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  1. Garneau is not planning to run again and will retire. Trudeau indicated he wants cabinet ministers that will be involved long term. Nothing more than that. We may not agree on Garneau's actions but when he did pick a mission, good or bad depending on your position, he got it done.
  2. Like it or not if you have the appropriate paperwork you don't have to wear as mask. Some people do have legitimate health issues and yes they do still have the right to essential or non-essential travel. Canadian human rights law makes that clear. The transmission risks are extremely low in an airplane already. Not everyone is Mr Sky and if he has the paperwork you're kinda F$$%#d. You can't expect a front line employee to know who the anti-maskers are. A plastic shield does nothing to prevent me from spreading these type of droplets. Wear one and then sneeze or cough. Little to nothing
  3. If the USAF used the simple basket and probe teh 767 would have been operational long ago like the 330 MRTT but they use the boom, which has its benefits, but has clearly created the issue in addition to poor Boeing workmanship.
  4. Just another card played by Calin against the House (Garneau) or is Calin "the House"
  5. Ok Boomer........... I'm of a similar thinking but I can't say I haven't done well in my career timing. I don't know where you live but I wouldn't want to be a millennial trying save up to buy a house. Aviation wages have definitely not kept up with the cost of living in my relatively affordable city.
  6. You must be retired......... the airline industry has been accepting credit card payment for a very long time. The average canadian credit card debt is $4200 and be charge 3 billion/year on them. Your customers/guests have been borrowing to travel for a very long time and it's key to all airlines survival. Your thinking is very bad for business. If the interest rates are lower than credit cards then it makes sense.
  7. AC and Jazz received almost $600 million, that's about half of all the money given to the industry. The US industry received a large amount of funding but it was conditional on keeping employees on payroll until September. The Canadian airlines weren't required to do that. I'm a fan of keeping the industry alive but AC continues to be a bully which most of the general public has no time for.
  8. Absolutely. What are those things coming out of the top of their cellphones and his headphones??
  9. The 767 will open the door to the 777 when they get older. With passenger flights reduced for the next 3-4 years there is a lot of wide body belly capacity missing. Even without the COVID related cargo there's as much or more air freight than ever moving now more than ever. What is a Rouge 767 even worth on the market right now? Not much....... It will also keep ACPA one more challenge to address when the next negots happen.
  10. Court is just another tool in the tool box. It's not a quick process so no money will change hands anytime soon. Porter just needs to stall until the cash starts flowing again, lol. Deluce has used the courts for YTZ himself... Is the bridge built yet? That family is legendary after starting as a mom & pop float operator in Northern Ontario.
  11. No you can't but you can also work out a deferred payment plan. Like it or not without Porter the terminal owner is toast. Are they willing to play chicken with the golden Deluce? AC gradually phased out service there pre-Porter and only came back because of them. If they play it smarter and maintain just enough service no one would ever go back and there again.
  12. The general public doesn't really care how the widebody wages compare to the rest of the world. ACPA lobbying for industry specific tax dollars while also leveraging for increased wages isn't cool and is greasy. For many on Flat pay it's a valid concern to pay bills. For anyone in the left seat is doing just fine financially compared the rest of working public affected by COVID. IMHO
  13. If AC is bleeding so badly why did MOA #2 increase the pilot MPG and the Flate Pay pilots go back to their original MPG? I know of a # of pilots from Rouge cpat to flat pay FOs that received a pleasant surprise. It doesn't really speak to undo hardship. Has anyone at Rouge flown since March? I know none of my friends have. Mainline pilots repo'd their planes to the desert. WJ's MOA #2 stayed the same MPG as MOA #1.
  14. I really don't know why they don't mandate the return of the money. I received my money back from Delta easily and as the US and EU it's mandatory. When they cancel the service incompletely (ie Wabush) it's a pretty "dick" move to give only a credit. They are going to have to rebook on PAL id they want to fly and lots of people don't have the extra cash to have a credit and then book more tickets, especially in this economic crisis.They can always use the credit if they really want to but the flights are just a small cost of a "fun" trip. Going to see family in Wabush where you're staying with