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  1. 63 Canadians among dead after Ukrainian plane crash in Iran
  2. Pensions for past presidents are equal to annual salary of a cabinet officer in a current administration (approx 208K in 2017).
  3. 5. Remove cabotage restrictions and allow Elbonian Air provide additional lift
  4. Blind spots: How the Boeing 737 Max disasters exposed flaws in Canada’s reliance on U.S. aviation policy
  5. Tough to contest when you're not allowed to call witnesses that could provide exculpatory evidence.
  6. Until it gets bumped by something else... 2-hour Air Canada flight to Yukon becomes 2-day international journey
  7. A month from now when things are running more smoothly it won't be because the agents got any smarter or received more training or the system got tweaked, .Systems training has an ugly step-sister called familiarization that few want to deal with, acknowledge or fund during the planning process.
  8. Britain tells the Left to get real
  9. ...and 3x longer than the Wright bros Kitty Hawk flt (58sec).
  10. "There is a balancing act there between passenger rights and safety that has to be maintained."
  11. Maybe, I'm not so sure. Dems need the energy, funding and votes they generate. One of the things that did Hillary in was the resentment created when she & the party establishment deep-sixed Bernie. His supporters did not roll over to her - just largely sat on their hands.