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  1. CYYZ is a MAJOR inconvenience - an international embarrassment: not only the physical airport operation (noise complaints) but just as much, NavCan's inability to structure efficient approaches.
  2. My continual fear (perhaps irrational) in flying freighters is the growing list and cost of HazMat and the potential for onboard fires. Secondly, and it just happened to a dear friend, two pilots on the freighter, and he died at the controls. Nobody other than the other pilot (to the best of my knowledge) to administer First Aid. Having said all that, had I not acquired my current assignment, it probably would have been a cargo operator here in central Canada.
  3. AC retirement projections

    ...and that would be? (!)??
  4. AC retirement projections

    YaBut...the younger kids aren't coming into the game with the same credentials. We've had our 10 safest years of aviation. Together with MCPL and the resistance to flight crew duty time limitations as well as the regulator's inaction in changing/updating the CAR's, you're kicking out the talent, the experience, the one remaining safety factor in flight crew continuity. Age 67 or even 70 (medical conditions notwithstanding) will help bridge those failures. And personally, I don't now nor have ever given a rat's about delays to youngsters' upgrades. I paid my dues. So too can they.
  5. Navigation Art

    Yeah, and get a load out those eyeBALLS...
  6. Fossil fuel emissions to reach an all-time high in 2017, scientists say, dashing hopes of progress Emissions are forecast to reach around 37 billion tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning and industrial activity in 2017 Washington Post Published on: November 13, 2017 | Last Updated: November 13, 2017 10:48 AM EST
  7. Gary Clement: The Northwest Passage by degrees

    Note to self: Read twice before posting.....
  8. Gary Clement: The Northwest Passage by degrees

    Hey Malcolm: Great post - have followed the voyages of C3 over the summer during our surveillance flights about the NW passage. A great sovereignty trip. A great political trip. A unifying trip with indigenous appeal! I hope you enjoyed the communities you were able to visit!
  9. Interesting go-around

    Wow. After such a hard landing, irrespective of the bounce, the go-around seemed well executed. Unlike a go-around done by an AC DC-8 at Pearson (then Malton) in 1970 when the hard landing caused severe damage. After the go-around, the plane broke apart in the downwind and all aboard died.
  10. The Americans are "famous" for this: Imagine being third in a row on approach, two ahead of you and one lining up on the ground for takeoff, and you get your landing clearance. All in good VMC notwithstanding. Ludicrous.
  11. Would you be a passenger on this flight?

    Only in the King James "translation" of the modern testament's Book of Revelations. Translated from ancient Greek from spotty manuscripts scraped together by the Council of Nicaea circa 325 C.E. Had a flight a few years ago with an extremely superstitious co-captain. He went for a coffee and came back to see 4 T5's displaying 666 each. I'm certain he went to confession after the flight... (my bad...)
  12. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing...... "While the board agreed that the co-pilot was at fault, it split 3-2 over whether the rudder design or the pilot training was more important in the crash, deciding ultimately that the rudder design had a greater impact. According to the NTSB, Molin had been cited twice by senior pilots for "overreacting" over wake turbulence. " Also: A300-600: " According to the official accident report, after the first officer made his initial rudder pedal input, he made a series of alternating full rudder inputs. This led to increasing sideslip angles. The resulting hazardous sideslip angle led to extremely high aerodynamic loads that resulted in separation of the vertical stabilizer."
  13. "So you wanna be a pilot?"

    That's not a selfie, izzit?
  14. R.I.P. Tom Petty, Aged 66

    Missed him at BluesFest in Ottawa. Maybe, if scant reports are correct, a second coming may occur.
  15. R.I.P. Tom Petty, Aged 66 It's not been a good week...