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  1. Boestar.... Your position is that flights are cancelled not as a business decision per se but rather by reason of restrictions imposed by the government and for that reason, the airline that didn't operate a flight should be able to offer a credit rather than cash refund. Have I correctly summarized your position? I suggest that the restrictions imposed by Canada are not unduly onerous; quarantine of arriving pax and, recently, negative Covid tests. These restrictions are imposed upon the pax and not the airline. I suggested that if it is the pax that cancels...because they don'
  2. Thank you, J.O. When I contacted Public Health about abbreviating the quarantine period by leaving Canada, it was suggested I report my intent to CBSA upon arrival. I did so and was told; " Tell Public Health". No one said it would be easy!!
  3. Aced? Lol We just came north a few days ago though I wish it hadn't been necessary. We learned of the CDC Order the night before departure. I got the PCR...$199. ...in 24 hours and had to explain to the gate agent where the type of test taken was indicated and the result. On arrival, perusal by the CBSA can best be described as perfunctory...and brief! I would never do it but it would be a simple task to change the date on the test result and no one would be the wiser. After clearing into Canada, there was a lady there offering free tests to arriving pax. I was compelled to ask
  4. I cannot understand how anyone can even attempt to justify a refusal to refund monies paid when the service provider fails to provide the service. Pay for a garage door...in advance...and the supplier says; " Sorry. No doors". And then says; "I'll give you a credit for the same door which will be available next month but it may cost more." To suggest that the taxpayer should refund the money is ludicrous. Sorry.....I bail out and I understand you keeping my money if the flight operates. You allow me to change flight dates and waive change fees? Thank you....good marketing. Failure to refu
  5. Boestar....respectfully....you are debating a point without full appreciation of the various " shades of grey" which are important to us whose lives revolve around that appreciation. Again...I say that without any desire to be see as denigrating your position. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is irrelevant to a discussion of the " right to drive". Yes...driving means mobility but " mobility rights" doesn't refer to driving. Many people conflate the words " privilge" and "license". We read of " revoking driving privileges" and take that to mean that driving is a " pri
  6. Malcolm....you still up? Not much interested in Wash vs Phil so.... The Quarantine Act is long-standing federal legislation. The Lt.Gov. in Council promulgates regulations under the Act and there have been a number of revisions since last Spring. Certain persons are, pursuant to reg., exempt from the Quarantine provisions. Excluded persons include, for eg., health care providers and persons engaged in essential business. I have not yet accessed the Reg regarding PCR testing but I wonder.....if a person engaged in essential business is exempt, who is going to make the decision th
  7. Malcolm....YOU....of All people! I'm shocked; shocked I say. I am absolutely confidant that you looked up the meaning of the word "privilege" but selectively chose a website that is tailored to "persuading" the general public as to the importance of adhering to laws. "Membership has its privileges". No member of the public has a right to enter the University Club. That privilege is restricted to members. I don't really care, to be honest but it IS Sunday. The right to operate a motor vehicle upon a public highway is conferred by license. If one fulfills the conditions required
  8. Boestar...I'm not trying to "one up" but a "privilege" is something enjoyed by an individual or group denied to others. The ability to operate a motorized vehicle on public roadways is enabled by licence. There are limited grounds upon which a licence can be rescinded or denied. In the absence of proof otherwise, a person is ENTITLED ( has a right) to insist upon issuance and that right will be enforced.
  9. Malcolm....if you're still there. You might find this of interest. There is an FLL flight to Toronto via YUL on Tuesday, Jan.12th. There are no flights operating FLL to YYZ . There is an MCO to YYZ on Jan.13th. If I can get a PCR on Sunday and get the results within 48 hours, I can get on the FLL flight but I'd rather not go through YUL. Presuming availability on the MCO non-stop, my test would be no good. For that flight, I have to get the test on Monday. Flip a coin! The loads are now changing so who knows whether one or the other might cancel or which will fill. You
  10. Malcolm....actually, while my insurance coverage does have to be extended if I remain in the US, my next trip is required due to "financial interests" that necessitate my return mid-month January. I can't fulfill my obligations from here. I haven't been in public ( including outdoor areas) without a mask and don't think I've come within 15 feet of another person since arrival at my residence before Xmas. Obviously....I'll be paying that $190.
  11. Because it's "absolutely necessary".. to me! And usually, "extremely important". Both subjective terms, Malcolm. Besides....I pose no threats to Canadians when I leave Canada. It's the return that is problematic and "essential".....the government requires certain things of me that I cannot fulfill from afar.
  12. Damn!! One more comment. This is an airline forum, right? One populated by airline employees and families active and retired? Just exactly WHAT do you consider "necessary travel"? I have difficulty imagining why anyone would be compelled to go from "A" to "B" excluding emergency medical care. Business? How essential is it that you meet in person? If no one travels....no airlines...no jobs. Look at the board. Flight after flight cancelled. Not enough pax. SLOA's every month and more "furloughs" in the pipeline. Many of you must not be flying given your comments. I presu
  13. FA....last word because I suspect we are passing in the night, so to speak. I have never suggested....nor would I...that persons should board an aircraft knowing or with reason to believe they are infected. I pay for insurance to ensure that I am treated here in the US if ( God fobid) I am infected. I would never attempt to board an aircraft to return home. What I said was that under current Regulations, a resident Canadian infected and with symptoms can enter Canada. Present yourself at the border and you must be admitted. However, regardless of the consent and participation of the
  14. I think everyone should take a deep breath. Driving is a "privilege". Really? I have access to a private jet and don't need to fly commercial. Am I less of a risk to others when I quarantine? There must be a balance. You start by locking each and every individual in a closed cell and then begin with the exercise of reason to inch open the doors. Or....you have complete liberty and then impose restrictions to mitigate risk based upon results. Many posters don't appear to appreciate that the greatest risk to their health is presented by their family members and close friends. I'm ballp
  15. Come on, Fa!! I said that airlines have the right to dictate terms of carriage but if government seeks to do so, it must comply with legislative obligations. There is very little evidence...very little....that being on an aircraft with an asymptomatic pax poses a significant risk of infection to other pax. You know that, I am sure. I am presuming the wearing of a mask by all. If you are sincerely concerned about the risks of infection....stay away from crew members. They are exempt from the regs but are in and out of provinces and countries and wandering the aisles of aircraft. Not c