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  1. The entire US election boiled down to three words!
  2. If I recall if they don’t have proper documentation on arrival the airline is responsible for the cost? Or maybe it’s different if they claim refugee status ?...not sure,
  3. Interesting take on Canadian politics... Canadian Man Charged With HATE CRIME Against Justin Trudeau, Islam The RCMP says a Quebec man has been charged in connection to alleged online threats made against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Muslim community. Andre Audet, 62, appeared at a courthouse in Longueuil, Que., on Jan. 9 in connection with two charges — public incitement of hatred and wilful promotion of hatred. “Individuals who write such comments are liable to severe penalties,“ Cappiello-Stebenne wrote. “Although the individuals being investigated may not have been in direct contact with the persons or groups they targeted, their comments are just as worrisome and could lead to acts of violence.” The Prime Minister’s Office declined to comment on the charges. “We never comment on matters relating to the prime minister’s security,” said spokesperson Elanore Catenaro in an email. You know what CAP find endlessly curious about incidents of this nature? The manner in which media speak of these “crimes,” yet never speak of the reason for increasing incidents of anger within Canadian society. Here, mainstream media and CAP have a very different take on these developments. According to CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of “intolerant” Old Stock Canadians. Anglophone Canadians are a bunch of anti-Third World racists. Quebec Nationalists are a gang of bigots and “Islamophobes.” But never does media allude to one simple truism: the person most responsible for this social consternation is Justin Trudeau—not the average Canadian citizens. C’mon fellow patriots–is it not 100% reasonable to state that Justin Trudeau has “ramped-up” Third World- Globalist power within society in an unprecedented manner? Is it not then natural that sensible, non-snowflake Canadians are busting blood vessels over this sordid mess of a social policy? Of course they are. Degree to which CAP blame these types? Zero %–nothing at all. While we do not condone physical violence in any capacity, we will state flat-out that our organization empathizes with the frustrated. We too are frustrated. Pourquoi? Because millions of common sense Canadians are being forced to sit back and shut up while Justin Trudeau fulfills his globalist-backers agenda to decimate traditional Canadian society. Anglophones to transfer to a minority community. Francophones wishing to preserve their cultural identity are branded racist.Christian Canada has been branded by Trudeau as a motley crew of bigots and “Islamophobes.” Oh, and let’s not forget genocidal--by way of King Justin’s proclamation regarding First Nations community oppression. None of this seems to matter to CBC and the rest of the Liberal media puppets. All these outlets stand in opposition to any form of Anglophone community identity. Yet, if a Canadian is of the Silk or Muslim variety, they are free to organize politically based upon Sikh and Islamic identity, and go forth to consolidate political power within our society. So this French-Canadian fellow, Andre Audet, has had enough. In reality, so to have millions upon millions of clear-thinking Anglophone and Francophone Canadians. For CAP, Justin Trudeau is the king-pin for a pending destruction of the first 150 years of Canadian identity. The man is a born destroyer.CAP Theory maintains that the Trudeau family are shot-through with mental illness. For Pierre Trudeau, megalomania of the highest order. It is only this type who would have the gumption to force anti-Anglophone multicultural policy upon our nation without the consent of a singleCanadian citizen. Justin Trudeau did the very same thing. Steeped in megalomania and narcissism, Trudeau Jr. single-handedly cancelled Canadian identity period. In a reckless bout of mental mania, Trudeau spontaneously tweeted to the world that illegal refugees should begin to bust a move over the U.S. border by the tens of thousands. This tendency he got from mother Margaret Trudeau, who spent time in a mental institution due to her manic bi-polar diagnosis. The “quiet one”— brother Alexandre Trudeau has spent his entire adult life working on behalf of China, Cuba, Iran and the Nation of Islam.Media breathe not a word about this. CAP Opinion: Justin Trudeau is not only the most hated Canadian politician of all-time– he is the most hated CANADIAN of all-time. https://capforcanada.com/canadian-man-charged-with-hate-against-justin-trudeau-islam/
  4. “ Is Canada alone on the world stage? One reader writes: 'We admired Bill Clinton, derided George W. Bush, worshipped Barack Obama and flaunt our disdain for the present President. … It may be a good idea to stop self-righteously lecturing the United States (or any other country) and stick to doing business.'” “ Perhaps if Canadians didn’t treat the United States with such distaste, we would have a strong and loyal ally. (Especially our politicians starting with Pierre Trudeau and continuing to this day, with rare exceptions such as Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper.) You can only crap on a friend so many times before they start to question the effort they put into the relationship. We have used the U.S. for defence and as the foundation of our economy and offered little in return. –Kim Roblin It’s absolutely true that we need to build alliances to counter the zero-sum approach the world’s biggest economies are taking. Canadian business also needs to start taking better advantage of the new opportunities in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union. –AnglerBob Despite who is elected in 2020 down south, one would hope that Canada learns from this period and continues to reduce our dependency on the United States in the future. Oddly left out of this article is any mention of the European Union, a body of nations that perhaps share more values with Canada than any other. With Brexit at the end of the month, it would serve Canada well to bolster our partnerships with both the United Kingdom and the EU. Perhaps Canada could resolve the Hans Island dispute with a border with Denmark down the middle, to remind Canadians that the Europeans are our neighbours as much as the Americans. –agropyre1” https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-if-canadians-didnt-treat-the-united-states-with-such-distaste-ally/
  5. It’s gotten to the point where I cringe every time he opens his mouth.
  6. The definition of subliminal is something that is not easily perceived; but may be remembered due to constant repetition. An example of subliminal used as an adjective is the phrase "subliminal message," which means a message that may be remembered even if the person was not consciously aware of the message. Teach our students, don't indoctrinate them Education or indoctrination? At a time of much labour turmoil between teachers and the provincial government, it’s difficult to tell in some classrooms. For example, students at St. Agnes Catholic School in North York were given an assignment to write a letter to Premier Doug Ford about their opposition to education cuts. “Budget cuts mean one subject must be cut from the curriculum,“ said a handout. “Pick a subject and write a letter to Premier Doug Ford arguing why it should not be cut. Your letter should have 2-3 arguments (reasons) why the subject should not be cut. Each reason should be a separate paragraph. Make sure to include all the parts of a letter (greeting, body, closing etc.,) This will be in first person (I, my).” Grade 5 students at Guelph’s Fred A. Hamilton school were given an assignment about anti-bullying. It talks of de-escalating bullying situations but also alleges that government spending cuts are making the situation worse. “The cuts will eliminate 10,000 teaching positions,” the assignment reads. “This will increase class sizes and give students fewer caring adults to turn to if they find themselves in a bullying situation.” Needless to say, some parents upset about this kind of partisanship finding its way into the classroom. “I don’t think it’s right the teachers are teaching my kids about politics,“ said one. “I have debated about making a complaint to the teacher, principal or the school board but I know I’ll only be complaining to people who are liberals and it will go nowhere.” This may very well be true, but one group of people who are not impressed are those inside the Ford government — who feel getting an even message out to the public is already a difficult task without having to contend with teachers poisoning the well by strong-arming impressionable kids into supporting their quest for greater financial compensation. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-teach-our-students-dont-indoctrinate-them
  7. and the fearless wimp does nothing... RCMP say 16,503 people illegally entered Canada’s border in 2019 The RCMP intercepted 16,503 people illegally crossing into Canada from the U.S.-Canada border in 2019, according to new federal government data. The number of people entering Canada via the border at unofficial ports of entry declined in 2019, but the total number of people making asylum claims jumped from 55,040 in 2018 to 63,830 according to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. The increase is due to more and more people flying to Canada and then making asylum claims upon arrival at airports across the country. The Safe Third Country Agreement between America and Canada means asylum seekers are supposed to make refugee claims in the first safe country they enter, but when individuals cross illegally into Canada they are able to bypass the agreement. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/rcmp-say-16503-people-illegally-entered-canadas-border-in-2019/
  8. Conrad Black: Ontario families deserve better than their so-called education system Teachers have to stop swaddling their avarice and negligence in a fog of pious claptrap about putting the interests of the schoolchildren first The renewed agitation by teachers in Ontario highlights the debacle of the whole public teaching and school administration apparatus that is possibly the greatest and most universal public policy failing in modern Western civilization. It is one of the richest and most distressing ironies of our times that all of our Western societies consecrate more and more funding resources to education to produce steadily less educated and ostensibly less informed and less usefully intelligent graduates of secondary schools and graduate university programs. Not surprisingly, we are also focusing on fewer and fewer real subjects of authentic study. As my learned and much-harassed friend Jordan Peterson has often said, any course calling itself something that ends with the word “studies” is not a real subject. It is just a part of a larger subject and generally implies the exclusion of most of the real subject (and I write this as a former lecturer at McGill University in “French Canada Studies,” which was in fact the history of Quebec). Illustrative of the endless and debilitating problem of the public education system in Ontario is the announcement on Wednesday of a one-day strike planned for Monday Jan. 20 of the public elementary school teachers in the Toronto and Ottawa areas. (Similar one-day rotating strikes have already closed public secondary schools across the province; Monday’s threatened strike would be the first to directly close elementary schools.) The announcement of the planned stoppage was accompanied by the breezy announcement by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO): “Please know this decision was made with student safety as our first priority.” Hapless parents of the locked-out children may want to reflect on the implications of the fact that the teachers to whom their children are entrusted feel that the best guaranty of the schoolchildren’s safety lies in closing them out of their schools. The response of the Ontario Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, seems to me very appropriate: the province will compensate affected parents with cash allocation for daycare services on strikebound days. Since, as far as I can deduce, the pupils don’t learn any more at their schools than they would at daycare centres, the schoolchildren are no worse off and the province will economize as long as the striking school personnel are not paid for the days they take off. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/conrad-black-ontario-families-deserve-better-than-their-so-called-education-system
  9. Yep...Badddddd Capitalismm..Socialism is so great right? ..I guess that’s why so many migrant caravans try to crush their way into the US each year. Funny thing that...I have yet to hear of a caravan headed towards Venezuela. I also suppose that’s why.... ” Immigrants and their U.S.-born children now number approximately 89.4 million people, or 28 percent of the overall U.S. population, according to the 2018 Current Population Survey (CPS). Pew Research Center projects that the immigrant-origin share will rise to about 36 percent by 2065.Mar 14, 2019“
  10. Priorities.....Why the Left will lose.
  11. No one in their right mind would consider the last regime change a progressive move forward