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    Airlines have a dress code. All employees know this. Follow the policy or buy a ticket if you want to "dress down".
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    One realizes how bad the journalism is when they write about something that we understand. Just imagine how much crap goes as informed journalism when it is on topics that we are not experts on.
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    Well, this passengers history is irrelevant to the case. This shouldn't have happened to anyone.
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    Hey United, here's an idea. If you've got that many crew who all need to get to Louisville, then charter a Learjet to take them there instead of punishing your paying customers for YOUR problems.
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    Where do these "Top Execs" get off taking credit for building the aircraft anyway. none of these guys could build an airplane. The credit needs to go to the thousands of workers that engineered and assembled the aircraft. Nothing makes me more angry than when someone takes credit for the hard work of others. All those workers got was laid off for all their hard work.
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    Please show me where any posts here indicate a lack of respect for the deceased or his family. That a brother in arms has " flown west" at a very inopportune time of his life is extremely unfortunate, and that should be considered a given. I really don't think anyone in this thread has made light of that fact. The light-hearted comments in this thread are just that,,,,,light-hearted and to admonish any poster in this thread for failing to show respect for the deceased and his family is unwarranted...IMO
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    A nice little fantasy to start the week, best in full screen HD.
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    Yes but who really enjoys having to "turn off an engine". Next safe thing would be to put it in park and wait for CAA to arrive. A highschool friend of mine is the Gazette's sports editor. I'll have to send him a note.
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    Damn! I was going to call it quits but...... Malcolm......if you go back in my statements, you will find reference to my comment in the case where a client tells his lawyer ; "I killed John but I want to take the stand and testify that I was somewhere else at the time of his death." In that situation, the lawyer should withdraw BUT......you don't usually get advance notice and the Court will not allow you to withdraw at the court house steps on the eve of trial. If you put the accused client on the stand and question him so as to elicit the testimony you know to be false, you are yourself committing an offence. And so....if your accused client insists on testifying, you call the client to the stand and invite him to give his evidence. You do NOT question the witness. Now then....if you do that, everyone and his brother will know why; they will know the accused is lying. When I was confronted with this situation ( one time), I explained this process to the client. He changed his mind about testifying. That is an entirely different situation than one where a client describes an event that has resulted in charges and the lawyer embarks on an a legal and factual analysis to determine whether the charges are well-founded; evidence properly obtained; other relevant factors considered...etc etc.It is NOT the function of a lawyer to act as judge and jury! Consider briefly the Ghomishi case. He was charged with sexual assault. Assume he told his lawyer that he had in fact choked the alleged victim. The lawyer did not respond "Well, then. You're guilty and if that is not how you intend to plead, I won't represent you." The lawyer inquired into the facts and learned that the accused believed he had consent to that physical contact. Ultimately, a thorough and vigorous defence established at least a possibility that the alleged victim was in fact using the process to punish the accused for failing to reciprocate her affections. He was acquitted. I am reasonably confident that the Taliban and members of ISIL and other fundamentalists are certain in their "opinion" of right and wrong. They are essentially "absolutists" unwilling to accept as viable the opinions of other sects of the same faith. I'm not sure there is ever only one "right" way ( or "wrong" ). There are guide posts....a general direction.....which is perhaps why we speak of a " moral compass" or lament how one may have " lost his way". We are on a journey; following an ill-defined pathway and you and I will hopefully both arrive at the same destination one or both of us bearing the scars left by the obstacles we encountered as we occasionally took the " road less travelled".
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    The problem I have with arguments in favour of United having acted in accordance with the contract are that the moment they accepted his boarding pass at the gate and allowed him to cross the threshold of the aircraft to take his assigned seat, they as much as said they intended to get him to his destination. Arguing that they have the right to punt him (or anyone else) right up to the point of departure is equivalent to saying it's okay for Ruth's Chris to plunk down a sizzling juicy steak in front of you, allow you to take a bite or two and then yanking the steak away and giving it to another "more deserving" diner. Maybe the laws and tariffs don't state it right now, but they should be clear in saying that once a passenger is allowed to board, the only valid reason to remove them is an action that breaks a law such as disruptive behaviour.
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    The black tail will certainly help the night time display across the fleet as shown on this newly painted SkyRegional aircraft.
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    I'm sorry but if the airline gave me a boarding pass and let me board and sit in my assigned seat then said "oops we need your seat to board a crew" You bet your ass I would be beligerant. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute panic on mine. I have my seat, get your own.
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    This has been happening for years. Thanks to YouTube and social media, everyone is now seeing it happen. Maybe it's time to review some policies and procedures.
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    SWISS C Series and Patrouille Suisse at the spectacular airshow above St. Moritz
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    If the Capt dies then any stress on the FO is balanced by his delight in moving up a notch on the seniority list.
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    I did it too,...Honda 250........ loose gravel on a corner,............ended up heading for some school kids.........dumped it.................it was the day after a buddy came back from Japan with my brand new Seiko Pilot Watch which I was wearing...(that watch was not available, at that time, in Canada) All the kids ran over and asked if I was OK and I held my arm up and breathlessly said "No damage, it's still running!" Ya gotta have priorities
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    I have NEVER sat in any seat in ANY aircraft without my seat belt done up.......I call it common sense since you are hurtling through the atmosphere at close to 500 mph and one never knows when you will encounter one of those dreaded "air-pockets".
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    That is what it looks and sounds like when two well trained and highly competent professionals take an abnormal situation and make it look routine. Well done.
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    No doubt the folks in the T33 will develop an insatiable hankering for fish and chips.
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    Thanks to Eric Dumigan for turning me on to this little gem. That's Jimmy Stewart at the engineers position and I'm pretty sure that's Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H) all filmed in beautiful 70MM. Great example of technology trying to keep up military requirements.
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    I can't see how a kind of knee-jerk ban of overselling might help avoid something like this. Denied boarding is different from overselling, and happens all the time. I can see United perhaps revising the cap on how much an agent can offer as compensation. But eliminating it entirely? Doubt it. As for just moving on to another passenger, it's definitely an option, although I think we sell the agent in this case a little short when we suggest something as obvious as that. Clearly, nobody on the plane was budging, even as the cops were preparing to bash that guy's head off the armrest, everyone in the cabin is sitting there with a, "glad that's not ME" look on their face, still snug in their seat. I'm alright Jack. Obviously, the cops went overboard. But as "pilot's wife" said, disobeying law enforcement on an airplane isn't going to end well, no matter how aggrieved you feel or how high the moral ground is that you believe you're occupying.
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    Yabut - from the words of a pilot's wife - i.e. someone somewhat (at least) in the know. The poor schmuck who got assaulted then removed in this case probably didn't have a clue about those types of protocol we, in the business, take for granted. He was criminally assaulted for no good reason. I think a 7 figure settlement might be conservative...
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    Convair 580....Canadian Military.....Cosmopolitan (CC109) Flew it for 3 years at 412 (T) Squadron at Ottawa and then went south west to Colorado Springs and flew the super VIP model, Smoky 02, with NORAD for 3 years. My neighbor was Richard Broom, a well known American aviation artist. He painted, (about 3 feet by 2 feet) his first Canadian Military aircraft and it was Smoky 02 landing at Colorado Springs. He painted it so that if one puts a black light over it, the scene becomes night time. He also hid my first name in the grass alongside the runway....(very very difficult to find and see) so that if it was ever stolen I could prove it was mine, Had a big "showing" at our place when it was completed. Back then my cost was $750.00 USD....The value of the painting now is in excess of $25,000.00. He also did me in a Harvard (about 18 inches by 24 inches),, entitled " Lesson Plan 11 - Solo aerobatics"...That was a "free-bee" Gonna donate the Smoky 02 painting to the Air Force Museum here in Trenton. Link to the artist; http://airportjournals.com/dreams-of-flight-aviation-artist-rick-broome/
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    No one built ugly like Convair
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    The thing that strikes me about this is there was probably no way the archetypal "reasonable person" would believe the next escalation in this disagreement was going to be a concussion. The fact that the Chicago Port Police or whatever they call themselves don't appear to present themselves with much "colour of authority" probably did little to give legitimacy to their demands. They look like the security at a music festival.
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    My son was on a flight awhile ago in the US. Can't remember the airline but it was an E-170 I think. So one of the major's regionals. Sitting in his confirmed assigned seat, a dead heading pilot walked up and told him he was in "his seat". My son replied "I don't think so". The exchange went on for a minute or so and the pilot finally gave up. Later my son saw him take a seat in first. If UAL needs seats for employees than they'd better block them off to avoid these kinds of headlines. And find a better way to handle an overbooked plane.
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    An ambassador from the Barrie area (Wyvale, ON), and Sault College Alumni is taking part in the event. Brent Handy
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    A few decades ago I had the privilege of a guided tour of the entire area as well as the trenches. We were the crew that flew in some Military brass and they asked if we wanted to go along on their planned tour. It was an excellent tour with many somber feeling as we went through the trenches, through all the grave sites, including the German's. The care-takers of the site had pumped all the water out of the trenches that we were taken through and the mud and gunk gave us a surreal feeling.. Something that has always stuck with me was a lone grave site of Canadians where there were about 15-20 headstones. in a depression shaped like a rough circle.......apparently one artillery shell took out all those men as they huddled below a crest of a hill. One of the staff there said that one of the most difficult things they did when making the area suitable for viewing was the routing of roads. It seemed that oft times, when laying the base of the road, they would encounter buried bodies of the deceased not seen until that day. Vimy Ridge...sadly a human slaughter house but where the son's of Canada stood tall.
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    Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pics, immediate dismissal, can't even carry your cell phone.
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    You're going to drive yourself over the edge if you don't stop reading this sort of stuff Deicer. Even if any of it were true and accurate, what's wrong with meeting, it's done all the time and besides, not everyone, Hilary included, see Russia, or Putin in the same light as those trying to create enemies where no good reason for doing so exists?
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    All right not on a carrier but rather on a barge . Amazing however when you consider that the barge is moving up and down with the wave movement.. http://www.spacex.com/news/2016/05/27/thaicom-8-mission-photos SpaceX makes fourth successful rocket landing by Staff Writers Miami (AFP) May 27, 2016 SpaceX launched an Asian communications satellite into a distant orbit Friday and for the fourth time managed to recover the rocket that did the work. Under blue skies dotted with clouds, the shiny white Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 5:40 pm (2140 GMT) carrying the Thaicom 8 satellite. The rocket returned to Earth about 10 minutes later, firing its engines and maneuvering with its fins to an upright position on a powered barge, known as a drone ship, positioned in the Atlantic Ocean some 420 miles (680 kilometers) off the Florida coast. SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California erupted in cheers as the rocket touched down. At first, the live webcast cut out briefly as the rocket neared the drone ship, then footage returned, showing the scorched but intact rocket standing straight and appearing steady. "Rocket landing speed was close to design max," said SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, noting that there was some "back and forth motion." "Prob ok, but some risk of tipping," he added. Musk wants to revolutionize the launch industry by making rocket components reusable, much the same way as commercial airplanes. Currently, expensive rocket parts are jettisoned into the ocean after each launch. SpaceX has managed to successfully land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rockets three times before -- twice on water and once on land. This is the second time SpaceX has landed on the ocean platform after a launch to geostationary transfer orbit, which is much further than the low-Earth orbit altitude at which the International Space Station circles the globe. The high speed and heat involved with the rocket's return make a steady touchdown more challenging than a low-Earth orbit launch. The primary mission of the lauch was also a success. The Thaicom 8 satellite, which weighs about 6,600 pounds (3,000 kilograms) was deployed as planned. Built by Orbital ATK, the satellite will provide broadcast and data services to South Asia and Southeast Asia for a period of 15 years.
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    The reason one corrects the FPA is because FPA uses baro-inertial vertical speed in calculations to create FPA. The baro part is referenced to a standard atmosphere and therefore has an error in colder-than-normal operations. Sometimes it does seem like one is using a micrometer to measure and an axe to cut when it comes to flying NPAs .. some companies' SOPs have turned a NDB into a Cat III NDB.
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    I'm just saying what the lefties would say. But your comment does show one thing - doesn't matter what a person says because someone will try to turn it against them.
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    Sexist, cultural appropriation, ageist, body shaming! Those women are obviously only getting 67 cents for every dollar the men are getting and should be encouraged to go into a STEM field. Oh, and the men are clearly all rapists!
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    I read yesterday that the airside credentials for these people were revoked immediately when they were identified. No, it's not the same as firing them but it certainly makes anything nefarious much tougher to pull off.
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    To me, this lawsuit implies nobody was monitoring the flight path, and blaming Airbus for faulty autoflight software! First rule of thumb, a virtual commandment when talking about auto-flight: If it's not doing what you expect/want/need, then "click, click" the autopilot & auto-throttle and control the flight path manually. This was not done in Halifax on this flight as is evidenced by it hitting the ground so far back from, not the touchdown zone, but the threshold. "The document says it also failed to incorporate a warning system to alert pilots to a deviation from the planned flight path angle." In my opinion, the ultimate warning system is comprised of two pilots with situational awareness. Is there a date the TSB will release a report of their investigation?
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    Many years ago I had a Sentra that I needed to move with a dead battery. It took some time to figure out how to get the shift lever into neutral (found it in the manual). Thanks for posting this Kip. I have come to realize that virtually every device, component, tool or service I have, own or use has some feature or operating procedure that I'm not aware of. Now, before I undertake almost anything, I do a quick search on youtube. Sure, reading the manual is good advice but the time and energy to read, remember and recall some seldom used procedure is often wasted. Searching "how to release shift lever" on youtube will give you the answer far faster than you can put your shoes on, let alone grabbing your keys, going to the car, digging out the manual from the glove box, etc, etc. The same goes for; tiling the shower stall, replacing the drain in your bathtub, sharpening a lawn mower blade, etc, etc. Even stuff I think I know how to do or have been doing for years! Surprisingly, you can often find a better or more efficient way of doing something - the information is out there! The same goes for actually reading the manuals. I can download the manual online faster than you could find the manual in the box or drawer where you left it. Try it. Just search - LG BP125 Blu-ray manual 2016 Subaru wrx owners manual Honda HR215 lawn mower manual Works for almost any owners manual but not for anything considered to be a "service" manual such as outboard and small engine maintenance and repair manuals.
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    Deicer, every good Canadian knows that's an Otter. I flew one many, many summers ago when the "Otter"pilot got all mad about something and just quit. So now I was flying both the Beaver & Otter. The larger DHC-3 Otter with its big tail was handful on a windy day sometimes as your stepped off a float onto a dock. I didn't have a helper. But I did have a few "holy crap" moments when I least expected them. So I'd have to say they nailed it with that registration. And a week or so later the "Otter" pilot returned with a whole new attitude. And shortly afterwards I started to get my hearing back. (See where DeHav put the engine exhaust stacks) Great photo by the way!
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    Unfortunately I figured that would come up ....eventually ....... but if I tweaked one reader...my work is done here. Yes, I found that on page 328 later in the day....... but really........how many drivers read the entire manual...of a used, simple car, that does not contain any of the hi tech gadgetry in today's ultra modern cars? PS...went out and looked in my car as well...and read that manual last night
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    I think Rudder says it better.
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    It has..............this time it's on everyday, every hour in Washington DC
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    There are millions of people in Britain, Canada, America that are "born and bred" in those respective countries and raised in the Muslim faith who are excellent people. I know some of them. Let's not forget that.
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    If you do a bit of searching you will find these things called "books". They are quite enjoyable and one does not have to wear any accouterments to enjoy the entertainment other than , for some, glasses.