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  1. Gents (etc)....Look at the US "Rule" regarding the closure of the Can/US border....available on the DHS website. The restriction is of crossings at land border entries and ferries. Air travel is specifically excluded. I called DHS and they confirmed. NOTE.....The CBP agent at pre-clearance is the final authority but.....Air Canada may not be flying south but Delta and AA have a number of flights. My wife and I couldn't cross the border by car but went to YYZ and got a flight to Florida. No issues with pre-clearance.
  2. We flew YYZ to FLL last Friday. Load was about 40%. Methinks if you had a business that was tourism based, you might not be so disinclined to welcome visitors from the US.
  3. I started a " multi-quote" but got lost! However, I intended to first highlight the assertion regarding Dr.Fauci. The good doctor is no doubt very capable and has skills both verbal and political that are unmatched by many. I suggest that the accolade that he is the MOST trustworthy source is over-reaching and basically hyperbole. There are MANY sources of opinions that are well-informed regarding this virus and variants. There is no consensus among the experts. I emphasize.....very capable and very trustworthy experts with no axe to grind....are unable to agree on many issues relating to this virus. Clearly, the evidence supports the conclusion that there are significant areas in the US where the virus IS under control.....to the extent that control, even temporary, is possible. The smaller urban centres and more rural areas are now experiencing a growth in cases which is unsurprising given the reluctance to adopt recommended safety protocols. Removing our border restrictions does not consitute a welcome mat to the " at greatest risk" US population. In fact, our neighbours have more to risk as do we from the residents of Quebec where almost half of the current infections are located. Many provinces have the virus " under control" ( I personally don't like that description) but others do not. Should the residents of Manitoba with winter residences in the south be denied access to the US to secure their quickly-abandoned homes because Trois-Rivieres is spiking? There is no rational connection. I'm guessing but assume Washington residents (State) are not pounding on our doors seeking access to our gas stations but some may have vacation homes or boats from which they are excluded for no viable reason. And.....accessing one's property in the US or Canada is NOT considered " essential". Back to Dr.Fauci....he acknowledged that premature re-opening would result in a spike BECAUSE people will not follow prescribed safety guidelines. If one could rely upon their neighbour to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance ( etc), there would be no spike. He obviously didn't say it ( out loud) but he is compelled to assume that people are non-compliant ( aka "stupid").
  4. Well....we're pretty sure Marshall and I aren't carriers!! Forgive the attempt at humour; I do not in any way seek to trivialize the suffering of others.
  5. J.O.....First I want to emphasize that ANY comment on the subject of infection is only "opinion". It cannot be more simply because there is so little that can be characterized as incontrovertible fact. I believe there is general agreement that there is no current means to eradicate this virus. It exists within our society and has its own lifespan after which it is " shed" or eliminated by our body as "waste"....like all other epithelial cells. People now use the term "second wave" to describe the increase in rate of infection following " levelling". I submit that the term " second wave" is misleading; as though it is almost a consequence of our errant ways. There was ALWAYS a rate of infection that essentially guaranteed a percentage of the population would be infected. The numbers were such that it was anticipated that our health care capacity would be over-whelmed unless steps were taken to reduce the rate of infection. Lockdown/ isloation was the means adopted and it was successful. Those tactics do not eliminate the virus; just slowed the transmission rate......as it were; postponed the day of reckoning. As communities re-open and people interact, transmission rates increase. That was always the expected result but the delay enabled governments to assemble and increase resources. Regrettably, there is still no cure and we can anticipate that those with symptoms so severe as to require intubation will continue to die at a high rate (80%). As Moeman states, tracing to a particular event or individual is time-consuming and difficult and requires resources that are in limited supply. However, without ingestion of the virus through the nose, eyes or mouth, there is no possibility of infection. Wherever an infected person calls home, they do not pose an unacceptable threat level to your health if you adhere STRICTLY to health protocols. I think we can all agree; the world is populated by idiots. Highways are empty so they test the limits of their vehicles; a store clerk upsets them so they intentionally cough on food or use that clerk's shirt sleeve as a kleenex; they attend Cov-19 parties, the point of which is to risk infection from a known person ( really!!!). There is no cure for stupid either. All you can do is look both ways and still proceed with caution. By the way....did any of you believe all of those "experts" who said a mask wasn't necessary if you didn't have symptoms? And one wonders why there is such a level of mistrust?
  6. And conversely, I hope that the " powers that be" re-open the borders asap. Few seem to appreciate that you, individually, have absolutely nothing to fear from others. Stay inside! You can't be infected. You are in control of your own destiny. You not have to cede control. However, your fear and your belief that you should not have to protect yourself places a burden both psychological and financial on others. Do you honestly think that just across that border, the infected hoards are about to descend? Please tell me how the residents of Winnipeg are negatively effected by the possible visitation by neighbours from the south? Or the Sault? Or even Kingston? I plan on travelling to Florida shortly. Neighbours down there tell me life has continued without any significant impact from the virus and no one...no one...knows personally of anyone infected. But...I'll wear my mask; stay a safe distance; and, wash my hands frequently. I'll undertake to protect myself. And no one asked that I remain in Canada!
  7. One point about "food banks" and south Florida. I was there for Hurricane Wilma. There was a "giveaway" of water and ice due to the loss of power etc. My wife and I watched the progression of cars for awhile. As noted above, we were amazed by the number of late model luxury cars. We extracted from that observation the conclusion that in certain areas, people will line up for hours for a free handout regardless of their circumstances. The primary hurdle in practising philanthropy is identifying those who are truly in need and then meeting that need most efficiently.
  8. Speaking of idiots.....I particularly resent those who abuse a privilege; any privilege. The Sheraton at YYZ not only was perfectly located; it gave a very generous airline employee discount for rooms and included about 50% off on meals. That ended when cabin crew were found to be bunking multiples to a room with mattresses on the floor!! Same thing with lounge access and crew teaming up to get one card with a number of secondary cards with the annual fees shared. You'd go into the Priority lounge in Terminal 1 US and the lounge was full of crew in uniform having their meals. They ended that by requiring a same day boarding pass. And on the subject of positive space....a few months ago, we flew from CLT to MCO on American. Booked the flights a few days in advance. The tickets were $27. apiece. Honestly....$27!! I have a credit card that reimburses me for incidental airline expenses. The computer must have assumed it HAD to be incidental....the ticket cost was reimbursed. Confirmed seats AND less money that pass travel!! Oh yes.....and our cocktails on the flight were paid for by that same card issuer. Gotta love 'em.
  9. Marshall.....forgive me but I'm compelled by forces I cannot resist; are you sure? My wife and I share the belief that retirees at Cdn went after active employees. I have a memory that in addition and for only a short time, one could purchase a business class standby and if you did not, the aircraft could push back with open seats up front and cons still in the boarding lounge. Understandably, that policy generated a lot of resentment and was abandoned. If you're certain....so be it; our memories grow increasingly frail. ( Well....mine does)
  10. Johnny... I am aware of " bestowed privileges".... sort of " super priority" afforded to certain lawyers but alas, alack...I am not of that privileged group. Regarding employee pass travel, I am one of those that think that all employee cons should board front to back based upon seniority. Just thinking about the concern regarding use of travel passes. I know in speaking to employees of other airlines they consider " up front" to be a privilege long gone so I think AC beneficiaries to be fortunate. That said, my introduction to pass travel was at Canadian where, as I recall, retiree cons boarded after all active employees. It was somewhat of a shock to learn that at AC, a retiree travelled on service years so absent " special priority" such as C1 Thank You pass or a Holiday pass ( earned), retirees travel ( in "Y") before most active employees.
  11. My wife is the employee and is "active" . Travel plans require advance planning; structuring her bid to arrange suitable days off. We are compelled to be very flexible when travelling and look for flights with the most available seats. We may be headed to Madrid but grab a flight to Munich. However, many a flight appears to have seats but when we get to the gate and again check loads, we find we're behind a number of B1's...employees with only a few years seniority bumping active employees with 30+ years of service. For reasons unknown, many wait until the last moment to list. And so it goes. Collectively, we accept any emolument regardless of impact on others whether retired or otherwise. Seniority? A principle that is readily abandoned when it suits one's purposes.
  12. Ah! Well I now see the problem......wrong gin!
  13. FA@AC.....I did do a websearch and the report is that CBP does NOT enforce the border crossing prohibition. They allegedly consider the restriction limited to land border crossings. I have a vague recollection that when there was a joint declaration of the border closure, air travel was excluded. I recently communicated with an FA doing an FLL. She said that she spoke to some pax who were Canadians travelling to their Florida condos. She also said that at least two of her trips were cancelled. I ask only because when I finally am between a rock and a hard place, i don't want to travel to Toronto only to find; 1) the flight is cancelled and then ; 2) be denied entry to the US for the alternate.
  14. This is what I learned at Wharton. Assume you have 10 people adding a cup of water each for the required 10 cups. I can cook my pasta. If 5 people lost their cups, I wouldn't have enough water. No pasta. The central money supply steps in and gives those 5 new cups. No muss; no fuss. Now I have enough water for the pasta. Everyone eats! Lo and behold, those pesky damn 5 find their cups. My pot is full; the water runneth over. The pasta will be ruined. Central money steps in and drains that extra 5 cups of water. We're good to go....enough water; lots of pasta; smiley faces everywhere. I never went to Wharton.
  15. I have a quickie question. At YYZ, is the US granting entry to Canadian residents ( non-US)? Follow-up question....how does one know whether the AC flight to MCO or FLL actually operate on a given day? And....in keeping with the thread...imo, everyone with access to a mask should have been wearing it in public since March 15th or earlier. And that does NOT exclude aircraft.