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  1. Going Low

    Photoshop before the term was coined....
  2. This is a Minimum Wage gig?

    THOR Alert not observed in Florida?
  3. Flying into Hail

    Maybe in the 1930's, DEFCON... As an airline pilot, I can confidently say we at Jazz have never been "cultured from day one to follow the 'mail must go through' ideology." Stay away from CB's as far as possible. That's what we're "cultured" to do.
  4. Many of us are between 65 and death, i.e. old

    Give compliments Tell friends and family how much they mean to you Contact people you've lost touch with Don't wait until they're gone to say how much you miss them. They won't be able to hear you...
  5. SFO Incident

    How low was the AC flight when ordered to go-around? Did the crew of airplane #1 on the taxiway make a comment that the Airbus was pointed right at them? I know...I know....wait for the report edit: disregard. Airband and I were typing at the same time....:)
  6. 787 Software Mods

    No matter what plan the crew developed, comments will always appear regarding "why did they that; why didn't they do this; etc...etc...etc..." None of us were there. The crew made their decision based on what they had presented to them and carried it through.
  7. 150 years young

    Still one of my favourite Canadian videos: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!
  9. Need A Little Help..OT

    What's an "iPod"?
  10. CYYZ terminal control

    Passing the FAF and the GP fails....go-around and set up for the LOC approach.
  11. Attempted Cockpit Breach on AA

    I wondered about the duct tape as well but regardless of that, a passenger cannot be physically restrained TO a seat. They can be restrained IN a seat. Perhaps US airline policy is different from Canadian airline policy....
  12. FRMS Petition

    Please sign...
  13. CYYZ terminal control

    We're discovering this in YVR as well. "Descend via the STAR; maintain XXXXX ft" defeats the purpose of the STAR. Inbound to PDX, we usually get "descend via the KRATR ARR". That's it and that's all we need. Not sure who at Nav Canada came up with these "less than efficient" procedures.
  14. CYYZ terminal control

    At least you get cleared for the Localizer approach. Last year in YVR, ATIS says "IFR approach in use ILS 08L glideslope inop" Ahh....isn't that a localizer approach then? I did ask ATC about the wording but can't remember their response.
  15. A330 loses a wheel

    According to FlightAware, AC864 on Sunday was an A333: