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    I’m always amused how turbulence is blamed for injuries when in reality not wearing a seatbelt is really the culprit. In another article on this incident I read that most of the injured were in “first class” and I wonder how many people buckle up when fully reclined.
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    How did they find a Japanese hotel room with enough extra space to add a simulator?
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    Wasn’t on this airplane long but what a great machine......Nordair had them configured for long range ice patrol .. 8-10 hours was no problem...with fuselage tanks installed, we carried around 65000 lbs of gas!!!!!! Alternates were never a problem. We could go anywhere. Yes, we flew in the Arctic but with this airplane, it wasn’t exactly bush flying. And with those props, stopping wasn’t an issue either. I remember landing on a dicey runway once and tower asked “How was the braking??” . As we were parking, the captain smiled and said “I’ll tell him when I use ‘em!!”. (Didn’t want to hijack the dash thread so I started this one...maybe we could start a thread for neat aircraft).
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    Amazing story: https://youtu.be/B0GbkM6n90o
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    Perhaps the last second seat belt and PA were a late response to something in their path. At that latitude you’ve to got to respect any kind of WX radar return and give lots of room. I’ve always used UAL’s recommended cloud above 25,000 gets 25 miles as starting point. FMC artwork is handy for the decision process and you can see which way they are moving.
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    I always leave my belt on even when sleeping fully reclined
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    Why you need trusted news sources:
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    I know it's late notice, but CBS news is live streaming in real time the Apollo 11 launch. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/apollo-11-moon-launch-memorable-moments-cbs-news-coverage-50-years-ago-today-2019-07-16-live-stream/
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    Yeah, just don’t lick anything.
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    Seriously. If you are that concerned about the cleanliness of an aircraft. Stay home.
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    “When someone says global warming, we think about the fact that it’s getting warmer,” he said. “And that’s true, it is, but the climate is changing in the upper atmosphere as well.” According to research conducted by Williams, the type of “severe clear air turbulence” experienced by passengers aboard Air Canada flight AC33 Thursday – which resulted in an emergency landing at Honolulu’s international airport and sent 37 people to hospital – could double or even triple as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise. https://globalnews.ca/news/5489393/frequency-of-severe-air-turbulence-could-triple-due-to-climate-change/ Any UK scientist associated with the IPCC is him/herself subject to debate...
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    Found this video goto in a post by Jaydee about Justin. There is some times gold in some of the political posts
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    Into a lake on floats? In the dark? Hopefully the 3 not confirmed deceased will turn up ok if only injured. Condolences to those who perished...
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    The IPCC models have not managed to identify an underlying base line on which to add or subtract potential human impacts on climate, and ALL of the models have predicted significantly greater warming than has actually occurred. Well, in the past few months, researchers in THREE SEPARATE COUNTRIES, Japan, Finland, and Australia, have all published material claiming to have found the "missing link" that explains climate change. AND, all three conclude that man-made climate change (that is, climate change induced by carbon dioxide) is virtually non-existent, eclipsed by the heating and cooling effects of cloud formation due to increased cosmic radiation. (It's the SUN stupid). It will be interesting to see whether peer reviews of the material produce agreement with the conclusions. Here are some easy to read links: http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/domestic/16562-finnish-scientists-effect-of-human-activity-on-climate-change-insignificant.html https://www.thegwpf.com/scientists-find-evidence-cosmic-rays-influence-earths-climate/ https://notrickszone.com/2018/05/21/scientists-have-found-the-missing-link-from-sunspot-activity-to-cosmic-rays-clouds-to-climate-change/ Here's a copy of the Finnish Research Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1907.00165.pdf Here's a copy of the Japanese Paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-45466-8
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    Amazing the things you collect.
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    I have a few pieces of CP Airlines Silverware, when they switched logos, they sold off much of the then surplus cutlery to staff who came to the YVR ops center to make their purchase. Real silver as you can tell by the tarnish. The fork shows the original Goose and the Knife shows the more stylized version, both marked Canadian Pacific Airlines
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    I’ve got a pretty good fork, knife, spoon ‘collection’. The rattle from my flight bag usually indicated a new member had joined the group.
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    I wonder if it will have SDDCDM (Système d'augmentation des caractéristiques de manœuvre)
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    As a trainee technician, he may have lacked the experience and knowledge to make a proper risk assessment. It's a task that should require supervision.
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    Note the remark re politics, I wonder if the same can apply to some in previous generations? Why Millennials are Having Less Sex Than Any Other Generation The hard facts The National Post reported that according to research published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, a British study found that one out of every eight 26-year-old is a virgin. Also, one-third of all American men aged 18 to 29 didn’t have sex once in 2018. So why exactly is this phenomenon happening? No wedding bells It’s common knowledge that not only are millennials waiting longer to get married, some aren’t even doing it at all. “Say what you will about sex after marriage, but getting married does indeed pack you into a house with someone who will probably get bored and have sex with you once in a while,” says Tristin Hopper in the National Post. Even the most promiscuous can’t top the frequency of married couples with a good sex life. Mom and dad are crashin’ your style In addition to waiting longer to get married, millennials are waiting longer to move out on their own. Around 15 per cent of 25 to 35-year-olds are living with their parents. Hopper makes an excellent point: “it’s hard to get your bone on when you’re sharing a kitchen with your elderly parents.” Swipe right Yes, dating apps should in theory give millennials more access to sex. “But the vast majority of us aren’t all that pretty, so we need to trick people into sleeping with us with other attributes like confidence, money or sense of humour,” says Hopper. “Unfortunately, none of those things show up in a Tinder photo, so no banging for you.” All the porn, all the time With so much free porn right at our fingertips, it’s gotta have an impact on millennials’ sex lives. This access “might be reducing your motivation to go out and find some real sex, which unlike pornography is often sticky, poorly lit and disappointing,” Hopper says. Let’s talk about politics Hopper said the fifth reason millennials are having less sex is because “they’re all super uptight.” We’re calling it a change in priorities. Survey data from OkCupid found that millennials are more concerned with a partner’s political affiliation over good sex. “So yes, if your generation is willing to forego mind-blowing sex just because your partner voted for the wrong party,” Hopper says. “You might have a problem.”
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    I think that “theairlinewebsite.com” should hand out their own awards. We can make up a bunch of categories and do it as a poll.
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    Disagree completely. Ontario alone is a net carbon sink absorbing many more times the carbon it produces. And even though Ford cancelled the reforestation initiatives (tree planting), private companies have taken up the slack to continue the practice. This is something my niece has been doing, now in her sixth season.
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    What does that even mean? If you want a solution the numbers need to add up. The accord deficit is currently higher than the output of the agricultural sector. This is a basic math issue and no one seems willing to say how it is to be done. The deficit is massive and requires the elimination of between 66-79 megatons of carbon. Where do those cuts come from and on what planet is that an unreasonable question? And why is an offshore effort not worthwhile.... being a national partner on an incinerator project intended to burn the plastic recovered from just one of those ten rivers makes a lot more sense to me that banning plastic straws in Dogpound Alberta (yes it's a real place). I can't even remember the last time I used one of those....maybe when I was 6.
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    What puzzles me is how anyone who benefited from Capitalism can so turn against it. I guess it is a little like a "born again religious advocate"
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    The amount of differing statistics on this subject is staggering and I suspect that it’s done deliberately and in support of various agendas. As a political agnostic though, I find it difficult to even make a rational assessment of our progress or to discern where it’s all going. It’s not my area of expertise for sure and when I look at the deliberate manipulation of facts in those areas that I do have a degree of expertise it makes me cynical about the information tossed about in sound bites. Getting real information is a bit of a challenge (at least for my level of search skills). The good news though is that my inability to make sense of it all likely doesn’t matter much since the Democrats have determined that the world ends in 10 years anyway. It seems to me that we have a carbon deficit of some 66-79 megatons depending on who you believe. As of 2017, our agriculture sector produced 60 megatons, energy exploration and development was 56 megatons, and industrial processes accounted for 54 megatons. When considered in perspective, magic lightbulbs and $20.00 per ton carbon taxes are so inadequate that further discussion of them is not even rational IMO. If you want to hit accord targets the nation needs to commit to significant pain and most people who join my gym in January are gone by the middle of Feb.... it will be a tough sell I bet. It all sounds good until a bit of pain sets in. I have repeatedly suggested that simple doesn’t translate to easy and I would invite anyone who doesn’t believe that to take an introductory lesson in traditional archery because nothing could be more simple and less easy. In that context, my question is pretty simple (the answer sure isn't though) and it consists of two parts: 1. Given that Canada only produces 1.6% of the world’s carbon and that our landmass scrubs all of it, do you really want to proceed with the accord domestically when other offshore options to make a meaningful contribution exist; and 2. If you do, what sector, sectors or percentage of sectors do you want to shut down to meet the targets? Nothing in my experience leads me to conclude that the people who want action on climate change are any different from those who invade the gym on Jan 01 (committed to lose weight) and go AWOL by Feb 15.
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    And what happens when balloons get over inflated?
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    you say that like unbridled growth is a good thing. While it looks good for the economy the longer term effects will not be good for the middle class american.
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    That’s a good question. It could be a demo but it’s rare that they’d waste a load of mud for that. As for the location, the guy who took it is from central B.C. so I’m guessing it was from a small fire at the base of a ridge that threatened some homes and a farm west of Kamloops last year.
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    Outisde of China, altitudes are measured in feet.
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    Over a dozen of them are still used as air tankers by Conair, Airspray and Buffalo Airways. Those massive prop blades are helpful in keeping the drop speed down during a descending run to the fire.
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    I know I may be contributing to the thread creep here but a couple of photos of the remains of L-188 CF-NAZ in the hanger in YSU and being loaded on to a Super Guppy for shipment to Van Nuys CA for fuselage splicing to be reborn as C-GNDZ. Photo credit unknown.
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    I’ll take the L188 for that job.
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