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  1. Headline of the day award... get er done, I want to watch. Minneapolis City Council vows to 'dismantle' police department It was actually a close call this morning because Joe gets honourable mention too.... Biden claims '10 to 15 percent' of Americans are 'just not very good people'
  2. Short of direct government control over the media, even the Globe can't ignore or deflect this level of constantly changing madness. Anyone going to the range now should consider that police have been (reportedly) intercepting people at the gate and comparing the rifle you are transporting with a list you have no access to. This has extended to calibers you would never have thought a problem based on things like the type of rear sight. I'm now afraid to take older rifles of sentimental value to the range for fear of being charged by a police force as out of control as the government they serve. It seems that "carding" legal gun owners is OK with liberals. They have made me a believer in sanctuary status now. A concept I had previously rejected out of hand for being polarizing and divisive. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-gun-vendors-baffled-by-the-rules-as-ambiguous-assault-rifle-ban-rolls/
  3. Or the one supported by your own experience, which is my preference. It explains why media accounts of aviation items get a rough ride on this forum, there is a wealth of experience here. Without personal experience, I wouldn't be smart enough to have a narrative much less defend it. Perhaps it's the strong opinions of people who lack direct experience that explains your travails in the sands of Nantucket. In which case I sympathize with you. Those who have never been there but have an opinion based solely on narrative are likely to over simplify things, blame the sand and suggest either a total ban or a sand tax. My usual response to those folks is "I don't remember seeing you there." Armed with experience, you soon discover the biggest source of misinformation is the very government seeking to censor the internet in order to curb misinformation. With each new spasm of liberal lunacy I look out the window expecting to see zebras; in truth it's the Black Mamba that scares me most, they kill about 20,000 people a year and I don't know why they aren't banned in Africa. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-liberals-call-for-censoring-the-internet-again
  4. Well, at least now I know there are more than 78 pages. Glad I have a motorcycle. The applicable section preamble begins with "Refund by the Carrier: for an unused ticket or portion thereof..." I won't press this further (it's above my pay grade) but it seems to me that the reason it was unused was by virtue of a Force Majure caveat. In the absence of specific Force Majure definition and its applicability to the fare at hand, it seems to me the CTA simply declared it to be fair. Clearly no one at the CTA hails from the mountain eh?
  5. Is it fair simply because the CTA says it is or because it's "mountain right".... sorry, y'all has to be from the mountain to get that I guess. Given the US went with the refund option, what is the difference between them and us? Does it lie in the tariff rules? In other words, did the CTA resolve fairness by decree? I don't want to beat this up too badly, but the implication of applying Force Majure caveats to one fare and not another at a time when all travel was suspended, goes above and beyond the fare class IMO.
  6. Just curious, are you claiming Force Majure here? I'm really not clear on this as it applies to tariff rules... If so, and if applicable to one fare class, should the same caveat not apply across the board to all fares during the affected period? If service was denied, as opposed to simply missed or declined by the passenger, and if the justification for refusing both the service and the refund stands upon the foundation of Force Majure as causal, would it not be reasonable that all travel on those days be subject to the same elements of the caveat? I can't help but think (as a matter of fairness because I know less than nothing about tariff rules) that "non refundable" status on services paid for in advance but not delivered is something of a red hearing. If you fell victim to my kitchen renovation contract (which included a time limited non-refundable deposit to obtain a reduced labour rate on the work) would you say the same thing? Better yet, would it be fair for you to pay the full labour rate now by virtue of the fact that the time limit was exceeded by factors outside my control, even though I keep your non-refundable deposit regardless of the decision you make? Take it a step further, if you sold your house during the Covid shutdown, can I keep your deposit because it was non-refundable? While I'm willing to accept the tariff rules as written, I'm not smart enough to factor the caveats into that equation. I seems to me that a fundamental unfairness needs to be addressed here.
  7. I have no words, I think you would have to shoot me. The last chapter of "A Tail of Two Cities" is instructive because "long ranks of the new oppressors" comes instantly to mind. Can we make a case for the subjugation of women here or does this guy get a pass because he's black? Imagine a white man getting a black woman to fall to her knees on a public street and apologize for the sins of her forefathers.... it would surely be Trump's fault and the start of a 3.0 thread. Likely she's a kind and gentle soul unlucky enough to be intercepted by wolves.... to the dismay of any hunter who views this. Let me put it another way: "Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked." After condemning this girl to YouTube hell for all eternity, he says "have a great day". Y'all think he was being sincere?
  8. And it's certainly true. Personally, I exceed every requirement by orders of magnitude. That which needs to be double locked in transit is triple locked and placed in a locked trunk. That which doesn't need locking is locked and in the trunk too. I don't want even the slightest hint of impropriety and I cringe every time I read about the insanity in Toronto lest it be someone with a license. Wendy would jump all over that with both feet yet she is predictably silent about the current gang related carnage no matter how brazen, reckless or violent. It all speaks to agenda and that agenda plays well to people who think duck hunters from PEI are part of the problem. Politicians play along because of the vote density.... they realize that two million people spread across all ridings is statistically insignificant, especially when that number is factored into to their voting strongholds. It's simple math... actually, I guess it's arithmetic, and cynical arithmetic to boot.
  9. Must be nice.... Anyone with a $3000 tactical scope and two RMRs might have to give that a bit more thought. And retailers are carefully monitoring the OIC list and removing banned items from distribution as they pop up. Experienced buyers are (as you might expect) one step ahead of JT, and they aren't buying them to turn in. While I see that as the reality of the situation, I'm rooting for you, as are others. Some see the buyback as an opportunity to dump the worthless junk they would never have been able to sell.
  10. Here is FOX: https://www.foxnews.com/media/tucker-american-leaders-feel-noting-descent-anarchy Here is CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/03/us/boogaloo-extremist-protests-invs/index.html Both of them, to a greater or lesser extent are right.... eventually, they will be forced by circumstance to align their reporting as facts become indisputable. Watch for that, when you see it you will know that it's too late to recall the dog because he is already out of earshot. But....I'm still waiting for an example of a country where state/media supported polarization and tribalism has proven to be a unifying force. Since there have been no takers I'll dumb it down again; name a country where it hasn't proven to be an inducement to violence. Here is a foolish statement (based on current events) from someone who should know better. And yet, has freedom of opinion slipped to such a low level in our collective morality that it warrants the punishment? Is rap music racist? If not, Is a white instagram influencer singing along to the racist lyrics of her favourite rapper racism? If it is, should white people even be permitted to listen to rap music? https://nationalpost.com/news/stockwell-day-steps-down-from-telus-board-and-law-firm-after-remarks-on-racism-in-canada/wcm/4c6513b2-4e05-4f82-a2c7-366c9e31edbe But consider that Canada has willingly admitted to genocide, the crime of crimes. Thus, IMO, the Canadian view of genocide is an insult to those who have experienced true genocide. And, since genocide is the predictable outcome of true racism, the Canadian view of racism is, by extension, an insult to those who have experienced the type of racism which is a precursor to the genocide I refer to. As liberals would say, "words matter." Most concerning of all is the apparent delight with which "creatures of the fringes" view all of the current events. People, of the type who created the monster happily point out that the monster now exists.... they entirely missed the point of keeping the monster at bay and not feeding it when it steps out of containment. Only when this starts to impact them will they see the folly of petty agendas, but by then it will have progressed to far to reign in. There is an African proverb which speaks to the notion that "the resolve to avoid an evil is never fashioned until after the evil has occurred." I probably butchered it but that's the gist of it (I think).
  11. Quote of the day award, right up there with "masks don't work: “The National Emergency Stockpile was never actually meant to accumulate personal protective equipment,” she said before the committee, her comment echoed by Tam." Now, say it loud and repeat it over and over.... they will totally believe it.
  12. Check it out. Now you have extremist groups conducting and coordinating politically motivated violence in support of their cause (terrorism) and raising armed militia groups in support of their operations. Those of us who have been on the forum for a long time know that we have talked about the lead up to this stuff (at length) for the better part of two decades. Right? I have often recommended service in Africa as a means of gaining perspective, at least on what you (most definitely) don't want here. But now you can stay home... it's coming to you. So harden your narratives, dust off your memes and watch the tribalism born of identity politics rule the night. Each of the baby steps, all innocuous if viewed in isolation, multiply rapidly and gain sustenance from a population divided, polarized and fearful of the next election result. https://www.foxnews.com/us/black-lives-matter-plans-war-on-police-ny-leader-says So, can we expect any of the "protesters" to seek justice for the growing number of people who are the victims of mob violence? The answer is no. It's the same answer you would get if you asked whether far left/right voters even realize that the fire they lit is hot.... most of them are too busyl searching the net for idiotic political memes to even notice that these events, and their own actions, only serve to harden and entrench the competing narratives at the root of the problem. None of these people will say wait a minute, our democracy is doing pretty well, we're running at about 85%+... they lack the experience to appreciate what they already have. They simply don't realize that you get to 86% with incremental tweaks to minor fail points and efficiency becomes harder and harder to achieve as you become more and more efficient.... they want to burn it all down and start again from 35% using the initial concept of failed strategies previously implemented by failed nations.
  13. Yes I'm quoting myself here. But seriously, I'll settle for one. Just one example where policies promoting stovepipe tribalism had a positive outcome. I can provide lots of examples where it happened, how it will get you votes, and why it's an inducement to violence....
  14. You likely won't get back the cost of the RMR or even the extra mags at $90 a pop. Those costs won't be considered even though you have no further use for them, then there is the cleaning kits, the ammo etc. Never mind millions in illegally held retail inventory that was perfectly OK yesterday. They have to be voted down... they simply have to go, and the people who elected them need to be curbed by election reform. Otherwise there will inevitably be a push toward sanctuary areas where federal law is ignored... much like immigration law in sanctuary cities. That's not a good thing. Unfortunately, these sort of actions (coupled with current conditions) serve no one in the long term. Making criminals out of the very people who faithfully followed all of the rules is moronic. Toronto should be free to chart its own course, I fear that further discussion with them is useless. Perversely, it's actually the government not following its own rules that was the catalyst for the NS debacle. They may end up being sued for 22 counts of wrongful death as a result. I bet that's one of the reasons why their lawyers are busy suppressing the warrant information; imagine the screams if Harper or Trump did anything like that.... we would have to endure 500 pages of Trump 3.0 if he even suggested it and CNN/MSNBC would have 24 hr/day coverage. BTW, gun and ammo sales in Canada are now off the charts. These fools have single handedly flooded the market and created a scenario where private sales of non restricted guns (or what used to be non-restricted guns) are simply exploding; people no longer know the rules and want to dump their rifles so as not to be criminals... how insane is that? I'm now willing to bet that JT has put more (newly) prohibited weapons into play than all of the smugglers (combined) since confederation. Here's a question, WDYTWGTH?
  15. I'm eager to get his take on it too. I bet it all happened with frightening rapidity. I’m grateful I never had to stand toe to toe with that particular bear and I’ve often wondered how I would do if he (or worse she) broke cover from the left flank without warning. I bet the time from power loss to the ejection call was less than a slow read of the next paragraph: The gear is up, flaps selected up, slight throttle reduction to maintain station, felt impact with the GU-11, compressor stall and vibration, zoom (throttle idle air-start), shallow left turn away from echelon and the high ground, a quick scan ahead for where the beast will fall, stick shaker in the turn, initial wing drop, ejection call, check canopy, two swings in the harness and a parachute landing fall (OK, the Airforce doesn’t teach that, it’s an army thing), the question “did that really just happen?”, slow acknowledgement that it actually did and the prospect of a lifetime of second guesses (and what if I’s). I think I'd prefer the bear.
  16. It may be time for the dismayed folk in this article to face the fact that all of their effort, sacrifice, and a generation worth of debt has been rendered worthless and moot by (deliberate) civil disobedience across Canada and the US. The charade is over... the failure lies with voters across the spectrum, and most of them are big city folks. To date, I have never seen people stay the course (in support of what they say they wanted) once it required effort and expense. All of those wonderful liberal ideas need to be thoroughly tested in California as proof of concept. Only when I see "willingness" to do the do is there grounds for discussion with "the good idea fairy." An expensive lesson for all and no amount of spin or "yabut" talking points from the cheer leaders changes a thing. https://nationalpost.com/news/new-covid-19-outbreak-in-n-b-traced-to-doctor-who-went-to-work-after-quebec-trip-now-people-are-very-angry Just like this author, maybe everyone should go to Africa to gain some perspective. If you are wondering who the bloody 1% are look in the mirror....it's you: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/first-person/article-my-time-in-uganda-has-changed-me-and-taught-me-so-much/
  17. Who broke Joe out of the basement? Was it an unarmed person with a knife? I wonder if Democrats are doing this on purpose, maybe they are secretly working for Trump and we need another collusion investigation.... otherwise, it's all unfathomable: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/police-biden-cops-knife-leg It would be better if he just stopped talking.
  18. Appropriate for the times: If thou canst see sharp, look and judge wisely
  19. And if you look around the world with a critical eye, you will see that the amount of black on black violence is staggering and that much of that hails back to tribalism in one form or another, sad and predictable in all cases. Catering to tribes (of all sorts) within the context of identity politics is a vote winning strategy.... it's just short sighted, dangerous and always results in violence. Observe how political leaders (at all levels) are spinning this and pointing the finger of blame. Consider the silence of black community leaders, all the players have something to gain for their personal narrative.... at the lowest level, even the looters get a new TV and some booze. Does any of this look like a peaceful protest in support of justice or does it smack of politically motivated violence: https://www.foxnews.com/us/antifa-arrests-coming-riots-suburbs By the time the sleepers awaken, they will realize they've lost control of their own agendas and begin biting their own tails. It causes further divisions within the individual components of the divisions themselves (how is any of this new?) https://www.foxnews.com/us/cuomo-de-blasio-riot Perhaps a liberal minded member could point to a multiethnic country where promoting tribalism has served the public good.... I don't know of any. People who think they are contributing to the greater good are unwittingly stoking the fire here. These aren't protests anymore.... at least not mostly, they have morphed into politically motivated violence. A subtle distinction for some but terrifying in its implications. Here's a snippet of news you won't even find in the MSM. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/05/dozens-killed-separate-burkina-faso-attacks-200531194701637.html
  20. Indeed, maybe auto correct is an NDP invention. It seems that only liberals can elicit that sort of illicit behaviour from a computer.... it causes them to automatically cast all liberals in the unlawful and illegitimate light they seem to crave.
  21. If I were JT, there would be a snap election this fall, I would want it to render my accountability in the fall sitting of parliament moot and trade on the good will that only massive spending can illicit in a Liberal base. The entire cost of the adventure to date and the notion of paying for it have not yet risen above a whisper in the wind and the new Conservative leader will not have his sea legs by the fall. Expecting opportunists not to seize opportunity is like feeding the squirrels in your attic as a bribe against squirrel mischief. You need to think like a squirrel... JT certainly does.
  22. Remember when Liberals said Harper's "controlling personality" made a mockery of democracy and the collective will of parliament? Not a peep now. No problem with omnibus bills anymore, OICs with expensive confiscations that affect millions of taxpayers are now OK too... they are even applauded. And making a deal with progressives to shut down parliament.... thats just dandy too, especially if the deal impinges on provincial jurisdiction and you don't like the premiere most affected anyway eh? Hard to believe I ever voted Liberal, the only thing worse than than the current level of hypocrisy, is the defence of it. Election reform is now a must, the urban/rural divide that Liberals exploit (and nurture) in order to survive as a government is creating a seething chasm of division. And when you need to create and foster division and polarization to survive, it's either time for you to go, or it's time to change the rules that aided and abetted your cause and created the environment in which identity politics can gain a toehold. Perhaps a Liberal can name a place (anywhere in the world) where tribalism has served the country well. I've never had an extended vacation there....I can sure name a few where it hasn't though. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/bonokoski-anyone-wondering-what-happened-to-the-house-of-commons
  23. Very true. Not only have they decided it's over, they've decided that the entire effort to date, all of the expense and added debt was worthless, redundant and superfluous. As I recall, Ontario and Quebec had some 577 new cases on Monday last, I haven't tracked it since then.... it no longer matters. In a single day, and in only two provinces, the count was higher than that which shut down the entire country in the first place. I dare say this is the single largest, self inflicted economic disaster in human history, and by virtue of civil disobedience, and for good or ill, the citizens now have little cause to blame politicians for any of the grief that follows from their own actions. There really is little grounds for political discussion, debate and negotiation anymore. You vote em down.... and a huge (unsustainably huge) percentage of the population cries on election night because they know full well that they are about to be treated unfairly. That outcome is what opinionated voters with too much narrative and too little experience should have feared all along. Instead they were deathly afraid that a sitting president was a Russian spy and thought that it was duck hunters from Nova Scotia shooting up the streets of Toronto. They can't even say ethnic street gangs without choking on a wad of political correctness. The warning signs have been there for years, all unheeded. So bring on the sarcastic memes, ridicule people who don't agree with you, call them lazy, stupid, ill informed, or whatever. But don't blame politicians, they are you and you are them.... you got exactly the government you deserve and you worked hard at obtaining it. As always, when I say you, I really mean we and us together and collectively. ---------------------------------- This is the result of our collective labours.... and two generations of helmet and seatbelt laws. And, it's here to stay. These creatures vote, and they elect other creatures that think signs and chalk circles are magic. Here's my favourite fragment So, this past weekend as the city prepared the park better for social distancing by drawing chalk circles on the grass, https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/human-poop-and-scoop-signs-surface-at-trinity-bellwoods Maybe the whole thing is "June Fools day" or something. I can't tell anymore...
  24. I'm of the mind that people who buy weapons solely for personal protection; as opposed to competition and recreation, are better off getting a dog. We have previously talked about shooting under stress, threat focus (and the like) here on the forum. While others may disagree, I really think it should be thought of more like a martial art or life long hobby than something you acquire out of fear. A dog that is fearful bites indiscriminately and lacks discretion, I fear there is little difference with a fearful, untrained firearm owner who has suddenly discovered they have teeth.
  25. I think it's now safe to say that all of the effort, all of the pain and all of the expense that went into containing Covid19 have been rendered totally moot across the entire nation. All for not.... think about that for a second. It's also safe to say that the protests are (largely) no longer worthy of being called protests. The kindest definition for many of these events is riot. If you believe Democrat and Republican accusations (you either do or you don't) but if you do, there is no other definition (of the events they refer to themselves) than domestic terrorism. Politicians (of all stripes) who supported and enforced draconian lockdown measures, fines against barbers and pizza makers etc. etc. will eventually be asked about throwing their full support behind protesters (rioters/terrorists). No matter how you choose to spin this, you now have people afraid of pending election results (with good reason), and political leaders attempting to capitalize on politically motivated violence for political gain. If you aren't looking deeper into cause and effect, and you aren't comparing the trajectory here to other parts of the world, you are missing a show that rarely occurs in great civilizations. Get some popcorn and good scotch, settle in and watch history in the making. Before the scotch takes full effect, you can calculate the cost of nation wide property damage and add it to the total of the Covid19 bill. Take that sum, divide it by the population and you have your personal bill which has just been flushed down the toilet of current events. When the people who actually pay those bills begin to revolt (and they are the ones who never revolt BTW) then you know the show is about half over. You can stop watching at the point, the plot becomes both predictable and sad leading to an overall assessment of 2 thumbs down. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/31/us/nyc-mayor-daughter-arrest-protests/index.html https://www.foxnews.com/us/george-floyd-cities-brace-riots-national-guard-troops-mobilize