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  1. Indeed, and I think I was amending my post slightly as you posted yours. The word "capable" makes it pretty wide ranging as well. This issue is like kryptonite for Liberals but they just can't seem to help themselves. With NS (provincial) Liberals, it's toll highways and P3 schools. They insist of flirting with the very things that have previously caused them grief.
  2. This might answer some of the questions I've had from the very beginning. I just checked the CNN web page and they are actually covering some news items today.... https://video.foxnews.com/v/6018155282001/#sp=show-clips
  3. That is exactly the case in Canada right now. Some might take issue with the word "capable" and its interpretation. Magazines can be (largely) interchangeable as we have seen with gang members in Toronto using over capacity, illegal magazines on illegal handguns for illegal purposes. That will continue regardless of interpretation or regulation. That issue aside, semi automatic pistols are currently limited to 10 rounds and some revolvers (Ruger GP100 for instance) have cylinders chambered for 7 rounds. Detachable rimfire magazines (.22) are not subject to the 5 round restriction. Further, those rifles called "military style assault rifles" are not, in fact assault rifles at all because they lack selective fire (fully automatic) and are subject to the 5 round magazine capacity limit. They are, in fact, simply semi automatic rifles with black plastic stocks and detachable box type magazines. Gun control activists want you to believe that they are assault rifles in order to effect an incremental ban on semi automatic rifles with 5 round magazines... no different than many hunting rifles currently in use. If that happens, they will then work toward a ban on semi automatic rifles across the board and will rightly point out that the assault rifles (previously banned) are exactly the same (in function) as other rifles in common use. Overall, while the tactics are smart, they are also, at best, disingenuous, sneaky and likely have broad appeal with those unfamiliar with the current rules. Worst of all IMO, is the full complicity of the media and police services who know full well what is what. In most break and enters, the theft of weapons is really a target of opportunity found on site at the time of the break in. The incidence of targeted break and enters specifically to steal firearms is actually quite low (and supported by ATIP requests). While the graph will always imply "break- in to steal fire arms" it would be more accurate to say "break-ins in which a firearm was stolen". If the graph was actually plotted as worded, the line would be virtually non-existent..... and they know that too. Incidentally, the hundreds of police weapons lost and stolen over the years are included in most of the self serving graphics as well. Cool eh? The more you know about any subject currently under consideration by the Liberals, be it gun control, SNC, military stuff (like the F18 purchase) etc etc, the more you come to realize how despicable these folks actually are. I have often disagreed with the actions of past governments but I have never felt embarrassed and lied to before. For most veterans, the notion that the Veterans Affairs portfolio would be a "demeaning demotion" for any Minister of the Crown is, in and of itself, an absolute show stopper.... as it was for me. I doubt they are even aware of how much of the military vote that one (little) thing has already cost them.
  4. Me too, or even worse, compare our gun control efforts with those of island nations half a world away.... moose kill more people in Canada than registered gun owners. People in remote villages in South Sudan have less traffic accidents than Canadians too.
  5. I couldn’t get past the 3 minute mark, maybe you can do better. Military assault rifles are already illegal in Canada. To be an assault rifle you must have selective fire and a high capacity detachable magazine. If it doesn’t, it is no more an assault rifle that your pickup truck is a Mercedes by addition of a hood ornament. I bet she can’t name a single Defence Force anywhere who limit their “assault rifle” magazine capacities to 5 rounds. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/programs/metromorning/could-new-zealand-s-new-gun-laws-work-here-in-canada-1.5067554
  6. I now understand why government policies seem crazy to me.... the voters are insane and I have no idea how to fix this. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/levy-amber-alert-for-slain-girl-11-set-off-wave-of-911-complaints I'm willing to bet that many of the "stars" caught in the college admissions scandal are the very ones who previously and publicly accused DJT of collusion.... it might be too late to fix any of this. https://abcnews.go.com/US/hollywood-actors-ceos-charged-nationwide-college-admissions-cheating/story?id=61627873
  7. If true, there are an astounding number of campus hookers across the country. Most universities are decidedly Liberal and I would have thought that the objectification of women would run contrary to liberal values? I'm finding it difficult to keep up. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/more-students-become-sugar-babies-to-pay-for-university
  8. I would even settle for white liberals. It's far too common but because it doesn’t fit the narrative it goes largely unreported (or more accurately) unanalyzed. The worst part of it is that no one even asks why it goes unreported. IMO, this is the worst and most shameful form of racism that can be found. PS. Just went looking for the storey and had to dig for it.... I think shameful is exactly the right word. You hear even less about Islamic attacks on christians. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/world/hundreds-of-christians-killed-in-nigeria-attacks
  9. From all of this, I guess we can only conclude one of two things. Either Democrats are brilliant strategists who see something in the mood of the nation that I’m not smart enough to discern, or they are completely unhinged. I would submit that US voters are looking for an administration in waiting…. one with viable, supportable policy initiatives and a vision for the country that they can support. Something that provides a workable alternative to what they might want an alternative to. And, instead of providing that, they insist on NOT providing that. Were I to play the devils advocate and attempt to argue in support of their current conduct (a technique I often use to test possible courses of action) I’m not sure how I would approach it. Refusing to accept the results of a process and mandate you previously supported because the results run contrary to your expectations calls into question the most basic of problem solving abilities. Without those abilities, solutions (to anything) become elusive and the loudest mob rules the day. In the face of facts, agendas are, at best, preferences. They make pink Cadillacs for someone.... it's just not me.
  10. This could all have been managed in a sensible, moderate and compassionate manner says I. And, those who once screamed racist at people who suggested that very thing will be the ones joining the ranks of new oppressors and become worse than what they once railed against in the process. This reaction is as predictable as the problem they now seek to redress. In the process, they will choose cheap solutions to expensive problems and, at least in the short term, make things worse. Liberals have become dangerous creatures.
  11. And that's a fact. They don't want you to know what activities SNC was actually funding in Libya and Mexico that ran contrary to UN imposed sanctions (travel and asset freezes) that were directly opposed to OUP operational efforts during the campaign. The fact that the government wanted to give them a pass on it would stand as manifestly unlawful bordering on treasonous. That has been my concern all along. Cash bribes paid in the land of bribes are a nothing burger. Be assured that the CBC and other news agency covering those events in Libya paid bribes to effect freedom of movement and access as well. Simple bribes in Libya is how things get done.... this, most definitely, isn't that.
  12. Watching it all unfold is tremendously entertaining because the entire thought process is unfathomable. Liberals in general (Democrats in particular) seem completely oblivious to the steep cliffs that border the mountain path they are walking on. They are unable to read the signs and adjust to changing circumstances outside the confines of their own agenda and I doubt they could track a blind buffalo through mud. The country is hungry for reasonable alternatives and they are so totally and completely AWOL that I'm now betting on the buffalo. In fact, he should run as an independent.
  13. Required reading for Democrats before they blow it.... again. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/19/opinions/what-progressives-should-know-about-trump-voters-hanson/index.html Stop apologizing unless you do something truly stupid. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/liz-peek-its-time-to-stop-apologizing-america-the-endless-apologies-are-wearing-us-out Like this https://www.foxnews.com/politics/tennessee-democratic-party-chair-apologizes-for-calling-state-racist We will find out soon whether 25 million dollars were well spent or not. I say let the the great axe fall where the offence lies. As far as I'm concerned (and I bet a bunch of US voters), the Democrats had better be right about their assertions of collusion. They have behaved so badly, that no other outcome (than being right) is acceptable. If wrong, do we get back to running the country or will you continue advancing on the precipice? https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-when-the-mueller-report-shows-trump-didnt-collude-with-russia-will-anyone-be-punished
  14. Well, maybe it’s just me…. I tend to blame voters more than the government. Apart from a few unanticipated scandals, people are screaming the loudest about items that were actually Liberal election promises. Things like gun control, carbon taxation, and more rigorous scrutiny of pipeline developments come instantly to mind. Last week at the gym, I asked an opinionated guy to define “assault rifle” for me and he couldn’t do it. When I explained that selective fire and high capacity magazines were already illegal here he got defensive and reverted to the old standby that AR (as in AR-15) stands for assault rifle. The conversation ended abruptly when I told him it actually stood for Armalite Rifle. The real question is how do you get people to seek solutions that might transcend their own narratives and experience? As in aviation, you usually won't survive long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.... and if you do, no one will believe you anyway if it doesn't fit the narrative... just ask any pilot who has gone civilian to military then back to civilian and then back to military again. They bring a wealth of observation (best practices) to the table that are all but universally ignored. How do you stop things from being circular? I would have previously suggested the internet but it seems more cause than solution. It seems that knee jerk reactions are all we can aspire to now.