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  1. The general public doesn't really care how the widebody wages compare to the rest of the world. ACPA lobbying for industry specific tax dollars while also leveraging for increased wages isn't cool and is greasy. For many on Flat pay it's a valid concern to pay bills. For anyone in the left seat is doing just fine financially compared the rest of working public affected by COVID. IMHO
  2. If AC is bleeding so badly why did MOA #2 increase the pilot MPG and the Flate Pay pilots go back to their original MPG? I know of a # of pilots from Rouge cpat to flat pay FOs that received a pleasant surprise. It doesn't really speak to undo hardship. Has anyone at Rouge flown since March? I know none of my friends have. Mainline pilots repo'd their planes to the desert. WJ's MOA #2 stayed the same MPG as MOA #1.
  3. I really don't know why they don't mandate the return of the money. I received my money back from Delta easily and as the US and EU it's mandatory. When they cancel the service incompletely (ie Wabush) it's a pretty "dick" move to give only a credit. They are going to have to rebook on PAL id they want to fly and lots of people don't have the extra cash to have a credit and then book more tickets, especially in this economic crisis.They can always use the credit if they really want to but the flights are just a small cost of a "fun" trip. Going to see family in Wabush where you're staying with
  4. I fully agree on this number but when it skinny already like YYB and YGK it may not be worth it. Retiring the -100 also means there's less classic air frames available and the -300's are by no means spring chickens as well with the 301's being retired at 80,000 hrs and not getting the 120,000 hr extension
  5. Having operated a number of these runs myself, many of them are pretty skinny at the best times and its easy to see why they have been cancelled. Much of the NFLD flying was done by EVAS in the 1900D which has likely entirely disappeared form the AC banner now. With the summer tourist season being a bust this year on the east cost its not likely worth it to operate for just the winter based on the loads, crappy weather and deicing costs. With Jazz retiring the D8-100's many of these markets cant support a 50 seat aircraft at all. How many of these stations even had AC staff? Most were Jaz
  6. They'll make their money on the service contracts and the various updates and life extensions. The KC-135 is pushing 60 years old and Boeing will have made a a lot of money selling parts, updating the aircraft, and dealing with aging aircraft issues. Airbus originally won the contract with the 330 MRTT but it was overridden. I doubt the A330 would have ever been delivered due to protectionism (Canadians would to do the same if we ordered E145's instead of CRJ's for our military) but it sure made Boeing drop their pricing to get the deal. They'll just markup the parts
  7. When you are regularly skirmishing with your neighbor who is upgrading their equipment and has nuclear weapons it's pretty hard not to whether you want to or not. The has no universal health care but drops trillions on their military.
  8. Have you compared the NavCanada rates to elsewhere with similar service levels? They are hardly outrageous and have been actually lowered at times when they are earning more than they need. What Federal Entity runs more efficiently than private industry? OPG, Manitoba Hydro, Ornge? It shouldn't be subsidized at all by the tax payer. User pay all the way
  9. Unfortunately your description isn't that typical and the normal cottage trip involves interactions in the communities for supplies, gas, and interaction with others. The message is being shared in NW Ontario and Kenora has lots of Manitoba license plates in town now. It would be the same is 905 & 416 people had different plates. It doesn't help that MB has loosened up the rules due to the low # of cases muddying the waters.... I can access LOTW from the MB side but can't from the Ontario boat launches.
  10. And I thought swamping on the Hawker sucked.........................
  11. And she's getting a little "nip and tuck" as she starting to sag from age. The UAV just can't quite do it all yet.’s-u-2-dragon-lady-getting-upgrade-future-battlefields-146482
  12. They aren’t active employees. The government has agreed to cover/waive employer EI/CPP costs of they are inactive. If they are active then the employer pays it. It’s usually about a 10% cost to company. The employees will 75% of their former wages up to the cap with no top up. Essentially the employer is just forwarding the Fed’s cash to the employee. The employee sees 20% more than EI.
  13. Exactly It's not an unreasonable request to get your money back vs a credit. COVID or not. The service wasn't provided. If I ordered a GMC pickup, paid for it, and then it wasn't delivered because the manufacturing line shutdown due to COVID I'd be **bleep** if they gave me a credit. I'd want my cash and then if I need a truck now I'd buy one wherever I wanted to. Not only at GM dealership. It's not like you can't get to a lot of these places by an alternate means. AC isn't operating to mainline China but I can still get there by other means just like I can still get a GM truck else
  14. Except your being presumptuous that this lady wasn't an FA or flight crew member. If you'd done this to me you'd be lucky not to have my pen in your thigh even if you think it's inappropriate. Your inappropriate action isn't any better. Like I tell my toddler "Please use you words"..... Just remember its highly likely that the generation ahead of you at some point thought you were an idiot too!!! Two words "Ok Boomer"
  15. Your logic would indicate that we should directing the Israeli-Canadians and Lebanese Canadians to not visit Israel or Lebanon because there's rockets, missiles, missiles, small arms fire traded back and forth by both sides regularly. There were a number of highly educated people on that flight and let's face it, Iran has been a powder keg long enough that people just become desensitized to it.