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  1. Even the US stopped taking Boeing's tool/ladder/junk laden KC 46 for a period. Boeing obviously isn't done, but what a mess.
  2. That accident began before it even left the originating airport. 25 Yr old FO with less than 400 Hrs TT was just along for the ride. Captain shouldn't have held a driver's license, let alone a pilot's license. Sad and scary to read. US-Bangla Airlines Flt 211
  3. The Youtube video is great. The DC9 is still one of my favourites... wish I could've flown it. A bit of thread drift... sorry Malcom. Interesting DC9/MD80/MD90 Info Simple Elevator Design Description (with pictures)
  4. There is provision to do it under extenuating circumstances in our Q400s, but gate 135 in YYZ isn't that
  5. Radar plot I saw online shows a rapid increase in vertical speed (descending) through around 8000'. Not sure how accurate those things are online but it was doing -7000 FPM when it was lost off radar. Weather was in the area, however it looked like they had yet to transition through the worst of it.
  6. If I'm in the left seat I'll gladly oblige!
  7. Amazing to think that he likely had a grand total of about 3 minutes of hand-flying time in the machine before this event occurred. Trying to figure out the wording; would the FO have done previous legs as the monitoring pilot?
  8. That was very interesting. Led me to search a few names online after watching. There are, and have been, some very dumb people on this earth. (Besides the controversy, what a great airplane.)
  9. These are the kinds of threads that keep me coming back here. Thanks Greg, Kip and all!
  10. Hi conehead. I only heard this second hand, but north of 3.
  11. If the G factor achieved at touchdown (that I heard) is correct, it will explain a lot. More than just a tail-scrape involved.
  12. Definitely more than a scrape... there’s a hole through the structure as a result of a hard landing. I have heard the number (of G’s) and suffice it to say, I’m fairly certain it’s going to need that heavy maintenance facility for the work likely required. At least we shouldn’t have to wait 4 years for the report as the TSB has nothing to do with it.