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  1. AC....YLW to YYZ....Mid April Was advised I could change the date with no penalty fee (said so on their website.... due to virus....said my charges for the APRIL trip would be applied to the 'new" October flight...same route) Did as have paid in full for 2 flights on same route....Credit was not applied to the October flight AC said the "would look into it"......nothing so far.
  2. Friends tell me that you do a problem at "your end"
  3. Well, when you think about it ....perhaps a good hike in prices might just bring back civility, manners, and courtesy, and an adjusted attitude to many who feel they are "entitled" to be in the tubes today and expect premier first class service for their nickels.
  4. I can understand that BUT.....that's just tough. Unless the government says it is alright, then IMO they should not be doing it. We know all the airlines are bleeding but., in this case WJ is flaunting the self isolation rules. Now if they have a government sanction, (pass), that allows that ....well then, that's the way it goes and I don't have a problem with it. PS..... I know WJ and AC have cut back on daily flights but the public should realize that they are damned lucky to get on an aircraft during this pandemic and if it requires a further reduction in flights so that the airline doesn't "over" be it. PPS...I wonder who some "guest" would sue if they sat down beside, (empty seat), and the other guy in the row was asymptomatic and the "guest" caught the virus ???
  5. Never heard of feet to feet transfer I can see that standing in a line....but not sitting down, both facing the same direction. I would worry about the upper body especially the head and arms.....however...I am really not that concerned......I am not flying anywhere !!!! Just cruising on the bateau...
  6. Could be wrong but I don't think there is 6 feet between a body in the aisle seat and a body in the window does eliminating the occupant of the centre seat fall in the "social distancing" formula???
  7. Link just takes one to Yahoo news...copy and paste is the same result
  8. I think I have been very clear on my position. Myself, and everyone else would not move forward with any merger, including TS just to save jobs. If I was "King" I would move forward with "the merger" only if there was an economical, and more importantly a financial advantage for me to do so. . There are only three scenarios that will fall out of the present situation...... A...... AC merges with TS and junior bodies will loose question ( same outcome if TS merges with someone else) B...... There is no merger by TS with anyone, and TS is dissolved and and all employees loose their jobs C.......Fed or Prov Govt does something to bail out TS and they have another run at being a full service,.profitable airline. I am totally impartial in this discussion, have no skin in the game .................. just trying to throw some reality into the mix...
  9. No one is saying that is why AC went after TS.....much of discussion on this page has to do with the fact that should a merger take place, seniority rules and all junior employees should know that cold hard fact.. No one on this forum knows if a merger will take place or not. No problem speculating but what will happen ....will happen. Just because the Competition Board has issue a statement does not ascertain the future of AT, Negotiations that might be going on are beyond anyone's pay grade here on this forum and no matter what department says what, the final outcome will not be realized until the FEDS say publicly, or behind the scenes to both parties, what is going to happen. The airline industry is a volatile playing field and Nation Air, Royal, Wardair, Canada 3000, Roots, Canadian Airlines, and others have all found that out and life moved on and it will when a resolution with TS is chiseled into an official tablet.
  10. With respect... you have never been through a merger have you ?? In ANY industry merger seniority is the only thing that counts until,I in some cases, the issue goes to arbitration...
  11. I could be wrong but I don't think that is what he is saying.. If AC and AT merge, junior employees of both companies will be furloughed and that is just a cold hard fact but the upside is that not ALL AT employees have to start all over looking for jobs if AT is allowed merge.... vs..... fail. Obviously AC would not merge with AT because of good will, in order to save jobs...there has to be some gravy for AC with the merger, and yes, junior employees will bear the brunt of any merger....ask me...I have been through two.