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  1. At least you get cleared for the Localizer approach. Last year in YVR, ATIS says "IFR approach in use ILS 08L glideslope inop" Ahh....isn't that a localizer approach then? I did ask ATC about the wording but can't remember their response.
  2. According to FlightAware, AC864 on Sunday was an A333:
  3. How about this comment: "If the Capt dies then any stress on the FO is balanced by his delight in moving up a notch on the seniority list."
  4. How about some respect for the pilot and his family?
  5. Airlines have a dress code. All employees know this. Follow the policy or buy a ticket if you want to "dress down".
  6. I'm thinking the same thing, Kip. No mention of a post-crash fire so fuel starvation likely. According to this photo, Manitouwadge is pretty much on a continued straight track from Ann Arbor to Harbor Springs. Lake Superior doesn't give up her secrets...
  7. I was at the CAE YYZ facility in January. In the lounge was a coffee-table book on the history of CAE. Didn't get a chance to read the whole book but what I could proved very interesting.
  8. Fun airplane to fly the Buck-72. For the record, the C150 was not a factory taildragger. There was/is a conversion called the "Texas Taildragger" available.
  9. Humans are explorers 'Nuff said....
  10. Kind of defeats the purpose of deice fluid if it were to freeze, don't you think?
  11. My first thought as well, deicer.....;)
  12. I like to think those BIG numbers (and sometimes a letter) aren't painted on a runway just to designate its magnetic heading. They're also useful as a confirmation that one is actually landing on the appropriate runway...
  13. Always liked this paint scheme...
  14. Just to nitpick but an engine can only fall "out" of an airplane if it was in the cargo hold. Engines can and have been known to fall "off" airplanes. Just sayin'.....