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    Making America Late Again? (I know, I know....) Vs
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    Great Rant from some guy from Alberta.... I'm Mike, I'm from Camrose
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    The only Rock I see here is the heads of the people that think a single news source provides anything but biased reporting. most of the american news outlets are owned by a single company with a pretty severe bent to the right. Others take a more severe bent to the left with very few siting in the center. there are charts but you know how to google so I will leave that to you. Trust FOX = NOPE Trust CNN = NOPE Those are the two largest which oddly are not "NEWS" stations but "Entertainment" stations. Every one...EVERYONE has the right to their opinion and the right to lean to whatever side of the political spectrum they choose neither one is more correct that the other just that you will agree with the ones leaning the same way as you. I personally sit very much in the middle. I agree with policies on both sides of the spectrum but I can recognize BS when it pops up.
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    Times are a changing. Once upon a time a single goat sacrifice did the trick. Oh the good old days.
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    Wolfhunter: You by chance running in any of the 3 by-elections announced today? I'd move to the riding to give you my vote if you were! Unbelievably well stated posts, thanks!
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    What? Nobody to buy a pizza? Seriously though... That's what travel insurance and self sufficiency is for... Go book a room! Feed your children! Take a taxi! Oooooh... fending for yourself in this world... The horror. If you can afford a week or two vacation for your family you can pay a couple hundred bucks for a last minute hotel booking for the night to look after your family and then sort it out with the airline or the insurance when you get home... Those people will absolutely fly Westjet again if they are the cheapest option by 2$...
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    I use snap caps for dry fire practice as it is easier on the firing pin. Overall though, I suspect the average gun owner actually doesn't.
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    Thats why any gun owner has dummy rounds. you never do that with a live round. Thats kind of covered in step 1 of safe handling practices.
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    This law will meet its fate in the future when it is challenged in court. How many of you drive home from work get changed, grab a beer and flip on the TV and put your feet up? Answer the door with a beer in your hand and the cop can do nothing. They can make life miserable and make you fight a charge but it will never stick. It will waste taxpayer money and courts time when they could be clearing backlogs of more important cases.
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    Whichever one causes you to continue with your very amusing rants.
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    Your anti Trump obsession is almost psychopathic in scale & scope Deicer. It's clear that you aren't a capitalist, a conservative, a supporter of Western culture, or even a modern liberal. So if you don't mind, I'd appreciate your taking a moment to answer a question. What form of political ideology would you prefer to see emerge from the ashes of Western culture?
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    based on that picture alone. Who should be paying a carbon tax? Certainly not Canadians
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    Great stuff If I'm understanding properly, we appear to be in full agreement; our nation has made a mess of things and must take responsibility for its child like approach to helping others. It would seem that any disagreement between perspectives boils down to matters of immigration / migration policy and related taxation. History tells me that no amount of money will ever bring people holding extreme religious and cultural differences together into one homogeneous group. If Canada is going to save itself from itself the process must imo begin with a national acknowledgment that some ideals, as enchanting as they may be, just aren't achievable in the present time. It's only one opinion that doesn't matter, but if it did, Canada would be returning the religiously and economically disenfranchised to their homelands and investing in charity there.
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    The famous - expand because peak periods we are busy. Meanwhile the place is empty 23 hours a day. Typical Airport Authority nonsense. Airlines should be charged based on time-of-day demand.
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    I should had also given the sympathetic part of my post. I’ll keep it easy, WestJet screwed up.
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    I don’t see anything the Liberal government has done as being out of character or surprising in any way. In fact, they have been pretty predictable. To his credit, JT has stayed the course on things like immigration and particularly “irregular border crossings.” Less principled politicians would have caved months ago. Those who now profess shock, horror and dismay were either not paying attention to the campaign or, in typical liberal fashion, thought someone else would be paying for their convictions and values. Those who once screamed “RASIST” have, in my simple world, proven themselves hypocrites by any measure of the word. The immigration situation is telling here, those who screamed “make the rich pay” have discovered that they are now deemed to be wealthy… and they don’t like it. Some are even rethinking the sanctuary city thing... a true indication of hypocrisy IMO.
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    Sorry to make your day - it’s a really ugly livery on a massively expensive airplane with far more capabilities than required. See the next 4 AC A330’s.
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    Re Prostate Cancer, it all depends on your Gleason Score, mine was high and I was operated on within 2 weeks of the results of the report. https://www.cancer.org/treatment/understanding-your-diagnosis/tests/understanding-your-pathology-report/prostate-pathology/prostate-cancer-pathology.html
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    we have been adding 250,000 on average per year for the last 50 years
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    Much like every time that the U.S. pulls out of any conflict, the arms dealers complain because it cuts into their profit. No ROI in peace.