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  1. No severance? How will he ever survive? /s
  2. If they did this intentionally, then they appear to have severely underestimated the internal outrage it would create. The regime has been facing turmoil for a while now and if they thought they’d distract it, they were dead wrong. I’m more inclined to believe it was a tragic accident, not unlike the Vincennes shoot down of the Iranian A300.
  3. They're friendly at the Saddledome. Not so much in YYZ.
  4. IIRC, instead of taking water samples at all of the required sites, they took them all from the same source. My dad did the same job in the town of Ayr at that time. Before the "Common Sense Revolution" (talk about an oxymoron) cutbacks, he'd get testing results from the lab in a day or two. When Walkerton happened, it was taking a lot longer.
  5. I respectfully disagree. My aunt died in one of those 60's era cars in a relatively low speed head-on collision. Instead of the car taking the brunt of it, she did. She'd still be here if she'd been in my 2012 Infiniti. The crumple zones helped me to walk away with no significant injuries.
  6. Seems most were Iranian Canadians who were trying to get out before things get worse. Any of us would do the same in similar circumstances. Oh, and let's try to be adults, hard as it might be.
  7. Given that this situation has cost Boeing $5 billion (and counting) and several people have been fired, I'm not sure what more of a lesson they'd need to change their behaviour. The industry and the travelling public aren't stupid. If Boeing doesn't change their ways, they both will give Boeing their final lesson by taking their business elsewhere. This is also the way the world works.
  8. You don't change safety behaviours by doling out punishment unless willful intent is clear. In most cases, you'll have much better success changing behaviours by changing the systems and cultures that create them.
  9. I'm sure you were glad to have them back home safe. How was it down there?
  10. So, in theory, if there were only six empty seats on a B737 and no one paid to sit in the exit row, the flight could depart with a virtually full flight and yet no one has been briefed as an ABP. TC should have an issue with that being their policy.
  11. Maybe it's time for the operators to start cancelling a lot more flights to YHZ. That might convince them to spend some of their AIF money on actually improving the Airport.
  12. The white lines shown in that Google image seem to coincide with the ones shown in the first image posted by Marshall. Maybe the tow crews have a different reference.
  13. Swissport can only afford to pay what their airline customers are willing to absorb, and these days, that isn’t much. They’re always pushing service providers to do more with less, hence the reason it typically takes Menzies over 30 minutes to deliver checked bags to Westjet customers in YYZ.
  14. Could also be a problem with flaps setting. Wouldn’t be the first time.
  15. Merry Christmas one and all. Great to see you pop your head out from hibernation, Mitch!