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  1. I have a feeling my AT voucher for the one week of vacation I lost is going to end up as a big fat ZERO....
  3. At times I wish I could escape reality and live in the dream world most of NASA populates....
  4. HI Mitch, The young fellow did experience a rough landing on the roof of a house and I believe he fractured his left leg and a few lesser injuries. It wasn't long after the accident that he did go home for a full recovery. As far as his prognosis for the future, that would be confidential information, and rightly so, and hopefully he has made a full recovery, (medically), and I wish him nothing but blue sky's and happy trails.
  5. MARSHALL..... CONEHEAD is merely quoting a passage from the article. You posted the entire article so when he quoted that section, you as the author of the entire post, were personally quoted as... "MARSHALL SAID". CONEHEAD....Just a hint.........The only way around confusion is to highlight a section you want in your post ,then (copy/paste), put it in your post and change the color or italicize etc....THEN start your comment
  6. Sorry.... was just answering the question you asked.....".is that an illusion ? " Perhaps you should have included your other questions in your original question.
  7. Not an illusion Here is a simple explanation.. ""The tip of a propeller blade travels faster than the hub. Therefore, it is necessary for the blade to be twisted so as to maintain a uniform angle of attack over the whole of the blade.""
  8. The aircraft won’t be used for search and rescue operations until sometime in 2022, according to the RCAF. Seems like a long time to get a qualified crew plus maintenance and SAR techs up to speed. Now......if we could only stop dreaming of fighter aircraft... Have a nice weekend and be safe....
  9. The reports of the two B737 Crashes are over at ........................... There is a ton of reading concerning those two accidents.
  10. Looks like centre line fuel tank let go or was jettisoned.I think that tank holds, if full, close to 1800 litres of gas. and by the foam around the tank it appears to have ruptured.
  11. With respect..... Then during all his TV/Press interviews..................he was not telling the truth..... Would be nice if someone had a cellphone video of the crew/pax interaction.. Found a video with pax comments included... FWIW
  12. While I understand the seriousness of COVID and justification for wearing a mask....I find this a bit of an overkill....90% of the people I see wearing masks in buildings , as required out here, remove them when leaving and pop them in their pocket or if getting into a car , throw them on the passenger seat..
  13. The "victim" was on TV tonight. He stated that he did get the 3 year old masked but not without some difficulty due to the late hour for the child, however, he said "the cabin crew kept on him about the 19 month old" who really didn't need a mask and the next thing he knew the police were on board and taking them off the plane. Then the pilot came on the PA and cancelled the flight because, apparently he felt other pax were upset with the cabin crew's attitude and he felt it was not a safe environment for the cabin crew. The "victim" also said he flew out to YYC with no problems wit