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  1. If you're foolish enough to buy it now, the pyramid builders will LOVE you for it.
  2. Will have the snowblower out in preparation for your landing!
  3. LOL! Bradley Air Services Twin Otter in 1970's on Ellesmere Island. Only then, the question was "Why is the airspeed showing zero?"
  4. Leaving Ottawa permanently shortly. Wishing to get picked up by a CivAv Med Examiner in Fredericton. Thanks!
  5. Hated that film. A former colleague was a cinematic construction guy who worked on that set. He agreed, Cheryll Ladd was indeed cute. Very cute indeed!
  6. Sounds like the auto-flight had "captured" 5,000' during which time the crew reselected 11,000'. On the 75/767, during this phase of flight, "alpha" protection is removed. The A/P would have tried to pitch up to obtain 11,000 with the sudden reduction in airspeed. Not a good system. A similar situation happened to me over the Rockies about 20 years ago. We were just acquiring FL390 when we encountered a strong decreasing-performance wind shear. The aircraft was in "acquire" mode when the nose pitched up to try to maintain FL390. I watched the airspeed roll back 30 knots almost instantly.
  7. Congrats on your retirement AAS. I'm not far behind you!
  8. whoa whoa tabernacle! Dont' go, Jack! They just don't know. But I educate them one by one!! ?
  9. One of the biggest reasons I was hesitant to fly cargo only. It only takes one false declaration...
  10. Report it to who? The agency that overlooked it? Seriously??
  11. Unfortunately, this problem is pervasive in many parts of the eastern world and is HUGE in the lower end contract agencies, even some more reputable ones. I saw it first hand in India and Africa.