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    Yes, Zaphod was a character in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Congrats on knowing/finding the reference to Rich, J.O. and Marshall but you guys still haven't got the significance to the reference. It's just something that occurred to me and, obviously, not some earth-shattering revelation but calling Trump "Zaphod" works on many levels. - Zaphod was the President of the Galaxy and Trump is the President of the USA - that's one. - Zaphod was described in the book as being "hedonistic and irresponsible, narcissistic almost to the point of solipsism, and often extremely insensitive to the feelings of those around him." I would say that's a fair description of Trump as well - that's two. - Zaphod is boorish, immature, impulsive and prone to temper tantrums - that's three. - Zaphod was briefly the President of the Galaxy (a role that involves no power whatsoever, and merely requires the incumbent to attract attention so no one wonders who's really in charge.) This refers to the idea that the President of the USA (which changes every 4 or 8 years) is relatively insignificant to the "real" control which is held by the military-industrial complex - that's four. Anyway, I've never heard anyone else call Trump "Zaphod" so maybe it's just me that sees the similarities but I thought it was funny.
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    For those directly affected by these very difficult decisions as well as those now looking over their shoulder... Having seen a bit of this in a previous life, this too, shall eventually pass to become a distant memory. Keep hope strong, keep optimism alive and most of all keep in "touch" with one another using the usual electronic means. Don
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    After reading this thread my thoughts went back 20 years to a recorded telephone message, from Robert Milton, to all employees explaining the Canadian Merger. His explanation to employees was the Feds have made it clear we have no choice. Routes threatened etc. That would have been Jan 2000. Next came 911. Then SARS. Then Bankruptcy. Although I didn’t post at the time I remember being glued to posters like Don Hudson and Daggar. I was just new with AC and the stress was high. Two messages. 1) To those who are vulnerable right now. This will pass. AC pilots will do what it takes to keep furlough to a minimum in the mean time. Only listen now to people who you know have a good idea of what they are talking about. Forget the masses. 2) Dagger you must be old. . Actually about 20 years late but thank you.
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    Just think of the amount of off-the-books debt (pensions, health care, etc) countries can shed with a virus that targets the folks who will need this funding. And the social problems associated with the ratio of retired/working increasing are instantly reduced. If this was indeed an “engineered” virus, it’s brilliant to tackle these issues. Sadly though, it leaves us (slightly) younger folks who use lots of plastic and can’t make soup using potatoes. Note: My Mum is 82 and most of my Aunts & Uncles are in that age group. I don’t wish any harm to come to them, our any of your parents, grandparents, elderly relatives. Let’s all pull together, don’t hoard food, binge watch some Netflix, get out the board games, wash our hands, etc. in a community-wide effort to help/protect the vulnerable.
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    Boestar, you are making a lot of assumptions here and of course i want the population to be healthy...I certainly dont want to cut off his hands, I just dont want him to be able to reach deep into my pocket for the next 2 years without oversight.
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    Rich: indeed it does. You keep taking parts from the boxes and turning them into pieces until you run out of parts. Then you start putting pieces together and turning them into components until you run out of pieces. And then you look at all the components and realize that it's time to get out of the garage and buy a hangar big enough to assemble the airplane! Great fun and a great learning experience... John
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    French Angel Fish h The lonely Rock Fish with only a face a mother could love Sting Ray waffling into the sand Hawk bill turtle Green Moray Eel suggesting we move along The dreaded LIONFISH below...poison on the "mane" tips...Has no predators other than man. We killed two and use scissors to take off the mane, gut them and the Dive Master took them home to eat I have forgotten the name but it is a pretty fish Curious Nurse shark
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    Historically, the Canadian government has never ponied up the kind of big bailout cash for airlines that the US does, and will. We already see United, for example, jockeying for cash, telling employees they may be laid off if the government doesn't come up with a big bailout. Now ask yourself, if UA gets a lot of cash, without strings, is it really going to keep on the 70% of its staff with nothing to do? That would be an extraordinarily stupid use of bailout cash because if this proves to be a long slow recovery, the airline would run out of cash paying tens of thousands of employees over months to stay at home. So linking continued employment to a bailout is BS. That why Canadian carriers are moving aggressively on layoffs, likely work sharing for the rest, etc. They know the government isn't going to make them whole. This will be a substantial money losing year for all Canadian carriers, no matter what relief they get from the feds. In all likelihood, the help that comes will be in any form but no-strings cash. It might be loans, deferrals, perhaps rebates that convert into tax liabilities that will reduce future profitability, etc etc. Its unlikely that airlines will get enough help to make them attractive for a takeover, just less of a dog under current circumstances. By the way I love our airlines, but I subscribe to the notion that sometimes, because of crappy factors like pandemics or volcanoes or terrorists, airlines will have bad years financially. That's the nature of the business. The government in this case should probably offer help, but not so much to make up for all the lost profitability. There will be very good years ahead, there is going to be a lot of pent-up demand to visit relatives and be tourists again, and all those business conferences and trade shows will be much more useful to go to for having been cancelled in 2020. And while some people are obviously being hurt financially, a lot of others have nothing to spend money on - prime candidates to reward themselves with a trip once things move back towards normal. Remember, the 1918-19 Spanish flu was followed by the Roaring Twenties. That's why I think the massive bailouts US airlines want - and may get - are nuts. Let the money go to people, let the airlines have enough to stay solvent and solid with the expectation that they will make back all their losses - and more - starting next year.
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    Little Puffer...if you scare him he does this........ next pic Small spotted Moray eel..out and cruising Queen Angel Spotted Cow Fish Spotted Moray Eel Brassy Trumpet Fish Dropping Deeper Octopus blending his color into the coral...seen on a night dive A sad Rock Fish Little Squid East Edge of the Blue wall..That is me at the bottom and I am at "about 120 feet" and below me is approx 1500 feet of water
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    Sunwing offers available seats on repatriation flights to stranded Canadians for free Provided by Sunwing Vacations Inc/Globe Newswire TORONTO, March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunwing is offering available seats on its repatriation flights from southern destinations to stranded Canadians, free of charge – including for non-Sunwing customers. “We understand a lot of Canadians are still stranded outside the country and struggling to get home,” said Stephen Hunter, CEO of Sunwing Travel Group. “That’s why we want to open up any extra capacity we have. It’s the Canadian thing to do.” As part of its ongoing efforts to repatriate Sunwing customers, the travel company is bringing home approximately an additional 11,000 Canadians today, which will bring the total number of repatriated Sunwing customers to over 33,000. Sunwing is operating approximately 60 flights from various holiday destinations, departing today. Canadians looking to return home on a Sunwing flight should check the most up to date flight times at https://www.sunwing.ca/pages/en/flight-status-alerts. If a northbound flight is operating from their destination, they should make their way to the departure airport and present themselves to the Sunwing Airlines check in counter. If space remains prior to departure at the closure of check in, any available seats will be offered to Canadians or Canadian permanent residents free of charge. Given the unprecedented situation, the focus of our company and destination team remains on the repatriation of our customers. We therefore ask to please refrain from calling us since availability can only be confirmed at the airport ahead of the closure of check in for each flight service. We expect to have all Sunwing customers home by Monday March 23. At our current estimate, Sunwing will be operating almost 400 flights and spending more than $26 million to bring these Canadians home safely, at no extra cost to the customer. About Sunwing
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    In the past two weeks, as a full revenue passenger, I flew on both Air Canada and WestJet. Both provided quality service. We are very lucky to have two such great airlines here in Canada. I used their APPs. to keep track of my flights and booked online. Just too darn easy.
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    Your grandparents were called to war. You are being called to sit on the sofa. deal with it
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    who are we? Surely the travelling public with their $$$$$ and their belief in great and consistent service / reliability, thank fully we have at least 4 great Canadian airlines who will likely pull through. JUST REMEMBER FOLKS ALL OF YOU WHO, AT LEAST IN THE EAST, RAN ACROSS THE BORDER FOR CHEAPER FARES FROM US LOW COST AIRLINES. WHERE ARE YOU NOW?
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    I listened on the radio this afternoon to people complain about this. They had the opportunity on the screen in front of them to protect themselves in the event something like this happened... fully refundable fares were presented to them, along with other options with no cost or low cost changes right up to the point of departure. Of course they could have bought travel insurance... When people buy tickets and their plans have to change, whether or not it's their "fault", that's just the way it goes... Should have paid the extra few bucks and got the fare that covered changes. First world problems... too bad, no vacation, and they have to eat the price of a plane ticket. Life goes on, good thing you're not quarantined in a collapsing hotel.
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    I love the silence. No one is suggesting that border controls are racist anymore. Not a single Liberal is suggesting that border guards are Nazis. People throwing plastic gloves on the ground at Sobey's no longer have anything to say about plastic straws. And those who have said "Canada doesn't need... whatever " heavy lift helicopters, fighters, CAS, TASMO, ASW, etc. now realize how limited their experience is in the real world and have nothing more to say. In times of emergency, judge the foolish by their silence...
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    I wish I could be so bullish. We were already teetering on the edge with the amount of personal debt people were carrying. The bailout money sounds like a lot but in a few months it's going to look like we're trying to land a 1000 lb tuna with 2 lb test line.
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    Well Dagger, perhaps the great unwashed (supported by their Lawyers) want the industry to shrink to what it was in the 60 & 70s. IMO that is exactly where it would be headed. No more 10 flights to chose from but rather 2 or 3 a week and even on Transcon perhaps 6 ow flights a day if even that. That would of course eliminate the Pilot Shortage and even the need to purchase more aircraft, after all we all know that most aircraft (take the DC3 for example) can motor on for 50 or more years as long as properly maintained. Just imagine the self loading freight on an aircraft with no WIFI, NO MOVIES ETC BUT PERHAPS WITH REAL MEAL SERVICE ETC. FOR THOSE WHO COULD AFFORD THE VERY INCREASED FARES. Maybe time to get away from open skies and instead return to regulated routes etc.
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    Cool, only 48 more Mts to go for the year. Eliminate most agricultural activities and go to $300/ton in carbon taxes and we have it cased. The obsession with plastic straws is sounding pretty silly now eh? The defenders of lunacy have gone quiet... Perhaps for the first time, people are beginning to see the enormity of the task at hand.
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    by my (rough) calculation on transportation alone we have reduced somewhere around 16 Mt of CO2 over the last 30 days by virtue of the fact the highways, byways and airways are basically empty. The transportation sector makes up 28% of Our emissions and we have decreased that by a huge amount over the last month. Another Month of this and the reduction will be 32Mt. We are well on our way to meeting our targets now. Just need to keep this up for a year.
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    Well, so what? Cancer kills more than WW2, heart disease kills more too. That's a stupid statement. Smoking, not wearing seatbelts, impaired driving, eating at MacDonald's 5 times a week probably all kill more than WW2.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/media/msnbc-ratings-flat-first-quarter https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dems-media-change-tune-trump-attacks-coronavirus-china-travel-ban By virtue of recent experience, people have begun to ask "does this make sense?" Good to see and overdue IMO.... When a government say's that border controls don't work and then closes the borders 3 days later, people ask... does this make sense? When a government suggests that drug fuelled gang murders are related to olympic and IPSC shooting events people ask... does this make sense? Yes, I could go on at significant length but I know you get the general idea. Political correctness has has utterly, totally and completely failed on first contact; CNN, MSNB and, CBC are on full display for open minded citizens to asses on the merits of their performance. Good judgement is a product of experience... and nothing says experience like experiencing experience...
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    Aircraft carriers are a huge logistical undertaking, the equivalent of a small town... God bless them. Watching flight operations from the deck (a refuelling helicopter perspective) is the very definition of poetry in motion, very impressive. IMO, the very best of the USN are employed on carriers and nuclear subs.
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    Assuming we continue on our relatively low impact trajectory through COVID-19, Canada needs to be in a strong position to support the rest of the world. We have resources, expertise and people who excel at those things and I hope we'll continue to invest in our country to be ready, including being able to provide oil to parts of the world that will need it. In the longer term we can still prepare for a world that is less reliant on oil. The world won't be ready for a while.
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    Depends upon who you define as "we".
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    I just watched a half hour interview with the top expert on the Corona virus. They do not know if you can catch it twice as they have had some people heal, show no symptoms then 7 days later they are sick again. Also noteworthy... since they test more then everyone else, they have great data... 20% of people being tested positive to Covid 19 show no symptoms at all... Yet they are as contagious as others. Also interesting, everyone flying in to Incheon Airport is getting tested. You get the results in 6 hrs, regardless of results you stay in quarantine for 14 days. If you do have the virus, they put an app on your phone and you have to check in with symptoms twice a day and the phone of course gives away your GPS location and warns authority if you leave home. A long watch but amazingly informative on the Covid 19 virus and how Korea is dealing with it and why they were able to react so fast.. Just turn the sound off (it's in Korean with subtitles) and get the speed up on the video if you don't have the 36 minutes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAk7aX5hksU&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR1ZPWrRLyQLk9mt8CHcnuTqKX0Rz-nFfNolWBPEwqnyTGotsGgN4R3B9g8
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    With respect... you have never been through a merger have you ?? In ANY industry merger seniority is the only thing that counts until,I in some cases, the issue goes to arbitration...
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    The most outrageous posts found on “this side of the forum” are usually when one of the Left wing nutcases from the “other side of the forum” come here to post. The “ Screw Alberta “ thread instantly comes to mind. Most days postings on “this” forum contain events of the day, sometimes contentious in nature. So rather than “pretend” the world is a just and righteous place I believe we discuss things that are a lot more important than 90% of the stuff found elsewhere. I am grateful the owners of this forum allow free and open discussion. Something sorely lacking in today’s society. Thank You ! Some can handle truth, some can’t. Basically the difference between common sense and delusion.
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    Anybody else getting tired of these non-stop news stories about Canadians in far away countries begging for a rescue flight when they rolled the dice and knowingly took their trip after the the virus was already well underway? Yes, I understand that it's unprecedented and that nobody could predict the massive fallout. The part that galls me however is when the "story" will include comments about how there were seats last week but they didn't buy them because Air Canada was charging too much or about how the government isn't doing enough to help them. They got caught in a situation and they want help, they want it now and they want it for free. No mention of personal responsibility. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
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    I'm gonna post this here because I believe this forum has been overloaded with right wing extremist nutbars. Some folks south of Canada have voiced an opinion that folks over 60 ought to be willing to dive on the fire pit to save the economy. Am I repeating something you've all talked about elsewhere? Sorry if I missed it. I guess my question has to somehow relate to aviation, so I'll ask, do the conservative pilots in Canada agree with that point of view? ...and if so, would they be willing to come to a bonfire in my backyard to tell me all about it?
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    I bet this looks familiar!
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    Out of 35,000,000 people
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    What benefit does the union have by going to the media with this? Absolutely ridiculous.
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    What I would like to know is who among Trump's insider friends did he tell ahead of this announcement. There are going to be big winners and big losers. Vs
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    Hmmmm. What are YOU going to do for ME? That is a pretty Liberal Statement for a devout Conservative. I believe the Conservative answer would be Thanks for the cash, you are on your own.
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    Could have been bad shrimp.
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    Nice to see..... I'm not that way inclined....when I see something that is, in my opinion, rather stupid, my thoughts ricochet inside my cranium in an attempt to find something that runs a close parallel, thus the "lemmings". comment. However, to be clear, I will admit that I often make value judgements OF people , not FOR people, and on occasion verbalize that inclination...but that is just me....and so far, even after being accused of being an old man yelling at clouds, I feel that seeing my present life is filled with music. laughter, grandkids/family/friends, I am pretty much one happy old guy....
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    https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/controlled-access-to-airport-installations-856606918.html QUÉBEC, March 30, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - The ministère des Transports wishes to inform the population, as well as air carriers and operators, that access to airport installations is now controlled. This measure applies to flights to all airports (whether they are under provincial, federal or municipal jurisdiction, or private businesses) located in the eight regions where non-essential travel is restricted by the gouvernement du Québec. The restrictions aim to protect these regions from COVID-19. Non-essential travel to and from the following eight regions is restricted: Bas-Saint-Laurent, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Côte-Nord, Nord-du-Québec, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Nunavik and Terres-Cries-de-la Baie-James. Passengers should take note of the following instructions before going to any airport. 1. The passenger must not exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, etc.). 2. The airline ticket must be booked beforehand. 3. Travel must be essential (for work in a service or business considered essential, for humanitarian or health reasons, etc.) Passengers should contact their air carrier for any other questions. Private aircraft operators are expected to ensure that passengers comply with instructions 1 to 3. During the pandemic The ministère des Transports (MTQ) continues its operations while actively keeping track of the evolution of the pandemic. The MTQ's mission is to ensure the sustainable mobility of people and goods throughout the province using efficient and safe transportation systems that contribute to Québec's development. The MTQ invites anyone who wishes to know more about COVID-19 to visit Québec.ca/coronavirus or call 1 877 644-4545.
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    Wow, didn't realize there were so many fans among our aviation community. It's a little unsettling, TBH - it's like when you realize that your boss actually understands your Monty Python references or finding out he texts with emojis.
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    Good news for the airline and the city Financial Post article - Mar 27 - Porter Airlines to get $135 million in funding from federal government after coronavirus grounds flights "...The regional carrier, which operates from an island in Toronto Harbour, owns all of its aircraft and only has debt on three, according to an emailed statement...."
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    Good old DT is saying the problem of medical supplies is not his problem, it was the problem of the previous administration and that he knew it was a pandemic before anyone else. Wants to open parts of the country "very" soon. The airlines ???..."we will be helping the airlines, don't worry about that, they will be all right and the workers will have no problems ..in fact, we are looking after the workers now". Apparently he wants, or is going to put, US troops on the CDN border and here he rambles on about all the tariffs he is collecting from Canada because of Canada dumping steel on USA and then he goes on a tangent about how he has NATO countries paying their fair share now because they were not doing it under the previous administration. They got one sick puppy down there...
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    OFFENCE AND PUNISHMENT Offence of profiteering 3. (1) Every person commits an offence who takes advantage or attempts to take advantage of the unusual or exceptional circumstances precipitated by an emergency by selling or attempting to sell essential goods, services or resources at a price that is unreasonable or inflationary for the purpose of making excessive profits. Punishment (2) Every person who commits an offence under subsection (1) (a) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable (i) in the case of a corporation, to a fine not exceeding $100,000, and (ii) in the case of any other person, to a fine not exceeding $25,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or to both; or (b) is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable (i) in the case of a corporation, to a fine not exceeding $300,000, and (ii) in the case of any other person, to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or to both.
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    Jaydee.....where do you get this sh$t from??? (I do get a chuckle from it though )
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    Well she is a Liberal.
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    OK, let me try: The only safe time to leave your house is between the hours of 0200 and 0400 in the morning. During that period, infected carriers of the virus will be asleep.....
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    I'm not sure how seats are assigned in the White House press room, but I think it would be great if Sara booted Acosta & CNN and replaced them with a news organization that was more appropriate.