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  1. I wonder how long it will take for Bombardier to ask for government “assistance” to prevent the loss of Quebec jobs. 3, 2, 1......
  2. Get one of these (see picture) and your wait time will be considerably less. And they’ll drive you from security to the departure gates in a shiny BMW 7 series. ?
  3. They showed us the divot you made when I was there on my A330 course in 2000. ?
  4. Not according to Einstein. But I grant you that the difference between the takeoff and landing weights wouldn’t be measurable using Newtonian scales. ?
  5. Yabut... after this fiasco is Boeing a company anybody really wants to do business with, let alone get free stuff from?
  6. It’s been cool watching this project go from farmer’s fields to major-league airport over the years. Along with the grand opening of ZBAD today, we got all new arrival & departure procedures for ZBAA to integrate with the new airport.
  7. It works just fine and doesn’t require batteries. ?
  8. I bought one of these things (pictured) a few years ago. Haven’t had any unwanted calls ever since.
  9. This is way more fun than airline flying!
  10. As a Star Alliance kinda guy, I can confirm that’s correct. Most of the carriers currently using T2 will be shifting to the new airport. It has been interesting to watch it being built from farmers fields into the current facility over that last few years.
  11. Team Sparky will gather tomorrow morning in Port Perry, Ontario for the annual Terry Fox Run. Please come out and join us if you can! The Terry Fox Foundation funds innovative research that saves lives. I know this first hand because I have family and friends who have benefitted directly from this research. Survival rates for cancer have steadily increased over the years thanks to funding made available by the Terry Fox Foundation. I’m no Terry Fox, but I support his dream of a world free from cancer. For the 10th straight year I will be running in support of this worthy cause. If you have ever wondered what you can do to help a loved one or friend who has cancer, please consider sponsoring my run in support of Terry’s goal. No donation is too small and every single one is very much appreciated. Please click the link below to sponsor me, or copy & paste the URL below into your browser to take you to my fundraising page where you can make a secure online donation. If you’d prefer to make an offline donation, please send me a note with your pledge and we’ll figure out an alternative that works best for you. Thank you for your support! Sincerely, Richard
  12. A friend who is a BA pilot living in Canada told me that their personal travel privileges have been revoked even though that’s contrary to their contract, but they can still commute to work as always. I’ve heard rumours the CEO is on his way out after making a mess of contract talks. Not to mention he took a 50% pay raise last year while trying to convince the public that 11.5% over three years is sufficient & appropriate for the minions. He looks like a buffoon trying to explain that in media interviews.