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  1. There have been so many trudeau gaffes, we stumble along and forget about last weeks crisis (China?) or his flippant remarks, like poor people don’t pay money manager agrees with him: Just in case you wonder how low income families do it, and where your taxes go.
  2. st27

    Engine Startups Vintage and

    Excellent presentation of the Merlin engine:
  3. Contrary to what the liberals both federally and provincially have been saying about how well the economy is doing, I thought I might start a list.... Feel free to add any I might have missed....
  4. Sadly, 900 more people added to the ranks of the unemployed: And hardly a wimper about it in the press....not a high profile co. like GM or a Quebec based co. Meanwhile, Trudeau forks out another $40 mil for his clean tech jobs of the future: “Said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in making the announcement: "The race for a top spot in the new economy has already begun, and if we want to see Canadians take the lead, we need to have their backs."
  5. st27

    Scat 737 Burns

    From an outdoorsman point of view.....not the best name for an airline.
  6. st27

    Flair's Big Reveal

    As much as the “Canada goose” paint job was aesthetically pleasing, imo, I thought there was a detraction in that in urban areas, it was becoming a nuisance bird overpopulating, displacing native species and crapping everywhere.
  7. st27

    AIr Transat Complainers

    Media won’t mention ....These are probably “new” Canadians who have gone “home” for “holidays”.....same story played out a few years ago in Lebanon. When “rescued” by Air Canada from a war zone , the citizens complained about seating assignments, meal choices, etc.
  8. Never under estimate the gullibility of Canadians.....Ontario is a sad example during the mcguinty/Wynne years....spend like crazy to buy votes, be everything to everybody without regard to balance. The perverse logic is that the liberals realize that the more they spend and therefore appeal to voters, the harder it is for the cons to clean up the mess, and the more vilified they will become. We need a balanced budget law. Watching trudeau news conference this am and he is blaming Raybould Wilson cabinet shift on departure of weasel Brison (who after saying he resigned to spend more time with his family, just accepted a VP position with BMO in Toronto,but I digress). ....... So if she was so valued as female indigenous member, why not leave her in place and give the veteran file to Sajan, as he has just done?
  9. st27

    Slip / Sliding

    People should be careful what they wish passenger rights. With congestion/lack of gates at the super hub, the airlines might just as well cancel at the first wiff of a storm. It’s just too much trouble trying to operate.
  10. st27

    Reality 2019

    You can only wonder who/what is behind the crypto currency ..... last summer (?) bitcoin was around 18k/coin .... now it’s 4700 cdn....I don’t get it.. (Maybe I’m too honest )
  11. This is exactly how Trudeau works.....the whole groper incident died a quick death because the accuser didn’t want to pursue the incident (was she paid off??)....the pm finally acknowledged that his recollection was different than the accuser, she must have been confused. The former justice minister is muzzled for solicitor/client privilege, so it’s just the pms version of the story. He has had the luxury of never been challenged,debated, or speaking under oath on these issues
  12. st27

    Engine Startups Vintage and

    My favourite piston a/c:
  13. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Here is the real problem...and this is just one example.. So,in the 4 or 5 links I have previously posted, there have been a total of 200 guns smuggled in to the country in 5 instances that the CBSA/police have caught. This is in addition to the acknowledgment that CBSA doesn’t pursue the vehicles that run the crossing inspection points. At least our criminals/thugs can rest assured there is a steady supply of illegal firearms in the event the Libs ban legal handgun sales.
  14. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    No healthcare professionals outraged and calling for a ban an edge weapons???
  15. You give justy too much credit...courageous or just crass opportunism for political gain??
  16. Interesting watching lametti squirm in the Evan Solomon interview from the above was later pointed out in the scrum, Trudeau’s was correct in denying the accusations....accusations that were never made by Bob Fife. ie that the pmo directed the justice minister.
  17. Yup...Libyan slaves will fit right in at -30c. The question will be where since the major cities social support services are already at the breaking point.
  18. There is a limitation/caution on the 330 of thrust limit with the park brake on. I believe this was the result of an “incident” in Vancouver a few years ago with an a310 during a static run up.
  19. And a Quebec company at that. The governments claim of concerns of job losses (if this prosecution went ahead and sank the co.) is another knife in the back to the oil industry workers in AB and SK.
  20. This is from an interview with a “Canadian” who wants to be rescued by trudeau....but here is the kicker: So in this the way she will adapt??. probably won’t hear this side of the story in Canadian media...(I watched the CTV clip and it left out the part about the slaves)’s from CNN. On the plus side, when she gets back over here....trudeau is bringing 700 odd slaves in from this Isis bride can take her
  21. More reports of Isis soldiers walking our streets and and any security concerns are dismissed by a new “Canadian” as being divisive and fear mongering....I am soooo fed up with Trudeau and his diversity re-designing and destroying our country!!! The clip is more at the 4:20 mark when Trudeau’s parrot starts reading from the prepared liberal talking points and then Michelle Rempels response. This is our f#$&”ng government?? Go Michelle go!!
  22. Or if the NDP/Libs form government, and the dippers start pushing the Leap Manifesto. The Libs would have to endorse it to cling to power......scary and dangerous.
  23. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Where is the outrage and moral preaching with this issue.....way more deaths here than from handguns but hardly a whimper from the Trudeau government. And if it wasn’t obvious, these deaths are caused by a banned substance as well, but the law doesn’t have an effect.
  24. Hopefully .... they will take him in time to save our country.
  25. Trudeau is sucking up to the UN else stepped up, so these people will fit right in over here. Go ahead just let everybody in...we’re so rich we have money we haven’t even borrowed yet. Canada has begun resettling hundreds of people rescued from slavery in Libya, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says. Canada was “one of the few countries” to respond to a request from the United Nations refugee agency in 2017, Hussen said in an email Wednesday. More than 150 people have been resettled and another 600 more are expected over the next two years through the regular refugee settlement program, he said.