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    Who cares how Southwest feels. They got what they demanded, they get what they deserve.
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    This is way more fun than airline flying!
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    JD, congratulations on retirement and thanks for posting that - enjoyable reading, brings many memories - twelve years now. Lots of ways of expressing the career & profession - words, images . . . I hope these bring some memories for others:
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    To those who understand the world of flying. You see them at airport terminals around the world. You see them in the morning early, sometimes at night. They come neatly uniformed and hatted, sleeves striped; wings over their left pocket; They show up looking fresh. There's a brisk, young-old look of efficiency about them. They arrive fresh from home, from hotels, carrying suitcases, battered briefcases, bulging, with a wealth of technical information, data, filled with regulations, rules. They know the new, harsh sheen of Chicago 's O'Hare. They know the cluttered approaches to Newark ; they know the tricky shuttle that is Rio; they know but do not relish the intricate instrument approaches to various foreign airports; they know the volcanoes all around Guatemala. They respect foggy San Francisco . They know the up-and-down walk to the gates at Dallas , the Texas sparseness of Abilene , the very narrow Berlin Corridor, New Orleans ' sparkling terminal, the milling crowds at Washington . They know Butte , Boston , and Beirut . They appreciate Miami 's perfect weather; they recognize the danger of an ice-slick runway at JFK. They understand short runways, antiquated fire equipment, inadequate approach lighting, but there is one thing they will never comprehend: Complacency. They marvel at the exquisite good taste of hot coffee in Anchorage and a cold beer in Guam . They vaguely remember the workhorse efficiency of the DC-3s, the reliability of the DC-4s and DC-6s, the trouble with the DC-7 and the propellers on Boeing 377s. They discuss the beauty of an old gal named Connie. They recognize the high shrill whine of a Viscount, the rumbling thrust of a DC-8 or 707 on a clearway takeoff from Haneda, and a Convair. The remoteness of the 747 cockpit. The roominess of the DC-10 and the wonderfully snug fit of a DC-9. They speak a language unknown to Webster. They discuss ALPA, EPRs, fans, mach and bogie swivels. And, strangely, such things as bugs, thumpers, crickets, and CATs, but they are inclined to change the subject when the uninitiated approaches. They have tasted the characteristic loneliness of the sky, and occasionally the adrenaline of danger. They respect the unseen thing called turbulence; they know what it means to fight for self-control, to discipline one's senses. They buy life insurance, but make no concession to the possibility of complete disaster, for they have uncommon faith in themselves, their crew and what they are doing. They concede the glamour is gone from flying. They deny a pilot is through at sixty. They know tomorrow, or the following night, something will come along they have never met before; they know flying requires perseverance and vigilance. They know they must practice, lest they retrograde. They realize why some wit once quipped: "Flying is year after year of monotony punctuated by seconds of stark terror." As a group, they defy mortality tables, yet approach semi-annual physical examinations with trepidation. They are individualistic, yet bonded together. They are family people. They are reputedly overpaid, yet entrusted with equipment worth millions. And entrusted with lives, countless lives, behind and below him. At times they are reverent: They have watched the Pacific sky turn purple at dusk and the stark beauty of sunrise over Iceland at the end of a polar crossing. They know the twinkling, jeweled beauty of Los Angeles at night; they have seen snow on the Rockies. They remember the vast unending mat of green Amazon jungle, the twisting Silver road that is the father of waters, an ice cream cone called Fujiyama; the hump of Africa. Who can forget Everest from 100 miles away, or the ice fog in Fairbanks in January? They have watched natural and man-made satellites streak across a starry sky, seen the clear, deep blue of the stratosphere, felt the incalculable force of the heavens. They have marveled at sun-streaked evenings, dappled earth, velvet night, spun silver clouds, sculptured cumulus: God's weather. They have viewed the Northern Lights, a wilderness of sky, a pilot's halo, a bomber's moon, horizontal rain and snow, contrails and St Elmo's Fire. Only an aviator experiences all these. It is their world. It once was mine. It will be missed, forever
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    Good News !! With the CBC and its fine level of journalism, you wont have to wait long.
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    This section was titled incorrectly...should read IDEAL SCENARIO
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    imissmyflyinglove ofmylifehotwingsandbeeraregoodbutaminimumsapproachintoyvronafoggymorningissomethingimiss.
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    Credit where credit is due! Rumor has it a multiple bird strike/ingestion, engine change at an out base. West jet mechanics changed engine. Aircraft back in service. No complaints of disruption of service. Well done !
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    Filed under Fake News Your link does not give an option to see what the thousands of Liberal promises will cost. Hmmmm..Could it be because it’s published by a wing of the residing Liberals?
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    “ Aftermath of “Climate Strike” yesterday. Yes, listen to the kids, they will guide our planet, I guess they haven’t learnt the basics yet.”
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    Cool. Can we assume that a new leaf is in the process of turning over now? If so, I'll even swallow your howling comment and put aside the immediate picture it conjures of coyotes braying at the wolves howling at the full moon. The very moon each group are convinced they created by howling at the damn thing in the first place. My hope is that this debacle and all of the Liberal hypocrisy that goes with it could usher in a new era that see's idiotic political correctness receive the beat down it richly deserves.... I have my doubts though
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    “ One of the best lines to emerge on Twitter was that Trudeau is fortunate he isn’t a statue, or he’d be hauled down as politically unsound and shoved into storage. A prime minister who has made sanctimony part of his standard operating procedure; a leader who believes his opponents are not only in error, they’re in sin, has been revealed as an imposter. All that remains to be seen is whether voters care enough to defrock him come Oct. 21. For his doubters, he has just provided the cherry on top.” https://nationalpost.com/opinion/john-ivison-all-that-remains-to-be-seen-is-whether-voters-care-enough-about-this-to-defrock-trudeau
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    This makes for an interesting take on events, long read but...... https://apple.news/AHhKSVOlLS0GHBTAPJI9UXA
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    The deal was weak, not only that, the easing of sanctions provided the financial means to further their brand of evil in Syria, Yemen , Lebanon etc. Now the dog will bark but remain hungry. One thing the regime most definitely isn't is stupid. It will continue to bark but doesn't want to risk strikes from the US or Israel. It wants (it needs) a better deal not a spanking. From their perspective, confrontation with the west now needs to be managed very carefully.... just enough to maintain anti-western sentiments but not enough to trigger a revolt by people already eager for change and annoyed by the fact that most of the proceeds of the deal went to supporting Assad instead of them. It's pretty simple, they can have peace and prosperity anytime they want it. They need only agree to abandoning their nuclear ambitions and stop exporting terrorism. Instead of fighting them on the ground in Syria (or elsewhere), I say starve em in their own country until such time as the dog comes to heel. Continuing to feed this dog will only embolden it. Beware of applying western standards in places like this. I really think that it's time for Democrats to move on, the whole thing is getting silly and it's hurting them in the process. This should be an easy election to win.... no? It really has become like an episode of the road runner: https://www.foxnews.com/media/laura-ingraham-compares-dems-to-wile-e-coyote-cartoon-character-says-theyve-failed-to-hurt-trump
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    And who you can trust to lead the country...
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    it was very cool to hear it from the actual controllers that were handling Gander that day. They did their profession proud. Took control and got the job done like true professionals. Even the off duty came in of their own volition to help. Did Canada proud that day and the ones that followed.
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    I think that they’ll still make a profit as the heavy checks would be encompassed in the cargo conversion anyway. The question is are the next 787’s just replacements or will the options be exercised once the Onex sale goes through?
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    Common Jadee - we are supposed to be INCLUSIVE . What have you got against black groping PMs?
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    So you're a Monarchist? I don't remember seeing you getting your Knighthood.
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    Busting the myth of Ontario's 'massive education cuts' This month, after the Ford movement released its first budget, reactions from Ontario teacher unions and school board administrators was swift. Some claim the budget calls for “massive education cuts” and that schools will be starved for resources. But a closer look shows that K-12 education spending will simply return to 2016/17 levels. First, a bit of background. Education spending in Ontario has increased significantly in recent years. A recent study found that during the 10-year period between 2006/07 and 2015/16, per-student inflation-adjusted spending on public schools in Ontario rose from $11,238 to $13,321—an increase of 18.5 per cent. Over the same period, public school enrolment dropped from just over 2.1 million students in 2006/07 to slightly less than 2.0 million students in 2015/16—a decrease of 5.2 per cent. Ontario has been spending more and more on fewer and fewer students. After years of declining enrolment in public schools, the last couple of years have seen small increases, with average daily pupil enrolment projected to be 2,012,000 by the 2019/20 school year. On average, over the last four years, Ontario’s enrolment has grown by about 0.06 per cent per year. The new budget essentially calls for spending on K-12 education to be held constant in nominal terms over the next five years, increasing from $29.8 billion in 2019/20 to $30.2 billion in 2023/24. However, to get a true understanding of education spending, both changes in enrolment and price levels (inflation) must be taken into account. If the slow rate of average growth in enrolment over the last four years and current inflation remain relatively constant, real (inflation-adjusted) per-student spending will decline from a high $15,597 in 2019/20 to $14,600 in 2023/24—a difference of $997 or 6.4 per cent. At first glance, this appears to be a significant cut in spending, but it’s important to look at this level of spending in context. In 2016/17 Ontario spent $14,574 per-student in current 2019 dollars. This budget projects spending will reach $15,597 per student (inflation-adjusted) in 2019/20. Holding K-12 public education spending basically at current levels, coupled with modest increases in student enrolment and inflation, means that by 2023-24 per-student inflation-adjusted spending will fall back to $14,600. Rather than a drastic cut to education spending, this is simply a return to what was spent only two years ago in 2016/17. What’s more, the government is taking four years to implement these reductions. If Ontario public schools weren’t “starved” for resources in 2016/17, they won’t be starved for resources in 2023/24. It’s not surprising that any reduction in education spending—or even merely holding nominal spending steady—spurs swift and passionate criticism. However, when considered in a larger historical context, education spending in Ontario is simply returning to per-student inflation-adjusted spending. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/blogs/busting-the-myth-of-ontarios-massive-education-cuts And before you dismiss this as garbage... ” Fraser Institute ranked top think-tank in Canada; 18th most influential think-tank in the world “ https://www.fraserinstitute.org/studies/fraser-institute-ranked-top-think-tank-in-canada-18th-most-influential-think-tank-in-the-world
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    I was thinking the exact same thing ONLY because of the hypocrisy and NOT because of the incident itself. JT is no more a racist than Shear is a white supremacist AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. But, by their own liberal definitions and liberal narratives we now have a racist PM who has admitted to ongoing genocide. I await hysterical screams of "oh ya, well what about this" from the base.... it will likely take some time, but in the end it will be Harper's fault.
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    I would consider myself a "well seasoned traveller" but it would never occur to me that I would be on my own on any airline when I misconnected in what appeared to have been a pretty dynamic situation regardless of the fare I'm travelling on. These aren't people who stumbled out of a bar and presented themselves at the gate at the departure time. They were delivered to their new gate by none-other than WestJet itself. WestJet doesn't merely appear intent on torching their good will in the market, it looks like they're going to piss on the ashes too.
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    I book my own travel on the AC and WS websites regularly. Both are very clear about what you do and don’t get with the fare level you’ve selected. I have little sympathy for people who don’t take the time to read what’s in front of them.
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    Here is a good resource to see the platforms of all the parties in one spot. Updated regularly as well... https://www.macleans.ca/politics/2019-federal-election-platform-guide-where-the-parties-stand-on-everything/
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    Odd in the Vice article there wasn’t mention of the deficit and Trudeau’s promise to balance the budget in 2019....after years of deficits in Ontario, voters woke up and Wynne was turfed ... we will see if there is a similar reaction on the federal scene or will it take another 4 years of spending money we haven’t got.
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    I don’t know who is running the commercial side at WJ/SWOOP but the negative PR that has been highlighted lately is a serious degradation on their otherwise cheery product offerings. I sincerely hope that Gerry S and ONEX take a good look at the direction that this company is heading. The AC/AT combination (and superior product) will be just another nail in the WJ/SWOOP coffin unless there is change in product, policy, and performance.
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    back in the day...... the Captain was the Captain and commander.
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    Now the government is just making stuff up to suit their agenda: The Libs were critical of mean old Stevie Harper “muzzling” scientists.....now they are creating science..... as well as restricting what to say and controlling the legal system. Trudeau is proving how much he admires Communist China. https://www.blacklocks.ca/data-not-meant-to-mislead/ And if climate change is so real and so dramatic, why do you have to make up the data from modelling?? And just how many different models are there?
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    When I was stationed in KCOS, and one of the two personal pilots for DCINC NORAD, I was afforded many opportunities to fly USAF aircraft, (duals), and made a point of requesting flights in a myriad of hot machines. Because I wasn't constantly flying jets, my G tolerance wasn't the best so a Captain at Luke AFB took me to their aircrew supply area and got me a G suit, (chaps only), which they told me to keep. They were packed in the DCINC's aircraft for the duration of my tour. Obviously never qualified on all the aircraft but got an hour or so in many fine whiz-bangs... Many good memories of flying with some great USAF guys but those days are gone forever.
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    My reaction was not the price but the quote that the price had gone from $1.00 to $14.00 and why. I think you have hit the nail on the head, the price is what it is because of an overall culture change.
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    The perfect storm and now entrenched enough that it's difficult to fix; even if TAVIS, street checks and parole enhancements were initiated today..... the next generation is currently being indoctrinated. The fact that people still cling to the desperate notion this has something (anything) to do with registered owners only defers real solutions. Simply tally up the number of criminal code, storage, transport, possession, discharge, carry etc etc violations here and ask yourself if further regulation will help. Maybe it is time to insist on the "safe storage" of gang members and make it illegal to transport them without a specific license and specific authority (on a case by case basis, and by direct route, with no stops from origin to destination and only for specific and authorized purposes). The rest of the time they should be stored in double locked containers.... handcuffed to the bar of their cell would be analogous here. Most people calling for more regulation have no idea what rules are already in place and their ignorance is as palpable as it is dangerous and ineffective. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-trudeau-offers-false-hope-and-empty-promises-on-gun-violence IMO, Liberal narratives and wilful ignorance has become more dangerous than than the gangs themselves. Apply any of this (in analogy form) to the aviation industry and we would find it absurd based on experience and logic.
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    Out of control in Southern Ontario 1 dead, another injured in highway shootings near Brampton ‎Today, ‎September ‎16, ‎2019, ‏‎4 hours ago | CBC News One person is dead and another seriously injured after what Peel police are describing as "multiple shootings" on Highway 410 in Brampton.
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    What I miss, among other things, was being dropped off curb side, into the terminal and cutting through sales counter, into the baggage room, say hi to everybody and out onto the ramp to spark up the awaiting 737 for the ffod....no security, no screening, no attitude from new hire employees, no baggage searches.....everybody smiled and was part of a family at the different terminals we flew into......now we have employees that don’t even acknowledge one another!!!
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    Different folks, different opinions...this is good. Been retired for a long time now and I don't miss it one bunch. I had 28 years with DND and 15 in the airline industry and the airline industry flying was the icing on the cake, good money and an "easy" job. In all honesty, my Military flying career was more fun, more places, and better fun toys to fly. I think one reason many feel depressed, if it goes that far,(depressed), when they hang up their spurs is that their life revolved around the industry and perhaps not enough time was spent building a library of interests outside of the job. I flew with a few fellows who indicated that pending retirement was not something they wanted to embrace and their "life" would be on a severe down-slope once punted through the goal posts. I will not bore you with a lists of my interests and what I do now but suffice to say the days are not long enough for me to get everything done that I want to do and I normally exist on 5 hours of sleep a night. Yes....... the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, but, as the saying goes............ Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, a glass of wine in one hand, chocolate in the other, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Holy sh!t..... what a Ride!”
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    The Economy is based on perpetual growth. Along with that growth comes inflation. That inflation leads to higher wages which leads to more inflation ( in the order of around 2% / year) The problem is that the minimum wage NEVER kept up with the rate of inflation. (on that note neither did base salaries in most corporations). The only people that were being compensated for inflation were the Highest paid wage earners. The major problem here is that there are becoming more and more bottom end earners which actually stifles the economy because they have no spending power to put back into the economy. They barely make enough to survive. Given the increase in the minimum wage they have a little more power for discretionary spending so that money goes back into the economy and the cycle continues. Anyone here remember paying less that $5 for a Big MAc Combo? It wasn't that long ago. The Wage increase didn't drive that price up to $14 inflation did. Why do you think Airlines right now cannot find Mechanics or Rampies? Because they are still paying the same base wage they paid in !995. It is not a living wage. To survive in any Major city in this country you need a decent income. Rent in Toronto for a small 1 bedroom is sitting close to if not over $2000/month At minimum wage That leave a minimum wage earner with $500 on which to live and thats before you account for taxes. Now before all the Baby Boomers pipe up and say "well you have to pay your dues. Remember back in 1963 a house in Toronto was $16,000 Today that same house would be almost $1.5 million. The work ethic and drive no longer apply here. It is impossible for an entry level worker to achieve what the previous generations achieved just by working hard or multiple jobs. Bottom line. increasing minimum wage was necessary to the economy. The benefits of that will lag the initial effect by a couple of years until the market adjusts.
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    Omni has been flying AC lift for a few months now. Wide body aircraft not MAX traffic. Jazz is flying a lot more hours than contracted to help keep up as I am sure Sky Regional is as well. The Max Absence is having a large impact on the schedule both now and in the winter sked. However giving up a single tail for a charter will not significantly add to that issue
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    Remember, when you point a finger, three point back at you... Sorry the pics didn't transver over, click the link to see the proof of Mr. Scheer's hypocrisy. https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/andrew-scheer-called-out-justin-trudeaus-india-trip-and-it-completely-back-fired Andrew Scheer Tried To Make Fun Of Justin Trudeau’s India Trip & It Completely Backfired Things definitely didn't go to plan for Scheer. Helena Hanson 1 month ago Updated on August 02 @ 04:24 PM 1.4K andrewjscheer | Instagram justinpjtrudeau | Instagram It is no secret that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer are not exactly the best of friends. Most recently, Andrew Scheer called out Justin Trudeau's India trip. That's not surprising, as the two are leaders of opposing political parties, and there's an election right around the corner. However, things don’t always work out the way you want when it comes to social media, where Scheer posted about Trudeau. In fact, things certainly backfired for Scheer this week when he tried to drag Justin Trudeau for ‘damaging Canada’s international relations’ during his 2018 trip to India. Despite Scheer's attempts to make a mockery of Trudeau, the public seemed to side with the Prime Minister, making Scheer look a little bit foolish himself. To make his point, Scheer shared a recent article from the National Post, which was criticizing Trudeau’s choice of attire during his recent trip to India. During the trip, the Prime Minister and his family were seen repeatedly wearing traditional Indian clothing, that was described by one website as “too Indian, even for an Indian.” While the tweet had more than 500 retweets and nearly 2,000 likes, the response from Canadians was probably not exactly what Scheer was hoping for. While it is common for political figures and their families to wear culturally appropriate attire during official visits, it is rarely done so often and so over-the-top as Trudeau did. Naturally, Scheer made the most of this opportunity to take aim at the Liberal leader, saying in a tweet that “he [Trudeau] has embarrassed Canada on the world stage.” However, Canadians were not having any of this from Scheer, and were quick to respond to his tweet with some pretty hilarious criticisms of their own. In fact, several users dug out some less-than-flattering photos of Scheer, and even his predecessor Stephen Harper, dressed in various cultural attires, taking the opportunity to call him out on his hypocrisy. pic.twitter.com/OjEeDyWvtR — Danked (@dankeddude) August 2, 2019 One Twitter user used Scheer's own trip to London as an example of his hypocrisy, writing, “Not nearly as embarrassing as when you went on a make-believe Canadian PM trip to the UK. Did you accomplished big things while you were out there, Agent Smart?” Another noted that Trudeau’s clothing could simply be regarded as respectful, writing, “ why is it that when you wear these same kinds of clothes, it was ok, but when the PM does it, you ridicule him? He was trying to show respect for the culture, what's wrong with that? Is this what you think a good leader does?” With the October federal election drawing nearer, it is no surprise the pressure is building between the two opposing leaders, and they are likely to continue to take aim at one another in the weeks to come. That said, after his latest attempt to call-out Trudeau back-fired a little, perhaps Scheer will be a little more careful before he hits the 'send tweet' button next time!
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    I am in a somewhat similar scenario as per time spent away. I really wish I could sleep like you....seems my mind never shuts down day or night. I always loved my “ job”. I certainly don’t miss the bureaucracy, I don’t miss the simulators. I don’t miss the company one bit. I do miss the flying, the excitement of going to work, the airplanes, the technology, the layovers all over the world, the endless supply of new restaurants to explore, the friends I made. If I hadn’t been forced to retire I would probably still be doing what some call “working”
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    Chick-fil-A back in the news after meeting their goal of only using antibiotic free chicken. This is clearly a discriminatory practice aimed at chickens of colour from poor neighbourhoods who are unable to access medical care. CNN reports that there is no level of "fowl play" the christian right won't stoop to. The DNC is currently "hatching" a plan to ban the restaurant from federally owned premises as a result: https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/chick-fil-a-antibiotic-free-chicken
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    They used our hangar. Great bunch of guys on the engine change.
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    "The 49-year-old pilot, who has over 13,000 hours of flying experience" Perhaps.... unless pilots have a certain number of flying hours, they should not be served hot beverages....I mean that statement is really an eye opener and is good food for thought.......Now using a lid on the cup of hot beverage may not help as I have seen many people spill their beverage attempting to get the "snapped on " lid off. I thought "some" of the guys I flew with should have been drinking their beverages with a "soother"...........but I never said that out loud. Have a nice weekend.
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    It's statements like that which cause reasonable people's eyes to glaze over. Do you really think anyone believes that any Conservative government anywhere is actually dedicated to making the population dumber or that it deliberately manipulates the eduction system to achieve that end? If the road is in poor condition in my riding (Liberal BTW) am I then to conclude that Liberals want more accidents and fatalities on the highway? No one really believes that sheer is a white suprematist regardless of how many times JT screams it. They don't believe he is a Nazi either and making those statements only minimizes the evil effects those ideologies have perpetrated and insults the intelligence of reasonable people. Moving forward, Liberals and Democrats had better start thinking about how reasonable people view their antics.... time is short. As a former Liberal, I see it as over the top, self destructive and thus, bordering on idiotic. At a minimum, it is a huge insult and disservice to anyone who has ever been victimized by white suprematist or Nazi atrocities. Minimizing these things in a flippant manner for obvious and craven political ends will serve them poorly in the long run IMO. Where have reasonable, moderate, compassionate Liberals gone? Find me one and I'll vote for it. If the only reason your cabinet is 50% women is because it's 2015 then STOP. If the best people available are all women and 100% of the cabinet are women as a result, you will get no argument from me.
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    An oldie... And it’s not multinationals to blame: “and big multinationals that cut jobs domestically to tap cheap labor abroad.” https://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2019/8/steel-industry-says-hundreds-thousands-canadian-jobs-lost-ottawas-lng-exemptions/ Still haven’t figured out Trudeau’s rational....