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  1. Putting political correctness aside. Race, religion and ethnic origin absolutely have an effect on one’s qualifications. These things influence decisions that a politicians/ people make everyday, but doesn’t mean that they are or aren’t “qualified”. In the Liberal party if you are a MP under Trudeau and you told him “ I am a born again Christian and I am pro life (anti-abortion)”, you would definitely not be a cabinet minister and likely not be able to run again as a Liberal. You certainly would not qualify for government funding. Regardless he can’t do any worse than Garneau.
  2. Is this company related to Michel Leblanc by any chance ?
  3. On the bright side, I guess it’ll be cost neutral as I expect CBCs This Hour has 22 Minutes now has some excellent material to parody.
  4. Well I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or puke! This man and his government are so disconnected from reality, it’s beyond words.
  5. You’re right, a dive would be back down around the $14 range. However 10% in a few hours is significant I would think. I hope it goes back up again but I’m pretty sure it won’t be helped by Mr sunny ways. Has CR been paid out yet? If not that should help raise the price. It was always a funny coincidence that more often than not in regards to the WJA stock. That it managed to climb to its highs just before CB was due to cash out a large amount. Im certainly no stock guru just another battered airline employee. Lol
  6. Will the institutionalized investors be willing to pay 24$ for an airline that’s losing 14 million/day? Or has it already happened since the stock dove to 24 this morning. edit $850 million would be aprox 35 million shares, 5m traded so far today
  7. Thanks for your support, I’m happy your company is honourable to its staff.
  8. You had me at the Moray...pretty much sums up how many of us feel. Great shots!
  9. I’ve been in the business for 30+ years, been through 3 bankruptcy’s, but have had a very lucrative 18 years at WJ. I don’t know what the future holds though.
  10. There is plenty of money in running an airline. There's no money in running an airline with empty seats.
  11. That was very informative and rational.
  12. I'm just spit balling here, so take it for what its worth.. China has taken a big hit from the US in regards to increased tariffs and the whole bring it back to 'merica' mantra. Russia benefits from the de-stabilization of the western world. The WHO always seems to ring alarm bells to justify their existence, The radical environmentalists couldn't be happier now, for obvious reasons...
  13. At least they knew who and what they were dealing with. I'm not normally the conspiracy theory type, but I can't help but think this is a manufactured crisis. The WHO, the environmental extremists, various governments (Russia/China) and all hyper accelerated by social media.
  14. Maybe they did the GA into the flock then....Lol No details yet as to the distance from the rwy or altitude. From my armchair I would continue to land if short final.
  15. 6 direct hits by Geese. A go around was initiated to avoid many more, as I’m told 2d hand. I dare say with the winds, temperature and less rescuers in the vicinity, a successful ditching in the strait would have been more of a miracle than Sully’s event.