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  1. Other Than Flight Crew

    You have to start recruiting somewhere. At least they're at the airport and probably done high school. Small airlines are hitting up air cadets and high schools on the pilot side to plant the "seed".
  2. With a failure rate of 0.02% I'm pretty sure any risk assessment would show it's pretty low risk. I wish most risk assessments had results like this.Due to budget cuts TC inspectors don't fly much, if at all, so they have little current real world experience unless they brought it with them, at least in some regions especially if there are no TC aircraft based there. and have only done the aircraft sim course, and in the sim you'll often find them on their phone, just like every other person in the world right now.You can tell the Federal Pilots Association rep either doesn't do it or only does it in the Sim. I don't know of any TC inspectors that will be disappointed they aren't doing a single pilot monitor in a Navajo with a guy with 500 hrs total time or 1200 hrs in the circuit in a 172.
  3. AC 3rd Quarter Profit

    Good thing ACPA just agreed to another shitty agreement and the expansion of Rouge for peanuts....
  4. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Boeing had to remodel the 737 because Airbus created the NEO family and no one would wait for a new Boeing design that seems to take almost a decade to get online nowadays. Airbus seems to be calling the shots lately with Boeing just reacting.
  5. Everyone at Jazz had the opportunity to remain in yyz but on different equipment for the same pay and no freezes, etc. TC knows about the ACPA Rouge game because I told Aaron M. in person myself. The avenues are out there if you choose to use them.
  6. The airlines caused commuters really? I had to look on a map to figure out where London Ontario when I went for my Air Ontario interview (I'm a western boy) and after being hired I moved there and lived there until they closed the base. Commuters choose to be commuters. I remember Buffalo and TC has done nothing to ensure it doesn't happen again. It was the pilots choice. We all know of Captains that do the same thing so it's not an underpaid FO issue. The shorter duty days will help commuters catch that last flight home. I know many pilots that commute specifically to be on specific equipment or have a better schedule when they live 20 minutes from a company base they can hold. TC removed the pilot's responsibility by eliminating that CAR but there are several more CARs that remain do identify the companies responsibility.
  7. No actually the regs will get worse regarding this. The unions have won and TC is removing the existing CAR: CAR 700.16 (4) A flight crew member shall use a rest period provided pursuant to subsection (3) and Section 700.19 to obtain the necessary rest and shall be adequately rested prior to reporting for flight duty. The pilot is no longer responsible coming to worked rested and using the time provided by the employer. As long as he isn't drunk or stoned he's good to go. It's all on the employer. This is progress? Hiring more pilots would be a fix if there were any out there to hire. There aren't enough commercial licenses issued each year to cover growth/retirements now, never mind when these regs come in to effect. The major carriers (ie AC) just steal the experienced pilots and do nothing to help the grass roots of the industry. Several Medevac operators have elected to make the investment and now operate aircraft equipped better than AC's 320 fleet. (Garmin 1000 equipped King Air 200'/250's). Why would they need shorter duty days operating better equipment than AC? How do you switch out crews in the middle of nowhere? Not every medevac is a shopping trip to the city. Why should the first nations people suffer because of ACPA. The new regs state that a pilot only requires 4 days free from duty (8 full nights in bed) in 28 days. Like ALPA or ACPA pilots are going to work that much. They are playing selective "science" where it benefits them and only them. The new regs prevent essentially every pilot from working more than 6 days in a row. Sure will suck for commuters or those trying to front load/back load their month to maximize days off in a row. Does ACPA/ALPA tell their people that. No.... The new regs limit the number of cumulative duty hours in a month despite ICAO and the science saying that it has no effect on fatigue if the crews get sufficient rest. Should ground school be considered duty for the month? For the day, yes, and for time free from duty, yes, but not for the month. If the current duty regs are unsafe why did ACPA just agree to allow 250 more of their pilots (25 more aircraft for Rouge) to work to existing CARS regs ( Rouge rules) vs the existing working conditions in their existing collective agreement (Mainline rules are more restrictive)?? Oh wait they did it for pension improvements (CASH).Cash to work under "unsafe" working conditions agreed to by the largest pilot group in this country. WTF? Reminds me of an AC/DC song. "Dirty deeds....." They are relying on TC to legislate what they can't negotiate. Changes are overdue and need to be made but there 's too much influence from labour in these regs.
  8. Duty Times for Flight Crew

    Why agree to expansion of "unsafe working conditions" in exchange for cash if it's truly unsafe? No one even wants to touch the commuter issue.....
  9. Duty Times for Flight Crew

    If it's unsafe to use the current regulations then why did ACPA just agree to additional growth at Rouge (who follow CARs regs as working rules vs mainline work rules) for pension improvements as in CASH!!!! If the airframes stayed at mainline they would be working under "safer" work rules than CARs" right? The rules definitely need to change and they are following the process that is required ie Gazette 1, comments period (90 days- it closes next week), then Treasury board, Gazette 2, etc. ACPA left out that both EASA and the FAA allowed a 24 month implementation time frame for the industry to allow for software development, training, etc. the proposed regs give a 12 month timeframe which the software companies say they can't meet because the rules aren't finalized yet. "Chicken & egg" Sorry but ACPA has it's own agenda too. It's "Please legislate what I couldn't negotiate" DEFCON, aren't you still trying to sue ACPA or it's members?
  10. ALPA and JAZZ Sign Seniority Agreement

    Most of those type of jobs don't exist anymore. Floats is all but dead with a few exceptions. It's easier to get on at Jazz (or "Great Shakes" airlines)
  11. I don't know the EMB145 but in the Dash 8 if you have a normal brake failure or lose #1 hydraulic system you use the park brake as your emergency braking .They may have thought this was the case due to the effects of the hydroplaning. It is anybody's guess as to whether the crew was properly trained on the consequences of using the emergency braking ie anti-skid inop. Just a thought
  12. Air Canada Us Regional Rfp

    Easiest way to lower Jazz's CPA rates is to increase the CPA to include the narrow body aircraft at the same rates. That is why ACPA should give a **bleep**.
  13. Virgin Pacific

    Foreign ownership - big deal. They skated around it in the US so it will be easy here (no patriot act). Russ Peyton happens to have a 737-800 in yyz ( ex-Air Berlin) and an AOC (Skyregional). Coincidence??
  14. Yyz Arrivals

    Yes about 3 months ago the entire yul-yow to yqg corridor was redesigned. I don't know about porter.
  15. Really ???? AC is a great competitor for you. Could you grow to handle it's collapse? Not likely. Review your income statement history, the only quarters you weren't profitable coincided with a new player to the market ie Jetsgo If you were in a race who would you want to compete against, the mentally handicapped (AC mgmt), obese (AC labour costs), shackled (AC unions) competitor or Mr. Unknown? The next "Usain Bolt" could be right around the corner. WJ did the "unimaginable" in 1996 but it is not unrepeatable. You need an AC mgmt team that keeps AC bumbling around long enough (without taxpayer money) for you establish the capacity and overseas capability. The current group isn't doing that.