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    I’m always amused how turbulence is blamed for injuries when in reality not wearing a seatbelt is really the culprit. In another article on this incident I read that most of the injured were in “first class” and I wonder how many people buckle up when fully reclined.
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    How did they find a Japanese hotel room with enough extra space to add a simulator?
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    Wasn’t on this airplane long but what a great machine......Nordair had them configured for long range ice patrol .. 8-10 hours was no problem...with fuselage tanks installed, we carried around 65000 lbs of gas!!!!!! Alternates were never a problem. We could go anywhere. Yes, we flew in the Arctic but with this airplane, it wasn’t exactly bush flying. And with those props, stopping wasn’t an issue either. I remember landing on a dicey runway once and tower asked “How was the braking??” . As we were parking, the captain smiled and said “I’ll tell him when I use ‘em!!”. (Didn’t want to hijack the dash thread so I started this one...maybe we could start a thread for neat aircraft).
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    it was just over 1% of their flights over 2 days. DEFINITELY NOT "MOST"
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    Oh, did they order pizza? My mistake, it wasn't reported in the story... Facts? Weather is certainly a fact. Time on aircraft, and being restricted from getting off is reported in the story. Is it fake news? No air conditioning, again reported in the story by eye witnesses, and evidenced by heat stroke in an FA taken to hospital. Was that fake news too? As you say, APUs are pretty effective at cooling the cabin, so didn't sound like they turned it on, was it broken? Maybe... but if that's the case why are you leaving 100 or 150 people on your aircraft for hours during a heat wave? My comment stands... What's the Captain doing here? People should no be restricted to remaining on a hot aircraft for that length of time. It's our responsibility to hold boarding, or deplane the aircraft when it subjects passengers to dangerous conditions like this. Is that chucking **bleep**?
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    I see you folks are still at it; I just tuned in for a quick visit. Caliburn is a logistic service provider under contract to the US government and DOD, they have provided logistic support in other venues as well, Afghanistan comes to mind. Frankly, I know nothing about the logistics involved at the southern border frontier and I suspect that is also true of most others. But consider what’s involved here and the cost of making “big things work”: who owns the pre-fab buildings and BATS, who transported them to the site and set them up; it be hot outside and 24/7 air conditioning is required, who owns and maintains the A/C; they draw a lot of power, who owns and maintains that fleet of tractor trailer sized generators on site; who provides the cook tent, the equipment, the food, the cooks, the cleaning staff and the army of technicians required to keep it all running; who will be dismantling all of it when the operation is over; and who will do the cleanup work and pay for the storage while awaiting the next call for logistic support. In short, if you want to maintain portable, functioning facilities in isolated, desert environments, it comes at a cost. Not convinced? Cool, try out that hotel thing whilst keeping detainees in close custody then…. let me know how it works out for ya. And here’s a few fun facts for those screaming Trump and racist in the same breath. The Obama administration deported about 385,000 illegals a year. It was a high of 410,000 and a low of 282,000. The Trump administration deported 226,000 in 2017 and 250,000 in 2018. Perspective is everything, I don’t pretend to know what’s actually going on at the border frontier and I don’t even know if the numbers presented (above from the internet) are true and accurate. It doesn’t even matter…. I know that partisan views in support of political narratives mean that useful debate is impossible and meaningless. I also know that the lack of reasonable debate prevents good outcomes and the lack of good outcomes hurts vulnerable people. Using vulnerable people as political pawns in support of political agendas is even worse, it stands as my personal definition of racism and cowardice. If these are concentration camps, it qualifies as a crime against humanity and Congress is culpable in it big time by withholding funds. If Canadian politicians have confessed to past and ongoing genocide they should be arrested and tried for the same crime. Genocide is not just a crime, it is the “crime of crimes.” How is it then, that when faced with situations like Rwanda and the plight of the Rohingya people these same people fall silent and fail (utterly, completely and miserably) to act? Remember when Al Gore and his SS detail where subjected to enhanced airport screening and it was all over the news? I’m willing to bet my life that a Vice President and his CPP detail are not a danger to the safety of the aircraft and pax. In similar fashion, and for all his faults, I’m willing to bet Andrew Scheer is not a white supremacist; theres that perspective again. How did people who sell themselves as tolerant lose all sense of civility? Are we collectively better off now that people (dare I say like me) no longer even bother to discuss these issues out of a sense of futility? You might think there is no political centre anymore but it will be there on election day, not to vote for what it wants, not to support the values it holds dear, but only to hold its nose and prevent lunacy from winning. I have largely withdrawn from social media of all types so my visits here will, at best, be sporadic…. so fire away, I won’t be responding. When pollsters call my house I now give them the exact opposite of what I know (or believe) to be true and I bet I sound like a raving liberal fresh out of university; I’ll be there on election day too, I wonder if the polls will get it all right this time…. I bet they don’t.
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    I think that the notion of a "hero" is a characterisation which both men avoid - Sully has observed that he and his crew "did their job". Sully has used his fame for two things - to draw attention to aviation matters which really do require the attention of a distracted government and public, (read his presentation to the Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation) in April 2015), and to supplement his ~$45k/year pension when US Airways terminated their pilots' pension plan in March 2003, (through a process that is illegal in Canada but commonly used to "restructure" a business in the U.S.). We see him again using his name & fame to advance aviation safety and not pulling punches with regard to Boeing and their MAX. Sully, (and Pearson) are true heroes in the mythological sense - they have "been to places" which very few go to and have returned "alive and victorious" to "tell the story which becomes cultural legend", (Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey, The Power of Myth). I think Sully believes that, (perhaps at one time, maybe not now...?), that any airline pilot could have/would have, within a narrow band of individual performance, done the same thing with the same outcome.
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    Amazing story: https://youtu.be/B0GbkM6n90o
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    Perhaps the last second seat belt and PA were a late response to something in their path. At that latitude you’ve to got to respect any kind of WX radar return and give lots of room. I’ve always used UAL’s recommended cloud above 25,000 gets 25 miles as starting point. FMC artwork is handy for the decision process and you can see which way they are moving.
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    I always leave my belt on even when sleeping fully reclined
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    Why you need trusted news sources:
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    I’ll take the L188 for that job.
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    And it won’t be long before Cb starts blaming west coast earthquakes on climate change. The libs will introduce a tax to stop earthquakes, putting a price on plate tectonics ...
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    I am a firm believer that deforestation is the main driver of climate change.....15 years ago, flying over the Amazon, you could see broad swaths of jungle on fire for clear cutting. It’s also a big problem in Malaysia. These areas are no longer a heat sink they used to be and contribute greatly to warming of continental air masses. So between the clear cutting and witnessing the carbon consumption of world cities like New York, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, etc., us doing our part to reduce our carbon emissions by .5% of the world really doesn’t amount to a flying f$+k. The world could care less what Canadians do...it’s just a feather in Trudeau’s hat at the UN. It’s a global problem. So when climate barbie starts up about forest fires and heat related catastrophes, it goes beyond our borders. Just like Wynne’s claiming the Green Energy plan led to an improvement in Ontario air quality....more like the collapse of the steel and heavy industry in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
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    Gen. George Washington, call sign EAGLE ONE, prepares to lead the 2nd Colonial Expeditionary Wing in a close air support strike on British airfields in the vicinity of Concord, MA.
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    Here's a very interesting piece on Boeing. https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/the-coming-boeing-bailout
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    Bring back NDB approaches!
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    ... by Chris and Dave Hadfield. Pretty good!
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    “The project, says Brulle, is the first part of three: in the future he'll turn a similar eye to the climate movement and to the environmental movement. But for now, the focus is on the deniers.“ I’ll be waiting for you to post these reports,Deicer. There will be just as many billions bankrolled, just as much obfuscation and ulterior motives.
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    Speaking of Harper-just heard on TV he might be heading to England to help with their BREXIT(sp). Good choice.
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    Perhaps unrelated to experience, but there seems to be an increase in general aviation accidents....a recent one in Hawaii and a couple in Alaska. A sign of the times?? fyi ... another 8 or so from AC for June (me included after 27000 hours).
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    If that was the most scariest time in her life, these people don’t lead very interesting lives.
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    Everyone of those illegal immigrants had a choice to be arrested or not, they could have stayed in Mexico or any other country they travelled through and stayed all together as a family and file their request for asylum. If they don't want to be seperated don't cross into the USA. Women aren't imprisoned in Men's prisons nor are kids imprisoned in adult prisons.
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    Come on, Malcolm. Be honest. You and Defcon have started your own anonymous forum, haven't you?
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    Dating Rules For Pilots https://aviationhumor.net/dating-rules-for-pilots-explained-with-memes/ The first rule you need to know is that women are complex! For some unknown reason, they like pilots! But for us, this is still simpler to understand than a woman! But before we proceed any further, you need to take this test! Now, this is probably what every pilot wants! Because we are probably crazy in the eyes of other people. If you want to have a perfect relationship, follow this… But be carefull not to get in this situation below. Girls usually think this is enough to show their interest in us. But unfortunatly it is not. Granted, our job is not easy, but if we could pilot a Concorde, women shouldn’t be a problem. Right? I hope so… There are some important differences between men and women Short version below! We feel obligated to let you know this! Courtesy is never out of style! We wouldn’t recommend speed dating, it turns out like this every time! Believe us, we tried! If you get to the second date… … you will probably take her up. But try to pay attention and think before you speak! There isn’t a rule about this! This will happen to you, you can’t avoid it. But if you pass this obstacle, there will probably be a wedding. And finally, one day you will get in trouble for no apparent reason.
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    Former VP for Maintenance. Good guy.
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    Must be the breath of fresh air given to the business community from the provincially elected CONSERVATIVE governments.....
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    Any landing that is discussed afterward in the mess is "perfect"
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    And on the tape, “Hold my beer and watch this” was heard at 500’ AGL.
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    This MCAS issue with the Max is easily overcome with the 2 guys (or gals) in the Flight Deck given the proper skills, experience and training. The Max will fly again. The battery issues in the 787 were much more concerning to me, and everyone got over that.
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    Fun to fly but that approach and landing wasn’t airshow worthy. Boeing doesn’t need anymore help with aircraft sales. 1. Overshot the turn to final. 2. Touched down hard off the the centerline 3. Excessive braking only to power up again exiting. Other than that it was perfect.
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    Yeah, just don’t lick anything.
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    Amazing the things you collect.
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    Note the remark re politics, I wonder if the same can apply to some in previous generations? Why Millennials are Having Less Sex Than Any Other Generation The hard facts The National Post reported that according to research published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, a British study found that one out of every eight 26-year-old is a virgin. Also, one-third of all American men aged 18 to 29 didn’t have sex once in 2018. So why exactly is this phenomenon happening? No wedding bells It’s common knowledge that not only are millennials waiting longer to get married, some aren’t even doing it at all. “Say what you will about sex after marriage, but getting married does indeed pack you into a house with someone who will probably get bored and have sex with you once in a while,” says Tristin Hopper in the National Post. Even the most promiscuous can’t top the frequency of married couples with a good sex life. Mom and dad are crashin’ your style In addition to waiting longer to get married, millennials are waiting longer to move out on their own. Around 15 per cent of 25 to 35-year-olds are living with their parents. Hopper makes an excellent point: “it’s hard to get your bone on when you’re sharing a kitchen with your elderly parents.” Swipe right Yes, dating apps should in theory give millennials more access to sex. “But the vast majority of us aren’t all that pretty, so we need to trick people into sleeping with us with other attributes like confidence, money or sense of humour,” says Hopper. “Unfortunately, none of those things show up in a Tinder photo, so no banging for you.” All the porn, all the time With so much free porn right at our fingertips, it’s gotta have an impact on millennials’ sex lives. This access “might be reducing your motivation to go out and find some real sex, which unlike pornography is often sticky, poorly lit and disappointing,” Hopper says. Let’s talk about politics Hopper said the fifth reason millennials are having less sex is because “they’re all super uptight.” We’re calling it a change in priorities. Survey data from OkCupid found that millennials are more concerned with a partner’s political affiliation over good sex. “So yes, if your generation is willing to forego mind-blowing sex just because your partner voted for the wrong party,” Hopper says. “You might have a problem.”
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    What does that even mean? If you want a solution the numbers need to add up. The accord deficit is currently higher than the output of the agricultural sector. This is a basic math issue and no one seems willing to say how it is to be done. The deficit is massive and requires the elimination of between 66-79 megatons of carbon. Where do those cuts come from and on what planet is that an unreasonable question? And why is an offshore effort not worthwhile.... being a national partner on an incinerator project intended to burn the plastic recovered from just one of those ten rivers makes a lot more sense to me that banning plastic straws in Dogpound Alberta (yes it's a real place). I can't even remember the last time I used one of those....maybe when I was 6.
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    Outisde of China, altitudes are measured in feet.
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    Over a dozen of them are still used as air tankers by Conair, Airspray and Buffalo Airways. Those massive prop blades are helpful in keeping the drop speed down during a descending run to the fire.
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    Know the enemy... https://www.ktvn.com/story/39754698/responding-to-electric-car-fires-requires-new-training-for-firefighters
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    Haha. That show is hard to watch. The DHC7 may not be the belle of the ball but I’d rather stare at it all day versus some of those surgeries. Yikes.
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    Not that I am in the business of defending Swoop but apparently they have one tail down for air con cleaning due to a fume event and then a boarding pax threw coins into one of the engines for good luck. These would definitely class as unplanned in anyone’s book.
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    Best tours are from Gananoque on the GBL boats. Bigger boats, more stability and better bar. Check out their routes and prices. Call if you ever get here. Can show you the sights of the ADMIRALTY Island group as that is where most boaters hang/float out
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    First RCAF C295 conducts maiden flight 08 July, 2019 SOURCE: FlightGlobal.com BY: Greg Waldron Singapore The first Airbus Defence & Space C295 aircraft due for Canada’s Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) programme has had its maiden flight. Airbus says that this places the aircraft on track for delivery by the end of 2019, whereupon it will begin operational testing. The flight took place from Seville, Spain on 4 July, and lasted 1hr 27m. The 2016 contract covers 16 aircraft as well as support, training, and engineering. Airbus Defence & Space An additional five aircraft are in various stages of assembly. Seven simulators and training devices are also undergoing testing. The first Royal Canadian Air Force crews will head to Spain in the coming months to commence training. The C295 won the FWSAR deal in December 2016 after a 14-year process. The Airbus type defeated the Leonardo C-27J Spartan and the Embraer KC-390 for the deal. Lockheed Martin had considered proposing the HC-130J, but decided not to enter the final round of the competition. The 16 C295s will replace six de Havilland Canada CC-155 Buffalos and 13 CC-130H Hercules at four bases spread across Canada, providing search and rescue services from the Arctic to the southern border with the USA. Key figures and specifications Range 2,000 nm (with 6.0 t of payload) Flight hours Up to 11 hours in the air Load capacity 71 troops, 50 paratroopers and five pallets https://www.airbus.com/defence/c295.html?cid=psearchdef__global__au-en__br__google__ao-sem|airbusdefence-c295|em__TF
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    In the old days airlines protected each other's passengers. Even poached passengers from each other. It was hoped that the pax would like the service and book with you next time. I have been wondering, with pax rights becoming more of a big issue, if a new era of cooperation will develop? Everybody's aircraft break down. Keep the people moving. Do the pax realize the only reason they can't fly on a competitors aircraft is petty management?
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    Personally I am not a Climate Change denier, I am a Climate TAX denier. Show me a plan that might actually help change the problem and I’m on board. Not a plan that penalizes people just for living. How about an “Every person in the world plant a tree day” ? How about we stop the destruction of the rain forests? How about if we boycott China and India until they stop polluting the entire WORLD ?
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    What specific policies of the trudeau government have helped the strongest growing provinces, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec?? Housing construction is cited as a major employer but that is not sustainable, more of a one off. Other than immigration,which has created huge problems for the affordable housing market, what are the main economic generators of the economy that the government can claim to be successful? And deficit spending to create jobs (we know trudeaus idea of modest deficits and promises to balance) Is not sustainable.
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