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  1. https://torontosun.com/news/national/two-doses-are-no-longer-enough-canadians-required-to-get-covid-shot-every-nine-months There ya go.... speak of the devil. Whether the bear beats the wolf or the wolf beats the bear, the rabbit always loses.
  2. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/sikh-security-guards-ousted-from-city-jobs-over-beards-organization-says Not uncommon in other professions that require PPE; but still, it's one of those unintended consequences people seem to be tripping over at every turn. As soon as you convince people that filtration efficiency and virus diameter are irrelevant, all things become possible. After two years of hammering Christians and jailing pastors, the religious freedom argument has been torpedoed and shouldn't apply here... well done. Chalk up one for the ladies in black eh? Here's another one and it's coming soon, since people were so enamoured with mandates, you will soon need a booster every 9 months to maintain "fully vaccinated" status. My guess is that the love affair with mandates will fade as people become more wary of the vaccines and their newfound anti vaxxer status begins to effect them. Soon we will be hearing about bodily autonomy, privacy and individual rights from the very people who cheered when their neighbours got fired. LOL, don't bother bringing your petition to my house. Vote on policy, plug vulnerabilities and don't give away OTHER people's rights....unintended consequences never come as single spies, but in battalions.
  3. About 15 more months to go before the main stream media address the issue of information suppression and manipulation. In this context (and IMO), suppression of information has nothing (what so ever) to do the validity of the opinions on either side of the issue. The fact that 70 percenters supported and encouraged this suppression was the very thing that made me look deeper into the biology of it. Then came simple grade 13 biology questions being greeted with ridicule and sarcasm by people who couldn't discuss the issue coherently yet considered themselves soooo much smarter than the rubes asking those biology based questions. You need look no further than this forum to see what I mean... that sealed the deal for me. https://www.rebelnews.com/quebec_professor_immunology_rna_covid_vaccines_kids_patrick_provost
  4. the consequences of not addressing vulnerabilities: https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/germans-union-head-warns-cutting-russian-gas-topple-major-industries?dicbo=v2-df0ed87e176a3428abd95410f57e673d Now.... contrast that with this video. Remember when Trump was mocked and vilified for this? He wasn't reading tea leaves, consulting star charts, sifting through chicken entrails or getting advice from clairvoyants.... he was addressing vulnerabilities and the cost of mitigating them. Something liberals seem totally incapable of even considering:
  5. Pretty predictable eh? Agriculture is a big emitter and was sure to become a target. I have always maintained that this will come down to a rural urban divide.... a better word might be clash. As with the energy debacle in Europe, L/W loons are sure to make huge cuts before seeking alternatives or even acknowledging that they should (a bit like the police defunding madness), Throw in a few unanticipated complications caused by the complete inability to manage (or even identify) vulnerabilities, and shortages become assured. Shortages will be felt more acutely in other parts of the world and at some point in the future, access to water will become problematic. In any discussion of inducements to war, access to food and water top the list. When it all comes together, rural areas and farming communities have the ultimate upper hand in any struggle with people who rely on them for food. That's what this will eventually come down to. It could galvanize farmers into a united front, almost like a militant union. If they become united by a common threat and course of action, they could easily bring the loons to their knees in pretty short order... I think that's where this is heading. For the most part, people think the great divide is in politics between the L/W loons and the R/W loons. Given time, they will come to see how little the cacophony of loons matter in the grand scheme of things.
  6. The "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" crowd are getting their first meaningful whiff of self inflicted, unintended consequences. My point here isn't the point of the article.... it's that you can't predict the future; but you can address vulnerabilities. Giving away other people's privacy rights with little more regard than a smugly delivered t-shirt slogan always (ALWAYS) comes back to bite you. There will be more, I have no idea what form they'll take though since I'm not clairvoyant... if you want to find out, just continue to ignore vulnerabilities. And what ever you do, don't vote on policy. From the WDYTWGTH file" Some Americans are offering to help others travel out of state for an abortion. But in a post-Roe era, experts urge caution But while many of the offers may come with good intentions, abortion rights activists and legal experts warn that in post-Roe America -- and in an age ofunprecedented digital surveillance -- those online communications may come with complicated safety and legal risks for both parties as a patchwork of drastically different abortion laws begin to take shape and go into effect.
  7. Could anyone actually applaud this announcement without seeing the magical level of irony in it? .I stand in awe... robust privacy protection indeed: Google says it will delete location history data of users visiting abortion clinics Google said Friday it will delete entries from a person’s location history if it detects a visit to an abortion clinic "We’re committed to delivering robust privacy protections for people who use our products, and we will continue to look for new ways to strengthen and improve these protections," Google's Senior Vice President of Core Systems and Engagement, Jen Fitzpatrick, wrote in the blog post."
  8. I had "herd" about the recent incidents of buffalo attacks in Yellowstone and wondered if they had suddenly become more aggressive for some reason. Nope, people have suddenly become more stupid for some reason... these creatures get to vote BTW, it's what 3 generations of helmet and seatbelt laws get you: A Colorado man was taken to a medical center after a bull bison attacked him. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2022/06/29/bison-attacks-family-yellowstone-national-park-orig-jc.cnn/video/playlists/atv-trending-videos/
  9. The Liberals are funding hate. How else to describe the speakers at this Toronto convention? https://nationalpost.com/opinion/terry-glavin-the-liberals-are-funding-hate-how-else-to-describe-the-speakers-at-this-toronto-convention Not liberals.... liberal voters. Lets start putting the blame where it belongs.
  10. It's the slippery slope feature of it that "conspiracy theorists" have always feared. Mostly they aren't wrong, just early. The obvious argument against their position (at least in the beginning) is the one you just made... and it's perfectly reasonable. But we have seen how perfectly reasonable can quickly morph into madness though. In short, I find your position to be reasonable, sound and compassionate, unfortunately though, I predict that it's the harbinger of things to come and those (like us) who may stand in favour of it now will seek reasonable limits on its future application (citing reasonableness and compassion in the attempt)... and fail. I had previously thought that reasonableness and compassion could (within a nominal margin) be defined and generally agreed upon. Now we can't even agree on what a women is... so who'd a thunk (say 30 years ago) that we'd be where we are right now? If slope still equals rise over run, the run portion of the equation is getting incrementally shorter and the rise stratospherically higher every year. Soon the pitch will be too steep to clean the chimney and we'll burn the house down with a huffy puffy chimney fire that sounds like a freight train.
  11. Not rocket science, when you say the words out loud deficiencies and outright madness become obvious. If you can commit to being a political agnostic and only vote on policy, policy will provided... but it has to first be demanded. Election campaigns are fought over such things as he's a racist and make the rich pay... not a policy in sight.... stop it. In the big free market of good ideas,I don't care what the political persuasion of those who have them are. The message here is eat your vegetables... stop electing them. This is from the US but it holds true here as well. If you aren't mad as hell right now you either aren't paying attention or there's no sense in even talking to you anyway. Both are common symptoms of a society in free fall. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6308828584112
  12. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/medical-assistance-in-dying-how-do-people-die-from-maid "In Canada, the law no longer restricts MAID to people whose death is reasonably foreseeable. As of next March, people whose sole underlying condition is a mental illness will also be eligible for assisted death. A joint parliamentary committee is studying whether MAID criteria should be further expanded still, to include mature minors and advance requests." Here's a horrible thought: I foresee a time where MAID will be (more) freely offered to the mentally ill for (more) frivolous reasons.... some might argue that we are already there. Their organs would be harvested and specifically designated, by the patient, to the recipient of their choice in return for compensation. I would see that compensation being in a form similar to a life insurance payout provided directly to a named beneficiary at the time of death.... but essentially, it's the purchase of organs by any other name. A ghoulish idea to be sure. At the start of this I thought no, that could never happen in Canada, for one thing, MAID would never be extended as an option for mental illness... yet it's here now. Now I'm thinking no, designating an individual organ recipient (prior to death) and receiving payment for a named beneficiary could never happen in Canada. But when you stand the issue on its head, I'm left wondering why it couldn't, or even shouldn't happen under the framework envisioned by an already hideously immoral government. The question (IMO) becomes why couldn't (or shouldn't) a potential MAID candidate be able to bequeath organs directly to the recipient of their choice at the time of death. And why wouldn't any financial transaction made between the donor and recipient be their own business? Even if you put aside the notion of financial transaction... why shouldn't a candidate for MAID be able to designate the recipient of their choice for reasons of their own? Given the number of things that I thought I would never see in my life time come to pass, and given that those things were accepted by the masses with little more than a whimper, this could easily become a WDYTWGTH question a few years from now. Since even I could write a heart wrenching story for "Drag Queen Story Time" entitled "The Gift of Life," I no longer see the idea as a bridge too far.
  13. The trinity will now run its course. The warnings went unheeded and we need JT with a majority next election to consummate the deal. I fear that won't happen though... we will forever be locked into a seesaw of liberal/conservative madness. I keep expanding the fence line and posting no trespassing signs. These fools can do as they please, just leave me out of it. All I want is nothing...
  14. Why indeed. Soldier 101 suggests it's because other than scarcity, it has no value. In this context, scarcity also applies to whale excrement... worth about as much as crypto currency IMO.
  15. A brand new level of absurdity. Here we have a white man calling a black man a white supremacist. He can't tell you what a woman is though because he's not a biologist... but he sure recognizes a black white guy when he sees one; and somehow, the biological parameters of the former don't apply to the latter. No confusion at all in his mind, no sense of the absurdity he proclaims as truth. The black guy isn't just white, he's a white supremacist... and roosters lay eggs, right? If you are a student of scripture, things are going exactly according to plan. Something about the days of Noah as I recall... Rex Chapman suggests Clarence Thomas is a 'Black White Supremacist' Liberals have berated Justice Clarence Thomas following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade
  16. This is over the title of an existing book: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/crtc-tells-radio-canada-to-apologize-for-offensive-language-on-air Imagine the apology due from Youtube for carrying rap music. Or the record companies that produce it. Or the legion of fans who listen to it. And what do we do about those fans who sing along (out loud) with the lyrics or play the music in a manner that might cause others to hear it? There might be a few classic books out there in need of burning too, Uncle Tom's Cabin comes instantly to mind. We now have regulatory bodies with the power to compel speech on full display.... on July 1 of all days.
  17. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/terry-glavin-the-liberals-are-funding-hate-how-else-to-describe-the-speakers-at-this-toronto-convention https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/union-says-quebec-profs-suspension-for-anti-vax-comments-violates-academic-freedom https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/jordan-peterson-twitter-ban https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/soldier-charged-for-criticizing-vaccine-mandates-arrives-in-ottawa-amid-protest-fears When you light the BBQ tomorrow, ask yourself if you recognize your own country now. I don't. 70 percenters still want more though... and they'll get it. The amount of damage that can be done in a short time is astounding.
  18. When the government freely admitted to being guilty of ongoing genocide they opened the door to this stuff. It's no small thing and not something that can simply be shrugged off (as most Canadians have). Admitting to the crime of crimes should result in immediate incarceration and a trial for crimes against humanity. Thanks to JT, we will be seeing a lot of this for a long time I think.
  19. I don't have the time to research it all... so I'll say upfront that I don't know the answers or the reasons for the delay. But that said, my understanding was that the chief, acting as Scene of Action Commander, instructed all players to remain outside the school. I think the Border Patrol Tactical Team was the quickest tactical asset available and that's why they were deployed. In any case, just like the Cops, they would (I think) have been subordinate to the SAC. My first guess about the delay is that it was procedural (and that covers a lot of ground BTW) in nature, my last guess at a cause factor (and it would be a distant last) would be that it was due to cowardice. It might effect one person, or maybe two, but suggesting that an entire tactical team and all responding assets suffered from the same malady at the same time for exactly 78 minutes wouldn't have occurred to to me... it seems unlikely and in the absence of proof to the contrary, I don't believe it's the case. What ever the reason was though, it was clearly a horrid and inexcusable mistake and it cost innocent lives. It will likely be studied for years to come as an example of what not to do and it's likely that SOPs will be modified as a result. Particularly in regard to the tasking authority of non organic tactical assets by SACs not physically in attendance at the scene. If you have a concise summary of the event that supports cowardice as causal I would certainly read it. Like I said though, I simply don't have time to fact check it and join all of the dots through open source reporting. That doesn't mean I'm saying you're wrong, just that I would be surprised and deeply disappointed if you aren't...
  20. https://www.rebelnews.com/democrats_propose_transgender_bill_of_rights_to_codify_constitutional_protections_for_transgendered_individuals Remember when everyone thought this was about sharing bathrooms? A cynical person would say It was never about sharing bathrooms, but it certainly serves as a lesson in the dangers of not thinking things through, and the effect of unintended consequences. Seems to me that the same young women who called me a racist homophobe a few years ago (for pointing that out) are now leading the charge against trans rights. Cool eh? I expect the defund police crowd will have a similar epiphany as soon as violent crime collides with abysmal response times in the burbs (and affluent parts of uptown)... in other words, when it hurts them.
  21. New York City woman pushing baby in stroller on Upper East Side shot dead Mayor Eric Adams is going to the scene of the shooting where the woman pushing a stroller was shot dead This (and only this) coming to affluent areas is what will capture the attention of the defund crowd. Most likely they'll blame the gun though. I bet the mayor didn't attend crime scenes like this in black areas where it's rampant. Start now, work hard, do things right, and you will only have to put up with this for 5-7 more years. Liberals are right about one thing, decisions have consequences. OK, maybe two things, doxing was a great idea... I fully support it now and my bad bunny list thrives on it. Speaking of doxxing, this wasn't an accident: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gun-rights-group-california-ags-reported-leak-firearm-owners-data-he-should-resign When the tide turns and these techniques are turned against liberal democrats, they will expect people (dare I say like me) to advocate for fair play, equal treatment and common sense. They may be disappointed.
  22. https://torontosun.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-federal-services-collapsing-under-trudeau Just like a a banana republic... the ones where the unholy trinity rules and they can't seem to get the simplest of things right. People will rightly question the connection between basic services and the trinity... I have no explanation. But where you see the trinity you will also see lineups, shortages, supply line failures, inflation, rising crime rates, a robust black market, etc. The sort of things that defy logic... how can there be a shortage of flour in the bread basket of Africa? Why is meat so expensive when farmers are killing off stock they can't sell (or even afford to feed)? I'm not suggesting it's causal, I don't know that it is, in fact, I don't understand the process... other than asserting that it always seems to be in attendance where banana conditions exist. On the plus side though, it makes outcomes predictable. That's why I filled two freezers to the brim before all this took off... it's the only reason, it had nothing to do with being a savvy market analyst or member of the MBA crew. Soldier 101 seems to apply to all people in all nations, I like the predictability it provides and my universe would collapse without it.
  23. I guess it's official now. Progressives are certifiably insane. Cornell University removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust from library after alleged complaint A biology professor says the display was removed after 'someone complained' Cornell has a hand written copy of the Gettysburg address in Lincoln's hand... maybe the fools should burn that eh? They have more in common with ISIS than the Taliban do.
  24. I haven't been following this issue closely but I thought they were held back by the chief, who wrongly assumed a barricaded hostage scenario as opposed to active shooter. There's a difference of course. Invented by the military but a constant in all CQB operations... the mantra of surprise, violence of action, and overwhelming force isn't lost on police tactical teams... they sing that in the shower. If I had to bet (and again I don't know), my money would be on the side of them chomping at the bit and resenting every single passing minute that they were held back. Most of them would have taken this pretty hard. For elite teams, whether military or civilian, this scenario is what PTSD looks like. I bet that hour was the very definition of agony for them. In their place, I would have a hard time letting go of the "what if" demon, I'd be haunted by it. I remain profoundly grateful that I never had wrestle with one. I can't say that I know how they feel, but I can imagine how I would in their place... It would likely be a career ending event for me.
  25. Hold on a minute, I thought it was christian white nationalists and white supremacists doing all of the attacking. We seem to be short of liberals who can explain the situation in simple terms that a dumb grunt can understand. All I do is count the gas cans, see who's holding them and go from there. If you're carrying a gas can, I don't give a rat's behind what your political persuasion is. Christian and pro-life organizations under attack from pro-abortion activists in the U.S. Since the Supreme Court ruled on Friday to overturn the legislation, Christian organizations have maintained vigilance over the possibility of new attacks as pro-choice activists campaign to stage protests across the country.
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