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  1. Different folks, different opinions...this is good. Been retired for a long time now and I don't miss it one bunch. I had 28 years with DND and 15 in the airline industry and the airline industry flying was the icing on the cake, good money and an "easy" job. In all honesty, my Military flying career was more fun, more places, and better fun toys to fly. I think one reason many feel depressed, if it goes that far,(depressed), when they hang up their spurs is that their life revolved around the industry and perhaps not enough time was spent building a library of interests outside of the job. I flew with a few fellows who indicated that pending retirement was not something they wanted to embrace and their "life" would be on a severe down-slope once punted through the goal posts. I will not bore you with a lists of my interests and what I do now but suffice to say the days are not long enough for me to get everything done that I want to do and I normally exist on 5 hours of sleep a night. Yes....... the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, but, as the saying goes............ Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, a glass of wine in one hand, chocolate in the other, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Holy sh!t..... what a Ride!”
  2. "The 49-year-old pilot, who has over 13,000 hours of flying experience" Perhaps.... unless pilots have a certain number of flying hours, they should not be served hot beverages....I mean that statement is really an eye opener and is good food for thought.......Now using a lid on the cup of hot beverage may not help as I have seen many people spill their beverage attempting to get the "snapped on " lid off. I thought "some" of the guys I flew with should have been drinking their beverages with a "soother"...........but I never said that out loud. Have a nice weekend.
  3. While the "meat" of that statement is true it would be nice if he advocated reintroducing INDEXING in the pension plans.... Long timers have lost a lot of $$$
  4. Hey Jack, Good to see that you are still an active member of this, sometimes, “zoo” Have a great summer. Kip afloat in beautiful 1000 Islands
  6. Best tours are from Gananoque on the GBL boats. Bigger boats, more stability and better bar. Check out their routes and prices. Call if you ever get here. Can show you the sights of the ADMIRALTY Island group as that is where most boaters hang/float out
  7. Wardair A310 had winglets. Perhaps it is an A-300 or the first A320. Initially I believe the winglet was an option for the A320. It is standard on the A320 Neo
  8. Ooooow. That is sorta mean but I don’t take it seriously cause that was the mini Airbus (320), not the mighty A310 that I flew The things I find on AEF as I float in the 1000 Islands in the early hours as the morning sun blossoms above the cool calm water and the temperature starts its journey to 28C, (feels like 33C). I guess it will be another day of swimming and Baileys with coffee and perhaps a BBQ steak later today....... say.... how you guys doing at your JOBS ? KP on the MV Dun-Fly’N
  9. OK..I'm slow..... I figured it out........... Not "twin human beings" but " twin engines" .
  10. All forums have a smattering of facts and many opinions......such is life...such is my life I believe in technology fact if I could get cash out of my computer I would never go to a bank....but all technology is not good. The proof is in what you see with so many young kids...steps out the door , starts texting right away. We are slowly losing the ability for kids to have PATIENCE, to LISTEN to those that have been "here" for decades. To LEARN that Mom and Dad can't always be in contact. To engage in MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION. We are getting to the point where kids are losing touch with reality. Being alone, without one parent, or another, is a learning experience, and a bonding experience...Mom/Dad flying away for a time, without the above technology, eases a child into that reality.................. and personally, I think this gadget takes the "Mom/Dad are home" anticipation out of a child waiting to see one/two of their parents. Please bear in mind that I am not painting all children with the same brush, there are many fine kids out there but more kids should learn some short, and perhaps uncomfortable, facts of life.......being out of touch with Mom/Dad is one of them. PS..I guess I should have used emojis to lighten up my previous post... Also....sorry for mini rant and and drifting off the center line.....
  11. Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433) Section 602.03 No person shall act as a crew member of an aircraft: (a) Within twelve hours after consuming an alcoholic beverage; (b) While under the influence of alcohol; or (c) While using any drug that impairs the person’s faculties to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or of persons on board the aircraft is endangered in any way. The use of cannabis is a disqualifying factor for obtaining a medical certificate to fly or control aircraft. The CARs provide that all members of a flight crew, such as pilots, are prohibited from working while using any drug (legal or illegal) that impairs faculties to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or people on board is endangered in any way. The definition of a drug includes cannabis and, therefore, these regulations continue to apply regardless of the Cannabis Act in force.
  12. And the cost will be ?? Good to hear that kids will always be able to keep track of their parents . The next "got-to-have" item will probably be a mini tracker that parents can clip to their clothes so the kids know where the parent(s) are when at their place of employment. Really, "a hit" ?? It will be a hit when there is a technical glitch, video dumps, and some kid start screaming " Mommy/Daddy crashed" !!! With all the flight tracker sites out there, wouldn't it be just as easy to show these young techy kids how to find out where Mom/Dad are ?? With What's App and FaceTime and I am sure there are more Apps out there parents can always be in touch before and after a flight...... but the horror of not knowing exactly where Mom/Dad actually are during the flight will be alleviated............ but then again I guess it is important to not let kids feel like they have been abandoned for the duration of their parents flight to and from anywhere...
  13. Well alright but ....if you play your cards right I will get you in as an honorary member of the SLAF.
  14. I think most are/were taller than me.....that's kinda a difference....