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  1. Why is AC.TO price tanking?

    Everybody is going to Swoop ??
  2. (((((...On Jan 15th 2018 Trabzon's Prosecution Office reported they have opened an investigation into the accident. The flight crew was tested for intoxication, no findings were made, and was interviewed. The flight crew reported the flight was normal until after touch down with the first officer being pilot flying, deceleration was slow due to the wet runway, the controls were handed to the captain, the captain applied brakes, the aircraft turned left, the aircraft went off the runway, the right hand engine suddenly accelerated in forward thrust unintentionally. The aircraft went over the cliff and dropped, the right hand engine separated and fell into the sea. The aircraft came to a stop, the crew alerted tower and emergency services responded arriving in a short time. ))))) Credited to ; AVHerald Update:
  3. IMO........he couldn't have been going that fast when he went off the side......if he was at high speed I think he would have ended up in the drink. Both ends are suitable for overrun and if he was "speeding" it would have been a better choice to go right..
  4. Imagine the feeling of sitting in your pax seat after landing, on a level runway, and then sliding over the edge into what can only be called as a "cliff-hanger" !!
  5. Downsview for sale...

    I think they do own it and have exclusive rights to use it.......some kind of backroom deal...
  6. Calgary Airport off track AGAIN

    Good didn't fight for the Land of The Rising Sun many decades ago...did you ??
  7. Swoop - Apply now

    Missed a point Malcolm......Scoop is looking for low time CAPTAINS AC is looking for pilots that will spend a few years in the right seat and garner experience...It would be hard if not impossible to find a 5000 hour Captain in AC
  8. Not Recommended with Passengers

    You sound jealous and I beg to may not have been a actual 90 degree climb-out but it was damned close...... I would imagine there is not an airline driver here that has every had a transport aircraft, (thank goodness), in that attitude..... He flew on the edge of the envelope and had to bunt over at the top as he was running out of speed but....... obviously, not ideas......well flown
  9. Not Recommended with Passengers

    Yup. little fuel, no pax, no baggage/cargo and maybe no seats or galley and it can be done....awesome...
  10. How Airlines Price Flights

    good to know..thanks
  11. Disagreement in the flight deck

    You are correct...I have to go to bed earlier.....
  12. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Driven by pilots..of course now that "Jeff" Bezos has been designated as the richest man in the world...he can afford those pilots
  13. Take a look at my comment (small text)t re- the Mil C-45 -( B-18).......I am very familiar about what happens at low speed with any twin where both props rotate in the same direction be it clockwise or counter clockwise. Of course the reaction of the aircraft depends on speed and airframe design/structure. Look at it this way.....had one prop rotated one way and the other rotated the other way, his application of full power would probably dug him out of the hole he was entering. Better still if he was better aware of what would happened at low speed with the prop./airframe config and the application of full power and had he anticipated the roll, he could have corrected and 'possibly ' flown away unscathed..... When was the last time you flew any aircraft and let it roll 70 degrees before you corrected the roll?? He was not aware of the consequences of full power application at low airspeed which would result in a roll and the contributing factor was the direction the props rotated...something perhaps many low-time twin engine jockeys are not aware of. At least this report does point out the consequences of flying an unstable approach and not being familiar with the flight envelope/characteristics of the aircraft you are flying. I would put money on the fact that many low time twin prop drivers would find this report very enlightening, especially because of the consequences of NOT KNOWING your aircraft.
  14. Audio/video recording in the workplace

    Not video........but I flew with a few guys that had "it looks like a pen in the pocket" voice recorders and turned them on whenever a FA came on the flight deck ... I agree with 'gator'.....