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  1. I fly monthly between YYZ and LHR in either zone 1 or 2. I must say that the AC staff working the boarding gates do a very good job sorting out the lines. BTW, overhead bin space doesn't "belong" to anyone, except maybe the skipper.
  2. Try Heathrow Gatwick Transfers. A co-worker uses them often and says they are excellent. Should cost roughly £55 one-way for a "saloon".
  3. Looks like a mighty Metro to me.
  4. Did you mean MFF? I really enjoyed being qualified and flying both types (320/330). Gives the pilots more variety of flying and gives the company a lot more flexibility in crewing the aircraft. 330/340 MFF wasn't as much fun.
  5. I always love that word "free". Do people really believe that, or do they get that it really means "the price has been adjusted to include (insert free item here)"?
  6. Ahhhh, what kind of "smoke" are we talking about here?
  7. Interesting. I worked underground in YYB for a year and never saw it. Perhaps it was camouflaged as a generator.
  8. Seems to me his number one job is to convince the American people that they need protection.
  9. I understand it's your opinion Kip, and nothing wrong with that. I just don't understand how we go about deciding which publicly-funded benefits should be immediately available to our newest Canadians and which should not. Nor do I understand which non-tax-paying citizens (immigrants or born-and-raised Canadians) these rules should apply to. To me, it's kind of like inviting all your neighbours to dinner but telling the newest members on the block that they can't have any desert until they've washed the dishes. And while immigrants jump through many hoops before getting to our country, the final step is us welcoming them to be part of our community. I'm not sure how to issue a partial welcome. It certainly would never happen in my home, even if I didn't share their origin or agree with their opinion.
  10. Good grief! Why stop there? If paying tax is the price of admission to the medical system, why not extend it to all publicly funded services? No driving on roads, no access to schools, no police services, etc. There are plenty of born-and-raised-in-Canada Canadians who pay no tax. Should they also be banned from receiving medical assistance? Neither of my two siblings have ever worked or paid tax in this country, yet they somehow (don't ask me how) manage to survive on government assistance. Over my 50 years, I've had the privilege of visiting every Province and Territory of this great country and have lived in five Provinces. I can't remember EVER meeting a first-generation immigrant who was willingly unemployed. On the contrary, those I've met worked exceedingly hard, especially those with children. It has been my experience that recent immigrants are the least likely to be freeloaders. They've come here to MAKE a better life for themselves and their kids, not to have it MADE better for them. (FWIW, both my parents are immigrants.) IMO, we should welcome those who WE choose as immigrants with ALL the benefits of being a Canadian. Otherwise, why invite them into the country at all?
  11. My aerodynamics class was back-to-back with my English class. Ever since then I've been confused about whether instability in a fighter jet is valuable or if stability in a fighter jet is invaluable.
  12. Maybe it's an incentive for God to bless America.