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  1. Maybe you haven't noticed Dagger but it is actually the Liberals who have formed government and Derek Sloan is obviously going to finish last in in the Conservative leadership race.
  2. FAA issues advisory for older 737's.
  3. A piece from the following account. It also sounds like an ejection problem with the previous Snowbird fatality. Eyewitness accounts have suggested Casey's parachute did not open properly after she and Capt. Richard MacDougall ejected from their Tutor jet on May 17 shortly after takeoff from Kamloops Airport. Investigators have confirmed they are looking at the ejection seat in that crash.
  4. Are you sure Don cause I never tried one of those and it seemed to work just fine.
  5. Really interesting video. Does anyone know what is involved for Boeing to put in a synthetic airspeed system?
  6. This is an interesting piece on its FBW system. It will be interesting to see what comes of the investigation.
  7. Very interesting article all these years later. Ahhh...what could have beeb.
  8. Here is an article on the plan to upgrade the Snowbird Tutor. One thing of interest in the article is a mention that there was a witness who claimed that Capt. Casey's chute failed to open. It makes some sense as they pretty much went out together. It may be that the late ejection wasn't the problem. One of the upgrades, according to the article, is for an upgrade of the parachutes, but I would think that it is likely an upgrade of the whole ejection system.
  9. It is Tommy Emmanuel hands down with the only possible other option would being his brother Phil who unfortunately passed away in 2018. They were touring Australia with their father and have been entertaining with their guitars since about 6 years of age. Interestingly enough it was Tommy who used to play rhythm to Phil's lead. Here is the 2 of them together in a concert in 2001. It's a medley of different rock songs, and included in it is a short version of "Walk Don't Run" which I heard played by the Ventures in 1960 and inspired me to take up the guitar. I still play it occasionally in the
  10. Rookie mistake..could have happened to any of us
  11. A little further information. Not sure how to interpret that the aircraft didn't respond as anticipated.
  12. I'm so glad that this probably means that there isn't a mechanic wondering if he/she missed something.
  13. This just keeps getting worse and worse. It is unbelievable that they could mess this up so badly.
  14. I didn't have much time on the TBird but I thought that the string on the nose took care of all of that.
  15. There was one more. Capt Jennifer Casey. She was PR for the SB's. I understand and you are probably correct. It just seemed strange that they ejected quite a bit below their peak altitude. I wonder if it is because Capt. Casey being PR needed some direction before pulling the handles. Man this is sad.