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  1. Thanks, I had a look soon after the incident was reported (Friday?) but couldn’t find them at the time.
  2. conehead

    Funny Aviation satire youtube channel

    It certainly is!
  3. Maverick, where’d you find the pictures of the pitot covers installed? I’ve been looking for these without success...
  4. Sorry for any post of mine but I had you crossed with another. Cheers

  5. conehead

    Skytrax best airlines

    And they know in which seat he’ll be in, well in advance. I have been responsible for ensuring everything is ticketyboo at that seat.
  6. conehead

    Air Service to Small Cities

    Some smaller communities now use some form of subsidized Uber service instead of public transit.
  7. conehead

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Wait... they just learned how to drive!
  8. Blues, I think those streaks aft of the door are from excess lubricant on the door seal.
  9. conehead

    Ryanair Emergency Descent

    That’s a very rapid descent, yes? What would be considered a normal rate from that altitude?
  10. conehead

    BA Engine Failure on B777

    Yes, but there’s normally a fire in both engines, and they do work reasonably well like that... Where do they find these people?
  11. conehead

    Tarmac accident at YYZ

    They walk among us...
  12. conehead

    Airbus now Lists C Series

    Wasn’t the MD-80 a DC-9?
  13. conehead

    CYAM TO CYXY by Biplane.

    "I treat it like I treat every airplane — like it's trying to kill me." Great quote!
  14. conehead

    Top Rated Airline?

    They must’ve kept the outflow valve cracked open a wee bit.
  15. conehead

    Question on new ac employee site

    Weird, eh?