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  1. Hugely significant but largely ignored by a mainstream media totally corrupted by agenda. People who routinely quote them as "verifiable sources" really need to get out more. https://apnews.com/article/business-israel-united-arab-emirates-abu-dhabi-tel-aviv-d9bccac1edfa87788eb367fa667d4f9e By way of comparison, it wasn't long ago that military members had to be very careful NOT to get an Israeli stamp in their passport or they would be denied entry to the UAE.
  2. Off topic but further to the cautionary point.... When you act in a violent manner, erect blockades that impact other peoples livelihoods, indulge in arson (while calling it protest) and engage in sabotage that endangers the lives of innocent people, should you be surprised when the same tactics are used against you later? Admittedly, it has nothing to do with the topic at hand other than the general premise contained in; do you really want what you seem to be asking for.... and my "estimate of the situation" (EOTS for idiots) which asserts that you really don't. ‘We're being ta
  3. I'm looking forward to finding out if the deicers of the world really want what they seem to be asking for. Based on my vacations abroad, I'm pretty sure they don't. The absolute inability to connect the dots speaks more to inexperience than it does political persuasion. I've spent an entire career listening to this nonsense with a military flavour.... Canada doesn't need: fighters, heavy lift helicopters, armoured vehicles, ASW, shore bombardment, TASMO, sniper teams etc. When they suddenly are needed (and aren't there), the only question I have is WTFDYTWGTH? I never get an answer to t
  4. Ironically, that myopic view (on both sides) starts off as narrative, it then proceeds to nourish partisan violence and the inevitable reprisal attacks that follow. Democrats (and no doubt Republicans) seem to think they can control their respective buffoons after the election but the danger is that the extreme left and right splinter into separate entities... both unrecognizable to the cesspool that spawned them in the first place. At that point you set the stage for chaos... you have the left, the crazy left, the right, the crazy right, the government of the day under pressure to act and a p
  5. Ready to use that ignore function yet? You will get nothing but high blood pressure until you do. Sometimes all you have is voting day...
  6. Agreed. There is a particular brand of voter that is becoming more and more common though, they will vote for whoever promises them the most and give little (or no) thought to policy.... they are the most dangerous and delusional of all citizens IMO. As to paying the bills, simply ask anyone in favour of The Paris Accord where the 80 mts of carbon should come from and they won't tell you. Ask the government and they won't tell you either. That's a big number and requires a big effort. Anyone talking about lightbulbs as a solution may have good intentions, but they also have l
  7. The deicers of the world stand in danger of getting exactly what they are asking for. It's a grave mistake to think this all goes away if Biden wins the WH. Up the violence a bit with IEDs, targeted shootings (etc... long list) and the reprisal attacks start; at that point it doesn't matter who wins the WH. The danger for political parties (of all stripes) is thinking they have control over their own extremist entities. You can't tell where people have been based on their posts.... but you can sure as hell tell where they haven't been.
  8. The quote above may be indicative of the US moving to the second verse of the well played tune.... most of these folks come to realize the sh&* wagon is off the rails at about the time they get splattered with the contents. There is an African proverb which suggests "the experience required to avoid an evil is never gained until after it was required." Refugees and soldiers can tell you what comes next, they will also observe that the sentiment "oh oh" almost always comes too late.
  9. That simply won't do it. People who have to go to work and heat their homes will pay it... simply a tax grab for income redistribution. Now for the hard stuff.... which is why it won't get done: We need to shed 80 mega tons/year to hit the accord target and it has to come from some where. So where? Magic light bulbs just won't do it. Shutting down the entire agricultural industry (all of it) won't do it.... that only sheds about 60MTs. After we are done with the pain, we will have reduced our output (1.7% of global emissions) by about .7% and wreck the economy in the process. N
  10. If you are smart enough to go to university you should be smart enough to figure out how to pay for it. If not, skilled tradesmen are in high demand. As to greasy politicians, until people start voting based on policy we will have problems. If I were voting on good manners, presidential attributes, scholarly discourse or a host of other things, it wouldn't be for Trump. As I see it though, he is the only thing standing between prosperity and the spread of California stupidity across the nation. This should have been an easy win for Democrats, all they had to do was not be crazy. How
  11. Agreed, he hit the ignore list on the very first post. I'm simply not interested in noise.
  12. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6199448252001#sp=show-clips I'm not sure how much of this is true, but assuming it is, surely it's concerning on at least two separate fronts: First off, it speaks to (largely) democratic voters being unwilling to pay for the policies they voted in favour of. Clearly, if you want things like open borders and sanctuary status (etc) we all know it comes at a high cost.... both in terms of policy implementation and on the flip side, the huge cost of not doing it right. Secondly, even though Republicans seem to be gloating about it, the mass influx of li
  13. A good question... I was wondering the same thing. It is reflective of the times I guess. Welcome back back by they way... I'm pleased to see you posting here again. I'd like to see neo, DEFCON and a few others return. I can't help but feel the time it takes to compose a thoughtful post/opinion is wasted and I would welcome a return to "the old days." Some of my views have been modified, softened and altered by the opinions expressed here (by you and others). I no longer find that to be the case and I suspect we are collectively the poorer for it..... .
  14. This is that, no going back.... I have resigned myself to it. I will forever show up on election day to cancel deicers vote. Anything beyond that is a waste of bandwidth. I regret that the ignore function doesn't disable quotes.... please have mercy!
  15. I'm wondering how long you will continue to torture yourself... the time you spend on research and composition would be better spent on a grunt pole in your garden.
  16. In addition to running counter to basic common sense, the assertion (you quoted) was just summarily rejected by my 6 year old granddaughter moments ago. Seems to me that anyone justifying the actions of the New York Governor (or others) based on the grounds quoted are likely suffering the after effects of injecting themselves with bleach.
  17. IMO, lost here amid the inevitable finger pointing is the notion of “escalation of reprisal.” Once that starts, it’s the escalation itself that serves as motivation for extremists on both sides and the debate over who started it becomes academic. The process of escalation and reprisal leads to a form of tribal partitionment were all thoughts of compromise are abandoned in a winner take all environment. The polarization (you see now) increases with the addition of a new reality…. people have cause to actually fear the results of an election. This makes the election results illegitima
  18. Canadian and American citizens are in the top .5% globally, the average middle class person in North America is wealthy beyond measure when compared to most of the worlds populationThe whole tax the rich 1% argument falls flat under it's own weight the moment the people leading that charge are asked for a donation to dig a well in Africa. I have yet to see an opinionated liberal that didn't grab a mouthful of bacon and run for the exit when they they see the waiter coming with the bill.
  19. If Trump paddled a canoe into a lake to rescue three people from drowning, the headline would read “DONALD TRUMP CAN’T SWIM.” Had he swam out but only rescued one person in the effort, the headline would read “TWO DROWN BECAUSE TRUMP ARROGANTLY REFUSES TO USE BOAT” When it comes to curing TDS, trying is the first step toward failure.
  20. It seems to me that people may be confusing (some deliberately I think) the long standing use of absentee ballots and military ballots (on deployments) with the whole mass mailing idea. My understanding of the absentee and military ballot system is that they are specifically requested and the identity of the requester is confirmed at the point of ballot origin before it’s sent back to them…. I assume (but don’t know) that military ones are requested on-mass for all deployed members by their respective administration units who are considered “trusted agents” for that purpose. It see
  21. That's it exactly... And, as an aside from creatures now ignored, In New York City, shootings were up 127% in Sept and murders by 76%. Liberal minded folk have suddenly stopped explaining to me (as if I was in grade 3) how crime statistics are down.
  22. Try to imagine the crazy rules at the gym. I don't even bother going now.... pushups and pull-ups at home are your friend. The Karens are out in full force and have pretty much taken over.
  23. Indeed.... thanks. Like an aircraft accident, you need that combination of multiple systemic and environmental cause factors to occur simultaneously. Throw in a hefty dose of what used to be called “strength of an idea” and the holes start lining up. Refugees who have experienced political violence (fleeing because of it), and soldiers who have seen various incarnations of the disease in other places will, like a GPWS or TCAS command judged errant, be summarily ignored by those most in need of the warning at the very time they have the most to lose.
  24. Haven't heard that term in a while. Welcome to my growing list of things ignored.
  25. Is it just me, or does nothing make sense anymore? I've tried screaming "war is peace and peace is war" at the bathroom mirror but all I get is a headache. And since defunding police reduces crime, I tried the same logic in an attempt to increase gas mileage in my truck. I must have done it wrong... the jerry can came in handy. I'll try getting more heat out of the stove by using less wood and report back.... https://www.foxnews.com/travel/singapore-airlines-airbus-restaurant-scraps-flights-nowhere