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  1. Is This Your Canada?

    This should be true for the young employees but the workers I see of late at Tim Hortons are middle aged or older women of which a high percentage are fairly recent immigrants. I can't think of too many things that are going down in cost these days. If a business can't afford to pay a proper wage for the job, then they should not be in business. Then we have T Junior throwing around our money as if it grows on trees.
  2. Great New AirCanada Commercial

    I'll take the bait from a WJ hater. Excellent top notch heartwarming commercial, but certainly no more or less tooting going on than the competition. The 'fly the flag' was pretty thick though, but I suppose that's for the masses who still think AC is government owned. I really like do the new paint job. Have they put an actual flag on it? Merry Christmas to all.
  3. Perfect Belly Landing

    Perfect? Yes, but as a competent pilot, how the hell else would you do it? Not withstanding the lucky prop posistioning after engine shutdown. Sully is just a regular pilot who was given the oppportunity to show his exceptional skill.
  4. Hey YVR - Buy a plow!

    Wow! Talk about trying to "make news" out of a natural weather event, however rare in a place like Vancouver...even referring to the airport as yvr as if everyone should know its the airport. Media smugness at its finest. Perhaps they should ask T junior to apologize to the inconvenienced.
  5. Canada Buys USED fighters

    Now that's funny!
  6. Everything Must Go (OT)

    He has a unique sound and a special place in Canadian music history. Don't care much for his politics though, nor most of these types of people who have long since forgotten what it means to eke out a living.
  7. Everything Must Go (OT)

    You know you're getting old when this **bleep** means nothing to you anymore. still nice to have stuff if you've more money than things to do with it.
  8. YYC ATC refusing second approach?

    I wouldn't think there is a policy change here. To me this is likely an inexperienced controller, or one experienced enough to be at the peak of arrogance. It sounds like the controller wisely backed off and sent the airplane to arrival after the crew inquired how long before another approach.
  9. Monday Morning Heart Starter

    Okay I thnk its official Kip, your clutch is slipping. I can't get an ackward but funny image of an old man in a terrycloth housecoat grooving to the beat. This guy proves the theory that you can be butt ugly, and if you can carry a tune and "entertain" people, the women will fall at your feet. Yes I'm jealous, LOL
  10. I guess that clears that up then. Where can I buy a mobile breathalizer to confirm that everyone I come into contact with who affects my life is equally sober? Oh but lets legalize pot to keep the population stupid, **bleep**in nanny state!
  11. Westjet Go Around SXM

    but but airplanes fly and land all by themselves don't they...
  12. If its something knee jerk like that and not proper crew duty time regs it will show just how out of touch with reality this bozo and the rest of the Liberals really are. Edited to add that the knee jerk reaction by the Conservatives to the GermanWing murders was equally silly.
  13. Pilot Charged by Calgary Police

    Although I am sad for this individual, I'm glad he was not a Canadian.
  14. Is it Imminent?

    Hmm sounds like Putin's banging the war drum to scare the US into voting for Trump. I'm sure its more complex than that, but who knows these days.