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  1. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Look at it this way... Captain Roger Ramjet, having flown for Giterther Airlines for 25 years isn't much use to the military when he has no idea of the regimented order of command in the Military, or the actual protocols that are prevalent in the Service. Besides that, most retired Air Carrier pilots are approaching the age of dirt so do not fall within the parameters the USAF wants and probably would not like the rules and regulations adhered to in the service......... seeing that, in the airline industry, they were God-Like for so many years.... It doesn't take many resources/training/money to freshen up a non-ancient Military pilot if he/she goers back to the "there's no life like it" .
  2. New Search for MH370

    I don't think "cargo" in the terms you are discussing is an issue. Just finding the aircraft and 'perhaps' being able to ascertain "why" it went down is the over riding factor along with closure for the NOK. I'm sure a few million dollars paid to the search company, should they find the wreckage, would not be excessive in the minds of MH administration.
  3. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    This better ??
  4. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Is this what you wanted to post ??
  5. Mysteries Solvied

    Thank you for your kind words . As a lifetime air-frame driver who spent a lot of time away from 'her', I have always remembered this quote....."Distance Never Separates Two Hearts That Care". Best of luck in all your endeavors. DKP
  6. Mysteries Solvied

    Security was a non-issue as back in those days all we were offered, in the RCAF, was a Short Service Commission so my time could be up after 7 years and If I was not offered a Permanent Commission I did not what I would do. My life experience had consisted of working on our farm. This was discussed prior to the marriage and her answer was, "It didn't matter what I was going to do, she wanted to be with me". We married and I did get a Permanent Commission in year 5 and the rest is history. I really think, in this case, seeing we were engaged 3 months after we met and went on 3 dates,and married 2 months later.... and "No" it wasn't a shot-gun wedding that, in hindsight, perhaps she did see that I was "gonna do something " come hell or high water, and I guess that can be classified as 'security' in her mind. Anyhow in about 4 months we will enter our 53rd year and I think we both feel it's not because we just put up with each other. !! Is this not companionship? Perhaps in some people's mind it is mine, she has been my BFF and my 'rock' since the day we met. PS..there is no such thing as a lowly pilot, no matter what equipment you fly or have flown, Those of us that reached our personal goal in aviation had to start somewhere and did so through determination, effort, and a burning desire to be in the air. I wouldn't classify any aircraft I have flown as "lowly" not even the RCAF "Chipmunk"
  7. Mysteries Solvied

    Seems like everyone is afraid to post one little word that embodies "putting up with each other"..................... "love". I never married for sex or companionship, let alone children. I married her and she puts up with me as I put up with her and sex certainly was/is part of the marriage, (it just seemed natural), but companionship can be acquired when one purchases a dog.. Children came along because we both wanted them but having children was never a reason to put up with one another. She certainly didn't marry me for $$ as I was making, Gross $700.00/mo when we did tie the knot. As far as I am concerned the over riding quality in any lasting relationship, (putting up with each other), is an indescribable and deep feeling of attachment with each other that makes powering through even the worst of times a challenging adventure that both of you know you can endure and at the end have produced even deeper feelings of togetherness. Perhaps that doesn't make sense with the younger generation, but in our case it wasn't, and has never been, a case of putting up with each other, it was, and still i,s a feeling of completeness when she and I are together.........and I post from experience Have a nice weekend...
  8. Mysteries Solvied

    Who do Women put up with Men. ??? ( I assume WHO should be WHY) Going to go on thread drift here so bear with me, if you like....... Women putting up with men??? In HW case I am going to assume that many females put their aspirations to be famous at the forefront and, again, many allowed HW the liberties he took. Their silence allowed HW to continue and of course many careers began to blossom. Can those women who endured HW advances and made no effort to come forward much earlier be cloaked as "cowardly" is a debate that many will have and complete agreement will never be forthcoming. Just like Bill Crosby, the 'molested' come out of the wood work when one of their own had the guts to stand up to the creep....but remember this...all the wood worms are now famous or very near so, so once again we have to ask....why the silence for so long??? I have no use for Jane Fonda, especially after her visit to Vietnam where she, as a USA movie celebrity, made a public proclamation, while travelling Vietnam, that "All American POWs should be tried as War Criminals and executed"....and here she is on CNN saying she knew what was going on with HW and is embarrassed that she did not come forward prior to the events unfolding as they are now. Is the camera on me????, I have to say something that will make me look like I was also an innocent victim" In my book, there is no room for any man who does what HW or BC did, (if proven in court), I believe that, in both cases, it probably did happen and is probably still happening in other facets of our lives and no matter what happens in these two cases, denigrating and sexual harassment of women by men who have the power.... will continue......Ergo the statements made by the POTUS to the reporter during his campaign. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ And on the aviation is a link that I am sure many will enjoy.....Spitfires in breathtaking photos (passed to me by another AEF member) Heart Pounders
  9. Emirates Moscow Incident

    You would have thought "someone" would have had a cellphone and took a photo
  10. There is no room for complacency when the fuel quantity boggles the mind. Not that many here would know what a "Howgozit" chart works, but I even did them on the A310.
  11. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    I'm not anyone??
  12. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    Just a WAG but I would expect the aircraft would be subject to closer "external check" before it went flying again......but then again if it was a "touch and go", perhaps not. Personally, I think the Captain should have called for a "Full Stop" and taxied in for a gear/tire check.
  13. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    Wow !!!! At no point was the safety of the passengers and crew on board compromised. Didn't bend the metal or crack the plastic, and everyone walked away, but I can only imagine the adjectives being espoused in the pointy end..... as well as those on the very end of the 'lever"
  14. Porter Adds New Routes

    Really not news Porter to MCO Porter has been doing these flights since 2015 each winter. 50 Pax max due to fuel/range limitations.