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  1. If you do a bit of searching you will find these things called "books". They are quite enjoyable and one does not have to wear any accouterments to enjoy the entertainment other than , for some, glasses.
  2. Wow, the entire report again, just because their link was in error by one letter . NTSB really loves to push out the paper
  3. Perhaps if he was in 'goal' the Flames would have a better standing..... Yes, I know 'gaol' is for you hangers-on-to-the-Union Jack but us no longer members of the "Dominion of Canada" prefer " jail"
  4. Perhaps only when the parent company denies it happened...... and then rescinds their previous remarks...
  5. I don't think a turned off electronic device with Lithium batteries is an issue. I really think Trump has been shot down on his "travel ban" so often that the creatures in the White House zoo figured another way to make it inconvenient for folks coming over from the middle east. Always expect the unexpected from a clown....
  6. Nope...they tacked on the 2.5% when they posted the transaction.... see the screen shot of your "buy"
  7. Update...............
  8. Just finished with Cap One on the phone...Their bank rate is 2.5% for every Cap One card they have....however I could not confirm with Costco if they negate that 2.5% for using the Cap One MasterCard Platinum (Costco) not open yet. I did stumble across this though......makes me wonder about ever using the Cap One Costco card all the comments, especially late last year and again this year... (I have never had any problems with the Cap One Costco Card) Found this as well..................... Unfortunately, none of Canada’s largest credit card companies (RBC, TD, CIBC, BMO, Scotia, Capital One, Canadian Tire or PC Bank) offer a credit card without a foreign transaction fee. They all charge a foreign transaction fee of 2.5%, on top of the exchange rate set by Visa or Mastercard. They do the same for debit cards either when making a purchase at a U.S. retailer or from an ATM. ********************talked to Costco.....they state 2.5 % is added to any transaction which is USD converted to CDN... Have no idea why your $30.00 USD was converted at 0.2%....perhaps they have not finished with you yet
  9. Went back to my original post and saw that I did not indicate the 'Brand" of CC. My card is an ASPIRE Capital One !! I also have a a PLATINUM Capital One card which we use exclusively for Costco. I agree, their mobile App and their website is great and like you I never pay interest. If I buy something today, it will be paid for today. Some folks don't like that idea seeing you are giving them your money prematurely but that is the way we have always done it. I am going to see if there is a difference in BANK RATE between the ASPIRE and PLATINUM cards.
  10. Well...............I see the WestJet incident made AVHERALD .....and the TSB is at least aware of it... Makes the WestJet denial look a little flimsy.
  11. Here is what Capital One is charging you as a bank rate.......(this is the OFFICIAL MasterCard exchange rate calculator) Unless you have some deal going I don't know how you got such a low BANK RATE (You can see I entered it to change your US to CDN)
  12. Kinda hard to treat your spouse to a weekend in NY and pay for meals, entertainment, and hotels and hold to your mantra of "shop in Canada"....
  13. Rockets have I guess this is an aviation topic but I "think" it is starting to slide toward political opinions....I'm just saying
  14. From what I have heard....VISTA really sux..... I am on WIN 7 and have been for a number of years. I went WIN 10 but came back to WIN 7 and will stay here until I am forced to WIN 10.(no more updates or support for WIN 7) In all honesty I would suggest you dump your entire OS and go for Win 7 which is still readily available from computer shops. I just had my laptop given over to WIN 7 ($60.00). Now put on your "tin hat and respirator" cause all the mac users and WIN 10 users will be here shortly to 'poo-poo' everything I have posted .