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  1. Ultimately I still contend that this plane is going to be a great airplane for whoever buys it.
  2. Just a point.. They screwed up but then they didn't compound the error by trying to salvage the landing. They deserve credit for that.
  3. We've been through this discussion before but here it is again. I retired at what was then the normal retirement age of 60. I had more than enough money to retire and had a plan for my time. The volunteer work I did prior to retirement part time became something closer to full time. I could holiday when I wanted which now is only curtailed by an elderly golden retriever. Life is really good. I'm never bored Having said that I would love to have flown another 5 years. I loved having the two lives. What was not to like. I loved the flying, I love the people I worked with and enjoyed the layovers. I would have done it for the expense money. It gave me enough time off to do much of the volunteer work and other things i do now plus a great life working for AC. I just never got tired of the job, which does not mean that I didn't have a fulfilling and enjoyable life outside of the job or after the job. I'm sure there are many more just like me.
  4. Interesting story from the UK.
  5. Interesting article.
  6. But still the greatest invention of all time was the venetian blind. - - - - - - - - If it wasn't for the venetain blind - - - - - - - - It would have been curtains for all of us.
  7. The ethics involved are that the Trudeau administration gave 55 million dollars of our tax money to his foundation and then accepted an incredibly luxurious vacation from him.
  8. Nobody is suggesting that this is the most important issue for Canadians. Are you suggesting then Kip that ethics don't matter. It is my belief, that the ethics of our PM should be everyone's concern. BTW, although I am no fan of PM Trudeau, I thought that he handled himself very well at that press conference today.
  9. For whatever it's worth, I'm a fan. I think it looks fantastic.
  10. Hi Defcon You wrote: Much is said regarding the separation of church & state yet it appears the two are joined at the hip in some unholy fashion. Why is there a 'need' for the US State to maintain an Ambassador & staff to the Catholic Church??? The following is from wiki: Vatican City (i/ˈvætᵻkən ˈsɪti/; Italian: Città del Vaticano [tʃitˈta ddel vatiˈkaːno]; Latin: Civitas Vaticana),[d] officially Vatican City State or the State of Vatican City (Italian: Stato della Città del Vaticano;[e] Latin: Status Civitatis Vaticanae),[f] is a walled enclave within the city of Rome. With an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of 842,[3] it is the smallest State in the world by both area and population, but formally it is not sovereign, sovereignty being held by the Holy See, the only entity of public international law that has diplomatic relations with almost every country in the world. So, as it says Vatican City is a city state that holds diplomatic relations with pretty much everybody. The issue of the relationship between church and state is often misconstrued. Every elected official has a POV whether they be religious or atheistic. The concept of the separation between church and state does not preclude anyone from having his/her views influenced by their religious or atheistic beliefs. They were presumably elected while holding those beliefs. The point is that the separation means that the church should not be a vehicle for achieving political power. We can see the consequences of this in Quebec in the last century where the Catholic church did have political influence. It was a disaster for both church and state. The Catholic church there still has not recovered. This issue of separation that we should be worrying about is the separation between media and state. The backlash from that has resulted in a Trump presidency. Politicians are always currying favour with the media as it was necessary get enough support from that quarter in order to get elected. Gaining a position in the media was, and still is, a route in which one could gain political power without ever having to be elected. With Trump we can see that road to political power being slowly eroded with Trump bypassing them and campaigning by going directly to the great unwashed. The opinions of CNN on the left and FOX on the right while is still relevant but becoming less so. I would imagine that within a relatively short time mainstream media will suffer a demise similar to the Catholic church in Quebec but they won't go down as quietly.
  11. It is hard to imagine a company, particularly with the background of Swissair allowing a pilot with a grand total of 140 hours into the right seat of an A320. With that amount of experience she did well to survive without incident as long as she did.
  12. Thanks Don I always shake my head when they call themselves public serveants. In general it seems to work the other way around. Push back had to happen sooner or later. It is too bad that it couldn't have taken a different form. Merry Christmas to you and Fran as well.
  13. I don't have anything personal to add but here is an interesting take on things from the NY Times. Merry Christmas to all in AEF land. Greg
  14. Interesting concept. I'd like to be around to see where all this will lead, but my chances are slim.
  15. I guess it's ok but it is no DC9.