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  1. Trump Wins

    So stay away from the "MSM"... find a "news" outlet that reports news without a slant... They used to be numerous on TV, but that's a long time ago... Nowadays you have to sift through a lot of slant and opinion to form your own thoughts on the facts... There are some good sources for facts, but they too often pepper them with their own opinion as well, so you have to read (or listen) with your filters on to sift out the garbage. In that case, you were right to point out the garbage. But the truth still remains that his statement was ridiculous.
  2. Trump Wins

    No "try" at deflection required.... Sure, if you only consider Mandela's treatment after he became an elected official, you're right. The "meme" was wrong to display that.... But that doesn't mean anything. The statement was inappropriate, given the setting, and completely wrong, in any case. How can you defend that?
  3. Trump Wins

    Goodness Jaydee, you're quick with labels, eh? OK, how about Kennedy, or Lincoln? ...or Nixon?.... The guy was at a college commencement for Pete sakes! He runs his mouth at every opportunity and his "surety" is worth less than a wooden nickel.
  4. Trump Wins

    It's funny to see all of you who were screeching about emails from Hilary being "possibly" compromised, defending an outright blunder of the sort that is 45's every day happening. 'no, no problem here'... Lol!!
  5. Trump Wins

    Jaydee... if you honestly think that girl has anything to say that's worth listening to.... sigh... I think that might say something about the colour of your glasses.
  6. Trump Wins

    You take the Russkies at their word, do you?... and you're shrieking about "lefties" "insanity"? Try communism... is that left or right of your perfect place? Defcon, you can't be taken seriously while defending trump... He's chosen to keep himself ignorant of almost all things that don't have to do with fattening his own wallet. He knows nothing else and ha made it so glaringly obvious that a child can see it. There is no defending him while maintaining any image of credibility. The moment someone tries, he tweets the truth. He's the worst thing to happen to the world in my lifetime.
  7. Trump Wins

    The Terrible Cost of Trump's Disclosures The consequences of the president’s reported divulgence of top-secret codeword information to the Russians are only beginning. Kevin Lamarque / Reuters ELIOT A. COHEN MAY 15, 2017 POLITICS If The Washington Post is right, President Trump divulged highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador at a jovial meeting in the Oval Office. Here is why this is appalling, beyond even this president’s usual standard. Top secret codeword information is no joke There are multiple flavors of intelligence classification, from “Confidential” (which is often in the public record already, just not acknowledged), to “Secret” (usually, though not always available if you know where to look—or are willing to wait a few days), to “Top Secret” which is beginning to be serious. The codewords, which security officials began using in World War II to protect signal intercepts (e.g. ULTRA), tell you whence the information was derived—so Top Secret/codeword material really has to be protected. Any of us who have had those kinds of clearances have gone through repeated trainings about how to safeguard such material (cover sheets, multiple envelopes, proper paragraph marking, etc.). And if you hope to keep your job and stay out of jail, you take it seriously. You do not have access to any and all compartments if you have a top-secret clearance. This, apparently, is some of the information that Trump blew. The repeated spectacular breaks into the American security system by the Russians, among others, coupled with the ubiquity of personal information in the smartphone age, has caused some Americans to assume that secrets do not exist. They most certainly do. If someone finds out how you have gathered information, that artfully planted bug may go dead. Or a human agent may go dead. In the normal course of events, Donald Trump would never have been given a high-level security clearance because of his psychological profile and personal record, including his susceptibility to blackmail. But it will be even worse if his behavior convinces others, including those who work for him, that classification is meaningless. Top-secret codeword information derived from an ally is even more sensitive. To a remarkable degree, the United States relies on liaison relationships with other powers with whom it shares information. If Trump has indeed compromised a source of information, it is not merely a betrayal of an ally’s trust: It is an act that will jeopardize a whole range of relationships. After all, the Director of Central Intelligence cannot very well say, “Don’t worry, we won’t share that with the president.” So now everybody—even our closest allies like the United Kingdom—would be well-advised to be careful with what they share with us. That is a potential intelligence debacle for us, but the danger goes beyond that. If any foreign government harbored lingering illusions about the administration’s ability to protect any information, including sensitive but non-intelligence matters like future foreign-policy initiatives or military deployments, they no longer do. They will be even more apprehensive about sharing sensitive information of any kind because… He gave it to the Russians. In the Oval Office. In a fit of braggadocio. Russia is antagonistic to the United States, although Trump has repeatedly indicated his desire to be chummy with the Russians—after all, as he notoriously said during the presidential campaign, we are both killers, and so on the same moral plane. He apparently divulged the information to show off, which not only shows a lack of self-discipline: It shows, yet again, how easy this man is to play, particularly by veteran manipulators like his two experienced, talented, and thuggish guests. The crisis is made worse by virtue of Trump having just fired the FBI director, apparently for having pushed that Russia investigation too far. Quite apart from making himself and the country a laughingstock around the world, the president has now practically begged Vladimir Putin to toy with him, tantalize him, tease him, flatter him, manipulate him. He has shown the Russians (and others, who are watching just as closely) just how easy that is to do, and he has shown the rest of us that his vanity and impulsiveness have not been tempered by the highest responsibilities. The corruption has begun. In the wake of the Post story, the White House—hoping, presumably, to avoid another Comey-firing publicity debacle—trotted out three reasonably sane, responsible, experienced adults to vouch for the President’s story. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell, and National Security Adviser Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster made public statements calling the story false, giving different variants of this argument: The President did not disclose sources and methods for intelligence gathering, or future military operations. Well, of course not. That is not what the Post said in its story: It said that he divulged intelligence. And since it seems likely that the Russians captured all of the conversation—they were allowed to bring their electronics into the room, including the only video cameras, the American press having been excluded—they undoubtedly got all of it. And you bet that their analysts are even now chuckling as they figure out what the sources were. But that is not the half of it. Tillerson casually said of Trump in an interview on Meet the Press on Sunday “I have to earn his confidence every day.” One does not earn Donald Trump’s confidence by calmly conveying to him some unpleasant but essential truths. Rather, one earns his confidence by truckling to him, and by lying to everyone else. Now, what Tillerson, Powell, and McMaster said are not quite lies, but they are the kind of parsed half truths that are as bad, and in some cases worse. This is how one’s reputation for veracity is infected by the virulent moral bacteria that cover Donald Trump. Friends will watch, pained and incredulous, as they realize that one simply cannot assume that anything these senior subordinates of the president say is the truth. And having stretched, manipulated, or artfully misrepresented the truth once, these officials will do it again and again. They will be particularly surprised when they learn that most people assume that as trusted subordinates of the president, they lie not as colorfully as he does, but just as routinely. Perhaps the worst will be the moment when these high officials can no longer recognize their own characters for what they once were. One can be certain that (metaphorically speaking) at this very moment ice picks are sliding into unsuspecting kidneys in the White House. No doubt the president is raging at the cowed subordinates who have to cover yet again for his folly and grandiosity; no doubt that some subordinates see this as an opportunity to settle scores, undermine rivals, and curry favor. It is probably a fascinating if odious spectacle. What will be of lasting importance, and the only possibly redemptive part of this wretched tale, is if it motivates some Republican legislators to take a stand against their own party and for the law and the Constitution. If Trump nominates any kind of Republican political figure, no matter what their previous record, as FBI director, they must oppose it. They should denounce his misconduct for what it is. And all of us should begin contemplating the conditions under which—not now, maybe not even a year from now—the constitutional remedies for dealing with a president utterly incapable of fulfilling his duties with elementary probity and competence will have to be implemented.
  8. Trump Wins

    Wow. Just the fact that you're parroting that same old line shows me you've not removed your blinders. Hilary? Really? You think that's what this is about? My "side"? I'm not going to ask, since I know you couldn't answer. In any case, if you wanted civility, you wouldn't be supporting the most boorish, ignorant, uncivil clod that's ever pretended to be a civil servant. (and if you haven't recognized he's only pretending I refer once again to your blinders.) People of my "persuasion"? ...again, wow. It might be amusing to hear you try to tell me what my particular "persuasion" is, but I wouldn't have the patience to correct you. The hatred you're seeing is borne of shock and disgust at what people are willing to ignore... Trump has made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that he hasn't got a clue what he's doing, nor what he ought to be doing, nor what he's done wrong. He's an affront to decency of any kind, he has no regard for the seat he occupies, nor the people he is supposed to represent... and worst of all, he has no regard for truth what-so-ever! He lies every time his mouth is open, or his fingers hit the twitter. ....That so many people are so willing to remain blinded to those obvious facts is shocking and alarming to those of us not so blinded.
  9. Trump Wins

    My god... Defcon? Are you really defending that psychotic idiot? The man is the most dangerous beast on earth at the moment... You can't seriously have missed that? ... have you?
  10. The real question is.... Why would so many climate change deniers happen to concentrate in this forum? Could it be that selfish interests have swayed the thinki- ! No! Good heavens! couldn't be! Pardon me.
  11. Trump Wins

    Holy mother of ignorance! Most living, sentient, human-like critters learned the dangers of "just doing what I'm told" from the mayhem of WWII.... is it really possible that some folks today have missed, or forgotten that lesson on morality?
  12. Trump Wins

    ... all I can say is whoever titled this thread forgot the rest of the sentence: Trump Wins - The rest of the world loses.
  13. Holy crap Malcolm! Congratulations! You're starting to ask the right questions! you just need to start trying to see our globe without all those imaginary political boundaries on it, and keep following through with your train of thought.
  14. Bob Hoover Dead at 94

    ... The only man I've ever seen who could handle an airplane like it was extension of his own body. Sorry to hear of this. He will be missed by many! ... and so it goes.
  15. Partially, certainly! ..... Some think we're too late... we've already begun the self sustaining 'snowball' toward a world humans can't live on... That, even if we somehow magically stopped all fossil fuel burning today, levels of CO2 in the upper atmosphere would continue to increase for about 10 years, bringing us well past the point (which the argument says we've passed anyway) of no return due to feedback loops, leading Earth to a "runaway greenhouse" Venus twin. ...and we all know there's no magic at the moment that'll even slow fossil fuel burning, let alone stopping it. Others will highly encourage any and all individual efforts to stem the tide, as in the 'every little bit counts' methodology, encouraging us to believe that some technology for reversal through CO2 collection will eventually become a reality... but in the mean time, any little bit we can do to limit the peak effects would be very wise. One thing that is rarely mentioned is that our insistence on remaining omnivores is responsible for an enormous contribution to the overall problem. Grazing areas alone consume zillions of acres of would-be/once-was forest; replacing CO2 consuming/oxygen generators with methane producers. Good to see your linked article!