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  1. UpperDeck

    Winter Flair

    No other suitable alternative? I'm just trying to help!
  2. UpperDeck

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    I am corrected by both malcolm....and my golfing partners. This morning I mentioned this forum discussion to the group and was somewhat rudely reminded that my head was somewhere other than on my shoulders. They said without doubt or hesitation that our land border agents have been armed for a number of years ( since 2007 according to malcolm). And...as suggested by another poster....I was informed that the demand for guns was to place the agents on the same wage level as police. The argument was safety...the reason was economic.
  3. UpperDeck

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    Just a sec. This discussion is now about arming Cdn border agents? Please, God....no!! When entering Canada at a land border crossing in Detroit or Port Huron, the agent will be seated in a full enclosure with a sliding window. Your vehicle is in a restricted laneway. OPP are stationed nearby. The agent does NOT need a sidearm. The public does NOT need the " protection" afforded by an armed agent. Okay....line up on the right if you also believe we ought to begin arming teachers because of the possibility of a mass classroom shooting. After all....that happened in the US just as did the shooting in FLL !!! Some try to make it so and Lord knows Toronto is now in the throes but as of yet, Canada is not the US....let that remain so.
  4. UpperDeck

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    It's me, of course, but I've had multiple negative experiences with border agents. Entering the US, primarily at border crossings, numerous examples of less than polite agents; " Why should I let you into my country?" And those were the first words exchanged!! Returning to Canada, I've encountered rude and abrupt agents with nary a word of welcome. I've gone to a supervisor to complain ( quelle surprise!). And yet, I have no negative observations or experiences regarding EU agents. Over-all? I'm not bitching.
  5. UpperDeck

    Late reporting but nevertheless ....

    Not trying to be argumentative but in my opinion, this incident cannot be attributed simply to " too much booze". Lord knows, I've been guilty of being " over- served" more than once ( or twice) but I have never threatened to blow up an aircraft nor have I committed assault. I' m on the side of " mental derangement".
  6. UpperDeck

    One too many campaign

    By the way, Kip....I THOUGHT you know who I am but your remark suggests otherwise. I have no problem divulging my name and anyone could then confirm my bona fides by way of Google and the Law Society. However, I'm not sure that would be fair to my wife who is still working and occasionally under the command of a few on this forum.
  7. UpperDeck

    One too many campaign

    I'm sorry. Did I suggest I was the personification of humility? By the way...the reference to " limited reading" was in response to your statement that my post was the longest ( etc) you had ever read. Back to the original premise ( and in indirect response to KP)....I had occasion to " defend" in four cases involving host liability. I acted for the host three times and brought in the host in a motor vehicle fatality. I'm not calling myself an " expert" by any means but I do have some understanding of the subject which is the only reason I commented. Although my practise was focussed on the trial level I have appeared as counsel and argued many times before the Ontario Court of Appeal and unlike 99% of Canadian lawyers, argued before the SCC. May I point out that I have had the temerity to comment on aviation issues noting first that I am not a pilot. Some on this forum responded very negatively to my remarks characterizing me as a troll. Far from being a troll, I take pleasure from learning and believe the best persons from whom to acquire knowledge is those who actually have the training and experience AND WILLINGNESS to share their " expertise". I asked a question about the decision to reject a landing. I'm sure that to those who read the question and even to the very few who responded, the answer was obvious. Knowing and understanding when to " go round" is almost second nature. I appreciated the effort of those who " condescended" to answer. JO....I'm sorry you saw no value in my comments regarding " host liability" and regret your time was wasted in reading the post. Don't do that again.
  8. UpperDeck

    One too many campaign

    Actually, I think of The Lovesong of J. Afred Prufrock..." And I grow old; and I grow old and shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled...." and for reasons unknown, that springs to mind " And so it goes".
  9. UpperDeck

    One too many campaign

    Egos are amazing little accoutrements and generate a lot of unproductive activity. JO...notwithstanding your apparently limited reading, you might find that embedded within that exceedingly long response was just a little bit of information that I suspect might have been of interest to you.....were you not so focussed on being " right". But that's okay. Frankly....I don't give a damn. Lol
  10. UpperDeck

    One too many campaign

    Sorry but a bit of a chuckle.This has been settled law for donkey's years. With respect, what you should be suggesting is the extension of that well-established liability. For example...host liability for damages sustained by extended third parties. Think of it this way....a negligent driver causes injury to another driver. Obviously, he owes damages to that other driver. But what about others in that " ambit of care" who the negligent driver knows or ought to know will suffer injury as a result of his negligence? In this regard, I am positing economic injury and consider how broadly that net can be cast. So....when the host "knowingly" over-serves the drunk at the bar, he or she ought reasonably to anticipate injury resulting to those injured by the drunk....who was enabled by the host. And so it goes.
  11. UpperDeck

    German Airforce facing problems

    I suggest that the premise of the article is not so much functionality as effective communication by deed and an acknowledgement that at the end of the day, nations must place their own interests in priority because " that's what everyone else is doing!" Malcolm....you are looking at the " issue" from a practical perspective; "Spend our money on materiel we will use." But the purchase program proposed is strategic in scope; fulfill our NATO obligations by both enhancing Euro relations and expressing in non-ambiguous terms our negative response to US bullying tactics. IMO
  12. UpperDeck

    Question on new ac employee site

    When he gets the error message, ignore it and click menu bars on top left. This will afford access to ETS etc. Should add...that works for me on android phone and tablet.
  13. Back to the " airline issue"...Chinese influence over AC operations. Rumour has it that China has mandated that unless airlines operating into China improve their on-time performance, their slots are imperilled. They were specific as to the worst performing companies giving the five worst three months to improve. Air Canada was third from the bottom. Think about that.....third worst!! It's all about aircraft utilization but of course every department is pointing a finger at each other. Bottom line....improve OTP or lose your slots. Major potential consequences. Or maybe it's all about Taiwan.
  14. UpperDeck

    low cost, mean bastards

    Heck, Munoz was praised for transparency just for admitting that his airline "got it wrong" when one of its flight attendants forced a passenger to store a live dog in an overhead bin.(The dog, a French bulldog named Kikito, died during the flight. Maybe you heard.) This is the sort of thing I absolutely despise about the current state of mass communications. I tried to contact the author of the article to voice my objection but I don't want to do so via social media. There is a story....a report that a pax was asked to put a container in an overhead bin. The pax did so. Inside the container was a dog. The dog died. A very unfortunate and regrettable incident BUT....there is no evidence...nil....that the pax was "forced" to comply with the suggestion but more importantly, there is NO evidence the FA knew there was a live animal in the container. In fact, she was reportedly heartbroken by the discovery and said she did NOT know there was an animal in the container. But what they hey....don't let facts or some sense of compassion get in the way of a story!!
  15. Fido..... I spent a while in the Middle East. My parents lived there. My most recent discussions on the subject were with the parents of two women who moved to a settlement with their husbands. They expressed their belief that Palestinian families were suffering unjustly. I appreciate the article posted by Dagger. There are no easy answers--- only a lot of pain. The same comments might be made with respect to the civil war in Syria.