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  1. Same principles at play... Airline self regulation. What could go wrong?
  2. I think management gets those figures on a daily basis. I doubt they can share it...
  3. The jury is still out on whether or not having had Covid19 will prevent further infections. Herd immunity requires that infected people become immune for that to be the case... Until that is determined, who knows what is the best strategy...
  4. Dito. Letting the IATA and/or airline industry lead on this issue would be a conflict of interest. Commercial interests shouldn't trump science or the recommendations of the professionals counseling the government. Cases are up again in Spain and France, in South America cases are exploding... In the US, they even have a summer camp where 260 kids are infected (the group that seemed immune previously).
  5. Interesting read... Bartleby Imagine the post-pandemic misery of business travel
  6. It's hard to tell for anyone. Economists do these sort of prediction and forecasting for a living and they still can get it wrong. It's hard to forecast macroeconomics situations that involve so many factors. Who knows how things will evolve... Unemployment has reached 13% in Canada. More than 7 million Canadians have applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit... We also have a Country wide real estate bubble that has been the elephant in the room room for years. Combine that with an average consumer debt to income ratio at 179% and it's an interesting mix. (We a
  7. The corresponding press release...
  8. What is the relevance to the Air Canada/Air Transat merger? That's a deal done in the late eighties when economic context was much different. If AC wanted A321, Airbus would be glad to produce them. They are presently reducing production and have tons of spare capacity and customers willing to defer their deliveries.
  9. So book your flight with us and if we can't get you there because of border restrictions we'll gladly give you a voucher or Aeroplan points? That sounds enticing...
  10. I wonder if their is a possibility of a conversion to freighter? The lifting capacity is huge and with so many getting parked you'd get spares and engines for peanuts.
  11. Looking at Flight Aware this morning to see what is going on for AC. From what I understand, the 7*** and the 2*** flights are cargo. What is the difference between the two? Not many passenger flights in the Air at the moment...
  12. If you give money to large stock market listed companies, aren't you saving the shareholders? Why give money? If the government is going to be sending money to companies, they should get the corresponding equity.... if that equity gives partial control then appoint someone to the board of directors. Lowering Landing fees, airport improvement taxes, Nav Canada fees and fuel taxes might be a better way to go about helping the various carriers.. That way they all get a similar treatment and a reduced cost environment.
  13. In the article, above there are aerial pictures of various storage airports with pre and after photos showing the quantity of parked planes increasing. You'd get an opposite effect if you took an aerial shot of the AC headquarters parking lot in YUL. To give context the parking lot there is probably just a bit bigger than 2X a Walmart lot. It used to be full and now its seldom filled to 10% capacity...
  14. I don't think you will see an AME surplus at least not on the medium term. The situation in maintenance is not the same as for pilots. To start with, take a company such as AC. You had 4500 pilots and probably 1300 AMEs. So the numbers of AMEs looking for a job is going to be much lower. AMEs are also not restricted to airlines... Many recycle their skills in automotive, heavy equipment, rail, manufacturing and general industry. A few things come to mind concerning the AME situation.... 1) What you are seeing now is not a structural surplus but a punctual one. The schools haven't bee
  15. From the headlines section: With the current state of affairs, one has to wonder why this purchase would move forward. It was originally performed at a time when AC was aggressively looking for extra capacity and qualified labor force. It now has over 80% of its fleet parked, thousands of employees on layoff and is likely flying less than 5% of its 2019 capacity. What would be the appeal of such a purchase now? Is a quasi monopolistic pricing ability wo