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  1. No "Proof" readers I guess...............or they just hired a recent US High School graduate.
  2. As far as danger is concerned, the statistics show that the crash rate for all aircraft is 7.28 crashes for every 100,000 hours of flight time. The crash rate for helicopters alone is 9.84 per 100,000 hours. The FAA says the fatal accident rate across all aviation types in the US is 0.84 per 100,000 flight hours, less than the 1.02 it reports for helicopters. But the fact that helicopters are used in risky operations, such as search and rescue missions, in war zones, and sometimes in bad weather, skews this figure
  3. Interesting concept
  4. Yes I did....didn't see your TOP line...Sorry... Deleted mine...
  5. I sit corrected...Thank you
  6. Experts are hailing a British Airways flight as the fastest subsonic New York to London journey. However the aircraft had to wait 80 minutes for its scheduled gate to be free before passengers could deplane........
  7. I believe Jim Wood, (AC), started this forum around '97 or perhaps '98 . I found it just prior to CP/AC merger. I 'm not sure whether the present hosts took it over, or built a new one but it has seen a lot of action, learned discussions, controversial discussions, and fun discussions.. The main point in any discussion, be it forums or personal, is to remember that courtesy and respect is contagious....... even if you are cloaked with anonymity. Thanks again to the good people that let us toss bouquets and the odd, non-fatal, brick around.
  8. Good explanation... Thanks for the post. Sorta looks like he attempted to get "on top" felt he couldn't get there and decided to turn and go back "under"...or more likely got disorientated in cloud, (why the left turn), and lost control No CVR or FDR so I guess the final part of the report more likely will be "based "on the data we have.................... from NTSB