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  1. Mitch Cronin

    The Red Blooded Society of Earth

    Sorry for the late reply Moon man. It isn't an "active" project but neither is it done. I haven't kept up with web page creation methods these days, so I've handed control of anything that was mine in that regard to my daughter. When I suggested she could erase all and start anything else, she hit some high notes while chastising me for even thinking it. I'd like to make some changes/improvements to TRBSoE... give it a better home... someone here once interpreted it all quite wrongly, so I guess there's a need to be more clear with the message somehow... Anyway, thanks for asking! Cheers, Mitch
  2. Mitch Cronin

    Paging Kip

    Kip, I didn't see another thread and am only learning now... Very sorry to hear Scuba O2 has headed off for that Great Gig in the Sky. I know from your writing here what an amazing relationship you shared with her. Your tales impressed me greatly with the love you expressed. I know anything you hear/read now will make you sad and I don't want to add to that, but I felt I had to stop in here and let you know, as Vsplat so nicely put it, I stand with you as well, Kip. Mitch