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  1. What a sight to see.... After years of densifying cabins with less seat pitch, less recline and thinner seats passengers will now benefit from extra spacing. Interesting times...
  2. The Korean experience has shown infected individuals become healthy, testing negative to the virus and 7 days later become infected again. From what I have seen, heard or read, immunity isn't confirmed once you have had the disease. Source: A long watch but amazingly informative on the Covid 19 virus and how Korea is dealing with it and why they were able to react so fast.. Their top specialist explains why they were better prepared then most countries and how they dealt with the outbreak.Just turn the sound off (it's in Korean with subtitles)and get the speed up on the video if you don't have the 36 minutes... (the settings wheel at the lower right corner has a speed control for the video, you can set it to your reading speed) Also of Airline interest from the same video, everyone arriving at Incheon Airport is being tested, the results are ready within 6 hrs. Everyone goes into quarantine regardless of results. The people that test positive get an APP installed on their phone, the app warns the user if they are leaving quarantine. The APP also has mandatory symptom reporting twice a day. If you leave home, the authorities go verify what is going on.
  3. I just watched a half hour interview with the top expert on the Corona virus. They do not know if you can catch it twice as they have had some people heal, show no symptoms then 7 days later they are sick again. Also noteworthy... since they test more then everyone else, they have great data... 20% of people being tested positive to Covid 19 show no symptoms at all... Yet they are as contagious as others. Also interesting, everyone flying in to Incheon Airport is getting tested. You get the results in 6 hrs, regardless of results you stay in quarantine for 14 days. If you do have the virus, they put an app on your phone and you have to check in with symptoms twice a day and the phone of course gives away your GPS location and warns authority if you leave home. A long watch but amazingly informative on the Covid 19 virus and how Korea is dealing with it and why they were able to react so fast.. Just turn the sound off (it's in Korean with subtitles) and get the speed up on the video if you don't have the 36 minutes...
  4. I was just watching the following from the Economist. From what they were saying, there isn't a method of verifying if one was previously infected. That and a vaccine are what will be the turning point to this epidemic.
  5. That sounds right, they really went Martial law on this one... It will have consequences down the road since seniority rules were not followed and I doubt those clauses can be invoked indefinitely.
  6. I think the union was pushing for it however, from the info I have now the employer was either not interested or did not have the time to look into it.
  7. 50-53% ACM staff reduction. Notices are out today.
  8. That doesn't sound right... AC is going to bleeding $$, and it will keep most of it's pilots while sending half of flight attendants on off duty status? Maybe that's just round 1? Who knows at this point, if the numbers keep increasing, it would not be surprising to see a stop to all air travel for a period of time.
  9. 70% of the workforce or about 3600 to be on Layoff status.
  10. The other unions simply have not chosen to tell the media until AC makes their announcement.
  11. Not exactly a rosy picture...With central bank rates already rockbottom, it will be interesting to see how they react... After rates hit zero and the bankers start flooding an already flooded economy with more liquidity, I'm curious to see what the effect will be. Headlines around the world... SAS to shut down most of its operations, will lay off 10,000 employees Wizz Air cancels all operations in Poland, Latvia and Moldova Ryanair Group cancels all flights to and from Poland airBaltic suspends all flight operations from March 17 easyJet to suspend all flights to Spain on March 17 Ukraine International Airlines will operate a limited schedule American further reduces its international schedule, will reduce domestic flying Swiss grounds half its fleet El Al drastically cuts its schedule Delta suspends all flights to continental Europe, slashes capacity by 40%, will ground up to 300 aircraft! Turkish Airlines suspends routes to Europe KLM to early phase out the Boeing 747-400, reduces capacity British Airways warns its employees of layoffs, will park large amount of airplanes Brussels Airlines announces additional flight cancellations for March and a reduced timetable for April 2020 Norwegian to suspend more than 4,000 flights and implement layoffs Air France adjusts its schedule to the United States Korean Air cuts capacity, grounds aircraft, hopes to survive United Airlines in talks with U.S. officials about financial support United Airlines cancels flights, cuts costs as coronavirus hits demand Lufthansa Group From 29 March to 24 April, Lufthansa Group has announced it is cancelling a total of 23,000 flights, with further cancellations expected in the coming weeks. Singapore Airlines The Singaporean flag carrier has cancelled a large number of flights across its network up until the end of May. Cathay Pacific Hong Kong’s national carrier currently has 120 planes sitting on the tarmac – about half of its fleet. More than 75 per cent of its weekly flights have been slashed in March,
  12. Fin 945 is there in the new livery, I saw some pictures... I hear its waiting for a new interior to be available.
  13. Boeing posts surprise loss, 737 MAX costs climb to $19 billion (Reuters) - Boeing Co expects nearly $19 billion in costs related to the grounding of its 737 MAX jets, the U.S. planemaker said on Wednesday while posting a surprise loss and indicating it would cut production of its bigger 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The grounding, which followed two fatal crashes, forced the planemaker to freeze production of the 737 for the first time in more than 20 years and led to the ouster of Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg. “We recognize we have a lot of work to do,” Boeing President and CEO David Calhoun said in a statement. Adding to Boeing’s pain, demand for its bigger and more profitable jet - the 787 Dreamliner - has waned in the face of the U.S.-China trade war, prompting the company to cut production, hurting cash flow at a time when its debt is mounting. Boeing, which is producing the 787 Dreamliner at 14 aircraft per month, said in October it expects to lower the production in late 2020 to 12 per month, amid a drought of orders from China. The company now expects to further lower 787 Dreamliner production to 10 per month in early 2021. The company reported negative free cash flow of $2.67 billion for the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, compared with a positive free cash flow of $2.45 billion a year earlier. Core operating loss was $2.53 billion, or $2.33 per share, compared with a profit of $3.87 billion, or $5.48 per share, a year earlier. Analysts on average expected Boeing to post earnings per share of $1.47 in the quarter.
  14. The various regulators from around the world have different issues with the aircraft. The FAA is probably walking a tight line trying to keep all the foreign regulators happy and trying to find a safe solution. It's not a simple guess... It might be a gradual return to service (ie US only) but I'm sure the FAA would prefer to have a full review done. If one more b737 Max goes down it would be catastrophic for both the FAA and Boeing.
  15. The A319 NEO hasn't been selling as much as anticipated... Wikipedia is showing 37 orders for the short Airbus. It might make sense to give the green light to the A220-500. It will be a more efficient aircraft and wont cannibalize non existent 319 sales.