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  1. I think the international travel market is going to get tougher before it gets better. Many countries are starting to panic over the virus mutations.
  2. People in the commercial real estate business are hoping you're right. A significant permanent bump in working at home would suck a ton of value out of those office towers.
  3. I remember it well. I've always believed that starting off small like that helped them to gain a foothold before the rest of the industry had time to react in a meaningful way. It really was a brilliant business plan.
  4. My company enquired into this. The USA's PCR test exemption will only be applicable to operating crew.
  5. I saw a pic of the Habs boarding a Jetz Airbus.
  6. I can count on one hand the number of transport ministers in my lifetime who've had a background in any one of the modes they oversee, never mind all of them (air, rail, shipping, pipelines and TDG in all modes). You'd be lucky to find even one sitting member in each government who has a pilot's licence. They have technical staff for a reason - to advise them and keep them informed.
  7. Having seen the inner workings of the management structure of TC, I'm much more concerned with a Minister's ability to lead a department than I am with their technical expertise vis-a-vis the particular portfolio. In my 5 years, I saw very good and really bad. Technical know how had nothing to do with it.
  8. The former finance minister for Ontario most certainly did try to hide it. He knew there'd be blowback but he took a chance - and lost.
  9. I haven't seen superimposed weather but apparently the flight took a 30 minute delay due to thunderstorms.
  10. Beyond the optics of her foolish choice, her biggest problem may be yet to come. The TBS does not take kindly to clear violations of the public service ethics guidelines. Accepting such a gift is definitely a huge no-no, even if it wasn't directly connected with her work at PHAC.
  11. In Australia, the government chooses the hotel and you pay a daily rate which includes room, meals, laundry services and a daily allowance for beer / wine. It's non-optional and there are police officers monitoring the place 24/7.
  12. Say what? You just agreed with me. Please read what I sad again. In order to obtain the license, the applicant must meet the conditions of issuance. If they meet those conditions, the government cannot deny them the licence. IOW, they met the conditions, they have a right to obtain the certificate. There is case precedent for this.
  13. One thing I learned during my time in government is that if a citizen meets the conditions of issuance for any authorization or document, the government is duly bound to issue it. This is foundational to our system of government and there is no discretion, no matter what the MTO website might suggest. That means that as long as you qualify, you cannot be denied the certificate. That’s as close to being a “right” as one can get in this area.