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  1. Interesting that the (non-controversial), question is now being raised. Some thoughts... Does the notion of "trade" include tourism? I should think so, as many countries survive almost exclusively on such. So examining the meaning of "survive" is implied, in this context. Aviation delivers two things: Goods, & "people visiting elsewhere to experience what isn't at home, (including families)". The prefix "eco-" has gradually become attached to the latter but is more about marketing perceptions than describing the actual activity of "going away". The pandemic bares the un
  2. Thanks Floyd - another thread certainly, & yes, understand both phenomena and how they both "explain", but the underpinnings, the "unsaid" of & within a culture or even a society "normalizes" one and reacts strongly to another. Anyway, I don't wish it pursued here but I was suddenly struck by the notion as I considered how the families left behind by both "events" answer the question.
  3. Mods, delete this as OT if need be, but there is a really large part of me that simply fails and maybe even rejects the capacity to comprehend the vast difference in a single countrys' responses to 346 fatalities and almost half-a-million fatalities. I simply don't know where to put these two blunt realities and the human toll of both.
  4. IFG, thanks for your response - my comment was a moderate-"t.i.c." - I don't disagree with your views, and based upon experience over the 35 years of sim rides, it was an impressive feat to train entirely in a Level D simulator and then go directly to line-indoc operations, (for others, flying the line under supervision of a Line Indoctrination Training Captain, eliminating the requirement for circuits & bumps in the actual aircraft). The difference between the real aircraft & the sim was still apparent but the transfer of learning for experienced pilots was sufficient to be comfortabl
  5. This AD is related to, but handles a different issue than a previous AD, (2018) From the current AD, linked-to above, pg. 2/10: . . . . Background The FAA has received reports of multiple incidents of torn decompression panels being found in the bilge area. These torn decompression panels were found after accomplishment of the actions required by AD 2018-05-06, Amendment 39-19215 (83 FR 9688, March 7, 2018) (AD 2018-05-06), which requires repetitive inspections of the bilge barriers in the forward and aft cargo compartments for disengaged decompression panels; reinst
  6. Not that one might want to on occasion...
  7. Pro'lly because you can't drive a tractor like that in the city...
  8. I agree - it's all illusory, until it can topple one's gyros, (re "sick- bag" remark!) like real-life.
  9. A canonical statement on aviation and flight safety if there ever was one.
  10. I think full-motion is necessary to simulate 3-axis acceleration forces which cues in situational awareness. Most here would know already, but acceleration for takeoff would have the sim pointing slightly up, deceleration slightly down, engine/power loss would be slight lateral forces, slight decelerations, etc. So it isn't simulating "flight", it's simulating forces felt, and where the sim is observed from outside might be counter-intuitive to what's going on inside!
  11. subscriber
  12. Boeing production plummeted in 2020 Jan. 12, 2021 at 8:00 am Updated Jan. 12, 2021 at 8:19 am subscriber
  13. Southshore, the suddenness and near-immediate vertical dive limit speculation to specific causes. Setting aside an intentional act, your notion of structural failure fits generally. Mid-air collision is easy to confirm or rule out. I think the rudder-hardcover theory is possible but improbable. Along the same line of speculation is engine (turbine) disintegration with lower fuselage damage from engine shrapnel & subsequent flight control cable or hydraulic line.
  14. Agree Malcolm. I expect media people come here and aviation sites elsewhere for aircraft type and early opinions on what happened. A single sentence specifying type is quickly readable. Whatever occurred, it was catastrophic with immediate loss of the aircraft. There doesn’t appear to be any rt or distress call.
  15. To be sure, the older versions of the B737 such as this aircraft do not have MCAS so causes would be unrelated to the MAX.