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  1. The key word in the above article concerning fines is "FACING". Hopefully the judicial system, (USA), "hammers" all these people and makes a very public display out of their stupidity or there will probably be more "unruly" occurrences.
  2. Got my second shot moved up from 22 July to June 14.......Received a TEXT confirming 14 June Tow hours later got a TEXT saying my appointment was cancelled Called the 800 number to ask why Two hours of "Thank you for your call and we appreciate your patience etc.etc," Finally got an agent...asked what was going on...Unfortunately her command of the English language was on par with my fluency in Hebrew. Finally got it sorted out..."They" had cancelled my 22 July Appointment after I got 14 June....sure would have been nice if that info was in the TEXT about the cancellation. Just "your next appointment has been cancelled. Do not reply to this TEXT"..... Lady said it was a mistake and I am confirmed for 14 June.......Yay
  3. The plural of aircraft ......is...aircraft. Getting older...Little things bother me..
  4. Well this action in the cockpit is certainly unusual to say the least... https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/31/us/former-southwest-airlines-pilot-haak/index.html
  5. Did you go through the pictorial slides and see the other design with the ladder up into a private "berth" ??
  6. Check out the illustrations of different concepts of passenger seating. Personally I don't think they will "fly". Be pretty hard to meet safety standards as well as evacuation standards. I don't think any airline wants to add more "structure" to the weight of an aircraft and cleaning the aircraft would be rather painful, but then again, just designer's concepts. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/double-decker-airplane-cabin-concepts-crystal-cabin-awards/index.html
  7. Kinda weird.....all the canopys have been modified.... Here is a photo of the ones we flew at initial pilot training..
  8. Not sure..... but I believe that female has been banned for life on all airlines in USA
  9. Listen to this young girl for 45 seconds and then hear the reality check from the news announcer. You would never hear this on the CBC in Canada. You’ve got to love the Aussies AEF0000000000.mp4
  10. It may sound cavalier but I have given up and finally, don't care what is open, what is closed, and when will normalcy reign again. Thank goodness I have hobbies that are not infringed upon by COVID and I keep busy every day. I feel for those that have a job and have not been employed for months on end and I really hope you are maintaining a sustainable mental balance between what could be depression, and hopefully, a love of life. Take heart, especially if you are young, you have a lot of life to live, don't let this COVD thing get you down, as it is merely a bump on the road, a substantial bump, but just a bump. If you have lost a loved one, I sympathize with you but there is always periods of pain as we move through life to our ultimate destination. Be safe, be grateful for each day, and I wish you nothing but blue skies and happy trails.
  11. I wish I had....just got to sit in the cockpit while doing a VIP flight to a USAF base
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