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  1. The 787’s aren’t going away, and that means lots of international routes when they open up again. I think they’ll be just fine, and the growth will resume.
  2. I’m hearing the guys are on “off duty” status, which is a temporary layoff with no bumping rights. Seems that ALL the Avionics guys are laid off at the “B” stations... some have over 20 years seniority.
  3. Thanks mrlupin. Here’s hoping it won’t last too long. Any options for job sharing to mitigate the lay-offs?
  4. Yeah, that’s gonna be a drain on resources.
  5. UK government is looking at taking equity stakes in airlines...
  6. Wow, thanks Malcolm. I had no idea there were so many Canadians in Morocco. Now I’m wondering why...
  7. That’s an odd rendezvous point.
  8. I agree, but Calin has stated he’s looking for $500,000,000 in savings. There will be layoffs.
  9. I’m thinking the same thing. I think it will be more than 50%.
  10. Looks like Sunwing is done, at least for now...
  11. Is “Airbii” the new plural form of Airbus? I like it!