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  1. Let's not give up on Boeing yet. Some day they will stop getting "Trumped".
  2. Why not? Contract the maintenance to Air Canada or Westjet.
  3. Practically anywhere in the prairies would be good for cold weather testing right now. Air Canada is getting a chance to do cold tests on GROV !
  4. Wouldn't you know it. Video of two happy kids sitting quietly in their seats, excited to go see Granny, about to get kicked off a flight, on the national news! Well done! A proud moment! My congratulations to the crew on a job well done! Management should also be congratulated for their exceptional handling of the aftermath!
  5. So in one thread.....an a/c blows a hydraulic line... it's the airline's fault. Everybody gets compensated. The same company......a flight attendant over reacts....a young family is removed against their will ,for no reason. They are told to F___ Off. What has become of us. We should all be ashamed to work in this industry
  6. Put the credit where it belongs. Westjet .
  7. Perhaps Boeing needs to write minimum experience levels into their manuals. Say 2500 hrs pilot in command of a twin engine turbine for access to the right seat ? Or perhaps 10,000 hrs minimum combined experience of the crew . No inexperienced captains flying with 200 hr F.O.s .? I know there are Federal rules, but do they extend around the world? If Boeing does not at least mandate simulator training for Max crews, they might just as well leave it parked. The untrained crew concept has proven to be a failure.
  8. Perhaps we should be using this thread to discuss the new rules regarding delays.
  9. WestJet left them stranded. Everyone knows Poop is Westjet with two Os. Quit pretending.
  10. So we are heading into a few years of tears as big as horse turds, and airlines losing money. Sign a 10 year no raises contract, new hires get fact, and your company will suddenly be hugely profitable! It is like a broken record.
  11. Be careful what you ask for. You unleash the beast, you are responsible for its care and feeding.
  12. At first I thought the lav service door fell open. In higher definition it is obviously the rat. Must get tested first flight. Makes sense if you think about it. ?
  13. I am surprised you folks that seem to notice every minute detail, have not commented on the thing hanging out of the belly as Grov taxis in. I think it is the "rat".