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  1. There are a couple of cases in USA where the seat occupant had a "death grip" on the seat handles after ejection and only after a short moment the person let go of the handles but by then.....tangled. Obviously ejection seats and sequences are different for different aircraft
  2. For the non-pilots on here, watch the rudder (and aileron) in both clips and you'll figure out why. That is the first thing that popped out when I watched the "over the runway" sequence.....Looks like he/she had no idea of the cross controlling landing technique...
  3. Did you see the emoji ?? How about this one.... from me, the retired RCAF pilot .???....If God wanted the Army to fly, he would have painted the sky brown...
  4. I don't believe in flying machines that have their lift devices rotating backwards 50 % of the time...
  5. A very good friend of mine lives about 10 miles north of me, basically a sparsely populated area. On the road beside his house is a telephone pole which has had a "trial" 5 G transmitter mounted. At the present time this individual is attempting to find the right avenue to have the gizmo taken down. Since it went up he has trouble sleeping and headaches almost daily. Apparently it has affected one of his kids as well. At present he is attempting to cover the bedroom walls with aluminum in order to alleviate some of the signal. I know nothing about the side effects of 5G so am following his progress as he fights to have it removed.....yesterday he told me he now has a "pro-bono"a lawyer who is interested in helping him.
  6. It is great that we all have our favourite musicians and naturally our favourite songs and groups and being rather ancient I go for the vocal groups of the 50's 60's and only a few of the latest groups...... Singers??? Well to each his own but I am bending more to Spanish music now, probably because of winters down south. The problem with the groups of yesteryear is that most of their songs were very short in time, for example not many songs went over 3 minutes and today so many singers and musicians are coming out with much longer songs and the problem (for me) is the repetition of the lyrics and unnecessary filler and the screaming of the vocalists.... I am NOT a Beiber fan but one of this latest "hits" has the word "Baby" in it 56 times and to me that adds nothing to the music.... I wonder if he has ever listened to the Platters ?? Guitars.........I think that the Emmanuel players are fantastic players but the video above,(Emmanuel), just becomes noise to me after about 4 minutes.... and the same can be said, IMO, of Van Halen. Again I emphasize, that they are fantastic with their instruments but not something I want to listen to for an extended period of time where as the video of Joe Bonamassa is, IMO, really worth listening to. My middle son plays guitar, (for fun...he has other major employment) and is the lead guitar in a group in the States, ( he also has 17 guitars, many collectors items), and he can whack out a lot of the fast stuff but I prefer the stuff that has lots of deep blues and not any of what I call ear-aching-twanging.... Yup, glad everyone has different musical tastes because if if they didn't........ it would be a pretty mundane world.. Have a nice weekend.
  7. Wrong description of what happened after the pull up....( why the steep left bank...... which concluded with a left hand roll and a very nose low attitude.) It stands to reason seeing the pilot was in the right seat that he did a steep left hand turn in order to see if making the airport was possible ...but ...why continue the roll ?. Every single engine jet aircraft loses altitude in a roll, The nose must be pulled up in order to be at the same altitude as when you started the roll. A dead engine aircraft would loose even more altitude with zero thrust. Rolls in an airshow where the aircraft starts a roll as it is going by and maintains the same altitude when becoming wings level is only accomplished by using brief moments of zero -negative "G" when the pilot pushes the nose up while being inverted.
  8. I miss the pretty smiles from the gentle sex......
  9. It seems that, over there, in too many cockpits, "Intimidation" is the flavour of the day, with zero or very little CRM in evidence.....after the fact The culture in many countries is that what the Captain says is "gospel" and you dare not challenge his word. We are indeed fortunate "over here" that for the most part, it is a "no-go" or "go-around " if one of the pilots, regardless of status, is not happy as the event unfolds.
  10. Really ??? Not being politically correct here but I would say that is , for too many reasons to list here, the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Time for a reality check up in Disneyland North...
  11. Yes, I agree and the CNN guy probably read this.... "the crew declared Mayday repeatedly reporting they had lost both engines." and being an aviation "expert" deduced that the smoke was from combustibles on the ground.
  12. A CNN "expert" says there was no fire on impact so possible fuel starvation ergo, no fuel ?
  13. Amazing what can be done with LEDs Here is some more in Seoul ..
  14. Difference between 7 *** and 2*** is 5***...surprised you did not know that Sorry, couldn't resist that
  15. I remember reading "somewhere that Airbus had to sell 250 A-380s to break even given the R and D and present day cost to build. The only stat I have seen now is reference 2019....242 built