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  1. Well then, it's a darn good thing that NASA helped popularize Velcro.
  2. I stand corrected. It was my recollection that the B52 didn’t have enough Gz for the bank angle, hence the downward acceleration into terra ferma. Looked like a classic case of what we trained (often) to avoid during low-level missions. My bad! As an aside, it still gets my heart rate up watching that video knowing that multiple levels of USAF command continued to let that PIC fly. There was only one way it was going to end up. At one time I was a CF demonstration pilot, and I would have been grounded immediately for any such transgressions. That was a sad, sad accident.
  3. To be fair, the A330 was a stall and B52 wasn’t.
  4. Does anyone else get tired of people talking about their “rights”? It’s almost like they’re not aware of how those “rights” were promulgated. Our society gives you your “rights” and our society can amend and/or suspend your “rights”. During this unprecedented time, society has cordially requested that you limit your “right” to travel in order to protect your fellow citizens. Would martial law be preferable?
  5. FWIW, Greg’s T-33s are Silver Stars (RCAF) not Shooting Stars (USAF) aircraft.
  6. Fond memories of riding those jets in & out of CYGW back in the 70s.
  7. No worries Kip. I’m reasonably proficient on props as well.
  8. I already have a T33 type-rating on my licence, so let me know if you need some help. Could even lend you the AOI and “How to Fly” books if you don’t already have them.
  9. ^^ The Blues Brothers would be proud.
  10. I’m with you seeker. But why stop there? How about $5 per kid per day to go to public school, and a $20/semester locker rental fee. That’s not such a bad deal considering what they get out of it. Or a $10/day entrance fee to the public hospital? Doesn’t sound like a bad deal there either. How about $0.10/km for using public roads? Would you go for a $5 entrance fee to the mall or $1 for a local store? Maybe even a $20/year fee for each Internet forum we frequently use. But I digress..........
  11. I’m thinking it’s a good time for a nice cup of “let’s all get along”. mmmmmmm, delicious!
  12. Looks like YVV is about to get more GA business!
  13. 330/340... same fuselage, same wing, virtually the same thrust (varies slightly with engine type), same performance (every +/-1000kg change of weight gets you -/+100’ of altitude, every +/-1° temperature change gets you roughly -/+100’ of altitude). Only real difference is MTOW of 275T for the 343 and 242T for the 333. Once the 340 gets down to 330 weights, they’re the same animal. That said, thanks the to the differences in how takeoff performance is calculated in a twin versus a quad.... let’s just say there are times you better have a strong sphincter muscle when departing in the 340.
  14. Yes, it wasn’t available this morning around 9am, but I tried again around 1pm and it was working then.