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  1. Incredible. The man literally breathed in flames and burning fuel and not only survived but thrived.
  2. The red fire retardant used in Canada is PhosChek LC95A. Here’s an article on the product. https://blog.scienceborealis.ca/its-raining-red-why-use-of-chemical-fire-retardants-is-on-the-rise/
  3. I read that TS is doing Montreal to Nantes with the A321 NeoLR. That’s impressive range.
  4. ... and there it is. The first slam at a group of hard working people who are just like the rest of us. They go to work each day and do their best to serve the customers. We should be better than this. Like it or not, we're all small puppets in someone else's sideshow. IMHO we should try to remember that and keep it civil.
  5. How do you know when the stage is level?
  6. I'm having trouble figuring out why it's a "Boeing" Strat, unless the colour is supposed to represent an unpainted airframe.
  7. J.O.


    Assuming they're an employee, they too are a stakeholder in the future of the company. Having been through a takeover by a private equity firm - one which resulted in a strategic stripping bare of the company until it failed - a little skepticism is a healthy thing.
  8. J.O.


    Things will definitely change, you can bank on that. I'm interested to see how Mr. Schwartz handles employee relations. It hasn't exactly been his forte.
  9. To most people, any surface an airplane maneuvers on is a "runway", but it would be nice if the media would at least try to be slightly more educated on such stuff.
  10. AC was the only one who's purchase of the MAX meant addition of a new fleet type. All of the other North American purchasers were current operators of 737NG's - some with their own simulators, and some using third party machines. As the MAX was identified as a common type, there wasn't a perceived need for a tailored simulator for those current operators.
  11. This is pretty good. I hope many passengers see it and that it makes them think twice.
  12. The death toll is now 41. I saw (but am unable to repost) a video of the landing from another angle. There was no fire until after the second touchdown when the gear appears to collapse.
  13. Maybe that explains why I felt this one flew “funny” compared to the others in the fleet.
  14. Crew not seriously injured but the aircraft is badly damaged. https://cabinradio.ca/15623/news/south-slave/crew-safe-as-buffalo-flight-goes-down-with-engine-failure/
  15. Let's keep in mind that any potential suitor is interested in the tour operator side of the business. That's the part that's supposed to generate a profit. For tour operators like Transat AT and Sunwing, the airline is a cost centre. IMHO, if said suitor already owns an airline, there would be even less incentive to take on a separate operation and all of the complexities that would entail.