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  1. Moon The Loon

    Airline Safety Videos

    Awww, finally some TRUTH on the AEF
  2. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change?

    Think it through, Grasshopper, think it through...
  3. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change?

    Common Sense PHd
  4. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change?

    Rubbish. Sea ice is not as thick due to the Atlantic oceanic influx of warmer water into the Arctic Ocean basin over the last 25 years, and maybe even before.
  5. Moon The Loon

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    Dohh. The incorrect field showed up on my Google Earth. Kip is correct about the runway length.
  6. Moon The Loon

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    I've been to that field. It is only 4,200' long with no apparent stopways, elevation 8' ASL. There must have been some incredible hydraulic problems that would convince the crew to risk such an overweight, no brakes return. Thankfully, no fatalities.
  7. Moon The Loon

    747 at YHZ

    I've seen some other photos. Still no evidence of landing gear. I can't imagine how an overrun like this would take out all (at least 3, possibly 4) main , body and nose landing gears. Additionally, from the pix above, it also doesn't seem to have full landing flap extended. Anybody else see this?
  8. What a way to ruin one's life. C3 had an F/A bring a large quantity of ecstasy back from one of his/her pairings only to be caught by customs and charged by the RCMP. That's not what ruined his/her life. What ruined his/her life was fleeing Canada back to The Netherlands and then being extradited back to Canada. It's actually quite surprising we don't hear more stories like the lead on this thread. Our industry is such a lucrative source of opportunity to do bad.
  9. Moon The Loon

    747 at YHZ

    Where is the landing gear??????? Dollars to donuts: in the wheel wells.
  10. Moon The Loon

    Mid Air Ottawa

    All true Jeff. I have it on good authority that the gentleman at the controls of his owned C150 was a seasoned former commercial pilot and meticulous in his procedures, downsized from his formerly owned aircraft. Regardless, all this is speculation. The radar imagery logs and the testimony of other pilots on the frequency might tell the full (or fuller) story. Truly though, a sad accident for everyone involved.
  11. Moon The Loon

    Mid Air Ottawa

    I suspect the faster Cheyenne descended upon the 150 (in the circuit) as why else would the twin's landing gear be extended? The poor fellow in the 150 probably didn't see it coming. Condolences to his family and friends.
  12. Moon The Loon

    Every Picture Tells A Story

    Thanks Kip. Sent the link off to my Dad, a retired RN Seafire pilot at the end of the war and former resident of the City of London during the V-1 bombings.
  13. Hand wipes? I think a hazmat suit might be more appropriate!
  14. Moon The Loon

    Chinese AG600 conducts first sortie from water

    If I bailed out, I'd just land on my head... Dart equivalent, I'd guess after looking up WJ-6 on Wiki....
  15. Moon The Loon

    Chinese AG600 conducts first sortie from water

    Yaabutt ...RR Dart vs PW150's?