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  1. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Call me cynical but I believe Boeing somehow got wind of the potential Airbus deal. Then and only then they decided on the "we love Canada" ad buy. It's the corporate version of nominating Palin as a running mate. Completely irrelevant and foolish.
  2. Time to build a padded room.
  3. I struggle with the "hero" label, but then I've read the full accident report.
  4. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    Oh really? Did you know that the CRA decision to treat employee parking passes was not approved by the minister either. Different government though so we'll just ignore it.
  5. Your British side is showing! Do I take it you aren't a proponent of the "any landing you can walk away from is a good one" concept?
  6. What’s in the box?

    Those boxes suck. A lousy afterthought at best.
  7. AC Declares Emergency 4 X

    Rich was referring to the way the "locals" would attempt to handle a similar situation.
  8. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Delta has nearly 200 leased aircraft in their fleet that are foreign owned.
  9. The crosswind component was greater than 22 mph. That day they had 30 kt winds with peak gusts over 50 across the region.
  10. New RNAV Visuals Las Vegas

    You need some type of RNAV to identify the waypoints as you are expected to respect the procedure tracks and altitudes.
  11. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    That's a good idea!
  12. uber air

    Hmm, this seems like a commercial enterprise to me. Funny, I see no references to an AOC. So, no thanks.
  13. AC Declares Emergency 4 X

    I read that this morning and I was dumbfounded. I've never had the pleasure, is that typical of the service from ATC in that neck of the woods?
  14. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    I'm confused. It's my understanding that the Trans Mountain expansion was approved under the same NEB oversight requirements as would have applied to Energy East. The Premier of NB says this was an economic decision by TCPL. Given what it means to his province, it wouldn't be in his best interest to sugar coat this.
  15. Air France A380 engine failure

    I saw a picture on another forum which shows one of the fan blades sitting inside what remains of the engine on the wing. This one's going to be interesting.