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    I like the reply from AC and WS; we have processes we follow and we do our best but remember - you're in a public space. The contamination areas identified by Marketplace are simply representative of all public spaces. The handrail on the stairs, the door handle in the taxi, the chair backs at the restaurant you visited, the elevator buttons, the money you touch - all contaminated with staph, steph, bacteria, viruses. The advice is simple; don't touch your face, rub your eyes or pick your nose and wash your hands before you eat. The vast majority of these infections can be avoided by following those rules.
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    DJT didn’t create this (it pre dates him) and he damn sure wont get rid of it either. This started before The Apprentice and will continue long after it, just keep watching. Until Democrats cut loose the crazy left and the Republicans disavow the ultra right and each entity publicly ridicules the media (yes I said the media) that slavishly and idiotically supports partisan causes, this will continue. Alas, no one looks to history… in fact, if it doesn’t fit in a 10 word meme it’s toooooooooooo much effort to even think about. This is everywhere, I will tell you that taking handguns away from IPSC competitors in PEI won’t solve Toronto’s gang problem. I will tell you that lots of gang members in Toronto are Somali and I will tell you that most Canadians can’t find Somalia on a map. It’s OK though, Taliban and ISIS fighters can’t find Canada on the map either…. it’s a world of stupid and if you think simple will fix it, then good luck, pull up a chair. In short, it's all bit like immigration without integration it's due to nothing more than ARROGANT IGNORANCE and arrogant ignorance is the root cause of partisanship. Guess what partisanship is the root cause of? All of this is circular, so, blame Trump if you like, but make the popcorn, crack a beer and settle in for a good long viewing of "The Antics of Stupid"… if I’m invited, I like the popcorn buttered.
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    Hand wipes? I think a hazmat suit might be more appropriate!
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    I'll chime in here. Yes. Every single time. Of course the temptation is strong. But speculation is not a risk free exercise. The question we might want to ask is, why do we allow ourselves to follow that rabbit hole? The 'well, it improves flight safety' argument IMO is, quite frankly, BS. Safety is built on what we know. Not what we think we know but can't prove. Has no one here ever flown or worked with someone who was doing something silly or outright dangerous because they heard that so and so had followed the SOP and it screwed them up, so this was better somehow? Well. I have. And I have been on the team that has followed the end game of the spread of speculation-based SOP drift. Real answers sometimes take a long time to become public. Some of the crap that speculation creates to fill the void can fester for months and morph into really serious trouble. While everyone has their own opinion (this IS, after all, a forum), I don't see any real learning going on. What I see instead is a suggestion that the two pilots might have been incompetent or maintenance may have either been fraudulent, incompetent, both, or following a maintenance culture that was unsafe. All of that is pretty high octane stuff to be throwing into the mix, one that includes a lot of pretty busted up people, some of whom are still praying that their loved one miraculously survived. It just seems rather cruel to me. So, speculate if you must, but it's offside to go after someone for reminding us all that waiting for the facts is an option. Vs
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    It turns out that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was actually anti Trump, voted against him and has accused him (in online posts) of being a globalist. So, while I might agree that the current climate of political polarization could contribute to inciting violence, it’s more a reflection of the polarization itself then of the POTUS. I understand how you could quickly counter with the fact that DJT is a polarizing figure except that the process of virulent polarization began long before he came on the scene. And, I think it will continue to increase in intensity after he is gone regardless of who is in the WH… the Romans went all through this too. In short, assigning DJT as a cause factor in either of these cases would be to give otherwise unhinged domestic terrorists far more credit than they deserve. BTW, it seems to me that both of these incidents meet the threshold to be defined as terrorist events.
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    Just another flag on the hill that everyone will salute for a few days and then it will disappear into the sunset....Does anyone really care?? How many realize the same can be said about all THE SHOPPING CARTS IN GROCERY STORES AND THEY ARE never WIPED DOWN.. ?? How many people wash their hands in a public washroom and then grasp that germ laden door knob to exit ??..Yes, I know some use their "paper-towel" to open the door and then dispose of it elsewhere but that is kinda hard to do if they use those " germ" laden hot air blowers. Ever seen how well the dishes are washed in any restaurant....?? Personally I don't care about any of this reporting as I have better and bigger things to do and I think my immune system has been strengthened by just being careful but not being personally paranoid by all the reports of us living and working in a "disgusting and filthy environment". Have you read lately that kids are being fed peanuts very early in life so as not to have to live like a "boy in a bubble" later in life ??Pretty soon someone will come up with death statistics based on those of us that use the 5 second rule when we drop our favorite food on the floor !! Rant over......tin hat and respirator close at hand
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    it might be a mistake to ascribe any deep societal or political meaning to his actions (or motivations) since he’s already a convicted felon with a history of threatening to bomb places (and people) he doesn’t like. Today's IED goes to whoever he was mad at yesterday. In other words, the local Piggly wiggly could just as easily have been the target had the price of pork rinds and beer gone up.
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    Did you really interpret my desire to crush skinheads and racists as wishing for that particular outcome? I’m willing to type slower if you think it will help….
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    Well Trudeau has announced the carbon tax imposed on Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan and also the fact that everybody affected will get a rebate roughly equal to the amount they spent, some folks will get back more than they spent. Hmmm, the carbon tax, oh sorry it is now a "pollution tax," is meant to curb peoples use of fossil fuels, if you rebate them what they paid how is that going to change anybody's behaviour? If you are just virtue signalling to the rest of the world why not make it a 50% tax and really shine? Incredible.
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    Clearly snowflakes should stay home (in their safe spaces), wave flags to advertise who they choose to sleep with and scream nazi at people who advertise a different preference via a different flag. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ridiculously-drunk-canadian-sorry-for-spraying-paint-on-ancient-thai-wall-1.4146357 I found teaching basic training very rewarding, for many young people it was their first taste of immediate consequences and it accelerates the maturity process by leaps and bounds... I almost think it should be mandatory.
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    It's a tall tree you can't climb when it's laying down.
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    “He’s a very bad moon. Very bad”.
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    Well, it MAY be all of what took place above. But, Just for a second, let's don some tinfoil and consider the possibility that a new Canadian company was trying to get going in the US market, competing with US transborder carriers, in the heat of NAFTA and some pretty spikey comments about Canada, Canadians, etc. I'm sure more than a few here do business on both sides of the border. I for one have noticed a significant shift, going both ways, in the attitudes of certain agencies. Rude would not be too strong a word at times. Not pointing fingers, Lord knows, but I have to ask myself. If I was in some internal FAA office where 'make america great again' was being beaten into me at every turn, and this Canadian file showed up, would I expect more cudos for expediting it, or would I be more inclined to give it the scenic tour through the system? Maybe all just conjecture. Must have been painful for everyone involved. Vs
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    The funniest thing about this story is one of the management pilots who fired him subsequently failed to read his notams and had a fuel exhaustion emergency landing at a closed airport.
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    A men's magazine with a strong left bias offered as proof of systemic governmental fascism? Current events pop quiz: 1. People wearing a MAGA hat to MacDonalds are most likely to be attacked and assaulted by: A. Bearded men from Nova Scotia B. Members of the Fur Trappers Association C. Traditional recurve archers attending a competitive event D. Unhinged activists from the far left 2. You are standing on the walk of fame near DJT’s star, you are most likely to be physically attacked by: A. A troop of girl guides with stale cookies B. An elderly woman with blue hair C. Competitive shooters attending an IPSC match D. Unhinged activists from the far left 3. You are visiting San Jose and go out for a walk. While inadvertently walking past a Trump rally venue you are most likely to be attacked by: A. Members of the Raging Grannies Motorcycle Club B. A man in a gorilla costume C. A group of Marine Scout Snipers d. Unhinged activists from the far left 4. You are enjoying dinner in a Washington restaurant and recognize the Senate House Majority Leader. A group of diners are verbally assaulting him and shouting obscenities. These patrons are most likely: A. Baptist Pastors in town for a ministerial conference B. Members of the Washington Symphony Orchestra C. Medical staff from the walk-in clinic down the street D. Unhinged activists from the far left 5. You attend a speech by Dr Kissinger at the Stern School of Business on the 45th anniversary of his Nobel Peace Prize. He is shouted down by a group of protesters who call him a war criminal and suggest he should “rot in hell” These protesters are most likely: A. Wildlife biologists from the EPA B. Olympic figure skaters C. Veterinarians who specialize in marine mammals D. Unhinged activists from the far left
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    You know, there are moments when profanity just doesn't seem adequate..... Vs
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    Not really...If a pilot is NOT ON the runway, the taxiway or ramp, and is near the runway....he/she is probably just on the flare and has not touched down yet. If that is not the case and the pilot is near the runway then he/she just careened into the weeds.
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    One definition is : Ground crew members are responsible for clearing the runway and gate area of any debris or garbage, in order to prevent foreign object damage by an object being sucked into an engine. I think the author is not familiar with the term GROUND CREW and probably assumed that individuals that work on the airport near runways are called Runway Crew Members . The author probably still thinks there are "air-pockets" in the atmosphere and he could also be easily persuaded to go to the hanger and get a "bucket of prop wash", or "the key to the Tacan gate".
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    Whether you love him or hate him, or just don’t GAS...Numbers don’t lie....Shades of the 2016 pre-election rallies when the MSM predicted Clinton was a shoo in. President Donald Trump’s supporters began lining up and camping out 24 hours before Monday’s rally in Houston, Texas, which has received at least 100,000 signups for the 18,000-person venue. The television cameras could not fit the whole line in their view. Officials told Fox News that 100,000 people have signed up for the rally where President Donald Trump will speak Monday night. The Toyota Center, the venue for the rally, has a capacity of 18,000. The reporter said those lining up were doing so in part to make sure “they could have as close a chance to get to President Trump as possible.” https://www.breitbart.com/midterm-election/2018/10/22/texans-camp-out-24-hours-before-trump-cruz-rally-houston/
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    Hey Aip, we’re going after your lunch again, this time it’ll be the filet mignon.I’m sure you’ll be fine though as these people have no idea what they are doing.
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    thats awesome for th e school
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    Agreed, Prices Law is governing here and isn’t affected by the race, education or gender of the people. Many (I say most) supervisors don’t even know who their top performers are. When times get tough (for companies), it is often incompetence that is retained, the top performers know who they are, have options and leave; the void becomes unmanageable in the short term… which is the real danger of ignoring, or not being aware of Prices Law. Perversely, the larger the organization the more susceptible it is, the downward spiral can be fairly dramatic. IMO, the military has replaced leadership with management to its own detriment. Pilot retention, experience levels and the ability (opportunity) to train themselves out of the shortage without sacrificing operational tempo has now come and gone. The pilot shortage in the RCAF is now a problem and it was largely self inflicted. Pilots are retained one at a time but are lost in twos and threes... it takes leadership to manage people not management to lead them. Like the effects of liberal policies (I offer Toronto as an example) by the time it becomes clear to those in charge that the wrong path has been taken, the lions are already behind you and it's getting dark. Strength of an idea is a dangerous beast... I prefer lions. If you don't do an ammo count until after the first growl, it's too late.