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  1. vanishing point

    First Delta A-220-100 Rolls OUt Of Paint Shop

    Looks sharp but still prefer the Bombardier designation. I’m sure Delta will enjoy many years of safe travel with them.
  2. vanishing point

    The New Bearded ones

    Not exactly new news. For the better part of this year, beards have been allowed at Jazz which follows AC’s policies. I don’t believe the restriction had anything to do with O2 masks. IIRC, it began when applicants were hired that had beards as a result of their culture.
  3. vanishing point

    100 mph Tape Test

    At 17,500 make your own wind...
  4. vanishing point

    YVR security scam at US check in?

    As the story states “At check in for Delta”, I would assume pre-security.
  5. If traffic gets as bad as it did when the outlet mall opened at YVR, you’ll need more than a “bit more time” to get to the airport.....
  6. Oh my.... IIRC, it was mentioned here earlier that the SP is sitting in YLW. Saw it a couple of days ago. I’d like to see the interior of that one.
  7. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    I agree the layout is/was a contributing factor. If the departures were using the 34’s, this may not have happened. That being said though, with Russell’s state of mind and a clear path to runway 16L/C/R, would he let something like departing against the flow of traffic stop him?
  8. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    How many times have you heard ATC call for a ground vehicle and the response time is far from immediate? I fly into SEA on a regular basis and yes, the taxi time from the north parking areas to runway 16L/C/R is short but that is not the case for aircraft parked at any of the terminals. I’m sure there were moments of “what the xxxx is that Q400 doing?” by ATC. Short of another aircraft blocking the path of this Q400 (which I’m sure any crew would think of but not do so as not to endanger their passengers and crew), I don’t think there was much anyone could do to stop Richard Russell from departing. I think we all agree this is a mental health issue and since there’s no machine that can screen a person’s state of mind nor detect their future plans, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent an event like this again. The Feds need to show the public that they’re doing something even if we think the idea of locking aircraft is not the answer.
  9. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Unfortunately, any upgrades to an airplane such as that would require money to be spent. The fight as to who will pay for that would be long and non-productive. IMHO, I don’t think any kind of security policy change could be enacted to prevent this from happening again. Richard Russell had all the authorization he needed to perform his duties and allow him access to aircraft. It was his state of mind that forced him to carry out this event. As previously mentioned, the mental health issues have to be addressed so that anyone contemplating a repeat of this incident (or something similar) won’t actually go through with it.
  10. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Do you feel this is a matter to joke about?
  11. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    You should Google what a “joke” really means
  12. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Thanks conehead. After I read your post, I found out they’ve identified the individual.
  13. vanishing point

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Without a name published, how did you find that video, conehead? i was taxiing into the gate in YVR about 2300 last night when the ground controller said something about a Q400 crashing near SEA. Sad event. I’m sorry the individual did not seek the help he needed prior to this.
  14. vanishing point

    90 Seat Q400

    Should have no trouble sliding in 3 more rows of seats.....unless you’re a passenger....
  15. vanishing point


    Can’t agree with that. Pilots make a decision based on all available information at the time. Once that decision is put into play, carry it through. I prefer to follow these words of wisdom: “We don’t have the fuel for this, Mav....”