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  1. So... couldn’t this be addressed with new ELAC software?
  2. I beat you to it:
  3. Spilled coffee forces plane to divert over Atlantic
  4. Anybody know where Scheer got the A319? Is it an Air Canada lease? I would have thought he’d go with Westjet first, but I suppose they can’t spare the lift right now. How about the other candidates?
  5. This will be interesting. I think they’ll win.
  6. Another Swoop aircraft out of service for an unscheduled engine change. Wait for more cancelled flights.
  7. Ahh.. it was a cargo door that departed... it will be cool to see video!
  8. If Westjet ever gains some slots at LHR, it won’t be because AC forfeited any. That’s just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions...
  9. Perfect. That’s what those tests are for.
  10. AC is launching a flight to Nassau this morning carrying a Global Medic team with relief supplies.
  11. Billy Connolly on flying, and other things...
  12. Really? I’ve never noticed it, but I never spent any time around 737’s.