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  1. What else would warm up an average worldwide depth of 10,000 feet of salt water? The sun?? Seriously???
  2. SERIOUSLY?? Gore is nothing more than a rich, show-boating ex-politician. His "prediction" is as valid as the theory that the sky is falling. And NONE of us will live long enough to see climate change - something that takes place over hundreds if not thousands of years. Weather patterns change continuously based upon the temperature of the Earth's oceans and for no other reason. The solar cycle is 11 years; the volcanic cycle - wait - there is no volcanic cycle - is continuous with most activity below the oceans' surfaces - hence the warming of the world's oceans. One thing that is certain is the the Earth's core is in it's half-million year cycle of flipping, hence the rapidly changing magnetic poles. Now there's a reason for increased volcanic/tectonic activity. You wanna talk large scale (climate) change? There are a helluva lot more variables than what, for the most part, third world countries (and China and India) pump into the atmosphere with what has come to be known as GHG's. As I've stated over a half dozen times in this eternal thread, is for GW proponents to realize the only real way to stop what They are espousing is to cease, and cease completely, today, all industrial & domestic functions which contribute these GHG's into the atmosphere. Then, and only then, after maybe 100 or more years, the atmospheric composition will go back to what it was 500 years ago. So there.........thhhhbbbbbbbbb!
  3. Moon The Loon

    The New Bearded ones

    I know about those studies but in a smoke engulfed cockpit, especially if it's an electrical fire, some of it is going to get through the mask/face seal unless one is on 100%/Emergency (i.e. positive pressure flow). Electrical fire smoke is extremely toxic and can kill in seconds. I flew as a passenger on Concorde over 20 years ago. I had a visit to the flight deck (pre-9-11). None of the pilots were on oxygen; two of three of the pilots had beards. Their reasoning? Should a rapid or (god forbid) explosive decompression occur at FL 600, they, the pilots were dead. So what's the use of being on oxygen. Now if SOP at the time was to wear a pressure suit, as did SR71 or fighter pilots did, that would be a different story. But they had IMAGE to uphold. So they didn't. On the other hand (I'm arguing against myself), an electrical fire at FL600 would require the donning of O2. I don't know what their SOP would have been - I'm guessing 100%/Emergency until descending to a suitable altitude to continue the flight/divert. So, Bearded Ones, continue at your own risk, and the risk of your crew & passengers. Clean shaven in Ottawa ('cept on my days off...) MTL
  4. Moon The Loon


    About 10 years ago, I gave a Christmas gift of an introductory flight to each of my sister's 3 kids, my two nieces and nephew. Since then, they've completed high school, paid their own way through university, gotten their degrees. How did they pay? They've been tree planting ever since the oldest tried it 6 years ago. They've all spent every summer since doing just that and making REAL money ($45K in 4 months!). There is no lack of work ethic in these kids, now all in their very early 20's. The oldest niece wanted to become a teacher and, after finishing Nippissing, went to Australia to get her teacher's certificate (recognized in most provinces here in Canada). After 2 years, she's back. What did she do this summer? PLANTED MORE TREES! The middle one, my nephew is finishing his Business degree at Ryerson, is unsure of what he wants to do, has a long-time steady girl friend who has just graduated Photographic Arts, Motion Picture Production, at Ryerson (the EXACT same course I did back in the early 70's but never completed) (my nephew never knew about my taking that course!). My youngest niece is just completing her degree at UofO in languages and international affairs. She had planned on traveling the world with CIDA (or whatever that entity calls itself today.) OKAY. So what does this post have to do about aviation? Well, I just learned that the youngest (CIDA hopeful) has enrolled herself in an aviation course at Algonquin College, is going to get her flying license then pursue a career in aviation. All I could say was WOW. That gift that was planted 10 years ago has blossomed into this. I hope she does well and spends a couple years doing what most of us did in one form or another before going into the airlines, which seems to be her goal. Of course, her Uncle Moon will do anything he can to assist her along the long and winding road of our profession and wishes her to be safe and well in the coming years!
  5. Moon The Loon


    It is always good to question things! Keep 'em coming!
  6. Musta been. Took one look at the tail feathers and "assumed". Was too far away to see detail but did note the wingtip was quite different from what I remember - a supercritical wing no less. My bad. Aircraft recognition score? FAIL!
  7. Late Wednesday night, a BA 763 carried out an emergency landing into Iqaluit/CYFB because of a "smoke in the cockpit" event (as related to me by one of the passengers on the flight). The 200 or so passengers from every walk of life were housed for the night in the new military barracks - no hotel rooms available in Iqaluit after the loss of the 75+ room accommodation known formerly as The Arctic Hotel. As I waited for my First Air flight on Thursday early afternoon (the one supposed to take me home), another BA 763 landed in Iqaluit - the rescue airplane to continue the 200+ passengers' journey to Calgary. Judging by the reactions of the pax I spoke with, this was a very well handled event. Iqaluit's new terminal building had its baptism of fire with such a large scale international event.
  8. Travelodge, CYYZ, 8th floor. Woke up to CBC radio news talking about some "light airplane" running into one of the WTC buildings. Turned on the TV ~ 8:40, saw a great smoking hole in the north tower and thought "that was no small airplane." As the talking heads continued their commentary, I watched what appeared to be a 737 in the background. Moments later, the top of the south tower exploded. The talking heads took about 15 seconds before they clued in. I was glued to the TV in the 8th floor common room when the south tower collapsed and thought "there goes my job (@ C-3)". When the second tower collapsed, after listening to the other attacks on the Pentagon and the failed attack which ended up in a deserted field, I thought "there goes my career." Wasn't too far off the mark. Less than 2 months later, C3 suddenly closed its doors. It took me 6 months to find another job and a year and a half to regain my career on the heavy metal. Many others in our field were not as fortunate. I feel blessed I was able to hang on and get back into it, if only after a year and a half. Great idea for a thread, in advance of the anniversary of that fateful day. Thanks, Jaydee!
  9. Forest fires in remote areas, isolated from human contact, are common. Lightning starts most remote fires that are not caused by human actions. Anyone who's spent time in the NWT has seen huge tracts of forests burn year after year. It is part of the phenomenon of rejuvenation. The main reason we attack fires so furiously is to protect a natural resource first, life, limb and property second.
  10. Disagree. It's directly related to building sub-divisions in areas prone to extremely dry conditions in areas prone to regular, annual brush/forest fires. It is indeed climate - it's like that every year. That is what climate is - a standard type of weather year after year after year over a given area.
  11. Moon The Loon

    She should’ve filmed it...

    "Little brain" dead, ya mean...
  12. Moon The Loon

    100 mph Tape Test

  13. Moon The Loon

    Terry Fox Run - 2018

    Done. Again. Run like the wind, Rich!
  14. The prosecution rests. Ponzi scheme proven.
  15. Moon The Loon

    Odd ANA 787 go-around - guesses?

    Given the pitching activity in the seconds prior to the GA, it certainly looks like a classic windshear event/recovery. Nothing out of the ordinary; nothing heroic - just a pair of pilots doing what they're paid to do. Quarter-backing from the sidelines...