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  1. About a month back I read a really interesting article, by a British labor leader, about his concerns on the long term ramifications of working from home. Sorry spent 10 -15 minutes trying to find it again with no luck. There were multiple concerns but the one that caught my eye was this. - Most companies were seeing a productivity drop in Britain. - Where work from home has resulted in a productivity drop, business will want their employees back in the office. Or will want to reduce pay commensurate to the productivity loss. 10% drop in productivity would become a 10% pay cu
  2. Just looked at the amount of flying my fleet type is doing in February (domestic). Drastic reduction.
  3. I think this about to get much worse, before it gets better. B.C. premier seeking legal advice on feasibility of inter-provincial travel ban https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiUGh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LmNiYy5jYS9uZXdzL2NhbmFkYS9icml0aXNoLWNvbHVtYmlhL2JjLXByZW1pZXItam9obi1ob3JnYW4tMS41ODcyOTcw0gEgaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY2JjLmNhL2FtcC8xLjU4NzI5NzA?hl=en-CA&gl=CA&ceid=CA%3Aen
  4. Interesting article. It gives the appearance there were two recent shuffles in government leadership surrounding the question of industry specific support. Not just the Transport Minister.
  5. Once the high risk have been vaccinated the risk to the health care system will/should fall off.
  6. 2% of Covid can be traced to international travel. Community spread is the culprit. Indoor social gatherings account for 40% of community spread. like my Grandma used to say. When you point at someone you have three figures pointing back at you.
  7. There is also no way to say conclusively if some of these people had Covid on the aircraft. Initially contact tracing was going back as much as two weeks. If an individual tested positive and had flown within the last two weeks the flight was flagged. Leaving an abundant amount of time to contract Covid after leaving the airport. This was done even though the dormant period before symptoms is on average 4-5 days. More recently contact tracing has reduced back to 6-8 days depending on where you live. It is better but still leaves a window to contract Covid in Canada after leaving t
  8. AC has never been established as an essential service. It has been threatened during labor strife but only in a very awkward way. The last time AC pilots were legislated back to work it was because they were “ essential to the economy” according to Lisa Raitt. I think the threat to Jazz was more along the lines of essential service. But again never official. The essential service banter has been used by politicians to put down labor without giving the employees of that labor group actual status. It has been used as cover for removing the rite to strike. In other words it’s all been
  9. Air Canada’s cancellations in the last 48 hours tells me the negotiations with the government went south. Or are at a stalemate of sorts. https://globalnews.ca/news/7508603/air-canada-service-cuts-station-closures-atlantic-canada/ “Station closures are the worst-case scenario for some of our region’s smaller airports, and the result will further fracture the viability of people who need to efficiently move in and out of these communities,” the statement reads. The association said it could be looking at the end of some of its small regional airports if solutions are not
  10. ? Did I miss something? Not sure how you got Bitter. I found the part I quoted humourous. My chuckle was because CR can be quite predictable. He looks for leverage and then tries to use it like a crowbar. It’s how he operates and It works very well for him. It’s hard to argue with his success rate using this approach. Those that got out maneuvered aren’t that happy. But hey you get over it. But calling the behaviour Bullying? Really? That’s like calling a game of Chess Bullying. I can see it now the game will be banned. All in jest.........I hope.
  11. Two thoughts. First, I’m pretty sure it would be cheaper to give CEWS back than refund non refundable tickets. Second. I had to chuckle at the following. I guess they just met Calin. Of course he is playing strong arm. In order to do so you need to find leverage. He has but one stick. That stick is refunds. He will use it. Poor JT. He’s being Bullied. I wonder if we can use that in negotiations next time? Some experts argue the carrier is using travellers' demands for refunds for cancelled flights as leverage to pressure the government during the negotiations.
  12. Please excuse my ignorance but I can’t figure out if your post is meant to be real or sarcasm. Is there actually truth to this?
  13. For the sake of history. Posted from 2010 https://ca.proactiveinvestors.com/companies/news/74208/-air-canada-and-united-airlines-form-joint-venture-deal-for-us-canada-flights-9035.html Air Canada (AC.A:TSX) and United Airlines struck a revenue-sharing joint venture deal on Thursday for transborder flights between the US and Canada, potentially generating substantial service and pricing benefits for consumers traveling between the two countries. The airlines said that the deal, which is expected to become effective in early 2011, will allow them to compete more effectivel
  14. I’m pretty sure Delta was forced to relinquish slots in LGA as a condition of their merger with Northwest. 16 of those slots were picked up by Westjet. This JV, also referred to as a “virtual” merger by some, would see those slots returned. Not sure I buy into the arbitrary and capricious comment.