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  1. Canoehead

    Scat 737 Burns

    If I'm in the left seat I'll gladly oblige!
  2. Canoehead

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Amazing to think that he likely had a grand total of about 3 minutes of hand-flying time in the machine before this event occurred. Trying to figure out the wording; would the FO have done previous legs as the monitoring pilot?
  3. Canoehead

    Buying an F-86 in 1977....

    That was very interesting. Led me to search a few names online after watching. There are, and have been, some very dumb people on this earth. (Besides the controversy, what a great airplane.)
  4. Canoehead

    Lancaster crash in Alert

    These are the kinds of threads that keep me coming back here. Thanks Greg, Kip and all!
  5. Canoehead

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Hi conehead. I only heard this second hand, but north of 3.
  6. Canoehead

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    If the G factor achieved at touchdown (that I heard) is correct, it will explain a lot. More than just a tail-scrape involved.
  7. Canoehead

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Definitely more than a scrape... there’s a hole through the structure as a result of a hard landing. I have heard the number (of G’s) and suffice it to say, I’m fairly certain it’s going to need that heavy maintenance facility for the work likely required. At least we shouldn’t have to wait 4 years for the report as the TSB has nothing to do with it.
  8. Canoehead

    PAL Aircraft Incident Nov 15

    All good... I look at it as a great opportunity for discussion. Good ol' "hangar flying"! Something I miss these days...
  9. Canoehead

    PAL Aircraft Incident Nov 15

    Hi Moon, The manual/alternate pump is only a part of the main gear extension system. The nose gear alternate extension is completely reliant on pulling up on the release handle in the floor (adjacent the pump handle for the mains). It basically releases the uplock allowing the nose gear to free-fall. No hydraulic back up for the nose, only the mains. All things being equal, all 3 gear should free-fall. As the mains extend forward into the relative airflow, the pump is used to aid in locking them down, and only if required. Confusion can be from the fact that there are two separate locations for Alt Gear Extension controls that are all integral to the entire alternate extension system. The pump handle in the floor (directly adjacent to the nose gear release handle) has nothing to do with the nose gear. As you stated, there are some "gotchas" with the alternate system (both on the 100/300, and Q400). I know of 2 incidents (one in Europe and one in New Zealand) where DH8's landed with the nose gear retracted due to system unfamiliarity, or not pulling up hard enough on that release handle. Both cases, if handled correctly, would not have ended up with embarrassing pictures posted on Google. The QRH's have been re-worded over the years to convey the fact that there may be high forces required to overcome the uplocks. As I always sum it up in training, "pull until you achieve the desired result". Hence my cable on the CP's desk comment Regardless, this was minor. We have seen worse brought on by landing gear issues (thinking Eastern L1011 in the Everglades).
  10. Canoehead

    PAL Aircraft Incident Nov 15

    Hopefully the crew walked into the Chief Pilot's office and put the alternate extension handle and cable on his desk
  11. Canoehead

    AC Has Wing Clipped In LGA

    What's a "Runway crew member"?
  12. Canoehead

    The New Bearded ones

    Brochure yes, but it's also published policy at Jazz. It's not being followed correctly by many.
  13. Canoehead

    The New Bearded ones

    Personally, I think it was a mistake to allow them. Notwithstanding the above, there is little to no enforcement of the published grooming standards. As a result many (not all) look like an embarrassment to the profession. The policy doesn't mean you don't have to shave, yet many treat it as such. I've started calling guys out on it. Just my opinion.
  14. Canoehead

    Accident in Northern Saskatchewan

    The equipment available to them is a moot point if there was no attempt to use it to remove the contaminant.
  15. Canoehead

    Test Pilot

    Bob Fowler, one of the test pilots in the film; was he not one of the Dash 8 test pilots?