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  1. The trouble is, IMHO, is that governments of all stripes see the whole political system as a competition for power, and that good governance is secondary, or even further down the list of priorities. Our democracy both here and south of the border are now essentially dysfunctional.
  2. I was the ranking cadet in air cadets and led a lot of drill. I just loved barking out orders to a bunch of guys and getting instant obedience by all of them.
  4. There are those like myself who have a son and his family just across the border. I'd sure like to see them. There are all the small businesses that are failing. For example my son has a business in Blaine. He has had to lay off all his employees and run it on his own and still not be making money. It isn't just about vacation travel. That is just one example and there are others who are hurting a lot more than that.
  5. The Thule PX was a great place to buy stereo equipment a great prices. Man those years on the Herc were great. Still my favourite aircraft. I wound up with 3400 hrs on it and with one year working in the TAL school.
  6. This whole episode is so sad. No mention in this story about the upgrading of the ejection seats in the Tutor.
  7. Found this an interesting article about something I had never thought about.
  8. It sure is a lot easier sitting on the outside and safely collecting my pension each month. This pandemic is so incredibly uneven how unevenly it has affected people. I for one wind have hardly been impacted at all.
  9. Short classical musical interlude with the William Tell Overture done on guitar.
  10. BNN's take on things.
  11. How about this for a couple of Irish sisters and their friend. Dea Matrona - BBC Ulster - Just Wanna Rock - YouTube
  12. I was one of the fortunate pipeliners to go on to the Herc. It was sure a challenge going from the Tutor/C45 on to the Herc. Fortunately I flew with some fantastic guys at 435 who had the patience to see me through. (Guys like Frank Fay, Jock Gourlay. Collin Dobbins etc.) In my last year I even had the best flying job ever instructing in the Tactical Airlift School with Frank Fay as a CO.
  13. Oh dear. Just because it is functional doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. Beautiful upswept tail, (also functional), the windows are like beautiful eyes, (also functional), the high wings are like a beautiful bird, (also functional)....need I go on. There's just never been another aircraft as beautiful as the mighty Herc.
  14. There still is nothing that matches this..
  15. I did instruct on the 320 for a couple of years and we used some fixed based simulation as well as the simulator. There is a huge difference and benefit to having full simulation. In an emergency part of dealing with the situation mentally is to be aware of aircraft movement, sounds and the whole environment of what is happening. The simulator does a much better job of preparing the trainee for that.