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  1. Nothing like doing/causing an emergency descent, using up all the pax O2, then climbing back up to altitude. Not much thinking going on in that cockpit that day.
  2. Rich Pulman

    Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Why not just have a mechanism that locks the overhead bins while the seatbelt sign is on? Or something along those lines.
  3. Rich Pulman

    On The Cover / Latest Issue

    Heck, I’d hang on to them and send ALPA a bill for storage every year. Might recoup some of those dues they deducted from your C3 severance cheque.
  4. Rich Pulman

    Late Go Around In LHR

    The speed control at LHR is outstanding. You’re assigned 180 knots as soon as you’re turned onto base and 160 knots until 4 miles once inside about 8 miles on final (depends a bit on traffic in front) and they KNOW if you’re not following their instructions. At 10 miles, you’re usually number 5. Spacing is usually 2.5 miles between aircraft. It’s not uncommon to get landing clearance right around DH. So any go-around instructions from tower are usually pretty late in the game. It’s pretty slick and amazing to watch it all unfold.
  5. Rich Pulman

    Incident of AirCrew Cancer

    FWIW, in the UK, as soon as a crew member confirms she is pregnant, she is removed from flight duty because of the radiation risk to the fetus.
  6. Rich Pulman

    Pilot Surplus --- Pilot Shortage

    Damn... Even if I had the A380 time, I still don’t qualify!
  7. Rich Pulman

    Pilot Surplus --- Pilot Shortage

    All the adverts I see for KAL require a type rating and time on type for A380 DECs. Is that no longer accurate?
  8. Rich Pulman

    Pilot Surplus --- Pilot Shortage

    But they still won’t hire DECs on the A380. Seems goofy to hire a high-time Airbus pilot and give them a DEC position on the B777. I suspect they’d get additional applicants if their policy changed.
  9. Rich Pulman

    A380 Wake Turbulance

    I think it’s time to rethink the definition of “nosedive”.
  10. Rich Pulman

    Said he needs a plane....

    Does the Falcon 7X come with 207 mins ETOPS?
  11. No, it was Asiana and Turkish.
  12. Rich Pulman

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Bank stock would be a good place to start. Definitely not a boat though.
  13. Rich Pulman

    Wind at CYYZ yesterday...yikes !

    Well then, maybe people will finally park on a parkway.