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  1. What did you think was going to happen?

    Me too. The more you know about a subject and the more you have experienced it, the easier it is to see through the self serving cause factor fiction. Trouble is, no one will believe you until they find out for themselves and by then, usually, the damage is done.
  2. While I’m not inviting (nor participating) in a lengthy discussion/debate on abortion, it is noteworthy that we kill off about 100,000 of our own citizens every year whilst rushing to import people who don’t even like us. Morality and religious concerns aside, from a purely pragmatic perspective, I think you have to go back to about 400 AD Rome to draw any parallels with that type of logic.
  3. What did you think was going to happen?

    The vortex widens; helmet design is not the problem here. Idiot drivers and an abject lack of enforcement are the problem. Try it, simply drive a motorcycle across Ontario and see for yourself. This year I crossed the province from east to west and west to east and didn’t see ONE POLICE CAR IN EITHER DIRECTION. Speeding and tailgating bordered on plain stupid; I had to pull off the traveled portion of Hwy 17 twice to avoid head ons and it’s a wonder there aren’t way more chain reaction multi car pileups. Get the cops out there and start taxing stupid. What did you think was going to happen? It's not motorcycles that are "the cause of death" and it's not motorcycles that are "dangerous." Sounds just like a Liberal gun control argument... http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/motorcycles-are-more-dangerous-than-ever-ontario-study
  4. While that is unquestionably true, I would note that almost everything JT has done or intends to do was predictable and so far (to me at least) there are no surprises. Things like election reform, access to information changes, and all the other things folks might point to were simply never going to happen in the first place… and, I think that was equally predictable. In short, voters got pretty much what they voted for. Frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t seen some crazy new gun control measure... I fear it’s enroute though. And that's predictable too.
  5. It can be achieved but at a cost. The people who say they want it are not willing to pay the price though. They are not even willing to discuss where the 200 mts will come from, it’s too hard. The government is not to blame here, the voters are. As a result, governments will commit to further reductions they have no intention of even trying to meet. If they did take concrete action, liberal voters (who say they want it) would quickly change their minds… again. LIGHT BULBS WON'T GET ER DONE.
  6. What did you think was going to happen?

    Yup, and ironically, the “like it’s a toilet like” crowd (it was like an interview, like) were all students with cheering liberal parents behind them. It clearly cost a bit of coin to change all of this so I say, “like live with it like.” BTW, where are the cheering parents and when will they be happy with the fact that they got exactly what they said they wanted? LOL, more of this is on the way too. So, like what did you like think was going to happen like? Will them/they ever actually want what them/they say them/they think them/they want once them/they get it?
  7. From a farm boy perspective (methane aside), the environmental cost of a pound of beef is way, way beyond what we are currently paying and it’s largely because of those inputs. The real cost of intensive (feed lot style) beef production is pretty large. We are a “top 10” exporter of beef and agriculture accounts for about 29 million tons of GHG per year. Shut down all agriculture and the entire transportation system and we still have a ways to go. Now, about those lightbulbs…
  8. We are lock wired into t-shirt slogans, inactivity and the “lemming dance” will continue as long as the music plays. First world liberal perspectives on such things remind me of all those blonde jokes no one can tell anymore… LOL the oil filler cap is a 710 .
  9. That answer is exactly why we are failing and why we will continue to fail… keep watching. Until there is willingness to discuss the methodology of achieving difficult goals (that effect everyone), those goals will remain elusive and unachieved. I won't enquire further of you. Cheers
  10. Might be time for a thread dedicated to showcasing the predictable result of post modern madness. I remember a thread a while back about gender neutral washrooms and the “like it’s a toilet like” crowd who flatly refused to see the logical and predictable outcome. Well, here it is and more is coming… LOL, what did you think was going to happen? "The coverup rules come as Brossard breaks ground on a new aquatic complex, one that will do away with gender-specific change areas in favour of a universal locker room. The facility is expected to be ready in 2019." https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/11/13/montreal-area-suburb-bans-nudity-in-pool-locker-rooms-following-complaints.html
  11. Agreed. Going green does not equate to costing less, I think that's a given. It’s not about paying less, it’s about polluting less and we either make the effort to do what we said we would or we don’t. The concept of do, or do not, has become unfathomable to most people … it’s really as simple and basic as simple and basic can get. Remember cheap green energy and hundreds of thousands of new jobs? There is great reluctance on the part of accord supporters to articulate where the 200 mts/year we need to shed is going to come from. They just won’t do it. Why? It’s a reasonable and absolutely necessary topic of discussion and if you won't do that, go back to pulling down statues and being selectively offended. The earth is round, water is wet, fire is hot and reality simply doesn't care about your feelings. Without considering tangible goals and reasonable options there is simply no where to go and all pro/con debate is rendered moot; goals/objectives are continuously not met and everyone is forever surprised and dismayed by abject failure whilst committing to more stringent reductions they have no intention of even trying to achieve. This sort of nonsense is like WW1 battle tactics. Sending waves of cavalry against machine gun emplacements simply won't achieve your goal... unless your goal is failure. As if on cue... http://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-liberals-blowing-hot-air-in-bonn The failure to articulate "the how" is coming home to roost. I’m starting feel sorry for climate change Barbie. Will no one answer the question? Anyone? gator, how about you...
  12. This is the fall back position of those who will fail to meet the targets. Gradual transitions will happen with or without these targets… it just won’t be enough of enough soon enough. Don’t make it sound as though I’m opposed, we made a commitment on the world stage and should either dig in and get busy or apologize and withdraw. Simple eh? Keep watching, what we will actually do is neither. Cheers P.S. Ironically, there are many more horses in North America now than there was before the transition away from them. Had the goal of this transition been to decrease the amount of methane produced by horses, it was a failure. Clearly that wasn’t the goal though, expediency was. So here we are back at objectives vs cost/effect again. In a few years time, mercury vapour from CFLs may prove to be a tough horse to break... We need to go from 726 mts to 525 mts/year in 12 years. Buildings, cars and industry are the big ticket items here. Is it unreasonable of me to ask where the 200 mts/year will come from? Switching back to horses will only get us half way there.
  13. Or maybe I'll just turn the computer off and stop drinking hot chocolate... that should do it.
  14. In the absence of a commitment to do without, all of this is meaningless banter and grade three rhetoric. If you can’t articulate what you want to give up and are willing to do without, where do we go? The answer is … no where. The commitment is huge and most people in Canada are debating trivial items like LIGHT BULBS. LOL, light bulbs won’t get this done. We need to pick entire sectors of the economy that we can shut down… who wants to go first?
  15. Motion M-103 now In Parliament

    I’m heartened by the fact that people are even thinking about the ramifications of this, we’re making progress and incredibly, not screaming racism whilst doing it. I fully expected to ask, “What did you think was going to happen?” in a short period of time. That said, I will predict right now that it will go through with minor modifications that still beg the question…