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  1. Not that it really matters but here is SKYTRAX list of the best airlines for the year 2022. Have included 2021 and whether an airline has gained position or lost position 2021 to 2022 2022 + or - 2021 WESTJET 39 +14 53 AIR CANADA 50 -17 33 AIR TRANSAT 74 -15 59 AC ROUGE 82 +01 83
  2. Locked in the front end.. but meanwhile in the back............why I respect the cabin crew
  3. Only in Dotville It had been a frustrating day, problem with an engine in my boat. On the way home I decided to stop at a local grocery store as it is Thursday, start of a new “sale” week. I didn’t pick up much so went to the “Express” lane. A short wait and it was my turn and a fetching young lady was minding the cash, I would put her as fresh out of school or perhaps in school with an after school job. She rang up 5 of my 6 items and was puzzled by the last one…She picked it up and looked at it turned it around and kept glancing at me.. “Oh”, I said, “ That’s a hairless coconut”. “Pardon me” she said. “A hairless coconut, you have seen a regular coconut…right?” “I’ve never seen a real one, just pictures” “Yeh”, I said, “These hairless ones are easier crack open than regular coconut” She turned to her cash register and spun that plastic type rolodex looking for the price for a “hairless….coconut”. The middle-aged man behind me started to choke back his laughter and walked out of the short line and stood where he could see and hear what was going on. “I don’t see it in my produce file or my fruit file”, the young lady said, “I see pineapples, cantaloupe, and honeydews, but no hairless coconuts, do you know the price, sir?” “All your tropical fruit in that area is on sale this week for $3.99” ahhhh , just ring it up as a pineapple, I don’t want to hold up the line….I’m sure it will be OK with store management”. She rang it in, I paid the bill and as I was putting the honey dew in the bag, the little old lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You’re mean!”…..but she was smiling…..
  4. AIR CANADA EMPLOYEE KEY PLAYER IN SMUGGLING RING Drugs Hidden On Planes A Mississauga man who used his job at Air Canada to become a major player in an international smuggling ring has been found guilty of trafficking and importing drugs. The 12 jurors deliberated for nearly two days before finding 37-year-old Allan Quidley guilty on five of seven criminal charges he was facing in connection with a smuggling ring that operated in 1999 and 2000. He was a key player in a ring that smuggled millions of dollars of illegal narcotics through Pearson International Airport, according to prosecutors. Quidley was convicted of conspiracy to import cocaine and hashish, trafficking and importing cocaine and importing hashish. The jury acquitted Quidley on one count of importing hashish, while jury members were hung on a charge of importing cocaine. Quidley will remain in custody until he is sentenced Aug. 12 in Brampton court. Throughout the month-long trial that wrapped up last week, Federal Crown Prosecutor Kelly Gorman said Quidley was a key player in a drug smuggling operation that saw airplane "groomers" remove drugs had been hidden in the walls and ceilings of planes arriving in Mississauga from Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica in 1999 and 2000. In the airport industry, an employee who boards and cleans planes between flights is known as a groomer. Quidley was among more than a dozen people charged in November of 2000. Gorman told jurors during Quidley's trial the scheme was "ingenious but simple," and also involved drug couriers from Jamaica. The mules boarded flights in Kingston and Montego Bay carrying large quantities of drugs and hid them during the flight in ceiling and wall panels of aircraft washrooms. The drugs were later retrieved by groomers, Gorman said. An anonymous tip led to a joint investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canada Customs officers, who seized $10 million worth of drugs, the prosecutor said. The key prosecution witness was Jeff Cahill, a former Air Canada cleaner who took part in the drug smuggling. He was granted immunity in return for testifying against Quidley. Cahill said the operation was earning him $50,000 a month. I am sure he was removed from AC, and perhaps employed elsewhere
  5. Go to ; https://theairlinewebsite.com/ Upper left corner ...click FORUMS and you will see a listing for all the forums OR....right here, just click the emboldened word FORUMS in the upper left had corner of this page.
  6. Engine probably quit.....Couldn't make the airfield...Ejection the only option...remember the snowbird If this was an instructional flight the Instructor was probably in the back seat and when the bird hit, and was ingested in the engine, the engine quit and at that point the aircraft became a brick on a short flight.
  7. Postings after the one above have been deleted. Admin was kind enough to put out a poll based on a posting that I clearly marked as MY OPINION . You may , or may not vote, but when a thread becomes a "urinating contest " it is time to cease the dialogue. No matter the outcome, members will abide ........so please stopp beating a dead horse about an issue that will be democratically resolved.
  8. Link to the Munchie Mix.........looks tasty It would appear that all three airlines signed on this month. https://www.pangeafood.com/products/munchie-mix
  9. Seeker.. I respect your comments and thank you for the time you took to post your opinion. Yes, I am biased....and thanks also for formulating a poll. As an aside, I get all my political information from two newspapers, CNN , CBC, Global and CTV but I must admit I do so very infrequently..... and don't want to waste my time engaging in political repartee . Don't like what we see, or what we have ?....go vote.....you can't change much by hollering at the clouds.. Anyhow, not sure if this has been posted.......we all probably know about ArriveCan app but did you know about the app titled MPC It is an app applicable to US and CDN citizens ENTERING the USA.... Certainly saves time with US Customs and is available for Apple users but not sure about Androids. Be safe.
  10. AEF has been around a long time and I am probably one of the few that are still on this forum...In its infancy the topic covered was AVIATION in the airline world, and ,yes, the scope broadened, we started to see members from other countries adding information, much of which enlightened those of in the industry. Many realistic and true accident reports involving aircraft were posted and created hearty conversation about all aspects of aviation from pilots to cabin crew to those pesky ground crew that kept us safe in the air...POVs were shared and again we all learned something when we delved into other folk's opinions....it was a learning tool that we all respected and although opinions may have differed it was all food for thought. Then Military aviation crept in and there was no outcry because the topic was AVIATION and lets face it, many airline members are/were exMilitary members both in the air and on the ground. The point I would like to make is I WISH that forum attached to this AIRLINE WEBSITE .......Non Aviation Discussion Forum was not attached to the AIRLINEWEBSITE.COM.........and the reason ??? Politics seems to be the "go-to" in that forum and heated discussions always creep in and as a result we, as moderators, are more frequently attending to reports filed by a person , or in some cases, many persons who feel a post is not within the social and acceptable limits we have set in this forum. Personally and bear in mind this is just my opinion, not that of the owner.operator of the Airline website, I would like to see that "political or other stuff " forum removed. There are so many other forums that carry other topics, including political POVs in fact all news papers and well known TV channels carry forums so , yes, I would like to prune this forum and MAINLY stick to aviation...... with ocassional whisps of NOT REALLY aviation but tolerable posts...........kick the politics ((Non Aviation Discussion Forum)) to the curb.
  11. Why the fly by ??? I honestly don't know but am guessing the "missing" kids thing ???? Yes, political correctness has run amuck.... Why just the other day, on one of our main streets in "Dotville" I reported a "person hole cover" as being askew and requested that a city employee get it back in place and then went home and read my outboard engine personual to find out why engine was lacking full power........and had a cool drink of my favourite juice, "persongo"...
  12. No need to mod..... Could've just shot the fire out
  13. Never flew it so not familiar with the after landing procedure but , I too , noted he let go of everything just after landing. Thought perhaps it was SOP for that company...FO takes it automatically ???
  14. 17.8 hours in 413 of which 3.1 were nite.....loved those birds, 1983.3 hrs in the T-33 Lots of fun memories and sad days when we lost a few drivers. Lost two on our 4th wedding anniversary....It was a "check" ride and the "checkee" and his wife played cards with us the evening before.
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