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  1. Fair enough, but you’re still paying for the privilege of leaving your wife (assuming she survives you) a reduced pension. What happens if she dies before you? Will your pension go up? Actuarily, a DB pension plan can only produce a greater income (per pensioner) for a given investment than a DC plan because it relies on the fact that some contributors won’t be around long enough to become collectors. Which side of that equation will you be on? BTW, if you receive $50,000/year in pension income and your AEF friend receives $50,000/year in dividend income, who do you suppose has the highest net income?
  2. Setting up an account with a transfer agent can be a bit of a PITA, but after that you can set up an automatic deduction from your bank account every month and let the dividends reinvest. There's ZERO fees to invest through a transfer agent, and you never have to spend a minute of your time "working" your portfolio after the initial setup. If you have enough capital, forgo the transfer agent and get a discount brokerage account instead. Fees will be < $100/year and time spent "working" the portfolio would be less than an hour a month. Seriously, how much time do you (the proverbial "you") think a professional financial advisor spends on YOUR (the proverbial "your") account every year??? If they're spending more than an hour a month, they're trying to increase their fees by churning you account. It's not rocket science, but personally, I'm glad so many people think it is. I own bank stock and love that people pay the fees.
  3. The major benefit of a well managed DC plan is that the equity doesn't die with you. A DB on the other hand, does.
  4. FWIW, fees in my TFSA are $6.95/year (1 trade). Fees in my unregistered account are less than $69.50/year (10 trades). How much does a DB manager charge? Check out how much it costs to manage the CPP now that they've hired a bunch of "professionals" to try to beat the market rather than just buy the index as was done previously. It's crazy expensive now! And the results aren't any better. Likewise. And it's NOT difficult to do; although the financial industry does a good job at convincing people that they're too stupid to manage their own money.
  5. You know pensions are self-funded, right? I.E. No contributions = no pension. BTW, someone has to build, maintain, program, dismantle, and dispose of the robots.
  6. Not sure. I’ve never flown with any Cathay cadets.
  7. I still think the “cadet programs” are just the “proving grounds” for single-pilot operations. After all, a 200-hour FO is probably more hindrance than help when things go seriously off the rails.
  8. Psst... Don... your memory is fading... A330s don’t have ELACs, just PRIMs and SECs. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. FWIW, the recovery for an uncommanded nose-down pitch on the A330 is to deselect the ADRs.
  9. I think being able to eject the person talking to you may be even better.