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    Thank you for your kind words... My daughter was here for 4 days and left this morning. I'm still having some real bad moments because photos seen, and memories intensely felt work as triggers to really derail my "get on with it" intentions. I really feel it is unfortunate than not everyone here met her because if they had, they would, like me forever wonder why she ever became my lifelong winger. I'm sure I am not the only member of this forum that has waded into the swamp of occasional despair and I won't be the last and I wish those that do encounter this life altering experience all the very best wishes. Be safe, fly safe.
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    Perhaps but one day his FO will set things straight.
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    Good to hear from you Kip. To your observation about those who have suffered... My limited time here has taught that there are those who have been lucky enough to have found the life and love that they now miss. These few never seem to say 'I know what you are going through' - they know it's not so. Instead, there is a standing close by, and with, understanding that words won't help and aren't needed. This forum is a poor substitute. But we stand with you, Kip. close by. Vs
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    If we could only find a buyer for the 37s and get some 320 neos!!
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    Dagger's here? I can't imagine someone being bold enough to express a contrary opinion on this board.
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    oh come on. This guy, for all the comments from friends, family and co-workers was perfectly stable. No screening 3 years ago would have caught that. People are not born that way as to catch it on a screening. this guy was "normal" until one day something triggered a mental episode and this was his way to go. How many of us have heard of or know a co-worker that was fine for years then one day...Bam. suicide, mental breakdown or whatever, out of the blue. We have seen many of these over the years. some take people with them and some go solo and some seek help. Best action is to TALK to your friends, family and co-workers. you just may catch a signal that will allow you to help them.
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    Potentially. YQB and YUL are the bases with reductions that could impact staffing. Elsewhere, no. 1. Re: experience, very little experience posting a loss so this is uncharted territory sure. There is too much capacity in the majority of the marketplace from AC and WJ. Flair and Swoop to a lesser extent are adding capacity but attempting to capture a different market. The investment community wants to see capacity reduced with a corresponding increase in revenue/margin. I think WJ is making this a public reduction to show the investors they are doing something. 2. No planes are being parked. I get what you're saying - higher utilization is better - and you're not wrong. ASM growth is still up YOY; the growth is just less than previously planned. 3. AC isn't exactly in a position to be flooding the market with more capacity either and it isn't exactly a profitable juggernaught. I wish Beano was still around to post his quarterly comparisons. Not happening in the near term. Who knows 6-9+ months out. My guess is no. These routes may return once the Delta JV is approved but for Quebec routes Yes there are still plenty of 737 aircraft on order. Schedule for 787 to come out in October-November. What I see happening: 1. Significant investment in Swoop (up to Q3) and 787 - leads to higher costs with no return until planes start flying. Now that Swoop is flying that helps but 787 won't be flying until Q2 2019. 2. Labor uncertainty cost millions in revenue. This bled into Q3 so Q3 will more than likely be disappointing. This is short term, although the FA's and dispatchers may vote to strike which will again lead to further revenue loss. 3. AC and WJ have been growing capacity to chase marketshare. Too much capacity and not enough revenue (for both). WJ doesn't have international routes that AC has to subsidize the losses domestically so WJ stands out more. 4. WJ is reallocating flying to 3 hubs - building them up for 787 service. 5. Delta JV will benefit network with additional flying and drive sales through Delta (US to Canada) that don't currently exist. I expect other JV to be announced. 6. The ultra low cost market will grow - my guess is Swoop will have more than 10 aircraft by end of 2019. Gregg stated it could grow up to 40 aircraft and by all accounts the demand for Swoop and the ancillary revenue its seeing has blown all initial projections out of the water. It's success is good news. I expect cannibalization of some current WJ routes as Flair expands and WJ/Swoop responds. It's inevitable - Canada is a small market. 7. I heard rumours of a new fare bucket being introduced that's lower than econo to be used to compete against the ULCC carriers (Flair, other entrants as they start). 8. I've never seen such a focus on cost savings as there is today. Previous attempts were temporary but I think this is a wholesale organizationally defining moment to call out waste interdepartmentally. The rewards will be reaped longer term. 9. There will be added costs as the first agreements are negotiated with pilots, FA's, dispatchers, and whatever other group(s) are next. 10. WJ is focussing on its Premium and Business class. Business class won't have a huge impact on competition based on scale (3 aircraft in 2019) but Premium will benefit WJ at the expense of its competition (i.e. AC). 11. I would be curious to see how AC responds to Flair, Swoop, and any other entrants. This market is going to grow and probably going to grow faster than anyone expected. 12. I expect to see further CPA agreements signed (a la Pacific Coastal) out of YYZ and in Eastern Canada.
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    If I were the man in charge, fingerprints on screens and documents on the glare shield would be strictly verboten. Neither is necessary, both are very annoying.
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    Best bit of engineering on that plane is the table tray. Why don’t they use it?
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    The issue of both being number 2, 3 or more and also cleared to land is, well, AN ISSUE, for the very reason stated above. The landing clearance creates an expectation of landing. Expectation bias has been coming up a lot lately in assocation with bad outcomes. The fact, as stated above, is that an aircraft who is not next to touch down, but cleared to land, is in a sucker hole if the traffic ahead has an issue. We saw this recently in an SFO missed GA call, maybe this flight as well. I was out playing the other day and I got 'number 5, cleared to land' I wasn't at the marker yet.. Not all of the aircraft ahead were on TCAS. I queried my landing clearance short final as we really did not have complete visibility on the runway (smoke). I can appreciate the expediency of getting that clearance out of the way, but I don't think the tradeoff is a good one. All just my opinion Vs
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    This is the small matter of what content goes into a public school curriculum and not wanting your children exposed to a particular lifestyle is not the same as condemning it. Look what’s happened here, do you see how this stuff always comes back to tribalism and identity politics? Personally, I don’t want my kids to be pilots. If you spin that to imply it’s because I hate Flight Attendants then there’s no discussion, no debate, no compromise and we just vote along polarized lines winner take all... all the while waiting for the outcome on polar opposite news networks. I will only tune in to yours so I can watch the cute blonde anchor cry on live TV and vice versa. This is exactly what is happening now as people (dare I say like me) drop out of such discussions and reserve their opinion for the voting booth. In my travels, I’ve never seen anything good come from tribalism. And no amount of restrictions on pheasant hunting in PEI will make tribalism and its effects go away. Making every little controversy about identity politics and yanking statues off their pedestals only serves to feed a hungry monster; this monster will not serve you, we, or us well in the long run. It will eventually bite, it always does and always has. This exact approach was tried by the Romans just before they turned the empire into a sea of manure. Anyone who spends some time in Africa comes back with an understanding of what they don’t want to see happen and a recognition of the fact that it’s already started. Only a ban on moose hunting in the Yukon will help now and I think JT has an action plan for that
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    So because I have legitimate concerns I’m homophobic??......OMG...you really are a Trudeau mini me.... Here’s a newly developed keyboard for Trudeau supporters...shoul save you a ton of time typing...
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    After the sicko LIBERAL WYNNE government fiasco where a convicted pedophile and his lesbian boss introduced their version of “SEX ED”, the government and teachers should have NO SAY in what is taught. Teachers are employees of the parents who should have 100% say on what their children are indoctrinated into!!
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    Interesting link, thanks deicer. I wonder how they managed to extend the recommended overhaul time? They may have their own engineering division that approved it. In my present world (Heavy Maintenance) we have discussions all the time about Boeing recommendations and if there's any issues we've seen we almost invariably incorporate them early to prevent dealing with a bigger issue later. The ounce of prevention model...
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    I don't remember his predictions turning out to be accurate any more frequently than those of anybody else here.
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    Bean hasn't been on here in years but clowns like you can't help yourselves with taking cheap shots. As others have mentioned what aggravated you guys was that he was usually right! Air Canada was a basket case at that time and came within a whisper of collapsing. He called it as he saw it, what the hell is wrong with that? You're like a millennial that doesn't want to hear anything bad!
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    Wtf....let the controllers do the separation...and ya, the pilot didn’t need the big picture...he’s only going to yow! As far as pulling the tapes, ...has this guy not heard of live atc.net??? Not impressed with Capt Cool.
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    I'm probably in the minority but I think the pilot was a jerk.... He has enough info to reference his beef without going postal over getting the controllers ID and Phone number. Date, Flt number, Time of Departure Sheesh, talk about enlarged ego And don't think the controllers don't pick up on a guys voice and "remember". On my last flight two different area controllers called me by my first name.... How many pilots have taken the time to walk over to an ATC centre and watch them work and introduce yourself.?? .I have...... In Canada it was YYZ, YWG,YQM, and YVR
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    . During the flight , with the video facing the pilot, you will see what appears to be interior smoke over the pilots right shoulder....That is air conditioning mist and in this case he had it cranked up pretty cold. You could almost have snow coming out that vent if you really wanted it cold !! Spin the camera to look over the nose...You will see what appears to be a string moving on the nose just ahead of the windscreen. It is a string. That was installed there so one could see if they were inducing yaw without having to look in the cockpit at the needle and ball. If the number on that aircraft is the number when the RCAF had it, I last flew in on September 24 , 1970 when I took another qualified pilot up to teach him how to instruct students to do high altitude aerobatics...loops, roll chandelles, immelmann turns, split S, and cuban 8's between 25000 and 35000 feet. As stated in the video, the aircraft is a Canadian T-33 . I believe the RCAF birds had slightly more powerful engines than the USAF T-33s Logbook shows 1856 hours in the T-33 ....(.Some of you may recall the two stories I posted when I became complacent when instructing on the T-33.) Yes, I know I am dating myself but we have a member here, SCHOONER 69 an ex F86 driver who taught high speed aerodynamics when I was going through training as a student RCAF pilot !!!
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    I suspect it was because she knew a good man when she met him. Be well Kip.
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    or blow it away. http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/spokane-blow-away-wildfire-smoke-canada-2018 Hillary supporters? Seems so: The 2016 United States presidential election in Washington was won by Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, with 54.3% of the vote over Donald Trump's 38.1%. ... In the presidential primaries, Washington voters chose Democratic and Republican parties' nominees, and Green Party nominee was chosen in a convention.
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    Just remember that Cramer said Bear Stearns was a solid company, don't be afraid to invest in it.
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    AIP, that is true but also a very bad practice IMO. It is the antithesis of what Threat and Error Management is based on. We don't design aircraft on the premise that everything is going to work out. Most of what we train for is based on failures, including some low probability ones. The likelihood of a go around from any one of a myriad of issues, especially at a major hub, is pretty high by comparison, yet this practice of issuing a clearance which may be invalid and need to be rescinded persists. Why issue that clearance so early? The aircraft can do nothing with it at that point. I understand frequency congestion and the risk of an aircraft not getting a landing clearance when they should, short final. But in that case, what is the worst case? A go around. The same threat that would deny a crew a landing clearance has, as it turned out, reared its ugly head and prevented a crew from hearing or processing the more important 'go around' rescinding of said clearance. What is the worst case with the existing setup? Not a go around... Just another opinion...Vs
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    I guess we live in different worlds...and thank God for that....but for a Premier who’s “head space” champions a cause like the one in the picture below is definitely not one to propose a SEX ED program to my kids!!
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    I guess the question that need to be answered is : Who chose the 4000 parents? What was the criteria for chose (random based on school admission records or ???