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  1. Tickets for $1 ? Is LeBlanc running this show?
  2. Will our government be able to recoup this money from Iran? And... I thought I had read that the DFDR and CVR had already been sent to France, or was I dreaming that?
  3. Must’ve been a whole squadron of them. Wonder what species they were?
  4. Well, she’s on a budget now..
  5. I don’t believe they had to replace any equipment, the problem was the lack of oversight of the testing procedures. Basically, the two brothers responsible for testing and treating the water were drunk all the time, and they fudged the test records. After this came to light, there were much more stringent testing and recording procedures put in place. Municipal potable water standards in Ontario are higher than that of bottled water people buy at the supermarket. And this is why Boeing aircraft should be very safe in the future; there is now a very bright light shining on their procedures.
  6. I see your point. Similarly, the safest water to drink in Ontario is in Walkerton.
  7. What makes anyone think those guys are referring to any charts??
  8. Once again; I don’t know why anyone would buy tickets on this airline. (yes, I do know, people will search for THE cheapest fare. And you get what you pay for.)