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  1. 4600 miles.....19 hours.....those were the days!
  2. I passed through CYKA yesterday. Tutors were still there but all covers removed and some had canopies open. Looks like they’re getting ready to fly again.
  4. Define “backwards”... As far as the lift devices are concerned, they’re just creating lift regardless of direction of travel of the flying machine....;)
  5. My wife made a comment about that as well from a news report. Could the first have been the canopy? I watched the video again in post #2 and at about the :50 mark, the ejections happen. milli-seconds later there’s 3 distinct objects falling but no chutes visible (not to say there aren’t any just not clear in the video). Prior to the :50 mark, the aircraft wasn’t really in an attitude that would have offered a suitable direction for an ejection. I’ve never flown an aircraft that has ejection seats but my thinking is any pilot would stay with the aircraft as long as safely possible
  6. Two ejector seat smoke trails are visible in a couple of different videos taken by witnesses.
  7. Likely not what you describe, Moon. I haven’t taught PPL’s, CPL’s or MIFR in a long time so can’t confirm nor deny the training curriculum of today. Based on my 30+ years in the airline industry and having flown with highly experienced FO’s in the early days to less-experienced FO’s in the latter years, I don’t like to think basic skills are not the focus of initial training. Airplanes still fly on the same basic principles as they have for decades. Master those principles and the rest will follow.
  8. Last seen pitching up then leaving camera view. I don’t think there was a need to shoot it down....
  9. This is why I dislike reading news articles about aviation incidents. There are no slides on a RJ and ATC will likely never “order” an aircraft to land that declares an emergency. ATC will assist the crew to minimize the time spent airborne. I am aware articles are written for the general public and for sensationalism but this is ridiculous.
  10. Another article with video: I wouldn’t agree that passengers were “pouring out of the wings in front...”. Video shows the evacuation to be quite orderly. Well done crew!
  11. Registered owner: Adams Aviation Services Inc Trustee Wilmington DE I’m no expert but with “Trustee” in the name, that may not be good....