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  1. Entered US last week by car and asked by CBP agent whether I had more than......I thought he said $10,000. and said no then realized he said $1000.!!!! I immediately corrected myself and didn't question the discrepancy given the plainly visible sign....."Report currency amounts in excess of $10,000." And he did say; "Carrying more than $1000. each?"
  2. Next thing you know.....there'd be an impeachment inquiry!!
  3. Marshall..... I beg to disagree but only in a general sense. Some police officers and some firefighters....depending on their place of work....face inordinate danger. That is NOT true of all. You might take as an example a municipality in Ontario without a gunshot in over 10 years or one with no building loss due to fire in the same period. However, in Ontario, what the arbitrator awards for Oshawa for police and firefighters is what the taxpayers will pay in Podunk.
  4. Really?? According to a recent analysis of annual incomes in Canada, $230,000 puts a wage earner in the top 1%....less in some Provinces. What percentage of AC pilots using seniority to fly max lift...say with 15 years....are earning that amount? The BA pilots were offered more than 11% on a three year contract. The AVERAGE BA pilot earns approx 187,000 pounds per year currently. They're striking because they want a share of profits. Police officers and firefighters can't strike. They have to rely on arbitration....and we, the taxpayers, bear the consequences of those consistently very generous arbitration awards.
  5. I'm sorry but is it agreed that Canadian Airlines operated into LHR? I remember a GREAT Xmas and New Years in 1999/2000 in London and I'm pretty damn sure we were on a crew bus from LHR!!!
  6. You're all just dodging the real issue. In these circumstances, the services of a " matchmaker" are essential....a GOOD matchmaker. Anyone knows that putting a 20 something guy with a 60 something woman just wasn't going to work. Now then.....change that to a 20 something ( and attractive) woman and......(etc). Point made.
  7. I'm not offering an opinion but question whether you would be best served by a DFR proceeding; become a thorn. You need the Board to re-assess the appropriateness of the composition of the bargaining unit. ACPA had a head start simply because AC pilots were a distinct unit and when the contract opened, the members were free to have a representational vote. The organizational efforts before that vote paid off for a relatively small but very successful group.
  8. Preceded no doubt by the flight crew with the same agenda...or perhaps rushing for a commute? And whose plane is it? Or only when the doors close. Seriously, at what point is there some acknowledgement that the passenger has SOME responsibility for their own welfare. The young boy boarded on a flight to Germany instead of Sweden ( United and SAS) was sufficiently aware to alert crew to the fact he was on the wrong flight. The elderly woman left on the aircraft for 15 minutes is a different issue. Clearly, in that case there was a miscommunication but an obvious duty given the known limitations of the pax. Perhaps I'm simply jealous of any individual who is able to sleep throughout descent; landing ( with announcements),; taxiing ( don't forget your personal belongings); deplaning; and then tug pushback for the ride to the sheds. Lord....wouldn't it be nice to sleep so soundly....without any aids?
  9. Come on, Malcolm. Be honest. You and Defcon have started your own anonymous forum, haven't you?
  10. Lawyer...and 100 k is a mere drop in the bucket. I know of a number of lawyers who turned to teaching high school or other professions. One who worked for me turned to the CF to fly.
  11. It is my understanding that Westjet attempted to strike out the claim on the grounds that the Courts had no jurisdiction over the subject matter. They were unsuccessful and appealed. The appeal was dismissed. An application was made to certify the action as a class action. In my opinion, that was tenuous since assaults are by definition personal. The application was denied. The denial was appealed and the Court of Appeal agreed that the action could be certified as a class action. That's as far as the action has proceeded. I suggest that the intent of the plaintiff is focussed on spotlighting the alleged corporate culture that allows sexual harassment to thrive so as to effect change in that culture. If her concern was simply with damages, she need not have pursued certification which in this case simply complicates the process and delays resolution.
  12. Forgive me but are yoh sure it has been returned to service? I ask only because they've increased the use of the " enhanced 777" and I was told that was because this fin has NOT returned to service.
  13. Monday afternoon upon landing. Tuesday departure cancelled. Unworthy of comment?