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  1. Yikes....sometimes it’s good to be flying the old technology instead of the latest and “greatest” .... remember the old axiom: Never fly the A model of anything.
  2. I think this scenario has played out before.....non flying pilot had some “personal effects” beside him and they deflected his side stick, when they transitioned to normal law the aircraft rolled from the command of the non flying sidestick position. These personal effects would have had to have been placed after the flt control check.....a lot of ifs but isn’t this the way accidents happen?
  3. And now that education is under the many new high priced certified teaching positions were created when Wynne went ahead with full time kindergarten??
  4. “It took Ontario decades to turn around from Harris.” You mean to spend our way into oblivion and put the province so far into debt that citizens believe the government can pay for everything. Let alone the business climate created from Liberal taxation policies, red tape and the disastrous Green energy program. Wait until real estate/building tanks and people are faced to deal with their personal debts. Oh, and by the way, why was Mike Harris having to cut programs and spending?? Chretien just solved his problem by letting the province’s twist in the wind .....thanks, Jean.. He also raided the EI coffers, but nobody remembers that. “Why is it conservative governments (Ontario, U.S.) always have cuts to education funding as one of their first items on the agenda?“ In Ontario, it’s because its the largest expenditure after healthcare and 72 cents out of every $ goes to teachers salaries ( and enrolement is dropping-Most education funding in Ontario is disbursed on the basis of student enrolment, and for many school boards enrolment has been declining in recent years. ... Between 2011 and 2016, enrolment in Ontario secondary schools declined by 63,742 students.Sep 24, 2018)
  5. Hopefully, people like this are becoming more vocal: Once the questions are posed, the response is the same yada, yada, yada..... but people aren’t buying it anymore. btw... I would like to know what skills, trades, etc are being imported with the pms current diverse immigrants with language challenges, trade (if any) certification issues, etc.
  6. Could could could....but the last line of the article is most telling.....why would Wynne hand over the monopoly to the brewers for another 10 years??
  7. I guess it was only a matter of time.....buyer beware, for those that partake in the bud (at least in the street variety):
  8. Just like islamophobia, white supremacy will not have a specific definition under the liberals....just a phrase be used as a general smear against anyone (you and me) that has, by no fault of their own, called this country home, and happens to speak out against the trudeau agenda.... .
  9. Trudeau used to criticize Harper for meddling with bureaucrats and the independence of the civil service. Once again, he has betrayed his core values for political expediency.
  10. Please do not encourage these back bench MP,s to do anything of the sort. They need to be shown the door, complicit in the whole team Trudeau debacle. The last thing that I would want to see is this bunch of yes men/women be rewarded with an indexed federal pension. Watching “Question Period” in the hoc makes me ill, knowing theses buffoons have a hand in running the country.
  11. And as if more proof was needed to illustrate the pointlessness of a hand gun ban:
  12. I guess the turd has sensed his immigration platform is not going over well with Canadians, and since an election is near: “Buried in this year's omnibus budget implementation bill is a series of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that essentially disqualify asylum-seekers who have made a claim for refugee protection in any other country. Once the bill receives royal assent, an asylum-seeker can be deported without a hearing, which would seem to violate the Charter as affirmed by Singh v. Canada, where the Supreme Court determined that Charter rights extend to everyone physically on Canadian soil.”
  13. This scenario has played out many times..being early and no gates available, ground delays etc.. I make a point to keep passengers appraised of the issues that they have paid for in user fees....whether it be the Gtaa not being able to provide gates for the volume of traffic or Navcan not being able to accommodate traffic when the wind blows out of the north in the super hub.
  14. I can’t help but think the move away from DB pensions for pilots will come around to backfire on the company. Yes, strategically, it removed a large obligation from the balance sheet, but in the coming years as the pilot shortage becomes critical, what will prevent Air Canada becoming a revolving door for low time pilots?? Gain experience, move up to the left seat and adios. The new hire pay scale is another issue...5 years of flat pay (not sure). The American pay scales, in US $ no less, leave Canadian pilots drooling. So.....what will stop a newly hired Air Canada pilot leaving the co. after 2-3 years and heading off to more lucrative pastures?? (Assuming the US shortage gets dire enough to allow green cards....overseas is another market). In the old days, it was the dB pension that maintained a pilot’s loyalty to the mothership, there was something to work toward. I think millennials will have a different perspective to what will be best for THEIR long term interest. Having said that, kudos to Calin for re-structuring the co. to make it as profitable as it is. (Wish he’d stayed with the Airbus products though).
  15. Another side effect of having an open diverse country:
  16. I really get annoyed when politicians and citizens navel gaze and thump their chests bragging how great Canada is, focussing on social programs...when our military, law enforcement, coast guard and basic infrastructure crumble around the point we resemble a third world nation......
  17. From factual information pg 1: ”The takeoff roll appeared normal, including normal values of left and right angle-of-attack (AOA). During takeoff roll, the engines stabilized at about 94% N1, which matched the N1 Reference recorded on the DFDR. From this point for most of the flight, the N1 Reference remained about 94% and the throttles did not move. The N1 target indicated non data pattern 220 seconds before the end of recording. According to the CVR data and the control column forces recorded in DFDR, captain was the pilot flying.” Pg 12. The left Indicated Airspeed increased, eventually reaching approximately 458 kts and the right Indicated Airspeed reached 500 kts at the end of the recording. The last recorded pressure altitude was 5,419 ft on the left and 8,399 ft on the right.
  18. It’s ok ....Trudeau has it under control, and after all, who would know more? The head of Central command or our part time drama teacher...we can get our returning Canadian terrorists to sing kumbaya and it’s all good.
  19. Excuse many seconds do you have to fix an engine failure at V2???? co. Issued us iPads with all the co. Manuals, JeppFD-Pro charts, and weather info....assuming we all knew how to use an iPad!! (For dinosaurs like me, I learn from my tech savvy first officers). Anecdotally, I have heard AA pilots had a 3 day course on the Jepp app.
  20. It has been pointed out before, but it bears mentioning, how many of these jobs are government positions? And how many are related to an unsustainable real estate and building boom?
  21. It’s a long read, but you really have to say wtf!! What is going on in government/law enforcement?? It’s good to know Hezbollah finds Canada a good place to do business....... “It really bothered me. It was very clear how Canada was a very, very big part of Hezbollah’s transnational narco-terrorism,” the source said. “But RCMP made it very clear at that time, they didn’t want to bear down on money laundering and drug trafficking. So when I see what is happening now in Vancouver, I have to think back to what we were seeing.” Canada has become a joke.......from our pm, to immigration, borders, national policies toward resources, state of our military, infrastructure, transportation, returning Isis soldiers, Kadr, and now law enforcement,
  22. Standing by for the worlds Muslim community to stand up, express outrage and condemn the latest killings. Or is it just another day in the Muslim world? More than 130 killed in Mali massacre as UN visits Will trudeau extend the Mali mission at the UNs request and roll the dice with possible Canadian fatalities going in to the election?? You know....Canada’s back ..... peacekeeping, the world knows that’s what we do best.... Hhhhmmmmm.
  23. Or any announcements for the military....I guess the big acquisition was the used f18s and a coastal defense ship with a 50 cal mounted on it.