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  1. I think the time has come to adopt a US practice of deciding issues for the public good …. a proposition….. hold a vote for the general public to decide matters such as doing away with national history. I am becoming tired of activist minorities deciding the history of Canada through a cancel culture lens. I was in Kingston about 8 months ago to witness a group of about 40 marching toward City Hall to denounce Sir John A’s statue in a city park…..why should a minority dictate and try to erase a common history of the country?
  2. And from another article in the NP…..more incompetence revealed by the current government….. We must be a laughing stock in the international community……if only Canadians would wake up!!
  3. And yet another unprecedented move, the liberals have broken the rules of parliament, being called out by one of their own. Finally, the government is being exposed….not the Sunny ways, new way of governing that was promised 6 years ago. Liberals breached parliamentary privilege over documents on fired scientists, House Speaker rules ”The Liberal government breached parliamentary privileges by failing to provide secret documents to the House that would explain the firing of two scientists from Canada’s top infectious disease lab in Winnipeg, House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota rule
  4. WOW!! The liberal speaker of the House of Commons just overturned amendments to bill c10, which basically allows mandarins at the CRTC to decide on limits of freedom of speech. Trudeau and Guibeault (the guy trying to explain the bill and doing a bad job of it) must be having a fit! btw….watching cbc national news, not
  5. Terrorism charges have now been laid against the driver in the accident in London, 8 days after the accident and 6 days after the pm calling it a terrorist attack. This has happened previously with VA Mark Norman…Trudeau announced charges would be laid against Norman BEFORE the RCMP had begun their investigation! And why wasn’t Trudeau pronouncing terrorist acts in the hours after the Toronto van attack and the Danforth shooting rampage? Muted tones on those events. https://www.theglob
  6. From 7 years ago…..
  7. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for NAV Can…..Every self respecting TV station in the states has decent radar coverage….
  8. Here is a flashback in the “whatever happened to” category…….and pay attention to the talking points as a reflection of the current state of affairs with “sunny ways” (remember that one?) government: Listen to the summary at 7:10 ….. it would become the mantra of the liberals, as the press/we would find out.
  9. The ultimate irony if Indigenous protesters spilled red paint and tore down a statue of his old would jr react and how would it look on the world stage?? And worst of all, how could he hold his head up at the UN?
  10. This was from a speech in 2019 honouring Canada’s tribute to the fallen on D-Day.....guess it was yet another photo op for our media loving sock boy..... This is all I could find for this year’s ceremony, no public on camera statement just a press release honouring the armed forces and their fight against Covid and boasting about actions taken by his government to combat sexual misconduct in the military. Another slap in the face of veterans! Why am I not surprise
  11. It is sad commentary on Canada and the governance of the country when scandals, tragedies and outright incompetence are quietly forgotten as an another train wreck overshadows the previous.....just look at the last year......Covid, WE scandal, the budget largesse, and now residential schools. Trudeau must laugh, as no matter what he does, the public is distracted by another event and he just lays down more catch phrases, talking points, spends taxpayer money flagrantly and blames somebody else.
  12. Here’s a little headline one would have thought would have made national news, with Trudeau’s dubious defence of SNC Lavalin and the resulting scandal. It’s from 3 MONTHS ago. But I guess there is so much crap around this government and the millions of payouts to’s just another day in the life of what used to be Canada. The present government has been so flagrant in spending, people have lost the definition/value/meaning of 1 million $’s like pocket change to them, and sadly, us.
  13. Another 3 shot in downtown Toronto as well as the Mississauga family of 4 that were shot.....and the gun /gang violence in Ottawa is quite prevalent, right in Trudeau’s back yard! The double shooting is particularly many cliches apply....diversity is our strength, they were such good boys, a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. The other Ottawa shooting.....same story
  14. It’s all hypothetical but at some point it in the past, it was pointed out that an argument could be made in a separation, Quebec would only be entitled to the historical land area of settlement, which is about 100 miles either side of the St Lawrence River. The rest belongs to Indigenous/First Nations......
  15. I’m not sure about the WJ pilots in this instance, but every time I landed or took off there was a handy little reference I referred to ... a backup to ensure that the reported tower wind was representative of the runway I was using is called a if this guy was coming over the fence, landing on a snowy contaminated runway, with the sock pointing in the wrong direction...well, caveat ILS is not going to help his decision making IMO.
  16. I have put on the to do add up all my income taxes paid since I started my career as an “airline pilot” my wife would say, it’s another bottle of wine!
  17. And I feel so indebted......just received a update from Service Canada....I am “entitled” to receive Canada Pension Plan Post Retirement Benefit, based on the fact I made a valid contribution to CPP in the year prior to an effective date.....put it this way...I don’t know where I will spend my new found windfall!, I can expect a monthly post retirement benefit of $.15 and a retroactive amount of $.60........... note the decimal point... Unbelievable....
  18. From your NP article 2 years ago deicer....don’t think clean tech has taken hold yet, and other than throwing some money to clean up old wells, what has Trudeau done to help AB??? And the other link is a little biased from the get go......
  19. Just stating the facts, man.
  20. Can anyone name cause that Trudeau has championed that has united the country, other than legalizing marijuana?? He has destroyed the economy of Alberta, alienated the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, driven public opinion away from the common good, favouring minorities over the majority (constant pronouncements celebrating Islam vs Christianity) and now sending the country into a separation debate re igniting English vs French. He has made Canada a laughing stock on the world stage with his visit to India (hasn’t tried to visit other countries since then), lost credibility by insu
  21. On a local note, lockdown absurdities continue.......two people were out on a Seadoo in the middle of the St.Lawrence River were handed $2000 fines for violating lockdown orders, while dozens of motorcycles (sorry, WH) drive up and down the Thousand Islands Parkway on a Sunday drive.
  22. Here is an interesting perspective from someone who has more experience in the field than the talking heads that are making health decisions for this country. Pay attention to remarks about the second dose of AstraZeneca, mixing and matching vaccines and the idea of a “One dose summer” that sockboy was happily promising.....”That does not look smart to me”
  23. Diversity is our strength....let’s see...Jews or Muslims...time to choose Justin...but he won’t...he’ll say he takes the situation very seriously, they are watching it closely, and call for important conversation for peace in the region.
  24. Trudeau loves to compare about mean old Harper muzzling scientists in the government ..... he would be differnent, he would stand behind the science and let the scientists respond to requests of inflormation. Well, surprise.... And now a more blatant example, from no one other than Climate Barbie: No wonder we dont hear much about her.....shuffled off to give away other people’s mone
  25. I get the rationale for targeting a demographic for vaccination in specific neighbourhoods in Toronto......but....think for a moment of the outrage if it was being advertised “VACCINES FOR WHITES ONLY”......only in Canada can we be so polite that this would go without political comment....oh no we can’t say that....Blacks and those that identify as black vaccine clinics in Toronto in radicalized neighbourhoods. So in this “diversity is our strength” ..we are all equal...we have to get through this together, what would happen if whites showed up for vaccination along side our fellow citize