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  1. YYZ can take them. I saw the whole C3 fleet lined up at Pearson shortly after 911 and that was before the 24L was built
  2. Nothing too drastically changing for specs with the "NEW" 777, more efficient engines, better wing and upgraded systems & avionics. Meant to do the same mission but cheaper.
  3. Because it's British, typically under powered. Have they ever built a plane that couldn't use watermeth for a boost? It gets warm enough in the summer to need it.
  4. The B200 is the work horse of the north these days. Great range, reliable Pratt’s and there’s not much else out there that’s easier to fly. Lots of power and forgiving. It would be my choice for a personal airplane if I had the $$$. It’s about the best plane these low time pilots could be flying in the North and many have autopilots to help out. Several operators have upgrade the avionics and have put the G1000 avionics package ($400k) into these machines. An amazing upgrade that matches or exceeds what you’d find in a CRJ or Dash 8. VNAV descent to the LPV with moving map and synthetic vision. I always cringe when I hear about a plane with just two pilots onboard crash in what appears to be good weather. There’s too many planes that have crashed with people doing stupid things. I hope I am wrong.
  5. Why wouldn't they? It helped push back the Germans in WW2. They functioned on large quantities of low grade equipment vs smaller #'s of quality equipment. The Germans made amazing tanks. Their engineers and factories designed and built transmissions for tanks that would last +2 years before work was needed. Too bad the average life of a main battle tank was less than 6 weeks.
  6. Where I worked it was a popular job for the "seasoned" guys. Sure beat scrambling in the pits of the 37.
  7. Well stated. Everyone that commented here is a veteran travel, even more seasoned after years of standby. Many, many people rarely ever travel and even more don’t ever leave the country. It’s still a dropped ball by WJ as a customer service failure. Hotel had no idea they were coming despite being bussed there. The customer even acknowledged that airplanes break and understood that. This guy’s not a complete idiot and has valid points.
  8. Nothing for commuters. TC wouldn’t touch that one. They even removed the existing requirement for the pilot to show up rested/fit for duty (fatigue related) because it was not legally enforceable as per their legal.
  9. Using the current regs how would switching platforms ie A320 to B737 cause any serious crew planning issues vs rewriting the scheduling software for all fleets and subsequently likely adjusting departures times etc ?
  10. I flew with you on the lawn dart and you definitely needed to adapt to the civilian world , probably still do...
  11. Or make you type it in twice like when you change your password
  12. It's not automation its simple garbage in = garbage out. I never been able to hand fly a great ILS to minimums when I had the VOR freq. dialed in. Are some of these issues new? No. It''s concerning that some of them still happen even with the automation/ tools available to them. How many accidents have happened because of bad math, running the wrong perf chart, etc. Big picture there's also a crap load more aircraft traffic than there was when automation much more basic. If we had the 1980 accident rate we'd be reading a lot more accidents. Media wise, in 1980 these things could have happened 2 provinces away and we might not ever even know about them.
  13. It's called getting "Rouged". Now the customers and the pilots have something in common. They all got "Rouged". Calin deserves every penny. Air Canada had a complete monopoly after buying Canadian and bled red for over a decade non-stop with uncle Milty. I'd love to say it was the pilots but what version of pension does the newbie get, C scale now at best? Only 10 years ago everyone was on a DB. Sorry pilots are terrible at this **bleep** big picture. It requires something outside of "its all about me".
  14. Somewhat related.... How do I get access to this type of audit information for my local Regional Health Authority? Their requirements for training are ridiculously lax. Training is developed on a continual basis but completion rates sit around 25%. Everyone has an excuse not to go....