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  1. LOL, me either. That said, I have no idea what it was made of but you would think that an expert, working on a shark documentary with other experts, who deliberately chummed for a Great White in Great White waters might have conjured up the motivation to apply a bit more attention to detail. The point of it all (for me anyway) is that if a non-expert were there and asked about the lack of a full cage, the lack of freeboard (in the absence of a top) or the security of the tether in the absence of both, they would likely have been subjected to ridicule for questioning expert opinion. When you look back on the experienced Capts you flew with during those formative years of long ago, the best of the best, and the ones I paid particular attention to were always happy to explain "why" they did something a certain way. They could also offer alternatives and explain when/why those alternatives might serve the situation better whilst listing the advantages/disadvantages of each. All you had to do was be interested and motivated. Not only have we lost that particular brand of expert, voters themselves have become uninterested, unmotivated and unaware... not only that, they have become experts in applying their own knowledge deficiencies to full throttle ridicule on behalf of the experts who label reasonable questions misinformation. I fear the sharks are winning.
  2. Across the board, maybe we need to redefine "expert" and stop reading anything with a headline of "experts say." Here we have a "shark expert" in action. I've seen a lot of sharks and although I'm certainly no shark expert, some of my most uncomfortable moments have been double lift pickups in the downwash of a helicopter in blue water. This video stopped me in my tracks. As it happened, I saw the beginning part of it (without context) over a relatives shoulder as they were watching at it. I was commenting on the lack of a top, the lack of freeboard on the cage and the precarious tether when the four stages of stupid conspired against this guy simultaneously in a classic WTFDYTWGTH moment. Take a moment and imagine how you would feel if this expert had talked YOU into his idea of a good idea, then translate that across the full spectrum of political absurdity currently on offer.... and be afraid. Nothing like immediate consequences and learning through intensity eh? And when faced with a self inflicted absurdity of epic proportions, never forget to flop around on the surface like a baby seal. Here's our current top contender for the 2022 WDYTWGTH award: https://www.cnn.com/videos/travel/2022/07/24/great-white-shark-attack-video-shark-week-vpx-new.cnn
  3. Which is now increasingly obvious to people who hadn't previously given a lot of thought to such things. It's particularly poignant with parents, and ironically, democrats (who only had to do nothing to prosper and prevail) attacked the one demographic guaranteed to hurt them in two upcoming elections. Endangering people's children, or messing with them in anyway (education, mandatory masking/vaccination, CRT, drag queen story time, etc) is the exact sort of thing that could usher in a new era of zero negotiations, zero compromise, full throttle winner take all elections. Conservatives see that they have a small time frame to beat this back into the shadows (where it belongs IMO) and the actions they are now willing to support are likely be more aggressive than actually necessary to do the job. I previously would never have supported that... now I do. My opinion may be unimportant on its own merits but the point is it's a huge and fundamental shift for me personally. If I can make that shift (albeit reluctantly), how likely is that others would accept, or even applaud it. That's not good. My point through all of this was that it's a bad idea to make people feel as though they have no choice other than direct, unilateral action and/or that they need to be frightened of an election result that doesn't go in their favour. For all the MSM parroting of "threat to our democracy," they seemed to miss that one completely.
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/westjet-bc-woman-lost-luggage-1.6550194 Personally, I'd rather drive, crawl, swim or stay home... but that's just me. Besides, basic arithmetic (grade 4 stuff BTW) suggests that transportation needs to take a serious hit if Canada is going to meet those Paris Accord targets. I just wish people got as outraged about our collapsing health care system as they do about lost luggage. If you're a staunch defender of our current system, I think it's likely that you don't have family members or close acquaintances with severe medical problems (and no doctor) who are facing the real possibility of death before they're turn comes for treatment. Surge capacity was on full life support before covid, and the remaining nurses (the ones we didn't gleefully fire under vaccine mandates) are so burnt out now that they're leaving the profession in unsustainable and systemically irreplaceable numbers. It's on the verge of full collapse... if it weren't for global warning heralding the end of the world in 6.5 years, it might be something to worry about. Imagine if you had spent the last 3 years living off the land and completely off grid in a log cabin in the wilds of Northwestern Ontario. That before and after snapshot plotted against time would (or should) provide some perspective and point to a frightening trajectory. You would likely be just as gobsmacked as I am at the prevailing level of apathy, misplaced hostility and the rapid rise of the unholy trinity. You might even ask (as I do now): "dude, WTF did you do with my country."
  5. The use of vehicles as weapons is becoming a concerning trend now. https://www.foxnews.com/us/man-crashes-car-crowd-honoring-victims-of-fire-leaving-1-dead-17-hurt It's not my intent to politicize a tragic event, but I would note that most of these vehicles are fully automatic, have high capacity fuel tanks and can hold more than 5 people. In addition, they can easily and cheaply be outfitted with an array of lethal options like racing stripes, four wheel drive, and bumper accessories like push/bully bars. No one in the city needs four wheel drive, and no one needs an assault style vehicle of any sort. No one hunts with these vehicles, they're military grade weapons of war and have one purpose only. See that, I can do absurdity almost as well as a liberal.
  6. Wasn't it movie stars leading the charge on defunding? https://www.foxnews.com/us/chicago-police-want-divert-some-police-neighborhoods-film-sets-report I'll believe they believe what they say they believe when they start acting like they believe what they say they believe. Maybe we should collectively apply that logic to a number of hot button issues. Wouldn't it be great if citizens stuck together and punished the purveyors of absurdity in the manner they richly deserve to be punished. As a for instance, I would love to see a total and complete boycott of this food festival. This little girl was 8. On the plus side, a local business got her a permit and allowed her to use their venue... I'd shop there. So, am I the only one with an ironclad bad bunny list that grows longer by the day? Ohio girl's lemonade stand near food festival shut down after complaint The Ohio girl's lemonade stand was the subject of a complaint from the nearby food festival
  7. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-that-sound-you-hear-could-be-the-country-fragmenting I think Rex is asking the wrong questions here. The only real question is "do you want to hit the Paris Accord targets?" If you say yes, then the things JT is doing and proposing (plus much more) need to be done. Not only that, if you have been paying the slightest bit of attention to the issue, and doing some grade 4 arithmetic along the way, you know it. Vote on policy.... anyone surprised by any of this simply wasn't paying attention. There is more to come too, this isn't enough. I'll ask again but pose the question differently.... what other sectors of the Canadian economy do you want to see cut in support of accord target goals or do you just want JT to pick them for you? We are now at a point that failure to answer the first part means you have selected the latter.
  8. I've been counting the hours here... other than Bill, snowflakes have been strangely silent. Maybe they were hoping it was a white nationalist Christian behind the attack. Another thing I've noticed is that Democrats have suddenly stopped criticizing law enforcement. Coincidentally, it happened right after the raid on Trumps estate in Florida. Bill Maher reacts to Salman Rushdie attack: Don't come at me with 'Islamophobic' to shut off Islam debate Bill Maher calls Islam a 'fundamentalist religion' following the attack of his friend Salman Rushdie
  9. None that would meet my definition of being successful at it...
  10. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/kate-dalgleish-how-ive-spent-my-summer-break-under-threat-from-terrorist-missiles All things considered, Israel is pretty safe. I've been there many times and it stands as one of the few places I would always be willing to return too. The article is interesting from the perspective of perspective and how brief encounters with reality and learning through intensity can shape ones take on things. Nothing quite like comparing media crap with what you can see with your own eyes. This lack of perspective in most voters (IMO of course) is palpable and acutely gobsmacking to anyone who has spent time off the vacation circuit. BTW, Israel is a great vacation destination for history buffs and divers. The diving alone is well worth the trip, it's likely to spoil all other locations except the Great Barrier Reef for you.
  11. https://www.rebelnews.com/germany_updates_vax_pass_rules_now_requires_a_jab_within_three_months_to_be_fully_vaccinated This will be here before you know it and we'll soon see if 70 percenters really want what they say they think they might maybe want. Don't bring your petition to my house... I think it's well deserved.
  12. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/financial-perks-doctor-recruitment-1.6548194 A case study that MBA crew members should read twice. It's not about nurses BTW, it's about retention / recruiting once critical mass is reached in occupations that are experience dependant... medical staff, pilots, police officers, military occupations etc. I'm a pretty average guy on all counts, and although I could easily still do it, no amount of money could induce me to return to flying or the military (in any capacity). Anecdotal to be sure but that's a huge personal change for me.... what if it's contagious? Taking your recruiting efforts full throttle woke is exactly the wrong approach here for two reasons: 1. You attract the people you don't want and repel the people you do... despite claims to the contrary; and 2. Since experienced based occupations promote from within and careers are measured in decades, the problems you create now will be ants under a magnifying glass in a few years time. Want proof.... watch what happens in education. Before long you will be losing your best teachers and replace them with a woke crowd that you will pay hell to rid yourself of later on. I have family members who have now switched to home schooling and private schools as a result of all this. Like pilots, police officers, and military members now jumping ship, The teachers you lose today won't be back. They'll be joining me driving dump tucks.
  13. After Trump, all they had to do was nothing. Stay the course, maintain a moderate level of competence and avoid rubbing smelly cheese into the faces of the conservative voters they ridiculed and insulted during the election. Back then, there was still time to fix this... they could have repaired things. But no, they can't seem to help themselves, I'm guessing it isn't an accident either, it can't be. They're at least smart enough not to be stupid... surely they realize the devastating level of polarization they've created and know it will take a decade to undo the damage if they start today and work hard. These aren't small, statistically insignificant numbers either, they're deliberately alienating half of the country and setting themselves up for real trouble in the process. And that's just the ideology side of the equation, their defunding efforts (for example) are literally getting people killed now and the people doing the dying are the very ones they say they think they're helping. Past PNR now and only a smoking gun with Trump's finger prints on it will do. This raid might seem insignificant to liberals now, but in years to come it could easily be seen as a pivotal moment in the decline of America. Foreign enemies won't cause that decline either, it will come from within... those enemies will certainly capitalize on the division but they're aspirations and actions aren't causal. This is entirely self inflicted and unnecessary.... all they had to do was nothing.
  14. Only the higher courts can protect citizens once the unholy trinity is established. The government knew that what they were mandating was illegal... the police knew too while they were enforcing it, as did a compliant media when they praised it and vilified truckers, pastors, the vaccine hesitant and a bunch of others in the process. That wasn't a mistake BTW, they were full and active participants... I hope people remember that. The government could never have gotten away with it in the absence of media collusion. The lower courts have now become compliant in a way that I never thought we would see in Canada. For the average person with limited resources, that means protecting their rights has become a matter of means that most can't afford. If an election were held today I fear we would have the same result as the last one. It's good that opposition party members see things for what they are but unfortunately it means little until voters hold the same views or come to see through experience what they have traded for a level of security they will never obtain; and IMO, no longer even deserve.
  15. That's a big problem IMO. When it comes to working together, farmers are a rudderless ship... they're independent by nature and because they have to be to survive in a tough industry. I sometimes wonder if as individuals they even realize the power they wield as a group... but only as a group. Imagine trying to get them to plow their fields under and euthanize livestock at a time most are already hanging on by a thread. The numbers are huge, the margins are small and most are loath to risk farms that have been in their families for generations. Protests are easy but ultimate victory requires risking all. I'm not sure how you could get them all pulling in the same direction. I suspect it would be like getting consumers to boycott their provincial liquor stores during the summer to protest high beer prices.
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