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  1. And here it is: https://www.foxnews.com/us/tactical-team-prevented-from-entering-school-earlier
  2. Are these the "white nationalists" and "conservative extremists" the media, government and intelligence services (unholy trinity) keep warning us about or is their threat assessment dead wrong... and deliberately so? Washington pregnancy center vandalized: 'If abortion isn't safe, you aren't either' A vandal painted 'Jane's Revenge,' an apparent reference to the group that took responsibility for the Wisconsin arson attack against a pro-life organization
  3. Don't try to guess the future. Identify the vulnerabilities and trap them. It's a concept the ladies in black heartily approve of. Don't (that's DON"T) make them change into work clothes, put on rubber boots and get sweaty. What could possibly go wrong with this? I'd say the list requires a separate thread: WEF elites: countries must reject sovereign interests and prioritize 'global agenda
  4. It always comes down to capitalizing on tragedy in the most craven political manner possible. The notion that gun laws in Canada and Texas are in anyway similar or comparable is ludicrous. You can only make that connection (for policy purposes) with the help of a deceitful media. It's why the gun control issue is such a case study in propaganda techniques. As to the shooting, surely this qualifies as the nightmare scenario for any parent. It would have been an absolutely agonizing 60 minutes... I can only imagine the horror of it. Parents begged officers to confront gunman as he was barricaded in classroom for hour before police killed him The hour-long interval appeared to be at odds with an approach adopted by many law enforcement agencies to confront 'active shooters' at schools immediately While I certainly don't know the circumstances and wouldn't want to second guess the delay, there is something to be said for the CQB principle of speed, surprise and violence of action. That concept certainly isn't lost on tactical teams and there's likely a reason for it. That said though, hostage rescue scenarios often trump (and rightly so) the "timely and deliberate" argument that usually swirls around the after action analysis in such cases. In any case, if the worst of narrative and media propaganda prevails (and it will), I would guess liberals will blame guns for the event and conservatives will blame defunding for the delay and physical security for the event. Both are likely either wrong or only partially correct at best, but the principles of propaganda are such that it doesn't even matter... that's why they're stuck in the mud and spinning their wheels IMO. At some point you need to exit the vehicle and hook up the winch... it requires focusing on reality and getting dirty. The sooner you acknowledge that you're stuck and the sooner you get dirty, the less power needed in the recovery winch.
  5. Perhaps, but I don't dwell on that aspect of it much. We had the opportunity to do the inclusion thing right (we have threads on that BTW), it's too late now. Politicians elected not to do it right largely because voters wanted to cheap out. Doing it right would have been expensive and it required a moderate degree of understanding of the customs and ingrained culture of the countries these folks (actually their mothers) fled with the clothes on their backs. The real problem here (IMO) is defining and acknowledging the problem. In general, people simply didn't (wouldn't, couldn't or refused to) allow for the cultural differences which rendered their virtue signalling dangerously ineffective. The current situation in Toronto was completely predictable. Toronto doesn't have a problem with duck hunters and it doesn't have a problem with competitive shooters. It has an ethnic gang problem because of turf wars over the drug trade. Liberals need to SAY THE WORDS. Why not acknowledge the problem and address it head-on? The current madness is getting innocent people killed, and IMO, politicians and especially voters own each and every one of those innocent deaths. People need to see that aspect of it and vote accordingly. They need to demand policy and vote on policy. Until they do, nothing will change but the laws gang members already ignore. Making the rich pay for free stuff people want isn't policy, it's an unfulfilled promise that dates back to 54 BC in Rome.
  6. I fear he's right about that though... 70 percenters are really starting to scare me now. The rapidity with which they pushed the throttles to max thrust is astounding and it doesn't bode well for the future IMO. By my count, 40% of people in the grocery store are still wearing masks, a surprising number with the mask below their nose too. I may start wearing a life jacket while grocery shopping now, after all, on March 21st (when the mask mandate was cancelled) I was in a canoe. I'll be sure to leave the straps undone though. As crazy as that sounds, it's analogous to being double masked and wearing it below your nose. I also fear that the days of rational debate are now over. We've entered a phase where the common counter to absurdity is an equal measure of opposite absurdity. IMO, that's what's driving the abortion debacle in the US now.... all they had to do in order to avoid this particular fight was nothing. Pushing radical agendas, like abortion during live birth will always invite pushback. Liberals in conservative states are clearly worried (fearful isn't an exaggeration) about being hurt by this. That's what it's come to... fear of election outcomes. After counter absurdity fails, and it will soon because it doesn't work, it simply becomes a matter of voting the other guys down and winning the election. In Canada, the size and radical nature of the liberal, NDP, green and Bloc voting contingent is worrisome to me. When 30-40% of the electorate become fearful of an election result that goes against them, that's when the real problems begin to manifest themselves. In order to place democracy in peril, you need a significant portion of the electorate to fear that outcome. In fact, I would opine that political violence and domestic terrorism demands it. We're now finishing the warm up and stretching portion of the workout. Get ready to sweat.
  7. The prevalence of this lunacy in universities (where counter opinions are banned) effects an entire generation. It could very well have political effects up until the point when students convert knowledge to wisdom. If young soldiers are any metric, that takes experience and time. In the meantime though, are black people who own "property" in the form of businesses racist? And, by extension, how about their patrons, clients and customers, are they racist too? More to the point, why isn't the media asking the questions you and I would ask if we had the opportunity to ask them? Boston University professor says property is racist, excuses Black Lives Matter riots after George Floyd death
  8. Gun control isn't the issue here... propaganda techniques are. The gun control issue is a perfect example, nothing provides better proof of its existence or a better case study in the deployment and weaponization of state created propaganda and media cooperation. If you say the same thing over and over again, aided and abetted by cooperative media outlets, you can turn a simple semiautomatic rifle with a 5 round box magazine into a military assault rifle. Freeland defends Liberals' move to ban military-style assault guns The question they will never answer is on par with asking a greenie what they want cut to hit accord targets. How did a semi-automatic rifle (without selective fire) morph into an assault rifle and is there any military in the world who uses the AR-15 and a 5 round magazine as a issued battle rifle? We know the answer here... right? Those who disagree may be interested in the 15 year old 3/4 ton truck (regular cab) I have for sale. It's a bit pricy though because the racing stripes I added have morphed it into a Ferrari. It's now a Ferrari-style racing truck. Now, consider the headlines if this "racing truck" was purchased by a deranged individual and employed as a weapon at a Canada Day gathering. Would people support a ban on Ferrari-style racing trucks because they are the weapon of choice for evil doers? The only difference between the issues here is that a clear majority of people are familiar enough with pickup trucks to recognize the lie, see the absurdity in it and call BS. No amount of repetition, false equivalency or racing stripes is going to improve the 0-60 time of the truck, so in the ad I'll just describe the acceleration to be "as expected for a vehicle of this caliber." ( sorry, best I could do at a pun)
  9. Quote of the day: “Doug Ford doesn’t seem to care and is fighting to keep handguns legal,” Del Duca said in a statement. “He has stated multiple times that he opposes a handgun ban, even as handgun-related crimes spike in his own backyard. These brazen attacks are escalating and endangering the lives of families across Ontario — and the fear needs to end.” Instead of foolish statements, why not a side by side analysis of "handgun related crimes" perpetrated by gang members as compared to licensed IPSC Black Badge holders with registered firearms over the last 5 years.... that might be instructive for the voters who believe his nonsense. Here's Toronto's "current" most wanted list (from the police service website) that are shooting related. How many duck hunters from PEI do you suppose are in the group? And how many of these folks do you suppose are RPAL holders with registered handguns and permits to carry? Homicide #3/2022 Darriel THOMPSON Homicide #3/2022 Camarr BROWN Homicide #65/2021 Abilaziz MOHAMED Homicide #17/2021 Mohamed HASSAN Homicide #9/2020 Nadim MIAH
  10. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/victims-families-boycott-n-s-mass-shooting-inquiry-over-questioning-of-mounties The unholy trinity at work. Even if there's legal precedent and/or good reason for this, it still smacks of the third element to me. Not sure how you could justify (or frame) this in a manner that I'd agree to assuming a case could even be made for it. At any rate, as a federal force the RCMP are unresponsive to the communities / jurisdictions they serve IMO... I stand opposed to using the military for policing duties for the exact same reason. The RCMP need to be escorted to the provincial border, set adrift and replaced with provincial and municipal forces that work for and represent the communities they serve, not political masters in Ottawa. I'd rather have no police than the RCMP and given the response time (where I live), there might as well be none anyway. In my area, the only thing harder to find than a cop when you need one is a family doctor or a hospital bed.
  11. It seems reasonable now (or at some point in the near future) to expect a push toward gated communities, private security, private schools, and limited sanctuary status. If practicality prevented a simple life in a rural (and somewhat secluded) setting, and I lived in the US, I'd certainly be of that mindset now. Systemic issues, polarization and wildly different values speak more to an urban / rural divide than a political one IMO. I say that because the "politics of the day" are simply no longer up to the task of fixing the ills political polarization have created... it's now inhibiting progress in a see-saw manner, it's largely value and life style dependant, it's getting worse and, will likely continue to do so IMO. It could easily be argued that sanctuary jurisdictions are anti-democratic by nature, and while I would agree with that assessment, I would also likely conclude that events have progressed to the point that (on balance) it no longer matters. Clearly there were a lot of headlines I could have chosen but this one speaks to my point above. Other than avoidance in the form of "opting out," I can no longer conjure a bipartisan solution. "Unity of command" and "maintenance of the aim" are guiding principles of warfare and, metaphorically, life in general. Without them front and centre the other principles quickly rupture and leak. At the point of leakage (metaphorically again) there remains only the weather, the terrain and the opposing forces... polarization is now at the point where simple consensus on the weather (existing conditions) is problematic to the point of being untenable. Uvalde, Texas school shooting: Democrats demand gun control, curse Republicans: 'F--- your prayers' Mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, left 18 students dead
  12. Hopefully it doesn't have a chip in it. Those old Harleys (with points and condensers) might soon become valuable... I'm thinking of getting a horse.
  13. When you see alignment of the trinity it always is. I hate to sound absolute about that, but, if there's a single example of good outcomes when government, media, and national security forces (police, military, intelligence etc) are aligned in such a manner to qualify as agents of policy, then I can't name it.
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/us/renewable-energy-dependence-michigan-rolling-blackouts Don't even try to guess the future, like accident investigations, you will most likely get it wrong. Better to identify vulnerabilities and plan to mitigate them... a notion lost on politicians other than Trump IMO and he was widely ridiculed by people unable (or unwilling) to consider the consequences. So what comes immediately to mind as a vulnerability here? There's lots, but I immediately jump to the worst case (it's a personality flaw).... domestic terrorist action against such a weakened electrical grid or maybe an EMP event (either natural or deliberate). At the low end of the scale, even heavy sales of EV vehicles will bring this cantankerous and foul smelling camel to it's knees. Inconvenience, and discomfort don't matter much to me, they serve as instructive. Big stuff isn't instructive though, it just hurts. When your objective (the green new deal) isn't supported by enabling objectives along the way, pain often follows unless you are lucky... I'm never lucky BTW. The degree of pain is at the discretion of those two ladies in black I often refer to (and always defer to). Right now, they're wearing sweat pants, t-shirts, rubber boots and have their hair tied back in pony tails. Since that's not their normal attire, you should consider the notion that something may be up. Your milage may vary, but in my experience, it will be something you don't like.
  15. If nothing else, Hilary has shown us that you can get "intelligence experts" to say whatever you pay them to say. We saw that in the WMD rhetoric as well. Remember how the folks who said "wait a minute, this doesn't make sense" were ridiculed? None of it works without the trinity, and don't take my word for it either....ask a refugee. Those who can't bring themselves to see the connection can count on experiencing the outcome. It's a bit like proving the existence of oxygen to someone who doesn't believe it exists... only pain can do it. The third element creates the threat in subtle form, the second element reports and exaggerates that threat, the first element counters the threat in order to keep a frightened population safe. When it's working smoothly, the process is both circular and bi-directional and like masks worn below the nose, the effects linger long after the evil has faded. It just takes time and repetition. Here we have the third element of the unholy trinity on full display. Quote of the day from CBC (which just so happens to be the second element). In this case it appears to be in reverse order... it's not, but that's the objective, it's not an accident. In this case, it's actually circular... It supports and adds a sense of urgency to pending legislation to protect YOU from misinformation. And by now, you now who's spreading the misinformation... right? Canada's intelligence community will have to grapple with the growing influence of anti-democratic forces in the United States — including the threat posed by conservative media outlets like Fox News — says a new report from a task force of intelligence experts.
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