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  1. Forgive me but I think your comment and the approval of followers is misplaced to say the least. The presumptions preceding judgment are somewhat overwhelming. Here in Canada, my wife and I live in a sparsely populated area on a farm property. No one has been inside our house....friend or otherwise....since March. We wear masks whenever in a public setting and have since inception. My wife has worked throughout as cabin crew and has a routine that is strictly followed. She is my "risk factor" and we work together to mitigate that risk. We are fortunate enough to have a motor yac
  2. I should add that as said by Mo32....we acknowledge our good fortune in that quarantine for us is not particularly burdensome so a very small price to pay for the pleasure of sunshine....and cheap beer.
  3. You are a very smart cookie! Yup....that is definitely a factor in my calculations. I plan to return mid-Dec.; quarantine and HOPE I can drive back down in Jan. with my truck and my " necessaries". Honestly....we're going " bare bones" for the first six weeks with plans to buy some essentials and do without others.
  4. Quarantining is a required consequence of potentially being contaminated. It is not targeted at inbound travellers per se but certainly applies to those travellers. I am outbound next week. I am watching loads and note that for eg, RSW is oversold and FLL flights almost full out of YUL. I conclude that those travellers, like me, consider being homebound for 2 weeks in the winter is not much of a burden if lying on sun-washed beaches is the reward. My point was simply that whatever Covid rrstrictions exist, they are not, in general terms, directed at airlines per se as compared to man
  5. Homerun.....requiring that inbound pax quarantine is not a measure directed at airlines. What other countries mandate for the presumed protection of their citizenry is not the responsibility of our government. In short, airlines are obviously impacted by Covid but I don't think our government is " at fault" nor do I believe Canadian taxpayers should subsidize/compensate airlines. Consider by way of comparison the government mandate that first closed bars and restaurants and then restricted operations to 30% of capacity. Should you not advocate that those operators be compensated for losse
  6. One observation made some time ago but not referenced here though relevant is the discovery that many asymptomatic persons had active T-cell responses that were almost immediate. Imagine T-cells as our primary line of defence. If our body is attacked and is prepared ( the T-cells are armed and ready), the virus can be repelled. For reasons as yet unknown, the immune systems of SOME individuals recognized the Covid virus and were " armed and ready". This fact reinforces the arguments that Covid-19 is a variant or was introduced much earlier than initially believed. It also supports Turbofa
  7. Turbofan... Huh? Suggest you re-read my post with more widely- focussed lenses. I was SUPPORTING your position that lockdowns were punitive and not demonstrably a meani gful longterm inhibition to virus spread.
  8. Turbofan.... Your problem is....you're thinking. In absolute terms, there were only so many ways in which to respond to this virus. Death was an inevitable regardless and yet it is that unavoidable consequence that is invoked to support one's favoured response. Reductio ab adsurdum.....lock yourself and loved ones in a room. Assuming you are not infected, you will not succumb to the virus. You will starve to death. Simply wearing a mask and washing your hands ( regularly), will limit but not prevent exposure.....but to whom or what? The virus or to persons infected?
  9. Interesting study about the significant increase in the deaths of crows ( ravens) since Covid. It is attributed to the increase in trucking ( essential business) and a corresponding decrease in automobile traffic. As many know, crows deploy a lookout when the "murder" finds a tasty bit of roadkill. Apparently, the lookouts are able to give warning by saying "Caw! Caw!" but they can't say; " Truck! Truck!"
  10. The question that occurred to me as I watched the news segments regarding the Barrett nomination was why some attendees thereafter tested positive while many others in very close proximity did not. Mark Meadows and the AG must have very strong immune systems!!
  11. The question was rhetorically expressed above about why cases of infection increase while deaths decrease. I will suggest that this virus like all others has a will to survive. It mutates to ensure replication. The death of the host serves no purpose and so it modifies itself to become less lethal and more easily transmitted. It LEARNS! To me....that is a VERY scary notion and yet I believe it to be widely accepted by epidemiologists. I live in a community of around 100,000 people. We have 2 active cases. Within this community, apart from the masks ( not universal), you would no
  12. I do not understand the fervent support for excluding US non-Canadian citizens from Canada. Impose and enforce a quarantine period; require a negative Covid test result; enforce mask mandates. The list is endless. There are reasonable alternatives to impenetrable "border walls". Putting it in perspective, many of "us" have been in the US since March. The only requirement upon returning to Canada was to quarantine. There is no evidence that we are "typhoid Mary's". Like many other snowbirds, I'm headed south in a few weeks. I will NOT be required to quarantine in the US but unfortuna
  13. Devil's advocate....What purpose does air travel serve? Transportation...relatively quickly...from A to B. And for what purpose? To conduct business or to marvel at the wonders of B. Increasingly, companies are discovering that it is not actually necessary to go to B to conduct business. In fact, it is much cheaper to stay home and use tech to communicate just as though you actually went to B. Wait for wide availability and affordability of VR. I've been to Santorini. It would have been a lot cheaper and probably more enjoyable to see the sights via VR. Truthfully, mos
  14. Simply put...I don't agree that the company is necessarily at fault. Neither you nor I were present and even accounts by people present differ. The circumstances clearly warranted in the opinion of the crew cancellation of the flight for the safety of both crew and passengers. That is a very significant command decision not undertaken lightly. Given that fact and extrapolating, I have no doubt that this particular family were reacting to the " mask issue" in a manner that intended or not was involving other passengers. As a contingent pax, that in and of itself is a very strong
  15. My first reaction was.....why would this pax be contacting the press to complain about his alleged mistreatment. His initial complaint to the press made no reference to an older child who was not wearing a mask. He then acknowledged that fact stating that once that child was under control, the cabin crew wanted the infant to also be masked. BUT.....everybody and his brother ( working as cabin crew) know that infants don't require masks. Obviously, the issue had exploded whilst attempting to persuade the older child to wear a mask. And I mean exploded...to a degree that other passengers, not fu