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  1. I listened to Safety Minister Blair (doofus) try to explain why negative PCR tests are still required for double vaccinated Canadians returning to Canada when the postitvety rate is .2%.... POINT 2%. (he even corrected the interviewer who said it was .5%). he said it was about keeping Canadians safe and following the science.....no word about the science or effects from 1000"s of truckdrivers which cross every day, with no testing or requirements for vaccine!!!!
  2. Well this is a new twist for Toronto’s communities of diversity…..definitely not the holder of an RPAL… Girl, 15, charged with first-degree murder of teenaged Toronto boy Caden Francis, 16, was shot on July 3 https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/girl-15-charged-with-first-degree-murder-of-teenaged-toronto-boy
  3. What happened with our vaccine deal with China?? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/fifth-estate-the-vaccine-47-1.6205546 Just don’t expect answers from government cabinet ministers or the pm…..they would not respond to questions.
  4. the turd got what he wished for …. He was re-elected, albeit with a minority…so if he had the plan, the team, the leadership, where is he and why the delay in getting parliament moving again? So the country will drift along, without the benefit of parliament, subject to the whims of the liberals and a basic dictatorship…..is this what people voted for? We are such putzes!! https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/don-martin-s-blog/don-martin-at-24-post-election-days-and-counting-the-federal-government-is-still-in-limbo-1.5622596
  5. Skipping through the channels last night I came across an Arabic language newscast (diversity is our strength). There was coverage of a conference or gathering of some sort with a large screen at the front ……..Trudeau and his new found concern for anti-semitism was the topic of discussion …… I wonder what they were thinking?
  6. Agree……as frustrating as it is to see this idiot survive another election…we are just along for the ride (and going downhill quickly, imo).
  7. It may seem a little cold but…. I would like to see a breakdown of Covid deaths….% of Covid deaths that were attributable to other comorbidities….ie obesity, lung disease, etc.
  8. Interesting how we are getting daily updates again from Theresa Tam now that the election is over…..she can lecture us again about avoiding large gatherings without embarrassing her political masters.
  9. Not sure why they wouldn’t see a 320 on the runway ahead of them unless…..
  10. https://www.platinumfighters.com/inventory-2/1962-cf-104d-starfighter?fbclid=IwAR0_XNOl5H3HTJT8LVRx8C6mFvISg5dNdXcaO4b6FVk2gyGhsQQWEqRm5HY Imagine how cool it would be to taxi up and park in front of your local flying club with this! A great looking aircraft after 60 years!
  11. WOW…..More of a local story for those in eastern Ontario but ……. a longtime media fixture is in the news after retiring from CJOH https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ex-ctv-weatherman-j-j-clarke-found-fit-to-stand-trial-on-harassment-charges Really not sure what goes on these days.
  12. I guess my problem is that I’m still in a state of denial that this idiot and his weak mps were re-elected…..after the record of the last 6 years …. I used to be proud of this country and what we represented … the turd has changed all that.
  13. More ineptitude from the Trudeau government, trying to foster a relationship with the communist govt, at the expense of the health of Canadians. https://ipolitics.ca/2021/10/01/how-canadas-very-important-vaccine-deal-with-china-collapsed/ As an aside, the libs still can’t resist blaming Harper…..six years after the election: Disgusting…..yet people still believe in these guys.
  14. And while the CBC breaks a story on the Pandora papers, secret offshore tax shelters of citizens like Elvis Stojko and a computer consultant on Vancouver Island, they seem to have missed the bigger story: https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2021/10/03/king-of-jordan-homes-tax-haven-canada-accountant.html https://www.cbc.ca/news/pandora-papers-offshore-tax-avoidance-1.6197303 Still waiting for Morneau or Trudeau’s name to pop up. On the other hand, since it’s an international investigation, the CBC and the rest of the Canadian media taking liberal hush money, won’t be able to hide the details.
  15. Here’s a true WTF moment….what a waste! https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/stearman-crashes-after-highway-takeoff/?MailingID=723&utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Drone+Detection+App%2C+Virgin+Ungrounded&utm_campaign=Drone+Detection+App%2C+Virgin+Ungrounded-Monday%2C+October+4%2C+2021
  16. It is quite remarkable how two parties who are trying to reconcile can have such differing view points : From… Trudeau says sorry to B.C. First Nation for Tofino beach vacation
  17. It’s ok folks…our pm has done what he does best….he has APOLOGIZED to the First Nation group that invited him twice on National Day for Truth and Reconcilliation….so we all can move on and forget he and his staff lied once again. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/trudeau-apologized-to-chief-of-tk-emlups-te-secwepemc-after-tofino-trip-pmo-1.5609287 Gee…what a great country when you can’t count on the word or the actions of our prime minister….lie…apologize and the country forgives….SNC, WE, sexual assaults, boil water promises, balanced budgets, etc etc. But we had an election and people seem ok with this behaviour….
  18. WOW!!!! Things must be getting bad in Alberta for the military to step in…. Yes folks…. They are sending 8, countem EIGHT, critical care armed forces nurses in to relieve the strain on the medical system. Everybody….take the week off! And even the Red Cross is sending up to 20 health care professionals, some with intensive care experience, to help out. Really, this is headline news in the Globe???
  19. The perfect storm will occur when oil prices spike and Michigan wins its court battle to shutdown Line 5…..choking off southern Ontario of petroleum products and causing more damage to the economy still struggling from the pandemic…..but it’s ok…somebody has our backs from day one.
  20. Also lost in the mix…..how will Trudeau explain to his woke tree hugger Greta Thunberg types that is ok to hop in a corporate jet and burn about 6600 kgs of jet A (one way) for some quality time with the little woman?
  21. WOW!! Considering the ego this pm has and despite his words about working with the other parties to get back to the job of running this country….he is not in any hurry to have a sitting parliament (ie surprise…no scrutiny). After all, in the middle of a pandemic he prorogued parliament to reset the government. Now after another reset, where he said he needed the public’s support to get to really big things…he indicated today parliament won’t be recalled til late fall. Pundits speculated that means December, where it will sit for a week or two and then be in recess for Christmas..resuming again late January. As if the other parties will have any recourse for what he does between now and then……if you needed any proof that yes, Trudeau likes a dictatorship…this would be it.
  22. Not a great indicator for the future of the country….the same “advisors” to provincial government are now in charge at a federal level (and yes, I think butts is still pulling the strings along with Telford): Apparently, after the recent election, some have not learned from history. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-ontarios-economy-crashed-from-2000-to-2019-report
  23. Is this the start of trudeaus Great Reset?? …… Bringing in waves of people who have little or no skills at a time of high unemployment, a health care system stretched beyond capacity and a housing market in crisis in our major cities…..yup, this will work out just fine! Trudeau should give Mayor Tory a heads up so he can start buying more hotels! And despite what Trudeau proposes solve the housing crisis, it will be impossible to relieve prices and increase supply with numbers like this: So yeah, let’s get rid of any controls over immigration and really turn these metropolitan areas in third world ghettos.
  24. More evidence for the “Canadian voter is stupid” file……wasn’t this the point of the election? https://www.recorder.ca/news/politics/election-2021/majority-of-canadians-say-trudeau-should-resign-following-election-believe-country-more-divided-than-ever-poll
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