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  1. J.O.

    Lion Air Down

    When CAAs certify a new aircraft, they conduct an operational evaluation. One of the outputs of those activities is the creation of a Operational Differences Report - commonly called the ODR table. These tables include guidance on how pilots should be trained about the differences. So far, only the Brazilian CAA seems to have identified the MCAS on their ODR table.
  2. Oops, I mis-stated that. They matched the fact that the ailerons were reversed. I fixed it.
  3. Actually it was Lufthansa. The control deflection indications on the screen matched the captain’s reversed inputs but the FO missed the reversed deflection. After liftoff the captain quickly recognized the problem and tried transferring control to the FO, who’s controls worked normally and the result was a safe landing. To be fair to the FO, not much thought had been given to talking about the importance of the “direction of the deflection” during the captain’s control checks. Also, the control checks were being done so quickly, the centralized monitoring system didn’t have time to measure the fault and trigger a control disagree message.
  4. There are several seriously tight turns on that track plot. That report will make for some very interesting reading.
  5. Taking advantage of tax cuts that are adding billions per year to the US national debt.
  6. Some $300 million of the total purchase price is for the rights to the deHavilland name.
  7. If you need visual and aural warnings and a stick-shaker to tell you the pitch is at 29.4°, you need to rethink your chosen vocation.
  8. J.O.

    Lion Air Down

    That right there is "How to Stay Alive 1.01". Every pilot should have to commit something similar to memory and be trained to use it.
  9. So if they couldn’t get proper accommodations as required by EU rest rules, how did the crew operate the next day?
  10. J.O.

    Fumes in the cabin events

    Wow, that is a very compelling and disturbing story.
  11. Not having to work there my perspective is probably different but as a passenger I thought it was a major upgrade for YYC.
  12. J.O.

    Mid Air Ottawa

    Agreed, tragic all around. I can’t imagine what the deceased man’s family and the Cheyenne pilot are going through.
  13. J.O.

    Mid Air Ottawa

    Maybe, maybe not. I’ve been the one in a similarly faster aircraft trying to fit in safely at an uncontrolled airport. Especially on weekends, the greatest hazard we faced was the infrequent flyer who couldn’t be bothered to use the radio to broadcast their intentions.