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  1. And each the subject of a stand alone thread that can't be ignored..... at least WOXOF was entertaining.
  2. And yet it was predictable, I suspect that an overtly progressive agenda runs counter to his political DNA. It will be interesting to watch how he walks back progressive expectations and the resulting revolt (within progressive circles) that any back peddling elicits. I'm also eager to see the media response... I'm willing to bet the message will be one of unity, conciliation, healing and acceptance of election results as the "will of the people." The very virtues they have held in abeyance these last four years.
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/25/world/europe/france-macron-muslims-police-laws.html On a completely different front, I would observe that In the past, we have discussed this very thing (predominantly about immigration policy) right here on the forum. The context of the discussion was the importance of doing things right, being willing to pay the price for doing them right.... and paying it gladly because the cost of doing it wrong is to trash the very values you profess allegiance to. Some may recall that my fear was the predictable backlash from raving liberals after they came to
  4. Then do it right. Reasonable people should be able to say "I don't like this but the plan makes sense" and they would if it did. Localized lockdown procedures affecting prescribed jurisdictions such as exist in Halifax right now without attendant travel restrictions outside the area don't make a lot of sense. In terms of border control, you can't drive across the border but you can fly and ship your car. In fact there are companies offering that very service and snowbirds have been doing that right along. I know of more people violating the 14 day isolation rules than following them and t
  5. If only street gangs randomly shooting innocent people with illegal handguns got the same attention. It seems that illicit brisket sandwiches smothered in BBQ sauce with a side of fries and a pickle is worthy of our best efforts though. Imagine yourself explaining this to village elders in Sudan. I would have to let deicer do the talking... Alberta adds 700 enforcers to stop COVID-19 rule-breakers... In other news.... law makers in Japan should seriously consider a national registry for any length of rope that exceeds 36 inches in length (it's a relatives birthday today so
  6. I referred to this in another thread but remain saddened by it none the less. While breathtaking in terms of hypocrisy and narrative, it goes totally missed/ignored by the masses and defended by the deicers of the world and other liberal acolytes. Liberals and Democrats still haven't learned that doing the work and earning the win is the lazy mans path to victory. For me, lazy doesn't mean putting your feet up, watching Netflix and eating nachos; it means the path is clear and the route is prescribed. You need only put the nachos down, get off your hypocritical butt, put in the
  7. Not likely.... it has to be a patchwork mess across the entire country so that no one can keep track of it. I have come to expect the complete inability to connect dots in virtually every endeavour now.... it's almost like they do it deliberately. Toronto City Council and some large Democratically controlled cities in the US are the very definition of absurdity, and seem to be proud of the effort.
  8. And then there is this.... the very definition of story telling and narrative run amuck. Here we have the summary of a conversation written before the conversation even takes place. it's a pretty good indication that the discussion is futile and not even worth having. Ironically, the summary accused the conservative leader of spreading.... get this now, misinformation. Credo quia absurdum https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/pmo-sends-readout-of-trudeau-scolding-otoole-over-covid-misinformation-in-phone-call-but-the-call-hadnt-happened
  9. Some excellent training in preparation for dealing with violent gang members who are shooting up the streets of Toronto. They need only bring the same level of diligence, force and political will to the gangs, guns and drug problems infesting the city as they do to the illicit use of BBQ sauce and the crime of cooking with charcoal. This particular BBQ venue requires a 24 hour police presence as a deterrent to brisket sandwiches. "After a week of deployed officers and even a dozen horses, a late development Friday was that cops were expected to stay on guard overnight, hired as a p
  10. Over the top rhetoric and overuse of the word "hate" is becoming so pervasive that its meaning has been lost. Sensible people simply ignore your noise. Consider the following quote from the link below.... POOF, not only do I stop reading at that point, it stands as proof that whatever follows is a constructed narrative (means lie). There is no discussion or defence of the concept or its relative merits. Only grade school name calling that causes the Snow Queen to hit her daily medication limit prior to lunch. “When Poilievre pumps up the ‘Great Reset’ theory … he knows exactly what h
  11. You could completely trash the transportation sector.... at least all discretionary movements. That's cars, trains, trucking, aviation etc; It's still likely not enough to hit Paris Accord targets because the movement of goods and essential travel would remain. Since no one will even discuss what needs to be cut or the magnitude of the effort, it will simply never happen. You can see that effect right here on the forum... 77 pages in and the discussion is mostly centred around magic light bulbs and the use of electric cars, completely ignoring even the most basic of premises.... tha
  12. Such detrimental effects from a single timezone change eh, how did I ever survive it all? During debate on his bill, Roberts cited studies indicating negative health effects and productivity loss related to the time changes. https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/ontario-passes-law-to-end-clock-changes-if-quebec-new-york-do-too Now here's a thought, if you fly one (or more) timezones away from your point of origin you should be prohibited from renting (or driving) a car for a period of not less than 24 hours in order to recover from the trauma.... Deadheading would be a thing of
  13. If only justice descended on such swift wings in pursuit of gangbangers shooting up the streets of Toronto eh? Is it possible that city folk have different priorities? It might account for my perpetual sense of awe. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/police-city-officials-locksmith-at-adamson-barbecue
  14. I tend to think that noble (dare I say Liberal) intentions stand in stark contrast with practical application efforts. To me, it always stands as reflective of motive. Consider the notion: a large house across the street from you is up for sale. The city gives notice that they intend to purchase it and establish a safe injection site. Are you in favour of that? If it's in front of my house does your opinion change? You may be in favour... if so God bless you because we now have the grounds to discuss it rationally. I'm just cynical enough to believe that it's not symptomatic of