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  2. Great video, thanks. I wonder at what point the Democrats will be ready to accept the election results and get on with the nation’s business. If they wish to be viewed as a viable alternative in the next election, now is the time to stop the buffoonery and establish a reputation for getting er done. Show the voters what they could have had instead of reinforcing what they were glad to get rid of.
  3. ch-aviation New airline Air Borealis to serve Canada's far east ch-aviation Formed in 1948, Air Labrador served the Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec regions with six DHC-6s before shutting down last week. It is majority owned by the Nunatsiavut Government through its Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC). Innu Mikun ... View the full article
  4. That video provided an absolutely great synopsis of the American political situation. Thanks for posting it Firefox.
  5. Just another demonstration regarding the application of law; members of the ruling class make mistakes, the working class commit crimes.
  6. I agree, they should probably stay home. I don't think it's right for one of the wealthiest men in the world to arrive in Canada with his squeeze expecting Canada's servant class to cover the cost of his otherwise purposeless junket?
  7. Finally, some clarity?...
  8. "Peters's wife and two young children were on their way home during the flyby. He said the noise caused her to let go of the stroller with the 22-month-old inside, so she could move over and protect the three-year-old. The stroller rolled away and hit a Bixi stand, then toppled over." Someone's going to grow up knowing they're definitely not the favoured child.
  9. Selective headlining. The article questions why there hae been a slight growth in the the Antarctic sea ice while water temperatures were rising and shows that scientists were exploring possible reasons why. It also points out that the Arctic was still experiencing significant loss. If you read the entire article, it doesn't support your implication that the long-term science is wrong. Article is from 2013. Expect Trump to quote it soon. The 2017 NASA report shows decreases at both poles... in fact the Antarctic saw a significant decrease since that article... more than 2 million sq km. .... but I don't expect you to acknowledge current information (from the exact source your 4 year old data came from)... it doesn't further your position.
  10. Oh no, I’m deathly afraid of tough bananas. Now look what you’ve done, I’m calling CBC…
  11. There are times when the only valid response is "Tough Bananas"
  12. . "It shouldn't be happening, not with people in town with PTSD, refugees coming from war zones, it could trigger all sorts of trauma,"
  13. Pacific Business News (Honolulu) US airlines notch big loss to competitor up north Pacific Business News (Honolulu) Air Canada was the 10th busiest airline serving Hawaii in 2016, according to PBN research. A total 105,865 passengers used the airline last year to travel to the Aloha State. Honolulu-based Hawaiian Airlines was not included on Skytrax's top 10 list of ... Once again, Air Canada is on the wrong side of historyCantech Letter all 10 news articles » View the full article
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  15. It goes way beyond the registry issue and speaks to things like integrity and the rule of law. Maybe you should care. Then again, when people start to care and governments act with integrity, well, my universe implodes.
  16. The fault is all on the heads of the poor executives at Sears. My wife worked over 20 years at Sears and many of the decisions were just plain stupid. She was forced to retire a few years ago just so that they could reduce head-counts. She was a commissioned sales person in the appliance department. She was part-time but scheduled to work 40 hours a week. She had no benefits and because she was one of the top sales people in gross sales she earned every dollar that was sent her way by way of commissions. If some months her sales did not cover her salary she went into 'draw' and had to sell her way out of it. They sent her home one day a few years ago and said we will send you a salary for 15 months based upon your average commission cheques. She no longer had to work for her money. Somehow this made sense.
  17. Interesting.... " Al Gore is co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management. The firm has more than $15 billion of assets under management and focuses on investing in low-carbon generating sustainable companies, according to its website."
  18. My hand is raised or not as I didn't really give a damn one way or the other.
  19. Thanks for posting that. I had suggested to a Liberal colleague some time ago that I didn’t believe for a second that it would be completely destroyed. He thought I was just being paranoid. There is no question; that database will live on in the halls of “somewhere” regardless of the outcome of this tempest. If these things weren't predictable, my universe would implode. Now, show of hands, how many people really thought it would be?
  20. I would say that Sears did this to themselves. I remember when (for me at least) they were the go-to store; the one that stood behind their products, no nonsense, and I was happy to pay a premium for that, and usually, there was no premium for that. Sears was a great company. It hasn’t been that way for about 10 years now and after the last couple of appliance nightmares, I’m done with them. We have a local company that has picked up the gauntlet and does what Sears used to do. Too bad really, I’m a small town boy too and this will hurt a lot of long term employees.
  21. " Ontario Proud made a video about minimum wage. It's gone viral. To date, ours has received 2.7 million views and 79,000 shares from users. It spooked Team Wynne, who made a video of their own. How is the premier's video performing? It's only received 23K views and 165 user shares. Ontario Proud is reaching and engaging more voters online that the sitting premier, who has a full government and party at her disposal. "
  22. 757s have been getting replaced with A321s and 737-900s for the last decade or more. These things are going to be pounding high-volume domestic routes, not encroaching on the 757's transatlantic niche in any meaningful way. I'm not convinced the long-range A321neo is going to significantly expand that type of flying either.
  23. Delta Air Lines and Korean Air have signed a much-anticipated joint venture agreement, beginning the process of coordinating services across the Pacific. View the full article
  24. Delta Air Lines and Korean Air have signed a much-anticipated joint venture agreement, beginning the process of coordinating services across the Pacific. View the full article
  25. I am getting tired of paying for Royal Visits. Time to cut the apron strings. Want to bet it will be a photo-op for our PM. une 23, 2017 3:50 pm Prince Charles and Camilla’s 3-day tour of Canada to cost almost $1M By Amy Minsky National Online Journalist Global News Safety will be a priority when hundreds of thousands of revelers - and several VIPs - parachute into Ottawa for biggest birthday party in Canada's history. Once Prince Charles and Camilla wrap up their three-day dash around the country, Canadians will have shelled out almost $1 million for the royal tour, according to documents released through access to information legislation. Heritage Canada documents detailing costs associated with the June 29 to July 1 tour show the department budgeted $935,000 in the current fiscal year and spent $40,927 last year, for a total of $977,577. The documents provide only broad categories of spending with items falling under either salaries and wages, goods and services, or travel, conference and hospitality. One significant chunk of the budget – $273,000 – is allocated to travel. That will include the cost of flying the Airbus Polaris overseas to pick up Charles and Camilla, fly them back over to Canada and then to each stop they’ve scheduled for their three days here. “With respect to royal visits and the monarchy specifically, so long as Canada is a constitutional monarchy, some costs associated with royal visits are unavoidable,” said Aaron Wudrick, federal director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, a right-leaning taxpayer advocacy group. “But [those costs] should always be transparent … and reasonable. Given the fiscal context, when we’re running big deficits, perhaps scaling down costs accordingly is appropriate.” The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are scheduled to kick off their three-day visit in Iqaluit, Nunavut, on June 29. There, Charles is expected to meet with local leaders working to preserve indigenous languages, then head for a visit at the Nunavut Research Institute to take a gander at some of the environmental projects taking place in the North. Camilla, meanwhile, is set to attend an event and meet with representatives from organizations dedicated to preserving the health and lives of northern women. The couple is also expected at a public feast at a park where they will also indulge in some local artists’ performances. From Nunavut, the royals will travel to Ontario, stopping at CFB Trenton and Wellington village in Prince Edward County, about 200 kilometres east of Toronto. The tour’s finale will come on Canada Day, when the couple helps celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. Some other costs detailed in the documents provided to Global News by researcher Ken Rubin include postage fees ($2,000), interpretation and translation services ($9,500), and protection services ($10,000).
  26. The internet is to retail as robots are to the manufacturing sector. I don't t' expect the national sense of apathy will improve anytime too soon, but has anyone noticed the shrinking number of fairly good jobs in this Country? Why aren't working Canadians questioning the wisdom that allows the increasingly larger intake of 3rd world immigrants and refugees? Is it improper to ask where our so - called leadership expects all these people to find meaningful work?
  27. We are losing our Country to the subversive interests of one very dangerous man! Trudeau is a modern day Pied Piper; he is stealing our children's future. For those of us that are immune to his shallow charm, the political scene we see is easily & fairly likened to a slow motion plane crash.
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