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  1. I'm gonna post this here because I believe this forum has been overloaded with right wing extremist nutbars. Some folks south of Canada have voiced an opinion that folks over 60 ought to be willing to dive on the fire pit to save the economy. Am I repeating something you've all talked about elsewhere? Sorry if I missed it. I guess my question has to somehow relate to aviation, so I'll ask, do the conservative pilots in Canada agree with that point of view? ...and if so, would they be willing to come to a bonfire in my backyard to tell me all about it?
  2. Not to worry Wolfhunter [I have trouble with that handle as I have huge respect for wolves] it's all just thoughts and wondering... far as what I'm prepared to do without?... My life is the best I can offer, and I assure you, if I believed it would be of any help, I'd be toast - with a smile on my face. Mind you, I'm not so stupid as to believe that would actually accomplish anything, so what can I answer to that? Sorry for any "lecturing" ...I certainly have no right nor inclination to stand on any kind of soapbox.
  3. Well I still think you might consider the possibility that, like me and others who would even bother to read these pages, you're just a freakin' weirdo. Anyway, if you're still torqued about Hunter's advantages, why aren't you screaming about those that Whatshername and her two brothers Darryl are currently milking? That makes complaints from your side of things seem quite disingenuous.
  4. I'd like to wish all my old friends in here a very merry Christmas, but I reckon the 'Marshall' wouldn't allow such a thing because it doesn't have anything to do with the airline business. So I'll just wish it in my head.
  5. All of which seems rather irrelevant given the truth of it all. He stands as the IMPOTUS, and unfortunately, there he remains as a continued threat to global health.
  6. Wolfhunter; your attempt to lump all who are concerned about climate change into a single, insultable bunch - the "screamers" - reminds me of my first attempts to describe what sort of people were interested in flying remote control airplanes... good luck with that. By the way, if you were to ask me, I'd say cut air travel among the first serious cuts, but then this whole mess of folks would pounce, so I hope that'll explain some silence.
  7. That's an interesting headline Jaydee... Somehow I wonder where it says "oil patch" in the poll questions though? I'd count myself among those Ontarians that would agree Alberta may need help... maybe some cash should flow that way, but definitely not for the "oil patch". Albertans may be surprised to know that other Canadians actually do care that Alberta doesn't hurt, even while they want the bitumen left where it is, and the boreal forest left undisturbed for the myriad of critters that live in that habitat .
  8. Hi Seeker. I appreciate your warm tone, thanks. You say, "we need the resource revenue from oil and gas production", but that's just not so. That's using the old, out-dated, un-sustainable line of thought. What we need is the trees that stand on the "oil sands" to stay right where they are, and the bitumen to stay in the ground. It's time Billionaires started to pay out a few more pounds of their ridiculous hordes. There is absolutely no shortage of available wealth for all sorts of good-for-the-planet ideas if we add some serious tax to those with endless truck-loads of money. The gap in wealth between the working poor and the yacht riding rich is insanely large and needs serious correction. Looking simply for "returns for investors" has been the goal for too long and has, in part, caused this whole problem. Priorities need to change, and as I see it, they are.
  9. "If Canadians were really worried about long term survivability for our next generations, they would have voted in the Conservatives." This thought (copied from another thread and posted here just to add another thread title to the batch that'll let others know at a glance that some of us share their left leaning opinions) would be hilarious if it wasn't so sadly misguided... and simply dead wrong. Conservatives, like the person who posted that, are apparently stuck in the belief that economics is the primary concern.
  10. The world needs it to stay right where it is, so give it up. Stop raping forests and pumping filthy oil for temporary profit. Start thinking of priorities other than cash... you know, things that really matter, like long term survivability for our next generations. Resistance to fossil fuel industry is growing and will keep doing so, so best you just give it up.
  11. I can't offer you proof of anything that you couldn't easily find yourself, but I can tell you the only message from real science is that we have caused the problem this time. There is pseudo-science claiming otherwise, but I challenge you to find any legitimate, peer-reviewed climate science paper saying anything else. The huge money at stake in the fossil fuel industry has been behind awesome amounts of misinformation which has convinced you there is genuine doubt... but there isn't.
  12. The complete ignorance expressed herein from all of you climate science deniers continues to astound me. Take your flipping blinders off, people! Money is worthless on Venus.
  13. Sorry for the late reply Moon man. It isn't an "active" project but neither is it done. I haven't kept up with web page creation methods these days, so I've handed control of anything that was mine in that regard to my daughter. When I suggested she could erase all and start anything else, she hit some high notes while chastising me for even thinking it. I'd like to make some changes/improvements to TRBSoE... give it a better home... someone here once interpreted it all quite wrongly, so I guess there's a need to be more clear with the message somehow... Anyway, thanks for asking! Cheers, Mitch
  14. Kip, I didn't see another thread and am only learning now... Very sorry to hear Scuba O2 has headed off for that Great Gig in the Sky. I know from your writing here what an amazing relationship you shared with her. Your tales impressed me greatly with the love you expressed. I know anything you hear/read now will make you sad and I don't want to add to that, but I felt I had to stop in here and let you know, as Vsplat so nicely put it, I stand with you as well, Kip. Mitch