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  1. Tango Foxtrot

    AirBus A220 News

    Does the one they blew up on the ground count towards etops ?
  2. Tango Foxtrot

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Check out a movie called "Fly Colt Fly" A documentry about Colto Harris-Moore. Also known as " The Barefoot Bandit" Also from the Seatle area.
  3. Tango Foxtrot

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Or how about we just realize that this is a one off event. Stop treating airline employees like criminals, even though they are totally innocent, and get on with our jobs. Do not give the morons fuel for thier fire.
  4. Tango Foxtrot

    Holy sh!t!!!

    I have been wondering...... are aircraft insured against theft ? I mean really, how many large aircraft ever get stolen ?
  5. Tango Foxtrot

    Holy sh!t!!!

    I hope they bury him in a well marked grave. So we all can find him and piss on it. The security idiots are going to have a field day, and inflict all kinds of human rights violations on innocent people. Now that he has been "Barried", could you please Berry him Seeker !
  6. Tango Foxtrot

    202,000 planes in the sky on one day

    Sorry. This is a pet peeve of mine. A CIVILIAN is a person not in the armed forces or a police force. Look it up. Persons working for airlines are CIVILIANS. Not soldiers or police officers. No disrespect to our armed forces, or police services intended. I apologize if anyone found the comment offensive. All flights not flown by the armed forces, or the police are CIVILIAN flights. Agreed ? Perhaps commercial flights, and general aviation ?
  7. Tango Foxtrot

    202,000 planes in the sky on one day

    Commercial flights are civilian flights. We are not in the military, never have been, and never will be.
  8. Does anybody here know for sure if it is legal to install seat belts on a tractor with no roll protection ? I don't think it is. At any rate, are these seat belts they installed, approved by the original manufacturer ? Seat belts on a vehicle with no engineered safe space are extremely dangerous. Think about quads , boats and lawn tractors to name a few. All of the machines with seat belts have a roll cage etc. Someone should go out there and tag every one of those tractors as unsafe, until the manufacturer has been notified, and gives their approval.
  9. Tango Foxtrot

    Nice of them...

    Where I work you used to get a gift card if you had perfect attendance. Now they have some sort of lottery in place. ( I assume one of their friends wins every year) So you get nothing. Virtually no incentive at all. After years of perfect attendance, and getting used to looking forward to the gift card, I find myself thinking that I should take a day off once in a while ! I don't know who comes up with these ideas, but they sure are out of touch with reality ! The people at United should go out of their way to make sure the targets are not met until the bonuses return.