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  1. Kip Powick

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    Not in he airline industry, but with DND I flew into a lot of questionable ?? countries. NEVER left the flight deck without my Passport and wallet, and back when the earth was cooling, we didn't have cellphones so that was not an issue.
  2. Which begs the question....did they not do a control check on taxi out. ( full right (CC /Joystick) right aileron up etc ....) ?? Must have been heart stopping to get in the air and have all hell break loose.
  3. Hmmmmm the video of the approach and landing looks pretty normal....... Maybe they turned off the ":magic " and went to manual flying .... I too hope they do put out a report...should make for interesting reading.
  4. Kip Powick

    Lion Air Down

    I understand what you are saying and if more attention is going to be paid to manual flight while in sim sessions I think that is a good start. What I have always been concerned about was that there seems to be a dangerous lack of ability with some "new gen" pilots to handle an aircraft without all the technology working at 100 %. Transitioning from Play Station or MS Flight Simulator to real world handling of an aircraft does not include the basics, the theory of flight , basic aerodynamics, and because in the real world, there is no "pause" button, I think pilots are becoming so dependent on glass and gadgets that few can handle a non "magic" aircraft and revert back to manual flight at any crucial point of a flight. In my mind, the greatest example of that was AF over the Atlantic. The understanding of basic aerodynamics was certainly absent from that flight deck and as we accept the fact that more low time pilots who know little about the basics of manual flying and are so dependent on nothing but technology enter the work force, more incidents/accidents are going to happen. I can remember flying the A310 with "senior-in-age" pilots who had trouble with the technology but for the most part they have all been "punted through the goal posts" ...but they could revert back to basic manual flying in an instant and many did when they could not understand what the aircraft was doing. In fact, initially WD felt it was OK to fly from T/O to 10000 feet in manual mode, if you wanted to, but TC got in the game and wanted us on the glass as soon as safe and possible to do after T/O. A small true story...My initial line check on the A310 was YYZ-YYC-YYZ. I was the FO and PF on the sector from YYC to YYZ. For some reason YYZ radar kept us high during the approach mode and finally cleared us for the ILS......We had all the nav aids set up and I just intercepted the localizer and the aircraft turned final when I realized that the GP was below us. Whaaaat ??? How come the aircraft was not going to catch the GP.....well it couldn't in the magic mode, not from above, and we were getting closer to the runway....What to do ????? I disconnected the auto thrust, disconnected the autopilot and descended rather rapidly down onto the GP and then manually flew the ILS in for a landing. I should have gone to V/S and got the aircraft down to the GP and did a magic approach but bear in mind I had about 12 hours on glass and when it didn't look right I went manual...All the check pilot said is...."you can't argue with success". Now the above is not an earth shattering story but I was presented with something we were never taught in Toulouse, (the correct procedure for intercepting GP from above using only magic), but at the time, I felt when it didn't look right so felt I would revert back to basic flying. That in a nutshell is what I worry about........some young pilots relying so much on what they see on the glass that their mind can't ignore what they see so they will not ignore the magic, and go back to basic aircraft handling. I'm pretty sure that, unfortunately, this recent incident, (Lion Air), will NOT be the last.
  5. Kip Powick

    Lion Air Down

    Question Captain XXXXXXX................Are you going to teach your pilots how to fly by disconnecting the magical stuff and manually flying the aircraft, by maybe looking out the window......or perhaps reverting to NBAAS ???.
  6. Kip Powick

    Airline Safety Videos

    BA is probably the best, IMO, although they never state, "that for your own safety we recommend, that when seated, you ALWAYS have your seat belt fastened". We never did one trip with our seat belts unfastened when seated....perhaps they should show bodies flailing around the cabin when turbulence is encountered ..or during one of Moon The Loon's landings ... The cabaret, as well as RAP crap, just turns me off. And some airlines feels "sex" sells thus the beauties prancing down the aisle.
  7. Kip Powick

    747 at YHZ

    TSB, at a Press conference, said all gear collapsed during the overrun. Flaps??? I don't know the landing flap config, not certain if they are in full flap or not. Perhaps when the crew saw that they were going to go past the end, they selected flaps up to increase weight on the gear in hopes of stopping faster......just a WAG.
  8. Kip Powick

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    I think you will find runway 06/24 close to 7500 feet. Supposed to be extended to over 10,000 feet by the end of the year.
  9. Guyana plane crash: Fly Jamaica passengers injured after jet overshoots runway The Canada-bound plane was forced to return to Cheddi Jagan International Airport after experiencing technical problems NEWS Passengers were injured as the jet ran off the runway (Image: Cheddi Jagan ariport) A Fly Jamaica plane has made an emergency landing in Guyana and overshot the runway, according to reports, leaving passengers injured. Dramatic images show the Boeing 757-200, which was departing for Toronto in Canada, after the crash landing. One of its wings and the engine were torn from the fuselage. There were 118 passengers on board, according to reports. According to the Guyana Guardian, the plane was in the air for 18 minutes before experiencing 'technical issues' with the aircraft. This forced him to return to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport It has been reported that the brakes of the plane failed, and an investigation has been launched. The plane was reportedly 18 minutes into its flight when it experienced technical difficulties (Image: Twitter) Dramatic pictures show the damage suffered by the plane (Image: Twitter) An investigation into the crash is underway (Image: Twitter) Transportation Minister David Patterson said, NDTV reports, that six people were injured. He stated: "They are all stable and are being looked at. There were no reports of broken bones." Among the passengers were 82 Canadians, it has been reported. A statement from the airline said: "We can confirm that Fly Jamaica flight OJ256 bound for Toronto has returned to Georgetown with a technical problem and has suffered an accident on landing. Six people were injured when the plane crashed, officials confirmed Several passengers onboard the plane were reportedly injured (Image: Twitter) The plane crashed down at the Cheddi Jagan Airport "At this time, we believe that all 118 passengers and eight crew members are safe. "We are providing local assistance and will release further information as soon as it is available." The flight departed at 2.10am local time - 6.10am in the UK. A hydraulic problem has been blamed for the crash.oment boy, 15, knifed
  10. (CBC).....Bombardier has announced measures that will result in 5,000 job losses, half of which will be in Quebec, over the next 12 to 18 months. The Montreal-based company said Thursday morning the measures will result in $250 million in annual savings. It also announced it will sell its Q Series turboprop aircraft program to Longview Aviation Capital for $300 million. The carrier reached another agreement to sell its business aircraft flight and technical training unit, which is run out of Montreal, Quebec City and Dallas, to another Montreal multinational, CAE. Bombardier is also selling training services to CAE for $645 million. The transactions with CAE will total $800 million in revenue for Bombardier and are expected to be finalized by mid-2019. Bombardier says the deals with Longview and CAE will amount to $900 million in net proceeds. The company's third-quarter revenues reached $3.6 billion US, a 48 per cent increase compared to its earnings for the same period last year. Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare said the cuts and sales are necessary, and the company would continue to "streamline" its operations.
  11. (CNN)Ryanair says it has sacked six employees for allegedly staging a photo of themselves sleeping on the floor at Malaga Airport in Spain, where cabin crew had to stay overnight because of weather issues. The image surfaced on October 14 after flights to the Portuguese city of Porto were disrupted because of storms and several flights were diverted to Malaga. The photo was then widely shared online. Security footage then released by the budget airline showed the employees getting into position on the floor for the photo. After the photo is taken, the flight crew can be seen getting up and walking away. Ryanair confirmed the staff were fired on November 5 for "breach of contract on grounds of gross misconduct." Portuguese union SNPVAC has not responded to CNN's request for comment on the video, or the firing of the employees. In October, the union alleged the staff had no access to food, drink and were forced to sleep on the floor. "The stranded Crew, in a gesture of protest, took a photo that immediately became viral: Laying on the floor was the only option to rest; their "suitable accommodation," SNPVAC said in a statement released in October. Ryanair says the staffers spent only a short period of time in the crew room before being moved to a VIP lounge The carrier said "hotels were fully booked" because of a national holiday. The company claims the employees' behavior "damaged their employer's reputation and caused an irreparable breach of trust."
  12. Hard to hide this issue when CBC reports it and it is on the court's docket.. Why did WestJet not report this in 2015, this fellow was fired in 2015..?... Was this information disseminated to the Press and to all employees in 2015/16 ?? Do you mean "morale" and if so, how did that increase the moral?/morale of the employees?
  13. Hey ...No wonder WestJet had so many happy "Guests" back then.
  14. And no prices on their website..have to call to get prices I'll stick with Air least their website has what it is going to cost you for a vacation package and you can decide right there...... instead of numerous tel calls to ACV if you want to change the flight/trip or whatever.
  15. Kip Powick

    747 at YHZ