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  1. The other day in Richmond, a brand new Audi R8 slammed into the back of a luxury SUV. The Audi was being driven by a teenager whose parents had just taken him to pick up his “present” for getting his first stage licence. The luxury SUV was being driven by his mother. The “N” sticker was clearly displayed next to the rear plate on the Audi. Edited to add, bring on the photo radar and make it like the systems in the UK which look not only at trap speed but also at average speed. It’s about time we got serious about this stuff.
  2. I agree, the AOA indicator in the good old Gyration was a handy feature. We had one A320 at Skyservice that had AOA indicators - they were separate analog gauges just outside of each pilot's PFD. Interestingly, that aircraft was originally purchased by an operator in Europe who had them installed in their whole fleet. Sadly, that same operator decided to forego installing GPWS and ended up crashing one in Strasbourg - caused by another issue with the man-machine interface.
  3. Tell that to Sears employees (and plenty of others).
  4. I was looking forward to your story of him putting your old machines out of their misery from 10,000 ft!
  5. Be careful what you wish for. Eventually we’re going to automate ourselves into bankruptcy and there will be no one left to fund those pesky pensions.
  6. Sully nailed it. Cadet programs may work when everything goes according to the plan, but throw someone with 200 hours an aircraft that feels like it's out of control and you will almost surely get a "deer in the headlights" response.
  7. It is when you're still in the market looking for financing and trying to show that you're more than a flash in the pan.
  8. I agree, I'm having a very hard time reconciling what this information release is supposed to mean to B767 operators.
  9. In saying that, she's leaving out some important information, like the fact that certification standards are established by the FAA and all of the people who sign off are doing so as a delegate of the FAA Administrator. It's no different than our ACPs, and unless she has evidence that delegates are cutting corners - with the FAA allowing that to happen (either by accident or on purpose) - it's a little irresponsible.
  10. So was this a case of a permanent solution to a temporary problem?
  11. Wow! I never thought I'd see the U.K. join in on this ban.
  12. Take a pill, folks. It's 2019.
  13. When it comes to aviation and the US media, it’s pretty uncommon to describe their coverage as “right”.
  14. Agreed. There may be something in the background during the last acknowledgement from the crew, but it's very hard to discern.