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  1. Posted for no other reason than to demonstrate just how little we understand about immunology. When we say follow the science we mean follow what we know to be factual. The problem is what we know to be factual could be compared to looking at a painting through a hole in a piece of paper. The hole slowly gets wider, but still very small. https://nationalpost.com/health/study-suggests-novel-reason-for-wide-range-in-covid-illness-people-never-exposed-to-virus-have-some-antibodies When researchers in British Columbia tested for antibodies in a small sample of Vancouver residents earl
  2. https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/12000-people-day-could-die-covid-19-linked-hunger-end-year-potentially-more-disease These kinds of numbers are starting to show the true cost of lockdown. The Hunger Virus. mb-the-hunger-virus-090720-en.pdf
  3. 100+ WestJet Pilots (Mainline & Swoop) participated in a union information picket @ Terminal 3 today regarding the unreasonable transfer of flying from WestJet to Swoop. “Despite the serious situation the Canadian airline industry is in, WestJet pilots cannot stand by while WestJet and Swoop management use the cover of the Covid-19 pandemic to outsource mainline jobs to low-cost Swoop.” - Airline Pilots Association International — at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  4. Here’s another company that might be interested in more regional assets. https://www.exchangeincomecorp.ca/ They own Perimeter, Regional one, Keewatin, Bearskin, Calm air, Custom Helicopters.
  5. Yes neverminds I am just spit balling. Everyone is. Airband, That is why I threw Onex / Encore out there. -If Encore was in play right now we would have no idea because they are currently private. Porter would be the same. Even Sky is private.......I think. - An undisclosed suiter sounds like Onex’s MO. - Onex said when they bought Westjet they had partnerships in the works. Yes this is my own bias but I took that comment as US. - Valuations could make now a good time to make this play. Before we start turning the corner on Covid. - It is not uncommon i
  6. What about Onex spinning off Encore and consolidating it with Jazz? We haven’t seen one regional operate for more than one company here in Canada, but it certainly has been common in the US.
  7. Two comments. Cathay had been struggling prior to Covid. Companies struggling going in, are fortunate to come out the other side at all. Just look at all the bankruptcies everywhere. I think this is just the US and of course includes only traded companies. https://www.alpha-sense.com/insights/covid-bankruptcies As for the Pandemic. How about a little over half way through world wide, with parts of the world already through? Hopefully. You can’t judge the status of the pandemic by cases. There is hyper vigilance on cases right now because as individuals that
  8. https://financialpost.com/news/economy/eu-may-shut-door-to-travel-from-canada-allow-singapore-visitors EU May shut travel to EU from Canada. The original order required respiratory which Canada obviously didn’t do.
  9. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/chris-selley-swedens-covid-experience-offers-us-important-lessons-not-all-of-them-cautionary An interesting comparison of death/million between Sweden and other countries that locked down. It’s not a defence of Sweden. Simply points out that no lockdown vs lockdown did equally bad. Inability to protect the elderly a key component of the list. In an earlier post I stated Canada was hit moderately by the pandemic. That statement is false when looked at from the perspective of death/million. Quebec in particular was one of the hardest hit areas
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/7119856/coronavirus-sewage-barcelona-march-2019/ Spanish virologists have found traces of the novel coronavirus in a sample of Barcelona waste water collected in March 2019, nine months before the COVID-19 disease was identified in China, the University of Barcelona said on Friday. https://www.sciencealert.com/40-of-people-with-covid-19-don-t-have-symptoms-latest-cdc-estimate-says CDC increases their estimate for asymptomatic from 35% to 40%. Initial estimate was 25%. Decreases their estimate for how infectious asymptomatic are from 100%
  11. My understanding is there has never been a vaccine for the common cold because it is a constantly moving target. Constantly mutating. The R&D costs can't be recovered. You would need a new Vaccine every few months. The costs of the Covid vaccine won't be recovered either. It is only with government money that makes it commercially viable. Even this vaccine has a good chance of becoming redundant quickly. Looking at the UK above as an example, mother nature may take care of a vast majority of the immunity issue before mankind has a vaccine. There is no profit in it.
  12. These stats indicate a population that was hit with no immunity. The next wave should look like the UK. Hopefully.
  13. Can you post where the WHO states herd immunity is achieved via vaccine? I have heard them warn the opposite. Certainly the vaccine will help the population reach a state where more and more of our immune systems recognize it. But it can’t achieve herd immunity. It’s not possible for a cold. Covid 19 is a cold. The only difference is people are getting extra sick because our immune system is not reacting immediately. Lung scarring for example because the cold virus ran unopposed too long. That stops once our immune system recognizes the virus and attacks immediately. This of cours
  14. I was stating this at the beginning. Corona viruses mutate too quickly and our immune system has a short memory for them. Herd immunity never occurs for cold viruses that is why the circulate so easily. These are the same reasons why many are sceptical of a vaccine. But the statement leads one to believe immunity is not part of the long term solution. That’s not true. The problem right now is that our immune system doesn’t recognize the virus. The virus multiplies without confrontation from the immune system to a point that becomes lethal. Once our immune system starts to recogniz
  15. Dagger, Yes your comments are all correct. But you left out the effects of time. The choice is flatter and longer. Or sharper and shorter. If the economy was the sole issue, which it isn’t, which of these two produces the least economic damage. Sharper and shorter. Flattening the curve elongates the pandemic. It’s a fact. I’m not suggesting we don’t do it because it’s a balance. I’m simply stating it is the consequence. The point I’m trying to bring forward is flattening the curve has a human/economic price tag simply because it elongates the financial strain. It should be