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  1. And while the public seemingly thinks Canada’s coastlines are secure, more information comes out on why our Navy and Coast Guard (which really isn’t a coast “guard”) rust away at the docks: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/ottawas-talks-with-quebec-shipyard-to-build-much-needed-icebreakers-shrouded-in-fog Anytime this government is questioned, they hide behind cabinet confidentiality, national security, lie or just ignore a judicial request! When will people remember the smug arrogant boast of “clear and transparent government”? Liberal voters, and Canadians as a whole, should be ashamed. I know I am.
  2. Your tax $$$ at work: https://www.blacklocks.ca/82m-budget-item-a-mystery/ https://www.blacklocks.ca/budget-office-warns-on-debt/ It’s easy to spend money when it’s not yours and think you are a hero…..just hope he’s around when the people he thinks he’s helped, start losing their homes. You know he won’t have the guts to say it’s his and his governments fault. But in a way he has already copped out by flippantly admitting he doesn’t think about monetary policy.
  3. Anybody want a fixer up’er?? …tug/mooring/island not included. Key words in listing……”1913” and “aground”. https://www.boatdealers.ca/boats-for-sale/457375/1913-106-x-21-historic-houseboat-project-boat-rockport-ontario
  4. Not a one off…the railroad operator cleaned up the mess from 3 weeks ago and it has been repeated over and over.
  5. What was wrong with the old Oscar November switch? If you want to see where you are going when it’s dark, turn them on. As for leaving the headlights on…I don’t want to be looking at an oncoming stream of high intensity leds in heavy traffic during the daytime. People rely too much on technology.How many people actually look behind them when they back up or just look at the bu camera?
  6. I think this is the problem …the military knows what it wants…..but politics gets in the way. Look no further than the VA Norman fiasco or the Arctic supply vessel procurement: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/more-delays-expected-on-new-navy-ships-dnd-report-warns
  7. I will admit over the course of the last few years, I have become disillusioned and embarrassed with this country. Frankly, , I am not optimistic about its future. Yes, Covid has been an epidemic that has caused chaos for governance but other countries seem to be coping without having government grind to a halt and revert to a basic dictatorship. Our national ability to function has been hampered by ideals that run counter economic success. Covid is being used as a cover for national socialistic welfare programs. We talk the talk but seemingly cannot follow through, with our present leader becoming a joke on the international stage. Witness our inability to ban Huawei 5g while our allies move ahead, excluding Canada in the process, our promise to extricate the Afghan allies or our promises to NATO. Our military is a shadow of its former self….a navy made up of antiques and an airforce which has 40 year old aircraft as its first line of defence, unable to attract capable recruits. This is illustrated by an ongoing fiasco with the replacement of handguns for the military: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/matt-gurney-on-military-sidearms Our spending is out of control and unsustainable, despite what our deputy pm might say. Our immigration is at record levels (and will continue) while housing prices prohibit citizens from purchasing their first property due to lack of availability. The economy will grind to a halt as people are hit with more and more taxes (trying to satisfy the green policies), the shutdown of our largest resource sector, and the inevitable increase in interest rates back to “normal” levels. Our present trajectory is unsustainable. Sadly, I’ve lost confidence in the country.
  8. Like so many issues, the trucker vaccination will pass and be forgotten by the next scandal or missive from the government.
  9. This has already happened in Canada imo……when was the last time there was an open press conference, without the pmo picking and choosing which organizations could attend, or heaven forbid ask questions that weren’t screened? Just ask Rebel news….or read through the recent piece on the resignation of a CBC journalist and ask how politically independent the coverage is. Refer to pgs 44-46 of this thread.
  10. An inside perspective of our taxpayer funded “national broadcaster”….is there a political pressure that controls the narrative?? https://nationalpost.com/opinion/tara-henley-why-i-quit-the-cbc https://torontosun.com/news/goldstein-former-cbc-journalist-lowers-the-boom-on-its-radical-agenda I still would like to know how much Rosemary Barton rakes in each year.
  11. Not quite as critical as the EU……hypothetical situation…..what if Russia advances towards Ukraine?? What will be the response of the EU countries now that they are so dependant on Russia for energy, now they have shutdown their own sources for green energy? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-10/how-europe-has-become-so-dependent-on-putin-for-gas-quicktake
  12. Maybe it’s just me or has the Order of Canada become a political token of correctness and diversity: https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/11-people-from-ottawa-and-region-named-to-order-of-canada-1.5722372 Really??? Getting hired by a Crown Corporation that had a “quota” for new hires…..and benefitting from a rigid seniority system that virtually guaranteed promotion, train to standard…. I have nothing against the individual, just questioning the appointment that should have been given to a number o& people at that point in time. I wonder how other pilots feel that were hired around the same time? I know of 2 that were rejected by AC because they weren’t “tall” enough… or how about another pilot that had an even more groundbreaking experience? I guess because it’s 2021…..no chance of the current PMO having any input.
  13. The news video link was from 2017…..imagine how much more sophisticated scammers are now!
  14. In typical Canadian “make the rich pay” mantra….don’t forget the luxury tax…another 10% on top of the hst…so imagine paying 25% on top of the price of a new car or boat…(I’ll admit that aircraft aren’t any everyday type of purchase) but certainly will have a chilling effect on these industries. https://www.bdo.ca/en-ca/insights/tax/tax-articles/luxury-goods-tax/
  15. Not an AR but it will be banned under Justin’s rules! :
  16. Well since it’s Christmas……previously listed at $12mill…. https://www.platinumfighters.com/inventory-2/1944-north-american-xp-82-
  17. A knee jerk reaction to a crisis……so where are they now? From a year ago: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/manufacturers-start-to-deliver-40000-ventilators-but-with-lower-demand-canada-may-not-need-them
  18. Maybe not so much a surprise………the highly contagious Omicron variant has put Kingston, ON in the highest case category in Canada….. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/kingston-health-unit-highest-covid-19-case-rate-canada-1.6288819 Hhhmmmm…..let’s see ….. could it have anything to do with behaviour and attitude of a certain student body and a variant that is 4x more contagious?? Maybe a couple keggers or floor parties before Christmas break…. Btw….the tally for maintaining the peace for the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods……only $970,000 for babysitting for the future “leaders” of the country. (Ya, I know, it was totally over policed man!)
  19. No doubt this logic would apply up here to transfer migrants to Rosedale or Westmount, if only somebody had the cojones to state it…….somebody in the US has…gets interesting at the 3:00 minute mark:
  20. Unbelievable!! sockboys’s vanity has taken Canada to a new low…..rather than listen to unflattering questions as he got out of a car, he had his security rough up a reporter…just like in the dictatorships he admires so much….seems he has also made his mind up on which media groups are bona fide… saving Canadians from having to decide for themselves……and yes, this involves Rebel media, but a citizen of Canada shouldn’t be beaten up for just standing on a sidewalk, posing no threat to anybody. Sadly, another black mark for the current government. And don’t expect coverage from other outlets….Trudeau has ensured them to toe the party line through $$$$payments (unless this happened to a CBC reporter).
  21. From a previous post where our new immigration minister was trying to cover the ass of his pos boss….I hope this will be a reminder for them choosing an election over helping our allies: our pm escapes scrutiny again……is this why parliament recessed a day early? (They said it was Covid but Trudeau escapes another question period!) Taliban shoots dead 10-year-old Afghan girl whose family was waiting for Canada to rescue them
  22. You don’t hear “flatten the curve” much either!!
  23. Apparently there are some that don’t agree with BLM on how to govern New York City: Mayoralty candidate Eric Adams disagrees on how to “defend his people” for the greater good: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/politics/eric-adams-feuds-with-black-lives-matter-leaders-over-proposed-new-nypd-anti-gun-unit/3398164/
  24. From our newly appointed cocky, arrogant immigration minister, Sean Fraser…….what a stupid comment to make …you have interpreters, security staff, and other Afghans that kept Canadians safe, whose lives literally hang in the balance, as the Taliban hunts them down to kill them..and this clown makes this statement trying to cover the ass of his government for inaction: Yeah, I’m sure the Afghans would rather wait in terror while the liberals make sure they have a nice place to come to…..funny how the libs weren’t so concerned for the welfare of the bogus refugees that they allowed to walk into the country at Roxham road. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/commons-to-study-canadas-frantic-exit-from-afghanistan
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