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  1. At the end of all this, the virus will go away () but your neighbours will remain. I have found it never pays to piss off people, even innocently, who can directly affect your day to day life. Sometimes Karma can be a biotch if you were the agitator.
  2. CBC loses farcical lawsuit against the Conservatives, but secular moralizing will continue CBC lost a court case yesterday. But, apart from possibly having to pay costs, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. For the few who have happily forgotten about the affair, its key points were that CBC management and their chief correspondent (named in the suit originally, but after very predictable embarrassments, her name was removed) sued one of Canada’s two main parties. (To make matters worse, CBC listed their then lead anchor Rosemary Barton and reporter John Paul Tasker as applicants in t
  3. Sign the petition >>. https://www.conservative.ca/cpc/stop-bill-c-10/
  4. As we are all forced to watch Netflix tonight in lockdown, be glad we are not here. Just another day in Tel Aviv
  5. Video >>> https://theintercept.com/2021/05/13/riot-squad-right-wing-video-journalists-black-lives-matter-antifa/ Former news outlet The Intercept smears actual journalists for covering BLM-Antifa violence The Intercept, a formerly respectable news outlet, released a video on Thursday that takes aim at journalists who covered Antifa violence, BLM protests and riots, and civil unrest during the summer of 2020 and into the winter. Entitled "Meet the Riot Squad: Right-Wing Reporters Whose Viral Videos Are Used to Smear BLM," the video is a smear job itself
  6. What Jordon Peterson thinks of Trudeau’s Internet censorship bill
  7. Ford right, Trudeau wrong on border restrictions issue Feds need to protect us all from a fourth wave, Ontario premier warns There’s two things Justin Trudeau is responsible for, two things only through this whole pandemic, that is to make sure we have enough vaccines, and we saw what happened there,” Ford said “and to make sure we secure the borders and it’s just not happening.” Ford obviously sees things differently than Trudeau because, despite all evidence to the contrary, the PM boasts of Canada having the “most comprehensive border measures in the western world. In re
  8. “ Many have said that the CBC's lawsuit against a political party shows that the bias against the Conservatives makes it so that "it isn't just perceived anymore." "Not only does the lawsuit fuel perceptions of bias, but it causes enormous damage to CBC journalists – Rosemary Barton and John Paul Tasker – who are both named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit," wrote Canadian academic Michael Geist.” https://www.michaelgeist.ca/2019/10/what-was-the-cbc-thinking-a-closer-look-at-the-clips-in-its-copyright-lawsuit-against-the-conservative-party/
  9. Cargojet threatens to shift work from Canada to U.S. over pilot fatigue rules Cargojet warned it may lay off up to 130 pilots, move part of operations because rules create 'uneven playing field' with American cargo carriers Canada’s Cargojet Inc. has threatened to move work to the United States unless it wins exemption from rules aimed at preventing pilot fatigue because of their cost, according to a deal rejected by its pilots seen by Reuters. Cargojet has said it wants to reduce costs and grow in the United States as Canada’s largest cargo carrier benefits from an increase in