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  1. Except your being presumptuous that this lady wasn't an FA or flight crew member. If you'd done this to me you'd be lucky not to have my pen in your thigh even if you think it's inappropriate. Your inappropriate action isn't any better. Like I tell my toddler "Please use you words"..... Just remember its highly likely that the generation ahead of you at some point thought you were an idiot too!!! Two words "Ok Boomer"
  2. Your logic would indicate that we should directing the Israeli-Canadians and Lebanese Canadians to not visit Israel or Lebanon because there's rockets, missiles, missiles, small arms fire traded back and forth by both sides regularly. There were a number of highly educated people on that flight and let's face it, Iran has been a powder keg long enough that people just become desensitized to it.
  3. From YQB I believe. Cool layover in summer. Not so much right now.....
  4. Well it appears someone didn't agree and 737 Max's were bought. The current fiasco couldn't have been predicted and it could have been an airbus product. They have their issue too. The NEO has had big engine issues like the Rolls 787 . AC could have picked the Rolls option for 787 and life would be different right now. The 737 and the MAX have made a lot of airlines a lot of money including AC's ever growing head to head competitor so there is clearly value in both choices.
  5. Depends who you mean by which people doing the evaluation. Every RCAF pilot wants the F35 but they don't have to pay for it. Lots at AC wanted the 320NEO but they bought the Boeing. Lots of factors at play with money being the big one. Pilots and commercial all wanted the Sonic cruiser but accounting said no way....... and it never was built.
  6. Boeing's been's about price for a long time now. The 737-300 was probably cheap as is the current 737 vs the 'Bus and had the MD series to compete with too for pricing. I'm sure the A320 was expensive and it took bribe money to get AC to buy them. The A320 is definitely getting to be an old design too now. The NEO should probably be close to its last version too as I wouldn't think there will be another version of 737 coming out as a competitor. Drone technology might delay the need for a new 320 size model until they figure out what the general direction for commercial aviation is going forward is but Airbus doesn't have anything else on the go design wise right now vs Beoing with the 777-9 and the NMA project. The A220 will remove the need for a 319 or 318 which has been ordered in a very long time now or never really ordered at all.
  7. A 10,000' restriction isn't RVSM something else was broken. That would cap them at FL280 unless something has changed very recently. I've been across in a 1978 LR35 at FL280 when the A/P was MEL'd last minute., I knew I shouldn't have used the test function.....
  8. Unofficial reports are that it was a single otter and it may have come apart in flight. FWIW
  9. Just go online. You can have a pretty discreet wifi/Bluetooth “perv” cam from Amazon Prime by Tuesday am. If you put it in an RJ you’re just going to see me backing in from the cabin so I don’t have to turn around...... Not a pretty sight....
  10. Either way it's beyond the operator's control just like if Penticton started paving the runway and it shortened the runway and it was too short for the aircraft type or the airport was closed certain hours for paving so certain flights couldn't operate on time. You can buy a ticket a long way in advance, much earlier then an airport would finalize the dates for paving....and they never finish on time.... Clearly its a slow news day.......
  11. Or Sunwing is tired of using Nolinor, Eastern, etc to cover while the Max continues to sit......I's say Transat should probably happy they were bought when they were.
  12. The operator I work for mandated autosealing cups (Costco Contigo type), water bottles or nothing it after reversal expensiveness coke events
  13. Thanks for including the real facts in the story. JT doesn't need back to work legislation, he knows the Aga Khan and daddy's trust fund has done well during the early stages of the legalized weed craze... He needs to thank the NDP for still filming a Cheech and Chong sequel as they still are inhaling instead of prepping for an election. What a joke of a group this time around
  14. It's pretty unique with them being an "orphan aircraft type"......the other Canadian carriers pilots are still flying vs sitting. There's no one that would have bet these planes would have been parked this long from a flight crew training/forecasting point of view.........
  15. The competition board already took a long hard look at this and issued the approval. The profits, or lack there of, at the companies look nothing like the $1.17 billion profit Air Canada delivered in 2018. Both airlines have historically struggled running similar schedules using similar equipment because there are very few options out there that can do the job (environment, performance and payloads). It might actually save the # 1 customer, the Government of Nunavut, some money as they won't be providing essentially life support for two airlines via higher prices. IMHO