be quite porous for both land and air travel. Taxi cabs from airports to the border, (northbound), can't be had at present because they're so busy. It can't all be "essential travel". The only countries that appear to know the meaning of "essential" are Australia & New
  7. Given that Canada can't supply sufficient vaccines for its population, how many are crossing the US border for their 2nd jab of Moderna/Pfizer?
  8. ACA42 YVR-DEL April 23, operated; April 24 cancelled; April 25, cancelled; April 26+ "scheduled" ACA43 DEL-YVR April 22 operated; April 23, cancelled; April 24, cancelled; April 25 + "scheduled" ACA44 YVR-DEL April 22 operated ; April 23, cancelled; April 24, cancelled; April 27+ "scheduled" ACA45 DEL-YVR April 22 operated; April 23, cancelled; April 24, cancelled; April 27+ - "scheduled" source FR24
  9. SpaceX crew re-donning suits in preparation for possible "potential conjunction (with an object) & possible avoidance manoeuvre" @ 1743Z update - No "TCAS"...
  10. From the Australian State of Victoria: Here in Victoria the current face mask regulations & recommendations are as follows: At midnight last night the long-awaited ‘travel bubble’ between Australia and New Zealand became a reality. As both countries have no local transmission of COVID-19 there is no requirement for 14-day quarantine going or coming back. Australians must apply for permission to depart Australia to any overseas destination, except NZ which is now exempt under this bubble program. Yesterday was the 51st day that Victoria recorded no locally-acqui
  11. Human factors associated with situational awareness and how that is continuously facilitated by cockpit control & indicator design, training & experience is a very large topic in which there has always been considerable differences of thought. Yaw & resulting roll under full asymmetric thrust (sudden or gradual engine failure) is manually-controllable but not on auto-pilot for the B737 type. On auto-pilot, visual cues of assymetric thrust would include control-wheel position as well as throttle-position. If I recall correctly, for the Airbus, A320 & subsequent, assyme
  12. JAKARTA: The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from a crashed Sriwijaya Air jet has been downloaded successfully, and includes the last minutes of the flight that ended with 62 people dead, an official at Indonesia's air accident investigator said on Monday (Apr 12). The contents of the recording from the 26-year old Boeing 737-500 that crashed shortly after take-off on Jan 9 cannot be disclosed publicly at this stage of the probe, Indonesia National Transportation Safe
  13. 2021 Census The next Census of Population will take place in May 2021. Census information is used to make informed decisions about your community, province or territory, and the country as a whole. Are you interested in a job that counts? Do you want to be part of a great undertaking? Join our 2021 Census team and make a lasting contribution to Canada and its people!
  14. Also, airfield windspeed in meters/sec. The lovely thing about standards is that there are just so many to choose from...