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  1. It's called getting "Rouged". Now the customers and the pilots have something in common. They all got "Rouged". Calin deserves every penny. Air Canada had a complete monopoly after buying Canadian and bled red for over a decade non-stop with uncle Milty. I'd love to say it was the pilots but what version of pension does the newbie get, C scale now at best? Only 10 years ago everyone was on a DB. Sorry pilots are terrible at this **bleep** big picture. It requires something outside of "its all about me".
  2. Somewhat related.... How do I get access to this type of audit information for my local Regional Health Authority? Their requirements for training are ridiculously lax. Training is developed on a continual basis but completion rates sit around 25%. Everyone has an excuse not to go....
  3. Bobcaygeon

    Friday Night Storms

    Birmingham is notorious for this type of event. Just go on youtube.
  4. Bobcaygeon

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    That may not paint the whole pictures unless you bother to determine what the liabilities were back then including that RM was doing his best to put the place out of business. Oh wait he isn't trying, it just came natural to him.
  5. Bobcaygeon

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    It still does from your Perimeter days......
  6. Bobcaygeon

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Why would he even care if he even thought about it? Even if he wasn't planning to crash it I wouldn't think that would be on my radar. It's a piece of metal/composite, etc. Nothing in a Dash 8 is anything of significance. It's all easily replaceable and you could have that era of Q400 on the line in a very short time. Like it or not there are a **bleep** load of aircraft out there flying that have been barrel rolled at some point in their lives. Only the stupid pilots actually openly boast about it or record it on video and then show it off after a few beers.
  7. Bobcaygeon

    Air Service to Small Cities

    I'd support basic bus service vs an airline. Buses use roads that the general public uses anyway vs airports in small communities that almost no one uses. Buses stop in every little fart place if need be. I grew up using them before I could drive or afford my own car. I can't imagine life without them, especially in the summer. I'd have spent a lot more time stuck in town vs on my grandparents farm that was 12 hrs away. Most small airports are already tax dollar funded anyway as landing fees, etc rarely cover the operating costs. It's usually the town's general tax base that covers these costs. I've recently jumped on a bus because the sked flight couldn't land. Unfortunately those who will make the decisions likely never have used the bus as a essential means to travel in this big country. I'm going to take a guess that the Trent -Severn waterway isn't revenue neutral. It would be a tough sell that its there for more than recreation now and that's fine as long as its recognized that yes it does take tax dollars
  8. Bobcaygeon

    Westjet Founder Ordering A220's

    Yup you got me there. The same SOP and training program that provided little to no guidance on factoring in wind, cold temps, etc when using FPA in the Halifax hard landing. Read the report....... Sorry but I shouldn’t have use work around tools that a Navajo pilot doesn’t need because the airplane has had IFR gps sine 1996. I’m pretty sure you were perfect and followed all the new “no smoking” rules in the Convair days.
  9. Bobcaygeon

    Westjet Founder Ordering A220's

    Why work on fixing other people's messes if you don''t like doing that? I'm a plumber by trade. I choose to do only new installs. I don't want to clean up other people's **bleep**. If we only fixed existing problems we'd still be using an "improved" telegraph vs a smartphone. He's not "Mike the White" so what's the problem? Do Jet Blue or WJ have safety issues that are different than existing carriers? Neeleman uses new aircraft not junk so it's likely safer than riding in an MD80, 737-500 series, or an older NG, etc. AC's 320's didn't even have a GPS. I used my foreflight acct on my ipad-cellular version for situational awareness. You provide what the customer wants not create a product that no wants or wants but isn't willing to pay for. ie A380, 318, 737-600, etc
  10. Bobcaygeon

    Westjet Founder Ordering A220's

    Disposable Airlines??? How so? JetBlue is doing just fine. Neeleman specializes in start ups just like many other entrepreneurs. ie software companies, engineering, etc. That's why many of the sales have non-compete clauses included. These guys are usually quite good at what they do, At least some are. Some don't even specialize in one industry. They are often angel investors that help small business owners transition from someone's basement to a larger market.
  11. You may have been operating in the "big leagues" for awhile now but the way management handled the pilot/ALPA/Swoop debacle it would appear not everyone is playing at a "big league" level. #stillplayingslowpitchatafastballgame
  12. Bobcaygeon

    Westjet and YSB

    With WJE in YSB there are currently 225 seats departing YSB before 0700. About 10 years ago it was 50 seats on Jazz. It's not really a big surprise. It was just whether it was Porter or WJE that would pull out. Encore only started basic service (once a day) there in Feb 2017.
  13. The 1st 777 parted out was only 11 years old too. An early model operated by BA??. As stated in article these planes are pigs with lots of “mods” due to design fixes. I bet the 787 is the same way. The 1st of anything usually sucks and the purchase price usually reflects that.
  14. If slots and gates are a problem the solution is easy, reduce frequency and increase the size of the plane. Why is the A380 dying if this is legitimate? Larger aircraft in most phases of flight require the same seperation as an RJ or Dash 8.
  15. Except they like the ancillary revenue nowadays hence why some airlines pay the FA a commission. You can't really stereotype it "low cost flights and clientele" . I seem to remember AC turning around somewhere over Alaska thanks to 2 BlackBerry employees that got liquored up and were a problem. They weren't in cattle class and were travelling on the companies dime.