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  1. Those are some of the reasons the Conservatives are stuck in the opposition role for a while... It's not like they have a sizable opponent in Trudeau, yet they still are unable to find a leader with any traction with Canadians east of Saskatchewan.
  2. Apologies, I meant WS B737 flights.
  3. If you try to compare similar countries you will get a different picture. Try comparing the G7 countries or NATO countries with Canada. For your second statement, Country Oil reserves do not have much correlation with pump prices unless you have a nationalized market or some sort of a dictator regime. I don't detect any desire in your writings for such a market. It's an interesting list... Have a look at Norway at the extreme $$$ end... Good reserves, Gas producer and stratospheric prices. At the other end of the scale, you have Venezuala, Iran, Kuwait, Kazakhstan,Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan and the UAE with sub 1$US per liter gas. Those countries don't really appear as comparable. As far as comparables go... Gas in Europe, NZ, much of the eastern bloc is mostly higher than in Canada. The list has a few countries with lower prices that "could" be compared to Canada. The US, Australia, China, South Korea, Turkiye, Brazil, Japan all have cheaper gas... From most of the reading I have done, I am reaching the conclusion that high prices are going to be here for a while. The current Prime Minister is merely the figure head that was voted in prior to world prices sky rocketing. He's not going to fix it, and neither will a conservative government or the NDP...
  4. It's an opinion piece... We aren't in a closed economy. Look at the rest of the world prices and you will find Canadian prices are pretty much on par with the rest of the world. Even on a Taxation stand point, if Canada was the only country doing it it would constitute a valid point, yet most countries tax petrol and gas. Regardless of who gets elected, with the ESG movement their is a lack of investment in Oil and Gas (low Capex). Add to that the cutting off of Russian oil and you have the perfect storm for higher oil prices for year to come. No politician will change that even if it feels good to point to one for blame.
  5. Allo, Have you considered what oil prices are around the world? It seems disingenuous to blame a single politician for high fuel prices when they are up all over the world. https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/gasoline_prices/ Our bad lot of politicians can be blamed for lots of issues but fuel prices and inflation would be roughly the same under most government since they aren't local phenomenons. Prices are set at the international level.
  6. There probably won't be that much training required. What I am seeing is a net reduction in training times for all Aircraft Type Training. Trainings that used to last 2 months are now 5 weeks... The new engine is likely to be some sort of differences course. Engine courses were historically 5 days in order to cover Engine, Thrust Reverser and aircraft integration. I have seen them reduced to 2 days as of late. It's a scary trend happening in Canada... We seem to be drifting towards the American standard for training instead of the EASA standard.
  7. We aren't seeing Westjet in Montreal anymore.... What has happened? Even looking at the ADMTL website, I'm seeing 2 flights a day. Has WJ abandonned the YUL market?
  8. If Canada was serious about cutting emissions at airports, an easy starting point would be to limit APU operations on the ground. It's what happens all over the world. It forces Airports to actually have serviceable aircraft ground air conditioning (hot or cold) at each gate. It would save countless dollars in both Fuel and APU hours of operation.
  9. Hi Rich, Go for Pro-seal. It's what's inside most aircraft. https://www.ppgaerospace.com/Products/Sealants/Fuel-Tank-Proven-Standards/P-S-890-Class-B-Fuel-Tank-Sealant.aspx You can buy it in varying thickness and cure times. It's awful stuff to get off your hands so use gloves and maybe even barrier cream. I am pretty sure Aircraft Spruce And specialty will carry it. Éric
  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-omicron-more-to-do-1.6267817 Ottawa requiring covid testing for some travelers.
  11. This would appear to be a situation where you would expect to see the term "accountable executive" within the box of accused. Seriously, after all the crap over the years justifying ever increasing executive salaries, the accountability seems weak at best.
  12. While trains are not an aviation topic, it's a direct competitor. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/high-frequency-rail-project-1.6090930 It will be interesting to see this go ahead.
  13. Condition free funds worked wonders for Bombardier...
  14. What's wrong with Equity in the company? Isn't it a better arrangement (for Canadian citizens) than a corporate welfare "handout"?
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