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  1. Over 129,000 hours....

    Given Charlton Heston’s current situation, wouldn’t that be remarkably easy?
  2. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    ^ I read previously that returning pilots are being given non-operational positions. I.E. desk jobs.
  3. AC Declares Emergency 4 X

    Correct Jeff. Been there, done that, had to decline the T-shirt.
  4. AC Declares Emergency 4 X

    To be fair and to make the story completely authentic, the crew would have been offered some cash to fuel up and return to BOM even though they'd exceeded their duty day.
  5. Really??? It's those kinds of statements that weaken "the unions" case in Canada. It doesn't take too much research to figure out that they're just plain false. I've worked under the FDTL rules of six countries and only one was more restrictive than Canada. Ask the folks in the UAE or Korea about how bunk time counts towards their duty limits. Ask the folks in China or India about their "30-day" duty limits. Besides, ACPA can't be lobbying too hard for improved duty limits when it just negotiated for more of its members to be subject to a lesser standard than before. When you try to play both sides of a record simultaneously it sounds awful and makes you look foolish. Don't think the folks in the minister's office can't figure this out with very little internet time.
  6. Seat Selection

    Unbelievable! Seriously?? 17 (C/D) is a lucky number? All I could think was... Wouldn't 37 (C/D) be even luckier?
  7. What pilot shortage............?

    How would pilot unions change anything?
  8. Yep. And both CO2 and CH4 are greenhouse gases.
  9. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    All fine and good, but you're forgetting one thing... Right now, the training pilots have "real" experience and can impart some of same in a cadet system. Within a generation, it will be former cadets training new cadets. The "real" knowledge and experience will be gone from the system. At least the experienced folks can keep the airplane upright using standby instruments. Good luck doing that with the new generation, let alone the next.
  10. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    Jeff, I've been living the dream with low-time, zero-experience F/Os for nearly 12 years now. I've seen first-hand what happens in the sim when they're asked to hand-fly an ILS. Don't even think about a non-precision approach! I've seen first-hand the deer-in-the-headlights looks when they're faced with something a little out of the ordinary. I've seen first-hand their willingness to fly through a CB when not given "permission" to deviate. It's not about them scarring the crap out of themselves in an overloaded Otter, it's about them scarring the crap out of me in a normally loaded A330. I'm thankful everyday that the automation is so robust.
  11. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    There's no pilot shortage as long as passengers are willing to accept teenagers as the 2IC of their aircraft.
  12. Last of the hummingbirds (wildly o/t)

    He must have s¥€t for brains.
  13. Terry Fox Run 2017

    Thanks Jeff! It's more challenging each year; both the run and the fundraising. But I believe it's a worthy cause and will continue to do the run as long as I'm physically able to do it. If anyone here is in the Stouffville area on September 17th, we'd love to have you come out and join our team. Most will be walking the 5km route. Or you could just come for the free Timbits and cheer us on.