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  1. Socialism fails at the ballot box, so Biden uses CDC to eliminate property rights President Joe Biden may not be a socialist, but his unprecedented weaponization of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to extend an eviction moratorium already deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, cannot be described as anything other than a socialist encroachment of private property rights and an affront to the rule of law. Biden's new eviction moratorium, the fruit of agitation by these socialists, is politically expedient for him at a time when surging inflation and stagnating labor force participation threaten his party's midterm elections odds. Knowing that Congress cannot pass the moratorium, Biden has simply chosen to defy the law, letting the unelected bureaucrats at the CDC trounce on the God-given property rights of over 10 million landlords. As with most of the pandemic's norm-defying regulations, the eviction moratorium will only continue to exacerbate the divide between the haves and the have-nots. Blackrock won't go bankrupt from this, and if anything, they'll further their market consolidation after mom-and-pop landlords, who own nearly 23 million rental units in the country, go broke. Couple that market consolidation with units taken off the market by owners who are petrified by the prospect of the moratorium's precedent, and the basic act of renting an affordable apartment will become as elusive as the dream of achieving homeownership. Our democratic process, however flawed, has successfully resisted the slow creep of socialism. But when the executive branch simply overrides the Supreme Court and obstructs landlords' constitutional right to private property, what then? That's not "democratic" socialism. That's just straight-up socialism. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/socialism-fails-at-the-ballot-box-so-biden-uses-cdc-to-eliminate-property-rights/ar-AAMW8Nd
  2. The Olympic Committee have just approved the new Men's Olympic Uniforms .
  3. At the rate Society is changing…..What the Olympics will be like by 2032
  4. For the sake of your children’s future….never wave the
  5. Muppet Babies Pushes Trans Agenda on CHILDREN
  6. The moment you do your own thinking that goes against the Liberal mantra you become branded as far right. Happens every day, we see it here on this very forum. Canada as a nation stopped “thinking” the day we elected an entitled “hair-do” as a PM. They cemented it with a re-election in 2019. ‘This is what wins elections on Canada.
  7. Great post ad usual Mr Hudson. The only alternative to Trudeau was Pierre Polliviere but he was smart enough not to run for leader at this time. The future looks pretty bleak for Canada as a nation and quite honestly I secretly hope Trudeau wins so he has to take account for the disaster he’s created. That’s the real wake up call Canadians need . That being said, I don’t think it really matters who the Conservatives pick as a leader now or in the foreseeable future because the LEFT, who control the MSMs default position is to condemn any leader they pick. Conservatives could elect Jesus Christ himself and the CBC would probably blame him for cutting down the tree he was supposedly crucified on. Very sad times we live in right now as Sanity and common sense are now four letter words.
  8. Statistics Canada reported that Canada’s inflation rate was 3.1 per cent in June. Life is getting more expensive because of Justin Trudeau’s massive deficits and mounting debt, and the inflation numbers confirm the problem is only getting worse. The Liberals have added a staggering $500 billion of new debt in just two years, more than any Prime Minister in history. The flood of cash is driving up prices and the affordability crisis taking place under Justin Trudeau is unacceptable.
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