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  1. Ladies and Gentleman... Boeing is proud to present to you our Latest aircraft......the all new "777 Max". Featuring our inovative new system called....MCAS. Allowing anybody that has ever flown an old 777 to just hop in and go !
  2. Fin 326. Yes it is a 311. Not yet due for the 80,000 km check. I am guessing it will live on. That is a mere flesh wound on the mighty Dash.
  3. Seems to me that on most large low wing aircraft, the landing gear stows into the fuselage anyway?
  4. Just wondering. It is so painfully obvious, that the wing of an aircraft should be, and belongs on top of an aircraft. So why does almost everybody put the wing on the bottom, when it obviously does not belong there? Just wondering
  5. Isn't this where the woman says "No Hands! "
  6. Oh please God, no ! Let's all pray together, "Not Air Canada" I am going way out there and guessing, Husky Oil.
  7. Isn't the impressive part of a B2 the outside of it ? I mean isn't it the "Stealth " part that makes it special?
  8. Cseries production list shows Air Canada as getting s/n 55067. Soon enough it will be airborne... s/n 55053 a Baltic machine is already flying.
  9. Perhaps a person that has only ever worked for Southwest, has no idea what a "modern" aircraft looks like.
  10. Excellent point ! Never thought of that. And the pilots could use thier I pads to practice dead stick landins onto the ocean ! The new round engines (PT 6s) , are even better than the old "round engines"
  11. "Pilots will be required to complete training on the new system, using thier I pads" Are you kidding me ? Leave the Pig grounded until Boeing gets it. I am still thinking it should be a different type endorsement for pilots.
  12. I bet this a/c will sound really cool ! But my first thought is that perhaps a float plane, on salt water, is not the best place to start ?
  13. The amazing thing about this industry is that no matter how long you are here, the unexpected never stops happening. I thought I had seen it all when Pacific Western bought C.P. Air. This whole 737 Max thing is just completely unbelievable. For something like this to happen to a company like Boeing is unfathomable. It just never ends.
  14. Are NGs and Maxs the same type for pilots ? Perhaps the difference is too great ? Maybe they should be a different type until this is sorted out ?