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  1. I asked a supervisor at YYZ a similar question a few years ago, and according to him, the YVR ATIS was correct. Unless the CAP chart says ILS or LOC RWY 08L, then the only clearance they can give is a clearance for the ILS with the GP inoperative. The ATIS is set up the same way.
  2. Thanks Don, I look forward to reading through it thoroughly. If it's as well thought out as their ALAR tool (wow, it's almost 20 years already!), it should help the industry to take the next steps to a lower accident rate. Speaking of unstable approaches, have you seen the TSB report into the Jazz undershoot at CYAM? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on their attempts to apply swept wing jet stable approach criteria to an aircraft that's closer to a C172 than a B737.
  3. No one is holding a tag day for the 2016-17 Leafs. They far exceeded expectations and it wouldn't surprise me if they just lost to the 2017 champions.
  4. When you realize that it's about the same as 100 average fill-ups at the gas station in 8 seconds, it is indeed impressive, and the engineering behind it is quite simple. It's all about unrestricted flow and venting. At full rate, the drop happens in about half that time.
  5. It happens very quick. The tanks fill with about 1400 US gallons of water in 8 seconds.
  6. Until you try to park it at the mall.
  7. No doubt the folks in the T33 will develop an insatiable hankering for fish and chips.
  8. Ah yes, now I remember. I deleted that part.
  9. The problem with continuing a flight with a departed wheel is the unknown factor of damage to the aircraft.
  10. In those cases, they can't be assigned a seat unless it's open. They'll be put on the standby list when all seats for the next flight are sold.
  11. I suspect you'd find that folks who regularly book refundable fares do so because they're business people whose plans change. They pay a fairly hefty premium for that privilege every time they go ahead with their travel plans.
  12. The problem I have with arguments in favour of United having acted in accordance with the contract are that the moment they accepted his boarding pass at the gate and allowed him to cross the threshold of the aircraft to take his assigned seat, they as much as said they intended to get him to his destination. Arguing that they have the right to punt him (or anyone else) right up to the point of departure is equivalent to saying it's okay for Ruth's Chris to plunk down a sizzling juicy steak in front of you, allow you to take a bite or two and then yanking the steak away and giving it to another "more deserving" diner. Maybe the laws and tariffs don't state it right now, but they should be clear in saying that once a passenger is allowed to board, the only valid reason to remove them is an action that breaks a law such as disruptive behaviour.
  13. I always felt the same way but it happened to me once. My eyes were open the whole time, but I wasn't "there". It was a typical all night crossing going to Venice, I was reasonably well rested and even took a controlled rest nap during the flight (as did my colleague). We were heading directly into the rising sun and I just clocked out. I missed two calls from ATC to turn for the ILS intercept and that's when the guy beside me knew I was gone. I came to just inside the FAF and did the PNF duties the rest of the way. BTW, the thread title is wrong. It's an A319, no "wheel".
  14. There were several turboprop engine options used to upgrade the original piston powered CV240, including Napier Elands, Allison 501s and the Darts, but I'm not sure it was the engines that made the distinct whistle as much as the airframe. The Allison powered 580s certainly have it.
  15. It would be nice if everyone reporting on the Dao situation would stop saying the flight was overbooked - it wasn't, at least not until United decided to bully a group of paying customers so it could recover from its own problems. As was said, how cheap does that Learjet charter to Louisville look now, Mr. Munoz???