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  1. Kip Powick

    Lion Air Down

    The sea bottom was stated as 98 feet. I would assume that the bottom of the sea in that area has a very large covering of soft sand, slurry mud and silt. It would be impossible for the recorder to penetrate 26 feet on a normal sandy ocean bottom, no matter what the speed of the aircraft was when impacting the ocean surface. Normally, at 100 feet, there is little surge on the ocean floor unless it has been subjected to extreme storms . Seeing victims were found during the dredge, one has to assume the bottom was very soft .
  2. Kip Powick

    WestJet 787

  3. Kip Powick

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    There is one other factor, and I have mentioned in two Flight Instructor stories I posted, and that is silent, creeping complacency . Now let me state I was not there, (Hong Kong). Further, it is not my intention to point fingers at this particular crew but I am sure all of us that have been in the Command position, watching a newbie, and based on how he demonstrates most of his required handling skills might have been lulled into an assumption that this pilot will probably "water your eyes'" as he appears to be a very competent driver. Thus, creeping complacency in this case, may have had a slight input into the Supervisors decision to let the newbie have a go at his landing and, because the Supervisor was not spring loaded to assume control the instant he saw a problem, the situation deteriorated to a point where it was too late for the Supervisor to take corrective action. I know as a QFI, on many types, I escaped a couple of incidents of personal complacency and was lucky enough to not bend the metal and being told to fill out lengthy documentation explaining what transpired. During my line check on the A310 I was lucky enough to have the Checker advise me about the weird wind on 24L, ( in those days we did most arrivals on 24R in YYZ) so I was prepared for the bobbing and weaving on 24L....
  4. Kip Powick

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Captain: Looks like we may be in trouble FO : What do mean "we" ?
  5. Kip Powick

    Pilotless F-16

    Very nice.. I guess they did not have a fwd facing camera due the classifications of the electronics on the flight panel I do believe they had the AC cranked up a bit much....No jet has that much "condensation" in the cockpit when flying an approach..again probably keeping it cool due electronics.
  6. Kip Powick

    Buying an F-86 in 1977....

    There are only two aircraft I wished I had had the chance to fly;. The Spitfire The F-86
  7. Kip Powick

    WestJet Robo-calls?

    Got a TEXT tonight from a Barrie number that advised me that my wireless provider had credited me $207.43 for over charges . I was supposed to click on the link, pick my choice of Banks and deposit the money after I entered my account number etc etc. I TEXTED back that I didn't need the money and I requested they give the funds to a charity of their choice.......then I BLOCKED the number
  8. Kip Powick

    Friday Giggle...

    I won’t use his name but we both know who he is. I sorta followed him in one of my Military tours
  9. Kip Powick

    Friday Giggle...

    Decades ago, much prior to the advent of the communications we presently have there was no way of finding out about airport facilities or services available and many missions, (by DND), were “first time” ventures into a country. As such, many transport Squadrons kept a black binder in Flight Ops with written reports from crews in order of facilitate the next crew into a particular airport as to what they could expect with regard to Parking, Ground AC, Starting Equipment, Catering, Cabin cleaning, and Lav services etc.. Ref…Montego Bay I was going down there with a load of VIPs who were to travel, via Montego Bay, for a Government “fact finding” mission in South America. I read up on the written report by another crew who happened to be first into that airport. What was interesting was written for Montego Bay under LAV SERVICES…..… RCAF Flt XXXX Montego Bay LAV SERVICES It would seem ground services are not familiar with the emptying of the washroom facilities on a CV580…Shower of shyt* on the darky and he gave up in disgust. Suggest Lav services be done in Panama.
  10. Kip Powick

    NRC Convair

    I have a friend there I will check and see if he knows Friend has not called back yet (12:49 am 11Jan)
  11. Kip Powick

    Wow, just wow...

  12. Kip Powick

    Wow, just wow...

    Article is almost 12 years old Perhaps they never had a warranty on the plane so that was their only recourse.
  13. Kip Powick

    More ice falls from aircraft...

    Could that be the result of a malfunctioning drain from one of the washrooms??? Pieces are pretty big so I am assuming a slow drain had an ice build up until the weight of the ice in the airflow resulted in the ice leaving the aircraft. I see he kept the ice for evidence or.......perhaps drinks later in the day ?????
  14. .................... the terrorists that were in the 911 aircraft sent a text back that said.."No virgins, only vegans".
  15. It's downtown Cancun, so it's not the tourist area that we're in. And a lot of passengers didn't have cellphones, they didn't have money, they had small children with them," Cimpello said. I used to think only an idiot would go on a vacation to a foreign country and be in an airport ready to fly home and not have any money left for the unexpected....but.... Scuba 02 and I were in an airport in Columbia awaiting our AT flight back to YYZ and back then each passenger had to pay $30.00 to get out of the country and the funds were collected just before security screening at the airport.. (note..... AT no longer does YYZ- ADZ-YYZ and the cost to exit is now included in your All Inclusive pkg..AT now doesYUL-ADZ-YUL) Anyhow, a couple in their mid 50's were getting into a shouting match with the female exit fee collector as they stated they had no money and what were they supposed to do ?? The conversation was getting pretty hot so I interceded and said I would pay for the couple exit and the male passenger could pay me back when we got to Canada.....Happiness ensued and I made a ton of "brownie points" with Scuba02. The next step was the security check...the gentleman let his wife go first. She hauls her suitcase up on the stainless steel table and the Military soldier does a quick check of the contents and then points at the floor and the lady takes her suitcase off the table. Now it is the gentleman's turn and as he heads to table he turns back to me, with a smile on his face, and says in a less than quiet voice...... ..""Well they didn't find the bomb so I guess we won't be delayed!" I cringed and expected the worse but it seemed like the Military Inspector did not understand English and everyone was quickly processed. In the departure the lounge I took the gentleman aside and gave him a thorough briefing of what NOT to say while in the confines of ANY airport. Of course he was trying to brush of his remark as a joke but I think he realized the gravity of such a statement when I finished "debriefing him... Goes to never know how people plan, think, or will act on a vacation.. PS............ a few weeks later I received a $60.00 money order from the fellow from YYZ.