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  2. Alice, the first all-electric passenger airplane, takes flight Jennifer Korn - Yesterday 5:01 p.m. The world’s first all-electric passenger aircraft has successfully taken to the sky. Alice, the first all-electric passenger airplane, takes flight - ABC17NEWS View on Watch Israeli company Eviation Aircraft successfully launched the Alice on Tuesday morning from Washington’s Grant County International Airport. The zero-emission plane traveled at an altitude of 3,500 feet for its eight-minute inaugural flight. “This is history,” Gregory Davis, Eviation’s president and CEO, told CNN Business.”We have not seen the propulsion technology change on the aircraft since we went from the piston engine to the turbine engine. It was the 1950s that was the last time you saw an entirely new technology like this come together.” With battery technology similar to that of an electric car or a cell phone and 30 minutes of charging, the nine-passenger Alice will be able to fly for one hour, and about 440 nautical miles. The plane has a max cruise speed of 250 knots, or 287 miles per hour. For reference, a Boeing 737 has a max cruise speed of 588 miles per hour. Eviation was founded in 2015 and has been pushing the Alice forward ever since. The company hopes to use the information gathered during Tuesday’s flight to review next steps and deliver aircrafts to customers by 2027 — though Eviation warns that plan is subject to change. “We’ve actually generated, frankly, terabytes of data with the data acquisition systems that we had on the aircraft, so we’re going to take a couple of weeks actually and review it to see how the aircraft performs versus our models and our analysis,” Davis said. “From there, we’ll understand what we need to do next.” The company says it expects to be working on developing an FAA-certified aircraft through 2025, followed by a year or two of flight testing before it can deliver Alices to customers. Three different versions of the Alice are in protoype stages: a “commuter” variant, an executive version, and one specialized for cargo. The commuter configuration holds nine passengers and two pilots, as well as 850 pounds of cargo. The executive design has six passenger seats for a more spacious flight, and the cargo plane holds 450 cubic feet of volume. But the Alice’s journey toward take-off has not been without issue. Plagued with delays, the Alice was originally expected to fly in 2021. Eviation faced executive turnover and a series of weather issues that hindered testing progress, pushing back take-off dates and announced fleet launches by years. Commuter airline CapeAir expected to put a fleet into service by 2023, serving routes across Boston and Cape Cod, but the purchased Alices have faced delay. DHL and Miami-based air charter company GlobalX have also announced plans to buy the plane.
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  4. The technology used by TÜV Rheinland North America in the laboratory is state-of-the-art, with automatic Brinell hardness testers that allow parts to be tested at a speed that no other equipment can match. WEST UNITY, Ohio, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The TÜV Rheinland North America... View the full article
  5. Research suggests criminal actor is cultivating a network of infected devices to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and crypto mining DENVER, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Lotus Labs®, the threat intelligence team at Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN), has discovered... View the full article
  6. SILVER SPRING, Md., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed updated criteria for when foods can be labeled with the nutrient content claim "healthy" on their packaging. This proposed rule would align the definition of the "healthy" claim with... View the full article
  7. DALLAS, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- GID, a real estate owner and fiduciary that invests in multiple asset classes, is proud to announce a joint venture partnership with Hanover Company to develop Hanover Turtle Creek, a 21-story tower located in Uptown Dallas. Located north of Dallas'... View the full article
  8. NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for BIIB, SAVA, TSLA, META, and KO. Click a link below then choose between in-depth options trade idea report or a stock score report. Options Report – Ideal trade ideas on up to seven different... View the full article
  9. NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for LLY, RPRX, AAPL, DIS, and MSFT. Click a link below then choose between in-depth options trade idea report or a stock score report. Options Report – Ideal trade ideas on up to seven different... View the full article
  10. NEW YORK , Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for FYBR, EGIO, TCRT, BEAT, and APRN. To see how InvestorsObserver's proprietary scoring system rates these stocks, view the InvestorsObserver's PriceWatch Alert by selecting the corresponding... View the full article
  11. जीरो-एमिशन वाले Alice की पहली सफल उड़ान से इलेक्ट्रिक एविएशन का नया युग शुरू हुआ है मॉसेस लेक, वाशिंगटन, 28 सितंबर, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ऑल-इलेक्ट्रिक विमान निर्माता कंपनी Eviation Aircraft, ने अपने जीरो-एमिशन वाले Alice विमान की पहली उड़ान सफलतापूर्वक पूरी की, यह इलेक्ट्रिक एविएशन में एक... View the full article
  12. NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the latest market research report published by P&S Intelligence, with the high risk of blood clots associated with a host of diseases, the anticoagulants market value will reach $42,893.4 million by 2030 from $21,736.2 million in 2021,... View the full article
  13. Como parte de su estrategia para el crecimiento global y la mejora de la experiencia interna, centrándose en la biotecnología, Olon se complace en presentar su plan de inversión de dos años en el Centro de Biotecnología Settimo Torinese (Italia) MILÁN, 28 de septiembre de 2022... View the full article
  14. The ONLY demographic Trudeau leads in is women over 35. Looks like they are still infatuated with his hair…Guys…get off the couch and wake up !! The really great part of this poll is the Huge increase in support from GenZ and Millennials !
  15. We’ll see how electric vehicles perform in Florida during and after the hurricane. Not only will there be charging issues but with the storm surge, salt water intrusion might be an issue.
  16. Cutting CBC would give twice The benefits to Canadians of defunding the CBC likely would greatly exceed $1.4 billion annually Cutting government spending is almost always beneficial but new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s proposal to eliminate the CBC’s public funding is doubly so. Many other government-run institutions are so blatantly inefficient and do so badly that there is at least the silver lining that they sow public skepticism about further government expansion. The CBC is also inefficient and does badly but it is in the business of pushing stories and promoting ideas, and the ideas it promotes are those favouring government expansion. As Milton Friedman wrote, “Any institution will tend to express its own values and its own ideas … A socialist institution will teach socialist values.” An entity that gets $1.4 billion of its $1.9 billion in annual revenues from the federal government could not possibly have an internal culture favourable to free markets or antagonistic to large disbursements of public money for pet causes. Thus the double dividend of cutting the CBC’s funding: first, the savings to taxpayers and, second, less teaching of socialism. Of course, to say the CBC is in the business of teaching socialism is to paint with an overly broad brush. Some people at the CBC are not socialists, while others teach much more than socialism, notably: climate alarmism, identity politics, and especially the singular importance of diversity above all other considerations. The diversity promoted at the CBC is not diversity of thought, however, or the diversity that spontaneously arises as a result of bringing together many unique individuals, but rather the tiresome top-down diversity of the kind enforced by most modern university administrators. To work at the CBC today, former employee Tara Henley wrote in the National Post earlier this year, is “in my newsroom, to fill out racial profile forms for every guest you book” and “submit to job interviews that are not about qualifications or experience — but instead demand the parroting of orthodoxies, the demonstration of fealty to dogma.” On top of the CBC’s existing obsession with diversity, its regulator, the CRTC — yes, Mr. Poilievre, another government institution to put on the chopping block — is imposing additional diversity requirements on its staffing and programming. Its new requirements of the CBC include, among other things, minimum levels of expenditure on producers from “equity-seeking communities” (as if there were communities that don’t seek or deserve equity). The CRTC has also established something called a “woman intersectionality credit” to “incentivize expenditures on productions produced by Indigenous Peoples, racialized persons, persons with disabilities, and persons who self-identify as LGBTQ2, who also self-identify as women.” The double self-identification methodology — or perhaps it’s self-identification squared — presumably is intended to promote equity by opening the door for anyone and everyone to attain the enviable status of being exponentially qualified for government-funded affirmative action. Friedman’s observation about socialist institutions teaching socialist ideas was actually in reference to the public school system. In Canada schools are a provincial responsibility but Friedman’s observation should provide Conservatives with an excellent idea on another government spending cut that would deliver the double dividend: university funding. In 2020-21, universities received $5.3 billion in federal funding on top of the $15.2 billion they already received from provincial governments. The CBC will of course always have its cheerleaders for government funding. On the day Poilievre was elected Conservative leader, CBC panellist and Toronto Star columnist Althia Raj juxtaposed his proposal to defund the CBC with her view that the broadcaster’s content (she gave no specific examples) shows “precisely why it is valuable.” But that’s a pure non sequitur. Something should receive public funding because it is valuable? The McDonald’s Corporation is worth US$181 billion, making it far more valuable than the CBC. Should it get federal funds, too? In a 2003 article in The Journal of Law and Economics four economists, including Andrei Schleifer of Harvard, examined media ownership in 97 countries, testing two competing theories of government ownership of media. According to the public interest theory, the government is providing a service that the market has failed to provide; according to the public choice theory, government ownership of media “undermines political and economic freedom.” The data, the authors concluded, support the public choice theory. Thus the benefits to Canadians of defunding the CBC likely would greatly exceed $1.4 billion annually. Financial Post
  17. Sabrewing's Rhaegal Cargo UAV Shatters World Record Payload GlobeNewswireView the full article
  18. MIT research based on over 1,000 studies pinpoints three high-impact ways to improve CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- According to new research released today in MIT Sloan Management Review, the three most powerful predictors of toxic workplace behavior are toxic... View the full article
  19. MILAN, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The plan, worth €30 million, will be implemented over the following two-year period, with the aim of significantly expanding the capacity and expertise of the Settimo Torinese Biotech Hub. The Hub is a highly strategic asset for the Group's global... View the full article
  20. Simenc joins the innovator in patient-first billing, bringing over 20 years' experience in patient engagement, healthcare revenue and technology NEW HAVEN, Conn., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Inbox Health, the industry's leading solution for patient-first billing, payments and support,... View the full article
  21. Data expansion remains a priority for the new people intelligence brand NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Altrata, the global leader in people intelligence on the world's most influential individuals, announced several significant expansions to its wealth database. More than 2... View the full article
  22. Designed to fit the individual and unique workflow needs of today's and tomorrow's professional digital artists and content creation teams, Wacom's latest pen display combines next generation pen and touch technology with best-in-class screen and color performance and customizable... View the full article
  23. Florida, Texas, Utah and Colorado Take Top Spots in DII US Rankings - California Declines Russia Dives to Near Bottom of DII rankings; China slides as well Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, and Western Sahara Fall Dramatically - U.S. remains #1 by a Significant Margin SAN MATEO, Calif.... View the full article
  25. Collaboration Marks Largest In-Building Cellular Enhancement Project in the United States LISLE, Ill., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ExteNet Systems, the leading privately held owner of secure 5G and fiber neutral host communications infrastructure solutions, today announced a... View the full article
  26. The 2022 in-person event raised more than $1 million from sponsors and donors representing leading names in real estate. The funds support scholarships and mentoring programs; the program has reached more than 140 women CRE professionals since 2007. CHICAGO, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --... View the full article
  27. HOUSTON, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC: HNRC) ("HNRC or the Company") announced today that it will spin off its non-energy assets to its wholly owned subsidiary Worldwide Diversified Holdings, Inc and then dividend them to its shareholders of record... View the full article
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