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  3. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Is that really a good idea not to have someone in the flight deck regardless of the tow vehicle? Someone had to start the APU
  4. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Some interesting videos of this incident. According to one, the Sunwing ‘37 was empty and being towed. The WJ ‘37 isn’t on fire yet an evacuation is called. In the video from inside the WJ ‘37, you can hear “ It’s not our airplane on fire. REMAIN SEATED”. I wonder if a video with “EVACUATE EVACUATE EVACUATE” will emerge...
  5. Disagreement in the flight deck

    I missed where it says which pilot held which position.
  6. Kip, any problem with this? off-topic

    Was this thing invented by Darwin?
  7. Hey YVR - Buy a plow!

    That may be true but they shouldn't be surprised when it arrives EVERY YEAR!!!
  8. New Livery Video

    I blame my comment on a serious lack of coffee. Nothing to do with my employer. I'll let myself out and get back to my vacation....
  9. New Livery Video

    Not sure what "PPE" means..... Disregard.....I figured it out....
  10. Funk

    Missing instruments? I see the right amount for a fun airplane. Looks good in the photos, Rich. Will be interested to hear what you find out about it.
  11. AC 737 Max

    Perhaps the small bins are meant to deter people from bringing bags on board.... No....I'm serious....
  12. Plane Finder 3D

    Not sure what app is shown above but I use "Flight Aware" for iPad. It can show much the same as above but not a real earth.
  13. American gives pilots an unplanned Xmas present

    Scratching my head on that as well. This happened early enough that one would think that would be the logical thing to do.....oh....never mind. Aviation and logic aren't always compatible.
  14. Take your daughter to work....

    Defines the true meaning of flying
  15. When Flying Was more Fun?

    Based on the "playing card stacking" and "matchstick on bottle", turbulence didn't exist back in the day. I KNEW it was caused by the number of airplanes in the sky....