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  1. Wolfhunter

    Shootings and Knifings

    Beyond my comprehension... I need a Liberal to explain this to me. Please help! https://torontosun.com/news/crime/alleged-crips-associate-released-on-bail Off topic perhaps, but while you're at it I need help with this too. Since It can't be an accident, there must be a point and purpose to it. So what, pray tell, is the objective here? The intent simply can't be to look like a tough negotiator... it seems too silly, childish, ineffective and counterproductive to be that. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-white-house-not-amused-with-freelands-tyrant-antics
  2. Wolfhunter

    Shootings and Knifings

    Then, in a world gone mad, had the serial numbers been removed before entry into Canada,, they would then have been considered domestically acquired. If I put racing stripes on my 3/4 ton truck does it become a Ferrari?
  3. Climates change over time and always have; change is the norm. It seems that when they change, the change is very rapid. In some areas, like Darfur, desertification is actually an inducement to war as is access to fresh water in others. Although there are ethnic problems in the Darfur area to be sure, the advancing desert is a huge factor in the conflict deaths of about 200,000 people. Don’t hear much about that in do-good liberal news outlets do ya? CNN is too focussed on identity politics and hating Trump to even care about real news. And ,if you think changing your lightbulbs will reverse desertification and its geopolitical effects here, well, I’m rooting for ya… I even bet most liberals think Janjaweed is going to be legal in Oct. Over 90% of the plastic in our oceans comes from 8 or 9 rivers.... they are all in Africa and Asia. Thinking that paying five cents for a plastic bag at Superstore will impact that is ridiculous. As a species, we are uniquely capable of not addressing root problems. If you ever get to see a truly polluted river, you will forever laugh at discussions about lightbulbs and 5 cent fees. I see no where to go with any of this.
  4. Wolfhunter

    Shootings and Knifings

    At what point is enough of enough, and at what point will the causal connections be sufficient for liberal minded liberals to actually say the words? How is it that having a re-election strategy that promises to fix the mess you created actually gains traction? This is like attending a show by Reveen… maybe Toronto liberals have been hypnotized and thus unable to articulate the problem. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they continue to manipulate facts and statistics to support their agenda. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/more-blood-spilled-one-killed-two-wounded-by-gunfire-in-the-city This article is 5 years old so we now have a chance to compare what was with what is: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/michael-kempa-police-street-checks-promote-community-safety-prove-it But really, if you have a problem with ethnic gangs does it make sense to profile elderly white women with blue hair? When old ladies in the Red Hat Society start shooting up Toronto I say street check them too. Now, please have a listen to this... first part of the broadcast: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/sunday-edition/episode/15597896
  5. Wolfhunter

    Peoples Party of Canada

    It's now a done deal, splitting the conservative vote can only have one outcome. The next election is already lost and I'm starting to think Canadians (and the western world in general) deserve the fate they have insisted on carving out for themselves. I'm now temped to vote Liberal out of pure spite and keep doing it until the staunchest liberal I know sees the folly for what it is and apologizes for their role in creating it. This has implications beyond the next election, It now seems quite possible (to me) that JT will be a 3 term PM.
  6. Wolfhunter

    Shootings and Knifings

    The problem here is the misconception, based on manipulated factoids, that there exists something “to be slowed down.” Owners are already held accountable. Large purchases are already scrutinized… that’s exactly what resulted in the prosecutions that have taken place. But really, these things are few and far between since there is simply no where to hide. I think the occasional person found doing this is either too inexperienced to realize the snare they set for themselves or very experienced and think they have an angle to exploit. In any case, the penalties handed out are way (way way) too lenient IMHO. What concerns me, is the deliberate manipulation and fabrication taking place at all levels and this twisted narrative being applied to many topics discussed on this and other forums… it’s across the board. It seems to me that virtually every topic that I have first hand knowledge of, or boots on the ground experience in, is either manipulated to support a narrative or deliberately ignored for the same reason... over and over we see the press acting as a willing participant in the propagation of misleading or completely fake news. Those lacking the experience to "smell a rat" accept it without question and share it with other like minded but ill-informed people. By the time it's debunked it's to late... the law of primacy for all the QFIs in the crowd. Simply put, assigning contrived cause factors doesn’t result in identifying problems much less creating good regulation or prevention measures. Surely our collective experience in aviation makes that self evident. In fact, many aviation articles posted on this very site are offered as an example of inaccuracy and bias. Fun fact - between 2008 and 2012 police forces in Canada lost 428 firearms. Don't hear much about that eh?
  7. Wolfhunter

    Shootings and Knifings

    Read the CBC article below, then read the access to information response below that: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/straw-purchasing-domestic-weapons-trafficking-increase-1.4704987 Regarding straw purchases: "It's the main source of how firearms are being purchased and how they come into people's hands on the streets nowadays," said Sgt. Eric Stewart, head of the Guns and Gangs unit for the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT). https://dennisryoung.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/RCMP-ATIP-Response-Straw-Purchases-of-Firearms-Sept-13-2018.pdf
  8. Wolfhunter

    Crap from the Left

    I simply don’t understand how reasonable people can support the perspectives that have lead to things like the situation in Toronto and then ascribe the mess to unrelated cause factors. I can only surmise it’s a lack of real world experience at the individual level. According to the Ontario NDP, if you wear a vest on police ride alongs it’s because you are a racist. Who even thinks this up, it’s a foreign thought process… like paying attention to the safety briefing causes crashes. When I talk to people about things like the Paris Accord, green energy, gang violence and guns, immigration vs integration, it becomes clear that there is a complete disconnect in perspective…. NO, light bulbs are not enough. It is the same disconnect that has lead American foreign policy to failure in places like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya etc… people think everyone else has the same values, aspirations, cultural norms etc that they do and refuse to listen to those who actually have spent time there. They think multiculturalism is about ethnic food on sunny days and simply CAN’T understand the plight of a single mother from Somalia trying to control her teenage sons and keep them out of gangs. THEY CAN’T EVEN FIND SOMALIA ON A MAP. If you’ve ever tried to convince a teenage girl not to quit high school and move in with her 30 year old boyfriend you know exactly what I mean. https://torontosun.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-bring-back-tavis-and-carding Now, just for fun, try and find a breakdown of gang ethnicity and turf location vs shooting stats in Toronto. Good Lord, surely the damn birds are harder to track.
  9. I would love to see all of these honourable people become equally outraged by the gangs and guns issue in Toronto. We have a short window here to fix a few things before the trough is filled with corn again and people get tangled up in their own legs. BTW, Meat King chickens are white so I suspect there are some “privilege” issues at work here that only a total ban on corn will fix. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/queens-park-council-cutting-bill-1.4820139
  10. The evolution of democracy under an extended Liberal incumbency is much like feeding “free access corn” to Meat King chickens. They will gorge themselves at the trough until their bodies outgrow their legs and they collapse under their own weight. That’s not a joke BTW… ask any farmer. The greedy brutes simply don’t know when to stop and they need to be reigned in for their own good and it needs to be done in a firm and timely manner… “cold turkey” if you will. They don’t like it at first and will flap their wings and squawk in protest. In a similar manner, left wing, socialist governments will eventually collapse under their own weight; just imagine the effect of 30 years of our current Liberal government. We have a history here, conservatives know they have but a brief time to save the flock before they elect another free feeding proponent who will refill the trough for them. Get er done.
  11. I discussed it with the mouse, he favours decriminalization for the same reason you articulated... I like this mouse! Level 1 (UNSAT) performance for the dog!
  12. As I wrote the previous post, my Beagle trapped a mouse under the BBQ, if your dedication to the outcome stands as firm and resoulute as his appears to be, I have no issue with this... and, as is the case with him, I see no reason to either intrude or judge the outcome. Best of luck to all players. So far, the mouse stands resolute and unmoved, I expect no less from liberals. PS: SITREP- the mouse escaped when he switched his attention to a large (Ontario import) squirrel... although an experienced hunting dog, I fear he displays liberal tendencies; lack of focus and attention to detail. Hats off to the mouse, he reinforces my belief that if you don't have a viable plan it may be best, in the short run, to do nothing. In this case, his (the dog's) math, time appreciation and tactical acumen didn't work out. Hopefully, your's is better.
  13. I’m not opposed to this and I’m not even opposed to a variety of other initiatives but find myself always asking the same question. Are you willing to pay the bill? Green energy comes at a cost, are you willing to pay it? Immigration without a rock solid integration plan comes at a cost, are you willing to pay it? Establishing your city as a sanctuary city comes at a cost, are you willing to pay it? Establishing a safe injection site comes at a cost, are you willing to pay it? Introducing another legal intoxicant to the public comes at a cost, are you willing to pay it? If the answer is yes, then go ahead, you have my blessing. The problem is, most liberal minded folks simply are not. Instead of convincing me that something is better or worse, popular or unpopular, dangerous or innocuous, you only need to promise me that you are willing to pay the damn bill... so far, I see little evidence of this side of the equation being as popular as the left side of the equal sign.
  14. Yes indeed, the law of unintended consequences will prevail. The only other constant is our capacity to ignore it.
  15. While I applaud the development of mobile testing, I think we’ve learned from impaired driving that deterrence is a function of stiff penalties coupled with the likelihood of being caught. IMO, legalization is likely to result in more instances of impaired driving than the existence of a test protocol will deter. In any case, development of a mobile test need not have been tied to legalization of the product even though I concede that it was. I would count not having it in place and deployed previously a failure rather than an improvement. There are certainly other victimless products and activities that could be legalized and taxed… so in my view, taxation, in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily constitute an improvement to society at large. In addition, the notion that educational efforts are tied to a drugs legal status seems at odds with our experience with tobacco. Regardless though, it’s all moot now and we will see how the grand experiment unfolds in due course… I doubt all this progressiveness will make motorcyclists feel any safer though. Cheers