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  1. A longggggg time ago, "we" collectively agreed that if we put all covid-free persons in a confined area and let no one in or out, those confined persons would remain Covid-free. However....that virgin territory would be ripe to infection upon one breach; one infected individual has a completely virgin crop. Alternatively, a relatively open community has a "blend" of individuals...infected and transmissive; immune; infected and non-transmissive. The introduction of that same "communicator" has less impact since the person may come into limited if any contact with a "receptive" audienc
  2. Holy cow!! Is this all news to you guys? If you enter Canada by air from anywhere ourside Canada, you are required to 1) produce a 72 hour negative PCR; 2) submit to a test at the airport; 3) proceed to a pre-paid quarantine hotel ( minimum 3 days); 4) await the result of your arrival pcr test; 5) if positive, proceed to your place of quarantine for the remainder of the 14 day quarantine period; 6) do another pcr test on day 10. Note....you pay for the 3 day minimum hotel even if your test results are available after 1 night. If you enter Canada by car from the US, the only difference
  3. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/man-who-spent-1-500-to-stay-at-toronto-quarantine-hotel-says-he-got-covid-19-anyways-infected-whole-family-1.5384113 So...you can spend $x to legally ( note to Kargo....compying with all laws and regulations does NOT constitute pursuing a "loophole") re-enter Canada safely or pay 3x as much to be put at risk. What manner of people enable this idiocy? Never mind...I think I know the answer.
  4. Apparently, you are reuctant to engage in critical analysis which requires some degree of objectivity. Maintaining residences in two or more countries simply evidences one's financial means or frugality or a fortutious selection of parents but certainly does not indicate an absence of concern with the physical health of others. Did you think it did? You apparently don't understand that I have in fact participated in cross-border travel since the Canada-US border was "closed" and I have adapted as necessary to the environment in which I exist....much like this Covid virus. The is
  5. Take a moment and reflect upon your numerous posts on this subject and ask why you have taken such an immutable position. As has been reported, there is currently a very significant amount of cross-border traffic mostly represented by the transportation industry and "essential" workers. There is sparse evidence that these travellers are carriers /spreaders of the virus. The balance of traffic consists of persons required to produce evidence that they are not infected and are required to quarantine. Please explain how you are more at risk from these individuals than from your fri
  6. A number of reports in.....Texas! Floridians are innured. Same observations as I reported. Apparently it was Starlink satellites deployed. There was a launch Wednesday, I think so blame the excitement on Elon.
  7. I am at anchor off Jupiter Island....around 8:30 pm....dark. Above is the initial approach pattern for SB to PBI. Aircraft lined up coming both from north and east. My wife points out what appears to be a short cylindrical cloud ......contrail?...but it's unusual so we got out the binoculars. What we saw was a string of lights...moving relatively quickly in a SE direction. After about 30 secs., one at or near the "front" broke off and appeared to double back and then.....the lights disappeared. Period. Nothing remained. They were much higher than the aircraft on approach.
  8. North...when did you go through the "process"? I've quarantined 3 times. The first two times...other than the request for my daily check-in on Arrive Canada...I heard nothing and saw no one. It was only the most recent entry that generated a more "intensive" involvement of PHAC. And two more to go!!
  9. Remember....all lawyers are buried 10' down; not 6'. 'Cuz way down deep, lawyers aren't that bad. And just because...best of my knowledge, no lawyers were fired for exposing their genitals in the courtroom!!
  10. Okay....I confess. I MAY have objected to a request for identity whilst upon my own property. And I MAY have taken exception to a lady who called and identified herself as " the government of Canada". Regarding id.....I said to the very nice lady requesting same; "If we are NOT Mr.& Mrs " Johnson", we are not subject to the Quarantine Act and the Emergency Order and therefore have no obligation to identify ourselves. If you reasonably believe that we are obligated to identify ourselves, we must be Mr. & Mrs. Johnson." Yup! Must be a lawyer!
  11. And there is truth to what he says!! I just completed 14 days in quarantine. My " quarantine facilities" are in a remote rural area. I had to produce a Covid test at the border; take another test upon entry and a third test 10 days later. I was visited by G4 security twice and by the OPP once. I received not less than one call per day ( as did my wife) from an " in person" or programmed inquisitor to confirm that we had complied with quarantine requirements; weren't entertaining visitors; had adequate food; and, were getting fresh air. After a bit....though the bona fides of the int
  12. JO... You know better. Two parties negotiating and one does better than the other.....let's not blame that on "size". Competence might be more appropriate. To be clear...I didn't " slip past" anything. I was qualified to receive the vaccine in the US....and availed myself of the opportunity. And then there was my re-entry to Canada at a land border crossing. Keep in mind that Canada required that I obtain a PCR test within 72 hours of my arrival. I obtained a test at Fll and had my results within 24 hours. Upon entry and production of my negative PCR, I was directed to
  13. When...please tell me...will Canadians let their collective voices be heard and tell Trudeau; "Enough!!" Ontario made ABC's Nightly News with talk of a 3rd surge. The Province speaks of a 6 week lock-down and to date, the grand total of 6.9% of Canada's population has been vaccinated. Trudeau tumpets his concern for the well-being of Canadians and makes it government policy..."Stay Home"!! In my County, that means to lock oneself in their house because venturing out is fraught with risk. Hotel quarantines have done what for who? The viral spread in my County has absolutely NOTHI
  14. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. I don't know about you but were I extant in years BC, I imagine an apparition descending from a spaceship would seem "God-like". To heck with BC....were that to happen to me tomorrow, I might have second thoughts about "God". There are some ( ok...me) who pose for consideration the idea that humanity is "tested" by other-world visitors to assess our reactions. A cynic might refer you to Trump as an example...or Covid. In vino...veritas!!
  15. Obviously...I have no clue as to whether other intelligent organisms from other planets or galaxies exist but....I "think" far more advanced civilizations exist and that our planet has been visited many times. I honestly belive that to think otherwise is incredibly chauvanistic. I believe that our perception of time is dictated by the boundaries we understand. We have no concept of the sense of time experienced by an insect whose lifespan is measured in "our" hours or days. Similarly, we have no comprehension of distance as measured by an ant nor are we able to conceptualize that for an "