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  1. I don’t think that’s anything new for most people. The only reason to “flatten the curve” is to provide a fighting chance for the medical system to save as many infected people as possible. Seems reasonable to me unless society feels good about killing off a generation of its elders. Personally, I’d rather not, but perhaps the Dutch feel otherwise. It will be interesting to watch their numbers here:
  2. Before I came home mid-February, everyone had their temperature taken before going into any building (hotel, office, dispatch area, coffee shops, malls, airport terminals, etc.) in Beijing. Couldn’t even get into most buildings unless you were wearing a mask. All passengers had their temperature taken before boarding, and anyone over 37.5C wasn’t allowed on board. Inbound to PEK, all passengers had temperature taken before landing. Anyone over 37.5C was taken into quarantine on arrival. If any passenger exceeded 38C, everyone on board was quarantined for 14 days. Chinese quarantine = good times. NOT!
  3. FWIW, I applied for renewal on March 10th and received notification that it had been approved on March 20th. Have not yet received a new card. Let's see how long that will take given the state of the world at the moment. Standby.....
  4. Saw this today. First two (of 15) E175s to be stored in CYQA for a while.
  5. Yeah, but it’s doubling every ~3 days. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if that rate continues, 35M people are infected in seven weeks. In the USA right now, they’re doubling every ~2 days. So less than 12 days to reach >1,000,000 known infections at that rate. BTW, it’s fairly straightforward to figure out the time it takes to double anything by using the rule of 72. Google it.
  6. Just think of the amount of off-the-books debt (pensions, health care, etc) countries can shed with a virus that targets the folks who will need this funding. And the social problems associated with the ratio of retired/working increasing are instantly reduced. If this was indeed an “engineered” virus, it’s brilliant to tackle these issues. Sadly though, it leaves us (slightly) younger folks who use lots of plastic and can’t make soup using potatoes. Note: My Mum is 82 and most of my Aunts & Uncles are in that age group. I don’t wish any harm to come to them, our any of your parents, grandparents, elderly relatives. Let’s all pull together, don’t hoard food, binge watch some Netflix, get out the board games, wash our hands, etc. in a community-wide effort to help/protect the vulnerable.
  7. Negotiating for years probably hasn’t improved that situation.
  8. Today’s update... Wandered up the road for coffee this afternoon. More traffic than yesterday, but still maybe 5% of usual. None of the busses I saw had more than 5 passengers, and there was a security guy in the front of each bus. Presumably he takes everybody’s temperature before they can get on, but didn’t see that first hand. Security guards are posted at each entrance to the shopping centre where the coffee shops are located, and nobody gets inside without wearing a mask. Starbucks will allow patrons to purchase food and drinks, but cannot consume them on the premises. Costa Coffee just a few doors over will let patrons stick around but didn’t want to accept cash for payment. I ran into a few foreigners today and none were wearing masks other than to get into buildings requiring them. The locals are all wearing masks. One of our foreign pilots had his hand sanitizer taken away at security today. Apparently new regulations prohibit alcohol-based hand sanitizer on-board aircraft here. Don’t ask me how that makes any sense, especially when they allow crew members to carry cigarette lighters even though our DG manual says that they are prohibited on board aircraft in China. Anybody know how to empty a cigarette lighter and refill it with hand sanitizer??? The picture attached is a bus stop just outside our (foreign) crew hotel. It normally has more people waiting. Will update further if I notice changes or anything of interest.
  9. Here at CA we’ve been given the option of taking February and/or March on leave without pay, or continuing to work. Anyone taking leave will have their contract extended by an equivalent amount so performance-based bonuses and pay increases are not affected. The Australian guys are FUBAR because of their country’s quarantine requirements, so they have to take LWOP. At my base (LHR) many of the A330 flights have now been cancelled, so I’m now doing more regional flights. Did a PEK-SYX-PEK yesterday with only 8 pax southbound. At least we had a good load (281) northbound. Will do a couple of PEK-BKK-PEK turns later this week before heading home for the month. Our hotel has very low occupancy. One of the two towers has been mothballed. Gym and 2/3 of the hotel restaurants are closed. Staff is minimal. Looking out at the streets reveals little traffic and few pedestrians. The above-ground train seems to be running at normal frequency, but I can’t see how many riders there are from my room. The buses are running, but I can’t see anyone waiting at the bus stop across the street. It’s all quite eerie! The CES foreign pilots got a pretty sweet deal, but out of professional courtesy to my friends there, I’ll let them reveal it if they’re so inclined. Will update more as things progress. Meantime, I’m off to Starbucks for a cappuccino.
  10. Yes, a little fear + a little (social) media = a lot of panic! I operated PEK-LHR yesterday and the only differences I noticed were: 1) Everyone (including crew) had their temperature taken prior to boarding, 2) Everyone (except me) was wearing a mask, and 3) Everyone had to complete a short form pre-security in PEK stating that they hadn’t been to Wuhan in the past 14 days and that we had no flu-like symptoms. Arrival into LHR was 100% normal. I also wonder why people/media are comparing this to SARS & MERS rather than regular everyday flu. The only answer I come up with is: sensationalism sells.
  11. Just got in from a PEK-SHA-PEK flight. I’ve been working here nearly 10 years and today was the first time I pushed back early for both flights. Wheels didn’t stop rolling from pushback to takeoff and again from landing to the gate. Takeoff weights were only around 160,000kg and climbs were unrestricted, so the performance was fun. Should’ve used TOGA thrust just for the fun of it, but my F/Os wouldn’t be able to keep up. Looking down on the roads I could see them mostly empty in both cities. The intersection outside my hotel room is usually backed up with traffic, but today there’s only a few cars in each direction. Feels like I’m caught up in a Stephen King novel.