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  1. Calgary Airport off track AGAIN

    Comfort animals are a "pop-psy" means to relieve stress. Remove the source of stress and ....surprise!! No stress! I endorse the comments above....address and resolve service delivery issues and you eliminate the " demand" for pets. But seriously......comfort pets? I think I'm more comfortable with the concept of " comfort women"!
  2. Audio/video recording in the workplace

    Step back just for a moment and ask what "privacy" you are protecting by resisting cockpit videos. Everyone on this forum is aware of the impact on policing of bodycams and vehicle cams. Assertions of self-defence have been disproven by video evidence and in other situations, established by that " independent" witness. There are very few aviation incidents that involve issues relating to the conduct of the flight crew......very few. There are, however incidents that permit of subsequent investigation and there can be no doubt that EVERYONE both within the aviation world and out might benefit from the existence of that " independent witness". Some may want to protect a fellow aviator from the potentially significant consequence of a moment's inattention. As admirable as the sentiment may be, that is not a "favour"....to anyone. The plane departs; the plane arrives. Do you honestly think anyone cares about the nature of the flight deck commentary during cruise? However.....the aircraft is aligned for landing with a taxiway and the flight crew explanation deviates from the observed and all may benefit from that " independent witness".
  3. Disagreement in the flight deck

    Kept us occupied for a bit. Down here in sunny Florida, it's NOT sunny and rain threatens so I'm sipping tea ( Yes...tea) in the salon watching the clock slowly edge towards cocktail time.
  4. Disagreement in the flight deck

    Ah!! I see...old guys stuff. I thought it might somehow relate to the force necessarily expended in efforts to modify certain actions or reactions.
  5. Disagreement in the flight deck

    Ok, sir. I mis-typed but whilst on the subject, how many hp to raise the MAIN LANDING GEAR of the 747?
  6. Disagreement in the flight deck

    Blues....you sly devil....1gpm @1500 psi = 1 hp. Ipso facto...3000 psi @2 gpm = 4 hp. I love this.....I know and understand nothing but with the aid of the internet and Blues, now know how many hp is required to raise the 747 landing gear. Now then....why did Defcon " need to know"?
  7. People engage in very strange conduct and then are astounded by the adverse reaction of observers. In my opinion, the Porter flight described above should have terminated at an earlier point and would have been if the crew had been less reticent. On a recent flight ( I am reliably informed), passengers were boarding. Two men arrived at the aircraft and an FA believed they exchanged carry-on bags. One of the two then turned around in the jetway and returned up the boarding ramp...and did not return. The FA relayed her observations/ concerns to others and the Captain was informed. Security tapes were reviewed and the "reluctant pax" located and questioned. The point is simply that crew must be constantly alive to the possibility of terrorist activity and must respond immediately and appropriately to ANY conduct that deviates from the norm. Better to express apologies than regrets.
  8. Is This Your Canada?

    This is a frustrating topic because it almost of necessity invokes one's philosophical bent and the belief ( or disbelief) in the obligation to assist in sustaining the " less fortunate". Some would "cull the herd" while others readily dispute the notion of " dilution". I was foolish enough to own and operate a small bar/ restaurant. It was great...for a few months! I soon learned that one actually had to care about the number of napkins used....the margins were that tight. My biggest continuing losses came from employee theft. Those minimum wage earners had zero sense of loyalty and thought nothing of passing a case of beer out the back door for $10.00 in their pocket. Dagger speaks of an increased deduction but before that is of any relevance...you have to make a net profit. I never did. Property taxes over $25,000./ yr. Remember, the commercial rate is significantly greater than the residential rate.....and the farmers pay next to nothing. Then insurance and utilities....hydro...my Lord!! The cost of product goes up but if your pint costs the regular more than the joint down the road....he's no longer a regular. The market place should dictate wages. If I have to pay $10/ hr for a dishwasher...then you do it. Some bartenders are worth more than others. They have a following and draw business...and you pay to keep them. Anytime government ( or one's sense of social obligation) results in a policy of social engineering, the law of unintended consequences intervenes....and we all suffer. Don't be surprised at the number of businesses that close their door because of that proverbial straw.
  9. Seasonal Whining

    The operative words; "If memory serves".
  10. Seasonal Whining

    Thread drift, I know but I thought Cdn was on the right track when it offered cabin crew who worked Xmas a positive space seat on their flight for a spouse or companion so they had someone special with them on that day on a layover. I was going to go with my wife this year but getting home was to uncertain. We both ate alone.
  11. Seasonal Whining

    Yup!! Airline employees are enablers and seemingly have no idea they are cutting their collective throats by salivating at the very idea of abridging seniority. "Keep the seat I can't get in. Give me more money!!"
  12. Seasonal Whining

    The omission of the airline involved was intentional. As JO has noted, there are similar stories that occur every day that speak to the dedication and committment of airline employees everywhere and within every employee group. This story was just a little more special because it spoke of a team effort from cabin crew to CSA to operations to flight crew.....all working together to achieve the desired goal. And none asked for nor received SA boarding priority as a reward!!
  13. Is This Your Canada?

    Not getting much attention is the ripple effect. If I now have to pay a " bar back" $14 per hour, I will have to pay servers and bartenders more. They would definitely NOT accede to being paid the same amount as a table cleaner. And touting the changes are union groups. I got news, folks. Most restaurant workers...those at your local bistro...are not unionized. And don't complain if service takes a little longer. I'm going to be very conservative in scheduling staff if I have a 3 hour penalty if I cancel a shift without 48 hours prior notice. Better I should just do " call ins" if I get slammed. In Florida, the minimum wage was also increased...by $0.15. I think it's now somewhere around $7.65/hr.
  14. Lawyer/Pilot Low Vis Takeoff

    And the relevance of his " professional calling" is.....? I know that members of the legal profession are held in the highest regard and esteemed for their wisdom and judgment which renders this particular event beyond belief and I suppose that is the best reason for describing this fellow as a "lawyer/pilot"....... Excuse me. I have to pause to remove my tongue from my cheek.
  15. Lawyer/Pilot Low Vis Takeoff

    I saw that story on the news and almost posted a query on this forum; "What happened?". There was dense fog and the pilot got off the runway but the flight ended abruptly and tragically. The news report I saw was that there was NOT a mechanical failure. So....you continue climbing and you're clear of the fog. Can you lose perspective with no visual reference? Reportedly, this fellow was an able and respected pilot.