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  1. Lol... I'm sorry, but I have to throw this out there... Mr. IFG... I don't think I've ever told you how much I love your writing.. You make me smile every time you write, somehow. I can see your grins. I can hear your chuckles. ...and I feel like I can grok your point of view perfectly. ...at least until you frazzle me, that is. Then I'm lost.
  2. By the time the aircraft is at any sort of too-cold altitude, the batteries won't be cold. I think electric aircraft are the next all-metal-cantilevered-wing like thing. If I was 18... and in any sort of position to be betting on this kind of venture, I'd be soaking a huge bunch of my investment coin in this kind of stuff. There are oodles of folks chipping away with different designs for this kind of new tech.
  3. Beautiful model, beautifully flown! Well done! ....So often you see gorgeous scale models handled terribly. It's good to see some successes like this once in a while.
  4. Yes Mr. Loon.... You're one of those guys... you know... like Mav said. I've always appreciated reading your thoughts and input on things. They say you have to keep busy in retirement or you'll just croak.... I'm here to tell you you can sit on your ass and do nothing if you want and still live to smile about it.
  5. Lol... Yassir. Life is grand! [I knew I'd screwed up the grammar in that, but couldn't find the itch to fix it without laughing too hard at myself. ]
  6. I just had a look and it seems there's a shipload of us "lurkers" out there. I get it, I've been only an occasional peekster every month or so, (or less) for a long time... I got the notion a while back, that this forum seemed dominated by radical, r/w zealots, ...and one particular ... how shall I say it?... Never mind. Suffice it to say, it felt very unfriendly to a non-radical r/w tunnel-visioned dope, such as myself... But I'm quite surprised, and pleased, to see so many familiar names still in the online list. Cheers Y'all! Mitch
  7. I've learned not to trust my memory, but does anyone else remember an over-wing refuelling port existing on the dear old -200's? You don't suppose....? ...nah...
  8. I just had a long, hard look at this thread and I can only say what I said in the initial post. , So I repost:
  9. I've been lost listening to several from her.... Yessir, she's good.
  10. Nah. I'd have to agree with J.O. on that. I think both Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are better than Animals. ...and here we come to the point we all recognize it's a good thing we all have different preferences, otherwise all men would want the same lady. In your previous post, Seeker, you nailed it with the favourite recipe analogy. I get it, and I agree, really. I'll always prefer hearing Gilmour's classic guitar work, but for a change, I thought I'd listen to the pretty piano lady and was quite surprised to hear how well she pulled it off. Cheers all, M
  11. Right on the money JL. ...But the thing I wanted to discover was whether my ear had been influenced by my eyes... I can certainly forgive myself for that, given the pleasure of seeing such a beauty, but I'm inclined to think in this case my ears alone would have made me a fan of hers. Dangit, I always thought that was an instrumental. Yessir! I've been listening to Kent Nishimura for a little while now. He can make a guitar neck seem malleable... or like he's got 8 fingers on each hand! But in his case, I know it's my ears. Cheers all... M
  12. OK... I need answers... I'm interested in discovering whether it's just that she's pretty and I've fallen for that magic, or is this as awesome as I think it is? I know there are a lot of Floyd fans here... Please have a listen and let me know what you think?: https://youtu.be/lHYbrc2D40I
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