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  1. Wait until certain passengers insist on their right to smoke medicinal marijuana on flights. The Genie is out of the bottle...
  2. Kip, your iPod sleeps with the fishes. The older generation batteries were time limited. When they died, they were dead. Glad you were able to salvage the tunes. No hope for the rest of it, methink.
  3. The Feathers...OHHH, The FEATHERS!
  4. My nephew worked the Pearson ramp for less than 1/2 a season. He was turned off by the crime.
  5. And no waterway fees on federal waterways! This year only. Lemme know when you get to the Chateau Laurier.
  6. Also on CNN: Malcolm beat me to the punch!
  7. They're not happy until we're not happy. Goes for the GTAA especially. Down at 3,000' with 30 miles to run? INSANE!
  8. Until such time that airlines develop a DOUBLE-DOOR POLICY for flight deck access, all these arguments are fruitless. Unbelievable...
  9. Watching the watchers ... a never ending story.
  10. I was an F/O on that flight. The Capt. was confident in our every move. I don`t do `hero`.
  11. Did an approach like that into KLAS about 20 years ago. At night. RW04 (??). No approach lights. Visual approach only. Can still feel the tingling!
  12. For over 10 years, the now POTUS has decried NAFTA. Now, one day after two phone calls, one from Junior and one from the Mexican Presidente, and only days before signing a much touted Executive Order, NAFTA will remain intact. Go figure...
  13. Thanks Don. Have forwarded final study to my Flt Ops Dept. Long time, no "see"! How ya doin'?
  14. 1977, I acquired my first and only DC‘s. They were initially retired in 1987 after moving to the Telex Airman 750 on the Dash 8 but brought back into service for the introduction of the PoS known as the BA41. That`s the last time I used them. I`m at the end of my career now. Some young person might be looking for a great headset, with a push-to-talk switch, for ONLY $75 DOLLARS! Please PM me for details and delivery options.
  15. Knocks the crap out of Park 'n Fly operations, dontcha think?