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  1. That is a question you will never get an answer to. If you find someone who will, please ask them where they think our Paris Accord deficit should come from. When asked who pays and how, they will always say the 1%. I'm thinking of getting an African Grey Parrot and teaching it Liberal talking points. It might be more bearable if something with feathers is screaming at me.... Right this very second, CBC Radio is talking about something called "headline stress disorder." 111 cubic inches of heavy metal and wind therapy is the only cure for this.
  2. That’s exactly the point, you can’t negotiate with these guys, they will yield ground only when forced to do it. Thinking you can is the domain of liberal western thinking that has served us so poorly elsewhere. It’s not unlike the gang situation in Toronto, can you negotiate with them? Can you convince them to give up their arms and stop being the purveyors of violence. If you can, we would all love to hear the plan and watch the magic. Please consider the gangs a light warmup for dealing with Iranian Clerics. How is it that people think problems in foreign countries with different religions and cultures are easier to solve than the ones they face at home? So, try it with the gangs and let me suggest how it will play out in advance. Any concession yielded will be seen as a weakness. The proceeds (benefits) that arise (to them) from the concessions will be directed right back into the activities you are trying to avoid (by negotiating in the first place) and they will actually expand their sphere of influence as a direct result of the process. In other words, the concessions you make to gangs in Toronto will be directed toward expanding their operations into Thunder Bay.... and yes, that would be at a greater rate than (I suspect) they are doing now. Now, close your eyes and think about gang bangers in position of real munitions of war and attempting to develop an offensive nuclear capability. We're all rooting for ya! As A PS: It seems the political left can't even come to terms with the political left. That negotiation would be great practice for the one with the gangs, right? Lets start small and fix that one, it's nice and close to home, we all speak the same language, have the same laws and (generally speaking) the same culture. This should be easy: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/aoc-calls-out-dems-for-caution-on-impeachment-says-its-bigger-national-scandal-than-trumps-actions
  3. Comparing Canada to the US is part of the problem here, the other is that most people are completely ignorant of the existing regulatory environment in Canada with regard to licensing, acquisition, transport, storage, carry, discharge etc. In many ways, the gang situation here reminds me of the North American penchant for ascribing their values to other cultures, in other countries, on other continents and wondering why their interventions don't work. Intellectually, I'm pretty sure people realize that gang members hold the public and their safety in low esteem, but I doubt that (generally civilized) people understand the full extent of it. As far as they are concerned, you are not of the slightest concern and what (occasionally) might pass as concern, is only the fact that killing civilians is BAD FOR BUSINESS. That's it, that's all, and I can't find polite words to clarify the full extent of this sentiment in a way that adequately conveys the intensity of it. Please take this mildly worded paragraph and multiply its sentiment by 100. You, we and us are about as important to them as insects. They see the demise of TAVIS only as authority to transport, they see the demise of carding as authority to carry, they see the public fixation on licensed owners with a sense of glee and view it as full authority to discharge. So, forget about what I want for a moment, forget about what competitive shooters all across the country want for a moment too. Go full tactical here for just a second and consider what the gang members WANT and what they HOPE you (we us) will do to and about them.... then do the opposite. Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz and Machiavelli (IMO) never incorporated the scourge of political correctness into any of their writings, thoughts or advice to warriors and princes. If you think you are not at war with these guys, I think you are wrong. And if you think extra paper work and more regulations for legitimate gun owners is the path to a glorious victory over lawless gang bangers in Toronto, the buffoonery will continue....
  4. Cool. Can we assume that a new leaf is in the process of turning over now? If so, I'll even swallow your howling comment and put aside the immediate picture it conjures of coyotes braying at the wolves howling at the full moon. The very moon each group are convinced they created by howling at the damn thing in the first place. My hope is that this debacle and all of the Liberal hypocrisy that goes with it could usher in a new era that see's idiotic political correctness receive the beat down it richly deserves.... I have my doubts though
  5. So, what have they learned from all of this? The answer is clearly nothing. https://nationalpost.com/news/another-round-in-trudeau-drinks-case Most incredible and breathtaking of all is that some 35% of Canadians still support these guys. From a lefty perspective, how is it possible that they are ahead of the NDP? And prior to 3 days ago, had anyone ever heard of the term "brown face"? It's clearly and obviously intended to soften the term black face. The media here is altering the ship slowly with about 5 degrees of helm; the intent is to reflect this back on Canadian society so as "to have a discussion about racism" and move forward in a positive way. These are smart people and they have too much media influence, so when you look at things like gun control and you see that it makes no sense at all, you can be assured that there is an agenda at play. And by no sense I mean things like considering 24 year olds to be children, paint ball guns, nail guns and pellet guns to be firearms and knowingly inflating statistics by over 40%. Trump could never get away with it because the same people who gobble this up wouldn't let him!
  6. This is what $600 million will get you. Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds and eclipses the actual event by orders of magnitude. Words like: disappointed, saddened, unfortunate, ill advised, makeup,“an opportunity for Canadians to talk about racism", etc were predictable with a group of people suffering from selective outrage syndrome…. a massive loss of credibility here. You can only vote them down and move on. The black face wasn’t the issue for me, his apology was sufficient. I was waiting for the Liberal spin before forming an opinion and I couldn't get past the first paragraph: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/trudeau-blackface-historical-significance-1.5290761 In other news, JT has just become the most successful purveyor of AR 15s in Canadian history. Colt Canada is now sold out and Daniel Defence is running low. Pop quiz, how many mass shootings in Canada involved the AR 15? The answer is none. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-trudeaus-gun-control-promise-off-target Opinion, in the absence of experience, is analogous to fishing with bagpipes. On the other side of the coin, and no less despicable IMO, is the sure and certain knowledge that Conservatives sat on these photos for an extended period and dusted them off when it suited their purpose. Canadians and Canadian democracy is the loser here and we are collectively poorer as a result. VOTE EM OUT:
  7. NO. I'm suddenly feeling much better now! Thanks. Over at FOX, Tucker has weighed in as well. For me, the hypocrisy remains the issue and it eclipses the actual act by orders of magnitude. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6087861797001/#sp=show-clips
  8. The deal was weak, not only that, the easing of sanctions provided the financial means to further their brand of evil in Syria, Yemen , Lebanon etc. Now the dog will bark but remain hungry. One thing the regime most definitely isn't is stupid. It will continue to bark but doesn't want to risk strikes from the US or Israel. It wants (it needs) a better deal not a spanking. From their perspective, confrontation with the west now needs to be managed very carefully.... just enough to maintain anti-western sentiments but not enough to trigger a revolt by people already eager for change and annoyed by the fact that most of the proceeds of the deal went to supporting Assad instead of them. It's pretty simple, they can have peace and prosperity anytime they want it. They need only agree to abandoning their nuclear ambitions and stop exporting terrorism. Instead of fighting them on the ground in Syria (or elsewhere), I say starve em in their own country until such time as the dog comes to heel. Continuing to feed this dog will only embolden it. Beware of applying western standards in places like this. I really think that it's time for Democrats to move on, the whole thing is getting silly and it's hurting them in the process. This should be an easy election to win.... no? It really has become like an episode of the road runner: https://www.foxnews.com/media/laura-ingraham-compares-dems-to-wile-e-coyote-cartoon-character-says-theyve-failed-to-hurt-trump
  9. Some might argue that the risk of conflict today is better than the certainty of it tomorrow and that most of the current inducements to war lie outside the scope of the deal. You can only negotiate with countries (or people) like Iran when the pressure is so severe that they are forced to negotiate or face regime collapse. This deal took too many non military, economic options off the table IMO. In other news, at least one of the 2020 contenders now sees the futility of identity politics. Just as surely as Iran is a bully nation and won't stop without the real threat of regime collapse is the the reality that identity politics always comes down to the sovereignty of the individual.... just as it should. The conversation always goes something like this: women united as one, ya but I'm a black woman, ya but I'm an unemployed black women, ya but I'm an unemployed black women who is a single mother, ya but I'm an unemployed black single mother who is disabled.... see what I mean. People are individuals and that's a good thing. Nations are too... and sometimes that's not a good thing and we need to acknowledge it. https://www.foxnews.com/media/pete-buttigieg-2020-lgbt-gay
  10. Outstanding, lets enjoy the moment. This could well be the best thing to happen for conscientious voters. Hopefully it will bear fruit for all concerned. Now, I'd like to know where Time got the pictures from, who they got them from and more importantly WHEN. I bet they sat on these for some time and waited for their opportunity to inflict the most damage. It's like all the veteran's disability issues and red tape that is saved up for release just before Remembrance Day; every year I hope it will be different, every year I hope people will care in May, or June or July and every year they don't.... again, it speaks to heart IMO which seems to be sadly lacking now. If your first inclination during an emergency is to video the event on your smart phone.... I'm talking to you!
  11. There is little wiggle room for context here and ironically, the confined area was created and nurtured by Liberals and Democrats in their mad, lemming like rush toward political correctness. That said, this is far and away the least of the issues I have with JT. In terms of context, how is this different (or much different) than a black woman who straightens her hair and dyes it blonde.... assuming the issue is really cultural appropriation. While JT clearly has a penchant for playing dress up, I don't think for a moment that it is (or ever was) routed in racism. What I find most disturbing here is the abject hypocrisy of Liberals and the media. Jaydee was exactly right earlier when he suggested that had a conservative done this the response would have been vastly different. As always, my difficulty with Liberals is simply one of integrity, not so much personal integrity but policy wise. Both the politicians and the voters lack, what I can only describe as "heart." They don't want to pay for what they want and they fail to meet the standards they preach about and expect of others. JT has apologized and as far as I'm concerned, that's the end of it. But, (and it's a big but) I don't want to hear anymore nonsense about white supremacists in every corner of every conservative constituency office. End the game now, all parties should get back to substantive issues and stop insulting the intelligence of reasonable people.... a concept US Democrats seem unable to comprehend.
  12. This is the underlying problem with the narrative that some of us (here) have railed against. Anyone suggesting that JT is actually a racist is only supporting their own narrative and, in the process, missing an opportunity to see how limiting and silly it is. Perhaps this will serve as a lesson to all of the screamers, and perhaps it will focus the election on issues of substance. But stay tuned for reaction from the base, I predict they will be "disappointed" and not "offended". If that proves true, consider it a missed opportunity that will only serve to re-energize polarization and elevate the fallacy of relative privation (in liberal rhetoric) to new heights.
  13. I was thinking the exact same thing ONLY because of the hypocrisy and NOT because of the incident itself. JT is no more a racist than Shear is a white supremacist AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. But, by their own liberal definitions and liberal narratives we now have a racist PM who has admitted to ongoing genocide. I await hysterical screams of "oh ya, well what about this" from the base.... it will likely take some time, but in the end it will be Harper's fault.
  14. Indeed. And reaction time is a crucial element in the distance equation. I would of set the brake in emergency and closed the throttle way before this. Instead, the diesel smoke on all units has gone black due to excessive fuel. This was so bad that even CNN knows it was bad.... https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/18/politics/donald-trump-impeachment-nadler-judiciary-lewandowski/index.html A vulgar, base display of all that is wrong with polarized politics. The madness of the Democratic base will be its own undoing here and the Speaker knows it, she gets it.... but incredibly, they won't listen to her. 2020 looms large and it should be an easy win for Democrats but the winner here isn't democracy, it's DJT.. I can't believe any of those folks ever served in the Army.... the complete lack of tactical acumen is astounding. I have a blind cat that is more aware of her environment than these guys.
  15. This was painful to watch, it might be too late to stop the train wreck now. .https://www.foxnews.com/media/msnbc-cnn-rip-house-dems-over-failure-lewandowski-hearing-they-dont-know-what-theyre-doing