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  1. There is nothing like experience I guess… I find the whole thing utterly astounding and more than a bit scary. Suppose I wrote a blog suggesting that no one tailgates on the 401, would liberals believe it or disagree based on experience and observation? OK, ya, that’s how I feel too.
  2. I guess I can’t be of much help then. Best of luck.
  3. Folks, I think the war of competing links serves no interest. I can find lots that suggest the world is flat or that the moon landing never happened or the end of the world is near. Demographic concentrations are a key issue here and they are completely ignored. It seems individual opinions based on thoughtful reflection are becoming as scarce as red headed jihadists… there ya go, google that one.
  4. And this is part of the problem. After OUP (Libya), I took a strong interest in what happened when we left… remember the parade? News was almost impossible to find. Why is that? Main stream media simply don’t cover much of the activity in other parts of the Muslim world and North Americans have a false sense of what is what’s not. As a result of no news and even less experience, things like “moose kill more Canadians” end up on t shirts worn by blonde chicks in liberal universities and it’s no surprise is it? Moderate Muslims are not as moderate as what a lot of people think and Islam is just not compatible with liberal secular democracies. It just isn’t! You can make it work (for a time) with low demographic concentrations and by taking great care not to ghettoize Muslims (as was the case in Europe). By any standard though, the EU experience is a cautionary tail about how not to do this and it serves as a beacon to the wise. PS. OK, here is an example of front page news in Canada. Clearly, having girls play a full contact sport with the boys is a great plan, what could go wrong…http://www.torontosun.com/2017/05/26/girls-say-vancouver-island-gender-segregated-hockey-proposal-is-offside And, just in case you ever wondered why poor people living in 3rd world countries don’t like us...http://www.torontosun.com/2017/05/26/melania-trump-wears-51000-dolce--gabbana-jacket-in-sicily OK, I’m done now.
  5. It’s just an endless stream of mindless savagery. It seems almost a lifetime ago (I guess it was) that I turned 19 in a Muslim desert on the first of numerous operational tours to the area. On reflection, I think the situation is much worse now than it was then. I can offer no rational solution other than big fences and armed guards to keep this abomination at bay. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/26/africa/egypt-shooting-coptic-christians/index.html Islam is simply incompatible with secular democracies and or other religions. The only saving grace would be the loud voice of moderate Muslims and they are AWOL on mass.
  6. Nobody wins in the distraction game of “who is the worst”. Right now moose kill more people in Canada than terrorists. There is no end of silly analogies I could make; so I won’t. You already get it.
  7. Glad to see it lives on, I absolutely adore this machine. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/24/politics/a-10-warthog-retirement-air-force-budget/index.html
  8. You can use the cut in hydro (remember wanting "cheap" green energy and those hundreds of thousands of new jobs) http://www.torontosun.com/2017/05/24/hydro-rate-cut-will-cost-ontario-at-least-45-billion and start spending it on monitoring and surveillance. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/05/24/canada-has-dozens-of-jihadists-walking-free-yet-authorities-wont-charge-them Fear not, experience is a great teacher and the madness will be seen for what it is soon enough.
  9. Yes, and that was my point in the first paragraph. Maybe I was a bit clumsy in making it. It is the religion itself not the country of origin that is problematic. By stating “the religion itself” though, I’m including a host of contributing factors that would easily require a new thread.
  10. People often seem to consider the country of origin as a key factor, case in point the origin of the 911 gang. I submit that while this is a consideration to be sure, it’s of limited value prognostically. It is the religion itself that breeds extremism and, as we have seen, it can fester under the flag of any nation. Moving forward, the mass influx of unvetted migrants into Europe is (or will be) a game changer of significant proportions. When EU passports are issued by the truckload, everything here, for us, will likely become more difficult and vastly more expensive. IMO, it’s a bit late to assume that a more conservative immigration stance will be much help in mitigating this expense simply because expense is tied to threat mitigation. That said, I’m not suggesting that a prudent and diligent immigration policy is now passé, it’s just that much ground has been lost and more will be lost before the folly of sanctuary cities and the imminent reduction of CSIS powers has run it’s course. Lest anyone point to the presidential EO, I would argue that yes, there are certainly risky nations, but, it had more to do with the total lack of vetting available in these risky nations than it did the notion that bad guys only come from risky nations.
  11. I take some comfort in the notion that the radical PC spin monster is now choking on its own vomit. Far left reporting from organizations like CNN and the NYT even has my liberal acquaintances shaking their heads now. I disagree with the professor only in the notion that this is still dangerous, or more to the point, that it will be for much longer. It took a while for true stupidity to bubble to the top but reasonable people are now laughing out loud at this stuff; as a result, its days are numbered. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/05/23/prof-jordan-peterson-responds-to-cbc-cultural-appropriation-fallout
  12. In this situation, the decision to launch an intercept is way beyond the purview of the crew. Say or imply anything even close to potential cockpit breach and you can expect company. Would you expect otherwise?
  13. It was two paragraphs, use of duct tape was a side bar… Attempting to gain access qualifies as a bit more than unruly. Armed intercept provides options but makes for a tough call.
  14. Post 911 it’s about having options. If ever there was a no win command decision that might be it. BTW, duct tape is well known as a viable "poor mans" restraint. I’m partial to Gorilla tape but thats just me.
  15. deicer - Assuming you stay the course (at the present rate), by the end of DJT’s second term, this thread should be up to 752 pages. Not sure what the forum record is but I’m rooting for ya.