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  1. On Musk supplying ventilators to California
  2. If you live on Ontario...this just out...” as long as supplies stay steady”
  3. I think what Biden campaigned on and what he will be able to deliver are two totally different scenarios. 23 Stayes have DEM governors and 27 have Republican. Much like the Senate stalemate at 50/50, the next 2 years will be a cluster***. run by executive orders. After the 2022 mid terms, I think it’s only going to get worse for him. I hope and pray he will continue to pander to the far left. Definitely not a good career move as it’s basically political suicide by choice.
  4. When looked at in this light, it really shines bright !
  5. Thanks to Trudeau’s incompetence.. “COVID-weary Canada should brace for 'worst wave of them all' in April” https://financialpost.com/news/economy/covid-weary-canada-should-brace-for-worst-wave-of-them-all-in-april?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0coZKzhtB6wlfMakjmaVYTKlrWmSuqkyQCqvM-0_Uwfa6Mt6NJzz9vu5Q#Echobox=1614168677
  6. Yes on Wills, POA for finances and POA for medical. As for prepaid funeral...$2495 all in...Maid , Cremation etc and all the entailed bureaucracy.....we just went through it last month.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree....and I will probably do the same....as long as it’s MY decision to make....but IMO, I don’t think it’s a wise move to put so much trust in governments of Socialist countries. You obviously have more faith in governments than I do.
  8. Extreme Slippery slope....how many years before governments like Trudeau’s says...You are too sick, costs too much to keep you alive...you are gonzo!!
  9. What do they expect people to do then? Must be tough getting to the garage then
  10. Probably why the flaccid Trudeau and cabinet abstained.....now he doesn’t have to endorse it “ The non-binding Conservative motion passed by a vote of 266-0.” https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/china-uighur-genocide-vote-canada_ca_6034176fc5b67c32961fd316
  11. I found this on Twitter ...I think it passed,,,can’t find any news release as yet
  12. Though I voted for Otoole, I fully agree. Reason being was she was an unknown with no political experience. The Liberal media has done a fantastic job of shining a disparaging light on Otoole. If a qualified female were elected as Leader, the MSM would have to tone down their rhetoric. Even more so since she’s black. Win /Win
  13. Likewise...I took top honours in grade 13 Algebra. Top 10 in Calculus. ‘Haven’t use either since LOL IMO, Math prepares you for dealing with Life as it teaches you how to think logically. If some posts on here tell us anything, it appears some have just scraped by and some have failed miserably.
  14. “ Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says you have to be careful and fully understand Bitcoin. Fitts explains, “We do know they want to go to an all-digital system with central bank cryptos. The easiest way to build the prison is to get freedom lovers everywhere to build the prison for you. To me, Bitcoin has always been the prototype on the way to building the all-digital crypto system that they would love to put into place. You have $400 trillion in fiat (currency) and it needs a place to go. If you are trying to buy up all the gold, silv
  15. Justin losing in all provinces and all age groups. Watch the increased shift of blame away from his failures towards Harper and Otoole from now until Election Day. https://abacusdata.ca/horserace-tightens-vaccines-rollout-canadian-politics-abacus-data/
  16. A sure sign of an impending election. From here on in everything will be Harper’s fault, even though after 6 years Trudeau has done SFA except bankrupt the country. And the sad part...Canadians will believe him.