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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bernie-sanders-disavows-russia-efforts-help-campaignhttps:// www.foxnews.com/media/lawrence-odonnell-msnbc-trump-russian-operative https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-blasts-cnn-msdnc-for-grouping-sanders-gabbard-as-russian-sympathizers Here's a hint.... it's all fake news. Gabbard isn't a Russian agent, Bernie isn't a Russian agent, Trump isn't a Russian agent, Scheer isn't a white supremacist, and Trudeau is no more a racist than Warren is a native. Clearly Kim Campbell was right, elections are no time to have a serious discussion about the issues at hand.
  2. You realize that position places severe limitations on rational discussion, limits the concept of compromise and destroys utterly any hope of achieving outcomes other than your own, right? Is that not the sort of stark, all or nothing choice that democracy, with all of it’s warts, seeks to avoid…. or at least limit? My hope is this sentiment isn’t widely shared by voters in the US… if for no other reason than the divisive partisanship it evokes. I perceive that the DNC has counted on promoting that very idea as an election strategy though, it’s not one I would have picked. I'm a bit late now and will have to leave you to it.
  3. I'm not sure what that means but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be smart enough to understand it anyway. All of this will soon be coming down to a simple choice. In the lead up to November, there is still time to debate (in academic and tactical terms), if Democrats want to be right or they want to win and which option best furthers their cause. I’m of the view that they’ve invested far too much in the former and not near enough in the latter. They have proceeded way beyond PNR hoping the fire would blow itself out and they counted on Bloomberg to be both T handle and suppressant….. but it’s a little late now and he clearly isn’t either. Maybe had they brought forward a candidate named Bromotrifluoromethane prior to PNR things would be looking different for them now. Clearly I have no stake in the game or say in the outcome, but tactically, it’s certainly interesting to watch. This election was the Democrat’s to lose. On election day, it’s looking quite possible that the choice will come down to Sanders or Trump and all of the tactical machinations we have watched will have the same value as an airplane seat once the door is closed. So humour me for just a moment by answering a simple question, would you rather see Bernie or Donald in the WH? A one word answer is fine, no need to defend your choice, I’m simply curious. I’ll even go first and say that assuming all of your discredited allegations were (even mostly) correct, hands down I prefer Trump.... Bernie is a non starter. And that's what I mean by "their's to lose." It simply didn't have to come down to that and the fact that it has stands as a self inflicted wound. Got to run...cheers
  4. More likely you're the only one unable to move beyond Mueller. I'm willing to bet Tulsi Gabbard isn't a Russian agent, Bernie isn't a sexist, Trump isn't a Nazi, Scheer isn't a white supremacist and JT isn't a racist.... any takers? Say it out loud in front of a mirror.... once you get started, those 7 steps can be cathartic.
  5. University students and those who have never left the vacation circuit seem blissfuly unaware that they are the most privileged group in human history. I love it when the privileged disparage the very privilege they are privileged to enjoy. In terms of the current debacle, we have this little thing called the constitution and it outlines who can do what and when they can do it. It's a concept those lacking "privilege" envy, and those who posses privilege rail against. As I've said before, great civilizations are NEVER murdered, they wilfully commit suicide, and those who tie the noose profess the virtue of their politics as they fashion the loop. Has it ever been otherwise? Tell a soldier where the landmines are and he will build a fence and walk around them. Tell a liberal where they are and he will don ear defenders, heavy boots and stomp his feet until he finds one; he will then complain about MEDEVAC response times and label the roll IV trauma centre systemically racist.
  6. Unless you represent the Borg and subscribe to the notion that resistance is futile, I think you have it reversed. I don't know whether to hope you get Bernie or Mike, but should either come to pass, I'm beginning to think that I'll enjoy the show more than most of the anti Trumpers will, there's just something about "getting your wish" that's fun to watch... I'm reminded of the Ontario slogan, "green energy is cheap and it will produce hundreds of thousands of new jobs." And I remember having a very similar conversation about that a few years back.... it may have been this very forum (but I can't swear to it). The monthly bills and the reaction to them were classic WDYTWGTH stuff. Since your preferred outcome will be so much more entertaining than mine, I'm actually starting to root for you. The attacks you refer to are interesting as well. I note that conservative politicians universally condemned those actions and seek to distance themselves and their party from the fools on the far right fringes. That appears not to hold true for the left and their violence toward Trump supporters. Much of their current difficulties proceed from tolerating views that lead to those actions. As a result, I see them as self inflicted and likely to worsen, as will political violence across the board.
  7. Please remind me again.... who was it that said (all in caps): ATTACK THE ARGUMENT NOT THE PERSON; and AVOID PARTISAN MUDSLINGING. Go UPS:
  8. You keep getting this wrong and I think you're doing it deliberately. Right now, Trump is the only defence against the Bernie/AOC factor. That's his only virtue, and that's why people like me (who used to agree with people like you) no longer do and likely never will again. Anything Trump has done, or is likely to do, pales in comparison to what the Democrats have in mind. The democrats and Liberals of yesterday (that I supported) are no more (THAT PARROT HAS CEASED TO EXIST). The Liberal and Democratic parties that I supported are unrecognizable now. That is likely to continue until the socialism lessons of the past are relearned and they can connect the dots on "cause and effect." This should be easy to hoist aboard.... LOOK AT CALIFORNIA, it's a mess. Now add open borders, no ICE, free university, free medical, free dental, free prescription drugs and a guaranteed income. Show me this works in California and you will earn my full support.... It's that easy! If it's such a damn fine idea why aren't they making that work as a model for us dumb farmers who can only dig a hole, plant a seed, throw on water and cut the corn..... did I mention their hateful, insulting rhetoric? That's enough to loose my support right there. How bloody bad do you have to be to lose to Trump? If you want more California than ya got now then go for it. I actually hope you end up with a belly full of Bernie. In fact, I want this put to bed, so hopefully you will experience full throttle "Bernie" until you are begging to be done with him..... something the "I want climate change action" folks here on the east coast are experiencing right now. They're getting a small taste of what they ordered from the menu and they don't like it. Shutting down rail service is a small (and I mean small) fraction of what's required to hit accord targets. Like them, I don't think you actually want what you seem to be asking for. Until I'm confident that you (and they) are actually willing to pay the bills, I will be there each and every time there is an election to cancel out your vote.
  9. You seem to think that people who like Trump actually like Trump..... most are just scared to death of Democrats. Even some Liberals can now see how far off the rails and hateful Democrats have become. Since you have said nothing about the gross manipulation and epic hypocrisy surrounding Bloomberg, by your own logic, I assume you approve and are in full support of it. I'm in absolute awe over some of this stuff and it appears that even raving Liberals are starting to cry foul: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6133978854001/ In addition, since you've said nothing about Trump's success in cutting CO2 emissions, I'll assume you approve of that as well: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-trumps-america-leads-the-world-in-cutting-greenhouse-gases I could go on at some length about your tacit approval of other Trump initiatives (evidenced by your silence), but perhaps by now you are starting to see the fallacy of what you present as proof of acceptance. Since you haven't disagreed with Mike's assessment of farmers, are we to assume that you approve of the notion that farm folk are dim-witted and that a 2 year college diploma in agriculture is a waste of time?
  10. I'm but a casual observer and merely point out the obvious. I'm actually starting to hope that you get your wish.... I'd love to see Bernie as the next POTUS. It would be pretty entertaining.... flat out fun to watch as the California effect sweeps the nation and The DNC melts down. This booming economy thing is getting boring... bring on Occupy Democrats.
  11. You might have missed this part of the post: I'll type slower next month..... cheers
  12. Let's just give that assertion a moments thought.... Occupy Democrats doesn't qualify as "reporting" and I didn't say I approved. I said Occupy Democrats have an extreme left bias and are rated low. As to "satisfaction" I derived a bit of that from thinking about you madly scouring the internet for an alternate source, albeit with a similar (but perhaps less extreme) bias. See ya next month eh?
  13. Negative option organ donation passed last year and coming into effect soon. This is the first time (since the option became available) that I will be opting out. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/nova-scotia-legislature-passes-presumed-consent-law-for-organ-donation-1.4378610
  14. Being as today is the third Wednesday of the month I checked the media bias of your link. Here it is: Overall, we rate Occupy Democrats Questionable due to extreme left wing bias, promotion of propaganda and conspiracies as well the publication of fake news as evidence by numerous failed fact checks. That's as far as I got, they are rated "low." There is a "very low" category though.... something to shoot for next month eh?
  15. Maybe I'm too cynical but I don't think that's the reason. People want to DO something, the trouble is they want it to be easy and they simply don't understand the magnitude of effort (that's pain) required to hit accord targets. They can't correlate the notion that "simple isn't easy" because they have never really experienced it or overcome it. To illustrate the notion, I would urge anyone who disagrees to take up traditional archery for just long enough to consistently shoot 4 inch groups at 25 meters, let me know how long that takes you. Archery is so simple that even a caveman can do it..... right?