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  1. I have only two words for them.... roughly translated, it works out to "go away quickly." You can now cut stupid with a knife and Demonrats are adding flour to the gravy.. "Civvies on Broughton Street in Savannah posted that it would require a refundable $20 deposit when booking an appointment to visit the boutique. However, the since-deleted post also wrote that people of color would be exempt from the fee, the New York Post reported."
  2. Kamala Harris has single handedly cured the Corona Virus. I just came from the CNN web site.... not a word about Covid 19.
  3. Statistical manipulation that even JT would be proud of. If you contracted Covid in the nursing home (as a result of the State's incompetence) but were transported to hospital prior to dying, you are not part of the nursing home scandal. Scandals within scandals now so it must be a Russian thing and that makes it Trump's fault. New York's true nursing home coronavirus death toll cloaked in secrecy The state's count includes only residents who died from coronavirus on nursing home property
  4. Yes, but invoking that places you (we and us) firmly in Khadr territory and that gets pretty pricey. You may like the idea of it ( lots of folks do) but like it or not, Citizenship means something and just what it means will be left to the courts. Also, consider that when a traitorous Jihadist has dual citizenship it sets up a race between allies to see who can disown him first. We lost round 1 of that in the first 15 seconds and now we own Jack and the UK doesn't. As if that wasn't enough, making a person stateless by revoking their citizenship violates at least 1 UN directive (and likely more) and we had better hope that our allies and trading partners don't see fit to beat us with the same cane. When JT dropped the VISA requirement for Mexico we inherited a couple of hundred cartel members who came here on fake passports (shhhh, he doesn't want you to know about that BTW). What if Mexico simply revokes their citizenship and refuses them on deportation? It's also noteworthy that the detention facilities these guys are currently in beg to be raided by their Jihadi brothers. The political instability in the area virtually assures you (we and us again) will get to enjoy round 2 of the same fight at some point in the future. Being that doing the right thing is soooooooo much easier in the long run, I'm shocked at how many people and politicians try to end run the 3 fates. These chicks are dangerous, save your energy for the real fights and hope the witches of fate consider your cause worthy.
  5. Not to worry, virtually no one agrees with my position on this. After Libya, we had a big parade and many of the Jihadists headed off to Northern Mali.... cool eh? It's a bit like recycling plastic straws from Dog Pound Alberta while Right Whales perish in the Bay of Fundy. This is a bit dated but speaks to my point. So why leave key elements undone? Just do the work and earn the win.... or stay home. Either is just fine with me but let's pick one and do it right. People should also consider the Khadr effect because most hardcore pronouncements fail to survive first contact in, around and in respect of that part of the world. You usually only achieve that which you were seeking to avoid in the first place. https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2019/10/us-literally-doesnt-know-how-many-isis-fighters-have-escaped-syria/160645/
  6. How many of these guys and their spouses have already escaped lawful custody? There were hundreds in Northern Syria alone during the Turkish offensive. How right do I have to be?
  7. You doesn't mean you.... it means you, we us and I. I was quoting the article. It came up with your name because you posted it .... that's it that's all. Frankly, I didn't even take note of your name on it.... And there isn't one damn thing fake about my conclusions
  8. What's nonsensical is the notion that they will stay there. Don't be thinking it's the same level of professional security and procedural detention as exists in Canada. A change in political trajectory or targeted raids can change the game. I want them here, and I want them in jail and I want them secured. Trying to predict the future there is a fools game, if you want to control this beast you grab it by the throat and squeeze. Anything short of that is a weak sister effort in the land of fuzzy bunnies, no one knows how all this turns out and those who say they do are either liars or fools. Wait a few years and you may find yourself fighting the same people all over again. And it won't be the purveyors of "nonsensical pronouncements" who will be doing that fighting either... These guys are war criminals and I want them back, right here, right now and off to jail we go for war crimes. Now, if the plan is to give them bail and watch as they establish a new Toronto street gang, then yes, leave them where they are. If we collectively are too foolish to address the problem at more than a grade 6 level it doesn't matter a damn where they are.... does it?
  9. The final stage of a propaganda effort is willfully ignoring news that doesn't fit the supported narrative and it's just in time for the election. I'm reminded of the Iraqi Minister of In formation (loved watching that guy). A demographic shift is sure to follow and large cities will be the poorer for it at the precise instant they can least afford it. At that point, those who weren't part of the "protest" group will clash with those who are card carrying members of it. There needs to be a further catalyst though.... this isn't quite enough. I'm thinking mail in ballots and the myriad abuses they are subject to will tie the knot. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6180008240001#sp=show-clips
  10. This headline pretty much sums up everything that's wrong with the Democratic party. If you can't see the folly in it, turn the whole thing on its head.... by that I mean a senior party official insisting the choice must be a white male. Then add in a bit of JT's because it's 2020. If I were a black women who worked hard to achieve a high level of ability, if I was a real contender for the position and if I wanted to be respected in the position as one worthy of it, I would find it insulting to have my selection come down to gender and skin tone. Or even worse, be rejected out of hand because I had the wrong skin colour. It seems to me this is exactly what the women's movement has struggled against for years. You might just as well add "attractive" to the prerequisite to make the absurdity of it complete. Maxine Waters: Biden ‘can’t go home without a Black woman being VP’ "We’re going to have a Black woman VP," says Waters And you would think that with 3 months to go everyone of every gender and every colour would be focused on making the damn thing work when it's needed most..... but no. Someone will pay a price for the rancorous buffoonery and it will be fun to see who it is. Even the Russian nonsense continues unabated, and no one appreciates it more than China. Trump bypasses Congress, signs executive orders extending some coronavirus benefits Orders could face legal battles over spending of taxpayer money without Congressional approval
  11. I'm not getting this.... Hispanic folks in the US (when viewed as a group) are more culturally diverse than US born black voters. I don't see how this is anything other than a truism. Republicans should avoid playing Demonrat games.... theres work to do, get er done. Once Biden comes out of the basement, people will get a a good look at the corner they have painted themselves into. What's actually on display here is liberal hypocrisy and a ridiculous level of media bias. In fact, the media is no longer worthy of the title and most news is nothing more than propaganda. https://www.theoutlook.ca/biden-risks-alienating-young-black-voters-after-race-remarks-1.24183250
  12. What about Big Bang Theory, Uranus, black holes, dwarf stars, and dark matter? Words matter.... right? NASA mocked for discarding 'Eskimo Nebula,' 'Siamese Twins Galaxy' as 'actively harmful' terms Critic accuses agency of 'leftist race baiting
  13. Somewhere there is a village that misses their idiot... and it isn't Portland: Portland mayor 'finally' coming around to condemning 'anarchists' attacking courthouse, says acting CBP commissioner Mayor Ted Wheeler said of rioters: 'You are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder' Once IEDs are deployed, the discussion is pretty much over.... they are just that type of weapon. DHS chief details attacks by rioters on law enforcement in Portland with sledgehammers, IEDs
  14. Seems to me they are concerned (and have been concerned) about reliance on Canadian aluminium for the defence industry, it's a security issue regardless of how it's dressed up. Think PPE sole sourced from China and you can understand the concern. That's not my position on the rightness or wrongness of it, simply acknowledgement of reality in a changing world where single source imports can sting, leave a mark, and be cut off when they are needed most. A lesson we have repeatedly failed to hoist aboard.
  15. As buster Scruggs would say..."appears to do, yes." By the sound of things the welding activity started a fire.
  16. Grain dust is highly explosive and it's not surprising there would be sympathetic explosions when you consider other infrastructure in a port area... gas lines etc. But, 2,700 tons of ANFO (or in this case straight ammonium nitrate) doesn't need a lot of help from collateral kabooms.
  17. An old technique from an old playbook and a staple of revolutionary tyrants. They always think nobody will notice. That's not to say there shouldn't be reforms and sensible controls, but these very people have set those efforts back at least 20 years as a result of their own actions. Those who have supported strict gun control or confiscation have routinely argued that only the government can provide safety and security. That argument appears to have collapsed. There will be about 5 million (brand new) first time gun owners by the time election day rolls around; all as a result of riots, looting and police defunding. In other words because they are scared. Who's in charge here? instead of reassurances, appealing for calm or promoting unity.... scare em some more eh? Liberalism has become a mental disorder. All ya had to do was nothing, this could have been soooooo easy. Trump would have tubed himself, now he is the only thing that stands in the way of complete madness and election violence is a virtual certainty... well done fools. "New York AG sues, seeks to dissolve National Rifle Association"
  18. Why are their hands raised in a Nazi salute? Shouldn't that be grounds for immediate removal from office.... surely it's a hate crime. No one seems to care if I'm offended and I'm happy to return the favour.
  19. Ok, lets just think about it for a second.... You take about 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate and store it (unsafely) in a warehouse for years.... then you send in a team of welders to do building repairs. When the smoke clears, if you are capable of asking the question below with a strait face, you are either a liberal or a war lord (I'm beginning to think the difference is pretty small). New acronym: NO OTHER POSSIBLE OUTCOME (NOPO).... It removes any of the residual doubt and possibility of other outcomes inherent in WDYTWGTH. But for the tragic (and needless) lost of life and property damage inflicted on innocent people, the whole situation would be Bugs Bunny comedy sketch starring Wylie Coyote. Beirut Explosion: What Happened in Lebanon
  20. Almost funny. To date there is only one group who have failed to accept an election result. If you want to know what they will do, simply look at the accusations they make and hold a mirror in front of them. If there has been a single call for unity, moderation or calm, I haven't heard it. No shortage of inflammatory BS though.... exactly what the country doesn't need right now. Clyburn claims Trump won’t leave office quietly, military might have to step in
  21. And there were lots of choices along the way, all of this could easily have stayed "over there." No oppressor forced this on us, no foreign enemy subjugated us.... we wanted all this, and now that it's here our collective appetite for more has become insatiable. It reminds me of that quote from Macbeth, "and damned be him who first cries hold enough." I bet future generations will view the history being made here with the same sense of incredulity that I do. Most amazing of all (to me) is the appetite for it. I keep wondering how much crazy is enough. As it stands now, there are few good options and no matter the outcome, y'all ain't gonna like it. That's the type of no win situation soldiers seek to avoid.... at least the older ones do, that's how they got old.
  22. I would say that being selfish is a"condition whereas dangerous narratives are part of an ingrained belief system, (like religion) which cause people to become zealots.... unreasonable, unwilling to compromise and they will hurt you if you don't share their beliefs. Selfish people will usually act in their own best interests and you can appeal to that sentiment. You can even manipulate the scenario to exploit their selfishness. Zealots and extremists are willing to burn it all down and put the blame on whoever they consider to be "The Great Satan." Some people seem to think it matters if the current violence is being perpetrated by the left or the right (ANTIFA or right wing groups). They fail to realize that it doesn't matter a bit.... the outcome doesn't change for innocent victims. The politics don't matter to me, if you carry weapon into the fray you're a declared player, a wolf that threatens the flock if you will....
  23. It's so cool to watch the narratives trump common sense because if you applied it to consumer goods/services/aviation (or whatever) people would instantly see the folly of it. If I cut all the roof trusses wrong does it matter if I used a Dewalt, Skil, Makita or Milwaukee saw? How about revolting against quadrantal, emergency safe, MOCA and MEA altitudes. LOL, you can't tell me what altitude to fly at.... minimums are racist and the crash was Trump's fault
  24. Even a blind monkey can see where all of this is headed: https://www.foxnews.com/us/pinal-county-sheriff-citizens-posse-program-allows-residents-to-be-deputized Meanwhile Democrats, the wilfully blind and outright liars insist that crime is down: July was deadliest month in Chicago history, police superintendent says Figures reveal 440 homicides in 2020, compared to 44 in 2019
  25. This could be the subject of a whole new thread, the amount pf place names that need to be changed is actually staggering and I doubt most people realize the full extent of it. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/williams-leftist-effort-to-revise-american-history/wcm/682701a3-c0c3-43ff-8741-e50c8fe39341/ Our anthem needs a bit more work too, "standing on guard" is offensive to people in wheel chairs and "we see thee rise" excludes the blind.