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  1. Good news, this will be my last WDYTWGTH post for while as I see no point in continually beating a dead horse... it's too easy now. So I'll pose the question, Is inducing people to buy guns for (personal defence) when they are motivated by fear a good thing? I say it's not, but that's just me. Could there have been any other possible outcome than people (who would never previously have had a gun in the house) arming themselves against a real and present threat? What could possibly go wrong? This is the best thing to ever happen to the NRA and those who support second amendment rights. WDYTWGTH? Record-high background checks indicates public fear over 'defund police' movement, gun-rights activist says 'I think people are being hit with a hard dose of reality and understanding that the only person responsible for their safety is them' Fear not though, CNN is on the job and covering all the worlds news that you need to know: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/06/us/racism-words-phrases-slavery-trnd/index.html
  2. If the Incubation period for Covid19 is 10-14 days, we need only think back to incidents of large gatherings in Florida (during that time period) which may have contributed to community spread and the current spike and ask WDYTWGTH. Florida's coronavirus cases top 200,000, officials announce A grudging acknowledgement from the vortex of stupid. Would it be racist for Capt Obvious to wear a cape? Anti-police demonstrations may have sparked new coronavirus cases, some cities now acknowledge The answer is no.... the cape is OK as long as he doesn't sing in the 7th circle of liberal hell known as California: California bans singing in churches amid coronavirus pandemic
  3. When it comes to knowing what you don't want, there is no substitute for hands on experience. I've vacationed on 5 continents and have never seen hateful actions, fear, intimidation, manifestly stupid memes or sarcastic videos (intended to ridicule political opponents) triumph over hate. Nor Have I ever seen a single good thing come out of tribalism.... I have seen it enflame the situation though. Democratic and media support of this organization will come at a cost, it already is costly. Narrowing the choices down to Trump and Biden pretty much says it all IMO. Demonrats remain utterly incapable of anticipating worst case scenarios and have no respect for the law of unintended consequence. What started as good tactical use of terrain has been overplayed to the point of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Go to Youtube and type in "idiots with chainsaws." If you find yourself shouting "no, don't do it," then this is that. There is only one question to be asked, WDYTWGTH. Atlanta mayor calls for citizens to stop 'shooting each other' after murder of 8-year-old near BLM protest site "We're doing each other more harm than any officer on this force."
  4. Wait til they latch onto Roman antiquities and marble statues of slave owners..... ISIS destruction efforts will pale in comparison to the new brand of crazy. Michelangelo's David is an affront to plus sized people the world over. Fat shaming needs to be eradicated.
  5. According to CNN, this was Virginia Beach on the 4th of July. It must be Trump's fault. Buffoonery in action and absurdity in reporting.
  6. Maybe this explains some of it: Rare brain-eating amoeba infection confirmed in Florida, health officials say
  7. The fire index all comes down to wind and humidity now. Virginia state officials order large American flag taken down amid July 4 protest fears
  8. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/levy-blm-palestinian-protesters-beat-up-on-israel Think about it. Idiots that can't manage tow trucks think others should listen to what they have to say about complex conflict resolution.... Toronto tow truck lot torched twice in a week
  9. And every Airbus product that shouts RETARD just prior to touchdown should be cut into pieces and sold for scrap. When you get to this level of madness there is no end to the changes required and the cost of making these changes, we could literally do this all day. Once these people are forced to pay for what they want I bet they won't want it any more..... and at that point, it will all be Trumps fault.
  10. Yup, seems like only yesterday I was shouting REBORT... no.... ABJECT
  11. What will we call the "Master Arm switch" now? And what about the "Master Warning light?" "Master Caution light?" Electrical "Master Switch?" Sync Master? And what ever you do, don't select "slave" on the GHARS, far better to get lost. Fast erect sounds a bit misogynous to me too. And that brake slave cylinder you counted on to get you stopped..... gonzo. And those "Master Aviator Wings" have got to go. Have liberals thought all this through? What is the cost of relabeling every switch in every cockpit of every airplane in every country? Should we tax the 1% to pay for all this? Now, when syncing the props you could select a "foreman" instead of a Master but that would be sexist... maybe a "foreperson" prop would be better. I doubt "Boss" prop would be deemed appropriate by raging liberals either, it has plantation connotations. Why isn't the Colosseum in Rome being demolished? If ever there was a monument to the cruelty and abuse suffered by slaves that would be it. In fact, Rome is awash in antiquities that need to be destroyed.... they have museums full of the stuff. Send in the "Libiban"
  12. And I watch in awe as the media blames Trump for it all. The level of noncompliance in the US borders on insane and there was never the slightest doubt what was going to happen. It's the most basic of WDYTWGTH scenarios. For many, this virus is a new world of reality coupled with immediate consequence that most of them have never experienced before... and it shows. If there is blame to be placed for the virus resurgence, it lies with the media and politicians who supported the mass protests by hundreds of thousands whilst condemning a bible study with 10 people as irresponsible and illegal. All I can say is enjoy the show, no other outcome was possible Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber says residents are "not listening" as numbers soared to 2,418 new cases in his city.
  13. Consider how quickly those pictures and details where released. Then compare it to the ongoing absurdity and deliberate information suppression that is the Nova Scotia investigation. Need further proof, compare the Nova Scotia travesty with the Danforth shooting and compare the tactics at play. I bet this guy is white, I bet he has a PAL, and I bet we will know sooner rather than later.
  14. I couldn't get the link to work properly so here is the full article. It speaks eloquently as to why there was such a concerted effort to brand these weapons as "patrol carbines." They said it loud, they said it over and over..... and people totally believed it. I offer the article solely as an example of the power of controlling the use of words and the concept of 'POOF". POOF - something that is something can also morph to something else that isn't something by changing the name. It's like organizations that have been "disbanded." POOF - the name changed, same people, same office, same job, same phone number... only the sign painter and Liberal strategists know for sure. I'm not suggesting they shouldn't have done this.... I simply find the craven hypocrisy offensive. Canada’s Military Gave 2,012 Assault Rifles to 68 Police Forces
  15. They don't even attempt to hide it anymore. I'm reminded of the Iraqi Minister of Information, I loved listening to that guy. The internet has made things so much worse, you can find opinion and even verifiable fact spun into any narrative you want to invoke, all it takes is an element of truth and a leap to absurdity, and anyone can do it now... even me: Since Toronto accident statistics are generally lower than high density cities in other parts of the world, it's clear that tailgating isn't an issue there. Stringent traffic enforcement and driver education efforts over the years have resulted in it being one of the safest cities to drive a motorcycle in. There is nothing like actually being somewhere and experiencing things firsthand whilst reading an opinion piece steeped in total absurdity that is completely at odds with what you see directly in front of you. Even if you take a picture no one believes it..... there is some comfort in reading these things out loud though, it always makes the zebras laugh. The volume of laughter has a tragic downside though, it means most zebras have a better grasp of reality than the average voter.