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  1. vanishing point

    Spraying in New Zealand

    Found this info from Global news: One Kamloops resident says fire investigators are looking into contractor’s work as the cause of the fire Thursday. Jules LaRue was visiting his mother down the road from his house on Shuswap Road on the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc reserve east of Kamloops Thursday when he heard there was a fire behind his house. “I came up here and I was told that the investigation is done now and it does appear that the fire was caused by someone cutting metal,” LaRue told Global News Thursday. “That they had a little, not a little, a big magnet. They were picking up filings from metal being cut and there was a big piece of metal over there you could tell it was freshly cut.”
  2. vanishing point

    News Report re Jazz HardLanding

    I highly doubt that. I don’t know what “local maintenance” Jazz has in YTZ but with YYZ relatively close, any maintenance staff would come from there to YTZ. No different then YVR maintenance flying to an out-base to work on an airplane. I believe the article addresses this as well. Even if the aircraft was inspected in YTZ, cleared then departs, it doesn’t say much for the quality of the YTZ inspection.
  3. vanishing point

    Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Jazz policy is to turn off the seatbelt sign for an evacuation. It’s the second item after the FO advises ATC the aircraft is evacuating. Don’t know why it wouldn’t be on every checklist.
  4. vanishing point

    News Report re Jazz HardLanding

    5.7g eh? Wow. On average, the Q400’s landing weight is anywhere from 50-60K lbs. That multipled by 5.7 equals..... Have to agree with J.O. and boestar. If a pilot suspects something doesn’t feel right, have it investigated.
  5. vanishing point

    On The Cover / Latest Issue

    Looks like spell check failed....
  6. vanishing point

    A 51 Year Old Story

    Incredible story. It shows there is good in this world.
  7. vanishing point

    Memory Lane

    Nice memorabilia, AAS. I didn’t make it to 5 years with OEL. Laid off in July ‘93 and recalled to CRA in June ‘95 on the Dash 8. Funny how I’ve been flying the same airplanes since then with multiple different paint schemes......and all of them still on each airplane.
  8. vanishing point

    Memory Lane

    Ahh...the famous promo BA31 photo. I probably have one of those here somewhere. Here’s a rare item. These t-shirts were made up in 1993 to commerate the end of an era. I should frame and hang this rather than leave it in a drawer....
  9. vanishing point

    Memory Lane

    Forgotten about OEL? For shame. My illustrious airline career began in Aug/88 on one of those Jetstreams. We had 16 of them along with 5 ATR 42’s and 6 EMB120 Brasilia’ the peak anyway. Good memories
  10. vanishing point

    2 Weeks of traffic fun at YVR June 11 to 25th

    Be warned: when Phase 2 opens, I’m sure it will be an equal or bigger “Charlie Foxtrot” as the opening of Phase 1 was....
  11. vanishing point

    One Hail of a Storm.

    Flight track of #1897:
  12. vanishing point

    MH17 Shoot Down Vehicle

    The latest episode of “Mayday” on Discovery Channel covered this accident. Chilling indeed....
  13. vanishing point

    737 Crashes in Cuba

    Security cam video of last moments.....
  14. vanishing point

    Big Plane at YLW

    I’m sure they have spares...
  15. vanishing point

    Big Plane at YLW

    Impressive airplane. Don’t see many of those SP’s around especially in private hands. Looks like KF is outgrowing the confines of CYLW.