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  1. That didn't take long. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-04/china-to-allow-foreign-airlines-back-after-retaliatory-u-s-ban
  2. I don’t understand the objections to the use of a mask (unless there’s a medical reason involved). It’s a simple thing that one gets accustomed to fairly quickly - if one wants to. It reminds me of the “personal freedom” protests we heard when seatbelt laws first came about. My aunt exercised that freedom and she paid for it with her life, leaving behind a dad with four kids to raise.
  3. Seems it would have been appropriate in this case.
  4. No worries there. At the end of the day, I am sympathetic to the complaints, but when I agree to a transaction where the conditions were right there for me to read, I should only expect the other party meet the conditions of said contract to the best of their ability, whether that’s delivering as promised, or providing the agreed compensation when they don’t (or can’t). If the airlines were grounded forever, I’d expect my money back regardless of the fare. They aren’t, so I have to settle for a credit for future travel.
  5. As far as I know, none of the airlines have switched over to operating trains and buses. None of the airlines in question has gone out of business. If they had, those who purchased tickets would join the thousands of folks who’ve been similarly affected by bankruptcies in the past. If I ordered a motorcycle and the government decided to ban their use on the roads I choose to travel because of a rash of accidents, is that the seller’s problem, or mine?
  6. The analogy is that the business did not control the situation that led to me being unable to make use of the purchase I made. They had no control of that at the time of the transaction. That is the case in most of the situations where people are demanding their money back for fare purchases that didn’t include the right to a refund. Whether the campground reopens next week or next year is also outside the control of the store, same for the airlines regarding the reopening of borders.
  7. Everyone on this forum has made a purchase from a business that has a no refund policy. They offer exchange or store credits only. If I went to such a business and bought camping gear for my planned trip to a park that was closed due to COVID, does that store owe me a refund for the stuff I can’t use, in spite of the purchase conditions I agreed to when I laid down my credit card?
  8. It's difficult to control the extras on the departures side, but it's the fifteen family members crowding the arrivals hall waiting for granny that I find frustrating. You see it all the time in the international side of YVR.
  9. True, but I would think "TOO LOW TERRAIN!" should be enough, if the PIC is competent.
  10. As of yesterday, camp site bookings at provincial parks are open to BC residents only (but they will honour out-of-province bookings made before yesterday. The parks are opening for overnight camping on May 25th.
  11. There was a design specification for a cargo config during the development phase but when their launch customer pulled the plug (FedEx / UPS???), that was the end of it.
  12. Her words were taken out of context. What she meant was that both people at the scene were from the aircraft, contrary to early reports that the fatally injured person was from the house that was burned. The aircraft came down several houses away from where the crew did.
  13. Jenn Casey has been with the team for over a year and has travelled with them extensively, so I doubt familiarity with the aircraft was an issue. Both crew members were found at the same home, one on the roof, the other in the back yard. They both ejected but her chute didn’t open due to the low height. Tragic.
  14. To me, the flight trajectory looks like a zoom climb maneuver, used to gain altitude for ejection in the event of an emergency after takeoff.