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  1. Portland's police riot team resigns after officer indicted over alleged assault on photographer “‘All 50 of Portland police’s highly trained rapid response unit voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday during a union meeting in response to the recent indictment of Officer Corey Budworth for allegedly assaulting a photographer with his baton during as an overnight riot broke out last August.” https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-police-riot-team-resigns-officer-indicted-assault?cmpid=fb_fnc&fbclid=IwAR1rzOcHPZUZ41SUe50obZsgbc3gRUXs8ps8ZDFvJBgHM1fWUIef3xClOmI
  2. Living, breathing proof they no longer teach history. The LEFT in action.., destroy everything they can’t comprehend. Imagine vandalizing a statue of a man who saved humanity from Hitler.
  3. Not like her to miss such a freebie event
  4. “ We Yield Our Rights to the Government “ Biden has totally lost it. Listen https://rumble.com/vimn61-biden-we-yield-our-rights-to-the-government.html?mref=22lbp&mrefc=2
  5. LOLOLOLOL CBC to turn off Facebook comments, citing reporters' 'fragile' mental health Editor-in-chief for the CBC, Brodie Felton, posted that the disabling of the comments feature was going to be an "experiment." The CBC will turn off Facebook comments for articles after "social media attacks" on journalists. Editor-in-chief for the CBC, Brodie Felton, posted that the disabling of the comments feature was going to be an "experiment." Felton's reasoning is that the mental health of journalists is just too fragile to allow public
  6. Quick trip down memory lane when Canada actually had a LEADER.
  7. "There seems to be very little effort to maintain and foster that trusting relationship between the channels and the audience, and make amends when things have gone wrong."
  8. Poland targets big tech with anti-censorship law https://www.reuters.com/article/poland-politics-internet-idINKBN29K235
  9. G7 Hypocrites…..… No quarantine…No social distance…..No facemasks https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-did-you-spot-the-hypocrites-at-the-g7-summit
  10. I remember all the early western movies where male indigenous would beat their wives and generally treat them like dirt. Not sure if that’s a Hollywood thing or reality…but….. Sounds like a cultural problem more than anything else…but I bet White Males will somehow get blamed.
  11. Liberals …..allow a narco state to fester under their noses Officials would rather paint a picture of isolated, struggling addicts than a full-blown narco state where dirty money has infiltrated everything from real estate to banking If Netflix is looking for its next hit show, it should consider a new chapter of its wildly popular crime thriller “Narcos” — this time set in the Great White North. While Canada once evoked images of serene mountainsides and dim-witted cartoon Mounties, we’ve become something much more exciting — and sinister. We’re now the North American capital