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  1. ALPA and JAZZ Sign Seniority Agreement

    Most of those type of jobs don't exist anymore. Floats is all but dead with a few exceptions. It's easier to get on at Jazz (or "Great Shakes" airlines)
  2. I don't know the EMB145 but in the Dash 8 if you have a normal brake failure or lose #1 hydraulic system you use the park brake as your emergency braking .They may have thought this was the case due to the effects of the hydroplaning. It is anybody's guess as to whether the crew was properly trained on the consequences of using the emergency braking ie anti-skid inop. Just a thought
  3. Air Canada Us Regional Rfp

    Easiest way to lower Jazz's CPA rates is to increase the CPA to include the narrow body aircraft at the same rates. That is why ACPA should give a **bleep**.
  4. Virgin Pacific

    Foreign ownership - big deal. They skated around it in the US so it will be easy here (no patriot act). Russ Peyton happens to have a 737-800 in yyz ( ex-Air Berlin) and an AOC (Skyregional). Coincidence??
  5. Yyz Arrivals

    Yes about 3 months ago the entire yul-yow to yqg corridor was redesigned. I don't know about porter.
  6. Really ???? AC is a great competitor for you. Could you grow to handle it's collapse? Not likely. Review your income statement history, the only quarters you weren't profitable coincided with a new player to the market ie Jetsgo If you were in a race who would you want to compete against, the mentally handicapped (AC mgmt), obese (AC labour costs), shackled (AC unions) competitor or Mr. Unknown? The next "Usain Bolt" could be right around the corner. WJ did the "unimaginable" in 1996 but it is not unrepeatable. You need an AC mgmt team that keeps AC bumbling around long enough (without taxpayer money) for you establish the capacity and overseas capability. The current group isn't doing that.
  7. Post Crash Fires - Nt Air Accident

    The CFR crews that day wish they had been called, even if it reduced the response time from 3 min to 1 min. Especially given that everyone survived the impact. Please use the tools you have available when dealing with emergencies. My "dream" emergency happens in YYZ or YVR not somewhere in northern manitoba where they don't even have a fire truck.
  8. Seneca College And Jazz

    My apologies, he had recently completed line indoc and had 100 hrs on type.
  9. Seneca College And Jazz

    Do AF 443 and Colgan @ Buffalo represent only "experience" issues? AF crashes on a pretty regular basis for a 1st world carrier (ie A340 in YYZ) and do you really think the 1500hr ATPL rule in the US would have prevented Colgan @ Buff? At least 100 major carriers use some type of "cadet" program without major accidents. How??? Both accidents could have been prevented with better training programs / culture and their company safety records reflect this. Look at the safety history of the airlines owned by Colgan's parent company (Pinnacle). Experience might make up for this sometimes but not always. Look up the AC A330 incident in Zurich in 2003ish (I think). Two very senior desk pushers/training pilots in an A330 managed to scrape the tail on takeoff and almost stall it on approach (I didn't think a 330 could fly that slow) in the span of about a 30 minute flight. An excellent training program can make up for a lot of (but not all) experience. There are a few Jazz destinations in BC that I would consider questonable for a low timer but Jazz doesn't have a means to eliminate that risk. Mind you Jazz had no problem sending veteran yyz based dash guys (block holders) to YCG even though they had never ever operated/simulated in or near the mountains. Most just "booked off" and SMS'd it to migitate the risk. The company was "enlightened" by the union and smartened up and put the next LOFT scenario in Kelowna. Jazz's crj hard landing in yyz involved a new hire FO with 100 hrs on type and highlighted a Jazz CRJ training program weakness. (Importance of TL @ idle in flare & bounced landing recovery) It occurred even though the crew member had "experience". Canadian 703 & 704 companies with poor records demonstrate these training issues as well. Overall I am not a fan of it (mostly my dislike for Seneca grads) but if done correctly in "baby steps" it can be acceptable.
  10. Q400 Not A Slam Dunk

    Defcon, as a former Dash 8 you pilot should be aware that Bombardier charges for everything possible ie contaminated runway supplement, narrow runway supplement, it's Tuesday supplement, etc). Reduced power may not extend TBO's but most PW turbo prop engines get increased TBO's based on "on-condition" extensions based on operator history with that engine and overhaul/hot section results. Not working the PW150 on the Q400 should likely lower hot section & overhaul costs relative to the hard working PW 127M engine on the ATR 72-600 Note: Slightly related, the purchase costs of a PT6-67 vs PT6-65 are large but the hot section and overhaul costs more than make up the difference quickly due to the design limit margins (-67 could easily produce more power, -65 is stretched to it's max.)
  11. Q400 Not A Slam Dunk

    The Q400 fuel economics margin narrows significantly if you run it at ATRish speeds. You can slow a Q400 but you can't make an ATR 72 go fast. With satellite communications now you can monitor operations and ACARS the crew when they aren't operating at the flight planned cruise speeds. ie going fast cause they want to get home early.
  12. Yes, TCM?? is usually kept at the western canada aviation museum in winnipeg and I believe it flies regularly in the summer.
  13. Roger Boisjoly Dies At 73

    3 years ago I was lucky enough to be a part of a group phone interview with Mr. Boisjoly as a part of my MBA class involving Ethical management. His regrets were clealry visible even 24 years later. It was scary how much it reminded me about parts of my aviation career, particularly early on. Other speakers in that course included an engineer for the Ford Pinto, he drove one and gave his mom one too. Completely different attitude from Roger as he truly belived the vehicle was safe. The ironic part of the course was that the first semester of the course focused highly on Jack Welch and his GE career and his successes. I have no doubt it was not a coincidence.
  14. I agree unless we get another Dryden. Resolute was a 737 but there wasn't enough killed (I am glad) to raise any eyebrows down south. What is the magic number? 20, 25, 30......?
  15. North Spirit lake is a VFR only airport. This carrier has not changed and the lack of 100LL in more places has made life even more of a challenge. There is a very good chance this pilot (who crashed on the extended centre line) was using some form of the "mexican ILS" ie OBS centreline of runway on the GPS. This would be the safest means of navigating legally. TC currently allows operators to operate high performance aircraft, VFR, in 1 sm vis, with a gps and traning (ops spec. 004) This training generally involves "there's the gps, here is how to OBS the runway heading, here is how you make a 5 mile FAF waypoint, and "don't hit anything"". This is perfectly legal with 1sm and clear of cloud, (Min alt varies with 703, 704 but can be as low as 300 AGL and 500 AGL). With this being the legal minimums, the "mexican ILS" is definitely preferable to navigating VFR to the airport and then attempting to circle over the frozen lake at these legal altitudes and visibilities. Many of these airports, even with approaches, have higher minimums than VFR limits. This is in most cases due to the airport not meeting the requirements of TP308 for obstacles (often the terminal building is too close). This cause the minimums to start at 500 ft AGL (GPS included) and increase from there. Very frustrating if you have aircraft and crews capable of flying WAAS limits. There is currently only one northern airport in manitoba that meets non-precision airport status minimums <500 ft with proper equip/crew. Northern airports truly need a major investment to eliminate this crap and provide incentive for operators to invest in better equipment. Would you invest in a WAAS GPS unit if your minimums are still going to be 800 ft AGL? Navcanada needs to improve their procedures to get these new GPS approaches in place at a quicker rate (2-3 years is not acceptable), the industry is waiting too long. In summary, northern airport operations have not changed in the last 10 years. That northern MB & ontario airports do not have wx is ridiculous and only financially motivated. (nunavut does have daily wx reporting and the communities are remote with populations smaller making it more of a challenge to find and train observers) Rant over I am not relieving this pilot of the responsibility to operate his aircraft in a safe and efficent manner.