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  1. C-GJXE s/n 55076 delivered February 14 C-GJXN s/n 55078 and C-GJXV s/n 55079 are both in flight testing. Looking like A220S are being built.
  2. Notice the batteries have expanded the nose as the gear went through.
  3. There is severe structural damage. There is no way that gear can be where it is. The forward pressure bulkhead has been ripped out of the airplane.
  4. Interesting. The gear normally retracts forward.
  5. Has anyone here ever met a person that works on airplanes, that will drink the coffee made on an airplane with a water system?
  6. C-GJXE s/n 55076 , the second A220 for Air Canada flew Jan 23 2020
  7. I can't help but think Westjet is taking care of themselves as best they can . Their poor showing has got to be related to the grounded Max . "The Max effect "
  8. Let's not give up on Boeing yet. Some day they will stop getting "Trumped".
  9. Why not? Contract the maintenance to Air Canada or Westjet.
  10. Practically anywhere in the prairies would be good for cold weather testing right now. Air Canada is getting a chance to do cold tests on GROV !
  11. Wouldn't you know it. Video of two happy kids sitting quietly in their seats, excited to go see Granny, about to get kicked off a flight, on the national news! Well done! A proud moment! My congratulations to the crew on a job well done! Management should also be congratulated for their exceptional handling of the aftermath!
  12. So in one thread.....an a/c blows a hydraulic line... it's the airline's fault. Everybody gets compensated. The same company......a flight attendant over reacts....a young family is removed against their will ,for no reason. They are told to F___ Off. What has become of us. We should all be ashamed to work in this industry
  13. Put the credit where it belongs. Westjet .