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  1. Then there's this. Jack boots and internment camps can't be far behind. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/border-patrol-agents-stop-domestic-travelers-at-new-york-airport-w468643
  2. I know this forum really isn't about aviation any more but I thought I'd give this a shot anyways. This technology shows some promise as a defense against laser strikes - and it's Canadian.
  3. Get help. Please. Your obsession is going to be the death of you.
  4. Anyone who's been to a pilots union meeting would understand why that last statement is ... well ... misinformed.
  5. Wolfhunter, it's refreshing to see a non-emotional expression of your opinion on the matter. No invective or name calling. My problem isn't necessarily with the ideals you express, it's Trump's devil-may-care implementation of them. He's run roughshod over his own Constitution and ignored other states where anti-American sentiments (and many terrorists) have been born and bred for decades. Had he used proper due process, the complaints probably wouldn't have been silenced, but they would certainly have been dampened considerably, especially when there's plenty of evidence that people from said states were already being vetted quite diligently. To suggest otherwise is a slap in the face to the thousands of his own employees.
  6. Wow. Sure seems that someone was in a hurry.
  7. I like the new livery. Classy and understated - just like Canada.
  8. Yet more folly and poppycock. If the "government" knew of a specific threat, it would be DHS, the CIA and/or the FBI that would be telling the President about it and recommending actions to deal with it, not the other way around.
  9. There's video of more than one former president being in the situation room while similar ops were under way. But in this case, the last thing the world needs is a loose cannon overseeing anything remotely close to a military op.
  10. Someone needs to look up the Webster's definition of terrorist. but he won't because it doesn't fit his jingoistic narrative.
  11. I have little doubt that the story is factual, but I'm not convinced AF was being fully forthcoming with their options for resolution. As for domestic flights, the US requires an APIS transmission from our carriers for flights that transit through their airspace.
  12. I'd love to see your reaction if instead of Trump, this was an airline CEO firing a captain for making a safety decision that he was given the authority to make.
  13. Maybe Justin needs this ... http://www.businessinsider.com/make-america-kittens-again-google-chrome-extension-replaces-donald-trump-with-kittens-2016-12
  14. It's doubtful that the "one man" was aware that an entire wheel assembly was missing, but still sometimes it's better to keep quiet than to talk to the media, especially when you're in a bad mood.
  15. I agree with Maverick - someone was reaching pretty far for some good news when they made this proclamation. British travelers are (for the most part) very price sensitive. Hawaii offers nothing that they can't get in places where they can fly direct in less time while saving significant money.