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  1. Thank you Kip. That's good to hear.
  2. This image was posted on twitter... Nice gesture by the Thunderbirds:
  3. I haven't heard anything about the condition of the pilot who survived this accident... Can anyone shed some light? I know there were questions of all sorts, and in case it's inappropriate, I won't ask any of them, but it would be nice to hear if there's any news about him? Anyone?
  4. Hi Blues. Thanks for the thoughts. I doubt it's a great story, but it is funny if you can see it in the right light. I've learned that with mental illness, confidence goes awol, so that's restricted my music considerably. I stopped playing anything for a while. I'll still pick up my acoustic guitar, maybe every other day for some light fiddling, but that's about it nowadays. I miss the jamming with the boys on Thursday nights though... Maybe another time I'll get back at something like that. I always enjoyed the times when everyone is contributing to the music and just soaking in the mom
  5. Damn. .... I'd really hoped to keep quiet. ... I thought I could get away with popping the "Thanks" button on a few posts and not have to bring this back up again... But y'see... (he says in a Bugsy Malone sorta voice)... I got's this kinda issue with bein' a dick, and I don't wanna do it. But now, after having ground through some several hours worth of noggin nonsense that the pro's call "ruminating", I've decided, since I answered the one time poster, Tyler (who, of course I had to answer, Thank you again,Tyler, for your addition to the thread.) I owe you other guys a response. Please
  6. Thanks for that Tyler! I quite enjoyed reading through that thread just now. I feel like I've forgotten more than I ever knew that I knew, by now, but reading through that helped remind me of a time when I still knew a couple of things about airplanes. I remember that incident now and I'd guess you probably know all about what had caused it. Our written mtc procedures were modified afterwards to make sure any leak checks we did after opening fuel lines on engines included adding sufficient power to be sure said fuel lines were well pressurized. As I recall in that case the boys in YVR had don
  7. Some of you will remember, and some of you probably thought I was lying... I couldn't tell the whole tale at the time, but I'm retired now and nobody will take offence, I don't think. I was off work at the time, on disability for what I was first told by my doctor was, "sleep deprivation", but had then been diagnosed as, "depression", by a psychiatrist. All I knew was I was in a hell of a state. I'd just returned from a visit to the psychiatrist in Toronto and I was shaky as hell. I never have liked the city and any visits anywhere near downtown got my nerves spinning. Visiting the shrink
  8. ahhhh... how's that Florida vs New York comparison doing today?. ...Or was it DeSantis vs Cuomo? It was clear for some time that numbers from Florida were being watered down. Pretty damned sad now.
  9. My apologies to you both.... I'm not surprised to find my memory is false yet again. Dang. Thanks J.O..
  10. Yep. Black lives matter. That phrase is used (by me and, as I understand it, by most others) because it's black people who are being discriminated against, systemically, in such a manner that their very lives are in danger. Yes of course ALL lives matter, but it's not ALL lives that are being, and have been, systemically disadvantaged to the point that black people have been. Whites, like myself, have experienced, in comparison, a "privilege" all our lives. Cops don't treat us the same. ...Face it, most every situation we've ever been in with other white folks, we've been treated in a man
  11. I'm not certain Don, given my poor memory, but I don't think reverse can physically be selected until the aircraft is satisfied all conditions are met... I think the little reverse levers on the thrust levers just won't lift? (I'm likely to be embarrassed by this lack of memory yet again, aren't I? )
  12. Yep, they were reliable. Good engines (Both the GE's and the Pratt's) and a rugged build made them that way... The design had a lot of features that you'd swear had to come from a committee of blue haired ladies, and sometimes those designs caused problems (like the ADP in the wing root fairing that got all sorts of volume complaints -probably scared the hell out of some?)... but she was indeed an airplane that could keep on ticking.
  13. It looked to me like he stalled it in the steep left turn. as the nose lowered, it soon became easier to complete the roll to get upright, rather than stop the momentum of the roll and reverse it. ???