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  1. I could be available to fill one of those positions… But not in the right seat (or RP seat). I don’t think my phone will be ringing anytime soon.
  2. Anyone who has operated into and out of both YYZ and LHR can immediately tell which of the two requires some efficiency upgrades. Getting a landing clearance below minimums isn’t unusual in LHR. It was always pretty cool to land on the 27s in LHR, do a 180 onto A or B, and look back up the approach path.
  3. Yes, the software was a little too conservative at the time. We’d get some shortcuts along the way which didn’t help. There were time we’d run the APU for a few hours just to burn off some KG. Did our best not to burn any more than needed, but still…
  4. Many years ago we had to tanker into LHR as they had a fuel shortage due to a fuel-farm fire. I’ve logged a few hours in the LAM hold trying to get down to MLW. ATC wouldn’t let us jettison fuel, so we had to burn it instead.
  5. What does it matter if you can’t afford fuel to get to the cottage?
  6. Clearly you didn’t read the manual closely before that first flight. Boeing says to retard the thrust levers to reach idle at touchdown. Airbus, on the other hand, just starts yelling “retard” at the appropriate time.
  7. Sounds very similar to my first landing on the mighty Metro. I think the divots can still be found on the button of 36 in YWG.
  8. Colonel Miller was the Base Commander when I was on course in Moose Jaw. His son was on my course. Both super nice people! Sad to see such an accomplished flyer hang up the keys, but nice that he did it on his own terms and with such a classy gesture to boot. Funny story… When I arrived in YMJ for pilot training I had already been issued my new blue uniform because I was in YOW when DND began switching back to distinctive colours for each branch of the service. Only Colonel Miller and I had the new uniform. The Base CWO was p!ssed off because he still had to wear green! There was a lot of “what should we do about this” discussions, but finally it all fizzled out. Thankfully, by the time graduation rolled around, we all had our blues and looked good marching around the parade square. Well, as good as pilots can look on a parade square.
  9. Belated happy birthday Kip! Would you mind telling us which one of those characters reminds her of you? Given the “milestone”, I was looking for something more like in the group but can’t seem to locate it. Ummm….. Is there a “run and hide” emoticon??? I could use it about now.
  10. IMO the problem goes beyond GTAA/CATSA/CBSA…. Inflation running high… Wages not keeping up… Two years of being kicked around as if employees are disposable… Governments that preach they can magically solve all our problems… Even up here in Muskoka where there’s chronic complaining about lack of jobs, employers can’t find employees… I suspect we’d better get used to lineups for a while. The proles are fighting back.
  11. So does that mean the argument is valid until it isn’t OR not valid until it is?
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