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  1. The comments are almost as concerning as the act itself. Common sense, courtesy and solutions based on analytical assessment of the issues (as opposed to agendas) are now elusive. It's as unfathomable to me as a pilot who insists on pressing more buttons in response to a flight control malfunction.... I just don't get it. https://www.foxnews.com/world/catholic-priest-stabbed-during-televised-mass-in-canada
  2. And that's a fact. They don't want you to know what activities SNC was actually funding in Libya and Mexico that ran contrary to UN imposed sanctions (travel and asset freezes) that were directly opposed to OUP operational efforts during the campaign. The fact that the government wanted to give them a pass on it would stand as manifestly unlawful bordering on treasonous. That has been my concern all along. Cash bribes paid in the land of bribes are a nothing burger. Be assured that the CBC and other news agency covering those events in Libya paid bribes to effect freedom of movement and access as well. Simple bribes in Libya is how things get done.... this, most definitely, isn't that.
  3. Watching it all unfold is tremendously entertaining because the entire thought process is unfathomable. Liberals in general (Democrats in particular) seem completely oblivious to the steep cliffs that border the mountain path they are walking on. They are unable to read the signs and adjust to changing circumstances outside the confines of their own agenda and I doubt they could track a blind buffalo through mud. The country is hungry for reasonable alternatives and they are so totally and completely AWOL that I'm now betting on the buffalo. In fact, he should run as an independent.
  4. Required reading for Democrats before they blow it.... again. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/19/opinions/what-progressives-should-know-about-trump-voters-hanson/index.html Stop apologizing unless you do something truly stupid. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/liz-peek-its-time-to-stop-apologizing-america-the-endless-apologies-are-wearing-us-out Like this https://www.foxnews.com/politics/tennessee-democratic-party-chair-apologizes-for-calling-state-racist
  5. Well, maybe it’s just me…. I tend to blame voters more than the government. Apart from a few unanticipated scandals, people are screaming the loudest about items that were actually Liberal election promises. Things like gun control, carbon taxation, and more rigorous scrutiny of pipeline developments come instantly to mind. Last week at the gym, I asked an opinionated guy to define “assault rifle” for me and he couldn’t do it. When I explained that selective fire and high capacity magazines were already illegal here he got defensive and reverted to the old standby that AR (as in AR-15) stands for assault rifle. The conversation ended abruptly when I told him it actually stood for Armalite Rifle. The real question is how do you get people to seek solutions that might transcend their own narratives and experience? As in aviation, you usually won't survive long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.... and if you do, no one will believe you anyway if it doesn't fit the narrative... just ask any pilot who has gone civilian to military then back to civilian and then back to military again. They bring a wealth of observation (best practices) to the table that are all but universally ignored. How do you stop things from being circular? I would have previously suggested the internet but it seems more cause than solution. It seems that knee jerk reactions are all we can aspire to now.
  6. Democrats only have a short window to stop scaring moderate, reasonable people who are searching for a reason to vote for them. Before you know it, we will be into "Trump 3.0 Continues" and Democrats will be asking "how did this happen?" https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/beto-bashed-i-normally-hate-the-pc-police-but-dads-do-matter-and-they-dont-get-a-pass-anymore
  7. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that difficult to make...
  8. The extent of suffering needs to be viewed in an international context to appreciate the true extent and horror of it. For some reason, most of this receives little coverage and even less analysis. I find the notion of simple solutions a bit lacking...... Here is a brief summary of 2018, how many of these do you remember hearing about and what do you make of the fact that you heard so little? More often than not, it's bombings that are the most destructive. Rather than address root causes, some might suggest that a ban on ammonium nitrate was appropriate, that agriculture was largely to blame and that farming should be banned as a result. Location Date Description Deaths Injuries Iraq January 15 2018 Baghdad bombings.[311] 38 105 Afghanistan January 20 2018 Inter-Continental Hotel Kabul attack.[312] 40 22 Afghanistan January 24 2018 Save The Children Jalalabad attack[313] 6 27 Afghanistan January 27 2018 Kabul ambulance bombing.[314] 103 235 Russia February 18 Kizlyar church shooting[315] 6 5 Somalia February 18 February 2018 Mogadishu attack.[316] 45 36 Burkina Faso March 2 2018 Ouagadougou attacks[317][318] 30 85 Afghanistan March 21 March 2018 Kabul suicide bombing-Suicide attack.[319] 33 65 France March 23 Carcassonne and Trèbes attack-Hostage crisis.[320] 5 15 Somalia April 1 2018 African Union base attack in Bulo Marer.[321] 59 (+30) Unknown Afghanistan April 22 April 2018 Kabul suicide bombing-Suicide attack.[322] 69 120 Afghanistan April 30 30 April 2018 Kabul suicide bombings[323][324] 29 50 Nigeria May 1 2018 Mubi suicide bombings[325][326] 86 58 Libya May 2 2018 attack on the High National Elections Commission in Tripoli, Libya[327] 16 20 France May 12 2018 Paris knife attack[328] 2 4 Indonesia May 13 2018 Surabaya bombings-Suicide attack.[329] 25 55 Belgium May 29 2018 Liège attack[330] 4 4 Afghanistan July 1 July 2018 Jalalabad suicide bombing[331] 20 20 Pakistan July 10 2018 Peshawar suicide bombing[332] 22 75 Pakistan July 13 2018 Mastung and Bannu bombings[333][334] 154 223 Tajikistan July 29 Assailants rammed American and European cyclists with a car in the Khatlon region, then attacked them with knives and an axe. Four cyclists killed and two were injured. At least one suspected attacker was killed while resisting arrest and at least one other was detained.[335] 4 2 Jordan August 12 An explosion near a police van killed one officer and wounded six other at the city of Fuheis. The security forces hunt the attackers and sieged them in a building at the city of Salt. Jordan officials claimed that the attackers supported the Islamic State, but didn't have links to the organization.[336][337][338] 5 at least 26 Netherlands August 31 A 19-year-old Afghan, with a German residence permit, stabbed two American tourists with a knife at Amsterdam’s central station. After the attack he was shot by Dutch police in his lower body and arrested. The victims remained in hospital with serious injuries. German police searched the man’s house at the request of their Dutch colleagues and seized several data carriers.[339] 0 2 Iran September 22 2018 Ahvaz military parade attack - Militants wearing khaki uniforms shot at an Iranian military parade in Ahvaz. The ISIL claimed the attack.[340] at least 24 20 Egypt November 2 Islamic militants have ambushed three buses carrying Christian pilgrims returning from a remote Coptic Christian monastery and opened fire. Egyptian officials said that 7 people killed and 19 wounded. The local Islamic State which claimed responsibility said that 13 Christians killed and another 18 wounded.[341] 7 19 Australia November 9 A man, of Somali origin, set a car on fire and stabbed three people - one fatally - in Melbourne. He was shot dead after confronting officers on a busy city street. ISIS had claimed responsibility for the knife attack through its media, but Australian authorities said he was only inspired by the group and did not appear to be direct links.[342][343] 1 2 Morocco December 17 Two female Scandiniavian tourists, a Danish and a Norwegian, killed, one beheaded, near Imlil in the Atlas Mountains, the murderers filmed their action while branding the two women 'enemies of God' and saying their actions were God's will. Four suspects arrested over the killings and the Moroccan authorities said that they had pledged allegiance to Islamic State before the killings.[344][345][346][347] 2 0
  9. We might need another ATIP inquiring how many lost and stolen police handguns were later found to have been used in the commission of a crime. As it stands now, any such occurrences fall at the feet of registered gun owners and are not attributable to police misconduct.. In addition, gun laws provide little deterrent for terrorists since they tend not to follow the rules. When the Danforth information is released, I bet you will see that none of the proposed regulations are/were/or will be applicable and would have had no bearing on the outcome. It has now started in New Zealand. Who would of thought that stopping terrorism events was as easy as instituting a simple ban. If only we knew about this in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and ISIS controlled territories eh? https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/new-zealand-pm-wants-gun-laws-changed-after-mosque-shootings-1.5060507
  10. The Danforth attack was the catalyst for Liberal gun control action and you are not going to see results until after the new legislation is passed and announcements on handguns have been made. The police are playing right along with this. The results will show it to have a terrorism component with no rational connection to the gun control actions intended. Once in place and binding, the Danforth investigation results will then be irrelevant (insofar as the legislation is concerned). Right now, it is too good of a tool to lose and would invite unwanted discussion on cause and effect. In all of this, I have been most disappointed in the conduct and ethics of the police.
  11. Ethics and integrity stand at the very heart of the governments problem, it seems to defy solution. Either these folks deliberately violated their duty to maintain confidentiality or the leak was authorized by government and "sold" as a leak for some political purpose.... I'm not even sure which is worse and maybe they are so far gone that it doesn't even matter.
  12. And made even more tragic by virtue of the fact that most of these folks were (largely) fleeing the same hateful extremism that they fell victim to.
  13. Another domestically sourced crime gun that will be used as a statistic against me (and others like me). The weapons lost by police forces in Canada every year blows the back doors off any and all sentiments about "straw purchasers" by orders of magnitude. By ATIP, from 2016 to the end of 2017, 228 police weapons were lost or stolen by police services in Canada. Between 2008 and 2011 the number was 428. Statistically, all those are considered domestically sourced crime guns and blamed on registered owners. Imagine if I stopped off at the gym (with a loaded weapon locked up in my car) while returning from the range. You and I would be charged and lose everything. BTW, with the exception of tactical team members, police officers are not the weapon handling experts most people assume them to be. So, in the last 10 years (say 2008 to 2018) what percentage of domestically sourced crime guns were actually lost by or stolen from police forces. I don't have the answer but I bet it would surprise everyone.... except the government and police forces who knowingly misrepresent the truth. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/unmarked-rcmp-vehicle-recovered-by-calgary-police-1.4334718 Other examples (over the years) abound: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-weapons-charges-pleas-rcmp-officer-jeffrey-gillis-1.3721609
  14. I left out the word deicer.... amended accordingly. Sorry My point remains though, we are completely unaware of the type and extent of of wrong doing by SNC. And yet, Liberal supporters seem content with the notion of "nothing to see here." I read (in an editorial piece) that there is actually a publication ban on this information (but don't know for sure). It would explain why I can't find anything. It would explain a few other things as well.
  15. A small piece of the puzzle and of little concern to me. deicer - The influence exerted on the minister is of no interest to me either if the "crimes" were a simple matter of cash bribes, hookers and apartment renovations (although breaking Canadian law in Canada should have a price tag). Everyone in Libya and host of other places pays bucksheesh including the CBC... how do you think correspondents travel freely and gain access to areas and key people. It is simply a fact of life and of no concern to me. As all of you likely know, there was a UN imposed travel ban on the Gaddafi clan (among other government leaders) and a UN imposed asset (financial) freeze on the same folks. Was SNC involved in money washing for the Gaddafi's and were they involved in facilitating escape plans to Niger and Mexico? Did they pay for the "fact finding mission" in Libya and the operative in Mexico? The fact that they were suspected of being involved in both seems to have gotten lost in transit. Maybe it's in the same box as my hurt feelings eh? It's stuff like this that has the potential to hurt my feelings.... cast your mind back to 2011. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/how-the-post-revealed-the-failed-plot-to-smuggle-saadi-gaddafi-into-mexico https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/cynthia-vanier-began-plotting-gaddafi-sons-escape-in-early-2011-snc-lavalin If SNC was part of this, and the government knew they were part of it and still wanted a DPA, then yes, my delicate feelings are hurt and I'll fill out your form. If that is not the case all of this is fluff IMO. It's that simple and that complicated. Where does the "and nothing found" notion come from? I would like to share in it....
  16. We still don't know what the bribes were or what form they took. Cash for contracts, payed within a nation where bribes are a way of life is one thing. Money laundering and escape plans in violation of UN sanctions AND while OUP operations were ongoing is another. I can find no information on this and I wonder if there is a reason for it. Attempting to get a deferred prosecution while knowing (if it's true) is treasonous and criminal in my view. If it is simply cash bribes we are talking about it's a nothing burger IMO. How is it that no one seems to care what form these bribes took and who knew what and when they knew it. As far as I can tell, they (SNC) were deeply involved in Libya between 2008 and 2011..... and yes, it matters big time what they were doing. This investigation started during the Harper government and has been a long time coming. What exactly were the Liberals willing to let them get away with? I can assure you that veterans of OUP would like to know even if you don't.
  17. They just need the Canadian (JT inspired) export version, with a bit of feminist inspired logic, it would be just like our federal budget If (like our budget), if it refuses to do magic tricks, there may be a few other contenders looking for (honest) work in the near future, it seems people are now asking some of the questions I would like to see answers to. They better hope Joe Biden runs, I see him as the only one who can save them from themselves now. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6013706032001/#sp=show-clips
  18. I say we start with golf courses.... too much good farmland going to waste, too many trees cut down, to much chemical fertilizer and pesticides, and too many people driving too many miles to chase a little white ball. Food security and all that. Maybe I should start campaigning against other people's hobbies eh? And clearly, golf clubs need to be registered to keep them out of terrorist hands: https://torontosun.com/2017/06/07/alleged-golf-club-attacker-claimed-she-was-from-isis-source/wcm/04d0e0de-c0aa-43ab-8c1b-0c7b406cdd39
  19. I'm losing count, between 2008 and 2011 (ATIP), the count was 428 and here we are 8 years later .... far too much carelessness on the part of police forces in Canada. Guess what would happen if you or I did exactly the same thing. This is now a "domestically sourced crime gun" and will be added to the statistics as such and those statistics will be used against...... who? https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/news/local/pistol-stolen-from-mounties-personal-car-in-halifax-291379/ And far too many gangster stories. I have been watching to see how many competitive shooters and olympians make the headlines, still waiting... . https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9217838-victim-of-fatal-shooting-in-mississauga-plaza-a-member-of-hells-angels/
  20. An informal, wildly anecdotal poll of my hardcore Liberal acquaintances shows that OAC and "the green new deal" are both met with eye rolls and head shakes. None of them were willing to answer how food will be grown (in sufficient quantities) and transported (over long distances) following a ban on fossil fuels and general aviation. Maybe someone here can help me out.... any takers?
  21. My goodness, I saw that and assumed 200 on type…. if that’s total, it’s a lot of airplane for that experience level. In a previous lifetime….TRI/TRE (on another type mind you), I had quite a few foreign students at that threshold.I then had some of them back for recurrent training 6 months later, “not stellar” (as mentioned previously) succinctly covers it. IMO, a lot of training time is dedicated to mastering the automation and very little devoted to selecting the appropriate level of automation to the task at hand. If my returning students were any indication of this being a trend, then I feel safe noting (in general and not specifically aimed at this occurrence) that too many pilots allow automation to place their aircraft in situations that are either unrecoverable or demanding maximum performance to avoid being so. Reverting to hands and feet was a tough sell with them and some (due to skill fade) even lacked the cross check speed to prevail in the effort. Sadly, a few minutes of twizzles (remember them) was sufficient to reinit them in most cases and 15 minutes later, the results were dramatically different on the re-do.
  22. It's not for me actually, it's for family and friends who work but still want to go out to the lake, or the range etc, or do some of those summer activities that are daylight dependant after a work day... it gives them the extra hour. It's a bit like multi gender showers at the gym and a bunch of other things I appear, at fist glance to oppose, most of these things have no effect on me at all. Since I don't actually care and it doesn't effect me one way or the other, I try to consider the effect it has on others. I sure liked having the extra hour of daylight after work... back when I actually worked. What would you say to the notion of a plebiscite on this sort of thing tied into the federal election cycle. It's not a leadership issue, just the preference of the majority and easy to do regardless of outcome.
  23. Those on a schedule (feeding, milking etc) seem to care. Those who are retired don’t; sounds familiar eh? Then again, if being king of the pasture and standing at stud is your retirement job, what's not to like.
  24. Putting aside any and all disagreement on the value of DST…. surely there is widespread agreement that having several municipalities on a different timezone than the timezone they are actually located in is a bit silly. Not only silly, it serves to undermine their own assertion that time changes generate confusion. In addition, it raises a question for me…. since this is so simple that anyone capable of driving an automobile should be able to overcome the horror of it, has our country become ungovernable by virtue of underlying, obsessive indignation and lack of compliance with even the simplest of things that we had previously (and collectively) agreed to. Ask any farm boy how popular they feel when entering the pig barn on Sunday morning (following the spring ahead)…. then ask him if feeding half the barn on standard time and the other half on daylight time would make any of his charges happy or if it would more likely result in civil war. Really now, I don't care which one we choose but let's grow up and pick one eh? If elected, I promise more forays into direct democracy.... this could easily go to plebiscite with the results binding. The majority should pick their poison and have the maturity to abide by the result.