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  1. Really? Some of the biggest dolts on the planet wear a suit and tie to work every day. I could name names but I won't.
  2. I've turned off my ad blocker for this site and if the ads stay as they are now, I will happily keep it turned off. I hope it doesn't become like some others where ad content takes up 80% of a page (are you listening, AVCanada?).
  3. This is the part I struggle to agree with. In fact, I’d say no, they’re not. There was a day when expertise was earned through decades of study, research and dedication to the craft. When experts spoke, the vast majority listened because faith in our fellow humans was engrained. Today by contrast, there are far too many experts who are anything but; who’ve put in nowhere near enough time and skin in the game to have developed expertise. They pronounce themselves as such and are crafty enough with their words to draw in the easily swayed. In truth, they are no better than a Jim Jones or a Jimmy Swaggart, and people are dying unnecessarily because of it.
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-severe-outcomes-covid-vaccination-1.6178449
  5. Every conspiracy theorist who contributed to this mess should face charges of criminal negligence causing death.
  6. The Phil Valentine story is filed under "be careful what you wish for". If people would leave science and medicine to the experts, we'd be much better off. I'm pretty sure no one on this forum would hop in the back of an airplane flown by a circus clown, or hire their favourite barista to defend them in a lawsuit.
  7. It certainly has. I wonder if we'll ever get to a point where we can focus on what we have in common rather than what makes us different.
  8. Indeed Don, there are far too many examples of a publicity stunt gone wrong when the operator(s) let their guard down in favour of the "show". And yes, this was little more than a publicity stunt, IMO.
  9. I'm double vaccinated and I believe mass vaccination is our best path back to normal, so I would like to see as many people as possible be vaccinated. I also have no problem with those who choose differently, provided that choice is for objective medical / scientific reasons. Unfortunately, there seems to be about one of those for every ten that have made that choice because of a misinformation campaign that's created a level of anarchy the likes of which Lex Luthor would be proud. Here in BC yesterday, there were protests against vaccine passports and mandates. These protests were organized through social media and they were held in front of most every hospital in the province. When I say organized, it was only in terms of timing and location. The messaging was a PR disaster. Many of the protest groups included people who hurled obscenities and racist barbs at medical staff as they came and went from their workplace. Any hopes of garnering sympathy for their cause was lost, not only because of the taunting, but because they chose places where thousands of front line workers have risked their own health and safety to help COVID patients survive and to keep the dying ones comfortable. The medical staff have paid a horrible price both physically and emotionally for over 18 months. These protestors chose to pile on against people who've had no more of a hand in shaping public policy decisions than my neighbour's pet Airedale. The response today from the majority in the community has been the polar opposite of sympathetic. Many people are now saying the protestors can go jump in a lake should they ever get sick in the future - for any reason. What's that old saying about catching flies with honey instead of vinegar?
  10. If CAA hasn't advised all of their members of a new policy on vaccination, then that should never have happened. I'm a member of BCAA and there's been no such notification here. In any case, call me crazy but I don't understand why anyone would answer "no" to a CAA dispatcher asking the question. It's not like they have any means to verify whether or not it's true.
  11. Federal and provincial health and safety regulations already require employers to have policies and programs to protect workers from employment-related injuries and illness. There is plenty of evidence that COVID-19 has been spread in Canadian workplaces, therefore it is not a huge stretch to say that in order to comply with the existing legislation, an employer can require vaccinations as part of their OH&S compliance program.
  12. Hope someone likes the taste of crow.
  13. That video was refreshing and is an example of how I expect most professional aircrew would handle it. It's also an excellent demonstration of the benefits of having the autothrust "SPEED" mode when hand flying, something the folks in Seattle / Chicago have largely banned on their fleet.
  14. What’s worse is two people in that cockpit were taking a video instead of focussing on safe completion of a challenging visual approach maneuver - right seat and jumpseat. I read elsewhere that the person in the jumpseat was a CAA inspector from Bhutan giving the Indonesian captain a competency check at Paro airport.
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