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    I recently completed a project involving analyzing a WW2 log book of (Bomb Aimer Lancaster) Gordon "Ed" Deschaine DFC of the RCAF on behalf of his family. Ed was my mother's cousin and I remember him visiting our home in Windsor many many times. I knew he was in the RCAF during the war but after completing this project I was dumbfounded to learn the extent of his bravery and sacrifice. As we near Remembrance Day I was moved to create a johnboy Production to honor Ed and all those that gave up everything. #LestWeForget
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    My great great grandparents came in the early 1800’s with nothing but the shirts on their backs. They worked HARD, had no government handouts, carved out a 150 acre farm out of solid bush and started farming. They were a true example of a work ethic Canada so desperately needs right now instead of the constant influx of Trudeau freeloaders. In my entire families history I cannot think of one person who ever relied on a government for their welfare....EVER.....
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    2019 almost seems too far away to save the Country from financial ruin. The fool is ensuring the responsible people that spent a lifetime struggling to fund their retirements are going to be very disappointed when their time comes and they realize all their work and planning was for naught.
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    Who buys 631 vehicles to shuffle around 7 world leaders during a 2 day summit? That would be the Trudeau government but you get to pay for it. The only good news is that some of the vehicles can now be purchased at bargain prices!
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    I'm not looking to pick a fight or take sides - please do not misinterpret what I'm about to say. Overpay a CEO and you're only overpaying for one person. Overpay a workforce - pilots, office workers, maintenance, CSA's, whoever - and you're overpaying for a lot more than one person. Has anyone looked at airline CEO wages and compared them? Honest question - people complain about CEO's making too much but compared to market median - are they? (this isn't about what you think they should make, by the way - topic for another day). When it comes to costs, you can't argue that salaries and benefits are at or near the top of the expenses of an airline. Fuel has typically been the highest closely followed by salaries. It's a natural target from a visibility standpoint. It's easy to look at a workforce of 10,000 and say "no raises for you" or "you're pay is in line with the market". Might shave a couple million off your payroll in savings but the millions saved are wasted by bad decisions at the Executive level or higher Management levels. All well intentioned decisions but that doesn't mean they were "right" or "smart" or "well executed". That, to me, is where good-will has and is lost - "taking one for the team" (to use your phrase) only to see that **bleep** away elsewhere. Especially when executives leave and get compensated very handsomely to do so. I think there are lot of employees that sacrificed something over the years for the betterment of the company. Some do it for the financial benefit and some do it because they're good, well-intentioned people. When the times are good - bonuses, profit share, share growth, etc. all make up for it. When the times are bad -- well. Attitudes change. Back to your initial response about pricing out of the market. It's not about hiring someone better at math, it's about changing an entire global industry. Do you really see that changing? I keep hearing about global pilots shortages so maybe the movement is already happening. I don't know. I also don't see a diminishing appetite for rock bottom pay-nothing airfares. In fact, I see the opposite. I was in line at Best Buy the other day and this guy in front of me was complaining to his buddy about how he is paying $350 to fly round trip from Vancouver to Calgary at Christmas. So hard done by, the guy was considering not even going to Calgary for Christmas ("I can't afford to visit the family for 4 days at that price"). The guy who was spending $600 on video games was complaining about paying $350 to fly round trip at the busiest time of the year. Let that sink in for a minute.
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    We got a functioning, profitable if old pipeline for that money, and it's considered fair value for the projected ROI. Don't let facts get in your way. As for Bombardier and the Q400, first off, congrats to Viking, which has a better record of keeping legacy products going than Bombardier. Secondly, CAE bought the bigger part of the package, and will need those or other employees to perform the work. The widening impact that you may not think of is Bombardier actually having the wherewithal to sustain its business jet operation, which is moving several new models like the Global 7500 into production, with strong sales. Yes, I think Canada will survive all of its politicians, regardless of party, and do it rather well.
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    If the police are "shocked" then they are truly part of the problem. Since they are still calling it "gun violence" as opposed to what it is, I predict there is lots more shock coming their way: Only in a state of liberal induced insanity could anyone even associate this with target shooters. Toronto doesn't have a gun problem it has a gang problem. In fact, it has an ethnic gang problem... say the words and get er done. Instead, they are still deciding if saying "it's OK to be white" is racist and qualifies as a hate crime. We are flirting with a level of crazy that hasn't been seen since the fall of Rome. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-cops-shocked-by-disturbing-shooting-video
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    Have pilots truly forgotten how to fly airplanes? Airplanes all fly on the same principles. I’m all for automation and technology but not at the expense of the theory of flight.
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    If you need visual and aural warnings and a stick-shaker to tell you the pitch is at 29.4°, you need to rethink your chosen vocation.
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    May he disappear back into the sludge that he rose from
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    I have always identified as a 12 yr old....people are always telling me to act my age.
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    Excellent tribute, John. Thank you for posting.
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    A quick thrust/attitude reference for S&L flight on the NG/MAX for those who may care. Flaps extended........10° NU and 80%N1 Flaps up.......4° NU and 75% N1 Passed to me by a respected training pilot.
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    Was thinking it was only two B767s. Four airframes waiting for IROPs might be excessive.
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    I credit my upbringing as to why I am such a staunch Conservative.....when I was a kid, no body gave me a bike. I scoured the railway tracks and the local dump for parts and made my own.
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    None of mine ever took a government hand out either.
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    I would suggest the above quoted article be must read material for AMEs and flight crew.... For the AME viewpoint, The procedure for decontamination is quite lengthy. If the packs are contaminated, it's almost impossible the aircraft will be back flying the same day... It takes time to determine the source of the oil... and once determined, you still need to decontaminate and that usually means replacing or cleaning parts from the contaminated pack.
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    Women do this too and they get upset when the pictures get into the public domain...it's beyond my comprehension. These pictures live forever in an electronic cesspool just waiting for the appropriate time to be dusted off and used against you. Most of the people who get caught up in this are reasonably intelligent, how is it that they don't get this? And why to they blame someone else? Like really, what did you think was going to happen? Look at the steps you had to go through. Select camera, take your pants off, snap a picture, go to contacts, select a contact, attach the photo etc.... lots of chances to think twice. If you are soooooooo lacking in discretion you have no business representing the public... at least I don't want you deciding anything on my behalf. BTW, that's not a moral pronouncement, it's simply positive target identification of the terminally foolish.
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    How do you live with yourself Deicer? When Wynn and her gang of deviants introduced their demented sex education curriculum to the schools, you had nothing to say, but you now find fault and pretend to be insulted by an adult's personal legal choices? Maybe you ought to be reconsidering your own moral persuasions?
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    CYHZ approach/airport facilities clearly substandard for an airport with the type of weather routinely experienced locally. Guess that AC 624 did not get anyone’s attention, including NAV CAN. This does not absolve the pilots in that accident or the 747 accident of responsibility for safe operation of the aircraft, but these both will have the common theme of lack of available precision approach guidance on most suitable runway for landing.
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    Very well done, You should be proud of what you have accomplished with this tribute and I am sure all this dedicated young man's relatives will also be impressed, and thankful, for your efforts.
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