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  1. Oh it could be done, just not “successfully”. Two observations - I recall seeing a while back that the Veyron / Chiron require special tires to do speed runs in excess of 300 km/hr but those tires aren’t road certified. The other thing I noticed was when he “backed off” from 408 km/hr to about 390 when a slight rise in the road reduces his forward visibility, as if that reduction was going to make a meaningful difference in his braking distance.
  2. The least they could do is get the calls right.
  3. That's a good question. I think Omicron has changed the game because more people are asymptomatic with that variant. I know a guy who paid to get tested to travel to Europe and it came back positive. He paid for a second one just to be sure because the trip was very important - it too was positive. He still has no symptoms, but if he'd have travelled and only got tested on return, he likely would have been stuck there for 14 days. Edited to add that I doubt any of this was in the minds of the rule makers. The further this goes, the more they seem to be grasping at the wrong straws.
  4. I used to be a fan of WestJet, partially because I remember a day when they were outdoing their main rival in the area of customer service. It's both sad and amazing how losing the influence of their founding members has affected this area of their business.
  5. Fleet differences, simulator set-up and training costs may be a factor, especially if not all of the 767s are being converted.
  6. There aren't many times when I am truly jealous of another aviator, but this is definitely one of them. Very cool.
  7. The airspace through this area has been busy with helos all day, both civil and military. Their support is greatly appreciated.
  8. It sure is, Greg. Unfortunately, in spite of the NTSB identifying poor checklist discipline as a significant causal factor in many business aircraft accidents, that sector of the industry continues to struggle with the issue.
  9. Imagine if the terms “pandemicist” or “anti-vaxxer” were replaced by the “n” word or some other widely despised epithet. Most rational people would rail at that and address it immediately. Yet these words are becoming commonplace in social discourse as zealots on both sides attempt to marginalize those who disagree. It doesn’t matter which side does it, it’s wrong and it needs to stop. We should be better than this.
  10. I admit that I haven’t always been clean on this either but I have been working hard to stay above the fray and be respectful, reaping what I have sown so to speak. Like all things in life, I’m a work in progress. I acknowledge that perception belongs to perceiver, but really? You don’t see these as even a little condescending? “Some also jump before making sure the water is deep enough too” ”Ignorance is bliss, eh? Wow! ” “I wonder what you’ll say when they insist your child get a fourth fifth sixth and seventh vaccination shot. No parent control then, eh? But maybe you’re one of those that are OK with that lol!!!!!”
  11. I wanted to like this post but it seems that option isn’t available for your comments. That said, I’m not a fan of people who appear on a forum anonymously and immediately start tossing hand grenades and calling people who’ve chosen to be vaccinated “naive idiots”. If you (Mr. C. T.) truly had the courage of your convictions, you would put your name to what you say. This IMHO is why you’re getting the blowback, and you’ve earned it. I also want to be clear that while I believe in the vaccine program, I am dead set against the mandate. I’m having a hard time seeing past the hypocrisy of a government that spent months telling us their political opponents didn’t truly believe in a woman’s right to make choices for her own body, then turning around and telling all of us that we don’t have the right to determine what is injected into our bodies, all in in exchange for a paycheque or the right to get on an airplane. I also hate what this is doing to the mental health of a lot of good people. I’m lucky to work for a company that treats every team member as family. We’re struggling to reconcile what’s been forced on us by the mandate with the damage its doing to our culture. It’s a small sample of what’s being done to our country, and I’m sick of it.
  12. The maintenance program for a 30+ year old airliner is a lot to take on for any GA operation, even the “managed” ones. When it’s just someone’s vanity project, the outlook is often less than good.
  13. True, but that requirement is already embodied in the federal vaccine mandate which covers 85 Canadian airports including virtually all of the AC domestic network save for a few northern airports.
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