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  1. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    LOL, I hadn’t considered that; it’s worth a try, I’m rooting for you. Thinking this stuff would only apply to a private toilet stall was pure liberal fantasy. My opposition to it is not even for myself, its for others and I think women, in particular, will be adversely affected by it. Personally, on long deployments, it bothers me not at bit to shower with attractive females who self identify as gay men. If I did have to do jail time, it would be folly not to identify as a woman… and a gay one at that. You would have to pry me out of jail with a crow bar.
  2. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    Another logical, easily anticipated product of the transgender washroom/change room movement. I suspect this will catch on quickly and the floodgates will open. You only need to self identify… if faced with prison, you can be assured I would ident as a women too. Where is the "like its a toilet" crowd now... they seem quiet. http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/1504230-truro-prison-staff-concerned-about-presence-of-transgender-inmate
  3. Little Hands on Experience needed

    And in keeping with the concept of value, minimum wage vacation planners in the Ops department can cost ya too: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/09/18/ryanair-cancels-50-flights-a-day-for-6-weeks-after-it-messed-up-pilots-holiday-schedule
  4. If you live in Ontario and want to help, try following the speed limit. During the OPEC debacle you wanted to slow down, save gas, save emissions, save the planet, etc. So man up and get busy. After my recent motorcycle trip, I rate your effort as damn poor. In the mean time, here’s an update on the carbon tax. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/09/16/carbon-tax-gouged-ontarians-out-of-15b-so-far-in-2017 As to climate change deniers, when considering global climatology, climate change is the norm and always has been. It will continue with or without us. Put in perspective, one volcanic eruption is worth about 15 years of carbon tax efforts as they do nothing to reduce consumption. If you want to curb consumption ya have to get tough; the type of tough that hurts big time and wrecks your economy. Otherwise, it's about as effective as your speed limit.
  5. Little Hands on Experience needed

    A bit of thread drift to be sure but... In another thread boestar posted “13 states and one province and the worst drivers were encountered on the Ontario roads. Sad to say that Ontario drivers are Entitled, Distracted and just plain oblivious to the rules of the road.” I recently returned from a x-Canada motorcycle trip and totally agree with his assessment, a few observations: - total disregard of the speed limit. During the OPEC thing (remember) liberal folk wanted to slow down and save the planet… well, not any more! - abject lack of enforcement, didn’t see a single police car in Ontario (east or west bound) - two near head on collisions, had to pull off the travelled portion of the road, opposing solo never even slowed down - crazy tailgating in the left lane (on 4 lane sections) 7-9 stupids at a time. Snowbird line astern stuff. Throw a racoon into the mix and you and you have a chain reaction accident, no maybe about it, simple physics - It was a live cigarette butt fest. The number of live butts flicked out the windows left me wondering how you have any trees left - motorcyclists riding left of the centre line. Feet on the highway bars, full spread, left foot left of the line… with attitude (lots and lots of it). Most riding in t-shirts too. You only have to attend one accident where people turn themselves into strawberry jello to see the VALUE of PPE... and there we are, back to value again and back on track. People watch too much TV, and it's the lack of values that prevents them from seeing the value of value. Cheers PS The answer to the shovel/class A gravel thing is 15 mins. I used my son’s shovel in his driveway. So, from a value perspective, that’s $0.80 per min. The only reason I used it was because I forgot mine (the one my grandfather had). He died 30 years ago… countless tons for pennies a year. MBA comments? Maybe you're hoping your shovel is never tested...
  6. Little Hands on Experience needed

    Me too, but I don't see it changing. I don’t have a solution but I’m pretty sure of the cause now, and it came to me while looking for sandpaper at Canadian tire. I like Norton, it’s made in Canada and lasts way longer than the cheaper stuff that falls apart in your hands; it’s only marginally more expensive. Anyway, they didn’t have that brand and the Canadian Tire girl informed me (with lots of attitude) that “sandpaper is sandpaper.” Well, that just isn’t so but there was no sense arguing with her… off to Home Hardware. Now, country boys know how long a $12.00 shovel lasts when you are shovelling class A gravel but most city folk don’t… you now have to special order good shovels at some smaller stores. The problem is, we have collectively unlearned the concept of value and any old shovel is good enough, until you really need it to work and find out that it isn't up to the task. It was never really the store's fault, you wouldn't have bought a $60.00 shovel anyway.
  7. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    This is pretty simple. Other than contract speciality operations, there is and will be no value placed on experience (or retaining it) until such time as it leaves the building. Interestingly enough, the RCAF is only now beginning to grasp this concept in a world where flying from point A to B is arguably the easiest part of the job. The airlines will need to experience the inevitable results of this for themselves and they won’t until the last dregs of the “hands and feet generation” retire or move on to other endeavours. There is no going back now... I've simply embraced it for what it is, a horror show I call The Children of Magenta. It's wages that attract experience, just get a minimum wage carpenter to put in your new windows if you don't believe it. There won't be a level in sight. The cheap tool is always the most expensive. It's too big for small jobs and too small for big ones. I just drive now.
  8. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    Agreed, I think you’re right and it’s not what I have the problem with. It’s the experience vs pay thing that I see as a barrier, it creates the illusion of a shortage when there is only a shortage of people willing to work for an entry level salary or post a bond etc. I guess that, in a nutshell, is what bugs me even if it won’t effect me (in a couple of years). I can't think of another occupation that pays entry level wages for an experienced “journeymen”. If they did, I suspect the same shortages, in the land of plenty, would occur and welders would become chefs. I certainly don’t see the experience vs company seniority issue an insurmountable problem either. The entry level wage is simply “because they can”. I guess they can until they can’t. They should try it with airline executives.
  9. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    Cool, it’s gone up a bit. Now, if you double it you might be able to coax a few truck drivers back to the industry. Triple it and you might get some UAV guys tired of being deployed... or not, most of us no longer care.
  10. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    Good article and I think this is more common than many think; much better money in deployed UAV operations if you have the right background. In another thread, I postulated that WestJet’s evolution (ULC, regional, mixed fleet, international) is a radical departure from it’s roots and contrary to its original values and corporate beliefs… putting it on track to becoming the next Canadian. While it seems to me they have progressed in a thoughtful and rational manner doing well in the process, history has a way of repeating itself and old enemies simply don wigs and change clothes. If it weren’t so my universe would implode… and it hasn’t yet. Hopefully they remain cautious and don't get caught up in a ruinous market share battle.
  11. WestJet to launch ULCC???

    During my brief foray into the airline world, I remember the WestJet folks being adamant about their business model and what they absolutely wouldn’t ever, ever, ever do… particularly around and about the time of the common employer and CCAA debacle. I’m not a business guy to be sure, but it seems to me they are now doing everything they swore they wouldn’t and stand at the threshold of becoming the new Canadian. By that I mean, ULC, international, mixed fleets, regional feed, unionization etc… am I wrong? Be assured, my interest is purely academic.
  12. Trump Wins

    Nope... status quo is fine until the far left buffoonery stops. The NDP in Alberta (and elsewhere) are a known quantity. The question is always which is worse, not which is best. Hillary and the left are worse. Perhaps buffoonery is just a phase and we can get back to reasonable within 8 years (or so).
  13. Trump Wins

    A fine plan but I don’t think the left is ready yet. They simply can’t grasp the fact that, largely, they are the reason for Trump. They seem to think the people who voted for Trump are “Trump supporters.” Left leaning conservatives (dare I say like me) didn’t vote for Trump… he’s an idiot. They voted AGAINST HILLARY AND THE LEFT. Keep watching, we will do it again. The poles got it wrong… all of them, why? Well, it’s easy, most of us aren’t going to argue and be shouted down by thugs calling us stupid, racist, xenophobes. We will wait until we enter the polling booth to have our say. It’s the only way you will listen. In the mean time, pulling down statues, banning state songs, renaming schools and streets only serves to make Trump or his clone a shoe in next time too. In short, until you are ready to engage in the process, you can count on me to vote against you. Simple eh? Now, this guy is a liberal but I could vote for him I think... CAUTION PLEASE BAD LANGUAGE
  14. Every year for the last 28, we have been feeding hummingbirds in the same location (between 2 and 4 pairs). I just found out, that with a weight to brain ratio of 4.2% they are regarded as the smartest of birds… humans are at about 2%. Anyway, the arrival / departure procedure has become an SOP with them. The first arrival comes with the dandelions; it will hover in front of my face for about 10 seconds as if to say “we are here now, get the feeder out.” Sometime during the last week of Aug (today), the last of the males will hover in front of my face for 10 seconds before departing across the lake on the long migration to somewhere warm, as if to say “goodbye.” It marks the end of another summer; always a sad day…
  15. Trump Wins

    LOL. Yup, there's always one.