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  1. I have 2. Excellent vehicles.
  2. I think Karl-Heinz just finished serving his house arrest sentence.
  3. I don’t think Brian Mulroney reads this board...
  4. And Cessna 172’s.... and just about any other aircraft we can name.
  5. I think it’s fantastic having Gordon Hill present, who actually flew the aircraft 76 years ago!
  6. The warning system will simply notify the crew if the slat hasn’t moved to the commanded position within a specified time. It’s not modeled on any known or expected failures. It’s simple, and effective.
  7. I believe this goes against the philosophy of MSG-3 maintenance programs, and is a waste of time and resources.
  8. Sounds unnecessary to me. If the slats jam after landing, no big deal. The system will certainly put up fault messages, and you taxi to the gate. Maintenance will then deal with it, there is no affect on that flight. If the slats jam on the taxi out, you RTG and once again, Maintenance will deal with it. “This condition, if not addressed, could result in insufficient lift, resulting in inability to maintain continued safe flight and landing," the FAA's AD says.”. Yeah, well, duh... Has there been any instances of slat jams in flight due to ice and snow contamination? The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me.