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  1. Nice little $20 million payday.
  2. JFK seems to suffer an inordinate number of these.
  3. My son sent me some pictures of the domestic baggage claim in T1, which was a real mess last night. It's going to take weeks to sort it all out.
  4. NE Patriots 767's

    Hope they remember to put enough (air) in the tires.
  5. Could be but in my experience there is almost always a mitigating factor - typically a non-standard event - that leads to that occurring. In this case they had a medical emergency in progress.
  6. SFO

    Holy crap, go away for a couple of days and come back to find the pram empty and the toys scattered everywhere. Sheesh.
  7. So if a ground crew person blew the slide, they must have tried to open an armed door from the inside. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened. Since RDU is not a regular stop for WestJet, we may have a case of a person who is familiar with another operator's SOPs assuming the same on an unfamiliar carrier's equipment. The question remains, why was the door armed when parked on the ground?
  8. SFO Incident

    Some of the early model A320s were delivered with a 30 minute CVR, not sure on the status of the AC fleet.
  9. Does a B737 door automatically disarm when it is opened from the outside? The Airbus ones do, just wondering.
  10. Going Low

    I thought so too.
  11. I'll take YYT any day over JFK (or BOS).
  12. Navigation Art

    Maybe for a Boeing ...
  13. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/pearson-plane-passenger-1.4233247
  14. Navigation Art

    Naturally, Airbus had to send out an A350 to respond.
  15. Navigation Art

    When you have 17 hours to kill while doing an engine test in your Dreamliner ...