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  1. In the movie "Contagion", a character who was infected and recovered was given a wrist band to identify them as "safe". I suggested to a group that we could expect that approach to the re-introduction of immune workers to the workforce. And now I read that Germany is planning on the issuance of certificates to those determined to be immune to evidence their exemption from any lockdowns. I'm guessing that efforts to test for antibodies are well-advanced.
  2. Mitch....ask yourself...where does the notion of self-sacrifice originate? Actually, it is quite simple. Those over 55 ( a LOT) or health-compromised self -isolate. YOU are in control of your destiny. Stay at home. There are many who will provide services delivering food/supplies as necessary. Everyone else carries on contributing to the economical cycle. Remember that over 70% of infected experience nil or minimal symptoms. We survive and more importantly, so also do the younger, more productive who sustain the basic economy. And....the curve is flattened!!
  3. Thank you, Rudder. Not much more to be said on THAT subject....lol
  4. I had a Delta ticket (basic economy....NO changes) for a PBI>YYZ flight I booked with skymiles. I cancelled about 8 days ago. The skymiles were credited back to my account the same day; Delta waived the rules to allow any purchaser to cancel or change at no charge. The tax portion was credited to my card the same day. Great company. I think I've received at least three update messages from the CEO. Air Canada and its executives have left everyone " up in the air". Effective communication; half or more of the battle.
  5. Like to see the FM clause in the CUPE contract which guarantees no layoffs for the term of the contract. Principle question is whether term of contract is impossible to perform. Would cost AC lots of money but is economic benefit to claiming party sufficient to warrant Force Majeure?
  6. I'm replying to Dagger but didn't want to unnecessarily quote his entire post in which he reasonably maintained that Iran would not INTENTIONALLY shootdown this airliner except in error. I am a cynic. I believe ( regrettably) that people will engage in otherwise irrational acts in the belief that by so doing, they will advance a cause; " a greater good". I also believe that there is general acceptance of the principle of acceptable casualties in war; we will sacrifice troops knowing they are being deployed to certain death in order to give credence to a feint that increases the likelihood of a successful manoever. Those two "principles" are invoked in the world of geo-politics but without attribution. I was aware that the Ukrainian flight had been held on the ground for an hour and was then cleared. This was NOT an unexpected departure. Khomeini made specific reference to the downing of a commercial aircraft in response to Trump's comments regarding the embassy hostage deaths. Now...imagine....Canada provided the intelligence of Suleiman's agenda for the controlled militias in Iraq ( and elsewhere) to the US. The US found that intelligence to be credible though the targets were not clear. It was an ambiguous report but only in regards to the specifics. The US responded and eliminated Suleiman. The Iranians...who are no fools...quickly determined that "other" intelligence agencies were involved. How best to convey their understanding in a way that would be unequivocal to that secret " nether world"? The shootdown would make it clear that "cost" was irrelevant....they WOULD respond without fear to perceived or actual threat. And the message was understood. And now the US administration is left fumbling trying to explain the nature and source of its intelligence that a terrorist threat was imminent.
  7. I apologize in advance but I am VERY frustrated because I KNOW others realize this but nothing is being said! I feel like Sheldon. As soon as this event occurred , I said to my wife: " This was a shoot down. No question." Go back.....Trump said that for any Iranian response to the Suleiman assassination, he had 52 targets...referencng the hostages killed in the Iranian takeover of the US embassy. The Ayatollah responded by referencing the 290 pax on Iran Flt 655 which was shot down by the US killing all 290 pax on board, Come on, folks!! Forget the missiles fired at the Iraqui airbases. The real Iranian response was this shoot down. Their message was both loud and clear and heard by the powers that be but ignored or not understood by the press; you take a life and we will take a hundred. This is NOT about the Iranian people. It is the mujadin of Iran....cultural artifacts; innocent civilians; Geneva Conventions.....they mean nothing.
  8. Here's an idea. Go to a local marina in a southern clime and become a regular habitue. Focus on sailboats. For some unknown reason ( lol), many pilots prefer blowboats. I assure you, you will meet more pilots of every ilk than you ever anticipated.
  9. And I repeat my undertaking to refrain from comments regarding how one ought to operate an aircraft. LOL "Tort law".....certainly has been a vehicle by means of which public safety has been enhanced in all methods of transportation including aviation. "Privileged communications" in a broad sense is an area of law that is NOT specific to negligence law and is and has been an area within the law of evidence that is ever-changing. As an aside.....and I welcome correction....I have a recollection that it was an aviation specialist lawyer who narrowed the causation search down on the US Airways Flt. 427 to a rudder "jackscrew". When an incident occurs that is captured by a CVR, I doubt that the flight crew in those crucial moments is concerning themselves ( and tailoring their remarks) with reference to the existence of a recording device. And no one is concerned with the everyday exchanges that occur in the cockpit. If those crucial exchanges can identify communication or training issues, how can one deny that disclosure is in the public interest? The fact that disclosure was sought and obtained within the context of a lawsuit is irrelevant much akin to blaming a pilot for a defective IFE. The existence of a lawsuit is simply a vehicle by means of which to get from A to B.
  10. There is of course, a perspective that is that of someone who does not have a vested interest in confidentiality; someone actually versed in the law but with SOME appreciation of the issues of aviation safety......but I doubt that perspective is of any interest to this audience.
  11. Entered US last week by car and asked by CBP agent whether I had more than......I thought he said $10,000. and said no then realized he said $1000.!!!! I immediately corrected myself and didn't question the discrepancy given the plainly visible sign....."Report currency amounts in excess of $10,000." And he did say; "Carrying more than $1000. each?"
  12. Next thing you know.....there'd be an impeachment inquiry!!
  13. Marshall..... I beg to disagree but only in a general sense. Some police officers and some firefighters....depending on their place of work....face inordinate danger. That is NOT true of all. You might take as an example a municipality in Ontario without a gunshot in over 10 years or one with no building loss due to fire in the same period. However, in Ontario, what the arbitrator awards for Oshawa for police and firefighters is what the taxpayers will pay in Podunk.
  14. Really?? According to a recent analysis of annual incomes in Canada, $230,000 puts a wage earner in the top 1%....less in some Provinces. What percentage of AC pilots using seniority to fly max lift...say with 15 years....are earning that amount? The BA pilots were offered more than 11% on a three year contract. The AVERAGE BA pilot earns approx 187,000 pounds per year currently. They're striking because they want a share of profits. Police officers and firefighters can't strike. They have to rely on arbitration....and we, the taxpayers, bear the consequences of those consistently very generous arbitration awards.