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  1. I particularly loved the autograph story near the end.
  2. For the Netflix subscribers out there, they recently posted a documentary called “Spitfire: The Plane that Saved the World”. I highly recommend it. The pilots personal stories were as important to the story as the aircraft itself.
  3. Twice in its history when AC looked to replace the narrow body fleet, the evaluation team recommended Airbus.
  4. Or one could argue they’re helping the zoo maintain an outdated tradition of keeping wild animals captive for the viewing pleasure of humans.
  5. Recent engine oiling problems in some Hyundai and Kia models have knocked their reliability stats down a few pegs. Our Optima was in the shop for three months waiting for a new one.
  6. There's already one government in hot water over a quid pro quo ...
  7. What about Herr Schreiber?
  8. Interesting sequence of events. The part about this that I have a hard time with is the idea that flying circuits in the airplane is still required by some CAA's. There's a reason Level D simulators are certified to allow for zero time training in the airplane - it's called risk.
  9. So if the FAA, TC and other CAA's around the world all agree to certify the 737 MAX, will CUPE, AAFAU etc. accept that, or do they have some other "higher" expectations?
  10. There really couldn't be a worse time to have a dual ELAC failure. They managed it very well but were also more than a little fortunate.
  11. ... and CV580s and 30 year old King Airs and Cheyennes. Sounds to me like someone is looking for an excuse to go shopping in Montreal to buy a few votes.
  12. OCTOBER 30, 2019 / 1:10 PM / UPDATED AN HOUR AGO U.S. lawmakers question Boeing's $1 mln rebate clause for Southwest 737 MAX orders David Shepardson, Tracy Rucinski (Reuters) - To convince Southwest Airlines Co (LUV.N) to buy the Boeing 737 MAX, the plane maker reassured the airline that pilots would not need expensive simulator training and backed up the promise with a $1 million per plane rebate if training was needed, U.S. lawmakers said on Wednesday. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-airplane-southwest/u-s-lawmakers-question-boeings-1-mln-rebate-clause-for-southwest-737-max-orders-idUSKBN1X92D4
  13. I have first hand experience which showed that the wide open hours at bars in UK airports were not always the "civilized" option, particularly when flights were delayed. When we were lucky, the contracted gate staff weeded them out. When we weren't ....
  14. I hope Doug is prepared to reimburse the airlines for the inevitable increase in unruly passenger incidents and diversions.