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  1. 1977, I acquired my first and only DC‘s. They were initially retired in 1987 after moving to the Telex Airman 750 on the Dash 8 but brought back into service for the introduction of the PoS known as the BA41. That`s the last time I used them. I`m at the end of my career now. Some young person might be looking for a great headset, with a push-to-talk switch, for ONLY $75 DOLLARS! Please PM me for details and delivery options.
  2. Knocks the crap out of Park 'n Fly operations, dontcha think?
  3. Well, y'know Kip, dollars to donuts, the dollars always win!
  4. Okay. I'll bite. How 'bout preventing the fairer sex from talking? I know, I know.... I'm going...
  5. Nice video, Johnboy, of the predecessor of the B-52. Got up close and personal to a B-52 one late night at the Halifax flight suit party a few years ago. It was chillingly sober then, as now. Truly a weapon of mass destruction.
  6. Disagree (strongly), but to disagree. You're boarded; you're seated; you're "asked" to deplane; you find out you can't get to work in time; others have been asked to deplane; they've complied or refused. Why wasn't a further polling done of any who would deplane? It never happened. Time constraints took over; force was used; a criminal assault ensued. What don't you understand of that scenario?
  7. When you sue, you sue EVERYbody involved.
  8. Another sad loss to what was probably one of the best from the last 50 years. Rest In Peace, John.
  9. Yabut - from the words of a pilot's wife - i.e. someone somewhat (at least) in the know. The poor schmuck who got assaulted then removed in this case probably didn't have a clue about those types of protocol we, in the business, take for granted. He was criminally assaulted for no good reason. I think a 7 figure settlement might be conservative...
  10. The sad truth about this entire multi-year thread always starts with this: "Another study suggests..." Studies suggest, but people don't stop to THINK. .............
  11. When I look about my flight deck and marvel at the switches, push-buttons, electronic displays, knobs, levers, handles, manuals, masks and seemingly meaningless objects/devices, I think of others seeing the very same things. I think that THEY think most of this stuff is just for show. They might be right, but if that ever gets out, then EVERYONE will want to be a pilot.
  12. UAL is going to have their butts sued off on this one. If you have been boarded, with a legitimate boarding pass, then you CAN NOT be deplaned because of an oversale. That's common law 101. All airlines know when they are in an oversale position. To board ANY passenger prior to resolving the oversale is irresponsible. In this example, criminal, where physical force was exerted. I would not want to be at the next UAL BoD meeting on who is going to take the fall for this.
  13. I still can't get my head around the most important part of ANY approach is the crew's awareness of the approach environment. In this case, it did not seem to exist.