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  1. My apologies to you both.... I'm not surprised to find my memory is false yet again. Dang. Thanks J.O..
  2. Yep. Black lives matter. That phrase is used (by me and, as I understand it, by most others) because it's black people who are being discriminated against, systemically, in such a manner that their very lives are in danger. Yes of course ALL lives matter, but it's not ALL lives that are being, and have been, systemically disadvantaged to the point that black people have been. Whites, like myself, have experienced, in comparison, a "privilege" all our lives. Cops don't treat us the same. ...Face it, most every situation we've ever been in with other white folks, we've been treated in a manner most black folks have never enjoyed... as if black lives don't matter. So, in this moment in time, there needs to be an intentional focus on those who have been given the short end of the stick. We're all cousins for goodness sakes! All of us are descended from the same Africans. .... and Black Lives Matter. PS. I didn't look at anyone's demands.... I don't really care what some of them see as their goals, I know the bottom line goal is for all of us to recognize we're all the same race, get rid of the racist horsesh!t/supremecist nonsense, and start expecting police to treat everyone - NO MATTER THEIR COLOUR - appropriately.
  3. I'm not certain Don, given my poor memory, but I don't think reverse can physically be selected until the aircraft is satisfied all conditions are met... I think the little reverse levers on the thrust levers just won't lift? (I'm likely to be embarrassed by this lack of memory yet again, aren't I? )
  4. Yep, they were reliable. Good engines (Both the GE's and the Pratt's) and a rugged build made them that way... The design had a lot of features that you'd swear had to come from a committee of blue haired ladies, and sometimes those designs caused problems (like the ADP in the wing root fairing that got all sorts of volume complaints -probably scared the hell out of some?)... but she was indeed an airplane that could keep on ticking.
  5. It looked to me like he stalled it in the steep left turn. as the nose lowered, it soon became easier to complete the roll to get upright, rather than stop the momentum of the roll and reverse it. ???
  6. Back in April, it became clear that Florida was intentionally hiding a list of daily deaths that had previously been compiled by county medical examiners. Since that time, those examiners, as well as hospitals and local officials, have complained that the number of COVID-19 deaths being reported in Governor Ron DeSantis regular updates, doesn’t match what they’re seeing in their areas. Last week, the scientist behind Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard was fired after she says she refused to alter numbers as she was told. With 52,600 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Florida is in the top ten states when it comes to infections. But the 2,300 recorded deaths is less than half of those from Michigan, a state with a similar number of cases. Considering the number of elderly residents and retirement communities, Florida’s relatively light death toll seemed somewhat miraculous, and DeSantis has been bragging both about the “success” of his policies and sneering at pundits that warned of potential disaster from his refusal to enforce social distancing guidelines. But there’s still more evidence that “miracle” isn’t the right word. The correct word is “con.” Because it looks like DeSantis has been taking COVID-19 deaths out of one column and inserting them into another. Even before the state took what had always been public information and began to hide it behind a newfound concern for privacy, there was evidence that DeSantis was covering up COVID-19 in the “Sunshine State.” On April 17, the Sun Sentinel warned that there was a spike in “pneumonia deaths” indicating that COVID-19 was already present and active in the state at a time when the official test results were showing a handful of cases. Even though flu cases were winding down in mid-March, pneumonia deaths had continued to head straight up. State Department of Health officials refused to comment on whether there was a connection between the soaring death count and the coronavirus, even as the official number of COVID-19 remained low. As a infectious disease expert from George Mason University made clear, “It is likely that they missed some COVID-19 deaths and reported them as respiratory deaths.” However, while it might have been possible that deaths in March and early April were missed simply because state officials weren’t keyed to look for COVID-19 deaths, that certainly wasn’t true after that day. On May 7, the Miami Herald called on DeSantis to stop hiding the true toll of deaths from the novel coronavirus. In particular, that paper pointed out that DeSantis “continues to keep Floridians in the dark about what is—and isn’t—happening in the state’s 3,800 nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.” And on Wednesday, the Tallahassee Democrat reported that in spite of DeSantis’ claims about his actions in Florida, the “whack-a-mole approach” to dealing with nursing homes was failing. Instead, the percentage of deaths in those facilities was continuing to grow along with a rising tide of new cases. But DeSantis didn’t open up. He didn’t open the list of deaths, or any other information. As the firing of Dr. Rebekah Jones made clear, Florida has only continued to hide and alter more information over time. And it seems there really was something to hide. Multiple tweets have pointed out that Florida is one of several states where a particular category of deaths that have happened in 2020 represents a sharp increase over past years. That category is deaths due to “flu or pneumonia.” As compiled by the CDC, in the first six months of 2020, Florida has logged 5,248 deaths due to pneumonia. Of those deaths, 960 were identified as being connected to COVID-19. That leaves 4,288 pneumonia deaths which were reported, but not logged against the COVID-19 deaths. Looking at the period between 2014 and 2018, Florida has averaged 2,870 deaths from pneumonia … over an entire year. That leaves an excess of 1,418 deaths from pneumonia over past years. If those numbers were added to Florida’s current COVID-19 total, the number of deaths would be 3,738. That would still leave Florida with a lower death toll due to COVID-19 than many other states, but it should certainly represent a bit of a stumble in DeSantis’ self-congratulation tour … and a reason to think again about the speed with which already lax social distancing rules are being dropped. It’s also worth noting that Florida isn’t the only state with a spike in pneumonia cases not attributed to either flu or COVID-19. Across the country, the total number of deaths logged to COVID-19, flu, or pneumonia was 139,925 on May 27. Read More
  7. Yeah, there's a drain mast with some lines for both fuel and oil (which shouldn't be leaking anything normally). Been a long while for me too now.
  8. You're all drinking swill. Rum is the only drink. Good, dark rum.
  9. In other words, no, you haven't read the report. I didn't think so. You wouldn't be talking like you do if you had. You talk like you believe you know so much, but in truth, you're too lazy to learn the truth. That's a shame.
  10. I guess you guys never read Mueller's report, eh? I'm sure it's still out there if you google it. Even in it's redacted form it's still a total condemnation of tRump and exposes lots of collusion and obstruction. Bill Barr lied like hell. ...and still is. Same, of course for tRump. You really should read it. So should Rex Murphy, obviously.
  11. [GASP!].... That sounds just a wee bit ... [YIKES?] ....LIBERAL Jaydee? Or is it just that YOU are getting old and worried about your own future?
  12. That's not quite happening under the radar, but It seems that with so many "HOLY CRAP!" type events occurring at the same time, it's difficult to get an appropriate response to some. Bolsonaro seems to be a tRump clone in a country where having full control is evidently much easier than in the US. He cares not one whit for the rainforest, beyond what cash he can get out of it.
  13. Of course they have sources. You just don't always know what they are, but someone created them.