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  1. I have never heard of this incident. Thanks for posting, Marshall.
  3. According to Wikipedia, CAIL did fly into LHR but no specific dates published.
  4. I can’t offer a video of the door blowing out but here’s one from a few years ago showing the 777 wing undergoing testing. Impressive to say the least...
  5. As deicer asks, it would be enlightening to know how much pressure was on the airframe when the door blew off.....but then that wouldn’t be nearly as news-worthy
  6. Memory is good, Innuendo. I remember flying to Gatwick on Canadian back in the 90’s. Much easier than Heathrow.
  7. I don’t believe this is a competition. All Max operators have been hit hard.
  8. These images show how much of the Bahamas is underwater
  9. Wonder why he waited 5 years to file the exit sign/seat belt complaints? So AC has to ask the aircraft seat belt manufacturer to install bilingual “lift” labels on the belts? Good grief
  10. “Those in charge of the new aviation museum in Kelowna, a town in Canadia's British Columbia province, will take her from there.” New museum? Isn’t that KFC? They’ll inject new life into her.
  11. Well duh....Amelia Earhart of course..... Rumour has it she was an American spy.....