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  1. Other Than Flight Crew

    Cuz... they have the same skill set?
  2. Pre-owned F-18’s

    What do they do with that King Air anyway?
  3. WestJet Back in the news

    That’s not “misleading”. That’s just lying.
  4. RCAF To Thule and Alert

    It would have been nice if the reporter got the titles of the crew correct. There is no such thing as a "machinist" or "electrician" in the RCAF. They would have been AVN or AVS Techs, or possibly a Flight Engineer.
  5. Pre-owned F-18’s

    Blues; I'm certain that all 5 CC-117 aircraft were purchased by the RCAF, not leased...
  6. Other Than Flight Crew

    Off the top of my head, I can name 6 Airlines in YYZ that are actively recruiting AME’s... if one wished to venture out away from Ontario, there is lots of opportunities out there. I think part of the reason is high numbers of people retiring.
  7. Airbus Steals Boeing's Thunder

    That’s a lot of airplanes!
  8. Good Chance of Aurora Sighting

    You beat me to it, I was gonna do that...
  9. Over 129,000 hours....

    Well, there was a few leaks...
  10. Over 129,000 hours....
  11. Over 129,000 hours....

  12. 681, on her way to the boneyard. Ex CP bird.
  13. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Our CF-104’s were assembled in Montreal, by Canadair under licence from Lockheed.
  14. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    I saw the Boeing commercial on tv last night as well.
  15. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    Hope he is given the chance to resume his duties, perhaps after some re-training.