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  1. JO.....I'm approaching a milestone and had accumulated points with the intention to use my wife's award pass plus those points to travel 1st class ( or Business) around the world. Those plans have been postponed not because of finances but rather because a significant element of the planned trip was enjoying the best that the best airlines in the world could offer. And now? None of them are " at their best". So we'll hope for brighter skies " tomorrow".
  2. Suzanne took me down to her place near the river ( where) you could hear the boats go by..... Never found that depressing. More promising.
  3. It is reported that the highest rate of transmission is found in enclosed spaces where people both eat and drink....bars; restaurants; wedding venues etc. Once infected, of course, those individuals become potential carriers to others not engaging in such activities but insufficiently vigilant. Commercial carriers are unfortunately driven ( understandably) by the search for revenue. No one is flying in AC "J" because the premium for the seat without service is too high. Solution? Resume service in "J" and hope for the best. Bottom line, when that asymptomatic infected individual lowers his/her mask to sip on that glass of wine, the neighbouring pax doing the same is exposed. How can that be a good thing? If air travel is necessary intended to get from A to B safely and quickly....masks ALL the time at the very least and to hell with service. Lower the fares! Dagger wouldn't rely on Premiers to do the " right thing". I wouldn't rely on almost any private commercial enterprise to do the " right thing".
  4. I don't know how much of that is tongue-in-cheek ( if any), but may I suggest that an alternative ( more positive) approach is to postulate that 1) ALL aircraft will arrive safely at their intended or alternative destination and, 2) no one has been infected with the Covid virus. With respect to (2), we reduce from 100% uninfected by reference to those known to be infected. We quickly learn, based on current numbers, that 99% are uninfected. That is a more palatable percentage...agreed? And as it relates to (1), the percentage of deviation is significantly less. As a non-pilot, that makes me feel a LOT better. It's not " all about me"....but...
  5. I believe self restraint is a desirable quality. Wouldn't you agree? And yet one must try to find some way to communicate an "adverse" response. I think I succeeded. However, let me add that my post was incorrect. The Air Canada training program is 7 ( not 6 nor 1-2) weeks of full time training that the company deems necessary to meet Transport Canada requirements. I actually have stood beside an accused as counsel in defence of a murder charge.....three times....successfuly. But I would never for a moment suggest that I had what it takes to be a flight attendant. And to be clear....nor do I have what it takes to be a pilot . I believe the reference is to hours upon hours of utter boredom offset by the rare but ever- present risk of moments of utter terror which is usually felt after and not during the event. That reference applies to flight crew as well as cabin crew. However, should you need someone to write an article or give a speech...I'm your man!
  6. Well said, Specs. Maybe it takes more than just a keyboard to reasonably express an intelligent comment. Maybe...just maybe...it requires prior thought, understanding and empathy.
  7. That is a frequently repeated assertion and no matter how often stated fails to conceal the .... Never mind...you finish medical school in 2 years followed by clerkship for 2 years. Would you be first in line for treatment at the unsupervised hands of that physician? How about a lawyer....3 years plus articles. Want him or her standing in your defense to a capital murder charge? Yes....you can " qualify" as an FA in SIX weeks of intensive training but most realize that years of experience are unequalled. The same is of course true of pilots. A CPL requires what....80 hours ground school and a test? Yup! THAT'S 2 weeks. But we all know its all about the preceding hours that make you who you are....and what you can do.
  8. But Specs....you didn't pay your federal income taxes with the expectation of going to the Courthouse on a specific date and for a specific purpose with the acceptance of your tax payment constituting an implied agreement by the governing authorities that your expectations would be met. But you already knew that when you posted. So why not simply acknowledge that one cannot reasonably defend an airline that takes money for a flight; cancels the flight; and, insists on keeping the money!!
  9. Specs...you've stymied me. Courthouses? You paid for a Courthouse in advance? Government services....I'm not sure we're on the same page here. I buy a ticket for....$100 ....for " you" to transport me from A to B. I pay in advance ( never a good thing) and on the designated day you say "Can't do it!" When I ask you to give me my money back, you offer the same remark. Homerun says it might not be your fault; the government interceded. Okay but presumptively, the price I paid was intended to pay ( proprtionately) for fuel, labor, depreciation etc.....all arising from the trip never taken!! You didn't incur the expense...give me back my money!! A doctor pays for his office and staff ( I didn't say lawyer) whether or not a client (whoops...patient) walks in. It's a cost of doing business. The same is true of airlines. Don't try to visit upon the unsuspecting and innocent the " cost of doing business" when for whatever reason, you can't ( or won't) provide the service sold.
  10. Name any other service for which you pay in advance; the service provider says they can't provide the service " at this time"; and is allowed to keep your money and in place thereof, offer only to provide that service " at a future date". There is a very real distinction between the situation where the flight operates but the pax doesn't want to travel and one where the airline simply doesn't operate the flight on which it sold seats. The Minister should understand the difference.
  11. So this was never about the Cleavers, was it; or Ward who was known to be a little hard on " the Beaver" at times and was taken to task by June.
  12. Lol....yes, NOY.....welcome. Seeker remains to many of us " oldtimers" a newbie. I " joined" somewhere around 1997-2000 but my seniority was ratioed and top-blocked due to my lack of sim time.
  13. Thread drift? Lol Please take a look at the first page of posts. Implicit is the concern as to how the operations of the two companies would merge and how that would impact upon labour. Hollis Harris said that the most significant element in any merger was not the financial implications per se but the impact upon labour relations often felt decades after the merger itself. Many on this forum are retired from the airline industry but I assure you that the potential impact of a merger is very much on the minds of some active employees.
  14. Actually, there is a VERY long history to craft ( trade) unionism which might reasonably include lawyers, doctors, pilots ....and pipefitters. Labour unionism is ( I think) more recent and more associated with industry-wide representation than with the protection of "trades" or crafts. Regardless, I am simply suggesting that a union purporting to represent similarly defined bargaining units in different and competing companies is in a position of inherent conflict. CALPA purported to represent pilots and negotiate on their behalf when some units were with different "mainline" companies and others were with " regionals" whereas ACPA represents only those pilots on the Air Canada pilot seniority list. Similarly, CUPE represents Westjet, Air Canada, Transat ( etc) flight attendants who are or will be in conflict if/when consolidation occurs. How does the same union represent effectively those competing interests? The express policy of the airline division of CUPE as of 1999 was that any merger of flight attendant seniority lists would be based upon date of hire. One year later following the merger of CAIL and Air Canada.....CUPE went silent and failed to defend ( or support) that policy.
  15. Boestar....I'm sorry but where did you come up with that distinction? A trade union is defined in the Canada Labour Code. There is no reference to a " labour union". See Berry v Pulley ( SCC) where CALPA is in fact referenced as a " trade union".