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  1. Please put into the "could care less" column. Canadian events etc. are much more important to me than those involving defeated Trump.
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  2. For me Malcom, it’s an easy choice. To many members of my family fought and died in the last century to protect the very freedoms that are now being openly taken from us (such as freedom of assembly, the right to work, the right to education, freedom of movement and the right to control what substances can be injected into your own body) I would like them gladly risk my life so the next generation (my kids and grandkids) can know and live the freedom we all take so for granted. If we as a people are ready to throw all that away based on politicians promises to help protect us from a virus
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  3. Read it in the EASA Proposed Airworthiness Directive. I like the EASA PAD, kinda hope Canada adopts same, just unfortunate to lose the RNP capability. Would like to know more about they why. If I wasn't flying the MAX, I wouldn't read the documents either. But I am so I do. Personally not of fan of reading distillations/summaries of source documents. That applies to everything. From Shakespeare to accident investigations to IPCC reports.
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