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  1. Malcolm, many crew duty days are pushing the maximum as it is. No one should have to add extra time to their day to compensate for inadequate employee security processing, especially at busy airports like YYC.
  2. I'm no expert but that looks like a 767 wing and the fuel seems to be coming from a fuel dump pipe.
  3. I'm glad my family is somewhat more adventurous.
  4. I thought the ad campaign said they don't overbook. Subtle difference but not the same thing.
  5. It's always a good idea to know your audience. Not everyone who rides in the back is thrilled with the notion of flying. It may not be the best analogy but nonetheless, if there's a profession that suffers from more dislike from their clients than flying, it's dentistry. I don't frequent dental forums but if I did, I doubt I'd find them ridiculing those patients who aren't big fans of their services. In fact, many dental offices are making an effort to reduce the anxiety of their patients by adding television screens that can distract the patient during a procedure. It's a simple but brilliant strategy and it is working. We can't sedate the passengers but we can try to minimize their anxiety when bad days happen. I highly doubt the captain said the RTO was because of something they did wrong but none of us was there, so what if that they did say that? Is that not something we all can learn from? I know this, having dealt with a fair number of complaints from anxious passengers in a previous life, there were a few times when much of that anxiety was directly attributable to poor communications from the front end when things didn't go according to plan. One that stands out is the skipper who explained the need for an unscheduled fuel stop due to unforecasted headwinds by saying, "We don't have enough fuel to make it." No mention of the headwinds at all.
  6. Well to be fair, if you are a passenger in said car and you're not looking ahead when it happens, it will come as quite a shock to be suddenly stopped from hitting the dashboard by your shoulder belt. Passengers in the back have no idea when a rejected takeoff is going to happen until it is happening and if you've never experienced auto brakes MAX in an Airbus, you can't really appreciate how aggressive it is.
  7. Oops, I was talking about the wrong video. Never mind.
  8. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the video was taken by the passenger, who in making it and then posting it on line, tossed out any right to privacy he might otherwise claim. As the agent did not take the video (and it's doubtful she gave her permission for it to be taken), he privacy rights under EU law could be violated if her identity was shown.
  9. Easyjet purchased a variant of the A319 that has a second emergency exit window and which allowed them to cram in one extra row of seats (25 vice the normal 24 maximum). So there must have been at least one infant on board to have 151 pax.
  10. And if it was your daughter?
  11. Malcolm has it right. A-hole. People who were on the scene are clearly siding with the agent. The guy went in looking for a scrap. He was connecting from another Ryanair flight and had to know he needed to print a boarding pass or he'd be charged for it.
  12. People who claim to be fellow passengers who witnessed the situation in the UK are coming down firmly on the side of the FA. According to them, the passenger's histrionics went on for some time before the video starts. To accommodate other passenger's carry-on bags, the FA had moved her small bag to a different OHB location nearby. Apparently that simple action was enough for the passenger to want to see the captain. Talk about needy!
  13. Who said I wasn't?
  14. Actual CAT III weather conditions are very rare unless you work out of a select few airports.