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  1. I love the silence. No one is suggesting that border controls are racist anymore. Not a single Liberal is suggesting that border guards are Nazis. People throwing plastic gloves on the ground at Sobey's no longer have anything to say about plastic straws. And those who have said "Canada doesn't need... whatever " heavy lift helicopters, fighters, CAS, TASMO, ASW, etc. now realize how limited their experience is in the real world and have nothing more to say. In times of emergency, judge the foolish by their silence...
  2. They seem to enjoy throwing used ones all over the parking lot too.
  3. They will probably say thank you. As I recall, the US sent about 20 tons of medical aid to China sometime back in February; I bet China said thank you too. Actually I'm a bit surprised the media hasn't attacked Trump and the WH for doing that yet... JT took a bit of a hit but liberals defended it as friends helping friends; a sentiment I tend to agree with BTW. Opposition noise came after the fact, it sounded petulant and self serving to me. That said, generally I think our opposition party and media outlets have conducted themselves pretty well under the circumstances, I can't say the same thing about the US though. And Canada may not be saying thank you to the US for medical equipment. Flaming rhetoric aside, by know it should be clear to all that access to essential medical supplies manufactured offshore is a potential vulnerability and security risk. https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2020/04/03/donald-trump-is-blocking-exports-of-medical-equipment-hes-putting-canadas-trust-in-the-us-to-a-potentially-deadly-test.html
  4. A triumph for common sense and rational thought in the wake of bitter experience: From masks don't work to masks are mandatory in 24 hours.... https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-city-fine-people-who-dont-cover-faces-outside-coronavirus Before that it was border controls don't work.... we are closing the borders. Rational thought, common sense and cause/effect thinking has gained more traction in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 30 years.
  5. Ah, champions of taxing the 1% . Grandma luv's em to death The 1% have been on the verge of paying grandma's medical bills since 54BC. She's still waiting....
  6. I lost track of the number of times the word "fear" was used. It's less about fear than it is about reasonableness, and, for the first time in a long time, I'm confident that reasonableness will prevail over partisan rhetoric.... let's pull down a few more statues while there is still an appetite for the madness. So, a Demonrat questions a SCUBA diver.... why do you always fall backwards? A. If you fell forward you would still be in the f+$%^&* boat...
  7. Thanks, I'm delighted to hear that. Not so much the case here but hopefully we will catch up.
  8. Cool, only 48 more Mts to go for the year. Eliminate most agricultural activities and go to $300/ton in carbon taxes and we have it cased. The obsession with plastic straws is sounding pretty silly now eh? The defenders of lunacy have gone quiet... Perhaps for the first time, people are beginning to see the enormity of the task at hand.
  9. And the issue becomes more and more obvious with each passing day. Political correctness and virtue signalling now require their own ventilators and "instagram influencers" are being openly mocked by their own followers, who previously had mocked those who mocked the same people they mock now.... cool eh? For perhaps the first time, people are now asking the simple question, does this make sense? Opposition parties of all stripes, for the first time in decades, need to beware of partisan politics or face punishment downstream. It's an opportunity for them to shine, most will blow it because partisanship is in their DNA.... by way of example, this will cost CNN and MSNBC dearly IMO. Now granted, the progress is slow, people who hoarded those wipe things (Lysol and such) are now flushing them down the toilet and causing backups despite warnings to stop, but those consequences are immediate, costly and decidedly unpleasant... another first for many people and a worthwhile exposure to the concept of WDYTWGTH. So, we're getting there, the oxen may be slow but the earth is patient. Since I'm making predictions here, I'm a bit surprised that terrorist organizations haven't capitalized on some of the vulnerabilities of systems under stress. That may be coming in the near future. Sometimes simultaneous, unrelated emergencies do happen in the real world... in fact, they are the very essence of good contingency planning and maintaining asset capacity. Whenever you hear someone say "Canada doesn't need X,Y or Z" beware.
  10. People are starting to notice now, previously it was racist to point out our vulnerability here: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-canadas-food-supply-at-risk-as-pandemic-tightens-borders-to-farm/ Coming next, masks don't work.... masks don't work.... masks don't work... oooops, MASKS ARE MANDATORY
  11. The very flat bread recipe we use; I like it with maple syrup. Baking powder is still readily available here so don't tell the covidiots or it will be gone too. When the novelty of baking bread wears off, I wonder what they will do with a 20 year supply of yeast that has a 2 year lifespan... hopefully Walmart (and the like) will not accept returns from the selfish, moronic, covidiots who have been doing the hoarding. When ever I think I might be a little too cynical, circumstances prove me wrong....
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/media/msnbc-ratings-flat-first-quarter https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dems-media-change-tune-trump-attacks-coronavirus-china-travel-ban By virtue of recent experience, people have begun to ask "does this make sense?" Good to see and overdue IMO.... When a government say's that border controls don't work and then closes the borders 3 days later, people ask... does this make sense? When a government suggests that drug fuelled gang murders are related to olympic and IPSC shooting events people ask... does this make sense? Yes, I could go on at significant length but I know you get the general idea. Political correctness has has utterly, totally and completely failed on first contact; CNN, MSNB and, CBC are on full display for open minded citizens to asses on the merits of their performance. Good judgement is a product of experience... and nothing says experience like experiencing experience...
  13. Aircraft carriers are a huge logistical undertaking, the equivalent of a small town... God bless them. Watching flight operations from the deck (a refuelling helicopter perspective) is the very definition of poetry in motion, very impressive. IMO, the very best of the USN are employed on carriers and nuclear subs.
  14. Not a navy guy, but 5 of my foreign deployments involved significant sea time, I can't think of a worse place to be contained with a virus that spreads by air/airflow. I could never sleep the first two nights out because of the whirring ventilation units.... or the first night home because of the silence.