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  1. Not a chance of collecting from the CYQM airport authority. If they were being "marshalled" by a commercial entity, that would be the target of the suit.
  2. Similar something on a Bradley's DC3 in 1984 (3?) when I was the load guy in the back, but the piston never left the engine block due to an amazingly strong cowling. It resulted in the rest of the engine running the piston to death - fire, seizure, massive loss of power with feathering pump destroyed, while trying to land in Resolute Bay in the middle of dark season, with an unsecured load in the back (my bad - 20+ hour duty day). Thought I was dead after the go-around from 300' AGL on one engine at TO++ (read: firewall) power. Circled to land with 3 of us huddling in the back waiting for "the end" where the geniuses (I mean it) up front landed and we evacuated. First out of the airplane were the engineers' trunks. Next came the fire extinguisher to try to douse the still burning #1 engine. Those were the days...
  3. CNN article says the foam was in the pitot system implying pilots rejected takeoff due to conflicting airspeed indications. "Didn't mean to hurt anyone" Yeah, right. Like the disgruntled flying instructor at Bonavair some 40 years ago dumping sugar into the B95 fuel tanks. Didn't mean to hurt anyone. I think CH is right!
  4. Don't throw all passengers under the bus. C3 had folks who travelled LGW-YYZ-YYR-HNL-(Fiji)-SYD : 3/4 the way around the world, IN A B752 (!) because it was cheaper than LHR-SYD.
  5. Don't know so much about horses, but I've had my share of horse's a$$es on my flights...
  6. 0.02 in the UK for pilots, folks. That or above and this happens.
  7. Still, it's a start. The NBLC is also contemplating removal of all bags from their service. Bring your own or carry what you buy.
  8. Jack was a senior WJ captain until his massive stroke about 15 years ago. His mind is still 100% but his motor skills have suffered greatly, including his typing. Please give him a break as he is still highly respected.


    Moon The Loon

  9. Jack is a senior retired WestJet captain who suffered a massive stroke about 5 years ago. He is highly respected and loved amongst his community. His typing skills are a direct result. Thought you might want to know, as do many on this forum.


  10. How it SHOULD work. Fair enough. But Canada is less than 1/25th the population of the EU. What is a carbon tax accomplishing here?
  11. What if? WHAT IF?? Like IF!!!!!!!
  12. “When someone says global warming, we think about the fact that it’s getting warmer,” he said. “And that’s true, it is, but the climate is changing in the upper atmosphere as well.” According to research conducted by Williams, the type of “severe clear air turbulence” experienced by passengers aboard Air Canada flight AC33 Thursday – which resulted in an emergency landing at Honolulu’s international airport and sent 37 people to hospital – could double or even triple as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise. Any UK scientist associated with the IPCC is him/herself subject to debate...
  13. There was gold in the last part of this one when the PF pulled out his dog-eared paper map to describe his route to the back. Used to do the same thing! Miss that life, but enjoy current one even more!!!