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  1. I'm no fan of Trudeau but I have to believe at first glance that he really made the right pick this time for GG. Hopefully she can pick up her French reasonably quickly. I'm impressed by her first address. Hopefully she can carry through on it.
  2. There are apparently many people who are quite ok and even think that it's a good idea to have the state determine what I child should be taught about moral issues or whether or not a child should be vaccinated or not. I contend that what is happening is a large foot in the door and will go further. I don't see any thought be given to the long range unintended consequences of what is happening right now. I find it very troubling, (regardless of my own feelings about the subject), that 3 of our 4 political parties will not allow candidates to hold pro-life views. I would feel just as strongly if a party were to say that you can only hold pro-choice views and run for the party. None of this is democratic and we are bit by bit losing our democracy and our freedom to make our own decisions. However we should have a thoughtful dialogue with those we disagree with, and by labelling each other we lose the opportunity to do that and we just go on getting further and further apart.
  3. This type of response though, IMHO, isn't helpful. Labelling a group of well meaning people that way closes down any discussion and just moves us all further apart. Yes, I think that those that are happy with this approach are wrong in both the short term effects on our children, and our society, but long term as well. There is a strong rational case to be made against that approach but labelling them as sick and twisted shuts down any discussion in the same way as labelling people as homophobic and racist for holding views that the so-called left, (which is an unfortunate labelling in itself), disagree with often do. This subject is of huge significance for our society and we have to leave room open for discussion although we have almost gone beyond that already as the two camps are so deeply entrenched.
  4. This is the story, assuming its veracity that has me so concerned. Teachers are there to educate children. Parents have the responsibility, for better or for worse, to raise them. https://www.foxnews.com/media/students-told-to-hide-equity-survey-questions-from-parents
  5. Kinda asleep at the switch I guess. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/pilot-error-on-sunwing-flight-caused-cf-18-fighter-jets-to-scramble-1.1173510
  6. More like Bozo, but I'm glad I moved out here when I did as much as I hated the commute from the island to YVR.
  7. Fredericton? You do know that you're on the wrong coast don't you?
  8. The A220's built in the US are pretty much for the American carriers and the rest are primarily built in Canada. The A220 has better range with roughly the same seating. The A220 has two models that you can mix and match. The A220 is a little more costly but who knows what deals are available. I guess I find it annoying that the govt' is happy to fund them but doesn't get the pay back by having insisting as a condition of the funds provided that it be with the Canadian built and designed aircraft.
  9. It does strike me as interesting that Porter gets all that money from the Canadian government to buy Brazilian aircraft when the A220 is built in Canada..
  10. I've been retired for over 17 years now and I still check in here pretty much every day. It keeps me in touch with the aviation community. I agree that our numbers are down but that may noy be permanent either. I very much appreciate this site. Cheers Greg
  11. When I looked at Florida on the CTV site it had Florida at zero. Now it's well above that so it beats me. It does seem though that the states that are wide open aren't fairing that much worse than other locations. Other than the Yukon Manitoba shows as the highest. I have to assume that the Yukon with its small population has had an outbreak at some specific site but that's just speculation.
  12. Florida had no covid restrictions since May 3 and is now at zero cases. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/florida-governor-lifts-all-covid-19-restrictions-1.5412886 https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/covid-19-in-the-u-s-how-do-canada-s-provinces-rank-against-american-states-1.5051033
  13. OK things have reversed now in comparing Texas which has been wide open since Mar 2 and BC which has been very restricted during this time. When I first posted on May 26 Texas was at 60.1 cases per 100,000 and BC was at 71.6. They have both continued to go down but BC is coming down more quickly. At the time of posting BC is now at 34.7 and Texas at 47.8 It is interesting to note though that even though Texas has been fully open for over 3 months they are still experiencing a steady improvement.
  14. Interestingly enough since I first posted this both Texas and BC have dropped considerably with BC actually showing better than Texas now. BC is now at 33.8 and Texas is at 44.1. However the fact still remains that the numbers in a state that has been completely open for over 3 months are coming down rapidly, although now more slowly than BC, but still better than many Canadian provinces.
  15. Thanks KK. As near as I can tell Manitoba has had a pretty severe lock down in place and yet it is still higher than anywhere else in NA, including the US states that are fully open and unrestricted.
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