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  1. I don't know if the same mindset still exists today but I remember when the Fredericton accident led to a decision there would never be DECs at Air Canada again.
  2. When the union's mindset at the table is "we don't negotiate for people who aren't here yet", it opens the door for the pay scale you are referring to.
  3. Airlines and pilot unions had best put their heads together and find solutions to the lack of interest or the drive to innovating pilots (at least one of them) out of the cockpit will come fast and furious. The challenge will be the lifestyle expectations of the young generation of available workers. We may not like the fact that they want more work life balance in their younger years than we were willing to accept, but when it's a seller's market, the buyer has to innovate if they want to play.
  4. Kind of defeats the purpose of tankering, not to mention calling into question the airline's flight planning software.
  5. “Darker Shades of Blue: The Rogue Pilot” is an excellent read. The author is Tony Kern and he was a colleague and friend of Bud Holland who was the aircraft commander in the B52. He was commissioned by USAF to review the accident and was shocked to learn what his friend had been up to and how the command structure had known about it and condoned it (and even laughed about it) for years.
  6. That’s a lot of standing water!!!
  7. Right now, it’s better to be the guy that brings the refreshments to their friend’s boat than it is to be the friend with the boat (financially that is).
  8. From my conversations with those in the know, it was more than just acquisition cost. The 737s also had a lower per hour operating cost.
  9. The answer will depend on who's giving it. Pilots who've flown both will be 50/50 in their opinion. Maintenance folks tend to like the Airbus more. Bean counters will take the 737 all day long. Personally, I prefer the Airbus because I appreciated the benefits of the technological advances it provides, and because they gave me a table!
  10. Problem is I can only ever go in one direction - downwind.
  11. That's more of a Red Bull corporate culture thing. Crazy stunts are kind of what they do.
  12. Was that the four-engined version of the Cosmo?
  13. Some marinas in BC are charging over $2.50 per litre for marine diesel. My neighbours just cancelled their planned trip around Vancouver Island in their cruiser.
  14. Large petroleum consumers like the airlines, rail and shipping don't get the wild price swings we commoners do because they won't stand for it and their buying power gives them the clout to cut it off. Our current pump price increases aren't fully explained by the world oil price increases and carbon taxes. The last time world oil prices were at the current level (pre-COVID), we were paying about 25% less. IMO, the current consumer price is nothing more than the industry trying to claw back what the believe they lost when demand tanked in 2020.
  15. About as well as every other attempt to liberate Afghanistan in recent history.
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