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  1. And the person who puts the final EASA stamp of approval on 737 max is for some reason still on vacation Anyone else have the feeling Boeing is getting "Trumped"
  2. Thanks Canoehead ! good link. I was very lucky to meet Max Ward after he retired. Our hanger was right next to his in YXD. Our aircraft had the same engines as his Challenger,and we knew how to fix Twin Otters! So we got to know his Mechanic Dan Mcniven. I would pop by Dan's office for coffee, expecting that if Max was there, that I would carry on smartly and leave them to their business. Max was very welcoming, Dan was a character ! Many interesting conversations. Yes JL , it was like being in the presence of Aviation Royalty. One of the Ground handlers wanted a poster of
  3. The wing belongs on the top ?(where it should be)
  4. Seems like only yesterday ,we were trying to negotiate a fair settlement with our employers,and wouldn't you know it...... Sorry you are an essential service ?
  5. 1.13 million deaths worldwide so far. Who cares. People are losing their jobs. F ing governments.
  6. I guess Sunshine and cheap beer is more important than vulnerable people's lives to some of us. If you travel to a Covid hot spot needlessly, please do stay there until it is over. ??
  7. How about an open book policy. Anyone that wants a look is welcome. Ha Ha , as if.
  8. I still think Westjet has the worst livery in Canada. Hope to see more of the new ones. ?
  9. We need to take the word "Authority " out of their name. Why do we have airport "Authorities ", and Police Services. They should be called "Airport Service Providers ". Maybe deflate their heads a little.
  10. Essential with a shoot pile of seniority ???
  11. Notice that the wing is on top where it is supposed to be ??
  12. I think you are right Kip ?? Lots of room for a huge happy face on the tail of a Dash 8 ?
  13. I have not given up on Boeing "yet". Still think the rest of the world better quit pissing on their heads lest they come up with something really amazing. Remember what happened to Boeing with their 247. Douglass brought out the DC 2, and then the DC 3. Any new design Boeing comes up with would be 10 years ahead of even the A220. Careful what you ask for Airbus ? Until I read Don's comment above, I put no credence in the theory that Douglass ruined Boeing. Really? Boeing is a big boy. Now I am starting to wonder.
  14. Many years ago people did not get stranded. (Not as much anyway) Most aircraft flew half full. If Air Canada (including its connectors) canceled a flight, passengers were protected on C.P. air. And vise versa. The main concern was the passenger. And getting them where they needed to be. We flew all night if needed. Petty battles between companies came after customer service. As soon as a flight was canceled we helped each other out. Both ways. The behavior of Air Canada towards Air B.C. was infantile. A dark time in aviation history. Is it being repeated at Westjet and Poop ?