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  1. Swoop - Apply now

    And after the way I was treated by them in 2009, I’d recommend that Canadians avoid them as well.
  2. Swoop - Apply now

    I heard the “made in China” label gave it away. Seriously though, Hainan (and their multiple, multiple aliases) seem to be having other issues. Hiring pilots may not be the most important thing on their agenda at the moment.
  3. Swoop - Apply now

    Within 2-3 years it’s likely that many of the initial Swoop Captains will be flying B777/787s for a Chinese airline while being based (or reverse rostered) in Canada, and earning the equivalent of $500/hour (gross). Not a bad career move for some young pilots looking to get ahead.
  4. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    I don’t know the distance between the main gear on a B738, but those parallel skid marks (if that’s what they are) look awfully close together to me. And that would imply the aircraft was already skidding sideways somewhat when it left the runway.
  5. Not Recommended with Passengers

    The only thing “90 degrees” about that takeoff might have been the temperature (in °F).
  6. Hate your job? It could be worse

    Would you rather it not be sanitized?
  7. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Doesn’t this strike anyone else as the “proving grounds” for pilotless aircraft? Imagine what Mr. MBA is thinking when 2017 had zero fatalities in commercial jet operation, yet the experience level in the cockpit is as low as it has ever been.
  8. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    So far, that shortage doesn’t seem to apply in Canada. Most jet owners in Canada still use an intermediary to crew their aircraft and that certainly helps keep pilot wages down. It will be interesting to see what happens to the BizJet world in Canada once the government gets done with its plan to tax users for personal use of the corporate plane.
  9. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Well, a hull loss is a $2,000,000,000+ event. I wonder how many of those the bean-counters have factored into their near-future projections. Personally, I’d welcome an opportunity to return to flying in Canada. But with the BEST I could achieve in salary is 25% of what I currently earn, I’ll just carry on offshore for another two years and then this 20,000+ hour pilot will simply retire from the industry at age 53. I suspect there’s others here who will do something similar. Until the industry is prepared to prevent the loss of that kind of experience, the cry of “pilot shortage” is the same as crying wolf. As an old friend of mine likes to say: “sympathy lies somewhere between sh!t and syphilis.”
  10. Disagreement in the flight deck

    Been there, seen that. The only thing that continues to surprise me about these things happening in India is that it’s surprising to anybody else. Sadly...
  11. 950 mb Wx bomb approaching Nova Scotia

    Interesting. I’ve changed YYZ-LHR flights in advance of foreseeable IROPS and haven’t been charged a fee to do it. The agents were always happy to get a passenger (me) out of Dodge before the sh!t hit the fan.
  12. Is This Your Canada?

    No help from Head Office or the Government?? For a franchise system that profits $250,000+ per store per year, that’s a remarkably repugnant excuse. I’d bet every Tim’s employee serves at least 20 cups of coffee/hour. So an extra nickel a cup should cover the increased minimum wage. Who wants to bet on that price increase happening shortly but those employees not having their benefits reinstated? I get it’s a business, but those owners are up there with Scrooge.
  13. New Twin Otter Simulator

    D’uh, I get that. But those hydraulic jacks don’t look very waterproof to me.
  14. New Twin Otter Simulator

    Does anyone have a picture of the simulator approved for the Twin Otter float operation?
  15. YYZ

    Assuming that your piece of paper helped reduce/eliminate smoking in DND cockpits, would you mind making some copies and forwarding them to the CEOs of every airline in China?