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  1. UpperDeck

    German Airforce facing problems

    I suggest that the premise of the article is not so much functionality as effective communication by deed and an acknowledgement that at the end of the day, nations must place their own interests in priority because " that's what everyone else is doing!" Malcolm....you are looking at the " issue" from a practical perspective; "Spend our money on materiel we will use." But the purchase program proposed is strategic in scope; fulfill our NATO obligations by both enhancing Euro relations and expressing in non-ambiguous terms our negative response to US bullying tactics. IMO
  2. UpperDeck

    Question on new ac employee site

    When he gets the error message, ignore it and click menu bars on top left. This will afford access to ETS etc. Should add...that works for me on android phone and tablet.
  3. Back to the " airline issue"...Chinese influence over AC operations. Rumour has it that China has mandated that unless airlines operating into China improve their on-time performance, their slots are imperilled. They were specific as to the worst performing companies giving the five worst three months to improve. Air Canada was third from the bottom. Think about that.....third worst!! It's all about aircraft utilization but of course every department is pointing a finger at each other. Bottom line....improve OTP or lose your slots. Major potential consequences. Or maybe it's all about Taiwan.
  4. UpperDeck

    low cost, mean bastards

    Heck, Munoz was praised for transparency just for admitting that his airline "got it wrong" when one of its flight attendants forced a passenger to store a live dog in an overhead bin.(The dog, a French bulldog named Kikito, died during the flight. Maybe you heard.) This is the sort of thing I absolutely despise about the current state of mass communications. I tried to contact the author of the article to voice my objection but I don't want to do so via social media. There is a story....a report that a pax was asked to put a container in an overhead bin. The pax did so. Inside the container was a dog. The dog died. A very unfortunate and regrettable incident BUT....there is no evidence...nil....that the pax was "forced" to comply with the suggestion but more importantly, there is NO evidence the FA knew there was a live animal in the container. In fact, she was reportedly heartbroken by the discovery and said she did NOT know there was an animal in the container. But what they hey....don't let facts or some sense of compassion get in the way of a story!!
  5. Fido..... I spent a while in the Middle East. My parents lived there. My most recent discussions on the subject were with the parents of two women who moved to a settlement with their husbands. They expressed their belief that Palestinian families were suffering unjustly. I appreciate the article posted by Dagger. There are no easy answers--- only a lot of pain. The same comments might be made with respect to the civil war in Syria.
  6. Boy!! Talk about a moral switch. Somebody hit that switch and eliminated the memory of that oppression because the lesson hasn't been carried forward and spread around the West Bank!! We collectively are reminded to never forget the holocaust and yet the oppressed have become the oppressors seemingly blind to the unjustness of their acts. No--- the deaths are not counted in hundreds of thousands but to a mother, the death of one child generates sufficient grief.
  7. Therein lies the problem in microcosm. China is being a bully but who has the moral committment to stand up and say "No" when the consequence is immediate and financial. Many disagree with the US position on Iran but who is prepared to bear the financial burden of opposition? Niki Haley walks out of the Palestinian presentation on the recent Gaza conflict. This is evidence of a " civil society"? Hell in a hand basket I say.
  8. UpperDeck

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    A reasonable comment well-stated, Defcon. I had recent occasion to speak to a retired orthopaedic surgeon about the frequency of problems secondary to arthroscopic surgery. He held up his hand commenting; " These are all fingers but they are not all the same." That is true about every occupation and self-regulation of the professions will only last as long as those professions in fact regulate. Back to pilots....for discussion purposes only, assume a failure to conform to the reasonable standard of care expected of a commercial pilot. If damage results, that pilot is liable in negligence. That pilot may not stand alone. Perhaps the atc was contributorily negligent; maybe the employer's training program was inadequate; maybe the federal regulations to lax....the list goes on. The fact remains that if loss was sustained, it must be recovered from those whose fault or neglect contributed to the loss. I readily understand the concept of promoting full disclosure ( candour) so as to generate improvement in safety. People are urged to self-report drug and alcohol abuse and in return, the employer undertakes to not use that information to punish the employee. Is there a limit on that " bargain"? Yes. Imperial Oil had such a program. An employee self-reported substance abuse. He was removed from his " safety-sensitive" job and sued. He lost. The necessity of protecting the public from the risk outweighed the individual's rights deriving from his " bargain". It certainly would not be necessary to broadcast the personal details of the SFO pilots involved in this incident but I do believe the public had a right to access the information through channels reasonably easy to navigate. And let me emphasize...I think everyone should be able to reasonably access information about the " negligent acts" of their lawyer; doctor; teacher; .....any self-regulating occupation that expects members of the public to believe in their competence simply because they are licensed.
  9. UpperDeck

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    What??? Why would you suggest that lawyers should bear blame? For what? I never cease to be amazed at the willingness to point the finger at lawyers without regard to the fact that the lawyer is retained by a client--- a member of the public--- to represent an interest. And how many of those who wield that accusatory finger themselves rush to obtain representation or seek advice at the first sound of alarm? Hmmmm. Does the above sound defensive? Now read all of the posts above decrying the dissemination of information about involved individuals. Does the public not have an over-riding interest in complete disclosure? " But they won't understand!!" Well...if those who DO have the requisite knowledge and experience to understand are the final arbiters on what information is disclosed to the public---- the public won't know much, will they? I suppose the words of Vsplat are telling---- be cautious what you say lest a " guest" use that gleaned information.
  10. UpperDeck

    AC Offers Lie-Flat Seats

    I have been on a few flights sitting nearby " famous people" up front. They did not get on..or off...the aircraft in the same manner as the rest of us " plebes". I'm guessing they appreciated the perqs.
  11. One analogy comes to mind. You build a house in 1940 and do so in compliance with the building standards then governing. In 1960 and with growing family, you construct an addition. You must now comply with the current standards. In 1990, you sell the house and the new owner needs to make some significant structural alterations to the original ( and legal) building. When applying for the permit, that new owner will be required to comply with current standards. There is also the law of nuisance and an ever-evolving consideration as to the nature and extent of the duty to your "neighbour". There is a class action trial now begining in North Carolina in which the plaintiffs are seeking damages for diminuation in property values secondary to noxious fumes emitted from a nearby swine operation with open pit manure storage.
  12. UpperDeck

    (CBC) AC FAs Sexually Harassed by Management

    As to the first portion of the complaint as reported.....the "dress code" issue and the " fashion show"....I don't believe CUPE is representing the membership. That is driven by ideologues within the union and distracts from the issues that are of significance to the majority. Let me give one small example of institutional idiocy. Imagine you require an orthotic device. It costs $500 in Canada but only $200 in the US. Coverage is limited to $400 Cdn. You're no fool....you buy it in the US saving yourself AND THE COMPANY money. Except...when you submit your claim, it is denied. Coverage is limited to goods and services acquired in Canada. Work on changing that CUPE...a win-win for everyone.
  13. UpperDeck

    For the former military amongst us

    Kip... Thank you. Comments taken to heart. This young fellow is impressive in part because of his humility. I know ( to a degree) what you're speaking of in reference to the arrogance of some " ring-knockers" and am confident that should this young fellow survive the process, he will retain that humility. Again....thanks.
  14. UpperDeck

    For the former military amongst us

    I'm not sure those are the paving markers I should provide to a candidate for ring knocker status. And as for " bunny day"...et vous, monsieur
  15. UpperDeck

    For the former military amongst us

    Acceptance into the program which in and of itself I think is of note. Graduation is a long way down the road and if achieved, will justify something else.