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  1. Newfoundland-based PAL Airlines to fly out of Sydney Premium content Sharon Montgomery ( Published: 16 hours ago Updated: 13 hours ago /media/photologue/photos/cache/prime-minister-trudeau-cape-breton-is-pleading-1_large.jpg The J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport is shown in this file photo. Sharon Montgomery-Dupe/Cape Breton Post
  2. PAL Airlines to service Fredericton with direct flights to Newfoundland, Ottawa, Halifax The announcement marks the first-ever offering of direct flights from Fredericton to Newfoundland Isabelle Leger · CBC News · Posted: Apr 07, 2021 5:16 PM AT | Last Updated: April 7 PAL Airlines will offer flights from Fredericton to Deer Lake and St. John's Newfoundland, starting May 31. (PAL Airlines) 17
  3. Canada’s PAL Airlines to expand to 11 cities this summer By Jon Hemmerdinger7 April 2021 Save article Canadian
  4. WJ ALPA isnt tell the whole story. The Company did make an offer that was slightly better than the one that expired but not as good as AC's in January which was signed before the CX of the Sun destination flights. That offer never made it to the Pilot group to vote on despite it very likely being accepted as it's very clear the Company is still only flying 10% of the block hours from Pre-Covid and it's been semi-retirements for most pilots (0-1 pairing a month). A group of 6 had that power and used it (the vote was 4 nay - 2 yay). All of this was shared to the pilot group by the MEC chair
  5. If you have worked with or worked for Harvey Friesen of Bearskin AIrlines you may want to consider supporting his nomination to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. At one time "The Bear" was the largest private regional airline in Canada. Not bad for a C180 operation that started in Big Trout.... Good Afternoon For those of you who worked with or for Mr. Harvey Friesen you may want to consider signing this petition. Dear Industry Colleague, You are invited to read and sign the petition to support the late Harvey Friesen’s induction into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF). t
  6. What makes you think the flood gates will open in June? With a 3rd wave predicted and parts of Ontario already going back into lock down I'm not confident the quarantine requirement will be removed or the land border will open by June. Hindsight is 20/20 but the Company should hare never signed the previous MOA's and should just laid more off initially and recalled as needed. Recurrent training doesn't take that long and they own the Sims. I have a number of friends getting paid 12,800K/month, top rate 737 captain (11 year scale) x 59 hrs, that have only flown one pairing (3 revenu
  7. WJ MEC rejected another company offer yesterday. It’s the 13th and sked build is normally in progress. The only small positive (maybe) is that the ALPA constitution allows the MEC to ratify an agreement without a membership vote so a very last minute deal can be approved by the MEC. In such instances the deal is usually short so the MEC doesn’t get hung by the membership if it’s not a great deal and in this case saves job.
  8. Letter to the pilots from WJ MEC and the Company to the pilot group on Friday March 8th have stated that the Company made its final offer on Wednesday, March 3rd and the MEC rejected it on Friday March 5th. DFO and Ed Sims sent out messages later in the day that the 415 layoff notices issued on March 1st, effective April 1st will not be retracted. One wonders how long they can play chicken before the April crew schedule has to be issued.
  9. Unfortunately most of the tourism industry pays poorly to ensure it is competitive with other destinations worldwide. Of course there are exceptions to this but minimum wage and tourism are often tightly knit.
  10. Excellent, fines should have been enforced long ago instead of just warnings for all of these violations. By late last year there many rules that had been place for quite some time and people were still just getting warnings. I understand giving warnings for all the rules that seem to change constantly but some have been in place fo rmany, many months. From the reaction to quarantine costs it's clear $$$ catches people's attention.
  11. There might be a slight delay but the industry will respond and a free market will determine who is successful and who isn’t. There’s a **bleep** load of aircraft on the market these days. If there’s a buck to be made someone will fill the hole. This pandemic has shown just how much air travel is “non-essential”. The world didn’t grind to a stop and we saw just how much business travel can be replaced with technology and we’d all survive without vacations without aircraft. It would be unpleasant but give me access to my close family and friends that I can drive to and I’d s
  12. They gladly will. They already are for other parts of the country ie the North, that have similar requirements. Close contacts and COVID positive people not requiring healthcare are brought down south and placed in hotels because communities don’t have the space to self isolate everyone.
  13. The parts are way cheaper too and way easier to source. There are dozens of tractor dealers in Ontario alone vs a couple of suppliers at most in Canada for aircraft specific equipment. I've spent many very long days in a farm tractor (no duty days) but I couldn't imagine spending that much time in a tug. PS I've never heard of a tug being called "sexy" but I've definitely heard that about tractors. I'll take the farm girls over the ramp girls (in general but there are exceptions) any day;
  14. Thank god "Peter Puck" lost. A shyster in many ways, and the man who sold Gretzky..... I did learn what a nasty strike, picket lines, and SCABs were though. The good old days when a strike meant something for both sides...... I was a teenager in Edmonton in the 80's, does it show
  15. It's that a type of special CRJ model like the 705? I heard you benefited a lot from the Ballard year Leafs and enjoyed the leftover beer when the team lost and Harold wouldn't let them drink. Thats a lot of beer in those years. Too bad not much has changed..... I wonder if Gretzky's still a chicken now that he's in a private jet.