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  2. MIAMI – U.S. airlines have decided to give skeptical passengers the possibility to change their flights free of charge if their flights are operated with the Boeing 737 MAX. As The post Free Flight Changes for US Travelers upon Boeing 737 Max Return appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
  3. MIAMI – Alaska Airlines (AS), has secured approximately US$1.2bn in private loans to help it cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of a private Enhanced Equipment The post Alaska Airlines Puts Up 61 Aircraft for US$1.2Bn in Funding appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
  4. MIAMI – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Stephen Dickson addressed students looking toward the future of the aerospace industry, encouraging those who always dreamed to be aviators to not give The post A New Golden Era For Aviation Is Coming appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
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  6. Unless absolutely necessary, why would anyone travel anywhere that requires air transportation?
  7. MIAMI – SEA (Societa per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali) on July 3, 2020, welcomed the Wizz Air (W6)’s first flight of the newly announced Eindhoven route scheduled for summer 2020 from The post Wizz Air’s Main South Europe Hub Takes Off appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
  8. MIAMI — Today in Aviation marks the 45th anniversary of the launch of Alexander Calder’s Flying Colors of the United States livery by Braniff, depicted on a Boeing 727-200 from the airline, The post Today in Aviation: Braniff Rolls Out Alexander Calder’s ‘Flying Colors of the United States’ Livery appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
  9. Not exactly a old white guy with an Rpal........surprised (or not) that this hasn’t been in the news more, but then again, probably would hurt the indigenous narrative:
  10. When the Leftist mob comes after you. Great Story !!'s_Bakery_v._Oberlin_College
  11. Let this sink in.....The US has had more new COVID cases in the last two days than Canada has has from the very beginning. If you normally vacation in the South in the winter, I might suggest you start looking at purchasing skis or Snowmobiles Instead. US. .....Friday 54904, Thursday...57242. =. 122,136 Canada..Total from day one....105,091
  12. The New Normal For International Air Travel In The COVID-19 Era : Goats and Soda NPRView the full article
  13. Consider how quickly those pictures and details where released. Then compare it to the ongoing absurdity and deliberate information suppression that is the Nova Scotia investigation. Need further proof, compare the Nova Scotia travesty with the Danforth shooting and compare the tactics at play. I bet this guy is white, I bet he has a PAL, and I bet we will know sooner rather than later.
  14. TORONTO -- A 63-year-old man has been charged after an hours-long standoff at a Brampton home overnight. Police were called to the residence near Hoskins Square and Helena Court at around 11 p.m. on Thursday for a report of shots fired. One neighbour told CP24 that he heard at least eight gunshots coming from the rear of the home and decided to call 911. Once officers arrived on scene they located an unknown number of shell casings, police say. They then determined that a man had barricaded himself inside the home. Police say that a negotiator was called in and the surrounding area was secured
  15. I couldn't get the link to work properly so here is the full article. It speaks eloquently as to why there was such a concerted effort to brand these weapons as "patrol carbines." They said it loud, they said it over and over..... and people totally believed it. I offer the article solely as an example of the power of controlling the use of words and the concept of 'POOF". POOF - something that is something can also morph to something else that isn't something by changing the name. It's like organizations that have been "disbanded." POOF - the name changed, same people, same office, same job, same phone number... only the sign painter and Liberal strategists know for sure. I'm not suggesting they shouldn't have done this.... I simply find the craven hypocrisy offensive. Canada’s Military Gave 2,012 Assault Rifles to 68 Police Forces
  16. The most ridiculous one I have heard so far was from the Real Estate Industry. ” The Houston Association of Realtors has stopped using the word "master" to describe bedrooms or bathrooms, a change prompted by a group of real estate agents that requested a review of the term. The association agreed to update the phrase to "primary bedroom" and "primary bath." “ Master' represents a stigma and place in time that we need to move forward from. As a progressive, diverse city, Houston should be reflective of its citizenship," said Curry, a past National Association of Realtors board member.“ Some builders have already dropped the term. David Weekley Homes, for example, calls a home's primary bedroom an "owner's retreat."
  17. They don't even attempt to hide it anymore. I'm reminded of the Iraqi Minister of Information, I loved listening to that guy. The internet has made things so much worse, you can find opinion and even verifiable fact spun into any narrative you want to invoke, all it takes is an element of truth and a leap to absurdity, and anyone can do it now... even me: Since Toronto accident statistics are generally lower than high density cities in other parts of the world, it's clear that tailgating isn't an issue there. Stringent traffic enforcement and driver education efforts over the years have resulted in it being one of the safest cities to drive a motorcycle in. There is nothing like actually being somewhere and experiencing things firsthand whilst reading an opinion piece steeped in total absurdity that is completely at odds with what you see directly in front of you. Even if you take a picture no one believes it..... there is some comfort in reading these things out loud though, it always makes the zebras laugh. The volume of laughter has a tragic downside though, it means most zebras have a better grasp of reality than the average voter.
  18. Haldimand calls on Transport Canada to take action against Skydive Ontario Grand River SachemView the full article
  19. MANCHESTER – Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Iran Air (IR) has inaugurated services to Manchester Airport (MAN) from Tehran (IKA). The once-weekly flight will be serviced by The post Iran Air Inaugurates Manchester Operations (+Photos) appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
  20. ARLINGTON, Virginia, July 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 80.5% of BBB Accredited charities anticipate that their 2020 revenue will be lower than expected and are searching for new ways to engage Millennials and Generation Z donors. Only 19% of people highly trust charities according to a Donor... View the full article
  21. SEOUL, South Korea, July 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TIE (this is engineering Inc.), a global leader providing technology and products of UAV and Robotics, announces the Limited-Edition SHIFT RED Drone in the US market. To celebrate and join the festivities of Independence Day, the... View the full article
  22. GREAT NECK, N.Y., July 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Following its national expansion last year, VORO Real Estate has launched a new website with added features, reflecting the firm's rapid growth. This milestone is a major move for VORO on its mission to become an all-encompassing virtual... View the full article
  23. U.S. World Opinion Politics More Expand / Collapse search Watch TV Hot Topics MEDIA Published 1 hour ago Last Update 38 mins ago CNN slights Mount Rushmore as 'monument of two slaveowners' after extolling its 'majesty' in 2016 "On land wrestled away from Native Americans" By Nick Givas | Fox News Facebook Twitter Flipboard Print Email Video Fox News Flash top headlines for July 3 Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A CNN reporter on Friday described Mount Rushmore "a monument of two slaveowners" situated on stolen land ahead of President Trump's visit to the national monument. Grabien founder and editor Tom Elliot tweeted a clip of the report by correspondent Leyla Santiago in which she discussed Trump's planned remarks. "President Trump will be at Mount Rushmore, where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans," she said. "I'm told that, uh, he'll be focusing on the effort to 'tear down our country's history.'" TRUMP TO ACCUSE 'LEFT-WING MOB' OF 'TOTALITARIAN BEHAVIOR' IN MOUNT RUSHMORE REMARKS In 2016, however, a CNN reporter described Mount Rushmore as a "monument to four great American presidents" while narrating a story about a visit to the monument by then-presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., "This is our country at it's very best," Sanders said at the time. "What an incredible achievement." The unidentified reporter's voice can be heard talking about the "majesty of the moment." "Just the accomplishment and the beauty, it really does make one very proud to be an American," Sanders added. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP The 2016 clip was tweeted out Friday by The Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald. Depictions of four American presidents -- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln -- are carved into the side of the mountain in the Black Hills. Washington and Jefferson owned slaves during their lifetime. Fox News reached out to CNN about the discrepancy but did not receive a reply to the request for comment.
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