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    So are we now entering the era of the disposable airline? One model getting old and tired? Bankrupt it, shut it down, and start up a new one. Shiny new planes, fancy new marketing message, and eager, dedicated professional staff. What a colossal waste of money, time and resources.
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    Water bombers reload on lakes and I don’t think there’s much room for improvement to the very impressive 12 - 15 seconds it takes to uplift 1500 US gallons into the CL215T. As for the fire retardant tankers (they drop the red stuff), we routinely do hot reloads (engines running). Loading 2100 US gallons in the CV580 tank takes five to seven minutes. Gravity feeding isn’t possible because the retardant has to be mixed during the loading process to prevent settling of the ingredients.
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    Spend some time sitting in any US airport terminal and watch flight crews stroll by to and from their gates. I’d say on average that 50% haven’t been able to button up their jackets for several years and I doubt anywhere near a 1.75 LDL-C level.
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    Nothing like doing/causing an emergency descent, using up all the pax O2, then climbing back up to altitude. Not much thinking going on in that cockpit that day.
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    Shall I assume you’re talking about me being lazy, Boestar? Or are you just generally **bleep** off about people that comment here? Thanks for the schoolin....
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    Why work on fixing other people's messes if you don''t like doing that? I'm a plumber by trade. I choose to do only new installs. I don't want to clean up other people's **bleep**. If we only fixed existing problems we'd still be using an "improved" telegraph vs a smartphone. He's not "Mike the White" so what's the problem? Do Jet Blue or WJ have safety issues that are different than existing carriers? Neeleman uses new aircraft not junk so it's likely safer than riding in an MD80, 737-500 series, or an older NG, etc. AC's 320's didn't even have a GPS. I used my foreflight acct on my ipad-cellular version for situational awareness. You provide what the customer wants not create a product that no wants or wants but isn't willing to pay for. ie A380, 318, 737-600, etc
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    De'ja Vu Bush all over again. Its funny watching the record skip and skip and skip.
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    Neelman cofounded Morris Air which was bought and merged into SouthWest, provided startup advice to WestJet, started JetBlue, as was already mentioned, and started up Azul in Brazil, and is co-owner in the turn around at 73 year old TAP Air Portugal. All of these are successful, and this latest venture, if you go by his track record should be as well.
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    Just demonstrating who's in charge....
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    highlight his links and right click and select GOTO.
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    "what are you going to do about it?" I will ensure I get out to vote next time.
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    The measure of decency is would you let your 92 year old grandmother stand in the heat, waiting for you to show up when you're late, then ignore her as you walk around? Donnie wanted the meeting with the Queen so bad, then he ignored her. I can understand that he was playing hardball with May and that's fair. They are both politicians. To do this was just plain arrogance. A picture is worth a thousand words, video is priceless.
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    Some random signs around Parliament Hill....
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    Unlike our Prime Minister who did not show at all.
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    Loosing 26,000’ in seven minutes would be just under 4,000’ per minute so not really that extreme.
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    When Trump referred to himself as a "stable genius" I wasn't sure if he was saying he was on an even keel or he was really good in a horse barn.
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    Just a little insight into the history of NAFTA for all who are not familiar with it.
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    That may be the most spot on meme I've ever seen and yet facebook rejected it? I guess that enforces my original belief that the outfit would become a sewer and should be steered clear of.
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    Thanks for the link back on page 101 PW; I agree with the posted comments. There is a big showdown coming between the globalists and Trump. I'm pleased that those with eyes open are finally starting to see yesterday's conspiracy theory morphing into present day reality ... the people of Deicer's mind are going to learn how they've been completely bamboozled by the mainstream media, a large percentage of politicians and the corporatocracy throughout most of their lifetimes.
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    Oh my, what a terrible offence! I doubt I would have noticed anything had it not been for the hysterical rant of the left wing nut jobs. Does anyone remember when the Reagan's refused to bow to the Queen? Does anyone remember when Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia? No disrespect to the British, or Saudi monarchies, but if I were American I think I would prefer.the Reagan approach.
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    At my age I'm lucky if I can read the name of the airline in that photo......is that a real plane or just a model on your desk ??
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    Apparently Trudeau is having a party on isle 15...
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    This ain’t no Avro Arrow project. What a great aircraft designed by Canadians. The amount of detail that has gone into this aircraft is incredible and it’s paying off.
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    It's the Avro Arrow all over again. I have mixed feelings - glad to see the aircraft design survive and (hopefully) prosper but disappointed that we (as a country) couldn't make a go of it ourselves. And, yes, I do know the forces at play are much bigger than one small company in one small country.