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  1. I'm gone for a while again but what happened to "attack the argument and not the person" and "avoid partisan mudslinging?" In addition, if you can't tell me where the 66-79 (let's just call it 70) megatons of carbon is coming from (to make up the deficit) then you can't expect me to go along with your commitment to the Paris Accord because I see your failure to articulate it as a commitment deficit. You have to be willing to take a bit of pain here, it's what separates those who go to the gym everyday from the New Years resolution folks who don't last a month. I'm not trying to be mean here either, I've seen this every year since I was a teenager and most people don't have a "pit bull" (get er done) mentality. If the majority want it and the majority are committed, I'm willing to go along with the accord and do my part. But, I can't think of a single example of liberal minded folk staying the political course when the road gets rocky. Crossing the desert is simple, you walk until there's no more sand... it's just not easy.
  2. What does that even mean? If you want a solution the numbers need to add up. The accord deficit is currently higher than the output of the agricultural sector. This is a basic math issue and no one seems willing to say how it is to be done. The deficit is massive and requires the elimination of between 66-79 megatons of carbon. Where do those cuts come from and on what planet is that an unreasonable question? And why is an offshore effort not worthwhile.... being a national partner on an incinerator project intended to burn the plastic recovered from just one of those ten rivers makes a lot more sense to me that banning plastic straws in Dogpound Alberta (yes it's a real place). I can't even remember the last time I used one of those....maybe when I was 6.
  3. The amount of differing statistics on this subject is staggering and I suspect that it’s done deliberately and in support of various agendas. As a political agnostic though, I find it difficult to even make a rational assessment of our progress or to discern where it’s all going. It’s not my area of expertise for sure and when I look at the deliberate manipulation of facts in those areas that I do have a degree of expertise it makes me cynical about the information tossed about in sound bites. Getting real information is a bit of a challenge (at least for my level of search skills). The good news though is that my inability to make sense of it all likely doesn’t matter much since the Democrats have determined that the world ends in 10 years anyway. It seems to me that we have a carbon deficit of some 66-79 megatons depending on who you believe. As of 2017, our agriculture sector produced 60 megatons, energy exploration and development was 56 megatons, and industrial processes accounted for 54 megatons. When considered in perspective, magic lightbulbs and $20.00 per ton carbon taxes are so inadequate that further discussion of them is not even rational IMO. If you want to hit accord targets the nation needs to commit to significant pain and most people who join my gym in January are gone by the middle of Feb.... it will be a tough sell I bet. It all sounds good until a bit of pain sets in. I have repeatedly suggested that simple doesn’t translate to easy and I would invite anyone who doesn’t believe that to take an introductory lesson in traditional archery because nothing could be more simple and less easy. In that context, my question is pretty simple (the answer sure isn't though) and it consists of two parts: 1. Given that Canada only produces 1.6% of the world’s carbon and that our landmass scrubs all of it, do you really want to proceed with the accord domestically when other offshore options to make a meaningful contribution exist; and 2. If you do, what sector, sectors or percentage of sectors do you want to shut down to meet the targets? Nothing in my experience leads me to conclude that the people who want action on climate change are any different from those who invade the gym on Jan 01 (committed to lose weight) and go AWOL by Feb 15.
  4. You are making my point for me… and thus, feeding my greatest fears for the future in return. This is the stuff of Herman Mellville monomania (Moby Dick fame). Surely it’s time to move on and get some stuff done while there is still time to get stuff done. If it helps, I forgive Hillary… all sins are absolved and she gets a full pardon. What will it take to start fixing things? Really, some of these issues could be solved by a couple of infantrymen over coffee at Tims. Even PPCLI and RCR guys could put their differences aside for 10 minutes and and put forward a better plan than Congress has to date. Or do we just give up and watch the history of Rome unfold again with circuses and gladiatorial combat as a distraction. If you can’t see this as a problem then you are definitely going to get another 4 years of Donnie. If that's what you want, stand on your present course... I'm trying to talk you out of it, you seem bent on having another 4 years.
  5. After all of the trash talk, Democrats, the liberal media, and the far left desperately needed a win on Russian collusion and failed to get it. It was like watching an arrogant fighter get knocked out in the first 15 seconds of round 1. By the time a 2020 Democratic nominee is selected, they will have ventured so far down the road to Crazyville that I doubt they can walk the line back to centre sufficiently to prevail in the main event. It’s like they are working for the Trump campaign; fun to watch but I’m at a loss to explain it. Accusations like this (should they become mainstream liberal shrieks of outrage) leave no room for graceful exit, the conduct being alleged is so abhorrent that only being100% right is acceptable to any right thinking person. So why roll the dice when good governance and common sense alternatives are there for the taking. Why not be a party in waiting with good ideas and a short, but exemplary history of passing good legislation that leaves sensible people wanting more? Simple isn't usually easy but sometimes easy will prove to be pretty simple and it seems a likely strategy here. Let any and all investigations run their course, by that I mean stop digging the hole you are standing in when you begin to see Chinese menus. The town of Folly is on the only road to Crazyville and it has a big sign that says “TURN BACK NOW.” It's time for all concerned to stop saying silly things like this, it makes reasonable people roll their eyes and shake their heads. They will vote against what scares them: “We have a racist, fascist president who’s using armed thugs in law enforcement & illegal militias to keep us cowed & hopeless,” Avengers director Joss Whedon complained via Twitter.
  6. Another brief visit on a transient computer… I have reluctantly concluded that “denier status” accusations are deliberately framed in a false context for political purposes. I say that because planetary climatology suggests that the climate does indeed change and that periods of stable climatic conditions are transient. This is akin to knowing that the world is round. The issue here is not one of belief IMO, it’s more practical than that. Canada produces about 1.6% of global carbon emissions and our landmass scrubs it. Given that, do we shutdown the entire national transportation system in an effort correct the deficit in accord targets? This is a simple yes or no scenario. The carbon tax needs to be at about $200 a ton to be effective and most Canadians (and most of the ones that actually voted for JT) already oppose the $20 one. The trouble here is that even pausing to think about it rationally means you are relegated to the status of climate denier and all rational discussion stops. I’m willing to wager that very few Canadians have stood on the banks of a truly polluted river, as a result, context is limited by experience. Intellectually, people will concede that 95% of the plastic in our oceans comes from 9 or 10 rivers (in Africa and Asia) but the significance and importance of it is somehow lost. All of this is actually pretty simple and it reminds me of other simple endeavours like traditional archery or even loosing weight. The problem comes when people wilfully confuse simple with easy. Archery is so simple even a caveman can do it…. it’s just not easy. Same for loosing weight, you simply maintain a modest calorie deficit and weight loss will occur… this is one that should qualify as both simple and easy; but it clearly isn’t. Those who aspire to change the world should start by making their own bed.
  7. I see you folks are still at it; I just tuned in for a quick visit. Caliburn is a logistic service provider under contract to the US government and DOD, they have provided logistic support in other venues as well, Afghanistan comes to mind. Frankly, I know nothing about the logistics involved at the southern border frontier and I suspect that is also true of most others. But consider what’s involved here and the cost of making “big things work”: who owns the pre-fab buildings and BATS, who transported them to the site and set them up; it be hot outside and 24/7 air conditioning is required, who owns and maintains the A/C; they draw a lot of power, who owns and maintains that fleet of tractor trailer sized generators on site; who provides the cook tent, the equipment, the food, the cooks, the cleaning staff and the army of technicians required to keep it all running; who will be dismantling all of it when the operation is over; and who will do the cleanup work and pay for the storage while awaiting the next call for logistic support. In short, if you want to maintain portable, functioning facilities in isolated, desert environments, it comes at a cost. Not convinced? Cool, try out that hotel thing whilst keeping detainees in close custody then…. let me know how it works out for ya. And here’s a few fun facts for those screaming Trump and racist in the same breath. The Obama administration deported about 385,000 illegals a year. It was a high of 410,000 and a low of 282,000. The Trump administration deported 226,000 in 2017 and 250,000 in 2018. Perspective is everything, I don’t pretend to know what’s actually going on at the border frontier and I don’t even know if the numbers presented (above from the internet) are true and accurate. It doesn’t even matter…. I know that partisan views in support of political narratives mean that useful debate is impossible and meaningless. I also know that the lack of reasonable debate prevents good outcomes and the lack of good outcomes hurts vulnerable people. Using vulnerable people as political pawns in support of political agendas is even worse, it stands as my personal definition of racism and cowardice. If these are concentration camps, it qualifies as a crime against humanity and Congress is culpable in it big time by withholding funds. If Canadian politicians have confessed to past and ongoing genocide they should be arrested and tried for the same crime. Genocide is not just a crime, it is the “crime of crimes.” How is it then, that when faced with situations like Rwanda and the plight of the Rohingya people these same people fall silent and fail (utterly, completely and miserably) to act? Remember when Al Gore and his SS detail where subjected to enhanced airport screening and it was all over the news? I’m willing to bet my life that a Vice President and his CPP detail are not a danger to the safety of the aircraft and pax. In similar fashion, and for all his faults, I’m willing to bet Andrew Scheer is not a white supremacist; theres that perspective again. How did people who sell themselves as tolerant lose all sense of civility? Are we collectively better off now that people (dare I say like me) no longer even bother to discuss these issues out of a sense of futility? You might think there is no political centre anymore but it will be there on election day, not to vote for what it wants, not to support the values it holds dear, but only to hold its nose and prevent lunacy from winning. I have largely withdrawn from social media of all types so my visits here will, at best, be sporadic…. so fire away, I won’t be responding. When pollsters call my house I now give them the exact opposite of what I know (or believe) to be true and I bet I sound like a raving liberal fresh out of university; I’ll be there on election day too, I wonder if the polls will get it all right this time…. I bet they don’t.
  8. Only to those who don't understand the problem and can't envision a reasonable solution. I'm hoping it comes here too, I have a few duds I'd like to unload for 6 times their value; I only still have them because they are virtually worthless. The more you know about these things the more you despair.... the comment below is exactly right: “What I see from that picture is someone that figured they could get $350 instead of $50-$150,” said Mark Morelli. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-gun-buyback-screw-up BTW, I'll be gone at the end of the month. Just wait 12 days and you will be able to post stuff like this with absolute impunity. PS: The pictures in the article have actually been amended from the original as they fully supported the quote above... that alone is as telling as it is deceitful.
  9. Ya... I really need to stop watching the news, reading the paper and listening to the radio. I've cut back a lot in the last year or so because it just makes me crazy. Cable is going at the end of the month too. This is the only forum I can even stand to monitor anymore as I consider it something of a dysfunctional family. Not quite at "a cave in the mountains" stage yet but I'm getting closer by the day. The computer will be the next thing to go and I suspect that will be sooner than later.
  10. The entire thing is fluff. Until people are willing to turn their thermostats down to 10C in the winter, air conditioning up to 25 in the summer and pay $200 per ton in carbon tax they are simply not committed to the cause and I have no sympathy for their noise. The notion of changing light bulbs and saving the planet is the exclusive domain of the delusional. When Liberals are willing to walk the walk, you can count me in.
  11. Vice Admiral Norman has a pretty solid reputation in military circles... I predict JT is in for another pummelling and the timing of it couldn't be worse (for him). Parati vero parati https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/furey-brace-yourselves-the-mark-norman-trial-is-about-to-overtake-lavscam
  12. I saw that article but didn't post it because I considered it too horrific, but on second thought it's probably good for it to be widely seen and condemned. I no longer even recognize the Liberal and Democratic parties; I'm ashamed to even admit I once supported them. They have morphed into a dangerous, evil and hateful cult. I now have greater respect for the Taliban. It's likely that even moderate pro-abortion folks are mortified. Would anyone care to defend his position (merely for the sake of argument) in case there is some mitigating factor I might have missed? I would be very hard pressed to play the devil's advocate here. I'm guessing that has views run contrary to the bulk of centre left voters who are abandoning the party in droves. How do they remain oblivious to this?
  13. It might just be me and my lack of economic acumen but it's worrisome (I think) when things that probably should make sense just don't: "Alberta's persistently low oil and gas prices have claimed another victim as Calgary-based Trident Exploration ceased operations this week." https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/trident-exploration-aer-owa-oilpatch-1.5120486 And: "For the third time this week, gas prices in the Metro Vancouver area broke records. With prices hovering at 168.9 cents per litre, filling up a car in Vancouver has never been more expensive." https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/pain-at-the-pump-record-high-gas-prices-frustrate-b-c-drivers-1.4378864
  14. Right you are... it was removed from the NDA in 1998 along with a few other offences that were military specific.
  15. You are citing your own situation as if it applied across the board. I'm guessing you don't live in a rural area, work in agriculture or have need of a 3/4 ton truck.... that's just for starters. In addition, I'm the guy who plows the private road (because I live at the end of it) even though none of the other residents contribute to the cause; that's about $3000.00 in direct costs (after taxes) alone. The other residents think that since I already own the truck and plow that it's all free. BTW, those other residents have moved out here and built mansions raising my assessment and taxes in the process. And no one is suggesting that people are filling their tank every day.... it was just an example of "a day". No one spends 5 hours a day, everyday in out patients either. Really, move to the arctic.... is that the best ya got? For some people working part time at $12.00 an hour, those 3 hour shifts aren't worth the effort, have a sandwich and you are losing money. Being retired, my situation is different then most as well.... but, having a part time job (say reviving my flying instructor category) is simply not cost effective or reasonable. It leads me to wonder if the entire situation is reasonable. Luckily, there are reams of flight instructors eh? It serves as a disincentive for me anyway and I don't bother with part time work anymore even though I would like too. If it's an unreasonable situation for me, I'm prepared to consider the notion that it might be for others as well. I would have thought that working part time might be a net benefit to all concerned and it clearly isn't....