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  1. Chick-fil-A back in the news after meeting their goal of only using antibiotic free chicken. This is clearly a discriminatory practice aimed at chickens of colour from poor neighbourhoods who are unable to access medical care. CNN reports that there is no level of "fowl play" the christian right won't stoop to. The DNC is currently "hatching" a plan to ban the restaurant from federally owned premises as a result: https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/chick-fil-a-antibiotic-free-chicken
  2. What's a "video shoot" without illegal guns and gangbangers eh? https://torontosun.com/news/crime/one-person-dead-several-others-hurt-in-mississauga-shooting
  3. I've always been reluctant to even mention the terrorist potential here for fear of it coming true. Well, it's here now and there will be no going back from this. Bad guy TTPs are being modified right now. Cheap, and more easily controlled/deployed (and less cantankerous) than DBIEDs.... https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/14/business/saudi-oil-output-impacted-drone-attack/index.html
  4. Nothing short of amazing. It doesn't even merit inclusion in the WTFDYTWGTH file. The next step down from there (in my world) is the "no other possible outcome" category. One step lower and we come to the "I know what let's do" column... this is that IMO. The real question here is why we never learn from experience and I'm of the opinion that most people never experience the immediate effect of immediate consequences in their lives. The law of immediate consequences takes new recruits a couple of weeks to assimilate but once they got it, they got it for life. If you are a SIT grad or QFI it used to be called the "law of intensity" (remember?). The proposed solution here (get ready now) is to ban the flavoured stuff and leave the regular tobacco taste. These are the same people in charge of fixing gangs and guns BTW. Their failure in this regard will elevate the endeavour to "no other possible outcome."
  5. Hopefully the US will stay the course and China will become even more adult in the process. It will be good to see the transformation as it progresses, I perceive that their voice is beginning to crack already.
  6. Every time I read about this stuff I'm thankful it's not an RPAL holder. There would be screams of "SEE.... LOOK AT THAT.....I TOLD YA." This is a small chip of the problem tree and it gets barely a yawn despite the existence of a prohibition order. I bet it is easier to buy an illegal gun in Toronto than it is to find out what bail conditions these guys got: - on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, officers from West Gun Violence Suppression Unit / 31 Division Neighborhood Safety Unit began an investigation into two males in join possession of an illegal firearm- after further investigation police recovered a .40 calibre Glock handgun equipped with a laser sight, and it had also been altered from a semi-automatic to fully automatic, inside a residence in the Jane Street and Finch Avenue West areaTyrell Mingo, 23, and a 16-year-old boy, both of Toronto, were arrested and are each charged with:1. Fail to comply with probation C.C. 733.1(1)2. Careless use of a Firearm C.C. 86(1)3. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm C.C. 91(1)4. Possession of a Loaded Prohibited Firearm C.C. 95(1)5. Making An Automatic Firearm C.C. 102(1)6. Possession of a Firearm Contrary to Prohibition Order C.C. 117.01(1)7. Possession of Ammunition Contrary to Prohibition Order C.C. 117.01(01)8. Possession of Prohibited Device Contrary to Prohibition Order C.C. 117.01(01)9. Possession of Prohibited Device Contrary to Prohibition Order C.C. 117.01(01)10. Carrying Concealed Weapon C.C. 90(1)11. Possession of a Prohibited Weapon Knowingly Not Holding a License C.C. 92(2)12. Possession of a Prohibited Ammunition Knowingly Not Holding a License C.C. 92(2)13. Possession of a Prohibited Device Knowingly Not Holding a License C.C. 92(2)14. Possession of a Prohibited Device Knowingly Not Holding a License C.C. 92(2).
  7. Not to mention one who has admitted to ongoing genocide. If you believe that words matter, no word matters more than that one.... no crime is greater. It is the crime of crimes .How did that just vanish from view and escape the collective conscience of an entire nation. It must be in the same box as the 79 mega tons of carbon that we need to shed.
  8. I'm wiling to bet it was Harper.... give deicer a couple of days to work out the details.
  9. Those in rural ridings could stay home, save gas and save the planet. All you need is New York, California, Florida and presto. And no one in rural districts believes for one second that anything of substance will come out of the pockets of that elusive 1% the left has been talking about for the last 45 years. They know from previous experience who pays for what: https://www.foxnews.com/us/billionaire-carl-icahn-moving-business-from-ny-to-florida-for-lower-taxes-report Cities (large urban centres like all of Florida) will beat the snot out of rural dwellers without mercy until the lights go out and their debit cards, cell phones and smart cars don't work.... Hurricane Dorian was a wakeup call for lots of urban dwellers; Y'all actually need country folk for a few things and most of those things only become apparent during hurricanes and prolonged power failures. Who needs a 6.0 Ltr 4x4 with an 8000W generator on it, we should tax it..... make the rich pay. So, in rural Nova Scotia, what does a hurricane, a tornado and a red neck divorce all have in common? - - - - - Somebody loses a trailer.
  10. They are all retired and if you are, it doesn't matter... same for me, no longer matters. I feel for those who aren't. When I was working double day light savings would have been my choice.
  11. That dog appears to be drawn with "permanent barker."
  12. Too late, we already have. Before long you will be seeing a similar picture of Jack. The same people who say "that will never happen" are the ones who said "that could never happen". I bet they also said that prisoners would never get compensation for being put in solitary confinement too. Not only do we forget, narratives get squarely in the way of us learning anything worthwhile from previous failure.
  13. I was about to say this is hard to believe.... but I don't think that's true anymore: https://torontosun.com/news/crime/american-mechanic-sabotaged-planes-navigation-amid-labor-dispute-feds-say
  14. Never, I would have reported it immediately. OK, actually it happened fairly regularly especially operationally but they always tried to print legibly. Back in the day, I remember writing FTs (remember them) on OHPs for morning briefs. Given all of the resources at his disposal do you suppose that is the best forgery he could come up with? DJT isn't a forecaster, neither am I, and this boarders on insane.... I quit.
  15. Then the forum should get very quiet indeed.... most of the pilots here are equally guilty. I confess to doodling on weather maps in the briefing pack myself. Most of it was directly in front of the briefer.... he should have warned me. Navigators are even worse and should be subject to even greater sanction.... their defence will be saving paper but don't you believe it. As to the abortion issue, I'm willing to bet that any forum member who seeks to defend aborting brown babies in poor countries to mitigate climate change is on record here accusing me of racism for urging caution on the immigration front. This isn't even fun to watch anymore.
  16. He is clearly a master forger.... it looked flawless and seamless didn't it? What pray tell is contained within the boundaries of his dastardly (and manifestly illegal) modification to an official map? Anything that poses a potential environmental or infrastructure threat? Anything that might be susceptible to damaging winds below defined hurricane wind limits? Anything that FEMA might have wanted to consider? Anything that might have been discussed in a contingency planning meeting? I don't know the answer (and I'm rapidly loosing interest) but the answer might be instructive.... if you are looking for a conspiracy it might actually be what it was he seemed so concerned about there. A hurricane requires a wind speed of 74 knots, is 70 not worthy of consideration? How about 60? Maybe he has a resort, a golf course or a yacht there... fear not, CNN is on the job. BTW, you had previously asked about my definition of crazy. Aborting babies as a climate change initiative just got added to the list and I'm considering renaming crazy to dangerous. Fifty years from now, history students will be shaking their heads and knocking down statues, politicians will be racing to apologize on live TV with tears in their eyes. I'll keep you appraised of developing crazy/stupid/dangerous as it occurs. Now, just imagine for a moment the fallout had Trump suggested aborting brown babies in poor countries as a method of reducing global warming. All coverage of the weather map would grind to a halt. And if you are wondering about my politically agnostic view of partisanship and polarization.... that be it. https://www.foxnews.com/media/bernie-sanders-call-for-third-world-population-control-through-abortion-is-disgusting-stuart-varney
  17. Cool. When you write that conspiracy theory novel I would love to pen the forward and introduction. Had you followed my faltering career through 11 foreign deployments I could have provided an entire books worth of inadvertent material and comic relief resplendent with doodles drawn on official maps. Even though I dove with the Navy, alas, I didn't qualify for that coveted sharpie... I might have it all wrong though. Maybe a Congressional inquiry and impeachment proceeding is in order here; I hear Mueller is looking for a job and he seems to be more articulate than the current Democratic front runner. PS: Beauty.... it now has a "gate" name (Sharpie-Gate) and has reached full conspiracy status. The comments are likely more instructive than the article though and it reminds me of the quote "thinking themselves wise, they became fools." Clearly it's a clever forgery drawn with great skill. Somewhere there is a Navy Commander being relentlessly teased by his peers who will carry the nickname Sharpie for the rest of his career. https://torontosun.com/news/weird/sharpie-gate-trump-shows-apparently-altered-hurricane-dorian-map/wcm/e80a55ae-0c1b-4a14-a3b0-6cede1efbdff Breaking news.... CNN has determined that it is illegal to modify an official weather product. Please keep this in mind should you choose to highlight any partial periods of a TAF. Stay safe out there..... https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnns-don-lemon-defends-importance-of-sharpiegate-coverage-this-is-a-news-story
  18. As a PS, I took a look at the map in question and laughed. That circle looked liked something I might have drawn except being ex-army, I would have used a crayon. So, I’m thinking it was a Naval Officer, they use sharpies because it makes them feel….sharp. Then, I would have asked the met briefer what he thought the maximum wind speed and sea state would be in the area. Then I might have asked the Coast Guard rep about oil rigs in the area and any vulnerable coastal infrastructure. The environmental guy would talk briefly about installation capabilities and containment options should they be required. The briefing officer would pull up the oil rig map and a satellite image of the area and we would move on. I’m willing to bet the “artist” here phoned DJT’s secretary (ya, the new one) to apologize for creating a firestorm with his doodles. And I bet she said “it’s OK, POTUS sends his regards; he is glad CNN has something to chew on now…. he’s gone golfing, se ya tomorrow.” But hey, that's just me, fun to guess eh? Sometimes paint is paint.
  19. OK, it's because he's a Nazi.... clearly the black lines were intended as a racial slur. I'm obviously of no help here so I'll leave ya to it.... cheers
  20. I know you know this but here goes anyway. They have staff meteorologists doing the briefings and are in constant and ongoing discussions with FEMA plotting contingency plans based on possible tracks, population centres and worst case scenarios. These briefing are specialized, made to order and highly interactive (to say the least), in that context, doodles on the map are often a relic of what about this, or that, or the likelihood of something else, possible evacuation areas, routes, minimum warning times.... and on and on and on. I have personally doodled on any number of maps myself, the only difference being that if the press got hold of mine you would see a little frown face or a smilie contained in those black circles because I get confused easily. Is this that? I have no idea... but specialty briefings by SME's are a dime a dozen in that world. Yo, Mikey the met man, the boss would like a briefing on the possibility of this being a storm track.... see ya in 10. "Mikey's meticulous, custom made met maps" appear pronto, it's like magic. There are likely about 10 other maps just like it with briefing notes that contain "if this then that" attached to them. LOL, sometimes "paint is paint bro"
  21. Nope, what I’m calling crazy are some of their existing policy statements (and I think you know that) things like open boarders, disbanding ICE and shutting down Homeland Security. The Green New Deal and free tuition for all (including illegals) coupled with student loan forgiveness to boot. The guaranteed income plan, abortion during delivery, etc etc and all at the same time…. these are things that Liberals have proven themselves unwilling to pay for. Here's the deal, I'll buy into that (less the morally repugnant stuff) the moment I believe you (we us) are willing to pay for it. No Liberal of my acquaintance will ever come clean about the cost. This is sooooo easy. If you want me to agree to sanctuary cities and open boarders, show me that you’re willing to pay the bill; California is now on the motorcycle no go list and has turned into the type of debacle worthy of avoiding. Want me to agree to the Paris Accord, tell me how you propose to cut that 79 mega tons of carbon. Now compare the cost of the green new deal with the accord; the electricity bills would make Ontario's previous mess look dirt cheap. I don’t believe you (we us) are willing to pay for it and nothing I have seen to date provides even a glimmer of hope that I might be wrong. The carbon tax here was an election promise and it's way (way, way) below what's required to do the job. Even so, the vast majority (76% I seem to recall) are now opposed due to the cost. It’s always that 1% that’s going to step up and pay the bill AND IT NEVER HAPPENS. I’ve been hearing about it since grade 6 mostly in the form of T-shirt slogans. There was “power to the people”, “make the rich pay”, "equality of sacrifice", “fair share taxes”, tax the wealthy”, and now "tax the 1%". It’s a bit like those conservative ice breakers that come up every single election without fail (I could scream)…. where are they? Speaking of conservatives, Schear is a weak leader IMO and has already handed JT the win. All that remains is to determine if it’s a minority or majority. Maybe by the time those icebreakers get built there will be no more ice to break eh?
  22. Not true. I agree with most of what DJT is trying to do, I think it's necessary, long overdue and I find the DNC resistance to it a self serving exercise that will cost them dearly next year. This should be an easy win for them.... it won't be because of the very crazy you eluded to. Trump is currently the only thing that stands in the way of the type of crazy I would seek to avoid. If you will, I consider his brand of crazy manageable, others do too and that's why he will likely win again. That doesn't mean that I'm a Trump fan. Two very distinct things. All you have to do is put forward a non-crazy moderate platform and have a memory which surpasses that of a Guppy; a pretty low threshold of performance I think. The DNC has set low standards for themselves and consistently failed to meet them IMO. When that changes, my opinion might as well. Simply offer a reasonable platform for consideration..... In Canada you could start with the proposed cuts required to meet the Paris Accord (79 Mts worth)..... it's not that hard, is it? Why can't I get an answer to the most basic of climate change questions? If you have no answer I can only assume you have no plan. Light bulbs takes us full circle.... back to that experience thing (simple math) I mentioned above. Cheers PS: As if on cue. From a tactical perspective, why annoy people who weren't previously annoyed? Why alienate people who weren't previously alienated? It's not that hard.... is it? I think any of us here could do it simply by knowing what not to do. Is it deliberate? Are they actually working for the Trump campaign? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democrats-religious-obama-adviser
  23. The problem runs much deeper than that IMO. If only it was that simple. Next on the bad bunny list of corrosive characteristics plaguing us is narratives: your guy is good, my guy is bad, your airline’s good, my airline’s bad. Having experience or being a subject matter expert (in anything) doesn’t matter a bit because it’s opinion that matters even though that opinion may be manifestly wrong or even dangerously (and predictably) foolish. You only need to be “good” at something to know exactly what I mean. Everyone is good at (usually) several things and recognizes danger signs when they hear them. As a minimum, they can point you to a reasonable (and safe) path to a shared objective. I give you the vast majority of aviation reporting in the media as an example of what I mean. I would like to be able to say, that sounds reasonable, lets do that.... I'll vote for ya. It happens pretty seldom though and it's mostly because of NARRATIVES. I once had a conversation with an angry passenger at a gate, during a weather delay, in front of a window with a raging thunderstorm outside. The conversation went no where… why is that? Narrative I think. A while ago in Home Depot I was picking up a package of paint rollers in my paint clothes and wearing knee pads (a fashion statement to be sure). A lady and her husband were looking for paint and about to embark on a substantial indoor painting project. She asked me about painting interior latex over oil and I gave her very specific product recommendations that I have used before and know to give excellent results. Her husband was a “primer in the paint guy” (LOL, I’ve never used this, don't know and don’t want to). In any case, his parting shot (and it was full across the bow) was “paint is paint bro.” Why is that? I've taken to using "paint is paint bro" in some of my conversations with (non violent) liberal acquaintances so at least I got something out of it. There are two ways to refinish a deck and only one of them gives good (and lasting) results. My youngest son often teases me about having too much attention to detail but he has watched me do this stuff his entire life.... and yet he still decided to take a shortcut and produced an inferior result that he's not that happy with now. Why is that? Not willing to pay the cost of getting the result you want says I. More importantly, how do you limit all of this to nominal values that allow for nominal solutions? All I want is the absence of crazy, I'd even settle for less attitude and acceptance of the possibility that someone else might have a point worth listening to... where is that? Any other point of view seems to be racist or xenophobic or one of a host of other "slap the bad bunny" handles. And no one seems willing to pay for what they say they want.... that would be another long post, I'll spare you.
  24. Indeed, when everything is "AN OUTRAGE" nothing is an outrage. There are now Nazis, racists and white supremacists behind every tree and people have absolutely lost sight of what those words mean. The places that embody the real meaning of the words aren't on the vacation circuit, don't make the news are are unrecognizable to those who do the screaming. Fascinating stuff to watch. The cost of presidential connectivity and security is largely a fixed expense IMO. That's not an accountant definition, I only mean that it exists whether you use it or not. I suppose all those computers burn electricity though..... maybe he should transport a wind turbine with him eh? It's a bit like JT using the military jet. That's what the thing is there for and I don't want to see my PM in the cattle car of a Rouge flight... even if it is JT. And yes, he IS my PM even though I desperately hope to see that rectified shortly.
  25. These things always seem to be (OH YA, well what about this) type of partisan issues. I don't begrudge JT vacationing with a long time family friend and I wasn't offended in 1985 when Robert Coates (Liberal MND) had a drink with soldiers in a strip club in Germany. There be bigger issues afoot and this sort of partisan distraction is just.... a distraction.