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  1. Q400 line sold too?

    We don’t get to keep them. We’ve sold them to the Securite Civile in France.
  2. Why is AC.TO price tanking?

    Might want to put some Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker in that portfolio too!
  3. I agree Rich. I hope the Turkish authorities go against their traditions and put out a meaningful report on this one.
  4. For whatever reason, I suspect the front end crew were just along for the ride at the end.
  5. This one’s weird. They’re not off the end of the runway, they’ve gone off the left side and from the looks of the skid marks, they started going off at about 3/4 of the way along the landing roll. I’m wondering if there was a landing gear or brakes issue.
  6. It’s a good thing they did. Over the holidays, we were connecting in YYC with 1:15 scheduled between flights. Our inbound flight was on time but we were surprised when we went to the International terminal (and to one of the farthest gates from civilization). Our connecting flight was going from A17. Having been seated near the back of the plane, it took a while to deplane. Once off, we walked at a good pace and used the connection shuttle and were still a good 25 minutes from gate to gate. By the time we got to A17, everyone else had boarded and we were being paged to hurry up.
  7. Sure thing there Harvey.
  8. The airports involvement is limited to allowing it to happen. Not exactly a resource waster and having watched how effective it is, I’d say it’s a great idea. But then again, I’m a serious dog lover and have enjoyed a quick visit with them several times.
  9. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    I won’t say never, but the only way I’d do it would be if the remote pilot was strapped to an electric chair that administered the appropriate “feedback” based on the success of the flight. Skin in the game folks. Skin in the game.
  10. Zuma payload

    NASA launched dozens of classified missions, mostly involving spy satellites. This was probably another intelligence gathering payload of some sort.
  11. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    When I questioned a certain MEC chair on that subject, his snide response was, "Screw them. I'm not going to negotiate for someone who isn't here yet". When I replied that some day in the future, his own pension could be threatened by the company's inability to crew their operation due to a shortage of people, he laughed and called me naive.
  12. That is why cockpit recording should only be allowed if accompanied by strong protective regulations (as in iron clad). The number of investigations that have been hampered by a lack of video is small. Let’s not over react.
  13. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    The fuel supply line is also outside the shroud and from what I'm being told, that's the most likely area for the damage to have occurred.
  14. I bet he forgot to request the JBI! Icy landing
  15. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Maybe, maybe not. The extinguisher isn’t designed to put out a fuel fire that is outside the APU shroud, and it’s highly likely that this was a ruptured fuel line that caught fire.