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  1. Where is Climate Barbie??? Instead of a useless carbon tax that will do nothing to reduce emissions on a global scale, where is trudeau and McKenna making Canada’s voice heard?? Oh that’s right.....he can’t tax Brazil and pump up govt revenues. Canada is back?? Only on UN sanctioned feel good excercises like women’s rights and population migration......
  2. What a coincidence......just in (no pun intended) time for Justin’s election campaign: although he is probably doa in the west.
  4. The libs seem to be a little slow in avoided situations that put our country in a corner.......I recall former foreign affairs minister John Manley saying how inept Trudeau Regarding extradition charges and arrest of Meng wan zhou...he said the government should have been proactive and done anything which would have avoided having to arrest her and suffer the consequences of pissing off china.....Trudeau can’t even get Spavour and Kovrig released and now he has to face a jihadi terrorist that wants sanctuary. Good luck.
  5. So which is it Jack and why should we accept what you say you did or didn’t do for ISIS???
  6. In addition to the guns/murder problem, Toronto is moving down a slippery slope with safe injection sites. Neighbourhoods are facing serious problems with the related drug dealing, prostitution, defecation, and aggressive behaviour of the “patients”. No one at city council will admit there is a problem..residents who don’t feeling safe walking in their neighbourhoods are labellied NIMBYs. Here is what happened in Seattle, while trying to do the “right” thing. At the 19:00, and at 31:00. sound familiar?
  7. The ground transportation issues are probably minor compared to an unscheduled arrival and then trying to get the passengers off the aircraft. I don’t think there are an abundance of gates at the terminals at YYZ unless you use an fbo which create more problems with passenger handling/ground transport.
  8. I think the distinction that should be made with reference to the cartel example is that the crimes are relatively routine....theft, drugs, fraud, murder....crimes that can be tried with an abundance of evidence. So, citizenship would not be an issue. In the case of terrorism, and specifically Isis, these are crimes against humanity and should have grave of them being, you lose your citizenship and the help of the government to repatriate you. In a perfect world, the people held overseas would be tried by a war crimes court and dealt with accordingly. My fear with Letts and all the other returning Isis “volunteers” is that the Canadian judicial system would not be able to gather enough credible evidence from the crimes/accusation and the individual would be free to resume his life back in Canada after murdering/beheading/raping citizens of other countries. There is already an example of a Yazididi refugee recognizing one her Isis masters (she was a sex slave in Syria) riding on a bus in London, Ontario. are right about my views on dual citizenship...people use the Canadian passport as a get out of jail free card or use it as a convenience in case life gets too onerous in their preferred locale.
  9. I agree...don’t like the idea of dual citizenship either.....look at the situation in Hong Kong where there are 300,000 people over there claiming Canadian citizenship..what is the governments responsibility to them??? The Lebanese evacuation a few years ago was a mess...aircraft chartered to evacuate Canadian “citizens” who had gone “home”......(who complained about food, seating assignments and baggage on the rescue flight) only to return when the crisis had abated.. Do you agree with Trudeau that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian??.....there should be a penalty for going abroad to engage in terrorist activities, expecting to be able to scurry back to the safety and fallibility of the Canadian justice system.
  10. There is an interesting fact....300,000 “Canadians” living in HKG.....just how many are paying Canadian taxes, how long have they lived in Canada? What are their allegiances to Canada? What does Canada owe them? And if the present government can’t get 2 citizens released from jail for a tit for tat episode, I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed for the larger numbers jailed for civil unrest.
  11. Here is another issue that Trudeau won’t touch until after the election. He would have a have to rationalize his “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” position to defend bringing an ISiIS convert back to a country .... a country the ISIS supporter has never lived in.... Letts was born, raised and educated in the UK. I can find no reference to Letts even visiting Canada. From an article a few months ago.... ”Letts' father is Canadian. He told ITV News that he had a Canadian passport through his father at one point but is unsure if it is still valid. He said he is not seeking to return to Canada. "I feel British, I am British. My dad's Canadian, if the U.K. accepted me I would go back to the U.K., it's my home, but I don't think that is going to happen," he told ITV News. "I don't think I'm going to be given ... back to Britain, for example ... or some Canadian official is going to come and help me because like I said — no one really cares."
  12. Running under the radar in this affair, was my favourite weasel, Scott Brison. And here I was thinking he was saving his own bacon wrt the Mark Norman travesty. Turns out, he was being lobbied heavily by two guys from BMO to give SNC a DPA. Oh. Yeah. He quits in January (about 2 weeks before the SNC story broke) to spend more time with his family...and then promptly announces he will be working for BMO.....boy, this stinks......and yeah, the dumbass Canadians will re-elect pretty boy.
  13. And how much of the increased gang violence is a turf war over “new business” due our governments recent decriminalization of marijuana.......filling a demand that can’t be met by overpriced legal storefronts???
  14. While Trudeau and Vaughan talk about housing and education to fix Toronto’s crime problems (the gun is really just a tool of the trade), here are a few examples of reality: In the wake of Chief Mark Saunders citing 326 such cases on Friday, the Sun found several troubling cases of convicts who were snared by police and then let go by judges. Anderson, now 21, was freed in 2017 from a two-year less a day prison sentence for possessing a loaded prohibited or restricted gun. He was living under parole conditions and was under a weapons ban while serving three years probation.Despite being charged with 22 offences — including gun, dangerous driving and assault police charges — and facing an apparently “overwhelming case,” Anderson was freed on bail with his mentally-ill brother as his surety by Justice Joseph Bovard 17 days later. In another case, Maya Ahmed was celebrating his newfound freedom with gang buddies at a condo on Dan Leckie Way — near Lake Shore Blvd. W. and Bathurst St. — on July 17, 2018. Police were tipped off that a man named Ahmed allegedly had an illegal handgun at the Airbnb address. Maya Ahmed had been freed on statutory release five days earlier. The now 27-year-old was still serving a 31-month sentence for trafficking drugs and five counts of failing to comply with a recognizance (bail) order. One of his bail conditions was to “have no contact with people you know or have reason to believe is involved in criminal activity.” “You were involved in drug trafficking … you have been immersed in drug subculture and are noted to be an active gang affiliate. Any return to these associations will increase your risk to re-offend,” his parole conditions stated In yet another disturbing case, Javell Jackson was charged with possession of a firearm and breaching a firearm prohibition in June 2018 when he was allegedly caught with a gun while driving in Regent Park — barely a year after being freed from prison for shooting a man in 2013. His gun charges were stayed two weeks ago because of the unavailability of police witnesses, but he was already on bail again a month earlier. Jackson received house arrest on $105,000 bail while he lived with his girlfriend, Soleil Gomes, and her father in July 2018.
  15. Saw comments about this incident from one witty poster: ”Clearly, this is an example where the right hansa didn’t know what the luft hansa was doing!!” Thought that was pretty clever.
  16. Ok...more pandering to diversity: PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday issued the following statement on Eid al-Adha: “Today, Muslims in Canada and around the world mark the end of the Hajj and celebrate Eid al-Adha, also known as the Feast of Sacrifice. “Eid al-Adha is a time for families and loved ones to come together to pray, share a meal, and celebrate life’s blessings. “It is also a chance to reflect on values like community service, compassion, and generosity. Whether supporting a local charity or being there for neighbours in need, Muslim Canadians show us the best of those values all year round. “Today, let’s celebrate Canada’s Muslim communities, and the many contributions they make to shape our country for the better. “On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating a wonderful Eid al-Adha. “Eid Mubarak!”
  17. Another “diversity is our strength” moment : Not the headline Trudeau wants publicized as he wishes a certain group : ” The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Eid al-Fitr: “Tonight at sunset, Muslims in Canada and around the world will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. “Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. After a month of fasting and spiritual reflection, Eid is a time for community and celebration. “This festival is also a chance to honour the values at the heart of Islam – from service and generosity to peace and compassion. Whether it’s volunteering at a food bank or supporting local charities, Muslim Canadians show us the best of those values, all throughout the year. “Today, let’s celebrate the many contributions Muslim Canadians make to our country. Our government will always stand with Canada’s Muslim communities. We will continue to fight against Islamophobia and hatred in all its forms, and together, we’ll keep building a better Canada. “On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating a joyful Eid. “Eid Mubarak!”
  18. Trudeau can claim another in the law of unintended consequences......what a putz... and so much for the libs boast that we take the public’s security “very seriously”..... And if they CBSA is fooled by fake Mexican passports, who knows what else is coming in, especially from the Middle East? This government is such a joke! And it’s citizens suffer because of it.
  19. Finally.....the talk is coming around to the real problem in Toronto wrt the shootings and it’s a gang thing:
  20. Another candidate for the Darwin awards: “Hey.....I’ve got a great idea.....I’ll put an octopus on my face and put it on’ll be great!!!” What could go wrong??? Btw .... it was a live animal...
  21. Watched a CBC interview last night re:renewed call for a hand gun ban ... a former gang member was asked about it ... and predictably, he waste of time. The interviewer pressed the issue and was gobsmacked at the next answer to her question: If someone wanted to get a handgun (illegally) in Toronto, how long would it take?? About 2 hours, was the response. Heres a typical occurence: Gangs ya think?? Punks driving a Lexus, the other a BMW.....nothing suspicious here., Meanwhile, on the knife and stabbing front..... 3 kids stab a guy, potentially with fatal consequences. I’m sure they promised not to do it again. And in Brampton: No crisis or calls for action on knives....
  22. Actually the total number of shootings is up to 14 for the word......Caribana. The shooting at at the party in the Bridle Path has some interesting background. Just speculating but I’ll wager the house was purchased for Chinese money laundering for almost $15 mil. The non resident owners have been renting it out on Air bnb on a routine basis for the last 4 years. “Event planners” rent it, charge admission for the party and trash it, and the neighbours suffer. This shooting occurred at 6 in the morning!!!! The club shooting had a similar party theme: There is a common theme here that is implicit with becoming a “world class” you have world class’s not going to magically go away, no matter what the mayor or the chief of police say.
  23. Plastic bags are the minimum.....why do salads/vegetables have to be wrapped in plastic?? (Forcing you to buy more than you need) What happened to bulk produce?? Ban plastic water want water, refil your own jug! (Yeah but there is no profit in just water that way) trudeau and barbies care about the environment would have more credit if they started in this area.