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  1. Seriously. If you are that concerned about the cleanliness of an aircraft. Stay home.
  2. Saw this video on the news. Very impressive! You would never believe it possible. Interesting. A real crowd pleaser!
  3. I do wonder if Boeing may decide to go bankrupt, to get out from under the law suits they will be facing?
  4. Now now Kasey, you know that is just way too complicated of a system for some pilots. The dreaded visual approach.
  5. In the old days airlines protected each other's passengers. Even poached passengers from each other. It was hoped that the pax would like the service and book with you next time. I have been wondering, with pax rights becoming more of a big issue, if a new era of cooperation will develop? Everybody's aircraft break down. Keep the people moving. Do the pax realize the only reason they can't fly on a competitors aircraft is petty management?
  6. According to the ABCDlist production list, there are now more A220s than Cseries aircraft. 37 Cseries, 40 A220s. Three more deliveries in the last year, than in all previous production.
  7. He is the guy that flips over outhouses for fun.
  8. Cseries production list shows a Delta 300 series ,s/n 55069 ,as on the final assembly line in Mobile Alabama.
  9. Anybody complaining is just jealous. Must be fun to actually get to fly the airplane!
  10. The problem with Dash 8s is you can't kill them. (It's very hard to anyway) And the old ones are still not obsolete. Why build new ones? Just update the old ones and get 40,000 more cycles out of them.
  11. Did you read the reader's comments after the article? Holy.
  12. Pima Aircraft museum Tucson Arizona
  13. Ladies and Gentleman... Boeing is proud to present to you our Latest aircraft......the all new "777 Max". Featuring our inovative new system called....MCAS. Allowing anybody that has ever flown an old 777 to just hop in and go !