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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-omicron-more-to-do-1.6267817 Ottawa requiring covid testing for some travelers.
  2. This would appear to be a situation where you would expect to see the term "accountable executive" within the box of accused. Seriously, after all the crap over the years justifying ever increasing executive salaries, the accountability seems weak at best.
  3. While trains are not an aviation topic, it's a direct competitor. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/high-frequency-rail-project-1.6090930 It will be interesting to see this go ahead.
  4. Condition free funds worked wonders for Bombardier...
  5. What's wrong with Equity in the company? Isn't it a better arrangement (for Canadian citizens) than a corporate welfare "handout"?
  6. I wonder how the financial "help" will be given? Will the Fed get equity in the carriers? (like in the Lufthansa case) Will they find a way to lower operating cost through subsidies of airport infrastructure? maybe a reduction of NavCanada fees? What other strings will be attached? There isn't much information right now...
  7. Interesting read on business travel during and post pandemic. https://www.ft.com/content/867a5342-c94c-43f6-9783-a817443c9471
  8. The guy can barely put a sentence together when answering an unexpected journalist question. He doesn't appear well versed enough in the different subjects to discuss them. To give him the role of the puppet master pulling all the strings seem disingenuous. Harper seemed to be in that position, but to accuse Trudeau of that... The present PM appears to be a pretty spokesperson for the Liberal party but the person calling the shots?? The new minister will need a bit of time prior to getting acquainted with all that is going on in the transport world...
  9. That's a pretty nasty opinion piece... Lots of subjects mixed up in there. Social media influencers, moral compass, public health vs profitability, Air Canada Transat purchase, public money built flag carrier, lousy service and high prices, passenger horror stories, oversold flights, contempt for consumers, plane seating density, most complaints of any foreign airline and tax payer funded bailout. It's as if the journalist just vomited everything that irked him. It's a easy to single out AC the way the reporter did but what he is saying applies to most companies.
  10. Dagger, What are your thoughts on the possibility of government help to airlines having a negative effect on the recovery of these airlines. From a union centric point of view, of course the desire for wages to be paid and employment maintained is likely to be prominent. However what is the rational behind paying an employee to be at work if their is little demand for his labor? I think that's the point made above. The normal unemployment insurance channels should cover the needs of unemployed workers in the near term. From a business point of view, won't giving $$ to the airlines just prolong their quasi inevitable shrinking that will need to occur in order to "right size" prior to resuming growth? I'm sure all carriers have been shrinking in any way possible but what about long term commitments? Long term leases for aircraft that are unlikely to fly in the short term could prove to be an unsustainable drain on financial resources. If the government gives a package that increases liquidity at all carriers, won't that just be kicking the problem down the road? Just like paying for employees that aren't required by the present level of flying, don't those long term obligations need to be addressed? Is the near future outlook good enough to plan for a speedy recovery?
  11. Since it's the holidays and it involves Santa, an aircraft and an angry Moose...
  12. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/boeing-wins-zero-new-orders-delivers-few-jets-and-loses-more-737-maxs/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=owned_echobox_f&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3uZFXE4ESAyWaLBHaoaoFA5CsLgI9wJSBRd2F4Oomh9nzTFo_LDzCynSY#Echobox=1605024239 The B737 flop... Over 1000 cancellations.
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