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  1. The electric car won’t get us very far Electric cars will achieve only tiny emissions savings at a very high price Thu Nov 26, 2020 - Financial Post by Bjorn Lomborg In a move to jump-start the market for electric cars in Quebec, the government of Premier François Legault this month announced a ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars from 2035. Similarly, leaders across the rich world, including U.S. president-elect Joe Biden and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who just announced an even more ambitious deadline of 2030, promise lavish carrots along with sticks to outlaw gas
  2. Airline workers struggle to find employment as COVID-19 decimates industry Thu Nov 26, 2020 - The Globe and Mail Eric Atkins -Transportation Reporter Before Chris Brewer lost his job as a WestJet flight attendant, his typical shift was the Vancouver to Los Angeles route, taking off at 8:30 in the morning and returning by 3. He got to eat supper with his family and sleep in his own bed – rare comforts in the airline business. He met his wife, also a WestJetter, on the job and has formed close friendships with his co-workers. “It was perfect,” Mr. Brewer said. “I mean, I’ve been ther
  3. As Fox News breaks up with Trump, new sweethearts emerge Mon Nov 23/ 2020 - The Globe and Mail by John Doyle In case you’ve forgotten, the thing to do, always, is follow the money. This is especially true of the final outcome in the messy breakup between Fox News and outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump. It’s so messy, this breakup, it has more heartbreak and recrimination than an entire Taylor Swift album. In fact, Trump’s feelings, such as they might exist, can be summed up in Swift’s recent song Exile: “You’re not my homeland anymore/ So what am I defendin’ now?/ You were m
  4. Appears Pfizer will ship using dry ice (sublimates 5-10/lb per 24hrs), haven't seen anything re augmentation for long distance travel over extended time period.
  5. Each vial of the Pfizer vaccine holds five doses when diluted. Once thawed, the undiluted vial can be kept in a refrigerator for only five days. A diluted vial can be kept for only six hours before it must be discarded.
  6. Yes, improvements that can demonstrate they add additional value would be eligible for increasing the Adjusted Cost Basis but not those that were maintenance related (they may be deductible against rental income but not for capital gains purposes). I have appended a link to some current CRA guidelines with respect to determining the difference (US may have more eligible expenses). While it is quite likely most residential properties held for more than 25+ years have had some sort of substantial renovations that would qualify, the number such events that would have to accounted for over the per
  7. Delta Skirts Trump Tariffs by Sending Airbus Jets on Tour November 17, 2020 - Bloomberg News By Siddharth Vikram Philip Delta Air Lines Inc. is sidestepping millions of dollars in U.S. tariffs on European jetliners by initially routing them far outside the country to such places as Amsterdam, Tokyo and El Salvador. The U.S. carrier has taken delivery of seven European-built Airbus SE planes since President Donald Trump’s levies took effect in October 2019. Rather than flying them home as it had in the past, Delta has based the aircraft overseas. The decision, coupled with the
  8. Agreed, it's a 'bridge too far' vs 'desperate times call for desperate measures' sort of call. To be honest income splitting has never struck me as a major source of tax leakage and my initial response would be to look at rejigging inheritance and estate taxes before going after it or TFSA's. One way or the other the government's going find a way to get at the pile of wealth the boomers are sitting on.
  9. What deductions would you see being included in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Items such as maintenance, repairs insurance, property taxes and other current expenses cannot be used in the calculation of the Adjusted Cost Base which establishes the base cost from which any capital gain/loss is determined. As mentioned earlier I do believe a phased-in approach over a number of years and/or via taxable thresholds would be necessary to minimize the impact on both individuals and the housing market.
  10. Not sure, but coupled with a continued downward trend in ownership it might suggest a lesser level of resistance overall to any proposed change. To be clear, I'm not arguing for any as it would be in my own best interest not. I'm just trying to understand what the justification is for a carve-out of a single asset class for total tax exemption.
  11. Understood, but I believe some protections could be achieved through a phased-in reduction of the Principal Residence Exemption (PRE). Such a phased-in approach would also serve to minimize the sort of turbulence and disruption seen with the sudden imposition of changes to Income Trust provisions. In any event, with the waning influence of the boomers as a voting block, the PRE will become an increasingly large yet less risky target.
  12. It would be no different than the deductible costs associated with the sale of a cottage or other vacation property not eligible for the Principal Residence Exemption. It's a well-trodden path with established rules and guidelines.
  13. Why not, income is income. What makes it unique and deserving of exemptive treatment relative to other types of capital gains?
  14. Save capitalism, tax boomers, new report suggests Thu Nov 12, 2020 - The National Post COVID-19 could be the catalyst that forces embittered millennials to overthrow the capitalist order — but policymakers could intervene before that happens, a new report by Deutsche Bank proposes. Out of the pandemic emerged younger workers who were disproportionately affected by the economic crash because they are more likely to be employed in industries such as retail or hospitality, where working from home was not a possibility. As well, job prospects have dwindled for the newer graduates an