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  1. From You Tube.......WATCH TO THE END FOR ON FILM COMMENTS. CAUTION......rough language...
  2. If I were her I would "try to PIN my hair back and accidentally miss my head "
  3. There are only two aircraft I wish that I had the opportunity to fly.....; the Spitfire, and the F-86 Too young for the Spitfire and the RCAF was scrapping the F-86 the year I was awarded my wings ..
  4. Yup, and not too many people caught that error as well. I had only been at CP for a few months when I asked a "brass hat" what the logo signified other than the bilingual issue. I was told that the chevron was supposed to always point FORWARD to indicate the airline was GOING FORWARD. Even the mobile ground equipment" had the chevron on them and it was adjusted on each side of the vehicles, as per the aircraft to be always pointing forward...but I saw a few vehicles that had the name/logo on incorrectly..... Trivia.......I was down in the "southern " USA and as me and my crew walked off the tarmac we were approached by a "y'all" ground service person and he asked what "Forces Armees Canadiennes" meant on the one side of our C-130. Before I could answer the grizzled old FE said.... "Door on other side"..
  5. True....but in my day we had to know how to do both....until we parked the aircraft !!!
  6. Enjoyable......... I know I'm old but never had anyone handle the power like the FE did in this instance......For me it would be uncomfortable having someone else handling the Manifold Pressure but............... that was SOP back then...
  7. unless one considers a SeaKing an aircraft It is, or should be, classified as an "airship." Anything that can fly but has its wings going backwards 50 % of the time is not an aircraft....
  8. Another "Raccoon Bandito" paint job on the nose...looks good !!
  9. CPA leased one and it may have come over to CP CP had 3 and they were leased and were only in CP for about 6 months and then they went to, if I can remember correctly..Monarch Airlines. I think they were" west coast" based and I know we never had any training on them, at least not in YYZ.... Maybe some ex CP admin would know but I never heard anything about going after more 737s vs Airbus 320s
  10. Ah yes......but the "steam" was more fun to fly..IMO
  11. TC probably wouldn't let "Gordie" fly the aircraft again unless he had a refresher course, including a SIM ride.