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  1. It seems to me that the very people who created, employed and ultimately benefitted from misinformation find themselves paying extra to protect themselves from the ravenous beast they previously fed by feeding an even larger one. The size of the beast is subject to limitations though, as is the upper levels of buffoonery and I wonder what happens next time: https://www.foxnews.com/us/george-floyd-minneapolis-social-media-influencers-city-approved-messages-derek-chauvin-trial
  2. I don’t see that defence fund as an effort to get Rittenhouse “back to work” as quickly as possible so he can shoot more people for political gain. IMO, relative privation is an overused literary tool that has reduced the critical analysis of individual events to the level of Onion headlines. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SIGN IN…
  3. I'm not sure that people actually want to think about it. JT is smart enough to know that and he plays to it with a studied effort of actions that have no effect and lies about his political opponent's intentions should they be elected. The disinformation is neatly packaged, presented as factual and disseminated by a cooperative media. Those actions simply couldn't survive in a world where factual information was widely available and people spent a few moments considering cause and effect. Most folks who don't understand the laws are surprised at the regulations currently in place.
  4. In the case of Portland, I'm inclined to agree that the police should be defunded. People there are simply not getting their monies worth from a corrupt department who for months have refused to enforce the law. Might as well stop paying them. They would get more value from street cleaners. https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-anti-ice-rioters-smash-windows-spray-paint-businesses-downtown-merchants-frustrated
  5. The profoundly disturbing thing here is that liberal voters simply don't see that, or maybe they don't remember it, or maybe they think it was manufactured. But when liberal politicians tell them that the conservatives plan to legalize automatic weapons and pass concealed carry and high capacity mag legislation, they all believe it. The inability to differentiate between what's real and what's not coupled with unresolved election reform issues is actually getting people hurt now.
  6. This is from about 5 years ago. It should be filed under "good advice left unheeded" and placed in the drawer marked WTFDYTWGTH:
  7. A bit of reality perspective from Rex as we test the upper limits of buffoonery: In addition to dropping the “Mr.” from the Mr. Potato Head brand, Hasbro also announced it is introducing a “Create Your Own Potato Head Family” kit that will come with two large genderless potato bodies and one small genderless potato body plus myriad accessories, so that children can create their own families of gendered or non-gendered characters in line with what the company says are “changing societal roles.” Three-year-olds everywhere went, “Yay, finally we can make our own gender-neutral character
  8. Since young liberal women played a big part in moving this agenda forward, and since they were condescending and obnoxious to anyone who pointed out the obvious pitfalls and how it would affect them, I say too bad.... so ya, get used to it. No sympathy from me. As is always the case with raving liberals, they utterly failed to look around the corners, anticipate the unintended consequences, and now they don't want to pay for what they (themselves) ordered from the menu. IMO, this is part of the problem with delayed consequences, people forget the circumstances, they deflect th
  9. It's a bit like "Andrew Shear is a white supremacist" and this will get repeated over and over again. They seem to be hitting the concealed carry and over capacity magazine thing pretty hard now.... it was never even on the radar before
  10. It's piling up on them a bit now. I don't know anyone who doesn't role their eyes at this stuff.... and we are talking hundreds of people. Right now most folks are ambivalent about it all. Create a few high profile cases of buffoonery leading to injury/harm/suicide etc though and it will create the sort of backlash that always follows the good idea fairy. The inability to anticipate the downside and refusal to pay the price demanded is a huge flaw in liberal thinking and policy development. I look forward to seeing the effects of all this on a woke military; we are moving in t
  11. I agree. What about standing it all on its head though.... If what you're saying is reasonable (and I think it is) shouldn't the reverse also be true? In other words, should a municipality have the right to opt out of federal/provincial law? Whats to prevent my road association (private road) from opting out of the highway traffic act? Sanctuary cities come immediately to mind here; federal immigration law is ignored and the efforts of federal enforcement officers thwarted by the municipality. Should DMVs in the sanctuary city be allowed to issue state/provincial drivers licences to
  12. Some may recall the "eating while black" story from a while back. Here's a bit of perspective on it after the fact. Imagine how all of this will be viewed in 50 years: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6235461359001#sp=show-clips
  13. Hypocrisy flies on swift wings. it seems like only yesterday that "Syria was a sovereign country" and "the president had no legal authority for airstrikes." And who was it that said this: This afternoon, I'll be discussing Donald Trump's recent actions in Syria and how his erratic, impulsive decisions endanger our troops and make us all less safe. US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militias
  14. They need to drop the red nose here as well because It portrays people of colour as drunks. I find the potato caricature offensive as well because it depicts them as lazy couch potatoes See. anyone can do it....
  15. If ever there was an understatement....