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  1. Also; the lab report says there was an unidentifiable fluid spill on top of the RICC. I've worked in there; it's a pretty tight space, not very comfortable. You want to get in, do your work, and get out. It's not like you're gonna take a cup of coffee in there to enjoy.
  2. More metal for Rouge?
  3. To access the mid bay, one must first open a panel on the belly, then remove a "plug" type hatch. For the unfamiliar, it is not easy to close up when exiting. There is no basic servicing that would require access. If someone wanted to stow some contraband, it would be much easier to throw it in the fwd e/e bay.
  4. CL 415 hits boat mast

    Just makes you shake your head....
  5. Passenger Shaming story...
  6. The Perils of Going "Cheap"

    Sometimes it's a case of "you get what you pay for".
  7. Hurricane Harvey

    Gas went up 10 cents overnight here.
  8. 20 hours in an aluminum tube....
  9. WJA incident at St. John's

    Back up until it sounds expensive!
  10. LAX

    The Rockford Files... loved it!
  11. MH370 Revisited

    Interesting.... thanks.
  12. MH370 Revisited

    Whaddayamean "not meant to be found"?
  13. Because a F/A neglected to dis-arm it?
  14. It's designed such that if the door is opened from the outside, the slide will not deploy even if it is still armed. It must be opened from in the cabin in order to deploy the slide.