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  1. Most crew "report to work" somewhere other than the terminal building and are usually allotted limited time to get to the aircraft and get it ready. But hey, if the passengers want priority to get through security before the crew only to have to wait around additional time for their flight to be ready for departure, go for it. Personally, I don't see that as a win-win situation.
  2. Anyone who claims to know for sure that climate change is man-made is not a scientist. Anyone who doesn't understand the preceding sentence is not a scientist.
  3. Been there, done that, nearly went off the end. The setup at LBA was bad enough due the curvature of the runway and the airport being on top of a plateau, but the A320 with V2500 engines also had a bad habit of "floating" during autolands. The red-and-whites were worth their weight in gold at that airport! Toughest thing about CATIII conditions, especially in a 200' long aircraft, is getting to the gate after landing. Gotta love "follow the greens".
  4. Remember Grasshopper, someday you will be a member of a similar group. And then it will probably feel like just yesterday you were yeeshing. You're only immortal for a limited time. Enjoy it while you can.
  5. If you can't Google "iPhone 6 user manual".... Well, maybe that phone is a bit too much for you. Have you considered a Nokia 3310?
  6. The funny thing is that Air Canada could have had a 'B' scale operation with a mix of 319/320/330s back in 2001, but ACPA convinced their membership that the world would come to an end should that ever come to fruition. How times have changed!
  7. $10,000!!! Frig, now they're going to need the cops to drag people onto the plane!
  8. Ah yes, the Gary Larson technique on how to win friends and influence people.
  9. Wow! That's about the same rate that an engineering student can consume beer. Very impressive.
  10. The A333 doesn't have fuel-dumping capability. But it does have both brake temperature and tire pressure indications. Most likely those would have shown amber Xs after the wheel departed, but that doesn't indicate a lost wheel, just a loss of sensor information. I taxied by the aircraft last night in LHR. It was parked on remote stand 254 for those with enquiring minds. #4 wheel still missing and no maintenance activity whatsoever so be seen. From afar, other than a missing wheel, it didn't look like there was any other damage. Our maintenance guys in LHR told me the aircraft taxied onto the gate after landing, so that would indicate the crew weren't aware of the lost wheel even at that point. To me, the miracle is that someone didn't get injured when the wheel came off.
  11. Does it come with a drogue chute for those wet runways?
  12. When you pay the higher price of a refundable ticket, you have bought "cancellation insurance".
  13. More likely just some Indian-style contract negotiations. Jet Airways is actively recruiting on all fleets.