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  2. JOHOR, Malaysia, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Forest City Classic Golf Course, the second 18-hole golf course of the Forest City Golf Resort, is unveiled today. In conjunction with the launch, Forest City has organised a two-day golf tournament for the media which will kick off after... View the full article
  3. NANJING, China, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuniu Corporation (NASDAQ:TOUR) ("Tuniu" or the "Company"), a leading online leisure travel company in China, today announced that it plans to release its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2019, before the... View the full article
  4. BEIJING, Aug. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Alxa League in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is scheduled to hold the 14th Alxa Festival in October 1-5, according to a press conference on Friday in Beijing. As the country's largest off-road vehicle gathering, the event, co-hosted... View the full article
  5. WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn., Aug. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Last weekend S.M.A.R.T. had a conference in Connecticut. Attendees report that it was an excellent conference, highly educational with books, literature, presentations and special performances on... View the full article
  6. BEIJING, Aug. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, over 150 delegates from 40 global banks, investment firms and international organizations gathered in Beijing for the First Plenary Meeting of the Green Investment Principles for the Belt and Road (GIP), a major drive to promote... View the full article
  7. I think this aircraft is toast.
  8. It’s actually one of the few things I do agree with JT on. Because of that, i feel it makes my opposition to dual citizenship all the more valid. The penalty for crimes against Canada and Canadians should be determined in Canada and paid for in Canada IMO. Again though, it doesn't detract from another countries right to try, convict and incarcerate Canadian citizens for crimes committed in that country. I perceive that you dislike the notion of people with dual citizenship rubbing both ends against the middle when it serves their purpose. If I have that right, I absolutely agree and submit that it stands as sufficient grounds (in and of itself) to oppose the concept of dual citizenship. Unless obtained by fraudulent means, citizenship, once granted, should be irrevocable IMO. Just imagine if other countries did that to us as a matter of course. Got to run... cheers
  9. I agree...don’t like the idea of dual citizenship either.....look at the situation in Hong Kong where there are 300,000 people over there claiming Canadian citizenship..what is the governments responsibility to them??? The Lebanese evacuation a few years ago was a mess...aircraft chartered to evacuate Canadian “citizens” who had gone “home”......(who complained about food, seating assignments and baggage on the rescue flight) only to return when the crisis had abated.. Do you agree with Trudeau that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian??.....there should be a penalty for going abroad to engage in terrorist activities, expecting to be able to scurry back to the safety and fallibility of the Canadian justice system.
  10. There is an interesting fact....300,000 “Canadians” living in HKG.....just how many are paying Canadian taxes, how long have they lived in Canada? What are their allegiances to Canada? What does Canada owe them? And if the present government can’t get 2 citizens released from jail for a tit for tat episode, I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed for the larger numbers jailed for civil unrest.
  11. The daughter deleted her original Reddit post. Didn't see it before she did, but from reading the comments below it, she doesn't sound very credible. That's two separate comments from two different people that I've read now who both said the Mom rammed an FA who was blocking her from getting to the flight deck, so I'm leaning towards believing it.
  12. I guess this stands as a good example of why I don't like the notion of dual citizenship. If the status of his citizenship is not valid, on its own merits, then revoking it is simply correcting a mistake that shouldn't have been made in the first place. But, if he really has valid citizenship (here or in the UK) how is it possible to justify foisting him on another country? Putting aside the right of a country to incarcerate foreign nationals for crimes committed on their soil, is it acceptable to revoke citizenship simply to block the legitimate attempt of another country to deport a Canadian back to Canada? As it stands now, there are some 400 Mexican cartel members active in Canada (who arrived with fake passports) following the relaxation of the VISA requirement in 2016. Would you consider it acceptable for Mexico to simply revoke their citizenship so that we couldn't deport them back to Mexico? It just doesn't seem reasonable to me. It seems like a dirty trick that I wouldn't want other countries to play on us either.
  13. Here is another issue that Trudeau won’t touch until after the election. He would have a have to rationalize his “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” position to defend bringing an ISiIS convert back to a country .... a country the ISIS supporter has never lived in.... Letts was born, raised and educated in the UK. I can find no reference to Letts even visiting Canada. From an article a few months ago.... ”Letts' father is Canadian. He told ITV News that he had a Canadian passport through his father at one point but is unsure if it is still valid. He said he is not seeking to return to Canada. "I feel British, I am British. My dad's Canadian, if the U.K. accepted me I would go back to the U.K., it's my home, but I don't think that is going to happen," he told ITV News. "I don't think I'm going to be given ... back to Britain, for example ... or some Canadian official is going to come and help me because like I said — no one really cares."
  14. I understand your concern, but isn’t following that logic to its natural conclusion tantamount to setting a new (and dangerously lower) standard for our definition of a justice system. We are essentially shipping our criminals off to another country for them to deal with instead of taking ownership ourselves; and, in the process, potentially letting them escape the justice they rightly deserve. Putting aside what atrocities they may have committed as a member of ISIS, they are guilty of joining a terrorist organization and taking up arms against Canada and the Canadian Forces. Put another way, are we to stop bringing criminals to justice because we perceive that our legal system is inadequate and not up to the task? Should we revoke the citizenship of other murderous criminals currently in detention and ship them overseas? Which country should we foist our (OUR) most dangerous criminals on? As it stands now, other countries don’t even want our plastic. Were I the leader of such a country I would be shipping him back to Canada in the same container as the plastic. It seems unrcontionable to me. How do we justify simply exporting the worst of our worst and what do we say to other countries who would seek to play the same trick on us?
  15. I was on a flight a few years ago where there was a perceived disturbance, it was actually somebody having a diabetic emergency but even people a couple rows away had completely misread the situation until the crew made the "is there a doctor onboard?" announcement.
  16. I’ve been into PDL a few times with generally an early morning arrival in daylight conditions. NPA and I think runway 30 has quite an elevation change from end to end (upslope) which can create some visual issues. Regarding the poor 757. It can take a real beating but only if you touch down mains first as per the AOM. Nosewheel only for a fraction of a second will produce this kind of damage. Pre-1994 767’s had a weak spot around the forward cargo hold which has the same results with momentary NLG only. AA had one in the UK years ago. Boeing and AA strapped steal beams to each side of the fuselage and ferried it all the way back to DFW. I think this DL 757 will become a lovely restaurant on a rocky Azores beach.
  17. Mayor confident Gander can grow aerospace industries The TelegramLike the mayors before him, Percy Farwell knows the importance of the airport to the Town of Gander; it's a dynamic that stretches back to before the Second ... View the full article
  18. Mayor confident Gander can grow aerospace industries The TelegramLike the mayors before him, Percy Farwell knows the importance of the airport to the Town of Gander; it's a dynamic that stretches back to before the Second ... View the full article
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