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  1. Hi Ian, The long answer: A friend of mine (a Canadian) is the CP at National Airlines in MIA. They were hiring A330 Captains and FOs a couple years back. I let him know that I’d be interested and could likely get a green card as my Mom and brother are American. Despite having 12,000+ PIC on the A330, he said the law would not permit me to operate as in the USA as PIC until I fulfilled the 1000 SIC under FAR 121 operations. That I had 9000 PIC under CCAR 121 did not satisfy the FAA’s requirements. He himself was a former AC pilot with A330 PIC time and despite being hired as the CP, he had to meet the 1000 SIC before he could operate as PIC. He told me this was all as a result of rule changes made following the Colligan crash in Buffalo. The short answer: No. I understand the intent of the law, but it seems kinda dumb when applied in these circumstances.
  2. When I left Comox in 1994 the word on the base was the Buffalo was being replaced imminently. My ex-wife was the Admin Officer on 442 Squadron, so I had real-time intelligence. 28 years later… Here’s a great shot (picture credit to Andrew Cline) of me inverted underneath a Buffalo. Good times!
  3. Too bad the FAA requires 1000 hours SIC in FAR 121 operations in order to be a PIC.
  4. I raced that system from Tallahassee to Toronto yesterday. I beat it to Buttonville by a fraction of an hour. Ugh!
  5. There’s gotta be more to this story. My questions are… 1) If the passengers were really as unruly as the video depicts, why did the flight continue to its original destination? 2) If the passengers were really as unruly as the video depicts, why weren’t they met by local authorities and made guests of the state during their stay in Mexico? 3) If the passengers were really as unruly as the video depicts, why on Earth would Sunwing even attempt to negotiate “terms” for their return flight?
  6. If those numbers are correct, they must have been pretty close to max tire speed.
  7. They also said it could never be brought down by birds.
  8. Apologies like this are in the same category as a sentence beginning with “with all due respect”.
  9. FWIW, that was an aileron roll, not a barrel roll.
  10. Yeah, being based in DEL on the 343 there were a few times when it was a challenge to meet the 35’ scream height.
  11. Personally, I enjoy the library; it can be quite social.
  12. No, no, no!! Some of us need the presence of dimwits to feel smrt.
  13. 1) HIV is not transmitted in the same manner as COVID. Apples & oranges. You know this or you're... 2) Vaccines are not designed to "protect you". They are designed to slow transmission. You know this or you're...
  14. The locals will be impressed until they take a close look at fuel flow gauge. ?
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