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  1. Okay I thnk its official Kip, your clutch is slipping. I can't get an ackward but funny image of an old man in a terrycloth housecoat grooving to the beat. This guy proves the theory that you can be butt ugly, and if you can carry a tune and "entertain" people, the women will fall at your feet. Yes I'm jealous, LOL
  2. I guess that clears that up then. Where can I buy a mobile breathalizer to confirm that everyone I come into contact with who affects my life is equally sober? Oh but lets legalize pot to keep the population stupid, **bleep**in nanny state!
  3. but but airplanes fly and land all by themselves don't they...
  4. If its something knee jerk like that and not proper crew duty time regs it will show just how out of touch with reality this bozo and the rest of the Liberals really are. Edited to add that the knee jerk reaction by the Conservatives to the GermanWing murders was equally silly.
  5. Although I am sad for this individual, I'm glad he was not a Canadian.
  6. Hmm sounds like Putin's banging the war drum to scare the US into voting for Trump. I'm sure its more complex than that, but who knows these days.
  7. Isn't that more along the lines of an NDP adage, or are the lines blurred here as well?
  8. People such as this would, rather than see humour in this business , prefer to come up with national enquirer type headlines such as, " Nasty sexual assault lawsuit against westjet" Or they feel that some sexual assault cases are not nasty. Hmmm which could it be?
  9. Ah yes the I mean Canada is back!
  10. Really? I guess you don't get it. I don't care how many servants Trudeau has, he needs them all. As do any head of state. As they say in Newfoundland. Carry on! ...and sorry for the thread drift though.
  11. Its well above my paygrade, but there seems to be a lot of spin these days in regards to all things business and politics, whether its airline profitability, carbon taxing to fight climate change, or PMs receiving what, for most of us would be a taxable benefit on child care. One thing for sure is that the .01 percenters will do well convincing the masses that the 1 percenters should pay more when in reality, if you are not a 1 percenter you are very close. At least in North America, Europe and such. But I digress, life is still good.
  12. ... and a capacity increase of 9.5%. Well done! Sadlly the stock is down 1.26%, very frustrating. Welcome to the world of expanding profitable airlines.
  13. The private sector was handed Air Canada on a silver platter. They have the name 'Air Canada' . It will never fail, even when it fails. (unless Canada disappears as a country) Over simplified yes, however no less true. The ACPPA is the cost of this. Funny when I read the topic title, I thought, what, people are finding AC less appealing. I have found AC to be an improved product in customer service over the last few years. Haven't been on Rouge though.
  14. Oh great another billion-dollar boondoggle, stick to electoral reform until you get some bloody experience please!