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  1. Many of the young kids who hear about the clown doing 254km/hr think it is a non issue, just having fun, no damage done. Personally I would like to see his licence suspended for a year, the car impounded for a year and a $10,000.00 fine.......... but that is me....who came upon a Mustang GT wrapped around a road sign with the young driver impaled by one of the uprights and his passenger flattened by the rolling car... After I threw up, I used my radio Shack , bolted in the car, (one of the first cell phones on the market key usually called "the brick").... to call the police and ambulance. The RCMP officer said the speedometer was stuck at 135 MPH... Kids should be forced to look at ":stupid driver accident photos"
  2. He waited 4 months before coming forward ???
  3. """"Called “Sleeper Seat,” the concept includes a specially designed mattress can be laid out over the three seats to allow a passenger to stretch out"""" Well the average seat width is 18 inches so that gives you 54 inches, and lets add 3 arm rests, (two in centre and one for each end of the bed) and give them 3 inches so we are up to 63 inches of bed.... and a slop factor of 3 inches.................. so to STRETCH OUT you better check your height !! I can just see feet sticking out in the aisle making the trip to the washroom and obstacle course.
  4. That is the question I asked when Scuba02 passed last year and "No" it does not go up. I too gave a bit of pension up so she would receive my full Airline pension if I passed before she did. I don't know about the other 'trades' but the AC pilot pensions do not increase each year. That growth was given up, forever I guess. when AC was against the ropes.
  5. I will admit, there is a bundle of info in this forum, and elsewhere, that I have recently waded through and attempted to digest, in an informative manner, but as a simple minded.retiree, and if I had to call the blame game, I would state that it appears to be a PILOT knowledge/instructional based problem. If, what I have read so far, there was a simple action to regain control of the oscillating aircraft and had the pilots been trained properly and perhaps more emphasis put on a "run-away" MCAS situation then perhaps there would not have been any crashes............and perhaps with documented cases, concerning the survived cases of run-away MCAS , Boeing may have come up with a fix much earlier. As I understand, it looks as if , if the MCAS was to blame for both crashes, and would it not be unreasonable to ask..."Why didn't the pilots just turn off the stab switches and manually trim ?" To me, this whole affair can be paralleled to building the first airliners and no one thought to teach pilots how to fly into a ditching until after a couple of airplanes lawn-darted into the wet sky and everyone was lost when they could have been saved had the pilots been taught how to do the drill.... I suppose in the end, there will be a reconciliation and someone will "carry the can" but perhaps there is too much emphasis being put on the "technology will never let you get into a bad situation" mantra ......and we have all seen what that "mantra trained pilot attitude" can do in an "electric " airplane.
  6. In my case, I agree,....I know a few folks where their DC was run by an idiot and they lost a very significant amount..... both plans are totally acceptable, but must be Properly Run..
  7. Apparently India , over the next decade,will retire 14 squadrons of MiG-21s, MiG-27s and MiG-29s, numbering over 200 aircraft. Originally the MiG 21 was to be retired 2019/2020. There are about 16-18 aircraft in each of the proposed retirement squadrons Entered service in 1959 (Photo of Pakistan MiG 21)
  8. Using USA for example..... Births in 2018...........over 3.8 million Deaths in 2018..... approx 2.6 million In 20 years many of the difference, (1.2 million...not factoring in that many of the deaths would be retirees and the elderly so not in the workforce)), could be seeking employment and with the increase in automation, not find work, and thus the social system, (tax dollars), will have to look after those that can not acquire employment. A partial fix would be to restrict the size of an American family...perhaps 2 children max..... a rather radical approach, ( the Chinese have used it), but it is being discussed with parental organizations on the fringe of the American society.
  9. As Boeing official once said when questioned why Boeing had not gone to the "side-stick"................... "N I H ", he said.....(Not Invented Here)
  10. My neighbor, while stationed in Colorado Springs was a Spectre Gunship Commander (C-130) in Vietnam.....said he could put 50 rounds through your bathroom window from 10, 000 feet. He was a retired L/Col USAF and his hobby was repairing worn washers and dryers. He would have 6-8 machines on his driveway every day tearing them apart and rebuilding them. He took mine and gave me a pair of refurbished machines.......the next day he was over and asked if the next time I flew to Canada if I could bring him back a set of those screwdrivers that fit those damned square holed screws
  11. While I do not subscribe to social media I feel there is enough knowledgeable folks out there that will attempt to straighten out the" nut-bars" and life will go on. I can point to some horrific crashes and that did not stop people from climbing on the same type of airplane the next day....before the reason for the crash was known. I agree there is a lot of crappy info out there but the 737 Max 8 will be old news in time and as we used to say in DND..."Ops Normal"
  12. While that may be true, back then there was not the availability for the travelling public to be so much better informed about the intricate workings of airplanes and airlines. With all the social media and instant communications available now, I think the travelling public may be better equipped to understand the basics of the problem and understand the "fix" when it is incorporated. There have been numerous aircraft accidents with different models of modern day aircraft and people were quick to climb back on after the headlines got smaller and moved further away from being the top story.......Should be no problem, especially in the US where the government circus makes better news almost everyday
  13. On February 01 1968 the RCAF was merged with the RCN and Canadian Army to become the CANADIAN was not a happy day for those of us who were so proud of the RCAF pilot wing we had been awarded. We were then forced to wear a wing with a maple leaf in the middle instead of the letters RCAF.. ....we did, however, wear the banned wing under our uniform lapel and as soon as some young buck, wearing the integration wing, started some fairy tale about his rise to be an AIR FORCE pilot, we would roll our lapels and normally say "Get some time in Bucko! A few months later, a some not so happy senior officer, (Pilot), formed a small club for pilots who only had the original RCAF wing. Can't remember the small fee we had to pay to join the club but the emblem we wore as a TIE TAC or as a civy suit LAPEL PIN is what you see in the photo. Each was inscribed on the back with the number we were given when we joined the club.The "Little Wing" is only 18mm wing tip to wing tip Does anyone know who started this exclusive pre-1968 RCAF pilot club or does anyone know of another airline employee who may still be a member with respect to the "Little Wing"?
  14. Well that is cool...must look into that..(there goes my TFSA)
  15. Hope they build a smaller version...Getting too old to use my snow blower.....