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  1. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    This may qualify as the other side of stupid when it comes to change rooms: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/24/london-city-hall-will-no-longer-allow-kids-older-than-three-to-enter-opposite-sex-change-rooms-at-public-london-angering-parents
  2. Trump Wins

    I thought this was about collision to influence the outcome of an election, yes/ no? Have we moved on to include “policy issues”. I would fully expect them to discuss policy issues with the Russians, Canadians, Australians, Germans (OK you get it) and anyone else who was willing. Surely that’s a whole different thing than conspiring to rig the outcome of the election. Reminds me of mission creep in Afghanistan, little girls going to school and the like.
  3. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    Want to bet? I say Ontario will do it again… http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/21/why-wynne-will-win-or-lose-in-2018
  4. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    There is no negotiation or compromise to be found here: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/21/accused-terrorist-a-no-show-in-court
  5. Hope I’m not being overly pessimistic here, but what would you say to the notion that causation is irrelevant; rendered moot by the fact that change is already upon us. In fact, change is the norm with significant (planetary scale) changes occurring very quickly once the switch is thrown. If over a period of years, you’ve spent time in the high arctic and the deserts of North Africa, you would likely agree that (at least) some change is afoot. Assuming the cause to be human activity, by the time a consensus is established and cooperative resolve (globally) is marshalled, it will simply be too late. And, if we assume human activity is the cause, the current efforts (like carbon tax) are woefully pathetic as a remedial action. We could bankrupt the entire country, shiver in the dark and produce only minuscule results if measured in a global context. As a matter of public policy, I fear that the resolve to thwart a particular problem occurs long after the problem is no longer “thwartable” and simply delays advancing to the next logical stage. Right now, maybe we should be reducing growth and planning for sea level rise and population migration. It’s a bit like terrorism in a way. We are now having debates about immigration, population distribution, density etc. when it’s too late... it's time to move on to enhanced monitoring, surveillance and interdiction and consider that money well spent. Who caused it and the agenda behind their actions is now moot.
  6. Personally, I don’t blame the Liberal Government for the payout, it’s in their DNA… it is what it is and they be what they be. I blame the voters, ya got what ya paid for. Right here, where I live they have 59% approval, which is near to historic. This payout wasn’t predictable (OK, it was) but it’s hardly surprising either, is it? There is much more to follow as ISIS implodes. So, there must be liberals who agree and support the payout and I’d love to hear their thoughts on it. No links please… an opinion would be nice. I can swamp you with links to the “world’s flat”.
  7. Trump Wins

    I got bored with this at about page 50 and stopped following it due to a lack of evidence and surplus of querulous speculation. Lots of investigate this and that… we are onto golf club green fees now it seems. Is there any hard evidence here at all? Or anywhere at all? The CNN coverage is, at best, juvenile.
  8. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    As if on cue...Here’s one that might confirm a few fears. Keep in mind that the surveillance technology on police helicopters is (often) of significantly lower quality than tactical UAV/UAS capabilities. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/18/perv-policemen-filmed-swingers-nudists-from-helicopter
  9. Most people (me too) will look at this and say “good, we need it”. The sad part about “new normal” is the terrorists have succeeded in terrorizing us and it’s now too late to stop it. This, and other enhanced surveillance and monitoring protocols is all we have left.
  10. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    Sounds suspiciously like “mark of the beast” stuff. Maybe we could all have 18 digit personal ID numbers and get the 666 thing in there too.
  11. Loud and Proud to be Canadian

    In that case no. But, the military, and by extension, all serving members are servants of the people of Canada through the duly elected government. As a result, political activism is both unseemly and contrary to good order and discipline. They really left the chain of command with no options here. You can’t pick and choose, the fact that you or I (or others) might agree with them, there actions or their cause (and I don’t) is really irrelevant, and they knew that going in.
  12. Loud and Proud to be Canadian

    Nope, looks like tobacco. I love audacity. "In an ironic twist, the biggest manufacturer of Native cigarettes in Canada is suing the federal government for $3 billion for failing to stop the proliferation of contraband tobacco producers". http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/15/first-nations-cigarette-maker-suing-the-feds-for-billions
  13. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    Maybe it’s just time to embrace it all and take advantage of the opportunities provided. For instance, the little snowflake who was born in Johannesburg could now self identify as a “gay African-Canadian woman” and a veteran to boot. I feel an updated resume coming on. TFWs and vital statistics be damned.
  14. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    I wonder if this will serve as an inducement for people to “play with it” rendering vital statistics less “vital”. The law of unintended consequence as it were. Remember the gun registry? There were folks who got the registration paper work for soldering guns. I wasn’t smart enough to think of it at the time, but, as Shania says, “man, I feel like a woman”.
  15. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    Where are the SJWs when you actually need them? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/halifax-covers-controversial-cornwallis-statue-in-respose-to-protests/article35701179/ Instead of rewriting history from the mid 1700s, maybe their ideas would work with ISIS or perhaps they could solve that little problem in Northern Mali so the UN could leave. Or, Congo or South Sudan... 54% of the worlds population don’t have a clue about WW2. Of those that do, some 30% don’t believe the holocaust actually happened. Imagine what SJWs could (will) do with that 200 years from now. Statues of Winston are already nervous…