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  1. Examples abound and here's one from NS. N.S. church, seven attendees, fined for allegedly violating restrictions for second straight Sunday Apparently they keep losing in the NS Supreme Court but keep charging anyway. I don't follow this closely enough to know all the details though. Some churches have a few attendees during livestream sermons, few in number and scattered around the sanctuary. This may be that, or maybe not.... I don't know and no longer care enough about the absurdity to even find out. In any case, the same seven people could have driven to Canadian Tire
  2. Good video, thanks. Here's the quote of the day IMO:"Do the experiments yourselves or listen to the people who do them." You could say exactly that (at least historically) about so much of what's going on now. You really don't need to be an expert, the simple ability to ask "does this make sense?" is usually all you need. And you certainly don't have to be an expert to recognize absolute BS when you hear it either... the current government lost me at masks don't work, border controls are racist and the virus doesn't spread on aircraft. And if that's not enough absurdity for you the
  3. ...well if their activity is in violation of our laws then I would report them for the same reason I would report any activity that is in breach of our laws I'm not talking about extreme non-compliance here and I think you know that since you quoted the passage. I could easily offer up my own examples but they would as predictable as yours and simply put, that wasn't even close to my point. The eagerness to report is the issue and the question is, or soon will be, how did we get to the point of neighbour reporting neighbour for minor transgressions of what used to be ordinary freedom
  4. There are little glimmers of hope along the way. Maybe people will come to see what they don't want.... Hitting the wall hard is far better than the incremental and longterm agony of sustained buffoonery. Downtown Portland, once a cultural and tourist center, is now rife with homeless tents, smashed windows, graffiti, trash and boarded-up businesses, the newspaper reported.
  5. Remember when liberals were quoting The Atlantic hell west and crooked a few months ago. Now, not so much: AP torched for claiming they were unaware of Hamas intel operation in their building: 'Difficult to believe' A 2014 Atlantic report claimed Hamas fighters regularly 'burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff—and the AP wouldn’t report it'
  6. Ain't that the truth. I was hoping the pain would be sharp, short and intense, and that the learning process would harness the law of intensity to full effect. No such luck. I may not have mentioned it before, but the most distressing part of all this (for me) is the willingness of people to rat out their neighbours, coworkers, professors etc and the adulation of their peer group for having done so. "Well done good citizen" comes to mind. Words like Nazi and genocide are bandied about with reckless abandon by people who have no idea how stark and in your face (and particularly in you
  7. Here's the drone view of the 15 May LA protest against Israel. Imagine the liberal outrage (here and the US) if this was a group of Christians protesting the arrest (and incarceration) of their Pastor:
  8. Actually, I'm glad to see this is now recognized for the absurdity that it is and always was. Perhaps in the fullness of time, the buffoonery that passes as current events will suffer the same fate. Future generations will reflect on the fact that advanced math was considered racist and not permitted prior to grade 11, and that sheet music, milk and even trees were the domain of racists. Essays will be titled "The age of Hysterical Buffoonery."
  9. I wonder if the student quoted below was listening to wrap music on drive home after "abruptly leaving." Maybe some Ray Jones Jr stuff. Great boxer BTW, pound for pound maybe the best ever, pure poetry in motion and I could watch videos of him all day. Anyway, "Go Hard or Go Home" is on Youtube if anyone is so inclined.... and I bet no one got fired for making it. https://www.foxnews.com/us/st-johns-professor-allegedly-fired-for-reading-racial-slur-from-mark-twain-book The day after the class, however, she got an email from a student who said she had to "abruptly" leave the call
  10. All part of using your own experience to test the veracity of an opinion against a standard. The fact that people are surprised is surprising. Wait til you see how surprised they are when it comes to things more complicated than kids bikes https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/massive-database-fake-amazon-reviews-exposed
  11. The mere fact that we are discussing this is indicative of the trajectory. Censorship, control of the media and C-10 type laws are all part of the propaganda efforts required to convert absurdity to general acceptance. These things conspire to create an inducement for establishing sanctuary jurisdictions (as in the US).... which in itself is almost as absurd as the policies that create that inducement in the first place. Seems a bit circular to me. Shutting down pipe lines and demanding 2030 emissions targets (as a fraction of 2005) is the domain of folks with limited perspective...
  12. We don't know the details here but it seems to me that the standard of conduct required by the "woke crowd" is now such that none of them can live up to it themselves. Look at the blackface issue. How many famous people savagely attacked their peers (colleagues, acquaintances etc) only to be found guilty of playing dress up themselves? We need look no further than our own PM; after relentlessly accusing Mr Shear of being a white supremacist, he's clearly shown cavorting like a monkey in blackface? The point here (at least IMO) is that neither of them are (or likely ever were) racist
  13. Ford clearly didn't get the memo or has forgotten the well worn government position on this. But Tommy sees, and Tommy remembers..... let me help ya out with that Doug. The virus doesn't easily spread on aircraft.....remember now? Aircraft are magic: Trudeau and Doug Ford continue war of words over border controls, COVID testing for domestic flights 'There has been no action on any of these requests and no indication that anything is coming,' Ford said in a letter, which Trudeau rejected as a political game
  14. Turn off the seatbelt sign and let em dance. People clearly need the experience and that experience needs to hurt sufficiently to make an indelible impression. Either that, or as a nation we will continue to have these absurd conversations about things like pipe lines, defunding police, 2030 emission targets.... etc etc. Insulating people from their own folly only serves to prolong the pain. And when it comes to gaining experience, the law of intensity rules. Get er done.
  15. Here are the headlines from CBC this morning, and there's no need for a link because we could have written them ourselves. Given that no other outcome was possible, it doesn't even qualify as news.... it's like ya, WDYTWGTH: - Domestic flights continued from Covid 19 hotspots as cases surged - Tens of thousands of people travel across across the country every week without testing or quarantine. - Private aircraft from abroad landing at smaller Canadian airports despite federal pandemic rules - Mixing Covid-19 vaccine doses leads to more reactions, study finds - Jump in US i