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  1. Would need to be inverters to power the AC motors, there’s no such thing as an AC battery.
  2. Wow… I hope I’m never in an aircraft with that co-pilot at the controls.
  3. That’s exactly what it looks like in this scenario.
  4. Sounds very suspicious, like some kind of money-laundering scheme...
  5. That's crappy software design, in my opinion.
  6. I’ll bet that was exciting for everyone on board!
  7. I wonder at what rate of interest they are being charged?
  8. Sorry North, it’s not my area of expertise, and I have no experience on these composite structures. I know there are methods of “patching” some damage on the fuselage, but something of this magnitude is beyond me.
  9. Boeing’s Mobile Repair Team is never short of work!
  10. C'mon... that's twice in the past week you've posted a year-old story... You're gonna get fired!
  11. I thought this deal was dead? Apparently not...
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