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  1. One can see the level of discussion they can expect from the left wing here. Keep that in mind when you vote. Vote to keep your money from the pigs at the trough sucking up taxpayers money. I said that years ago on this very forum. Few listened.
  2. Whatever, People are not interested in whatever a FIPA is. It is just another distraction from a fraud accusing someone of being for China when Trudeau has been loving them for most of his time in office. Vote out the frauds that are saddling you and tour kids with high taxes forever. People like deicer want to live off your money.
  3. Trudeau informed me a few years ago that we would onl have a 10 billion dollar deficit. We were also informed that we should believe all women who claim being sexually harassed. He informed us that he would not be corrupt. We were informed by the man after he was elected about how racist we were as hiring and vaccination by race was implemented and we got to see his blackface videos. We are being informed now about how great the vaccine rollout was although those who died in the third wave due to delayed procurement are unaware of how well it was managed. It goes on and on. The frauds on the left like you inform us of many things. Unfortunately, it is full of lies.
  4. Don't believe the frauds. The last conservative government ended 6 years ago. O'Toole was part of the government that sold out Canada to China for 31 years. that means he was in government 37 years ago. Which is probably before he even joined the military. Ignore the frauds like de-icer and vote out the worst government we have ever had. The coalition of Liberals and NDP.
  5. I think the opening line of the above post says it all: "Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole pitches his position on free trade as a stand against the failed policies of the Liberal government."
  6. Unfortunately, de-icer is just a fraud, likely because he wants his money from the government(you) to continue unabated. O'Toole is the only talking about standing up to China while Trudeau refuses to call out the genocide over there and accuses us of genocide. Think about the opportunities for your unborn kids that won't exist because of the new policies of the woke crowd.
  7. Who is being up front. The Liberals who fraudulently promised a modest 10 billion dollar deficit when first elected and turned it into a 30 billion dollar one prior to covid. He is a fraud. He said he would have a clean government and we had the SNC-Lavelin affair. He said he we have to believe when a women says she has been harassed and then we found out that he had done exactly that with a reporter in B.C. who wrote about it in an article at the time that faded into history until it was rediscovered and Trudeau denied it all. Then he ruined the career of the female indigenous M who exposed his corruption. He told us the importance of not being or acting in a racist manner and then we saw the blackface videos and pictures. The man and his supporters are frauds. Why do people still support him? Because either they are frauds, naive fools, or parasites for government money and willing to look the other way, even if they don't like his policies. Even though he was responsible for so much death, health damage and economic damage with the third wave because we had so little vaccine after he foolishly went along with China, the country that had been trying to punish us for the two previous years. Meanwhile, we were behind many others for vaccine because Trudeau had more important things to do like schmoozing third world dictators with taxpayers money to get a feel good UN seat. He is the worst PM ever.
  8. A vote for Trudeau is a vote for systemic racism. We all saw how vaccines were distributed based on race and who got priority. Do you think this is the end of that sort of thing. Get ready for this trajectory to continue under the Liberals or NDP(or both together) with perhaps things such as organ transplants and surgeries in the future. The pressure is already on as seen here: Public conversation on the ethics of intensive care triage during pandemic is overdue - Healthy Debate "How should health equity be balanced with utility in intensive care triage? Society’s failure to address upstream causes of ill health and inequities means that the futility or efficacy of ICU care is often determined well before people are brought to the doors of an ICU. To fail to attend to this in triage frameworks and clinical protocols undermines trust. Whose lives we save is not just a matter of how we apply clinical criteria. It is a matter of redressing unfair inequalities in health and a matter of protecting fundamental human rights. And while utility is one worthwhile objective of health policy, it must be balanced with due consideration of the human rights of people who might be disproportionately, unjustifiably or morally harmed by clinically based triage decisions. Relying on clinical criteria like judgments about mortality risk in the short or long term, functional status or clinical frailty scores compounds health inequities by failing to help distribute health benefits fairly across society through explicit consideration of social disadvantage. Human rights advocates, disability rights advocates, Indigenous health partners and members of the Black community have voiced concerns about the potential for discrimination when triage does not take stock of societal factors and when they are not involved in the process of developing triage criteria. Meaningful inclusion of these communities and their perspectives is essential for the ethical legitimacy of ICU triage frameworks to balance utility with equity." How ironic that all kinds of people that we will be nice enough to let in over the next decade will immediately become a discrimminated against person after being allowed to come here and has a legal advantage in hiring and access to medical care. This is the systemic racism being introduced in this country and it is time to stop it and do what is said to be racist by the Liberals and NDP: Treating everyone equally. Are you going to vote yourself to be a second class citizen? Vote Conservative.
  9. Sorry folks, but I don't see how anybody can vote for Trudeau in this election. He has been a complete fraud throughout his time in office. It goes on and on. The NDP would be even worse for this country. It is time to save this country from these ruinous people on the left. They are a disaster.
  10. To be honest, I thought we pulled out of Afghanistan years ago.
  11. An automated polling company called me two days ago. I told them that I was voting for Trudeau. That is how accurate the polls are.
  12. Actually, we can thank the 'progressives' for the high prices. Here is a good example: Los Angeles County votes to phase out oil and gas drilling (msn.com) Another oil source lost for good. The progressives shut in the oil permanently and then some of them say that it is all led by the U.S. I suppose it is in a way as this link is an American story. But it is the progressives around the world that are lifting the oil prices. Vote for them if that is OK with you.
  13. I have been making good money on the carbon producing markets investments. I guess I will use some of it to pay my carbon taxes.
  14. I really don't see what was cowardly about recent events in Afghanistan. Something happened with the US and we left a long time ago. Whatever happened on Canada's part recently was likely to happen no matter who was in power.
  15. Ridiculous statements don't have credibility. Signatures happen to allow the system to work due to the high number of people that will not pay their bills. As if every other country doesn't have similar. Sign a cheque, sign a lease, sign your will, etc, etc. Perhaps, tell us the real reason, you don't like America.
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