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  1. Equality ?

    Naw, just being a PIA. I believe $3,300,000,000 would be more commonly expressed as $3.3 billion rather than trillion. Can't help it, am a recovering bean counter with occasional lapses. Staggering waste regardless.
  2. Equality ?

    Are you really, really sure $3,300,000,000 is 3.3 TRILLION, or have you applied some sort of inflation factor from the date of the article in 2013?
  3. North Korea willing to talk?

    South Korea too as much of Seoul would be flattened by NK artillery within hours of a US attack.
  4. Indeed, he's cashed the cheque.
  5. AC and Lot at YYZ Touch Wings.

    Second hand, but understand it was E80/E81.
  6. Harvesting trees for AC and WJA?
  7. Trump Wins

    By the numbers.... Trump - 304 Clinton - 227
  8. Our Prime Minister

    One of the milder ones....
  9. SFO Incident

    "Where's this guy going? He's on the taxiway,"
  10. Do you want that in small bills or large?
  11. Love is in (the somewhat fetid) air
  12. Attempted Cockpit Breach on AA

    Sunwing Flight Receives Jet Escort After Passenger Threat