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  1. conehead

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    I think Lukacs has a good point. The rules are clear: “The Canada Transportation Act requires domestic airlines to offer a basic fare for travel within the country that has no restrictions with "reasonable baggage." So, the baggage should be included in the base fare.
  2. conehead

    Wrong Way Willy

    Wow... they dodged a bullet that day..
  3. conehead

    Trump's Space Force

    Hmmm... interesting.
  4. conehead

    Trump's Space Force

    Isn’t there some kind of international agreement to NOT militarize space? I thought there was...?
  5. conehead

    The New Bearded ones

    Only for fat guys.
  6. So, it’s not similar to Air Canada and Rouge in that regard.
  7. conehead

    The New Bearded ones

    It is also a human rights issue. Watch for a new “relaxed” beard policy coming this fall for our military.
  8. I thought it was a 787, or maybe this was a separate incident?
  9. conehead

    Air Canada Buy-Out Pkg

    I agree.
  10. conehead

    Air Canada Buy-Out Pkg

    In return for opting out of this benefit, I would receive the princely sum of $5,500 (minus taxes).
  11. conehead

    Air Canada Buy-Out Pkg

    I’ll have to read it. Let us know when your chicken arrives.
  12. Maverick speaks the truth. All airlines operate this way, they don’t just Willy- nilly decide to extend the interval between maintenance checks. The decision is made on the basis of mountains of empirical data, as he stated. I’m not sure why Westjet would publicize this in a press release, although it is certainly nothing to hide. By the way, did everyone freak out when auto manufacturers increased the suggested interval between oil changes from 5,000 kms to 8,000 kms? It’s the same concept, newer technology and data shows it’s substantiated.
  13. conehead

    Air Canada Buy-Out Pkg

    I received my package today, but haven’t read it yet. But there is no way I would take a buyout on my health coverage, it’s too valuable to me.
  14. conehead

    Saretsky in Fort Mac
  15. I just learned that the Russians charge NASA $81,000,000 per seat to deliver an astronaut to the ISS. The contract ends in April, but what are the RASM and CASM on that flight?