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  1. I am so disappointed and saddened that our government has let us down so badly with this aircraft purchase. How in the hell did they f**k this up on such a gargantuan scale?? I have a few friends that were hired 3 years ago to maintain these aircraft. They were very excited at the time... not so much any more. Still getting paid though, so there's that...
  2. The word "assembled" is interesting. From a maintainers point of view, I would like to know if this indicates an error on the part of the person who installed the filter on the aircraft, or if there was a faulty assembly process involved before the technician received the filter for installation. I am not familiar with the oil system on the J85 engine.
  3. I think everyone could see this coming...
  4. Exactly. As I said earlier, I simply ignore it.
  5. I have done my civic duty and cast my ballot.
  6. I never even look at the non-aviation forum.
  7. Heavens no! I didn’t realize he was one… I thought he was just a lowly sailor!
  8. RCAF presence in Romania for the Bucharest International Airshow:
  9. Took off from southern Spain, bound for Germany. Here’s the track;
  10. I don’t understand why the Military Police would be involved in this. Much ado about nothing…
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