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  1. The amazing thing about this industry is that no matter how long you are here, the unexpected never stops happening. I thought I had seen it all when Pacific Western bought C.P. Air. This whole 737 Max thing is just completely unbelievable. For something like this to happen to a company like Boeing is unfathomable. It just never ends.
  2. Are NGs and Maxs the same type for pilots ? Perhaps the difference is too great ? Maybe they should be a different type until this is sorted out ?
  3. Just a guess, but the first tool is used to install/remove a prop hub. The second tool is used to rotate a propeller blade to the correct position, allowing you to install the hub.
  4. Always nice to hear from the vocal minority
  5. Never thought of that ! Sounds like great idea !
  6. For years I have thought really large aircraft cock pits should not even have direct access to the cabin. Put the cockpit on the lower level. Completly self contained. Maybe a hatch to upstairs ?
  7. This is actually a legitimate snag, that an experienced maintenance person knows to retorgue all of the windows. Not just on the left hand side. Saves you from real problems ! Reported only by experienced crew. We know what it means.
  8. One of my favorites was "whining from left side of cockpit".
  9. I was exactly one month old !
  10. How does that old saying go ? Something about leading a horse to water....
  11. Next time you are a co-pilot on a dash 8, and I ask you to get out because I want to service your O2, dont tell me to f off, get the f out of the thing !☺
  12. Seems to me that this sort of thing never happened when airlines took care of deicing thier own airplanes. Am I wrong, or is this caused by the airport running deicing ?
  13. Last week I met a jazz flt that had a few deadheading pilots, and a few comuters. The four pilots had over 100 years of experience flying -8s. I don't really think they could care less.
  14. Does the one they blew up on the ground count towards etops ?