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  1. A buddy sent me a picture of Bernie sitting on my boat
  2. And then there is this.....
  3. 7 years in the CV-580 and 10 years in the B-737.......loved it all. Thanks for posting....
  4. More photos here......
  5. Initially 50K to 100K , there are sites that are advertising a near $600.00 watch for $167.00 with the magic parts installed. I bought 3 watches on EBay about 7 years ago, same company, but different designs, one of which is almost all rubber because of banging wrists and hands when working in the boat engine room. All three are still running, I have not replaced any batteries . My cost on EBay was $18.00 USD ($6.00USD/watch) I guess these new "magic" watches are very accurate, a great conversation piece, but IMO in my entire life I have never looked at a watch I was wearing a
  6. I have a hard time just doing it the way I learned back when the earth was cooling.. this ??? Fun for you and kids aef today.mp4
  7. True in the aviation industry as far as flight crews go as well. I have flown with pilots who knew the manuals inside and out but as far as leading/handling a crew........... were next to useless...
  8. I didn't select IGNORE for deicer until after I posted my remark, because of the fear that deicer would seek personal retribution..I don't trust him...
  9. If his settings are the same as mine , he has you "IGNORED"
  10. Maybe Maybe like......math........Algebra
  11. If there is anything good that can be said about this crash it is the fact that in 75 feet of water, just about everything will be able to be recovered..... Sadly many of the divers are most certainly going to suffer from PTSD because of their role in recovering the victims.
  12. Every Spring when I go by the Kingston Yacht Club enroute to 1000 Islands and all the "stick-boats" are out 'practicing'..