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  1. This is why I dislike reading news articles about aviation incidents. There are no slides on a RJ and ATC will likely never “order” an aircraft to land that declares an emergency. ATC will assist the crew to minimize the time spent airborne. I am aware articles are written for the general public and for sensationalism but this is ridiculous.
  2. Another article with video: I wouldn’t agree that passengers were “pouring out of the wings in front...”. Video shows the evacuation to be quite orderly. Well done crew!
  3. Registered owner: Adams Aviation Services Inc Trustee Wilmington DE I’m no expert but with “Trustee” in the name, that may not be good....
  4. “Dash 8” designation covers -100, -300 and - 400. Best to have all the information prior to announcing any retirements.
  5. I was wondering the same thing but BRP it was sold in 2003 to a group of investors and the Bombardier family.
  6. Found this while YouTube surfing:
  7. Dumping fuel on final approach? I don’t fly an airplane that has the capability but AFAIK, there are strict rules regarding where an airplane is allowed to dump fuel. I can’t imagine it’s anywhere near an airport on its final approach. Emergencies excepted of course.
  8. Might be the lighting but that looks like a Bald eagle
  9. How does he know what airline owns the wheel? They don’t stamp “If found, please return to _______” on them.
  10. It’ll be interesting to see what these new procedures will be. I wonder if TC approached (no pun intended) GFP and asked how much to move the exhaust system....
  11. And yet....we willingly walk into these cesspools every working day. I prefer not to think about this and go on my merry way. Our immune systems are working overtime to keep us functional.