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  1. Just enough time for a quick Pop quiz: Grade 13 biology suggests that mass vaccination efforts undertaken during the course of an active pandemic (with a highly mutable virus) is likely to result in which of the following: a. Deicer posting disparaging comments about Donald Trump b. A surge in Toronto shootings c. A massive increase in illegal migrants and reinstatement of the “remain in Mexico” EO d. Virus mutations and waning vaccine efficacy
  2. I just dropped in courtesy of a moments worth of free WIFI. At this stage of the game you don’t need an advanced degree, you don’t need to be a historian and you don’t need to go anywhere to draw conclusions and predict outcomes. All that’s required is a modicum of common dog and the ability to ask a simple question, “does this make sense?” Examples abound, a labour shortage during a period of high unemployment, firing nurses during a nursing shortage, huge spending in the face of inflationary pressures. Supply line failures, shortages, line ups, hoarding and you also have the requisite “them vs us” mentality which serves as the glue which binds insanity to the masses (on both sides) and provides the backdrop to a self sustaining narrative. That part’s important BTW, keep nurturing it; your journey to Crazy Island depends on it and you are now 1/3 of the way there. Next up is shortages, inflation, lineups, and hoarding I referred to above. After that comes government efforts to fix it. Look to Rome for how that ends. Just take one small pedestrian snippet of everyday life as a for instance…. you need a vaccine passport to go to a restaurant, right? But, as you likely know, restaurant workers don’t need to be vaccinated. The ultimate irony here is that you now have unvaccinated nurses waiting tables in restaurants attended by the very people who got them fired for being unclean. In addition, patrons are likely giving TIPs for the privilege of wrecking their own healthcare system at the very time they need it most. Now, whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, I leave to your good judgement…. but, I freely admit that left to my own devices, I lack the tactical acumen to conceive and implement any scenario equal to the insanity that currently prevails. Best wishes to all.
  3. Or maybe stop de-platforming contrary minded Phd's so we can hear their views. Or, stop ridiculing those with science based questions about efficacy, lipids, pathogenic priming, spike protein toxicity, etc etc as anti-vaxxers. And don't post a bunch of stuff I can find too.... re-platform the de-platformed if you want to get my attention. Here's what ya do.....answer the bloody questions and do it politely.... or don't. I'm no longer asking those questions (you lost me), I'm no longer searching for de-platformed expert opinion, and my GASF is fully depleted. So take your best shot, stop me from travelling.... maybe I'll rack up a few Christmas's at home. After all of the travelling I've done, I say where the hell have you been.... you could have forced me to stay home years ago, and I would have thanked you for it. If this goes sideways, as it did for Gulf War Veterans, people will be singing a different tune and they will have to make it rhyme with smug arrogance.
  4. Start your stopwatch and stand by. The list of things they were wrong about has just grown: Americans 'do not need' COVID-19 booster shot, FDA, CDC say
  5. I can't say I'm a FOX fan, I simply find them less objectionable than some of the alternatives, and even though I'm even less of a Hannity fan, and hyperbole aside, I tend to share the (basic) concerns raised here: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6262941373001#sp=show-clips
  6. Given the "too perfect" nature of the virus I'd sure be surprised if it wasn't. Personally, I've moved on from the question of origin to wondering if the release was accidental or not. It's an interesting question but somewhat academic IMO.... it's here now and I doubt it's ever going away. In fact, given it's "head start" over naturally occurring species jumps (gain of function), it's likely destined to become much more virulent. The new strain is likely the beginning of woes and not the final chapter of a beaten virus begging for mercy. Vaccine efficacy and the benefits of previous exposure will likely fade in the near future and God forbid there should be long term complications (prion disease etc) from a vaccine that was quickly vanquish by the same science that created it. Hopefully I'm just as wrong as those who would ridicule such thoughts believe them to be. As for moving, I like the idea of a private island.... nothing elaborate, just enough raw materials to allow self sufficiency and reasonably remote. I've been to Sable many times and love it there.... something that's either in your DNA or not I guess. I'm not too worried about internet connectivity either.... the existing one is currently facing the same afterlife experience as my cable hookup did. Cheers.
  7. Now, contrast total absurdity with this point of view.... why can't a single politician craft similar sentiments.. While off topic it certainly speaks to the same issue, I'd vote for this guy. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-whats-not-to-understand-and-abhor-about-burn-it-all-down
  8. Of course it is... it's all bloody nonsense and borders on insanity. I thought you got that.... perhaps a point poorly made in the age of absurdity when madness is considered worthy of consideration. I guess that was my point. As to your sadness, be assured that you will be missed in equal measure.
  9. The only notion of merit is the racist lack of diversity in the Atlantic names.... not a Mohamed or Abdul in sight. The lack of diversity speaks to racism, colonialism and white supremacy. At the very least it's noninclusive and thus offensive by definition because regionally specific name generation is an affront to racialized regions. Or, maybe this explains it all:
  10. Impeccable logic... and since the name Katrina means "pure", clearly those caught in her trail of destruction didn't measure up eh? Maybe a little religion would have saved them.
  11. Good Lord, I bet hurricanes are caused by white supremacists and colonial expansion too. If not them it must be Trump. It's coming up to that time of year again and just look at the names, they're never called Mohamed or Tanisha, Kashima, or Kenisha.... it's racist and part of a white supremacist plot. CNN needs to call out these meteorologists as the racist, colonial, white supremacists that they are. We can start by renaming Hurricane Katrina. It's equally clear that reducing pilot / AME salaries and regulating strict equity hiring protocols will alleviate personnel shortages. Save yourself, always remember to sign in.
  12. Maybe I need to move.... I've actually been exploring the possibilities.
  13. It's interesting how individuals have such radically different views. We are all governed by our individual experiences and it's the way of the world I guess. Personally, I don't want to tracked by anyone. I don't want a car that can be disabled by downlink commands, I don't want a farm tractor that shuts itself off and calls the dealership. I don't want government intervention and regulation in my canoe, inspectors going through my garbage or officials going door to door to inquire about my vaccination status. I don't have a smart TV or smart wireless music either, and for the same reason. The Alexas of the world are unwelcome in my house. So, yes.... I'll maintain an older model car and pay extra for the gas, I'll do the bodywork myself. That said, I would certainly defend people's right to give up their privacy if they wish to but I hope those who have done so (or want to do so) are equally generous toward those of us who don't. Thinking it's about self importance simply doesn't resonate with me.... I had never considered it and it has no bearing on my opinion. Ironically, there have been specific circumstances in my career were I would have loved to have overwatch available, as luck would have it, when I wanted it.... needed it, it was always unavailable. Now that I don't want it and don't need it it's pervasive to the point that it takes effort to avoid. If the government wants to "help", fill the potholes on my road. When they can get that right I'll start trusting them with more complicated endeavours.
  14. It seems to me that basic biology suggests the virus is a little too perfect to have evolved naturally and the solution is a little too simple (magical even) to ring true. Who knows though, they've been right about everything else to date eh? https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/08/health/us-coronavirus-thursday/index.html
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