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  1. Any news on the crew? Hope they’re ok, I hear the Captain is still in hospital with injuries...
  2. The AOA vane looks fine to me. Let’s tag it “serviceable” and put it in the supply system. Those things cost money you know.
  3. There appears to be quite a lot of damage.
  4. This is quite a revealing story, particularly about the South Carolina plant...
  5. Hmmm... it would be interesting to see the maintenance records from the previous days...
  6. Weird.... here’s video of the crash: maybe the brakes dragged on the starboard side?
  7. I once knew a guy who kept an F-18 engine in his barn.
  8. Nepal plane crash: Three die at world's 'most dangerous' airport
  9. And that’s not really acceptable, IMO. Why isn’t that information in those manuals?
  10. More electric planes...
  11. Lol! According to one of the persons cited above, “Since Air Canada is an overseas airline and there is a time difference with India, the airline needs time for due diligence. The lenders have agreed to give an extension.”