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  1. Another pioneer in Canada's aviation industry has passed on. R.I.P. Barry, your legacy lives on in the dedicated team of people who've proudly served under your guidance for over 50 years. I'm very proud to be one of them. https://conair.ca/conair-wp/wp-content/uploads/Barry-Marsden-Loss-of-an-Aerial-Firefighting-Pioneer.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0tBZ7gWq69rG6knl8zMq-HwwsWFREJtDm3rIVU45juzwVTkMUoKalNu8U
  2. Seriously? Sorry, but my BS-o-meter needle just hit 11.
  3. LOL, your name doesn’t have to be Bezos to be able to afford a west coast retirement, but it helps.
  4. I knew it had to be sped up. Here's what happens when you play with the speed on a musical number.
  5. In a matter of days, you'll be so busy you'll wonder how you had time for a job! Enjoy your well deserved retirement, my friend. Cheers!
  6. There are people who will say this was a long overdue call by the FAA.
  7. Good old Florida just can't help but be ... Florida. SMH
  8. My latest discovery is a cover band from Russia - Leonid and Friends. Leonid Vorobyev is the bass player and he does all of the arrangements and orchestrations for this talented group of musicians. They’ve done a bunch of Chicago tunes, some EW&F and a smattering of others. They’re even starting a tour down south later this year - if they can get their visas worked out. Anyways, this new cover of Steely Dan was just released and it is really good.
  9. They’ve been emboldened by attention seeking people who post nonsense on social media.
  10. The boats were bad enough, then some jerk was flying a drone over the fire and action had to be called off for almost 2 hours.
  11. Believe it or not that kind of predatory financing does occur in the industry. Unfortunately it’s sometimes part of a corporate raiding scheme to suck as much money out of the company as possible - potentially leading to said company’s ultimate demise. Reading through the bankruptcy filings for one of my former employers made for interesting reading. It was a classic corporate raid. The buyer had no intention of owning an airline. His only goal was maximizing his own profits by “loaning” his own money to his company at similarly usurious rates. The day he bought the airline was the day it’s fate was sealed. I hope for the sake of everyone at Flair that this isn’t a similar situation.
  12. Well this sucks. An emergency AD has been issued because the helicopter had a main rotor separation due to a failed pin in the rotor hub. "During investigation of a recent Bell 212 helicopter fatal accident in Canada, it has been discovered that one of the outboard main rotor hub strap pin, part number (P/N) 204-012-104-005 with a serial number prefix “FNFS”, sheared off during flight, leading to detachment of the main rotor blade and the main rotor head. It has been reported that the failed main rotor hub strap pin had only accumulated 20 hours of service. https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/2/awd-cn/documents/CF-2021-23-E.PDF
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