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    If you want to play that silly game at least show that you have enough intelligence to post a culturally representative image. Pakistan is predominantly Muslim. The US has just barred PIA.
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    An operator that employs and certifies as qualified a crew that is capable of demonstrating this level of incompetence and wilful non-compliance with FCOM procedures should not have an operating certificate.
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    Air Creebec stepping in to fill the AC void from cancelled routes. https://canadianaviationnews.wordpress.com/2020/07/08/air-creebec-hopes-to-fill-the-gap-in-regional-routes-left-by-air-canada/ Wait, what? So you want to provide the "bad service" AC provides?
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    I hope they set aside some of the startup money for the Disney lawsuit. Also, what is this magical system that allows the aircraft to be tracked in real time? Whatever it is, sounds very useful. I'm surprised more airlines aren't interested in knowing where their aircraft actually are in "real time".
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    Impossible. All are prohibited. In other news, (and equally hard to believe) the NS government has determined that viruses are not easily transmitted in aircraft. This should be good news for FA's .... but it only applies to designated Liberal airspace. Consult the Designated Airspace Handbook prior to traveling to determine if madness will be encountered enroute. Perhaps removal of logical absurdity from the list of fallacies is in order. There seems to be a government ban on it and no one bats and eye anymore anyway. Now, back to statue pulling, book burning and screaming racist.... let's get woke Y'all.
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    I see that the $300 blood money from Trudeau was deposited in my account this morning. We can all do what we want with it, but personally I can’t be bought for $300. It’s tax free money that becomes tax deductible..win / win in my books I donated it to my candidate of choice for the Conservative leadership race. I fully intend to use this money in the fight against the true virus in this country..
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    That's the truly fascinating part for me when I think back to how they vilified Harper. He's done everything he criticized Harper for doing and then some (a lot of then some BTW). For me, the worst thing was tying student employment funding to support for abortion and withholding that funding from those who didn't share his "values." Imagine the screams if Harper did that. Control of the media is clearly an important factor here. I'm astounded when I read the spin on those few things I actually have some depth of experience with and utterly gobsmacked when members of his base parrot the media spin as if it somehow didn't qualify for a logical absurdity award. Barbie was right, say it loud, say it over and over and they will totally believe it... to make that work a supportive media is essential.
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    We must remember. We have never developed a vaccine for a cold virus. If we do it now it will be a first. Even if we do manage a vaccine it won’t be a cure all like Measles. Cold virus mutate faster than flu viruses. Just look at how good we are at keeping up with the flu. The same mutation problems impact realistic heard immunity theories. I have two MD’s in the family. Both are sceptical of the vaccine and herd immunity talk. The good news is that a cold virus generally become less virulent as it mutates. Assuming of course that Covid follows the usual path of a corona virus, it will run itself out. Like SARS, H1N1, MEARS. They are still circulating but they just don’t have the virulence to kill anymore. They are watched by researchers for any unwanted turns. That by the way is the big assumption. Will Covid follow the path of a normal corona virus? In the interim what is the best solution for safe normalization. I think the EU is way out in front on this. Doctors are not economists and can not see how economics and life expectancy are so tightly intertwined. In fact Doctors are known to be some of the worst when it comes to finances. Just ask a banker. So many get themselves in trouble because they get thrown into a small business situation when they set up practice. Something they have no training for or really even desire to be in. The business side is an after thought. There needs to be a SAFE balance. You won’t get it from an MD.
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    When you look at the entire record, they've done everything they accused Harper of (and done it in spades) amid cheers from their base. Trump 2.0 would be on its 10,000th page if any of this was about him. The deflection is championed by those who accuse others of deflection and no where is it that more apparent (with voters) than global warming. Whilst wondering where the salmon went, people will happily fill the ocean with their crap to the tune of 205 billon litres a year, allow native over fishing with gill nets at choke points, allow clearcut logging on slopes to the waters edge, dam up the rivers and damn the consequences because they will blame it all on climate change. At 1.7% of global emissions we have virtually no control over global effects. We do have control over the other factors but choose to ignore them while flapping our little flightless wings and shouting climate change. Like a fighter who gases out in the second round, if you don't do the work to earn the win then you lose. It's a simple decision and you can only do what is within your power to do.... and that's about it IMO. Blaming the referee, the crowd, the trainer, the jet lag (or whatever) because you didn't do the road work doesn't change the outcome... it's a loss, and that loss is predicable before the opening bell.
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    FWIW, there are NO labour codes/protections for expat pilots. You go along to get along or you'll be sent along. You're not there to change culture. You're there because 1) there aren't enough locals to fill the seats, and 2) for the money. As soon as one of those change, you'll move along or be sent along. "Report(ing) it" won't change a thing other than you'll likely need to polish up your CV while the locals laugh hysterically at your vain attempt to change the system while counting their bribe money from the latest round of pilot applicants. It's a tough world out there!
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    The other 39 drivers are idiots and virtue-signalling frauds. Anybody who jumps on a bandwagon - any bandwagon - before the facts are known is a fool and not to be trusted. This is not a sign of higher moral or ethical standards but a sign of lower intelligence and cowardice.
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    Hey Mitch; I have to ask; what is your reason for posting this? Do black lives matter? Of course they do but the phrase/slogan "Black Lives Matter! is a political statement intended to either; show virtue, attempt to claim the moral high ground or entice a response which can then be derided. I thought you were above this. If you want to state, and defend, your personal beliefs we need more from you than a bumper sticker statement. Tell us why you, personally, feel this is a movement worth supporting. Before you do, visit the BLM Toronto website and read through their "demands" https://blacklivesmatter.ca/demands/ https://blacklivesmatter.ca/defund-the-police/ After you read through these demands, come back and tell us about "Black Lives Matter!" and why/how you came to the decision that you can support this movement. For me; some of their ideas have some merit but others are completely wacko and therefore I cannot support BLM and cannot accept the slogan - "Black Lives Matter!" when it's shouted at me, either physically or in print.
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    Sure, but since we're talking about "these days" you have to factor in liability. Say the police officer decides to let the guy sleep it off and he wakes up a hour later goes out on the road and hits/kills someone. You think there wouldn't be a lawsuit against the officer when it's found out that he dealt with the guy earlier and didn't take him in? Even if he takes the keys and drives the guy home - two hours later he's dead from a housefire caused from putting a pan of bacon on the stove and passing out - think there wouldn't be a lawsuit from the family for not ensuring his safety? Complicated.
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    Took me a while to find it (not being in the military and all). You're right - I expect this will be the new SOP. Reminds me of a scene from The Town - a cop in his patrol car happens to notice an escaping crew of four bank robbers wearing masks and holding shotguns in a wildly swerving car. Instead of engaging or chasing them he does the mental math and casually looks away. I always say, if you don't want to know (or deal with) the answer - don't ask the question! If a cop doesn't want to deal with the gang of thugs in the BMW - just look away and don't pull them over.
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    Good idea....let’s defund the police and send in unarmed crisis workers...they’ll sort it out.
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    FYI - you can head to Bermuda right now and there is no quarantine rqd on arrival as long as you do a PCR test a week before departure and another upon arrival in BDA. The test on arrival is $75.00 and you must stay in your hotel room until the test results are in (6-8 hrs tops). (kids under 9 or 10 are not required to test upon arrival) This is what the Federal government should be doing here for Canadian Airlines and travellers but aren't. Their failure is all the more disappointing when you appreciate that other countries are doing like Bermuda and using testing kits from Canadian companies that still have not been approved for use in Canada. BTNX is an example. They're in Markham. Product Description The Rapid Response COVID-19 IgG/IgM Test Cassette is a rapid, qualitative test for the detection of anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgM and anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies in human whole blood, serum, or plasma samples, as an aid in the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease. Interpretation of test results are positive (two lines or three lines) and negative (one line). Available for sale to healthcare professionals in United States and Europe (CE marked). Health Canada approval pending for diagnostic use.
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    Interesting letter - the last 6 pages are garbled however.
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    I've worked several full or almost full flights over the last week. Not one complaint from customers about the decrease in personal space.
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    and according to recent numbers, we are also faced with those who are in denial and are now catching the disease. 20 - 40 year olds, don't care folks, and those who have always behaved as if they were nbr."1" and somehow above the crowd. The following statement is therefore modified: Thank goodness however, we live north of the 49th and have benefited by the nature of our health system and of course the dedicated folks who provide the care, maintain our hospitals, etc etc etc.
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    Our current pm is so arrogant, so woke, so full of himself, he would never admit that he had made are an error of judgement. And as far the next election, to quote Don Henley......”we get the government we deserve” From the song Month of Sunday’s.....a written in the 80’s ...way ahead of its time.
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    Crazy compilation - jumps from military to civilian, from good to bad, old and new. Mixed in there is some really unique clips - worth watching.
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    What will we call the "Master Arm switch" now? And what about the "Master Warning light?" "Master Caution light?" Electrical "Master Switch?" Sync Master? And what ever you do, don't select "slave" on the GHARS, far better to get lost. Fast erect sounds a bit misogynous to me too. And that brake slave cylinder you counted on to get you stopped..... gonzo. And those "Master Aviator Wings" have got to go. Have liberals thought all this through? What is the cost of relabeling every switch in every cockpit of every airplane in every country? Should we tax the 1% to pay for all this? Now, when syncing the props you could select a "foreman" instead of a Master but that would be sexist... maybe a "foreperson" prop would be better. I doubt "Boss" prop would be deemed appropriate by raging liberals either, it has plantation connotations. Why isn't the Colosseum in Rome being demolished? If ever there was a monument to the cruelty and abuse suffered by slaves that would be it. In fact, Rome is awash in antiquities that need to be destroyed.... they have museums full of the stuff. Send in the "Libiban"
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    I really wonder how “team Trudeau” is taking all this...to see these bobble heads nodding in approval when their boss starts waxing platitudes about what a great job they have done managing the country, especially garneau, really makes me ill. If only trudeau worried as much as much about vets, the military, and oil workers....instead of students that may suffer over the summer because of a lack of “opportunities”. $900 million worth. WE KNOW that the only thing the libs are worried about now, is another ethics violation!
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    WE group to stop running federal volunteer program The Canadian PressStaff Contact Published Friday, July 3, 2020 10:14AM EDTLast Updated Friday, July 3, 2020 11:43AM EDT Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau appear on stage during WE Day UN in New York City, on Sept. 20, 2017. (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Adrian Wyld) SHARE OTTAWA -- Youth Minister Bardish Chagger says the WE organization won't manage the federal government's $900-million program to pay students and fresh graduates for volunteer work this summer. In a statement this morning, Chagger says it's a "mutually agreed upon decision." Since the charity founded by brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger was announced as the manager of the program last week, the sole-sourced deal has been criticized because of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's close relationship with the group.
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    Australians appear to get it: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-02/melbourne-communities-prepare-for-second-lockdown-restrictions/12412362 https://www.abc.net.au/news/story-streams/coronavirus/
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    Remember that same hype right here on the forum? If y'all want to smoke it and you want it legal, just say so.... it's that easy. No need to snow the snow queen with stuff a child could see through.
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    I think the message is clear. Air Canada is not a charity. Although they want to support their country, they can’t operate at the expense of it either. I’m pretty sure Westjet and Porter are the same. If the Canadian government wants service that can not be profitably provided they need to step in. Otherwise expect business to respond to losses responsibly. Despite what Trudeau thinks, budgets don’t balance themselves. In this environment shed the route. Take a look at it again sometime in the future when the business case makes sense. If government truly believes these routes are important they will act. If they don’t? Clearly it isn’t that important. If it isn’t that important why is Air Canada wasting shareholder money operating it at a loss when it is bleeding cash and diluting shareholder value?
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    OK, so I saw this article in the National Post about systemic racism. Had to read it. I think I kinda/sorta know what "they" are talking about when they say, "systemic racism" but a little extra information doesn't hurt. What is systemic racism So it makes me think. Part 1 - I work with this Chinese fellow. I really enjoy working with him - he's smart, funny, witty, very capable, good hands and feet. Good association. Part 2 - Many of the Chinese FAs I work with seem really cool, good with the pax, helpful, friendly. Good association. Part 3 - Last year I saw this video about a restaurant in China where they serve, and the customers eat, live baby octopus (showed some woman eating a live octopus). That's absolutely disgusting. Bad association. Part 4 - I really find the behavior of crowds of Chinese people (waiting for a bus, waiting for service in a store, etc) to be quite rude, by western standards. They tend to push ahead, jump the queue. I've been told this is a cultural thing. Bad association. So, am I racist? If someone didn't know anything about me and asked for my opinion of/experience with Chinese people and I told 1 and 2 - I guess I get counted as "not-racist" but if I told 3 and 4 then I'm one of the bad ones. But I'm the same person. I've had positive and negative experiences everywhere and positive and negative associations everywhere too; treated poorly in a store in Paris (don't speak French) but French guy on the street went out of his way to help me, yelled at for walking too slowly on a New York sidewalk but another New Yorker was quite generous with his time in making the subway a little more comprehensible. Every article I read, or video I watch, about racism seems to be trying to take the "human" out of all our interactions and make racism the only cause/explanation for anything/everything. Any negative opinion, no matter how legitimate it might be is called racism, systemic racism, latent racism, unconscious racism. It is possible to hold a negative opinion about eating live octopus or queue jumping and at the same time look forward to working with my Chinese co-workers.
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    Of course removing limits, condoning mass protests etc might just allow "Darwin" to work to the benefit of those who survive. (thinning out the herd)
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    Given these self admitted facts, shouldn’t other countries temporarily suspend landing rights for PIA?
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    Breaking News: CNN now thinks that this maybe, might not be strictly as a result of increased testing. Who'd a thunk..... imagine a virus that doesn't care about political agendas, it must be Trump's fault: 'Apocalyptic' coronavirus surges feared in major cities as most populous states hit record numbers Hold on.....yup, it's clearly Trump's fault, it all comes down to the shepherds and the goat again. Trump is not just in denial but also indifferent to an unfolding American tragedy CNN now says "It's a public health train wreck in slow motion." I say WTFDYTWGTH. A couple of days ago they were saying there was no evidence to support the notion that mass demonstrations contribute to community spread. Maybe grade 9 biology should be mandatory. How is it that a dumb grunt can predict the future but the top political minds in the US are oblivious to reality? Consider that maybe they aren't oblivious, then consider that they damn sure aren't oblivious.... all of them know exactly what's what and if you aren't offended by that, maybe you should be. I'm pretty sure I can predict future CNN headlines now; you can too.... right? Not to be outdone, the burning issue of the day at CBC is: COVID-19: Should I wear a mask when singing?
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    Yep. Black lives matter. That phrase is used (by me and, as I understand it, by most others) because it's black people who are being discriminated against, systemically, in such a manner that their very lives are in danger. Yes of course ALL lives matter, but it's not ALL lives that are being, and have been, systemically disadvantaged to the point that black people have been. Whites, like myself, have experienced, in comparison, a "privilege" all our lives. Cops don't treat us the same. ...Face it, most every situation we've ever been in with other white folks, we've been treated in a manner most black folks have never enjoyed... as if black lives don't matter. So, in this moment in time, there needs to be an intentional focus on those who have been given the short end of the stick. We're all cousins for goodness sakes! All of us are descended from the same Africans. .... and Black Lives Matter. PS. I didn't look at anyone's demands.... I don't really care what some of them see as their goals, I know the bottom line goal is for all of us to recognize we're all the same race, get rid of the racist horsesh!t/supremecist nonsense, and start expecting police to treat everyone - NO MATTER THEIR COLOUR - appropriately.
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    But do black lives matter to blacks??
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    No, didn't forget - I just thought that part was so obvious that it didn't need mention.
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    As it stands now I don't believe it represents a 'negative option' scenario as it requires two specific actions to be initiated by the phone owner. 1) The default status for 'Exposure Logging' when the 13.5 upgrade is loaded is 'OFF' and must be enabled by the owner. 2) 'Exposure Logging' will only function when there is an authorized app installed on the phone. There is no embedded app in the upgrade, the owner themselves must load one.
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    If I was black I think I would be disappointed here. My question would be, is this what you think our struggle and efforts are all about... a 130 year old label? Is this really what you think we're looking for? There's lots to do here and you think it's about a label on pancake syrup, right? https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/06/17/879104818/acknowledging-racial-stereotype-aunt-jemima-will-change-brand-name-and-image I can only equate it to Veterans Affairs and I can only speak for myself, but I don't give a rats behind what you name the highway. I could care less if you adorn every milage marker in the country with a poppy.... is that really what you think veterans want? Absolutely meaningless to me, and when compared to what needs doing, it borders on insulting. Give that old retired gunner the bloody hearing aids he needs, do it now.... and stop screwing him around about it. Then again, that's just me and your mileage may vary.
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    As a long time rotary wing flier, I can attest that helicopters are kept in the air by the same mechanism as fixed wing vehicles: money. All that aerodynamic stuff is window dressing! And remember this: helicopter pilots are shy, introverted souls who know that if something hasn't happened already; it's about to. John
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    So we deliberately create a situation in which a defunded force with minimal manning shows up at the scene of a felony with officers incapable of doing the job, and because they are incapable (and we insisted on the conditions that caused them to be incapable) they let the suspect go at the first sign of resistance because their only other option is to use deadly force to effect a simple bloody arrest... due mostly to lowered recruiting standards and size minimums. To which I say WDYTWGTH? The entire thing is madness resting on a foundation of madness with madmen seeking cures for insanity. Bad planning, bad rules and utter contempt for reality leads to bad outcomes.... always. At the first sign of bad outcomes we blame pink unicorns for the predictable results and ban flying horses (which don't even exist)..... I have to feed the zebras now, maybe I'll read Alice in Wonderland to them. When I was little and watched Wild Kingdom on TV, I always wondered why the hundreds of thousands of Zebras didn't work together, organize hunting parties, rid themselves of the lions and live happily ever after. I still wonder that.... I'll ask them and get back to y'all.
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    Good to see that France for one is refusing to sanitize part of their history. I hope our PM has the stones to do the same. EWS JUNE 14, 2020 / 1:02 PM / UPDATED 19 MINUTES AGO Macron says France won't remove statues, erase history Nice, France, June 14, 2020. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday fighting racism should not lead to a “hateful” re-writing of history following worldwide protests over the killing of George Floyd, a black man, by a police officer in the United States. Some protesters in the United States and elsewhere have targeted statues of historic figures associated with slavery or other past human rights abuses. “I will be very clear tonight, compatriots: the Republic won’t erase any name from its history. It will forget none of its artworks, it won’t take down statues,” he said in a televised address to the nation. Reporting by Michel Rose and Sudip Kar-Gupta; Editing by Ga
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    It is great that we all have our favourite musicians and naturally our favourite songs and groups and being rather ancient I go for the vocal groups of the 50's 60's and only a few of the latest groups...... Singers??? Well to each his own but I am bending more to Spanish music now, probably because of winters down south. The problem with the groups of yesteryear is that most of their songs were very short in time, for example not many songs went over 3 minutes and today so many singers and musicians are coming out with much longer songs and the problem (for me) is the repetition of the lyrics and unnecessary filler and the screaming of the vocalists.... I am NOT a Beiber fan but one of this latest "hits" has the word "Baby" in it 56 times and to me that adds nothing to the music.... I wonder if he has ever listened to the Platters ?? Guitars.........I think that the Emmanuel players are fantastic players but the video above,(Emmanuel), just becomes noise to me after about 4 minutes.... and the same can be said, IMO, of Van Halen. Again I emphasize, that they are fantastic with their instruments but not something I want to listen to for an extended period of time where as the video of Joe Bonamassa is, IMO, really worth listening to. My middle son plays guitar, (for fun...he has other major employment) and is the lead guitar in a group in the States, ( he also has 17 guitars, many collectors items), and he can whack out a lot of the fast stuff but I prefer the stuff that has lots of deep blues and not any of what I call ear-aching-twanging.... Yup, glad everyone has different musical tastes because if if they didn't........ it would be a pretty mundane world.. Have a nice weekend.
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    Some things just don’t age well......
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    Actually, I believe that the cost of operating the Dash 300 is only 10% more than operating a Dash 100 (not per seat), meaning that its CASM is 20% less than the Dash 100, making it the preferred aircraft between the 2.
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    and that is why social networking is a blind failure because keyboard warriors can spout off anything they want to try and conform you to their beliefs.