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    Hope they remember to put enough (air) in the tires.
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    I think that we need to say this 35 million more times and then maybe people in Canada will recognize it. After all this is how the eco-fanatics sold this bill of goods to start with.
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    a Carbon tax is essentially a tax on breathing. The government actually found a way to tax air. We are supposed to stand idly by while we pay to breathe and the government frivolously spends our money on anything but fixing a problem that may or may not be fixable. I have said it before and I will say it again...Caanada is a NET NEGATIVE carbon producer. We clean more carbon from the air than we produce. What exactly am I paying for?
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    Why don't we [Trudeau Gov't] just admit defeat and approach the US with a fistful of cash and make it official..."Will you defend our coastlines and airspace...we have been unable to organize an effective military since PET defunded it and its too complicated now to re-equip.."
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    My favourite Mattel doll was Divorce Barbie: Comes with all Ken's stuff!!
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    I posted the " rules" above. I think that post is on page 7. In any event, according to a recent news report, both the FAA and Air Canada asserted that the event was not a " reportable incident" and hence, the NTSB was not notified until almost 24 hours later. If the event had in fact been " reportable", the CRV would have been preserved and available for review.
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    Just a thought but have you given any consideration to simply deleting the initial post? Look at all the "views" of participants asking themselves; " Now what?" ( LOL).
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    Copied from a Facebook post.... " OK!! rant time utilities... water consumed $6.10 electricity used $29.51 gas used $5.99 total $41.60 assorted charges (delivery, storage, fixed, regulatory, hst .... ) $106.55 total bill $148.15 What is the point of trying to save electricity and water and gas when the amount you use is such a small amount of the total bill? If I cut back on hydro by 10% I will save $2.95 ... cut back on water 10% = 61¢ ... cut back on gas 10% = 60¢ so a 10% cutback on all my utilities would get my $148 bill down to $143.99 whooppee!!! "
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    .Not written by a Keats but the message is clear. For forty years with heart in hand trying hard to understand. In Indian eyes I see a blight "Guilty"...'cause my skin is white. I didn't take your land away as you Native people say; Someone did and that's a crime but that was long before my time. Just who of you can cry despair? When not one of you were even there? We are all victims of our race with no control of what took place. But I resent your attitude. Life's not fair, I will agree but see your own hypocrisy! You tell of living off the land, how everything was made by hand. You say that "Life" was best by far then you brag about your latest car. You claim the old ways were the best (or so you've heard, would be my guess). You sit and tell it all to me while watching Hockey on T.V. There's few of us, and lets not kid who would live as our ancestors did. In modern clothes you've made your mark could you go back to wearing bark? Is this not pure hypocrisy to live and dress the same as me? To cry "Get out! It's not your home" then buy our Tupperware and Chrome. I'm fed up trying to be sincere to justify my being here. Your sanctimonious act I doubt. I dare you now to hear me out. In my bewilderment, guilty awe I've had you call me, "Damn White Squaw." And then proceed in honey tone "Buddy, can I use your phone?" As for pollution, White man's to blame (at least that's what you always claim). And yet near your home, as there I strode your garbage dumped beside the road! This land will never be the same we're mostly, but not all to blame. If White man's presence is so grim why try so hard to be like him. There's those of you who bitch and frown with every word you run us down. You want the goods we represent yet you blame us for your discontent. You say you want the same as me, "Equal Opportunity." If you believe in what you say, let's make it "Equal All The Way." Let's settle first the quest at hand this ardent issue of this land. Like you, this country I revere. like you, I too was born right here. Next, so you'll be on par with Whites, let's drop the special fishing rights. All part of this equality. one for you and one for me. The "Baby Bonus" comes to you , you get an old age pension too. And so the Bigots, can't compare you'll want no more the free Health Care. For Parity you will enhance the Feds can keep their Native grants. Equality is now in hand. I wonder if you'll understand. Licences to hunt and trap, just like the Whites if you insist on equal rights. Cameras, T V's, fast Cars, too are White man's toys, (to name a few?) You want them all, and that's a fact, so why don't you pay your income tax? It's for the souls long dead and gone the ones who really lost their home. The ones so hurt when White man came for them I humbly bear the shame. I've said it all, I rest my case I now can meet you face to face. Recall this poem when next you say, "The White Man took our land away."
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    Not the sort of Congressional talk we're likely to hear about in the ms media. http://youtu.be/RLl6NywZv3M
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    The way the seats are getting cramped it won't be long before the cello doesn't fit anyway.
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    Mental illness manifesting itself in the form of 'the little girl I always wanted'? Child abuse; hell yes!
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    The answer is YES, we are allowing this to occur ....welcome to Canada in 2017. IMHO, On top of having this poor kid rescued from this destructive environment, at a minimum this mother should be charged with child abuse. " Meet The 8 Year Old Drag Queen, Lactatia! https://ronnycameron.com/2017/08/12/meet-the-8-year-old-drag-queen-lactatia/
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    Yesterday Swissport picketers were creating huge lineups of cars trying to access parking off Viscount Rd. I understand the frustration of workers, but does it help when you inconvenience other staff, and not management? As for Nav Canada, what recourse do we have with a monopoly?? Where is is our Transport Minister ?? (or are drones still keeping him awake at night?). Example....Tues /8th doing a rescue mission....2030 call clc del...grnd delay program for Yz ....yah right! These grad delays are becoming more and more frequent, more frustrating, and what can the customer do? At the end of the day it costs the operators Thousand and thousands in misconnects and spoiled travel plans. I have no hesitation in blaming Nav Canada/ atc for the passengers inconvenience in my PAs. The other great line from a Us pilot: Hey Yz, just want you to know you guys are #2 in the world for atc........Really who's' #1???he asked.. Response....Everbody else!!! btw...just a reminder but the CEO of Nav Canada "earns" $4.5 mil a year!!
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    In many different ways, LBPIA and CYYZ are becoming a joke. Canada's busiest airport? The worlds most expensive airport? What are users (passengers/airlines) getting for their $$? Inability to deal with weekend traffic flow due to a missing tower controller? Traffic flow restrictions of nearly 50% for runway renewal? Terminal buildings that fall far short of the standard in the modern era. Things are not getting better. It is just more of the same. Security lines - ridiculous. Customs lines - ridiculous. Many, many available queues unused due to no staff. Best line I ever head from a US airline pilot was "My definition of happpiness is YYZ in my VOR with a 'from' indication". Pearson airport should be a place that people look forward to going to, not leaving behind. It is turning in to a national embarrassment.
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    "So what behaviour is the government trying to modify with top income tax rates at 53.5% in numerous provinces? " Personal initiative?
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    So what behaviour is the government trying to modify with top income tax rates at 53.5% in numerous provinces?
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    gator "The article suggests that Canada's per capita rate of carbon emissions is one of the highest and cites some valid reasons. If we use their logic, the best way to decrease the per capita rate is to bring immigrants in from third world countries. These immigrants will dilute the tar sands carbon per capita production, won't live in big houses, won't travel by plane, won't have high levels of material consumption and probably won't travel by car over large distances. Yet the article suggests that stopping immigration will solve the per capita problem. If immigration stops and Canadians continue as they are, we will remain one of the highest per capita producers." If there were only 10 people in Canada we'd still be one of the largest carbon emitters 'per capita'. If you add the carbon contributed by an extra 35 million bodies to the original 10, we can see how irrelevant the per capita consideration really is. Until meaningful population controls are implemented, especially in the third world, initiatives involving carbon taxation should not be seen as anything other than political scams, which makes them unworthy of genuine consideration; I think you admit it when you say; "the government will exact the same amount of money from the population by 2037 whether they are called carbon tax or income tax".
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    I did a little--- a VERY little---- study of the statutes and regulations, a fairly complex maze. The controllers are part of the FAA as all know. An aircraft operator reports to the NTSB forthwith upon the happening of any incident or accident and must preserve any evidence including any CVR. The situation at SFO was NOT a reportable occurrence requiring AC or any employee to notify the NTSB or preserve the CRV. I am merely guessing that either the FAA reported the matter to the NTSB some time later or AC did so voluntarily. The Canadian statutes and regs have a broader definition of a reportable occurrence but the time within which to report the "event" is not "forthwith" and certainly not within a time that would have prevented an overwrite of the CVR. In Canada, the CVR is " privileged". There is a CADORS for the Westjet low approach into St.Maarten and go round that was discussed on this forum. That " incident" was reported. Given the over-riding importance of using any negative event as a " learning moment", perhaps the discussion should be focused on 1) the definition of an "incident".....is there too much emphasis on an actual accident and damage or injury?; and, 2) the limited use of the CVR to assist in the understanding of processes that may lead to negative results whether that be undue deference in the cockpit or mutual reinforcement despite objective data. Aviators and the general public will never know what was being said in that cockpit as the aircraft approached SFO. Collectively, we are left with the recall of the pilots themselves and memories are fragile. Personally, I believe that a considerable benefit would be generated were procedures in place to preserve the CVR whenever anything occurred in flight that had some potential to result in loss. I know....I know....take off would satisfy that criterion. Obviously, " anything etc." would have to be defined.
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    On the surface, this appears to be a good solution. It's not the first time this has been proposed. These might come in handy for short stage lengths and at airports with long delays after pushback. China comes to mind. Engines on the A320 must be started 2 minutes prior to takeoff and it takes a couple of minutes to start them. Nobody's going to wait till the last second to start up, so engines will need to be started about 5-6 minutes prior to takeoff (not 3 as stated on the SAFRAN site). On a 15 minute taxi, that means a max of 10 minutes of savings. The difference between APU and a single engine taxi (the SAFRAN site compares the system to to a 2 engine taxi) on a 320 is about 100 kg per hour. So savings would be about 16 kg. This would mostly be consumed on a segment more than 3 hours if the system weighs 100 kg. Can't find max speed, but I can't imagine that it would be more than about 15 kts (I probably shouldn't assume). Long straight taxis with engines operating normally allow up to 30 kts. The extra time might actually cost fuel and would certainly increase overall cost (normally considered to be US$50 per minute especially if a flight is behind schedule) Costs to be considered: Up front cost Maintenance Extra weight enroute Use of APU vs single engine taxi. Still need tugs available in case system inop. Still need pushback crew to wingwalk and communicate with flight crew
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    I used to set up the ILS 28R in the secondary flight plan and get the pilot not flying to activate it when I no longer needed the rnav approach. In fact I always used the secondary flight plan and would often set it up with an alternative approach or runway. Used it more than once in YYZ !
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    And let's cut to the chase....they are not refugees, they are economic migrants!! Shopping for the best deal. (Can't say I blame them, given the turds open door policy).
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    the real impact of these border jumpers will only be realized when the US says they will not allow them back across their border, then what the hell do we do? Perhaps military flights back to Haiti for those who have been refused but of course that would only work if Haiti wants them back. ? or if Justin wants more pictures.
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    C'mon....it is an airline forum, after all!!!
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    Wouldn't have these issues on a pilotless plane.
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    SO MUCH NEGATIVITY!!! These systems are GREAT innovations - using GPU electrical power to take the aircraft to the hold short line of the runway of departure...What's not to like? C'mon - extra weight? Vs up to 30 minutes all engine fuel burns while waiting in line? Yes, gate hold procedures help, but these devices improve fuel burns even more.
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    Yes apparently it had lithium batteries but I was told the cargo load of fresh mangosteen's is inaccurate due to them being out of season at the time of this flight.