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    Our Prime Minister

    Trudeau's high-tax, high-deficit, low-growth plan is doomed Seven of our provinces have top tax rates above 50 per cent; this is state larceny. Other than in an extreme national emergency, the state has no right to more than half of anyone’s income “ In 2016, more than 30,000 fewer Canadians were in the earlier highest tax bracket, which began at $140,000. It always seems to come as a merciless surprise to politicians on the left, even the soft left, that most people consider that they have earned their incomes, that it is theirs as much as their private property is, and that governments do not have an unlimited, unchallengeable or unaccountable right to gouge an individual’s earned income.” https://nationalpost.com/opinion/conrad-black-trudeaus-high-tax-high-deficit-low-growth-plan-is-doomed
  2. All About Votes...IT NEVER EVER WAS ABOUT GETTING THE BEST DEAL FOR CANADIANS! Canada may hold off until after Quebec election as U.S.-Mexico drafting two-way trade deal Major concessions on access to the dairy market could turn into a volatile election issue in Quebec, where the latest poll shows the governing Liberals creeping ahead. As high-intensity trade talks ended in Washington Thursday without a breakthrough, speculation mounted that Canada will wait until after Quebec’s Oct. 1 election to strike a deal, hoping to lessen the political fallout from potential concessions around the dairy industry. The word throughout the U.S. administration and Congress is that Canadian trade negotiators are reluctant to make deep dairy compromises – if American negotiators continue to demand them – until later next month, said Dan Ujczo, a trade lawyer closely monitoring the discussions. “If we move past today without any significant progress, I think we’re looking at a post-Quebec election scenario,” he said. “If I’m a Canadian negotiator, why would I make significant concessions days before the Quebec election? It doesn’t make sense.” Meetings between Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer wrapped up Thursday without a deal between the two countries. They have been immersed in pressure-filled talks since Mexico and the States announced a bilateral agreement last month. Freeland was expected back in Ottawa Friday, meaning the ministerial-level discussions would resume next week at the earliest. https://business.financialpost.com/news/u-s-mexico-drafting-final-text-of-two-way-trade-deal-but-canada-may-wait-until-after-quebec-election-on-oct-1
  3. How do they avoid going to jail?? “ Ontario’s deficit has ballooned to a “sobering” $15 billion this year because of expenses the defeated Liberal government “stashed” off the books before the June election, new Finance Minister Vic Fedeli said Friday. While the previous Kathleen Wynne administration pledged to run a deficit of $6.7 billion this year, the actual number is more than twice that because of the accounting improperly used to include teacher and civil service pension plan money — over which the province has no control — as assets, Fedeli told a breakfast meeting of the Economic Club of Canada at a downtown hotel. “ https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/09/21/ontarios-deficit-balloons-to-15-billion-due-to-liberals-stashed-spending-finance-minister-says.html
  4. Jaydee

    Our Prime Minister

    Unbelievable !!!
  5. “ Former President Of Greenpeace Scientifically Rips Climate Change To Shreds” Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide “ The following is a lecture delivered by Patrick Moore, formerly President of Greenpeace Int’l, to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London. He is a vocal critic of faulty science that supports climate-change caused by humans. Since he was a legend in the eco-movement, his current assessment is credible and authoritative. “ “ NASA tells us that “Carbon Dioxide Controls Earth’s Temperature” in child-like denial of the many other factors involved in climate change. This is reminiscent of NASA’s contention that there might be life on Mars. Decades after it was demonstrated that there was no life on Mars, NASA continues to use it as a hook to raise public funding for more expeditions to the Red Planet. The promulgation of fear of Climate Change now serves the same purpose. As Bob Dylan prophetically pointed out, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears”, even in one of the most admired science organizations in the world. On the political front the leaders of the G7 plan to “end extreme poverty and hunger” by phasing out 85% of the world’s energy supply including 98% of the energy used to transport people and goods, including food. The Emperors of the world appear clothed in the photo taken at the close of the meeting but it was obviously Photo-shopped. They should be required to stand naked for making such a foolish statement. The world’s top climate body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, is hopelessly conflicted by its makeup and it mandate. The Panel is composed solely of the World Meteorological Organization, weather forecasters, and the United Nations Environment Program, environmentalists. Both these organizations are focused primarily on short-term timescales, days to maybe a century or two. But the most significant conflict is with the Panel’s mandate from the United Nations. They are required only to focus on “a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the atmosphere, and which is in addition to natural climate variability.”
So if the IPCC found that climate change was not being affected by human alteration of the atmosphere or that it is not “dangerous” there would be no need for them to exist. They are virtually mandated to find on the side of apocalypse. Scientific certainty, political pandering, a hopelessly conflicted IPCC, and now the Pope, spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, in a bold move to reinforce the concept of original sin, says the Earth looks like “an immense pile of filth” and we must go back to pre-industrial bliss, or is that squalor? And then there is the actual immense pile of filth fed to us more than three times daily by the green-media nexus, a seething cauldron of imminent doom, like we are already condemned to Damnation in Hell and there is little chance of Redemption. I fear for the end of the Enlightenment. I fear an intellectual Gulag with Greenpeace as my prison guards.” The main body of the article found in the link below. Long but worth the read........ https://www.technocracy.news/former-president-of-greenpeace-scientifically-rips-climate-change-to-shreds/
  6. Jaydee

    Our Prime Minister

    Thank You Justin for all your “ Diversity “ ISIS video calls Toronto’s Danforth mass-shooting its “top foreign operation of the year” This is the third time ISIS has claimed the deadly attack on Canadians but there is still no evidence that the gunman acted on behalf of any organization. 1 min by Ali Taghva1 day ago1 day ago According to a new National Post report, a propaganda video has been released by pro-ISIS media praising terrorist attacks abroad and most interestingly, it names July’s mass shooting on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue as its most successful foreign operation of the year. This is the third attempt to connect the deadly attack on Canadians to the Islamic State but there is still no evidence to corroborate that the gunman acted on behalf of any organization. https://thenectarine.ca/politics/isis-video-calls-torontos-danforth-mass-shooting-its-top-foreign-operation-of-the-year/
  7. A win for Doug Ford: Toronto city council will be reduced to 25 seats from 47 TORONTO — Ontario’s top court has stayed a ruling that upended the provincial government’s plans to cut Toronto city council in the middle of a municipal election. The legal victory for the Progressive Conservative government means city staff can immediately focus on planning for an election using 25 wards and abandon the 47-ward model that was revived by the lower court’s decision. It also means the government won’t have to immediately move forward with reintroduced council-cutting legislation that invoked a constitutional provision known as the notwithstanding clause to override the lower court ruling. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/newsalert-ontario-wins-stay-on-ruling-that-struck-down-council-cutting-plan-2
  8. Trudeau had better find out if his carbon-tax ‘backstop’ is actually legal A federal carbon price represents far-reaching constitutional territory: No court has yet said Ottawa can regulate GHG emissions. Now that Premier Rachel Notley has broken with Ottawa over carbon pricing after the suspension of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Alberta joins Ontario and Saskatchewan in a growing resistance to the federal climate change plan. Last week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government outlined its constitutional arguments against Ottawa’s carbon-pricing “backstop” plan. Today, everyone is wondering about Ottawa’s next move. The Trudeau government has legislated the backstop to impose a federal levy on greenhouse gases in any province that doesn’t meet the federal standard by January 2019. The federal government seeks uniformity in the pan-Canadian pricing of greenhouse gases. However, the backstop is arguably the most significant assertion of federal authority in a generation, and there are major open questions about whether the backstop is actually within the federal jurisdiction under Canada’s Constitution. With the clock ticking, the federal government must ensure the constitutionality of its carbon-pricing backstop by referring the questions to the Supreme Court of Canada. Both Ontario and Saskatchewan governments are challenging the federal government’s legislation in their respective courts of appeal. While some downplay the legal merit of the challenges, a federal carbon price represents new and far-reaching constitutional territory: No court has yet affirmed a general federal jurisdiction to regulate GHG emissions. Without word from the Supreme Court, a definitive resolution will wait until the challenges are heard and decided by the provinces’ appellate courts, with a likelihood of follow-on appeal to the Supreme Court in any event. An adverse ruling would force the federal government to unwind or rush to amend its legislation. Earlier federal governments sought direct answers from the Supreme Court on legislation that raised significant constitutional questions — particularly laws that stake out federal jurisdiction on novel issues. For example, in 1976, the government of Pierre Elliott Trudeau asked the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of its wage and price controls as emergency measures for countering inflation. In 2010, the Harper government sought an answer on the federal jurisdiction to create a national securities regulator. Notably, many constitutional experts also believed that federal jurisdiction for a national securities regulator was a slam dunk — until the Supreme Court decided otherwise. The federal government similarly faces a risk that the rug gets pulled out from under its carbon-pricing backstop. As recent court decisions have exhibited, constitutional law remains in flux. Indeed, commentators disagree about the specific head of power that would undergird federal jurisdiction for carbon pricing. Some point to the federal taxation power. However, this power requires that a tax be for the “raising of monies” rather than a charge that is primarily for regulating particular activities. Since it is applied only in select provinces and its express purpose is to encourage GHG reductions, the backstop carbon price is not intended to raise federal revenues. Moreover, if the backstop is a tax, it could be offside because our constitution requires a high degree of parliamentary control over taxes, and the backstop legislation gives discretion for the minister to decide which provinces face a federal carbon price. Others believe a constitutional basis for the backstop could be the federal criminal law power, which has supported previous federal environmental legislation — for example, limits on contaminants and renewable content in diesel fuels. However, this power requires a prohibition backed by a penalty. In contrast, carbon pricing is not truly a prohibition since it expressly allows emissions for a price. Affirming the federal backstop as “criminal” legislation would dramatically increase the scope of the federal criminal law power. https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/trudeau-had-better-find-out-if-his-carbon-tax-backstop-is-actually-legal
  9. Canadian-American Muslim Cleric: Husband may strike his wife and demand intimacy During a lesson at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre in Richmond, British Columbia, Azhar Nasser held a lesson encouraging men to have intimacy whenever they please and to fix their marriages by “striking” their wives. Memri TV, a non-partisan Middle East research institute, recently released a video of cleric Azhar Nasser discussing the shocking “rights” of women and men. As shown by the video, the Shiite Cleric Azhar Nasser spoke about the men’s right to undenied intimacy, quoting what he called the “wife-beating verse” in the Quran. Azhar Nasser, who was born and raised in Michigan currently lives in Richmond, B.C. and regular lectures at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre. On September 15, his series, titled “Battered & Bruised”, discussed the right of a man to “salvage a marriage” through the use of force, meaning beating her. In a video on Memri TV, the cleric stated, that women have the right to be “maintained” and allowing men to have the right to intimacy, whenever he wants, without any allowed refusal from the wife. The cleric proceeded saying that if a women were to deny her husband, “the angels ask Allah to deprive her of His mercy.” However, the cleric also pointed out that even a woman delaying intimacy with her husband is denying him the right given by Allah. He later explains that the reason why some Quran scholars have said that a woman cannot leave the house with the permission of her husband. According to cleric Azhar Nasser, it is because the husband may want her intimately while she leaves, which is, “going to be problematic.” In this “extreme” situation of a refusing or delaying wife, said Azhar Nasser, first, the man must admonish the woman, express discontent, and separate the beds. However, if that doesn’t work, said the cleric, this is when the man needs to strike the woman, as allowed by the “wife-beating verse” in the Quran. Moreover, the cleric said that it’s a must to use a dental hygiene stick to strike a wife, “or something like that.” Video in link https://thenectarine.ca/politics/canadian-american-muslim-cleric-husband-may-strike-his-wife-and-demand-intimacy/
  10. Jaydee

    Our Prime Minister

    BUYING the next Election with YOUR TAX MONEY! Trudeau Government Drops $43 Billion In Summer Spending Blitz Aimed Mostly At Liberal Ridings OTTAWA — The federal government spent the summer making $43 billion worth of funding announcements — aimed primarily at Liberal ridings in Eastern Canada. The size of funding announcements ranged from relatively minor — $4,000 for renovations to a Quebec town's recreation centre, for example — to major, such as the unveiling of Canada's Poverty Reduction Strategy, $22 billion in spending already committed to federal programs since 2015 with no new money attached. HuffPost Canada tabulated funding announcements made by federal departments and regional development agencies from June 20 — after the House of Commons rose for the summer — until Labour Day, on Sept. 3. Not all the money flowed into infrastructure projects or social programs. Some went to companies to innovate their food-related ventures or to support community events, such as $40,000 that went to a festival in Skinners Pond, P.E.I. celebrating Stompin' Tom Connors; and $50,000 in financial assistance for a Quebec meat processor to infuse a new line of sausages with a native microflora for a "distinctive" taste. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/09/18/trudeau-government-spending-2018-summer_a_23527550/
  11. Jaydee

    Our Prime Minister

    Trudeau's India trip cost more than the government first disclosed Tab now $1.66 million and could rise further Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits the Golden Temple in Amritsar during his February 2018 trip to India (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) 164 comments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's controversial trip to India in February was even more expensive than first reported. Documents tabled in the House of Commons Monday reveal that the nine-day trip cost Canadian taxpayers $1.66 million — roughly 10 per cent higher than the $1.5 million the government reported in June. Adam Austen, spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, said it can take weeks and even months for the cost of a prime ministerial trip to be finalized as bills and invoices come in. He did not rule out the possibility that the final tab could rise still further. "There were many ministers participating, it was a long trip. Eventually, the costs do begin to add up on big trips like this," he said. Global Affairs spent the most on the trip — $790,210, including $17,044 to fly celebrity chef Vikram Vij to India to prepare a meal for an official reception. The tab for food and drinks aboard the prime minister's Airbus came to $142,938 "based on the latest review of payments," according to the Department of National Defence (DND). The plane cost $11,000 an hour for the 43.7 hours of travel, a total of $485,070, said DND. That tab didn't include the cost of bringing Canada's defence minister to India. Harjit Sajjan and an aide flew separately to Delhi from Munich, where they attended a security conference. Flying Sajjan and his aide to Delhi, then on flights within India with an India-based defence adviser, cost DND an additional $13,175. While the trip was one of the more controversial missions to India made by a sitting prime minister, it was not the most expensive. Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's 2012 trip to India topped $2.5 million. That sum included $1.2 million to fly two armour-plated Cadillacs and an SUV to India. Trudeau's staff did not have vehicles flown to India. News that the India mission cost more than first disclosed is the latest headache for Trudeau to come out of a trip that generated more than its share of headaches at the time. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau with Jaspal Atwal at an Indian film industry event in Mumbai in February during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's official visit to India. (Supplied by Jaspal Atwal) The trip made headlines when it was revealed that Jaspal Atwal, who was convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian cabinet minister in 1986, posed with Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau for a photo at an event in Mumbai and was invited to a reception with Trudeau. Photos of the Trudeau family in a variety of traditional Indian outfits on the trip also proved controversial, with some observers pointing out that they were wearing traditional outfits more often then some of the Indians they met during their stay. The documents tabled in the House of Commons in response to a question posed by Conservative MP Ben Lobb, provide insight into some of the costs of the Feb. 16-25 trip. While travel and accommodations account for much of the tab, the government spent $835 on hockey sticks for a hockey event in New Delhi and another $7,656 on Canadian wines. The Privy Council Office, which supports the prime minister and cabinet, spent $212,075 on the trip; many of the names and details of how the money was spent were not reported. One reason the India trip cost as much as it did was the presence of a number of Liberal cabinet ministers and MPs. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) The tab also includes costs racked up by four other cabinet ministers. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains spent $4,027, while Bardish Chagger, minister for small business and tourism at the time, spent $3,823. Science Minister Kirsty Duncan's bill was $2,307 and then Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi spent $1,966. While the Conservatives have criticized Trudeau's trip to India in the past, Austen defended it. "This was an extremely important trip in terms of the continued development of bilateral ties between the two countries but also trade ties. There was a significant amount of money that was signed in deals during the trip there." Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was quick to jump on the news that the trip's cost had increased. "This trip damaged our relationship with India, embarrassed Canadians on the world stage, and the cost just keeps rising," he told CBC News. "Unfortunately, Canadians have to pay the cost for Justin Trudeau's failures." Scheer has made plans to travel to India for nine days in October, saying he wants to repair the damage he argues Trudeau's trip did to the relationship between Canada and India. "Don't worry, I don't dance and I'm not bringing a celebrity chef along with me," Scheer told Conservative supporters last month. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-india-spending-scheer-1.4829121