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  1. Jays winter in Dunedin Florida and will play a few "Grapefruit" league ball games before coming up here. I think their first game is this afternoon against the Atlanta Braves. (((((update)))))) Bottom of 6th Atlanta 6 Jays 4
  2. acsidestick / UpperDEck.... Not a problem......the story was relayed to me by son #1 and he said,"he 'chucked' the suitcase and I would think # 1 used literary licence with a dash of exaggeration because I would think the PO "J" class guy would have just placed it past the curtain in the aisle.
  3. johnboy.... Sorry about the double posting. I heard the story and then "she" said we have to go to KG for the granddaughters hockey...I should have read your post first but was in a hurry....
  4. All I have is CTV news and "frightened" passengers comments
  5. Wow...let me clear up your assumptions here. 1) Never posted that the seat buddy was my son's "friend." 2) You are assuming the seat buddy was in the bar 3) No one assumes that they have a reserved bin but I find it hard to believe that you can rationalize that a "Y" passenger can leave his bag in the "J:" overhead bin. If that is how you really feel, do you not think you might have a big problem if everyone who passes into "J" heading for "Y" has the right to dump their carry-on in an"J" class area?? The "elite" passengers have paid a premium, and with that comes the courtesy of being afforded a few perqs, one of which is, hopefully, some storage space. Yes, I am quite aware of entertainment systems, First Aid, etc., and perhaps small crew bags left in a few overheads up front...(you do remember that I did, at one time, fly for an airline?) 4) And finally, let's assume you are a REV passenger on holidays, with your family and have reserved seats in "Y". So as you pass through "J" would you dump all your carry-ons in "J" overhead bins so you don't have to carry them back to row 28 ?? Based on what you have sort of intimated, that would be OK...but as an airline employee, or even an airline retiree, I would seriously doubt that you would do that....If you can answer with, " Yes I would not do that"....why is it OK for anyone else.?? 5) In my world, I believe in courtesy for those that have paid the "big dime" and I do believe that if you and Rich feel to the contrary about my POV, that is your right. Have a nice weekend guys....
  6. Ottawa ......yesterday.....( click.....will download then you can open it) freezingraincaller_1(1).mp3
  7. I know this stuff is not the "cure for cancer" buy if it as good as the video purports, why is it not being installed in aircraft NOW....Even a flip down "sun-visor", but using the clear film that has been produced, would provide protection for approaches,landings, and departures.
  9. AS RELAYED TO ME BY MY SON.... My son flys "J" many times to MEX. He takes a window seat. His seat buddy came in later and opened the overhead and found there was no room for a small carry-on. He asked my son if the over sized Burgundy Roll-Aboard was his . "No" he replied,.. so the guy tried almost everyone in "J" Apparently no one owned the bag. He carried the bag down to the curtain between "Y" and "J" and hollered for everyone's attention. Silence permeated the air...He held up the "Roll-Aboard" and asked, "Who owns this !!!". A guy in about row 20 or so said it was his. The annoyed "J" customer took the bag and fired it down the aisle toward the customer in row 20 and returned to his seat with a ripple of applause running through the aircraft, especially those in "J". In my opinion, it doesn't matter how you board customers , especially when the gate agents don't really look at the boarding passes and seldom stop anyone who should not be boarding. However, "I Think" COLORED boarding passes for each zone would be the answer and if RED is called and BLUE turns up, they should be herded off to the side....not be allowed to rush a head of those in the zone whose color has been called......normally the agent just grimaces and lets them board...(Don't want to PO the paying customers?). Naturally there are many that have no idea where their row is and will stop at each row and check the number but that is to be expected from the occasionally airborne individuals, especially the elderly
  10. Well..... I wish them good luck. Even though they are all retired I hope their voices are heard and they don't fall in the same venue as retired Air Canada pilots.
  11. I consider this as one of the best 1'28" safety adds I have ever seen.
  12. Malcolm's next is a DC-8 (((not the one that looks like the dive panel of a submarine )))
  13. The twin engines and "water-injection" gave it away......
  14. Ah...OK... I didn't go back far enough in the thread.....we were just discussing engines and I couldn't figure out the comment left by ZV... Got it...