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  1. I read elsewhere that Malaysian’s SOP for Brisbane is for the covers to be left in place until just before pushback because of the prevalence of mud wasps who love to build nests in pitot tubes and static ports. The engineer is supposed to pull the covers and bring them to the flight deck when they present the final sign-off of the tech log.
  2. J.O.

    Air Service to Small Cities

    South of the border in Washington state they successfully implemented a subsidized bus service into rural areas after a Greyhound pulled the plug. It’s a federal program and the service is networked so riders can buy a single ticket to any part of the country.
  3. J.O.

    Skytrax best airlines

    Some people won't be happy until the employees have to pay the company for the privilege of having something to do.
  4. J.O.

    Spraying in New Zealand

    According to BCWS, it was human caused. That can mean many things.
  5. J.O.

    Spraying in New Zealand

    Speaking of retardant, some video from a recent fire near Kamloops. This one grew to 400 hectares quite quickly.
  6. J.O.

    Spraying in New Zealand

    Water bombers reload on lakes and I don’t think there’s much room for improvement to the very impressive 12 - 15 seconds it takes to uplift 1500 US gallons into the CL215T. As for the fire retardant tankers (they drop the red stuff), we routinely do hot reloads (engines running). Loading 2100 US gallons in the CV580 tank takes five to seven minutes. Gravity feeding isn’t possible because the retardant has to be mixed during the loading process to prevent settling of the ingredients.
  7. J.O.

    Tarmac accident at YYZ

    IIRC, on some aircraft, exit signs can be tied to the seat belt switch when the gear proximity switches are in ground mode.
  8. J.O.

    News Report re Jazz HardLanding

    Admittedly I’ve never experienced a landing that hard but I struggle to believe the skipper thought it would be okay to continue.
  9. J.O.

    Westjet and YSB

    WestJet's going to operate a train service now?
  10. J.O.

    Westjet and YSB

    Indeed. Whatever happened to "use it or lose it"?
  11. J.O.

    WestJet in the news for baggage

    ... and Chevy bumpers, kitchen sinks etc. Yes, I have seen it first hand.
  12. J.O.

    Canada Buys USED fighters

    Vladimir Putin would like nothing more than to see the NATO alliance fractured by petty infighting. How fortunate for him the US (ahem) government has decided to be his facilitator.
  13. J.O.

    Fly Around The Moon

    Nice view of the fake LEM and lunar rover that NASA photo-shopped onto the moon surface.
  14. J.O.

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    Ask Harley Davidson if he’s predictable.
  15. Pure and simple profit taking. They're sucking out all they can now because the process of weaning mankind off of fossil fuels for personal transportation has begun and they see the writing on the wall. A few oil industry execs have even come out in support of carbon pricing.