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  1. I can pinpoint the exact moment at which I lost interest in this. The LtCol who acted as a witness in the hearing was born in the Ukraine, speaks Ukrainian and on 3 separate occasions has been offered the position of head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence..... keep in mind that he is a serving officer in the US military. Theatre of the absurd for political agnostics and only of further interest to those with agendas or people suffering from advanced TDS.
  2. This is well worth taking the time to read. We are now at 152 pages and this is the second incarnation of the thread. Rex has aptly summarized (my feelings on) the subject and it leaves me with nothing more to contribute. In the final analysis, "doing the work and earning the win" will be awarded the merit it never actually relinquished and the self inflicted damage to the media's credibility will outlast the Trump presidency: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-if-successful-impeachment-would-tear-the-u-s-apart
  3. Some 89% of Canadians want to see more action on climate change, 77% believe strongly that we are facing a climate emergency. Get ready now....... only 8% are willing to pay more to curtail it. That leaves me wondering how many people really understand the impact and cost of reducing our emissions by 79 megatons per year in order to reduce our global impact by 0.7%. I don't believe for one second that people are actually willing to pay for what they say they want.... and that's why you will never..... NEVER EVER, get an answer about where those cuts (79MTs and rising) will come from. This is a huge undertaking for a country that only produces 1.7% of global emissions. The Liberals were very clever in agreeing to achieve "net zero" because we are already there anyway (at net zero)..... in fact we are net zero minus another 20% of our total yearly emission output left over for some other country to purchase from us. My guess is they will embark on a tree planting effort and claim victory early in the fight. Only when blatant hypocrisy comes to an end will there be grounds for further (and hopefully rational) discussion.... we are nowhere close to that point. In fact, the Ontario government has just spent more than $230 million dollars to tear up green energy contracts.... not only are people not willing to pay for what they say they want, they are willing to pay more to avoid paying for what they previously said they might maybe think they could possibly want..... perhaps. https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/monte-solberg-quebec-is-as-much-an-oil-state-as-alberta-even-though-quebecers-let-others-produce-it
  4. They just can't say the words.... It's a gang problem, more specifically, it's an ethnic gang problem and solving the problem begins with identifying it. Most of this ""gun violence" is gang related and the violence is growing with each passing year. So let's start by calling it what it is, GANG VIOLENCE." Canada is soft on gangs and the word is out.... as a result, they are expanding and will continue to expand. We even made it easier for the cartels by dropping VISA requirements and they have taken full advantage of it. As long as there is an appetite for drugs, a weak judicial system, hog tied police forces, and an unwillingness to address real issues, the expansion and the turf wars will continue. If you subscribe to the theory that bans actually work, the simple solution here is simply to ban drugs because largely, that's what all of this is about. Alternatively, you could ban street gangs. Now, if you're thinking that sounds pretty silly..... you are right. So is thinking this has anything what so ever to do with registered owners and competitive shooters. How many gang bangers do the course, then write the test, then get the RPAL, then buy the registered weapon and await the transport conditions. How many of them are storing their hand guns (with trigger locks attached) inside safes? There are only two people (civilians) in Canada with authority to carry..... that's it that's all. Why are they being charged with multiple weapons chargers while on bail for previous multiple weapons charges? It gets even worse, some of these guys have been arrested carrying guns while subject to a court imposed lifetime firearm ban, all while being out on bail for previously violating their lifetime firearm ban. This is madness....
  5. As this progresses, people will be forced to confront the question of what they are willing to give up to go from 1.7% of global emissions down to 1%. It's a huge cost, emissions are currently rising (not lowering) and as yet, no one has said where the 79 megatons of current accord deficits are to come from. Until those discussions start taking place, good intentions amount to nothing more than fluff in a belly button. Shutting down the entire agricultural sector (in its entirety) is currently not enough to do the job and with each passing day we are losing ground. Liberal platitudes about filthy oil are less than meaningless without huge sacrifices that liberals themselves will balk at. If you are a carbon tax fan (and I'm not) it needs to be at about $300.00 per ton. I will believe this is an emergency when those screaming emergency begin to act like it's an emergency. If you want to get my attention and support, you need to say where you want those 79 Mts to come from..... when you are willing to pay the price, I'm ready to listen. Until then, strident screams into a pillow is about all ya got.
  6. I guess we will see what the rest of the process brings; I'll be away for a week or so and will catch up later. It seems to me that the subject of the whistle blower complaint was a conversation contained in transcript (subsequently released) and it was monitored by a number of other officials and advisors. Hopefully they can/will speak to the accuracy of the transcript. But, if the whistle blowers opinion on the legality of the conversation is at odds with the opinion of the other officials privy to the very same conversation, it would seem more like a policy debate to me than a true whistle blower scenario that meets the threshold of protected status. Never the less, I would agree that the notion of “the right to face your accuser” doesn’t apply here since impeachment isn’t a criminal proceeding. I certainly support the idea of protecting people who are courageous enough to report wrong doing…. conflicting statements from the committee chair are (and should be) of concern though. Assuming that the motives at play are pure (by that I mean not motivated by political partisanship or subject to manipulation by the Intelligence Committee itself), then the whistle blower testimony becomes somewhat irrelevant (IMO) given the existence of the transcript and a quorum of others with direct knowledge of events. So again, I say bring on those with direct knowledge and let the axe fall where the offence lies. Then let’s get on with the nations business…. I remain a political agnostic and, IMO this has dragged on for too long and at too high an opportunity cost in good governance and direct cost in polarization. Thus far, we have been through collusion, conspiracy, obstruction and Stormy prior to setting sail on the MV quid pro quo and I think the country is the worse off for it… and growing weary of the seemingly endless chase in the process. Unless there is hard impeachable evidence here, I see little upside for the Democrats or the country as a whole. And, unless there are substantial additions to the evidence, I would suspect the impeachment findings of the House to be DOA at the Senate doors. In other words, for good or ill, I fear the real issue for both sides is how this plays with the media and the court of public opinion. Tactically, a courageous move on the part of Democrats given the results of round one…. I would have chickened out and opted for doing the work to earn the win, content in the knowledge that it has never been easier to earn the victory than it is now. As it stands, the current field of 2020 Democrats have rendered themselves unelectable IMO and the push toward impeachment, in the absence of hard evidence (that meets the threshold of high crime)s, is unlikely to serve them well. To prevail in 2020, they will have to add another contender (or contenders) to the field and present a moderate option for moderate Democrats to relate to. I think they know this, they are also smart enough to know, that maintaining their present course in the impeachment process doesn't put them on track for "Impeachment Island". Only the addition of a popular moderate contender with a consecutive frontal assault in the media (hearings) is likely to save the day for them now. The predictability of their tactics serves to undermine the nobility of their (stated) motivations IMO, I only consider it "courageous" because of the potential danger of failure and risk of illuminating collateral corruption (of equal measure to that they allege) within their own ranks. By way of example, this is the sort of Inevitable investigative exchange that serves all parties (including voters) badly: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ratcliffe-on-ig-report-doesnt-take-500-pages-to-say-everything-was-done-right The findings and timing of the release of those findings (regardless of source) become weaponized for maximum effect. In the absence of compelling evidence, I say do the job you were elected to do and run the country. If there is compelling evidence bring it forward and deal with it. People will lose patience with the clown show (if they haven't already) and it's going hurt when the music stops. The hurt will come as much from the timing of the release as the content of the release IMO. The Democrats get all this, they know they are overplaying their hand, and they know the timing is bad..... IMO, rather than impeachment, they will opt for censure and additional moderate candidate(s) will enter the race.
  7. We have a mysterious whistleblower who the Democrats don’t know, then do know, then don’t know and a series of witnesses who weren’t there but heard second and third hand about it. The rules of evidence are out the window and suddenly people who don’t care about their own borders are concerned about the borders of Ukraine. I remain an agnostic here, if there is actual evidence of wrong doing let’s bring it out post haste, have the punishment fit the crime and get back to the nations business without delay. How long has it been since the Intelligence Committee had an intelligence briefing? That smell is the decay and purification of western society….. every sign along the highway is screaming “turn back now” and instead of seeing it as a plea for reasonableness, lawmakers see it as “you can’t tell me what to do.” If you are enjoying the show, be sure to buy a squirrel.
  8. No question about it. We may have even set an all time record. Only those with a narrative thought it covered the issues. Clausewitz was of the opinion that war is simply politics by other means; I think he was (is) right and it needs to be viewed in that context. If we are then to assume that politics and waging war are cousins, what the quote says to me is "do the work, earn the win." The politics of appeasement didn't work then, they didn't work for Rome and they won't work now either.... human nature and historical precedent assures it.
  9. That's simply a matter of national convenience and not the problem of other countries forced to hold our citizens. This is our problem and it's our problem to solve.... I have zero sympathy for the notion of foisting our problems on others. If there is no evidence of wrong doing then they're innocent, it's that simple, that's how we roll.... unless there's a memo I didn't get. That said, traveling out of the country for the purpose of joining a terrorist group should land you lots of jail time and it doesn't matter what else you did.... that just adds to the sentence. Consider the situation with Jack, the UK voided his citizenship and now, as a result, he is Canada's problem to deal with. When you grant citizenship it comes with responsibilities on both sides, Jack is inline for a big payout sometime in the future, when it happens, it will lie right at the feet of the "I wouldn't lift a finger" crowd.
  10. It has been discussed here at some length and it seems I'm an army of one. But, western nations need to take charge of their own citizens instead of making them someone else's problem, unless of course you like the notion of catch and release so you fight them again. At the risk of repeating myself ad nauseam, I want these guys back here to stand trial and go to jail. The alternative is, IMO, the same insanity that has served us so poorly in the past. Think about it..... here we have terrorists, guarded by other terrorists, held in makeshift jails in the geographic bounds of a disputed territory, within a country embroiled in civil war. I simply don't understand how anyone thinks this is a good idea.... so please, type slowly when you explain it too me. Right now, I'm of the opinion that the only people who think this is right headed are those who have never been there; or anywhere near there. You could have an entire thread about other possible outcomes and none of them would be good. Imagine if every country simply refuses to accept their own citizens back when they are deported..... that's another thread too. How did we get to this point of madness? I can only guess it's TV or the internet.... people need to get out and see the world, warts and all. Actually, the more warts the better IMO.
  11. Cause and effect with a Liberal twist. The Conservatives will paint a similar version of the very same effect and ascribe an equal and opposite cause factor. Each side being too short sighted and foolish to realize they induced those characteristics in the people they criticize by actions of their own. That's what makes the process of decline unstoppable. Moderate reasonableness and a "do the work, earn the win" attitude is all that it takes to recover from this brand of unusual attitude. Instead of cooperation though, you will see each pilot pull the controls in opposite directions inducing oscillations that only serve to increase the amplitude of deviations and hasten the decent. Each of these fools will be screaming "I have control" as they continue the tug of war until impact. The accident investigator will likely say "what did you think was going to happen" in the last line of the report.
  12. From the "what did you think was going to happen?" file. https://www.foxnews.com/world/turkeys-erdogan-warns-that-it-can-release-isis-prisoners-back-to-europe The cancel citizenship and "let em rot" folks own this. There are no short cuts; do the work, earn the win.
  13. Just the guy I want to hear from. Maybe he's willing to tell us where the 79 megaton carbon deficit will come from.
  14. It's almost thanksgiving and this could only happen in a (fowl) world gone mad. Turkeys come right to the door, throw themselves at people and somehow this is seen as a problem requiring government intervention. Please transport your aggressive turkeys directly to my house for "thanksgiving awareness training." I have a place they can comfortably spend the entire winter and they will all get their turn being invited to supper: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/mlb-star-todd-frazier-calls-out-dem-governor-as-wild-turkeys-invade-nj-neighborhood
  15. Some of the voting statistics are in now and should be a source of concern..... but aren't. This is my interpretation based on the numbers I read this morning: It sounds like some 30% of voters will support the base and the attendant narrative no matter what. They vote how they vote and their only argument is conservatives (or Liberals) BAD and only we have the answers. Issues are irrelevant. 21% vote tactically, in other words AGAINST what they don't like. That doesn't mean they like what they are voting for and once again, issues are irrelevant. Only 12% of people actually follow the issues and vote accordingly..... political agnostics if you will, they are only interested in good ideas and will support the candidates who have them. This was likely a tough election cycle for them but keep in mind that they don't matter much because they are a dying breed. This years election was conducted the way it was for a reason.... issues didn't matter, answers weren't demanded and so weren't given. IMO, the 12% figure is worrisome to me (and should be to everyone else too). It means that political discussion and debate is pretty much worthless now; what we see (even on this forum) is the defence of narratives and that defence now masquerades as discussion. In old school CRM circles this was called "strength of an idea." A dangerous characteristic in aviation and also in democracy and law making because it follows the existing narrative regardless of changing circumstances that have rendered the narrative wrong (or dangerous). Consider the story above (veteran pensions), every year (and I mean every single bloody year) something like this is released 3 or 4 days before Remembrance Day and in order to have impact, it always has old guys with medals so the sponser can scream "LOOK WHAT YOU DID". The context is never (and I mean never) about how to fix it, it is always (and I mean always) about who's fault it is. Now, do you think any of this is lost on veterans? Here's a hint, the answer is no; I guess I can only speak for myself here, but I don't care what colour your poppy is either; so stop naming highways the "Highway of Heroes" or some such nonsense..... I don't care; give that deaf WW2 WAG (gunner) some hearing aids.