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  1. From Kargokings posted article: Who comes up with this stuff? (And if you wonder what I mean, check out the AD).
  2. Kinda begs the question, did he get his Canadian ATPL and did he actually stay and maintain "current" as a line pilot at WJA? Bet I know the answer. That said, he certainly has an impressive resume (on the surface).
  3. It appears the new Transport Minister (by way of his press secretary) is just spewing the same line, presumably from Trudeau. This Transport Minister appears to be another talking-head (except he's not even talking).
  4. At the rate this industry is going, Jazz might be looking to sell the tractors and get into hacked-up Neons
  5. It was "positioning" at the aircraft. Not saying this was operator error (it may have been a mechanical fault), but I can't tell you the number of times I see ground staff (fuelers, caterers, ramp crews etc) taking no care or control of the jobs they are doing. Not all... there are many excellent and conscientious workers out there as well who set the example. But watching some of these workers treating multi-million dollar airplanes and their work environment like its an amusement park is frustrating. Especially knowing there are laid off workers who do a professional job.
  6. Rita Trichur is an "opinion writer" who uses her platform to write how she feels about a particular subject. She isn't a journalist in the truest form- she knows a little bit about everything (I'm not disputing her general intelligence here) but instead of researching and giving the facts, she has gone all "Karen" and basically written a Facebook or Twitter post in one of the national papers about how she feels. If you think it's crazy and absurd that AC has hired "influencers" to promote travel, so be it. But post that crap on Twitter or FB or whatever. I'm tired of people (including
  7. Thanks Malcolm. The NOAA stuff is excellent, and I've always used their products whenever I can. Even if it feeds Environment Canada/Nav Canada information- their tools and website functionality blows the doors off the AWWS. Aviation weather availability and presentation in Canada is archaic.
  8. So, Minister Garneau; how are those talks coming along? Or are you still sipping eggnog by the fireplace?
  9. Idiotic, dangerous behaviour now twice in as many weeks. Well since we weren't lucky enough to read that they were sucked into #2, the Judge who presides needs to ensure they are sentenced to max allowable. They should also hand them the bill for every extra penny they cost Delta and all of the cascading costs associated (fuel, mx, passengers, contact companies other airlines who were delayed etc.). I mean get some really smart person to investigate and add up all of the costs, and include that person's costs into the bill as well. Then the media needs to be responsible and report
  10. I'm genuinely curious on how they conduct these sim exercises. Having test pilots or FAA inspectors doing the flying isn't a proper assessment in my view. It's like having a biased jury in a local trial because they have been immersed in the news. They should be doing a "change of venue". Line pilots who don't spend any more time in simulators than legally required. Pick a range of crews from high performing to low performing (based on training records) and give them a very basic briefing (the "dumbed down version"). That's where they should be setting the benchmark. A pilot to
  11. Casual observation from the back as a pax, but on the AC fleet of 320 series, the Emergency Exit signs all light up with 3 Green, and extinguish when the gear is retracted (chime included). Maybe that's a customer configuration or an procedural setting/result, but if they operate the same way, you'd think an F/A might have the brains to call up front after a while and ask if "everything is ok". Situational Awareness was obviously left on the shelf that day. I think boestar nailed it... no brains.
  12. Interesting link here that tells the story (comms). I imagine there are some tough questions being asked about perimeter security at LAS.
  13. End of the TMZ report indicates that police believe he breached a perimeter fence. How easy would it be to get up on the wing of an -800 from below, assuming it happened after pushback? Brings a new appreciation to how big (high) a widebody is when you consider this is relatively low for an airliner wing. Ah well, I'm sure he's doing just fine. Probably fixing to sue Alaska Airlines for the slippery surface and the fall...
  14. I took that as moeman calling John Gradek, the "former" AC Exec bitter. Because that's what I was thinking as well about Gradek.
  15. Freeland says "detailed talks are underway with the airlines", while NACC says the Canadian Government is at "Stage Zero". I know who I believe. I honestly think Trudeau et al would prefer Canada to be a country connected by rail (no disrespect to rail folks- there's a place/requirement for rail in Canada too). Hey Justin, Marc and Chrystia- 2020 just called and everyone is waiting for you to show up at the table.