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  1. Everyone has firsthand experience with something. Take that "something", the stuff you know to be true, and compare it with the twisted offerings from CBC and CNN. It's easy to divine the problem here..... unless you are a network executive: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-canadians-are-ditching-cbc-so-why-do-we-keep-funding-it https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/cnn-ratings-don-lemon
  2. It is.... they are very likely poorly trained minimally experienced TFW's. The trucking industry has their equivalent of the MBA crew.... the shortage of professional drivers exists for the same reason that there is a shortage of experienced pilots. As in the aviation world, operators are recruiting and training people in house because they have wrecked the normal supply and need alternatives. The government played right along with this. Some of you may recall the bogus job adds from the likes of Sunwing used simply to obtain a LMO. The media will report what they are told to.... and paid to. All of this is contained in a file marked "what did you think was going to happen?"
  3. Unless these guys have a white bunny hidden in a black hat somewhere this will be interesting to watch. It's too late to take Bill's advice now... Alea iacta est. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/bill-maher-biden-lev-parnas Now consider the insanity of sanctuary city status as it relates to this statement...."“New York City has passed its own common-sense laws about immigration enforcement." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ice-illegal-immigrants-freed-by-new-york-citys-sanctuary-city If Democratic sanctuary cities can ignore federal immigration law with impunity, why would anyone think that Republican jurisdictions won't do the same thing in reverse...... perhaps by ignoring state gun control legislative changes and blocking their enforcement. You are seeing madness unfold before your very eyes; enjoy the show Indeed... and as an aside, some of the media sources that cover this stuff (with a wagging finger) will send their reporters out with a suitcase full of cash to bribe their way into areas where the story they are seeking resides.
  4. Rarely have I found occasion to assert that the facts speak for themselves, how much less the case when narratives come into play. I have delved into the firearms debate sufficiently to discover that deliberate manipulation is rampant, unless for example, you wish to assert that 24 year olds are actually children and that hundreds of lost police weapons qualify as domestically sourced crime guns or that nail gun injuries should be attributed to firearms. On several occasions I have posted the definition of terrorism on this forum…. all to no avail. There are small differences between the RCMP, FBI, Homeland Security, and United Nations definitions but they are minor variations on a theme. That definition serves a purpose, as does modifying the definition simply to make points that could otherwise not be credibly made. This is an age of hyper partisanship elevated to a crazy stupid level that now borders on tribalism. During the course of a career that spanned more than 3 decades and included 10 foreign deployments, I can say without hesitation, that in my experience, I’ve seen nothing good come of tribalism. These discussions rarely result in rational options, they are simply about who is right and why someone else is wrong. It becomes something akin to a grade 3 argument during recess that not only fails to serve a purpose, it entrenches playground divisions and animosities. When actions and rhetoric become extreme, the blame (IMO) falls squarely on the shoulders of those people (on both sides of the issue) doing the finger pointing and inflaming the tribe. Invariably, members of both tribes fall off the cliff blaming each other for the lack of training in base jumping techniques…. or some equally foolish fault, action or omission that has nothing to do with the problem at hand. Their sense of cause and effect prevents any action other then the assignment of blame and vengeful retaliation. Look around carefully, I'm seeing it happen "over here" now, so even a dumb grunt can occasionally connect the dots given enough experience eh? So, let's see if I can do it..... the cold temperatures out west and the major snowstorm in Newfoundland stands as proof that the carbon tax is working; and, that it's working better and faster than we had hopped. The current evidence suggests that if we simply double the tax to a modest $40 per ton, we can reverse global warming and get back to where we were before we even thought of it as a problem. I offer the following link as proof: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-outages-expected-as-blizzard-conditions-descend-on-eastern/ OK.... that was easier than I thought and no experience required! There is an African proverb that I’m about to butcher (I don’t care enough to look it up). Essentially it says that the resolution to avoid evil only comes about after the evil has taken root. Tribalism is alive and well in Africa so take heed. Those contributing to its nourishment "here" should "go there", see it, smell it…. and then make an informed decision. If you like what you see, then simply stay the course.
  5. Hi boestar, Extremism is the foundation for more extremism and will always be countered by equal and opposite extremism. I would urge you to consider a number bar from -10 to +10 with zero as its centre. I think we would (at least previously) have agreed that the extremists you refer to (on both sides) inhabited the end zones on both sides of zero. If history is circular and repeatable, and I think it is, we should collectively look for two things to happen simultaneously. It starts when the far left and far right begin to share the same values, particularly when it comes to using violence as a tool. By that I mean they deem it justified and in some cases mandatory to further their narrative. In addition, they begin to stand in opposition to similar causes….. I’ll offer anti-Semitism as an example. In its most virulent and dangerous form, it was once the exclusive domain of far right skin head types. That is simply no longer the case, if you look closely, the far left has adopted the cause as well and its adherents now hold office at the highest level…. that is actually the second point to be considered. I’ll offer a third because it gains nourishment from the first two. When people hear political leaders (of any stripe) give voice to their own, silently held notions, they become emboldened, more vocal, more agitated and more prone to behaviour they would previously never have countenanced. Please consider a forth development which IMO proceeds from the others. As extreme behaviour advances down the graph toward zero, the (real) extremes NEED TO BECOME MORE EXTREME just to maintain station. The type of violence that comes from this is actually a form of terrorism as you wisely point out…. think of it this way, it might be normal for group A to be mad at group B for cause, but when they are willing to violently attack group C in reprisal (like some kid in a MAGA hat), they move the graph closer to zero. Most folks think that election violence only happens “over there.” As all of this progresses, the range on the graph inhabited by (I’ll call them) political agnostics, those only seeking the free market of good ideas shrinks quickly. By some accounts it now stands at 12-15% of voters but that still represents enough swing votes (in both directions) to carry the day and maintain a level of detente because they need to be courted. For instance, old guard Democrats are now in a bit of a panic over independents who simply won't support a progressive agenda and can't be swayed. When that pool of agnostic voters goes extinct, or falls below the effective tipping point, I will expect you to buy the beer….. at that point, we will have passed PNR, the problem will be obvious to all, it will be too late to change course but the beer will be just as good. In short, I think this is much further advanced and more dangerous than (it seems to me) you do. Cheers PS: I just noticed deicer's post above. That's exactly what I mean although it is limiting to think of it as a competition (of sorts) as to who is worse. It's symbiotic, each side feeds off the other and each act advances the colour red closer to zero on both sides of the line. For history to truly repeat, THAT FACT NEEDS TO GET LOST IN THE WAR OF WORDS and political foes need to relish the call to battle and strictly align along party lines regardless of the facts at hand.... in other words, everything Obama is good and everything Trump is bad. Some of the recent media gaffs that attributed Obama era actions to Trump come instantly to mind. There were no retractions, outrage simply turned to silence as if the action that triggered the outage no longer mattered or ceased to be relevant.... that portends danger ahead. Once the agnostics get religion, and they will, we will all wonder how "we got to this point" and "over there" will become "over here."
  6. Here is an article that will hopefully resonate with leftists who insist on parroting talking points released by the regime in Iran. Those blaming Trump should consider that the SAM missile launch occurred well after the drone strike and during the course of a retaliatory missile salvo into Iraq. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51114945 Who knows, but I suspect it was only deliberate in the sense that the aircraft was identified, tracked, designated and engaged. Arab countries (in general and IMO) are bad at avoiding mutual interference, developing airspace management plans or even adhering to existing ones. Personally, I would much rather have driven through raging thunderstorms than fly that SID on that day. The airline would have been down a Capt.... I'd rather resign in the terminal and walk home. Canadians who usually don't follow such things may come to see the regime in Iran for what it actually is They may even come to see the folly of supporting a false narrative simply because they hate Trump: https://nationalpost.com/news/its-not-safe-at-all-iran-harassing-families-of-plane-crash-victims-sources-say They may also come to view their own media in different light: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/chris-selley-after-harper-misquote-regime-change-needed-in-some-canadian-newsrooms
  7. Like cool, like..... like, we should all be like grateful we live in a time where we can like watch history as it like repeats itself. Overall, a bit scary but I sure am. I always wondered how things like this could ever gain traction.
  8. At first I thought this was a joke or a parody of sorts. But after checking further, I see that it actually isn't. Cast your mind back a few years and remember a time when shaking hands with the president didn't elicit death threats..... we have fallen so far so fast that no one seems to notice the incremental steps anymore. That's the real story here, the important story, and the only one worth telling IMO: "The left is repeating the errors of fascist governments whereby the mob determines what you will do and say, even who you are allowed to sit with." https://nationalpost.com/news/world/vince-vaughn-shakes-hands-with-donald-trump-at-football-game-cue-the-outrage
  9. Good articles, thanks. It’s not the inability to make the links, it’s the outright refusal to make them that worries me. The trucking industry is now following the lead of the airline MBA crew with predictable results. You have TFA’s working for lower wages and creating downward pressure, they have less training, less experience and some have never even seen snow. Knowing nothing about the circumstances of this particular case, I will still assert that professional drivers aren't drug runners. Toronto has a gang problem, it’s an ethnic gang problem, it’s fuelled by the drug trade, and turf wars are part of that equation. Hand guns and targeted shootings are part of the turf war. The increase in highway shootings is simply a function of reduced traffic enforcement assets (well advertised BTW) and the lack of video surveillance on the roads. Trump didn’t shoot down an airliner, Iran did. How does all of this go ignored? Until people can make the links in a rational manner, solutions will remain elusive.
  10. IMO, they are more tactical than nuts.... I would be willing to forgive mental illness. Had Soleimani died of a heart attack instead of a drone attack, would those NDP MLA’s have stood under a terrorist flag while mourning his passing? Even though I remain in absolute awe over their actions (and the lack of blow back), my guess is no. IMO, this was purely an anti-Trump sentiment and that’s the only reason they got away with it. That means “outrage” has become selective, and even worse, synonymous with partisan politics… and thus rendered moot. In the absence of a raving anti-Trump sentiment, their actions would be widely seen as treasonous. Don’t simply take my word for it, try it out for yourself, hang a Hezbollah (or ISIS) flag at the end of your driveway and see how supportive your neighbours are. The latest Democratic position in the US seems to be that the strike was wrong because there was no evidence he was going to attack anything. Pause for a moment, think about that perspective; take a look at this guys resume… now apply that same logic to targeted strikes during the Obama years and judge the current level of “outrage” rationally. Lets go a step further and use a Toronto analogy that most Canadians can relate to. Trying to convince a soldier there was no credible evidence he was planning an attack is akin to telling Toronto residents there’s no evidence to support the notion that street gangs plan to sell drugs, carry weapons or target rival gang members.
  11. I know.... and it was funny both times. I bet he does cheat at golf. For me, it's all about the Harley Davidson carts and who can get through the sand traps.
  12. When compared to wearing blackface and dancing like an ape, or standing under a terrorist flag while mourning one of the most ruthless terrorists of the decade..... I pick cheating at golf; I'd even accept driving a golf cart above the posted limit to see how far you can get through the sand traps. People are now blaming Trump for the fact that a rogue terrorist nation shot down a civilian airliner. And don't be fooled, Iran denied this for 3 days yet knew full well what happened minutes after the missile launch, so don't even try to snow the Snow Queen. Now lets try something closer to home that may be analogous: The Toronto Police Service decides that they won't arrest pistol packing gangbangers because it might anger their gang colleagues. None the less, one of the gang members shoots at police officers during his arrest for drug trafficing and is killed in the engagement. His death results in gang members shooting up the streets of Toronto and killing numerous innocent bystanders..... If I were to suggest that it was the Police Service's fault for trying to arrest him in the first place, how would that play with the citizens of Toronto? Democratic and Liberal hypocrisy, supported by a mindlessly partisan media is fascinating to watch, especially for veterans..... all of these ideas stand as A-OK with them as long as you don't make the OK sign with your thumb and index finger. I will now predict that Bernie will be the nominee, he will maintain the charted course of madness to Crazy Island, the Democrats will lose in Nov and Liberal minded folks will be astounded by the result... as well they should; my neighbour has a blind goat that could beat Bernie in the primaries. I bet Crazy Island has an active volcano and Democrats are selling guided tour passes.....
  13. A historic moment IMO, here we have Canadian Politicians standing under a terrorist flag mourning the death of a notorious terrorist and purveyor of death..... I didn't expect to see such a thing in my lifetime. This sort of fanatical religious zeal is why discussion and debate is useless..... you vote em out or accept the consequences of keeping them. The same people (in the picture) will have kittens if you signal OK to your wife while grocery shopping though because they see it as a symbol of "hate"; we now have exactly what we deserve. Enjoy the show.
  14. Still at it eh? Missing here is the fact that the target package on this guy has been out for a very long time, It’s been debated at length IMO and everyone with opinions would do well to consider the notion that date, time and place intelligence is a hard won commodity gleaned at significant effort and cost. Look deeper to see why this was worth doing because shallow motivations applied to high value targets only resonates with the party faithful and is dependant on craven political agendas. Had DJT passed on this target Democrats would have had a differing (and equaling self serving) opinion to what they do now. The mere fact that this action is politically divisive speaks volumes.... you should give this idea some thought. I find it incredible. You are either in this game or you aren’t, a case can be made for either position and I don’t judge that aspect of it. If you choose to be in the game this was a good decision. If you disagree, stay home with my blessings. Do or do not, go or stay home…. pick one. Thinking you can have it both ways has served you very badly. Back to lurking…. best wishes to all in the new year.
  15. Your point is well taken.... The moderate effort it takes to post here serves little purpose IMO. Might be time for a break.....