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  1. SFO Incident

    Understood re. non-GPS aircraft. (It's been a long time since I've flown one of those!) Are you not required to have a minimum RNP value in order to carry out an RNAV approach? If yes, and if you meet that criteria, shouldn't that give you sufficiently accurate guidance to negate the urge for ILS backup? If not, or if you don't meet the minimum RNP, should the RNAV approach even be accepted in places like SFO where parallel runways are so close together?
  2. SFO Incident

    Well, you could always McGyver the RNAV by plugging in your own waypoints but I haven't seen any operation sanction that method. I do wonder why you'd want a hybrid approach though. A full RNAV approach should get you were you need to go. Too many pilots I've flown with rely so much on ILS guidance that doing any other type of approach seems like a fantasy to them. Is there something wrong with an RNAV??
  3. SFO Incident

    Last time I did the Quiet Bridge approach was before full RNAVs were approved. So please forgive me if I misinterpreted the question. I agree with you; once in FINAL APP mode, the aircraft will not couple to the ILS.
  4. SFO Incident

    Airbus does indeed have a BC approach mode. There is also a way to display the extended runway centreline. BUT, it does depend on the options installed on the aircraft. Not all operators have the same software. And it shouldn't be a big deal transitioning from an RVAV approach onto an ILS. The FMS would be set up for an ILS approach with a transition/VIA for the RNAV arrival procedure. With the approach push button armed, the system would automatically couple to the ILS when its signal is intersected.
  5. Are Pilotless Planes in Our Future?

    Not to mention pilots do more for the operation than fly airplanes.
  6. Libs Study selling off major airports

    To be fair, you can buy shares in the company.
  7. Sadly, just another day in the life of a FA

    Other issues aide, 1) Unlikely that would get them below MLW if their TOW was anywhere near MTOW; 2) I believe that's a Rouge flight, which means it was a B763, which means it could dump fuel. 3) If it was an emergency, fuel dumping would be appropriate. 4) If it was a real emergency, landing over MLW would be appropriate. 5) Not sure the stage length/time of YYZ-BUD, but CARS allows extended duty day in the event of unforeseen circumstances. When I last flew in Canadian operations, we could (and did) do up to 17 hours with two pilots when things when awry. Can YYZ-YHZ-BUD or YYZ-YQX-BUD be done within that time?
  8. Sadly, just another day in the life of a FA

    Definition??? We don't need no stinking "definition"! On my jet, you touch my crew, you will be greeted by the local constabulary.
  9. Incandescent bulbs are extremely inefficient at producing light. LED bulbs are extremely efficient at producing light. BUT... Incandescent bulbs are extremely efficient at producing heat. LED bulbs are extremely inefficient at producing heat. So... Maybe, in the higher latitudes, we should be alternating bulb type with the seasons. How's that for thinking outside the cube??
  10. Flying into Hail

    RADAR does not reflect hail and hail can be a long way downwind of the mother cell. The shape of the RADAR echo can sometimes be an indication that hail may be present, but the tilt would have to be way up to detect that so soon after takeoff. Unfortunately, using weather RADAR is not an exact science.
  11. OMG NO FOOD (⸮)

    Customs issues don't prevent the company from making their passengers comfortable onboard. Someone should have called Pizza Pizza.
  12. Takeoff Performance Issues?

    Okay, how does a crew figure out what is "normal acceleration"? In my primary aircraft, the TOW can differ by more than 100,000kg and the takeoff thrust can also vary significantly. Even at identical weights, "normal acceleration" on a 12,000' runway will be much different than "normal acceleration" on a 7,000' runway. Screen height with all engines running is 35'. I've done that flying an A343 at MTOW on a hot day in DEL. Trust me, that gets your attention, but it's still "normal acceleration".
  13. Not Political, Non Aviation

    Obviou$ly you didn't $pell ba$tard correctly.
  14. Flight Upset Recovery Guidance Software

    An A330 could easily land & stop in 5000'. Even without the added friction of sinking through the runway surface!
  15. If Kip was here, he'd probably suggest more post-retirement time with the dictionary. Sadly, he's "happyily" out boating.