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  1. Pilots know how to fly the airplane....FE’s know how to keep the engines running...
  2. Crew walked away....check Aircraft still usable.....check High fives and back slapping complete....check ”Nice work!”
  3. AC has two airplanes at the YVR south hanger. WJ has one parked on the south ramp. That’s all I saw today.
  5. I say good on him for quick thinking and preventing further damage. Sometimes you just have to react and not waste time thinking about the repercussions. If the catering vehicle had just been allowed to spiral out of control and crashed into the aircraft, there will be cries of “Why didn’t someone DO something?”
  6. History of the 737:
  7. Apologies if this is the same article as Kasey posted to. I couldn’t get his to open.
  8. I have never heard of this incident. Thanks for posting, Marshall.