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  1. Hmm me too, maybe I should occasionally unplug the internet secretly and change some habits.
  2. What kind of sadist is Trudeau? First he legalizes pot and now he wants to take the straws away!
  3. I agree Kip, Its a marketing gimmick to be sure. When the internet goes down around our place its an emergency. Kind of sad, but its the new normal, People constantly glued to their phones is an epidemic, but you can't deny its a very useful tool. Perhaps not unlike what our grandparents or great grandparents may have said when landlines were introduced. "Wad do I need that gadget for? If i need to talk to Joe down the road, I'll go see him!" Then once he starts using it he realizes how much time he just saved to do other things.
  4. Considering the source, i shouldn't bother replying to this. 30 years in this business so I've got a wee bit of experience. Fear and anxiety? Yep pretty much since the day I started in this roller coaster of a business without the security of knowing that I have the Canadian government to backstop my company when they fail. Good for you buddy. I'm assuming you're just a peon like the rest of us AIP or are you someone special with insight as to the motivations of a very successful business such as ONEX. As far as Mr. Schwartz is concerned, i would imagine he is no more or less ruthless than Clive or any other billionaire business person. Have a nice day.
  5. Yes good point. My apology to the hard working people at Air Transat. I was assuming it’s the same organization from 20+ years ago so I suppose it’s a very different management today. I have heard they have a great service as well.
  6. Sounds like a desperate attempt to acquire a so-so company to stop Onex from getting them. AC can have them and the multiple issues they are going to have with that crowd in a merger however less problematic than if WJ acquired them being a Quebec company and all. Unless they are just buying for the aircraft and intend on dissolving the company.
  7. Sorry mate. I’m too sensitive, although my wife would disagree.
  8. I see your point, but I’ve been through this rodeo 5 times now. I get it. Air Canada wins, even when they lose. Everyone else in the Canadian airline industry sucks the hind tit. Throw us a bone so at least We don’t need to be Walmart greeters in our retirement. Not that’s there is any thing wrong with being a greeter. LOL
  9. Excellent points MD2. who needs Bean I expect all Westjetters will still act like owners also. That is if they are aware of airline history and want the company to be successful. I for one, feel a mild sense of relief, a little weight taken off my shoulders. Hope its not vertigo. lol
  10. Thanks, starting to remember now. There was a huge backlash from the AC employees as well. Merging with Transat would be a nightmare. C3 buying Royal was the anchor that pulled them under. AC can have em!
  11. Could Onex be the ones looking at Transat also? Does anyone recall why Onex didn’t get AC?
  12. I just manually manipulated the trim (on the ground) from 0-15 units, min to max 250 turns. With no air load I ran out of steam less than halfway. They had their hands full, literally.
  13. At the grassroots level,, I have no doubt the majority of our crews will do what we’ve always done. Keep our noses to the grindstone and do the best job we can. Having said that, I can’t really speak to the financial situation of the new generation and how that affects their attitude but personally I am on the fly til you die retirement program . Fortunately I love and appreciate my job and have respect for the people in charge. Talking flight ops there. I have had some opportunity to speak to a couple of the latest execs and I certainly cannot speak to their business acumen but they are as enthusiastic about the future as any other from the past, so I am cautiously optimistic.
  14. Alpa Didnt need it, didn’t want it, but I’m sure as hell going to pay for it. Not a word from any of the hard core unionists who pushed this deception upon our group and now one of the ringleaders is now Alpa Canada president, before we even had a contract so it tells what his motivation was. These people owe an an apology to the senior pilots at WJ who were once Alpa leader themselves and who Strongly advised against unionization, they ignored them as management lackeys and vigorously pushed and sold a false bill of goods to the discontented and 20/30 somethings that have only known good times in this business. As long as the general public feel they should fly on airliners for bus fares, the ULCC is sadly here to stay, and thus a continued downward pressure on wawcon. Merry Christmas to all and keep what is really important in perspective.
  15. I would think the Quebec governments 1 Billion will be easily be offset by the liberals recently signing off on 11 Billion per year in transfer payments to the province! Legalized corruption! Makes a person want to drop out and start smoking government pot.