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  1. Probably a nice bottle from the Okanagan. I saw that $1 story - such a joke.
  2. ICBC made a big announcement about rebates of up to $400 this year for "good drivers" as they changed to a no-fault system. I have a clean record - no at fault accidents or tickets in over 30 years - and I got a cheque for a whopping $40.
  3. Maybe because if every taxpayer was given the sweet deal the islanders get, the city would be broke.
  4. I wonder how many islanders have cashed CERB cheques?
  5. But if they arrive via a land border, CBSA has no means to enforce a hotel stay. Whether or not they chose to fly into Buffalo (or any other airport near the border) isn't relevant.
  6. I would say no, since the hotel stay requirement only applies to passengers arriving on international flights.
  7. The aviation industry remembers the well deserved criticism against the so-called increases in security that we faced post-9/11 and how it amounted to little more than lipstick on the proverbial pig (harassing innocent people instead of targeting actual risks). Given the facts around the greatest contributors to COVID case spread, it's not hard to see why so many are questioning the validity of our current travel restrictions. They have more holes than all of the cheese in Zurich.
  8. There was quite a stir here out west when the previous launch occurred. I missed it because of clouds (surprise!!!) but a co-worker took some great pics in central BC.
  9. Just because it is called the Brazilian variant does not mean it was imported from Brazil. The virus naturally mutates everywhere it lives. It's entirely possible it mutated right here in BC. The Spanish flu didn't come from Spain ...
  10. Lol, you were doing great, then you had to go and toss in a comparison with that robotic creation by Kraftwerk. I’ll forgive you, but only because it’s a Tuesday and my back is irritating me far more than this is.
  11. Respectfully, it’s a tough stretch to suggest that Dark Side wasn’t the peak of their creativity and collaboration as a group. It’s truly the best example of what they could do when they were all fully committed to the result. The Wall was mostly Waters’ anti-war project.
  12. Hey Mitch, here's another cover of a PF tune that you may enjoy. He doesn't have some of the piano players attributes, but he sure can play (and he's only 17 yrs old!) Check out his YouTube channel - he's got a bunch of great stuff.
  13. I don't think I have ever suffered from PTSD but I could be wrong, but I do know people who suffer from it and the cause isn't nearly as important as the effect. Having grown up in aviation at a time when the acronym didn't exist, it's quite likely that the pilots (and controllers) I know who walked away from the career because of a "scary" event probably did suffer from it. But none of them sued their employer because of it. IMHO, when one chooses this career path, one must accept that there are going to be events which get your attention. When that event is something which is rehearsed
  14. So all he needs to do is bamboozle a smaller neighbour into giving up their own pharmaceutical industry in exchange for a free trade deal, then we can all live high on the hog. Trudeau has hardly been a shining star over the past year but it wasn't his government who sold our pharmaceutical independence down the road to get a deal. We're all paying the price for that mistake even though it's more than a 1/4 century old, because not unexpectedly, most countries (including the USA) are prioritizing their own citizens first and we get their leftovers. Lucky you to have slipped past that one
  15. I give, it's deleted. I trust all similarly backhanded political comments will receive similar questioning in the future, no matter who they're directed at.