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  1. I see the boys in NASA got their mini chopper up and it's doing a low level scan of Mars surface..
  2. My kids went to University and often times they use big words just to confuse me. As you know I am a pilot, (retired) and like all pilots, have always used small words, easily understood by most everybody. Would I be correct to say to any of my kids that I have just purchased an autonomous item for my house ?? Just purchased ,(via curbside pick-up from Canadian Tire), a brand new shiny toaster.
  3. Bit of a tangent here, While in DND I went away on "Temporary Duty" for a few days. Upon my return I submitted what I thought was an accurate claim and a week later I received a Government cheque for my expenses Two weeks later I received another cheque with a letter saying my claim had been audited and I was owed more money. I still have the cheque and included a photo taken today...(( my SIN removed ))
  4. Three days ago, without inquiring, I received a short email from the company that insures both my cars that stated I would be getting an ETransfer of a calculated sum due to the fact that with the pandemic in progress they are assuming I am not driving as much as usual . Rec'd an ETranasfer of $150.00 automatically deposited in my bank today. Perhaps you could check with YOUR insurance company????
  5. I think you need a few more buckets...if not, then when you turn the tap on the answer is # 1
  6. Did more reading.. doing that, all they do is eliminate the hotel stay but have to do the "tests" etc. at home and quarantine for 14 days.
  7. Isn't USA to Canada International?? These are snowbirds coming out of FL etc.
  8. Auto throttle problem ??? Is Boeing not like Airbus and you can disengage the auto throttles with a switch ? I find it hard to believe, that no matter what the throttles were doing, the aircraft could not be flown in level flight. Sharp roll ??? Gonna be interesting to hear the CVR
  9. Curious.......does flying to Buffalo and then using a limo at $350 USD to cross the border and drive to your home in YZ constitute a loophole ??
  10. Yesterday we had over 7000 new cases, today,( Sunday ),we have over 4000 new cases at 11:30 EST The entire COVID issue in Canada was, and is, a "dumpster fire," and the main reason is that politicians don't want to PO anyone because they want their vote in the next election, Provincial and Federal. If the Feds and the Provincial Govt had "lowered the hammer" at the beginning we might be just as clean as New Zealand PS...Trying to help out an elderly couple who are not proficient on computers.....3 days later I think I know why they can not get "shot" appointments in SE O
  11. "This green wire is too short" "Not important...just leave it"
  12. The NEW diversity in Airline Crew Casual Dress.... First you need to accessorize... (no video...just screen shots) The latest Louis Voulton purse...$39,000.00 USD Add an all season coat ( Why yes, Ma'am I am a pilot.)
  13. Could be computer controlled Drones....Also seen when Biden was President Elect .Many are used for big parties
  14. Every time I did a Mission to Alert and had "Newbies" onboard, I would take a detour and show the folks the B-29. The airframe was very intact but all the "souvenirs" were taken.... guns, radios, etc were stripped. We did fuel runs every year from Thule to Alert with gigantic fuel bladders of fuel in the C-130. Normally at Thule for a week for each seasonal run in the Fall Was a lot of fun...spent my time-off taping all the music Thule had on a Sony Reel to Reel tape recorder