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  1. Used to love the sound of the ones at FRA and CDG.
  2. Failed bearing suspected after A319 wheel loss. Canadian investigators have observed an apparent failed outer bearing on the main landing-gear assembly of the Air Canada Airbus A319 which lost a wheel before arrival at Toronto. Transportation Safety Board of Canada says images of the aircraft, which arrived from New York LaGuardia on 18 February, indicate that the failed bearing allowed the wheel assembly to "slip out of the axle". https://www.flightglobal.com/safety/failed-bearing-suspected-after-a319-wheel-loss/136928.article
  3. That's quite the machine! Looking forward to seeing his show at Abbotsford this summer.
  4. A350 and the Max are in different segments.
  5. This incident raises significant public safety concerns. It shouldn’t be that easy.
  6. Anyone who's been to the campus knows that bridge.
  7. Absolutely. I've also been around this industry long enough to know that sometimes, things just break, even when everything else was done right.
  8. Too early to say it was a “whoops”.
  9. At least they’re still giving you the option!
  10. I'm not surprised, Mav. I spent some time with a guy who'd been doing ferry flights for leasing companies for a long time. He said that in general, Canadian aircraft are returned in better condition than those from most anywhere else except the UK.
  11. My, how times have changed. I remember when Westjet was the plaintiff.
  12. Exactly. Flying across the ocean with only two engines must be a crazy suicide mission too.
  13. If I recall correctly, Jim was going to pull the plug (due to the AC / CP merger vitriol) and our current hosts took it over at that time.
  14. Tell that to the hundreds of pilots who make a living fighting fires, doing power line maintenance, hauling drilling gear and logging in a helo. They make their bones in the low and slow regime most of the time. I guess they’re all crazy and destined to die.