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  1. And we are getting some......oh gooooody
  2. They should print those photos, with a small narative, and a brief explanation about unexpected turbulence into a two page pamphlet and in big letters...... THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT WHEN SEATED But it will never happen
  3. When I see his statement, (air pockets), I immediately think of those that think the engines actually run backwards when, upon landing, we go into "reverse".
  4. I'll put it up tomorrow.....
  5. Malcolm.....I think the reporter or individual who wrote that definition was actually older than me to equate Air Pocket with CAT There was a thing called an AIR POCKET back in the fabric and wire days when little was known about the upper atmosphere and the movement of high and low pressure systems and the jet stream but todays avaitors would never use that word when describing turbulence.. Unforseen Turbulence is the term today and I would like to think that not one pilot would use "Air Pocket" when describing an area of turbulence. Even just saying CAT would mean nothing if that abbreviation was used on the PA. to passengers.. In addition CAT is a bit of a misnomer. One can experience Unforseen Turbulence while flying in many kinds of clouds.....a lot of pilots have experienced the bumps and lumps in stratus clouds when there was no forecast of embedded cumulus or worse, in the area.. Surely you remember my story of the Gooney Bird Corkscrew
  6. Rick Jones, WestJet’s interim head of route planning, told a conference Monday that the postponement relates to pilot training as well as the measurement units used in the cockpit. Been out for quite some time.......could I get an explanation here...Thanks in advance
  7. And I wonder how many of the injured, and possibly the deceased individual, were wearing seat belts. Funny how people in cars wear a seatbelt, (mandatory just about everywhere), and max speed might be 120km/hr yet sitting in a tube, without air bags etc, doing over 950km/hr figure they will never hit a bump.... Doesn't matter how smooth it is the SEATBELT should ALWAYS BE FASTENED. (yeh, I know, preaching to the choir here)
  8. I am sure that by now almost everyone knows the President of Iran, (+6 or 7 ?), died in a helo crash yesterday. I happened to have CNN on when the news hit. It appears " Iranian goverment sources" were stating that it was not a hard landing just rather an abrupt landing due to weather.. As we all know, best you have actual facts before pontificating about any incident concerning aircraft. If you have seen the video of the crash site, I wonder how the Iranian "spokes person" would describe a "catasthrophic landing".
  9. Pilot error.......forgot to take the control locks off. Video here https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/video-shows-snodgrasss-plane-pitch-up-before-fatal-crash/
  10. Bit of Rambling here and just my opinion….but So you have this airplane and you want to fly it….It is a two seater but like every two seater in the civilian world, ( including a vast array of airlines, when conditions necessitate that requirement ), it can be flown by one pilot. Not one other profession has to be included in that “solo” flight…..but upon landing, lets say the aircraft is found to be “ broken”. Catering personnel, flight attendants, cleaners/groomers, just to name a few, cannot fix it. In my little world of slipping the surly bonds of earth, I have always prioritized, that, yes, you need a pilot, that is a given, however when all the metal, rivets, composite material, magical electronics and colored fluid systems go south, there is only one profession that get you back in the atmosphere……..the AME. That profession is required more than any other, (pilot is the exception), to get safe, serviceable aircraft in the air and if the owner of the aircraft or in this dialogue ( WJ, management), does not come up with fair and realistic compensation for those men and women who work to ensure SAFETY for all in the air, then I hope it is a full-fledged STRIKE.
  11. Jumped the chocks while doing a run-up is all that every article has.
  12. My friend at the Corner Store shook my hand.... I won a free ticket on Lotto Max ...
  13. recently retired as the lead-in trainer for new fighter pilots Its not the life of the trainer, it's just the fact that initial pilot training is going to the USAF. I am sure that bean-counters figured it was easier to use the USAF rather than keep using planes that did not really fly. or could be used as a prelim trainer for our "new fighter pilots".
  14. Hey, Hey, HEY, Sir, you can't park there !!
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