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  1. A friend of mine used to be a Season Ticket holder for the Brampton Battalion, a OHL hockey club (before they moved to North Bay). Several times, my friend arrived at the arena to watch a game and found that they had sold his seat to someone else. My friend was not happy about this, and one day he had the opportunity to speak with the owner of the club, at which time he was able to express his displeasure. The owners response was "Meh, tough luck for you."
  2. What's with those socks?
  3. How did you change the thread title? I didn't think we could edit that. Do you have special powers?
  4. BD, you've been getting short-changed?
  5. As Vsplat says, I'm sure it will be developed in the future, but it certainly is a harsh environment out there in the wind, rain, ice, de-icing fluid... you get the idea.
  6. I would like to see a picture of the alleged "device".
  7. Hmmm... everything looks fine on my iPhone. I do not see a "network solutions" logo though?
  8. Here is their website;
  9. Yeah, when the logo lights work.
  11. Well, this passengers history is irrelevant to the case. This shouldn't have happened to anyone.
  12. That was cool!
  13. Yeah, they're gonna write a cheque...