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  1. They used our hangar. Great bunch of guys on the engine change.
  2. Meanwhile the NDP, in an effort to limit their mounting debt, has gone vintage.
  3. It probably had visible smoke trails that would rival its big brother, the 580.
  4. There was another crash of a piston-powered Convair in South Africa last year. It belonged to a Dutch aviation museum and there were two fatalities - one among the crew and one on the ground. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Pretoria_Convair_340_crash
  5. I was in my office when it departed and I heard what sounded like a compressor stall. Now I know why.
  6. Exactly and I’m not even sure why this is a story other than to take a proverbial kick at Boeing while they’re down. These same tests often result in the wing failing but the loads are so extreme, it is not considered a “failure”. It’s simply providing an understanding of the real load limits.
  7. I'll give you this, you've taken trolling to an epic level. I should know better.
  8. Ahem. Their US counterparts have been living with similar regulations for quite a while now.
  9. Hey Jeff.

    Is the friend in Freeport Sonia Ceci? I recall she was remodelling a condo back during our Sky days. I’ve been thinking about her since the hurricane hit that area. What a disaster. 


  10. The other thing to keep in mind is “Common Employer”. That’s bound to come to the surface sooner rather than later if they do plan to maintain separate operations.
  11. J.O.


    I have a friend who had a place on Grand Bahama near FPR. I say “had” because they’ve been informed it’s no longer there.
  12. It’s a relatively long sector in the Jazz world.
  13. Apparently the new museum is Barry's project. A friend of mine has been in contact with them and I wouldn't be surprised if he does some volunteer work as a tour guide. I haven't seen a planned opening date.
  14. Gabor may be an advocate but he's no "expert", unless being completely one-sided on an issue is now considered expertise.
  15. It's been several years but most of the stop signs I saw in France said "Stop".