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  1. But...but.....You'd feign goodwill to ensure mechanical fitness? Surely you jest The premise was that pilots and lawyers shared a characteristic with "journos"; they were innumerate...lacking in fluency in the maths. Thin or thick.....that HAS to cut the skin of many pilots who take pride in their calculation of many flight factors including how much per hour for each piece of equipment in which seat and what can be held. As for lawyers....well, one might reasonably be deceived given the propensity of some to persist in the belief that between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, there are 12 billable hours.!
  2. Forgive me but yet another editorial comment... Within a thread called; "Travel in the pandemic", wouldn't it make sense to focus on the travails of travel? What is required of one to travel NOW to France or the Maldives or Dubai? Let's keep it updated-- a useful resource created by people who have gone through the process. I may want to go to CDG in August. I know I can't get on the crew bus to the hotel....but what should I know about clearing in....what docs are required? I already know that travellers will attempt to avoid restrictions....it's a common theme in the press ( damn typesetters)....but collectively as travellers, we are better-served by knowing what are those restrictions.
  3. Don't rely on the Canadian govn't website. The biggest issue is the EMU standard for full vaccination. If you're a hybrid....research that closely. My understanding is that for entry to Ireland, you need 1) proof of full vaccination more than 14 days prior; or 2) negative 72 hour PCR....possible quarantine; or 3) evidence of recovery from infection within 180 days. Coming home...vaccination. At the least. I can't figure out whether you also ( still) need a 72 hour PCR if you're a citizen. Great fun, no? Doesn't matter what I've posted. Obviously, you will independently confirm but I do emphasize....go to the website of Ireland Tourism to get entry info; don't rely on Canada. After all...they told you that mixed vaccines were just fine...4 months apart!!
  4. But surely you must ask yourself; " Why does he ( presumptively) exclude AME's?
  5. One other question of the cogniscenti ( IFG?)... If 10% of the population is vulnerable to Covid and the (a) vaccine is 90% effective, is it the same 10% who are at risk? It seems as though it is acknowledged that if you have a " breakthrough" infection, the likelihood of serious illness is greatly diminished but it seems to me that we are collectively striving to protect that 10% without any real understanding of the genetic fingerprint of that 10%.
  6. Does anybody have the information ( knowledge) required to answer the question; ....if one had the virus and recovered, is that person more or less susceptible to re-infection than is a fully vaccinated individual vulnerable to a "breakthrough" infection? There was a period of time when the rate of infection in Ontario was comparable to that in Florida but Florida had no lockdowns. I sincerely hope and pray that this does NOT come to pass but I confess I will not be shocked if Ontario has another "surge"...and it won't be because the border re-opened.
  7. You're going to hate this but.....many times, I have bemoaned the changes I perceived in this forum and yearned for days and discussions gone. However, I convinced myself that surrender was not an option. You are in control; you mold the content; you contribute and change the tenor. Let your voice-your opinions- be heard. Regardless of your extracurricular activities....enjoy your retirement.
  8. I'm trying to follow and as you may recall, I'm a tad "slow". So...you characterize yourself as a "non-radical, tunnel-visioned, right-wing dope" as opposed to the dominant crowd who are "radical, right wing zealots". Have I got that right? So if "tunnel visioned" and zealots are synonymous, the only difference is that you are non-radical but of course, as you know, your perception of radical and non-radical might wholly be the product of your "vision deficiencies"! Ain't life grand?
  9. If it appears so; ir is so. Seriously, I have opposed most of the travel restrictions imposed. Some have suggested that my motivation was simply personal. Those comments were both unfair and inaccurate. Certainly I have been affected by those restrictions but so also have been thousands of other Canadians. My objection to those restrictions was that they were crafted and imposed based upon public perception of achievement rather than by reality-based metrics. I do not agree with those who now suggest Canada has done well in containing the virus. Canada did NOT do well. It is now July and people continue to mass for a first shot jostling over whether it will be Pfizer or not. Since October, I have freely ( relatively) travelled back and forth to the US for non-essential purposes. I spent many weeks in quarantine but apart from answering phone calls requiring that I confirm my fulfillment of quarantine obligations, my life was unaltered as I remained within the confines of my property. You might say that the hurdles inhibited travel and therefore reduced the "risk". I respond by observing that I mitigated risk to others by complying with the quarantine rules. Therein lies the rub. In truth, the government anticipated that travellers would NOT comply; hence the restrictions. One knows that driving after consuming alcohol ( in excess) is both dangerous and unlawful and yet we still do not confiscate vehicles operated by the impaired. Travellers were inhibited but....home builders ( for example) and their trades continued without restriction...and few involved wore masks. Agricultural workers ( a known source of transmission) continued to move freely as did union members with travel permits. Community spread....community...was the primary source of transmission and continues to a diminishing degree as that "community" is vaccinated. For me...it will be a long time...perhaps too long...before international travel becomes palatable ( and feasible). Athens flight tonight out of YYZ....a FULL load (400+) with some 90 pax connecting from LAX. THAT'S "travelling during the pandemic"!
  10. May I be forgiven for asking; UK variant; South African variant; Brazilian variant.....all particularly aggressive and cause for concern. And then we had the Indian variant...much worse in terms of both transmissibility and tenacity. But not for too long. Enter the Greek means of anonymity and presto....offend no one...the Indian variant became the Delta variant. Sheesh...not only do those Delhi habitues own all the Esso stations; variety stores; and, hotel/motels.....they control nomenclature!! Speaking of....so Air Canada...at the request of the Liberal government motivated solely by a concern for the safety of Canadians asked Air Canada to suspend flights to and from Delhi. Air Canada complied. Ahem! Recent AC red-eye flight from Mexico City to Toronto. A full load. Routing? Delhi to Paris to Mexico City to Toronto. 25% agricultural workers; a small percentage from Europe and most from.....Delhi! And...as a usual result....a LOT of wheelchairs required in YYZ. So....what was accomplished by terminating the AC flights to Delhi? Great political PR ; more hoops for the highly motivated BUT no enhancement to the "safety of Canadians". What a load of BS.
  11. Phew!! This might be too tough for me to handle!! But....maybe the exchange will be informative? I know what "working stiff" means; I USED the term! My intent was simply ( and lightheartedly) to suggest to you that the users of this forum, even though still working, probably kept abreast (read) the news and stories of interest regularly and that by suggesting otherwise, you "demeaned" them; ie...did them an injustice. And...for clarification...I WAS a "working stiff" and remain a member of that "working" class. No rest for the wicked.
  12. KK...you ( I'm sure unintentionally) demean so-called "working stiffs". I am confident that most habitues of THIS forum remain informed as to world events on a daily basis regardless of their employment status.
  13. Of late, some threads seem to be comprised of published article after published article all of which are readily available during a daily perusal of " the news". Perhaps contentious and resulting in ad hominem assaults, aren't opinions of more interest and more likely to "stimulate" exchanges? The thread is "travel during the pandemic". I just re-entered Ontario by vehicle and got the impression that the CBSA is anticipating a significant reduction in travel restrictions. As we motored from one state to another, I found the attitude differences between states to be noteworthy. Maine was very relaxed with few people wearing masks outside. On the other hand, northern New York and Vermont appeared to be very mask conscious and cautious. Hotel after hotel was full but I was told that the majority of travellers are from neighbouring states or local. We saw no other vehicles with Canadian plates. As everyone knows, prices are increasing for everything. Although reported at $34 each, a lobster roll is generally available for around $18.00 in Maine. I bought two whole lobsters (1.5 lbs) for $31.00 and steaming was included. I was sorry to see how many businesses were shuttered and buildings vacant presumably due to Covid. Of interest....Ontario for the third day is reporting cases in excess of 500. Michigan which has fully opened, is reporting less than 350/ day. Since Ontario only partially "opened" on Friday, those reported cases arose during lockdown. Hey Doug....what do your polls tell you?
  14. Travelling NB on I-95 and am amazed at two things....the volume of traffic ( bumper to bumper) and hotel prices ( significantly higher). Many hotels with no availability. I departed Florida which is in all respects " business as usual"; Epidemic? What epidemic? As a general comment, from the perspective of some, any and every sacrifice is justified if it saves one life. Others argue that the vulnerable members of society can be protected without imposing restrictions on everyone. And, there are many who believe they are entitled to voluntarily assume the risk of engaging in normal activities which is less objectionable if the cost of fruition of the risk is not shared by all. Rhetorically....consider to what extent IF ANY we are enhancing the risk of the majority by protecting the few. A strong and effective immune system is a genetically desirable trait. Bats are widely regarded as phenomenal because of their resistance to viruses and other pathogens. That is an acquired genetic defense which necessarily required losses. Are we, humanity, hastening our day of reckoning by weakening rather than strengthening our gene pool? Assuming I will be attacked for having the temerity to suggest even thinking about this let me acknowledge that I wouldn't be around but for medical science. However, I repaid society; no progeny!!
  15. Bahamas travel health visa requires that you upload proof of vaccination or a time-stamped negative pcr test result. Some countries are working to facilitate movement of both goods and people. There are distinctions within the Bahamas between islands/communities. As of now, Great Harbour in the Berries is under lockdown; Andros under caution but Exumas restriction-free.
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