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  1. Boy, that didn’t turn out well. Stupid iPad.
  2. I wonder how that case turned out?
  3. An excerpt: "At 500 ft, the FDR indicates: landing gear retracted, slat/flap configuration 3, airspeed 220 knots IAS, descent rate 2000 ft/min. According to the FDR and CVR recordings several warnings and alerts such as over-speed, landing gear not down and ground proximity alerts were disregarded. The landing was undertaken with landing gears retracted. The aircraft touched the runway surface on its engines. Flight crew applied reverse engine power and initiated a braking action. Both engines scrubbed the runway at various locations causing damage to both of them. The landing was discontinued and a go-around was executed. FDR recording indicates a brief action of selection of landing gear lever to down position, which was immediately followed by its movement to up position. Intention to undertake another ILS approach for landing on runway 25L was conveyed, however shortly after the go-around both engines failed one by one. Ram Air Turbine (RAT) was deployed to power the essential systems. FDR data recording stopped during this timeframe (as per the designed limitation). The aircraft was unable to maintain required height. The aircrew declared the emergency situation that both engines were lost, and transmitted a “Mayday Call”. Evidences from the wreckage indicate reasons for right engine failure, however left engine requires further examination, and landing gear in extended position did not demonstrate any malfunction of the landing gear system. The aircraft crashed about 1340 meters short from runway 25L. It was a slow speed impact with high angle of attack, with aircraft configuration indicating landing gears extended, slats at step / position 1, and flaps retracted. The said configuration was ascertained and documented from the wreckage at the crash site (as the FDR data recording had stopped earlier)." I'm amazed they got the thing off the ground after "scrubbing" the engines on the runway...
  4. And the Maintenance people are represented by the IAMAW at both AC and Transat. Same concerns. When AC "merged" with Canadian, it was the same thing, with the IAM representing both groups. It did not turn out well for the Canadian guys in that case...
  5. I’ve heard the two terms used somewhere before... it might be a British thing... foggy memory this morning...
  6. So, Boeing has made almost nothing on this contract?
  7. Yes, studies of radio frequency spectrums have been around for quite awhile. And no one is claiming X-rays are not harmful, also old knowledge.
  8. These reports just baffle me. Science tells us that the frequency range of 5G should have no affect on humans.
  9. Calling it a loan would suggest they paid it back? Does anyone know?
  10. Tiny Tim. Oh, wait...... I think that was a ukulele.
  11. I see they have the 737MAX in service in September.
  12. Looks like some of them delay extending the gear...