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  1. That’s cool. Customers get the D.B. Cooper experience.
  2. Same with the IAMAW, which covers Maintenance people, Cargo, Station Attendants...
  3. Really. He’s such a disappointment, turned out to be just another politician like the rest of ‘em.
  4. In 1890?
  5. And this is why I’ll never get in a fully autonomous aircraft.
  6. I think passengers will happily get on board if the fare is discounted by $1.
  7. Why do you say that? I don't think it's necessarily true, if Calin got some huge concessions out of Boeing for them, then they are money-makers, no?
  8. I believe the plan is to retrieve 4 or 5 767s from the desert, and convert them to full freighters. I'm sure others on this forum can supply more info.
  9. “We are deferring the additional route suspensions and station closures pending the progress of those discussions." And, if those discussions are not favorable, then the route suspensions will need to continue.