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  1. But only at airports in cities where the residents are deemed too crazy for Crazy Island: TSA confirms it lets illegal immigrants use arrest warrants as ID in airports TSA said the document would be checked against CBP databases
  2. The majority of advocates for this simply don't know what it is they don't know.... the list of goods delivered by trucks covers a lot more ground than most of them think. It's not just lettuce. In general (and IMO), truck drivers have a more rugged view of the world than the people aligned against them, they don't like to be bullied. So, in addition to the loss of capacity at precisely the worst possible time, I think you will see pushback in the form of protest, strikes and slowdowns. One of my favourite (and most asked) questions has always been: "do you really want what you seem to be asking for?" In this particular scenario, I would also add WTFDYTWGTH and what outcome were hoping to achieve? Did y'all think that border reciprocity was just a conservative talking point?
  3. It seems that NBC has been wholly unsuccessful in accomplishing their stated mission. Noah should stick to building boats and chasing butterflies. The term "advocacy journalism" could only be invented or used by a person (or organization) who self identifies as such. No one else would even think of it. A simple test: if you want to know what an organization is, what they're doing or what they plan to do, simply look at what they say they are not, what they say they aren't doing and what they say they would never do. If it's an individual (especially a liberal), ask if they are willing pay for that good idea. If they say the rich 1% will pay they're lying to you (and they know it): NBC News president says his network does not do 'advocacy journalism' Noah Oppenheim says NBC News's mission is to 'hold the middle ground and be objective and nonpartisan'
  4. Perfect time for a trucking strike, mass protest or delivery slowdown. I'm all in. Time to feel the burn, it's well deserved and completely self inflicted. Collectively, we didn't just want it... we demanded it. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/expect-more-empty-shelves-concerns-grow-over-potential-food-shortages-in-ontario There's still more we could do though, has anyone thought about mandates for the independent contractors who plow the grocery store parking lots?
  5. The WDYTWGTH file will soon need a room of its own. I'm curious to see if the government controlled media will even cover this story. Now all you need is a wild cat strike/protest by drivers all across the country, and don't be thinking it's out of the question either... y'all may find that last 12% a bit harder to push around than you thought: Schneider to shut down Canadian operations Truckload carrier says being in Canada doesn’t fit with “long-term strategic focus” Ooops spoke too soon, NP is on it: One of the continent’s largest trucking firms, Schneider Transport, just announced it is shutting down its Canadian operations.
  6. Fresh from the WDYTWGTH file. Your personal stance on the subject matter isn't the point here IMO. Thinking that individual rights should be dictated by the majority is the point... and having the reticle scoped and doped on YOUR rights is the inevitable outcome of forcing majority views on the individual rights of others. Even if you can. Especially if you can... It doesn't matter how the MBA crew spins it (and they surely will), soldier 101 suggests you should be very careful about supporting invasive policies simply because you agree with them. 71% of Americans support abortion restrictions: poll The pool found most Americans want the states to decide the abortion issue, in contrast to Roe v. Wade
  7. Rex is asking questions that he knows will go unanswered. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-why-is-it-canadas-duty-to-destroy-its-economy-and-confederation-in-the-pursuit-of-net-zero There's a simpler question here too, when asked, it shuts down all conversation and debate on the subject. It even silences politicians of all stripes and does it on all occasions. Here it is: What cuts are you willing to make and what are you willing to do without? Your answer must add up to the amount of carbon we need to shed? Can we have more than one quote of the day contender? This could easily apply to virtually every problem we currently insist on making worse. There is only one reason I religiously wear a mask in public... it's so I don't have to talk to Karen. The greatest part of that absurdity is how easily all bend to it, all speak the pious words of “net zero” as if they were summoning a genie, as our deluded leaders prate in foreign capitals about the brave new world they are about to call into being. The same leaders who can’t manage a payroll system, dig a few wells and provide clean water, who shut down Parliament but party abroad with maskless faces laughing at jokes — of which I suspect we are the butt. They do not have the intellectual competence to engineer this “transition.” As a minority government they do not have the mandate either.
  8. Interestingly enough though, therapy leading in the opposite direction is perfectly fine. It presents a dilemma for pastors and clergy when they ‘re approached by parishioners actively and voluntarily seeking assistance or clarification. Now, take a moment and put your personal feelings and prejudices aside. Recognize that this creates a crisis of sorts for people who are unable to reconcile their own deeply held beliefs with their own situation and emotions… they come looking for help, looking for guidance or even basic information; all of which must now be withheld in order to conform to the law. It would be a mistake to dismiss the internal conflict this can (or could) cause some people. Anyone who takes a simplistic approach and suggests that this law is about putting an end to shock therapy and public floggings should proceed directly to the CBC website… they made it just for you. Real life is a little more nuanced. My first and most immediate thought is concern for deeply conflicted people who might now consider suicide, my second is focussed on the two words I want to say to the opinionated political zealots who fail to see how dangerous they are. My opinion on such matters has changed very little since I turned 19 on my first UN deployment. I only mention that because it seems that I have undergone a profound conversion of sorts as well. I started off liberal with mainstream liberal values, became conservative when those values turned evil and now I'm a raving liberal again. During that entire conversion process, my views haven't changed one bit.
  9. Here it is, and the only ones who haven’t been watching for this development are the MBA crew and their cheerleaders. If ever there was a topic I could readily forgive the government and media for glossing over in an effort to avoid predictable outcomes, this would be it. Instead of resolving to be reasonable, moderate and restrained in their consumption habits, the voters who supported the actions that drove us to the brink of self inflicted madness will now proceed to make it worse. And they will do it by harnessing the same fears that created the situation in the first place. https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/food-manufacturers-start-to-cut-capacity-amid-labour-shortages-and-supply-chain-woes-1.5746345
  10. Quote of the day award: When asked about the life-threatening situations that Ontarians are facing due to cancelled surgeries, a Ministry of Health spokesperson said "we know this difficult decision can be distressing for people requiring hospital care."
  11. My concern (in the near term) has always been with protein toxicity, priming, inflammation and allergic reaction. Prion disease is more of a long term consideration. This video is long, take it with a grain of salt, an open mind and the certain knowledge that wisdom is acquired incrementally. I found it interesting because it’s the first video I’ve seen that addressed my concerns in an articulate manner and with the idea that any of them had the slightest merit. It’s noteworthy that none of my questions were Phd or even undergraduate level inquiries. They were simple grade 13 questions that any grade 13 student with a fundamental understanding of cellular biology would have asked in class, assuming covid basics were on the curriculum. Fact check at will but being wrong about one thing doesn’t make him wrong about everything and vice versa. If you can’t maintain an open mind or separate wheat from chaff then move along, this isn’t for you. I simply offer the video as is, where is. That said, I like this guy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PWDh2Wl9cLNP/
  12. I've been thinking about this for a while now. Consider the notion of some (yet to be identified) problem which serves to eliminate vaccinated blood from the blood supply. Or maybe it would only apply to a small (but important) segment of the population, say pregnant women, infants, or those with severe allergies etc. Would the people in question then support the idea of capturing purebloods and holding them in internment camps to ensure continued access to the blood supplies they need? Or, after being abused, segregated and imprisoned, would the magnanimous purebloods forgive, forget and willing submit to having their blood harvested. Once you cross the first threshold, the rest of it gets easier. Maybe I should write the screen play for" Pureblood" eh? In the mean time, Ordinary Men should be compulsory reeding.
  13. That's about one in every 4 people. Y'all should be more afraid of them then the unvaccinated. So how about we substitute fat people for the unvaccinated in that story... how do ya like me now?
  14. Where has the media been on this? https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/liberals-ask-conservatives-to-reconsider-stance-on-winnipeg-lab-documents And where have they been on on the NS shooting or the Danforth shooting for that matter? We are now beginning to see covid statistics and hear those dissenting voices we should have included in the conversation a year and a half ago. That can only happen when the government owns the media.
  15. It's not just about firing truck drivers and having ships lined up a container terminals. We have worked very hard at creating the perfect storm on multiple fronts. Each incremental step along the way has been the result of the worst possible decision made at the worst possible time. I can't even imagine it being an accident. When the principals of success require unity of command, selection and maintenance of the aim and all round defence, only fools ignore them. Bigger fools double down and keep digging. Collectively we have become a society of silly people and that's one step below foolish in the WDYTWGTH file folder. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/newsletters/2022-01-17/supply-chain-latest-union-pacific-battles-rail-freight-theft-in-l-a Here's a quote from today's news. It may be plucked at random and out of context but consider it as a stand alone concept and apply grade 3 logic to the assertion being made: "As fears grow that Canadians can expect a jump in food prices as well as empty shelves at the grocery stores, the Liberals are claiming that a contentious mandate requiring truck drivers to be fully-vaccinated is the best way to protect supply chains." Look, I can do full throttle stupid too. Zinc supplementation is an important factor in maintaining a strong immune system. A strong immune system is necessary to fight off the symptoms of covid. Exterior paint, (particularly primers) contain zinc in sufficient quantity to provide adequate supplementation. I'll always fondly remember meeting Paint Bros and his wife at Home Depot. During trying times, his wise words provide comfort and remain worthy of quoting..."paint is paint bros." Its that concept of operations and estimate of the situation that is largely responsible for our current situation IMO.
  16. More cryptic metaphorical riddles from the WDYTWGTH file: https://torontosun.com/news/national/documents-give-glimpse-of-finance-departments-grim-outlook-warnings-on-inflation And since inflation is a regressive tax that disproportionally hurts the the poor, it's clear that Liberals and Democrats are racist. Now get on the CB and meow into the mike... we can fire all the drivers who fail to respond. See I can do this too...
  17. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/health-canada-approves-pfizer-anti-viral-pill-for-treatment-of-covid-19 The irony here is superb. The very company that makes leaky vaccines now makes pills to defeat the virus its vaccine was designed to defeat in the first place. And just imagine what JT would have to say about a Conservative government that refused to disclose those costs. Something about tyranny, Nazis, and lying to Canadians I bet. Anyway, maybe more charter violations will prove effective... if you find yourself in Quebec after 2200LT just remember, no meowing outside.
  18. And in other news, the NCAA Board of Governors has contracted a 10 year old to provide long overdue perspective on women sports: Trans women athletes hold competitive edge, even after testosterone suppression, scientists say NCAA board of governors to review transgender athlete policy this week, spokesperson says
  19. Tax payers in California may soon discover the secret identity of those rich people who need to pay their fair share. Turns out they've been hiding in the bathroom mirror all along. Now open your wallet and say MEOW: https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/california-proposal-double-taxes
  20. LOL, maybe they're too busy writing a piece about the 300 million dollars we spent on field/mobile respiratory hospitals. As I recall 15 (or so) were ordered but only about 4 were ever built... none of them ever got used. Then again, It was a single source contract to SNC... so maybe not. Calling out the military had a nice ring to it too, maybe they could cover that eh? People thought hundreds of critical care nurses were about to HALO into the parking lot of their local hospital. There were 8. That's 8 total BTW, not 8 per drop.
  21. And just like that, those who wanted it no longer do. They will even point out the inherent limitations of PCR testing to support their position, a giant leap for high school biology to be sure, but, they do it as if those limitations come as a sudden epiphany carried on the wings of angels. I'm tempted to ask WDYTWGTH... but I won't bother, there is simply no penetrating the logic of those test kits being put to better use in schools. https://torontosun.com/news/national/air-canada-westjet-and-pearson-asks-feds-to-drop-mandatory-covid-tests-for-arrivals And finally, after 2 years, the most basic of causal relationships can be discussed without bans and Trumper insults. Did someone throw a switch here... about a year and a half ago I went looking for the information contained below and it was virtually impossible for me to put it all together. Now POOF, there it is and everyone is talking about it... just say MEOW: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/why-canadas-hospital-capacity-was-so-easily-overwhelmed-by-the-covid-pandemic
  22. Perhaps people should contrast the specifics of what Jordan Peterson has to say with this metaphorical riddle from VP Harris: “It’s time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day.”
  23. X2 for the Ordinary Men recommend. But my concern goes one step beyond what he said, it’s the demand for these things that actually scares me. Those demands are (IMO) largely induced by fear and made in the absence of considering long term consequences. If you support the notion that individual rights can be defined by the number of voters in favour or against them, note that present day Germany is but one example of the potential downside. On its present trajectory, within 50 years, the German population will be majority Muslim. It raises the question: do you really want mandates and decrees (rigidly enforced) that define individual rights by majority consensus? And lest anyone think that's a slam against any group in particular, we could have an entire thread on historical evils and find ourselves scoped and doped in the reticle too. In short, things like freedom of expression and individual rights don’t stand in opposition to equality under the law, they are the very tool with which equality is forged. All you need to do is recognize that you inherited a valuable tool, sharpen it occasionally, and spread linseed oil on the handle once a year. Look in any shed across the nation and behold how few actually do that. I bet it runs at about 70% which (as it happens) appears to be the number of Canadian voters who have gone barking mad. And please don't put limits on the trajectory of madness. As it stands now, if a cat gender person meows at you and you refuse to meow back you can be fired.
  24. And one likely shared by returning WW2 veterans if/when asked to show papers prior entering a pub... at least the ones I was acquainted with.
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