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  1. The locals will be impressed until they take a close look at fuel flow gauge.
  2. And the Americans are usually the worst culprits; pilots & ATC.
  3. Well, at least his campaign aircraft does.
  4. Yabut… mathematically, it’s working just as perfectly as it can given the vaccinated/non-vaccinated ratio.
  5. 1.6 BILLION would be a huge relief! Unfortunately, you’ve misspelled TRILLION.
  6. Canadians made a decision in 2019 and the government they elected still had the confidence of Parliament. Should we now have an election every two years? If the party that gets elected doesn’t even have the self-confidence to govern for four years, perhaps they should consider alternative careers.
  7. Now you’ll have time to enjoy action packed webinars such as this: Moons and Loons (hold the Loons). Congratulations on your retirement Bill.
  8. A few weeks ago I was completely surprised to learn that the return half of a LHR-YYZ-LHR booking was eligible for a refund as the booking fell within those dates. I’d already used the first leg and cancelled the second, but figured the balance would be lost. Instead, I got a nice down payment towards a new propeller.
  9. I had to chuckle at this remark as I remembered the miracle I once witnessed in Amritsar back in 2008. I operated a LHR-ATQ flight and had a request for 50+ (!!!) wheelchairs on arrival, all carry-offs. There are no gates at ATQ, but we parked close enough to the terminal that passengers walked to/from the aircraft. After all able-body passengers deplaned, the first 10 WC passengers were taken off and wheeled into the terminal building to collect their luggage, clear customs, meet their families, and get taken out to the street. Meanwhile, when it was explained to the remaining WC passengers that there were only 10 wheelchairs avaible in the airport and that it could take hours to get them processed, they ALL got up and walked off the airplane, down the stairs, and into the terminal building. Amazing!
  10. From what I’ve read elsewhere, apparently the building has been sinking 2mm/year on average since the ‘90s. As with everything in the known Universe, eventually everything succumbs to gravity.
  11. Or perhaps that so many people living in Texas have already had the virus that there’s a degree of “herd immunity” that’s only amplified by the number of people vaccinated.
  12. This is why you should (now that it's possible to do so) be making e-copies of all training & checkride documents as soon as they are signed.
  13. This one might be fun too. And almost half the price of the F-16. What can go wrong??? MIG 29
  14. If you ask about the gas mileage, you can’t afford it.
  15. So if a drunk motorist, driving alone, makes it to their destination without happening to hurt/kill anyone, there wasn’t any risk and that makes it okay? What if Bob had an accident during his drive home? What if he needed medical attention for other reasons during his quarantine period? There are hundreds of reasons why Bob could be forced out of his quarantine quarters and into close contact with others despite his best efforts & intentions. So if Bob makes it through his quarantine period as planned, there wasn’t any risk and that makes it okay? Please tell me your question was rhetorical.
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