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  1. Top Canadian Journalist Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Buying Canadian Media To Win Election CBC and National Post columnist Andrew Coyne stated Justin Trudeau’s $600 million media bail-out will “irrevocably politicize the press” and urged journalists to boycott the panel. Surprising that Mr. Coyne, one of Canada’s pre-eminent journalists, would bite the hand that feeds him. Finance Minister Bill Moreau stressed the funding would help save newspapers under threat and would “protect the vital role that the independent news media plays in our democracy.” Democracy? Didn’t know uber-rich Liberal Laurentian Mountain elites gave a damn about democratic process. Throughout Justin Trudeau’s entire run as prime minister he has consistently ignored the will of the majority– immigration quotas, illegal refugees, citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists, and much more. The Trudeau Liberals are a model of virtue-signalling deception. “We cleared a back log of refugees from war-torn nations,” they proudly announce. Translation: Government approved tens of thousands of non-Canadians(many illegal) to enter our country and live off of our tax-payer dollars. Not a single Canadian approved this pointless exercise. The benefit is limited to government ONLY— it is common knowledge–or should be– that migrants vote for the ruling government at the time they enter the country. So do their family members, and indeed entire ethnic communities. Muslim-Canadians overwhelmingly voted for the Liberals in the 2015 federal election. Now, Justin Trudeau has taken the very communist path toward controlling Canadian media. The piece media downplay is that they MUST ADHERE to the rules of King Justin to qualify for the grants. No Rebel Media. No Faith Goldy. No media organization with populist leanings will be paid out READ MORE: Trudeau Govt Force Canadian Universities To Adopt “Diversity Charter” Under PM Trudeau, Canada is morphing into a socialist state. Cultural Action Party Of Canada predicted this very thing from DAY ONE. Justin Trudeau, his brother Alexandre and father Pierre Trudeau have all displayed admiration for communist nation of history. Mr. Trudeau is also attempting to control social media with a new “Charter” entitled “Dimensions: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” “Dimensions” has been distributed to all university presidents, who are urged to sign, endorsing the program for their universities. Establishment Media. Social Media. Education. Law. Within communist nations, government control ALL ASPECTS of society. Clearly, this is what Justin Trudeau is attempting to entrench within our nation. Not a single citizen approved these actions. That’s not democracy–that’s Trudeau “liberalism.” https://capforcanada.com/top-canadian-journalist-accuses-justin-trudeau-of-buying-canadian-media-to-win-election/
  2. I wonder if Climate Barbie ever does any research herself or just babbles what she’s fed by Trudeau?
  3. Report swings and misses at carbon price 'myths' Finally, myth 10, that “there is no need to reduce Canada’s emissions” is both true and false. It’s true there’s a need to reduce Canada’s emissions, but that need is essentially a political choice rather than an action that will reduce impacts on Canada from future climate change. The authors repeat boilerplate language about extreme weather without mentioning that the carbon tax will have no effect on extreme weather because minor changes in Canada’s emissions won’t change the global concentration of CO2. Canada’s contribution of greenhouse gases, as Ecofiscal itself acknowledges, is only 1.6 per cent of global emissions. Even if Canada cut that in half (a herculean task), any future reduction in warming would be virtually unmeasurable. And of course with massive growth in emissions in China and throughout Asia, Canada’s share will grow smaller over time. Tinkering with it would have even less effect on climate change in the year 2100. Many economists do, indeed, champion the idea of using pricing to control greenhouse gas emissions, but governments are unwilling to adhere to the economic principles that makes such pricing efficient or economically benign. But the repeated failure of provinces to institute (or maintain) genuine revenue-neutrality and displace regulations, and the desire of governments to pick winning technologies, suggests that an economically rigorous carbon tax seems more mythical than probable. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/blogs/report-swings-and-misses-at-carbon-price-myths
  4. That is some coffee service! According to a proactive disclosure, staffers in Justin Trudeau’s PMO spent $548.39 for coffee in a single day this year. And there were only six of them! Forget Bev Oda’s $16 for orange juice in London, England. This was $548.39 for coffee in London, Ontario. That works out to $91.40 per person. What kind of coffee were they drinking? Were the pastries cut up and spoon fed to them by an army of angels? Did they order the infamous coffee that is digested and then defecated by Indonesian cats? When the expense was incurred, Trudeau was in London for a cabinet retreat. http://brianlilley.com/ill-see-your-16-orange-juice-and-raise-you-548-for-coffee/
  5. Summers coming...know your parasites ...vaccinations almost complete!
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2018/02/05/the-strange-story-of-how-tide-pod-eating-went-viral/
  7. Tide pods are now passé.. The latest fad according to a friend that works in the industry. Teens are now drugging themselves to the point of death for the fun of it with someone standing by with naloxone to bring them out of it at the last minute. Only one way to describe this...Natural selection at work !
  8. WTF You can get stoned in a Park, but by God don’t have a beer! Ontario provincial parks gear up for first Victoria Day long weekend since cannabis legalization https://globalnews.ca/news/5286565/provincial-parks-victoria-day-long-weekend-cannabis/