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  1. Moon The Loon

    Ryanair Emergency Descent

    I recall our normal flight-idle descent in the Boeing from those altitudes was around 6,000 fpm. The rate in the article averages about 3700 fpm from FL370 (11,300 M) to 10,000' (3,000 M). Not a steep rate for a normal descent but it would approximate a descent rate if one suspected structural damage in the depressurized airplane. No reason is given for the depressurization. Pack failures? Blown door/window? Crew action or inaction? With that rate of descent in an unpressurized airplane, eardrums will rupture after the descending aircraft "catches" the cabin altitude. Without knowing the reason for the pressurization failure, it's impossible to comment further, methinks.
  2. Moon The Loon

    On The Cover / Latest Issue

    LOL! Three or four years ago, I received a "residual" of the funds divided amongst the unsecured creditors. Revenue Canada clawed it back before I saw it as we had started on EI earlier than if given a severance. They treated this pittance as a severance, 15 years after the fact, and just took it in compensation for the early EI we received. The CRA's new Tax Act has only two Sections: 1. How much money do you make? 2. Give it to us.
  3. Moon The Loon

    On The Cover / Latest Issue

    After C3 was abandoned by ALPA in 2001, our membership continued even though the dues stopped. I still get their magazines but they go straight to the recycle bin.
  4. Moon The Loon

    First Air and Canadian North to Merge.

    This was tried before and overruled, if I recall, for competition reasons. What's changed?
  5. Moon The Loon

    Late Go Around In LHR

    Go Arounds are (were) frequent at both EGLL (Lonon/Heathrow) & EGCC (London/Gatwick). What Malcolm said. Nice video though!
  6. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    Many can be managed in True. For the rest? Your last comment says it all.
  7. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    If I recall, it was GWB and not GHB that removed SA once elected President. GPS & GLONASS were in their infancy during the first gulf war. Military applications that used GPS prior to removal of SA were exempted from SA. Once SA was removed by GWB, commercial use of the system exploded with various products ranging from sophisticated nav systems for ships & aircraft to digital watches! Once again, GPS/GNSS provides True headings. Software is required to convert the true headings to magnetic. Seems hardly worth the bother.
  8. Ya mean, like whales? Given today's concern with marine life, many of those items will require giant grills around them to keep the moderate and large marine animals away from moving parts and inlets. One of my latest projects is the surveying of the North Atlantic Right Whale (baleine noire en francais) - second largest mammal on the planet. They're being carved up (somewhat) by ship's propellers but for the most part, getting entrapped in fishing gear and drowning.
  9. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    That's kinda my point. For those rare occurrences where GPS/GNSS sources are not available, magnetic direction is the backup. Consider also that all solar or astro calculations produce true and not magnetic direction finding.
  10. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    A lot at ICAO where the standards are set.
  11. Moon The Loon

    The Red Blooded Society of Earth

    That was SMALL "L" liberal!!!
  12. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    Not necessarily. It's already in progress. Our concern should rest on potential affects such as sea level change, tectonic shift, with associated earthquake and volcanic activity. The climate change sham is a deflection. Carbon taxation an even bigger sham. My question remains: Why magnetic when true references make so much more, and simpler, sense.
  13. Yo Mitch! Wherefore art thou? Is this still an ongoing project? Some of us liberals want to know!
  14. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    Has anyone any current knowledge on this initiative? I've been asking for years "Why are we still using magnetic sources for direction?" With the ever increasing changes to magnetic poles on our planet (due to the flipping of the core, a once in 500,000 or so year occurrence: ) including possibly even multiple poles occurring given the rapidity of current changes within the next 50 years, the use of magnetic source for direction seems anachronistic. GPS/GNSS relies on degrees true changed to degrees magnetic by software. Why not just leave degrees true alone and use the magnetic compass as a back-up rather than a primary source of direction? Regulators & NavCan, PLEASE WEIGH IN!
  15. Moon The Loon

    An Interesting Read re Aircraft Evacuations

    Interesting. Since many actual evacuations are hampered by those taking their carry-ons out of overhead bins, why not install a locking mechanism on overhead bins for takeoff and landing? Expensive, yes. But so were the installation of seatbelts and airbags in cars. Costs will always be passed back to you-know-who...