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  1. The best way to describe the difference is to say that the WestJet app works very well, but the Swoop app doesn't. Their booking engine is terrible - I felt like I was trying to communicate with Ryanair.
  2. J.O.

    The New Bearded ones

    Our maintenance staff use respirators when working with solvents and other noxious chemicals and we fit test them annually. They must be clean shaven when they take the test. WorkSafe BC has pulled the ticket of a few testing services who werent enforcing that rule - and for good reason. I’ve done that fit test and experienced how little of a break in the seal it took to have the acrid test smoke make me gag. To each his own I guess but there’s no way I will ever fly without being clean shaven, just in case I have a bad day and need to wear that mask to stay alive.
  3. The problem is hardly new - it existed when "this Minister" was still employed by the Canadian Space Agency. Multiple past efforts to modernize approach ban limits have been lobbied into oblivion by industry groups. The ridiculous "level of service" debacle that came out about 10 years ago was a backhanded way for the then Director General to push a more conservative methodology on the industry. Unfortunately he did nothing to mandate airport operators to bring their equipment up to modern standards. Airbus has consulted heavily with industry and has put a ton of work into their FCOM SOPs. If those SOPs had been used, I believe this accident would have been prevented. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  4. Dang-it, stupid auto correct! I was reading my way through one of those “can’t get back to sleep” moments, so I guess I was. Oh well, it’s fixed now.
  5. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/longform/flagship-erie-1941-crash
  6. J.O.

    Norwegian Coming to Canada

    There are just too many negatives surrounding this outfit. I think I'd be booking elsewhere.
  7. If I were the man in charge, fingerprints on screens and documents on the glare shield would be strictly verboten. Neither is necessary, both are very annoying.
  8. ... and making sure someone doesn't stuff the flags up into the nose gear well - which happened once in my past life.
  9. J.O.

    Air India

    It hasn't appeared on PPRune so I'd take it with a grain of salt.
  10. Sure do. If you need to bring a carry-on, book it before you go the airport. It's cheaper when you book the flight, more when you get to the check-in counter and a lot more if you have to pay at the gate. In fact, the first checked bag is less expensive than a carry-on. You can bring a small personal item at no charge provided it fits under the seat in front of you. Note that if you don't book an "extra room" seat and you're more than 5 feet tall, your knees will be screaming at you after about 15 minutes with your personal item under the seat. The seat pitch in the standard configuration is brutal! I paid for an extra room seat and it was well worth it.
  11. I recently took a flight on Swoop between YXX and YHM. Charging for carry on bags means the bins are less than half full with a full load of passengers.
  12. J.O.

    Cockpit Life Hack

    In the left seat too.
  13. That’s a pretty extreme pitch excursion.
  14. J.O.

    Departure Attitudes

    I agree with everyone else, pilot was a jackass.