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    If members were to 'ignore' everyone that ticks them off, this forum would become a pretty quiet place. I've always regretted going off on Inchman. I thought he added flavour to the forum, but it's not like his comments were always innocent and lamb like either. For instance, I never thought I would have wanted to hang with 'The Bean' , but I did enjoy his contribution to this board. Unfortunately, Inchan couldn't live with Bean's very effective cheerleading on behalf of WJ and responded by brow beating The Bean until he eventually was driven off the forum. And I was looking forward to hearing Bean's trip report on Emirates 'suite class' too ... oh well. Fist fights should be expected between contributors from time to time I think. Aggressive debate can actually stimulate discussion if only people, like me, didn't take it all so personally at times and let it go like water off a duck. Anyway, just a rambling opinion ...
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    Been saying this for decades and from the very beginning of this thread. The oceans cover nearly 80% of the surface of our pale blue dot. Their average depth is 10,000 feet. All atmospheric weather is a result of the atmosphere's physical contact with the oceans. The unbelievable vanity of the human creature to believe they have had an even infinitesimal effect on where our atmosphere/biosphere is evolving is overwhelming. The disgusting play by the Gor-Zuki lobby to influence world wide governments to steal the hard earned monies of their populace will be seen by historians as the Scam Of The Century.
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    My late father, then an RCAF Flight Sergeant, was heavily involved in the RCAF aspects of the movie. He was later (along with 9 others - mainly officers including Billy Bishop) given a directors chair by Warner Brothers. Despite some heavy usage when being moved from one RCAF station to another in the '50's, the chair has survived. Photo below. Several months prior to the beginning of filming Harvard 2689 (# is behind the roundel) suffered fairly substantial damage in a forced landing near Uplands. My father supervised the recovery as shown in the following photo. 2689 was shipped off to Noorduyn for repairs and returned with a spiffy new paint job just before filming started. That, apparently is the reason it was selected for some of the PR photos and other close-ups. Useless trivia from a long time ago.
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    airplane.......(v...) to go through the active motions of smoothing a piece of wood when the correct tool can not be found.
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    Every year for the last 28, we have been feeding hummingbirds in the same location (between 2 and 4 pairs). I just found out, that with a weight to brain ratio of 4.2% they are regarded as the smartest of birds… humans are at about 2%. Anyway, the arrival / departure procedure has become an SOP with them. The first arrival comes with the dandelions; it will hover in front of my face for about 10 seconds as if to say “we are here now, get the feeder out.” Sometime during the last week of Aug (today), the last of the males will hover in front of my face for 10 seconds before departing across the lake on the long migration to somewhere warm, as if to say “goodbye.” It marks the end of another summer; always a sad day…
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    If I ignored every topic you posted in there'd be nothing for me to see. How about you try to exercise a modicum of self control and stop treating this place as your own personal pulpit that you think you hold court in? if I'm wrong there'll be a flood of people rushing to your defence. I guess we'll see. As for your question, I don't know. I could find out but I don't really care and really not interested in letting you know anyway.
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    Nothing wrong with asking a question. Seems valid enough to me...
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    All these perfect boarding scenarios are BS. There's always someone not at the gate or confused or in the bathroom or trying to change their seat assignment or not having ID ready or in tree wrong line or in the wrong seat or with too many bags or too big bags or wanting to come up and talk to their friend in row 12 after they got to the back in row 28 or can't find a spot for their bags in the front or or or... These tests are best case scenario and unrealistic. They have everyone ready, with minimal bags, with no issues... Anyway - VanZetter is right - This isn't about AC's boarding system, which I have used hundreds of times as a passenger and seems fine to me. This is about a news organization seeking to create content with the purpose of portraying an organisation poorly - whether accurate or not.
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    Guys the point isn't what's the best solution, obviously there are competing opinions as no two airlines are exactly the same, and all develop their boarding methods according to fairly intense scrutiny. The point is CBC had a story idea, "Air Canada uses 'the worst' boarding method," contacted AC for comment, got a very in-depth explanation about the why's and wherefore's of their method, INCLUDING acknowledgement that there exist likely 'faster' methods, and yet decided to ignore the explanation and roll their original idea, 'Air Canada sucks'. Like the friggin glorified blog they are, grappling for page views. What a waste.
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    and more: https://www.vappingo.com/word-blog/great-examples-of-neologisms/
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    If you live in Ontario and want to help, try following the speed limit. During the OPEC debacle you wanted to slow down, save gas, save emissions, save the planet, etc. So man up and get busy. After my recent motorcycle trip, I rate your effort as damn poor. In the mean time, here’s an update on the carbon tax. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/09/16/carbon-tax-gouged-ontarians-out-of-15b-so-far-in-2017 As to climate change deniers, when considering global climatology, climate change is the norm and always has been. It will continue with or without us. Put in perspective, one volcanic eruption is worth about 15 years of carbon tax efforts as they do nothing to reduce consumption. If you want to curb consumption ya have to get tough; the type of tough that hurts big time and wrecks your economy. Otherwise, it's about as effective as your speed limit.
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    I would argue that the results speak for itself. The agreement was voted in and therefore supported by the majority. Just because you disagree with the democratic result would hardly make it a debacle...
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    Examples of such behaviour aren't confined (pun intended) to aircraft with tight seating. There are plenty of examples of ass hat behaviour from the big seats, not to mention in retail stores, restaurants and educational facilities to name but a few.
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    I don't understand who pays that much for something so easily lost, stolen or damaged. A friend's wife is going gaga for the new Samsung which will be $1299. I don't get it, this woman drove away with a phone on the roof of her car.
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    Nice little recap from the visit here in YYZ with some kind of gyroscopic stabilized GoPro..... https://twitter.com/CFSnowbirds/status/906134988671909888
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    I thought you were referring to people who double-click internet links and then can't understand why the same web page opens twice.
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    You could have stopped with your first sentence... " You do have to wonder where the hell our Government is going "
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    I would rather have a drone flying down Georgia street than a twin engine helicopter.
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    Rouge operates the route. that's why I specified Mainline. the Rouge seats are not conducive to a comfortable flight when you are 6'4" tall
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    The "businessman" section - a.k.a. the zone that's usually empty until half way through each period - is being renamed the Low Interest Zone.
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    I cannot fathom or accept the hypocrisy of the gay community who demand that they be accepted for who they are but will not accept police officers for who they are.
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    Since the sports columnists liked to call the Air Canada Centre maybe they can call the Scotia Arena the ATM.
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    Yup, Caterpillar D9 with the gear up - at least as sleek as a 737!
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    Sleek? Are we looking at the same aircraft?
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    Some context: http://www.recorder.ca/2017/08/25/saddened-by-sir-john-stance We, as a society, must be living a pretty good life, if we have nothing better to do than criticize the actions of politicians of 200 years ago by today's standards!!
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    Nope. Why not?? 1) Because untruths such as the above quote are being used to promote the cause, which leads me to believe that the petition has more to do with labour issues than safety issues; 2) Because each operation has its own unique requirements and there's no one-size-fits-all solution to fatigue management. Heck, even the largest individual pilot union in Canada allows different duty/rest rules for subgroups within its membership, including pilots who fly identical equipment but who belong to different subgroups; 3) Because you might just get what you ask for. I.E. are any of the pilots who commute prepared to have a mandatory rest period added immediately prior/following their duty period? Are pilots who bid to maximize their days off at home prepared to hang out in hotel rooms more often?; 4) Because this should be an internal solution between individual pilot groups and their employer. If pilots want something more restrictive than the regulations, it should be negotiated, not legislated; and 5) Because, until pilots start effectively and efficiently managing their own rest/fatigue, no amount of legislation/regulation will be able to compensate. JMO, of course.
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    The tem 'internet troll' is very confusing, so I looked up the definition. From Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll "In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll's amusement." By strict definition, no one could be faulted for feeling that your post was a form of trolling too Anonymous. Any discussion can be deemed to be 'trolling' by any individual that has a touchy perspective for a particular subject. No matter the carrier, if employees of same are present on this board when an incident occurs they can be expected to be sensitive and downright defensive when it comes to frank speculation / debate regarding the circumstances etc.of the event. It's in our nature to circle the wagons when the team is perceived to be under fire. In the present case I have to vouch for Upper Deck; I've known him professionally and personally for close to thirty five years now and I can assure you that he's anything but a troll.
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    Anonymous... I don't know whether you are referring to me in your post. If so, I regret your apparent need to belittle and diminish. It is not the first time you questioned my motives and on the last occasion, it seemed you had an ulterior motive. My interest in aviation and aviation-related issues arises primarily because of my association and friendship with flight crew and cabin crew over a period of more than 30 years. I travel extensively. I very frequently do so in the company of my wife who has worked as a flight attendant for 36 years. Every time my wife boards an aircraft she is placing her trust ( and life) in the hands of pilots. Cradled within those hands are in fact many lives. You have " no idea why he cares so much...." Does that assist? I get my facts " from newspapers and internet bulletin boards"? No sir....I do not. I do not frequent any aviation-related forums other than the AEF. The news article I most recently referenced was in fact accessed on this forum under News Feeds. I did read about the incident in a news release accessed on Flipboard but I thereafter spoke by phone and communicated by email with pilots known to me and whom I consider friends. I relied far more upon their input than on anything read in internet news accounts. Most of the pilots that i associate with I met through boating. They include pilots at American, Southwest, and Delta. To suggest that everyone with an interest in this incident should sit aside quietly and await the report of the NTSB is to deny the legitimacy of well-intenioned, sincere and legitimate dialogue. And the purpose of this forum is to facilitate and indeed encourage such dialogue. Labelling a contributor as a " troll" without reason implies an intent to silence and is disrespectful and contrary to the guidelines enunciated by the Administrator.
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    Here's an idea for the brain trusts at Boeing - stop your whinging and try innovating for yourself. They call Bombardier a black pot when there's no bigger charred kettle on the planet than Boeing.
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    Just remember, the same people you believe are incapable of learning to operate a modern aircraft are also sharing the roads with you every day, along with thousands of their contemporaries.
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    Yes, the shortage of 'qualified' individuals and lowering of standards has to be Trump's fault ... There's a message in the politics for pilots to heed. Pilots have always pretended to be professionals, but lacked the gonads & brains to stand up for themselves when the time came. Instead of behaving appropriately and pursuing professional standing, pilots gave up any hope of achieving status to the forces of Deregulation and entered into foolish diversionary seniority turf wars. 85% of CALPA's budget originally went to technical / air safety issues and 15% to labour relations; the organization was on track to professional standing. Following Deregulation, the percentages were reversed and greed became the driving force. So much for the University programs too; which wannabe would waste years in a classroom when a basic CPL will get you into the airline world 7 -8 X faster? As it now stands, so long as the public is prepared to board on the basis of hope that nothing goes wrong with the automated systems, they'll keep boarding. For me, sticking to the roads is looking like the better idea all the time.
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    Mind you my father had grade 6 but through self learning (Gypsy moth up) ending his career in the DC8-63, he overcame that limitation through lots and lots of work , hands on, continued learning (maths, systems etc) etc.
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    Get the crowbar out...pry open your wallet and buy the DVD.. https://www.amazon.ca/CAPTAINS-OF-THE-CLOUDS/dp/B00QLWQZOQ
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    I don't believe in luck. Much work has gone into making the system as safe as it is. Of course there's room for improvement but operators need not reinvent the wheel to have robust cadet programs. Lufthansa and SAL have well established programs that churn out top notch pilots. The AF 330 was an example of many things, including inadequate training, poor management decision making (delaying the installation of pitot system mods) and automation design problems, but above all else, the accident chain began with an abject failure of command decision making. No captain in their right mind leaves the flight deck for a nap during a night flight through active weather in the ITCZ - I don't care how experienced your FO is.
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    Virgin foliage?
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    The same can be said for why they would care about Canada's posturing. Good comment.
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    https://www.trigtent.com/video/black-lives-matter-calls-trudeau-racist-white-supremacist?utm_medium=Black+Lives+Matter+Calls+Trudeau+Racist%2C+White+Supremacist&utm_campaign=OB-Canada-2&utm_source=WBTV Can you believe this? It is frightening.
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    "with a lot of pushback at the time from pilot groups. " I don't recall any pushback from pilot groups and I was fairly close to the fire. I can recall a lot of discussion taking place in respect of dispatcher licensing in the post Dryden period. The only concerns being expressed by the CALPA, and TC pilot unions were related to the educational / training standards that would be used to define the licensing syllabus?
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    Don't make me come over there, mister!
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    Enjoyed your thorough briefings John although.... when you were calling it 1/2 mile in BS in the Whale, I never really believed it was "barbeque smoke"!!! And yup, you are one of the good ones!!
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    This is why you STAND during a National Anthem... https://www.facebook.com/usveterans.store/videos/1862937583972231/
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    I spent the last few months working at Paine Field and I would see it everyday. This is a pic I took last December before they (obviously) started the resto.
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    In BC we have a carbon tax. If the government was serious about reducing our carbon footprint they would give us free hydro produced electricity and encourage us by subsidy to get rid of our natural gas furnaces, water heaters and stoves etc. They most certainly are not doing that. They raise the electricity rates after you go over a very low threshold. The government, any government, is not interested in lowering your carbon footprint they are interested in getting more of your money.