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  1. Looked pretty normal to me....
  2. Why are these gear collapses still occurring, after THIRTY YEARS of occurrences?
  3. NO. He said "Look what happened to Sweden LAST NIGHT..." Unbelievable reverse spin.
  4. Best of luck to Cdn North employees. You have a good product.
  5. I'm flushed with laughter about the statement about the "porcelain fixtures".
  6. Were you sitting on top of a 747 while at the controls?
  7. That was my guess, too...
  8. 737-100. Like it says in the Properties of the image Upgraded obviously, or mislabeled by the image producer!
  9. D'ya meal "poll"?
  10. You're not serious. You can't win with 227. 270 is the magic number. TRUMP SAID IT HIMSELF. Defcon, my buddy you are not, you do not understand the electoral college process, and ARE delusional.
  11. You can skip the Jaguar ad after about 15 seconds. This petition based upon multiple violations of the Constitution.
  12. I find the entire process offensive. It is introducing religion into government. Surely our BNA and Charter of Rights & Freedoms says all that needs to be said. I feel this "motion" is nothing more than pandering. It is horrible the MP has received such vitriole, but did the MP not open the door by introducing such a divisive motion? Just an opinion. Keep religion out of the HoC, I say...
  13. Defcon: Sorry buddy, you're delusional. Did you not see the reporter shoot him down in flames with his assertion of the "biggest majority since Reagan" in the electoral college vote?????
  14. Don't click on any link included in an email from The scumbags realized a lot of T4's were issued yesterday. The scams aren't far behind.
  15. Finally it’s safe for the whistleblowers of corrupted climate science to speak out Lawrence Solomon | February 16, 2017 3:26 PM ET "Fake news" or a fundamental change in direction?