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  1. Rich Pulman

    Terry Fox Run - 2018

    Many thanks for the "pinned topic" status and the donations received so far. PMs sent to those who have sponsored me this year. To date I've raised $1380 towards this year's goal of $5000. If you've been thinking about it and putting it off, there's still plenty of time to sponsor my run. If you'd prefer to sponsor our team, the link is: Team Sparky Team Sparky will gather next Sunday at the Stouffville run site. If you're in the area, please come out and join us. Everyone is welcome! Thanks again for all the support I continue to receive from the folks here.
  2. Rich Pulman

    For all of those who have or will fly

    No PFR = no inspection required. Same on 330 & 340.
  3. Rich Pulman

    For all of those who have or will fly

    Overweight landings aren’t really a big deal in the A330/340. There’s even a QRH checklist to do one. Indeed, the heaviest A330s in our fleet (242T) don’t even have a fuel dump system and the MLW is 187T. That’s a lot of fuel to burn off if an immediate return is required! The A330 is actually certified to do a single-engine auto-land at 229T. What’s more critical is the V/S at touchdown when an overweight landing is performed. The engineers have a chart showing V/S versus weight at touchdown. If the landing data is below the line, no heavy landing check is required (at least that’s what I’ve been told). All in all, it’s really a non-event.
  4. Rich Pulman

    For all of those who have or will fly

    The jettison operation is automatically stopped when actual GW reaches the value inserted in the MCDU (FUEL PRED page). If a final weight isn’t entered on that page, it the jettison operation must be stopped manually. Works the same on both the A330 & A340.
  5. Rich Pulman

    Terry Fox Run - 2018

    Dear AEFers, What would you do if you were 18 years old and lost your leg due to cancer? If you’re not familiar with Terry’s story, here’s what he did... Terry's story. Even if you know his story, check out the link. (Take a moment to get a tissue first.) I think you’d agree that it’s a pretty incredible feat. In a way, Terry was lucky. Following his cancer diagnosis, he was able to get out and raise funds for this cause. Many cancer patients cannot. Despite being at a serious disadvantage, he was determined to complete his “Marathon of Hope”. He didn’t cower. He didn’t wallow in self-pity. He got up and ran a marathon a day for 143 days straight! He did it so that others could have a better chance of survival. Imagine the courage and conviction required to do what he did. Could you do that? Would you? I know I couldn’t. Heck, running 10km on two good legs is tough enough for me! Think about the changes that have taken place in cancer treatment during your lifetime. The survival rate is still not 100%, but vast improvements have been made. Personally, I have had several friends and family members who succumbed to cancer, but many others have survived. And I know for a fact that some of those survivors have directly benefited from research funded by the Terry Fox Foundation. That’s powerful motivation to keep running year after year! On September 16th I will once again be proudly supporting The Terry Fox Foundation by taking part in the Terry Fox Run. As usual, I will be running 10km in an effort to prove worthy of your support. I hope you will consider sponsoring me in support of my effort, confident in the knowledge that your kindness will impact the lives of so many people living with cancer. Please click the link below to sponsor my run. If you’d prefer to make an offline donation, please send me a note with your pledge and we’ll figure out an alternative that works best for you. Please click here to sponsor my run. If the link doesn’t work, type into your web browser to reach my fundraising page. Thank you very much for your support! Richard For more information about The Terry Fox Foundation, please visit Questions?
  6. Rich Pulman

    Capital Airlines hard landing

    Likely. Scary stuff happens regularly that doesn’t get into the media. ICAO is well aware that the number of Chinese incidents/accidents is under-reported.
  7. Rich Pulman

    Capital Airlines hard landing

    Damn, I hope it wasn’t a foreign Captain or I’ll have to do yet another extra simulator check-ride! Already have one booked for next week thanks to the Xiamen accident in Manila (foreign Captain).
  8. I haven’t flown 452, but have flown with its current owner Greg Colyer. In more than 2850 hours in the T-33, I can confirm that the yaw string Kip mentioned is a very useful tool; especially in a left-hand final turn or when inverted at 40,000’ with less than 100 knots showing on the ASI. Rudder was needed at slower speeds to counteract the torque produced by the centrifugal-flow engine. BTW, the USAF version (Shooting Star) was made by Lockheed and powered with an Alison J33 engine producing 4600 lbs of thrust. The RCAF version (Silver Star) was made by Canadair and powered with a Nene 10 engine producing 5100 lbs or thrust.
  9. Rich Pulman

    Emotional Support Animal Rules

    That’s probably why reptiles are excluded.
  10. Rich Pulman

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada. We’ve been reading about the shortage for years, and years, and years, and.... Anyone here tried to get a flying job in Canada recently? I have. Good luck even getting an acknowledgement of your application. No, I’m not upset about it, but it does make me chuckle when I hear operators complain about a pilot shortage. Then again, maybe my reputation precedes me.
  11. Rich Pulman

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    As an Officer in Her Majesty’s not so secret service, I was also “well trained” and qualified on a variety of weapons, including sidearms. There is a massive difference between being using one on the firing range and using one in an arrivals hall full of people.
  12. Rich Pulman

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    If you have a NEXUS card, it’s easy to become a “registered traveler” in the UK. That qualifies you to use the e-channel gates which just scan your passport and face for a quick & easy immigration process. Works great!
  13. Rich Pulman

    Excellent Explanation...

    In some countries (I.E. India), all pilots are referred to as “captain”.
  14. Nothing like doing/causing an emergency descent, using up all the pax O2, then climbing back up to altitude. Not much thinking going on in that cockpit that day.