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  1. "Sales of electric vehicles in Ontario have plummeted since the Progressive Conservative government cancelled a rebate last year, hampering progress toward a national target. In the first six months of this year, sales in Ontario were down more than 55 per cent from the same period in 2018, according to data from Electric Mobility Canada. In the second quarter of this year 2,933 electric vehicles were sold in the province, down from 7,110 in the same period last year. Ontario is the only province not seeing increases in sales, year over year. Quebec and British Columbia, which ha
  2. I shall endeavour to learn from my elders.
  3. Yeah, well... I only meant that I doubt that the people involved in this dispute are the ones that built the company into what it is today.
  4. That was verrrrry interesting.
  5. Millions of Canadians ask that question.
  6. This is fascinating. At first I thought that someone would need to go up and do the install, but I see that it’s all done remotely. Very cool...
  7. Boeing will owe more compensation to it's customers... I don't understand how this company survives. Is it "too big to fail"?
  8. Well, I guess they’ll have to actually buy some tickets. Wonder how they got the passes?
  9. Note that in the report one of the infants was thrown from the mothers arms, landing on the floor. I've never understood why infants are allowed to be carried this way on aircraft, when they're not allowed in cars. What's the difference? In any impact (or severe turbulence) any unsecured object (like a baby) will instantly become a projectile, like the one in this incident.
  10. Good for them. I believe they’ve been doing heavy maintenance on RCAF Hercs for years.
  11. There are Air Canada machines affected by this. Anyone know how many?