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  1. Don't the drivers have a plexiglas barrier now?
  2. Fair point, but that doesn't mean they should stop the flight notifications, IMHO.
  3. Airlines aren’t responsible for public health once the passenger steps off the aircraft. The authorities have a responsibility to conduct contact tracing and advise those who may have been exposed. When a manifest contains the names of booking agents instead of the passengers - and apparently that’s been happening - how else do they alert people in a timely fashion?
  4. I heard a good one today. Refusing to make masks mandatory when distancing isn’t possible is like declaring a peeing section in a swimming pool.
  5. Seriously, do you wear a seatbelt every time you drive, even though most every time you won’t need it?
  6. Landed on the second attempt in a monsoon. What's strange is the first approach was done into wind, the second in the opposite direction with a 10 kt tailwind. Both sides have a functioning ILS.
  7. Just a legal element of their restructuring plan to keep the US-based wolves at bay.
  8. There is no scenario for managing this situation that doesn’t lead to economic hardship. Opening things up causes massive strain on health care systems and as more people get sick, the desire to travel and intermingle with our fellow citizens will wane anyways. Maintaining a tighter rein on things keeps more people alive but still causes economic hardship. If you were deciding, would you want to be considered responsible for more deaths, or fewer? Ask Trump how that’s going. Whether he’s truly responsible for it or not is irrelevant, the captain carries the can for the success or failure of the mission. He’s the Francesco Schettino of coronavirus leadership.
  9. There was this guy. https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/b-c-man-to-be-deported-after-causing-flight-to-divert-to-winnipeg-in-june-1.5036222#:~:text=WINNIPEG -- A B.C. man,wear a protective face mask.
  10. Was that one of those Air B&B parties? We're having problems with those in BC and the government just added new guidelines to (hopefully) deal with the issue.
  11. The Aussies are far more open to the "big stick" enforcement approach than we are in Canada. They're also more community minded than we are. It's commonplace (maybe even the law) for employers to continue paying their workers while they're off on a two week volunteering stint with a charity or community organization.
  12. I like Mike Rowe's take on it, but sadly, too many others who are advocating for things to be fully "open" are also refusing to take the precautions he's taking when they're necessary. I'm pretty sure he wears his seatbelt and respects speed limits because he understands the consequences, but too many people only wear a seatbelt because it's "the law" and only obey the speed limit when they think they might get caught.
  13. Oh Mitch, how I've missed you! I love how you've always called a spade a shovel, no matter who the audience. It's a gift. I didn't have a dog in the fight but I've always agreed with you on how the merger was handled. If the intention wasn't to create rifts across employee groups and cause a decade of damage to corporate culture, they sure fooled me!
  14. Norway is well into the development of a testing system similar to breathalyzers that provides a COVID result in 3 minutes. Something like that could be a game changer not only for airlines, but at border crossings too.
  15. The availability of pre-departure COVID tests would be the first hurdle to the AC proposal. Here in BC, a person still needs one or more symptoms to get a test.