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  1. Two pilots in absolutely the wrong profession. This is inconceivable when knowing you are going to go to Dusseldorf (EDDL) and get a clearance to Edinburgh (EGPH), enter it into the FMS and execute it. There's got to be more to this story other than pure unadulterated incompetence. More, I say...
  2. This and its newest variant is one scary-M-F'er of an airframe. We saw it routinely transiting CYYT from "way over there". Even got an internal tour of the gun ship. "Puff The Magic Dragon" was the song title of a Jefferson Airplane's 1970's song about a converted C-47 fitted with Gattling guns, circling suspected Viet Cong installations and hammering those sites with tens of thousands of rounds of lead and depleted uranium. Can you imagine a 4" gun firing @ 90 degrees to the direction of flight, back near the vertical stabilizer? The crews told us it was a 'full opposite rudder event."
  3. Ethiopian Airways has a lot of contract pilots. My experience of the contract pilot world in that part of the world was not stellar. Just sayin'...
  4. You're a brave man (assumed), seeker.
  5. Does that model 737 have fire suppression in any of its cargo holds?
  6. What's with the thread title?? One would have thought that with all the difficulties the MD80 series of aircraft have had with their horizontal stab/elevator system, any such problems would have been addressed decades ago.
  7. It actually looked like it was under control in a steep nose down, high speed attitude. Hope it's not what that might indicate... Has the video been removed or is it in another thread?
  8. This is priceless:
  9. " That's when staff at Minglers Restaurant and Pub in Oromocto received a call directly from the cockpit of the airplane. " Oromocto? WHAATT??? That's in Fredericton! Is there another Oromocto in the vicinity of CYHZ???
  10. One thing is absolutely for sure: twice a year, the airlines can't get it right. Schedules are screwed up, crew rest times are screwed up, passengers missing their flight or showing up early (the better of the two options) rank in the tens of thousands. It also affects northern latitudes (> or < 45) more than central latitudes. Hard to justify in this day and age...
  11. Air Canada sees one, raises one... Seriously?
  12. I'm just thankful I got my chance in 1996!
  13. Notwithstanding the story's reference to the 777 as a "four engine" aircraft (para. 6), does this theory have merit?
  14. As the Earth's magnetic field changes, so too does its magnetosphere affecting all kinds of climate factors - heating of continental landmasses being the most significant. Now THAT is a factor affecting climate change I can accept. Mr. Trudeau - tax that!