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  1. Any time I returned from a deployment and my wife picked me up, one of our stops on the way home was always the Super Store. It became a tradition, I was always blown away by the amount and variety of produce on display, the air conditioning and the colour green (on the drive back from the airport). Green was always an assault on the senses for the first few hours, almost surreal. Sad eh? Guess ya had to be there.... BTW, anyone who was had nothing bad to say about capitalism.
  2. Nothing like a bit of experience in the real world. Education without experience is innocuous until you add agenda without discretion (it adds an aggressive component to the mix), then it becomes a dangerous cocktail. It's precisely at that point that experience, caution and moderation saves lives.... since it takes a lack of experience to not to realize that, the process can become circular. Those with experience share a common threshold though and they share it regardless of political affiliation, they can all agree on what they don't want... a virtue now sadly lacking IMO.
  3. Sounds about right to me. Might as well join the army, combat pay is tax free. Most Infantrymen don’t have degrees, it’s pretty simple really, a soldier 101 thing… simple soldiers recognize the smell. My Grandfather (a WW1 sniper) used to call it “the smell of hard times.” Those who have never inhaled the aroma will blame the left, or the right, the government (Trump or whatever) They will say “look at that, told you so… it’s his fault.” By the time they realize that It doesn’t matter the flame is self sustaining. Soldiers don’t do that, our world is simple (and BTW, simple isn’t ea
  4. I stand in awe. 27 (that's twenty-seven) cell phones from Muellers's investigative team all wiped by accident at roughly the same time. They all forgot their passwords and entered the wrong one 10 (that's ten) times EACH... one after the other (over and over again) to cause the data dump. And it could only happen after selecting that particular feature as an option... by "accident." Not a word of this on CNN BTW. Accidents happen eh?
  5. Take a look at the black baby abortion statistics on per capita basis in the US. Then consider the following headline. Black babies see higher odds of survival with Black doctors’ care: study Black infants' mortality is halved when a Black doctor oversees their care, the study says Now, I don't know what the statistics say about the voracity of the claim but it seems to me the implication here is pretty horrific.... I'm tired of fact checking bogus media claims and rapidly loosing interest in the reindeer games behind them. I've done this at some length with liberal gun contr
  6. Now all we need is the same level of outrage that's projected on fake christians to be applied to fake news and violent thugs doing violent things under the guise of peaceful protest. For those who don't have a log in their own eyes, it's pretty easy to see. Only when idiots are disavowed is there room for reasonable people to have parley about reasonable things and develop reasonable courses of action.... I don't see that happening. People seem to enjoy the fringe element antics too much to get on with the grunt. By the time they recognize that they are diverted by diversions it will be
  7. I was never a fan before but this guy has bloomed of late and he's exactly right. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6181986306001#sp=show-clips Now, go to the CNN web page and see if there is any coverage of protest violence.... or, I can save you the bother, there is none. Lost on many people is the reality of how fast things can go so badly wrong and how long and difficult the road back to normalcy is as a result of it. This is the perfect amalgamation (collision is a better word) of influences all at the same time. Now, think pilot shortage (the ex RCAF folks get this, there
  8. That's the issue right there IMO. I think it's what makes the entire Russian election interference argument so bogus. The only election interference on full display is that coming from the main stream media outlets. None of this mess was the result of action by a foreign enemy, it was self contained, self inflicted and now that IEDs are in play, has potentially become self sustaining and long term. The emergence of bombs and IEDs usually signifies a shift in attitude, intent and resolve....the products of targeted propaganda now gone too far. This was a small one but fear not, they g
  9. Indeed. And CNN is ignoring the whole thing. Their commitment to partisan politics has cost them dearly as a result and ironically, FOX's Tucker Carlson has the highest rated program in cable news history.... As to deicer's notion of being fearful, New York is predominantly a liberal democratic stronghold.... they are clearly the ones who are afraid and they don't see their own reality being reflected in the likes of CNN. They may also be afraid of the election result, it has the potential to be violent now no matter who wins. So, they may be liberal by nature, as am I (believe it or not
  10. Large US cities are on the way to experiencing the perfect storm. There are parallels with Rome for those who care to extrapolate a bit, circumstances are always different but overall, there are trends that need correcting and now is the time to correct them. It's never one thing, always three or more and always at the same time. Here's my count of some top contenders.... more are simmering, like potential supply chain malfunctions that make the toilet paper thing look humorous. This is a short list, I have to run: - Toxic political environment with unprecedented polarization - Racia
  11. As predicted. Right on course with zero cross track error, there could be no other outcome and it will continue and accelerate. I think I understand the logic now, if the DG says "W" when the rising sun is in your eyes the W stands for Wonderful... https://nypost.com/2020/08/11/new-yorkers-flee-nyc-in-droves/ Worth noting that CNN (and their ilk) ignore this stuff completely. It also speaks to rising levels of fear among the silent majority and accounts for the massive increase (and I do mean massive) in first time gun owners. When 911 becomes useless people will seek other ave
  12. There have been a great many other technical advances in virtually every field of endeavour. Imagine what the founding fathers would think of the "free press" they cherished were they to gaze upon what it has become. Most of these control efforts will fall flat anyway, too many first time gun owners now due to current events (defunding and the like), these were people who never previously had a gun in the house and fully supported sensible gun control measures.... now set back many years (possibly decades) as a result. It's based on fear, a powerful motivator that "works good and lasts a
  13. An old concept made easier by agendas and political insanity . The 81 club calls it "taking care of business," expect lots more of it. And really, why wouldn't they? It's a WDYTWGTH thing, cheap labour is good for business... it's really that simple. Some things are complicated, some things aren't, and simple rarely walks hand in hand with easy; that's where political will comes to the fore and I don't see much of that.
  14. It sure doesn't.... fascinating to watch though. And it's not the facts of the case (or that it happened) that disturbs me, it's the breathtaking display of hypocrisy made worse by the support of the base. Gone is the notion of "this is right and this is wrong," or even "this is wrong but we forgive you," it's been replaced with "this isn't as bad as that therefore it's OK." Since virtually nothing makes sense to me now, I'm thinking the polls have it all wrong. People clearly don't like Trump.... that's a given. Yet I don't know a single person in favour of the madness that m
  15. Just when a fair, open and transparent election is needed most, the push is on for mail in voting. High potential for chaos and election violence here.... quite possibly the last piece of the puzzle. When intelligent people actively pursue courses of action that make no sense, it has to be in support of an agenda.... I was wondering what the media push about Trump "not accepting election results" was about, why all the liberal media outlets were saying the same thing at the same time, seemingly out of the blue.... they know exactly what they're doing, which only serves to make it w