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  1. Our current pm is so arrogant, so woke, so full of himself, he would never admit that he had made are an error of judgement. And as far the next election, to quote Don Henley......”we get the government we deserve” From the song Month of Sunday’s.....a written in the 80’s ...way ahead of its time.
  2. Not exactly a old white guy with an Rpal........surprised (or not) that this hasn’t been in the news more, but then again, probably would hurt the indigenous narrative:
  3. I really wonder how “team Trudeau” is taking all see these bobble heads nodding in approval when their boss starts waxing platitudes about what a great job they have done managing the country, especially garneau, really makes me ill. If only trudeau worried as much as much about vets, the military, and oil workers....instead of students that may suffer over the summer because of a lack of “opportunities”. $900 million worth. WE KNOW that the only thing the libs are worried about now, is another ethics violation!
  4. Here’s another perspective of BLM:
  5. I guess the Kielburgers must have caught a pretty severe blast of s#$t from the PmO for making the cottage guy look bad: Well, it’s all cleared up now! He “misspoke” or he didn’t remember it that way, some people interpret things differently ...kinda hard to explain it at 1:09 of the video.....Just how stupid does the pm think Canadians are?? ..... After his re-election, he found out. He can literally get away with anything....blackface, sexual assault, lying, and hypocrisy.
  6. And to illustrate my point in a previous post about losing track of money being spent....$900 MILLION to the Keilbergers to give volunteer students a strings attached apparently, because there is no oversight and parliament isn’t sitting....gee, how will those students vote in a couple of years?? They haven’t learned the concept of debt financing yet, Some people are calling this a blatant conflict of interest. It isn’t. It is a blatant consonance of interests. Trudeau’s strongest appeal is to young people. WE Charity and its many arms deal exclusively with young people and promote an agenda that could serve as a Trudeau Liberal party platform. Finally, Parliament is dead. Public spending is now an arbitrary function of the prime minister aided by the artful unelected advisers in the PMO. This is sad. Sad for Canadian democracy. Sad for the next generation who will be paying for deficits when they are as old (but not as useless) as me.
  7. Justin must be counting his lucky stars (and a disinterested public) that he managed to suspend parliament, otherwise he’d have to explain another contradiction to his commitment to women’s rights. To date, not a single Liberal MP, no doubt all self-styled feminists, has publicly demanded answers from Trudeau on why Tabbara was allowed to run under these circumstances. No elected Liberal has called for an inquiry, or changes to the party system. Bennett, Hajdu and Freeland, who were so quick to support me when I talked about sexism in general, are publicly silent now that it’s about a member of their own party. I guess between the out of control deficit spending, Covid, the economy in shutdown, the two candians detained illegally, Huawei, crumbling military, a mass murder, 2 fatal crashes involving military a/c, opioid epidemic, murders from illegal guns, etc, the public has lost interest in what good government means.
  8. Not that it matters much anymore, but did anybody else notice our woke pm just spent $300 million of our OUR money on aid overseas, announcing it at another one of his sermons. It has gotten to the point that his announcements are so routine and his expenditures are so huge, the public either doesn’t care or have become numb to the actual size of the debt......we are going to be in for a rude awakening. And despite what the government thinks of our workforce and the economy roaring back to life, the anecdotal stories of cerb abuse are becoming more frequent: Lots of stories of people collecting cerb and working on the side for cash........let the good times continue!
  9. And speaking of homeless come this is escaping mainstream news and the ever present interviews with John Tory?? Wait .. I think I know the answer!!
  10. So it’s been a week now and we still don’t know who, what or where the driver is that killed the mother and three infants in Brampton last week. Nor do we know anything more about the murder spree in Nova Scotia. Nothing to see here, I guess, move along, move along.
  11. Among all of the contradictory statements made by government with the Covid pandemic, I wonder if trudeau still stands by his statement that the economy will come “roaring back” once restrictions are lifted. Update...apparently Justin is still delusional, imo. He is still repeating the “economy will come roaring back” when the Covid restrictions are lifted...from the morning sermon from the tent, Jun 25.
  12. But do black lives matter to blacks??
  13. And from the 2 press releases an interesting comparison: American procurement: “125,000 M18s from Sig Sauer and is making them available to Security Forces and other combat arms units. The new weapons, purchased for $22.1 million, “ Canadian procurement (3 years ago...and CDN $): ”Industry officials were told that between 15,000 and 25,000 handguns are needed and the military estimated the project would cost around $50 million,”
  14. This is from an article 3 years ago....and surprise...the procurement has been going on for years!
  15. Standby for more protests and civil unrest ....... police have shot a man with mental issues during a “wellness check” in Mississauga. Lots of questions again, but the police are put in an untenable position with these types of calls. Duty to protect other citizens and more importantly, themselves. It is interesting to see media coverage for some of these protests when the activist is railing on at government and whipping the crowd into a frenzy.....the odd time the camera man will pull back for a wider shot or pan the crowd ..... only to see 20-30 people sitting around!
  16. What is wrong with people?? And how do you stop this lack of thought of consequences of actions?? This in addition to the tragedy in Brampton.
  17. Not the Hawaiian Shirts!! I just had mine washed.
  18. The RCMP have a real image problem now, (if they didn’t have one already)...just how in hell would this be allowed to happen?? It is sad how tragedies like this happen, with little explanation from our government, only to be swept under the rug conveniently by other subsequent current events.
  19. I watched a CTV news interview with a former Liberal health minister, Alan Rock....(I almost puked at the lofty rhetoric about Canada’s position of human rights and moral superiority).....and of course, the obligatory smear at Steven Harper who “pulled out of the vote because he was losing so badly”. This article, though, made me smile mentioning a little detail, embedded, which probably won’t get much airplay from the Liberal friendly media.
  20. And speaking of hate crimes...this one really stinks:
  21. So if every thug/impaired driver/thief follows that advice and decides to flee....why bother with law enforcement??....he was an impaired point pursuing later to charge him because you couldn’t prove impairment after the fact. Great .... let’s get more drunks on the road because if every hoodlum knows if he could run, he could avoid avoid charges. Was watching Live PD one night and similar scenario....suspect was pulled over , fled when police attempted to detain him, and during the pursuit, was advised to stop or will be shot...well, it didn’t end well for the suspect as he thought he could outrun the officer and his weapon. The commentators were a little surprised but summed up the decision to flee with the comment......”he chose his fate”. This sounds flippant but we either have law and order, or we don’t.
  22. Did anybody notice what sounded like automatic weapons fire at the 23 second mark in the Houdini shooting??
  23. A little off topic, but dealing with law enforcement...... His fellow officers must be so proud, with the focus on police forces these days.........SCUM!!! And pc be damned ..... look at the names of the co-accused! Diversity in action.
  24. Here’s a little bit of news that almost didn’t get reported...and again, doesn’t fit the turds narrative on gun control:
  25. Canada at the leading edge of prevention June 12: