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  1. Let's just agree to disagree about that one issue.... and leave it at that.
  2. Flown on them for 13 years for winter vacation to Caribbean.....excellent service both ways.
  3. Possibly but I look at the aircraft that is the most FUN to fly and that's what I want to fly........and I did
  4. Hmmmm..well I guess it's sorta like some airline pilots are just not airline pilots,......... they want it known that they are 767 or 777 or 787 etc. airline pilots.
  5. Perhaps we could put all three threads concerning AC and Air Transat into one thread...maybe called .............Air Canada and Air Transat??
  6. What do you call their instrument that makes them want to correct you ..? ..
  7. Our band was becoming popular back when the earth was cooling.....we sent a tape to Decca Records in NY....tape .returned with a comment that stated "seeing you are not members of the American Musicians Union, we have not listened to your tape...good luck" So we sent the tape to Liberty Records in California.... We got a reply back that they would like our band to come to California and hear us play. They would give us free studio time but ALL other expenses were up to us.... None of us had much money so expenses were going to be the big issue but...........that telegram arrived about a week before we all graduated from High School and we .had all made plans to go in other directions seeing we did not expect to hear from Liberty. The band split except the lead singer and he ventured into the US and started a group called "Steve and the Windmen"....which fizzled out after about a year. Steve pressed on and at our 50 year High School Grad Reunion we found out that Steve had ended up as a musical cast member in a kids TV show. I carried that "Liberty Records" telegram around until it turned into confetti about 5 years later..... And yeh, I was the drummer...thanks for all the above posted "accolades".....
  8. Very misleading and disappointing thread title .................. I thought that perhaps Boeing was venturing into an area of knowledge that I was very familiar with....
  9. In the real world, passengers don't care who owns the airline as long as they operate on schedule and the "price" is right. Based on what I have read here, nothing as far as the operations go, will change but there are concerns by some customers, (in the Press), about the airline eliminating some features to make the bottom line better for Onex. Present execs of WJ say "nothing will change",as far as the worker bees are concerned.. Of course when WD was folded into CDN we got that same story... and a few weeks later I was on a different aircraft course, different uniform etc etc,. Hang on........... I'm sure the ride won't be as wild as the new roller coaster at Wonderland.....
  10. Press says..... 3 crew and 2 pax went to hospital Press says ....all five injured have been released Press says..... 4 released, one passenger still in hospital Your source.... says pilot in hospital Trumps says.... " the accident never happened, there was no 'collision' between the truck and the aircraft......just another example of fake news",
  11. Comments after the video at You Tube are the "norm"
  12. Taxiing to the gate..One source says the aircraft is pretty much written off. Fuel Truck driver has been charged. Originally aircraft heading to Sudbury but came back due to bad wx at Sudbury..... Capt/FO, F/A and two pax treated for injuries and all released.
  13. One person remains in hospital after an arriving Air Canada Express plane made contact with a Menzies fuel truck at Pearson International Airport. The collision took place just after 1:30 a.m. Friday. Three people were taken to hospital as a precaution after an arriving Air Canada Jazz plane made contact with a Menzies fuel truck at Pearson Airport. (MARK BLINCH / THE CANADIAN PRESS) Debra Williams, the manager of corporate communications for Jazz Aviation, which operated the flight, said three crew members and two passengers were taken to hospital for assessment. Damage to the plane will be assessed, she said. After the collision, airport emergency services responded and passengers and crew were evacuated and moved to a terminal, according to Ryan White, a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. Passengers have since been allowed to leave. The aircraft and vehicle have been removed and the scene is being returned to normal operations, White said. There was no impact on the airport’s operations, he said. On Wednesday, emergency response crews put out a fire in the left brakes of a Jazz Aviation flight departing from Pearson, Williams said. The aircraft was halted during taxi when the crew experienced an issue with the brakes. Passengers deplaned and there were no injuries.
  14. There, they're, their...don't get angry but it should be "Whose hands"........
  15. So really.....the big bounce and the subsequent hard landing, (probably landing gear oleos through the wing) caused the fire because there is no indication of fire, from what we can see, prior to the "hard landing... AVherald has the aircraft with a lightening strike and then a NORDO approach squawking 7600 and then a "bad landing . The interesting part of the video below is the last 3-4 seconds after first impact and then the video ceases. My previous post ........above .........concerning Crash Rescue Response has been amended.