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  1. Q400 line sold too?

    Perhaps Viking Air will buy the Q400 type certificate. They already own the TC's for all former DHC aircraft up to and including the Dash 7.
  2. Over 129,000 hours....

    When I read the thread title, I thought this was about a Jazz Dash 8.....then I read the part about 23,000 cycles..... Anyone know how many ex-CP airplanes are still active with AC? Registrations are an easy way to spot them.
  3. Swoop??

    Good to see the stockpiles of at least one "Zip" paint colour has found a new home...
  4. Emirates Event

    Without some facts or a link, it's just a story... google has nothing:
  5. How Pilots party... I've had a lot of fun at airline parties but this steps it up a bit
  6. Air Canada calls out CBC on biased reporting

    For the non-FB users:
  7. Piston engine propeller driven speed record

    Happy to help, Kasey.
  8. Piston engine propeller driven speed record

    "Voodoo" has an interesting past as well as a Canadian connection: From this article: Voodoo runs two Merlin engines; one race, one stock: " They changed the Merlin racing engine to a stock one at the aircraft's home base in Yolo County, CA. Steve then returned to Reno to make the same changes to another race plane, Strega."
  9. Air Canada Pilot Diverts International Flight To Save A Dog

    It's on the'll still be relevant 1000 years from now....;)
  10. It's not all doom and gloom out there...
  11. Going Low

    Photoshop before the term was coined....
  12. This is a Minimum Wage gig?

    THOR Alert not observed in Florida?
  13. Flying into Hail

    Maybe in the 1930's, DEFCON... As an airline pilot, I can confidently say we at Jazz have never been "cultured from day one to follow the 'mail must go through' ideology." Stay away from CB's as far as possible. That's what we're "cultured" to do.
  14. Many of us are between 65 and death, i.e. old

    Give compliments Tell friends and family how much they mean to you Contact people you've lost touch with Don't wait until they're gone to say how much you miss them. They won't be able to hear you...
  15. SFO Incident

    How low was the AC flight when ordered to go-around? Did the crew of airplane #1 on the taxiway make a comment that the Airbus was pointed right at them? I know...I know....wait for the report edit: disregard. Airband and I were typing at the same time....:)