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  1. News clips of aboriginal beat downs don't play well for the international audience Trudeau is trying to suck up to.
  2. Flight attendant's insensitive remarks not a firing offence: Arbitrator
  3. And they're off! - to a bumbling start.... The snafu that will launch 1,000 theories
  4. Aw, come on. They just report the news, they don't go looking to make it.....
  5. 'No running water on Air Canada flight from China during worsening coronavirus outbreak'
  6. Pick another fight fellas, that ship's sailed..... Top Tory contenders will fight carbon tax if they win leadership race
  7. Guess we'll just have to wait for the big jury trial in November to make that call.
  8. Kobe Bryant, daughter, 7 others killed in helicopter crash
  9. There will be scrutiny along the way... 'Two teleprompters in front of him to speak in French'
  10. Yeah, not a truck in sight to move the dug dirt or excavation stakes saying where to dig. 'Well do SOMETHING! ok, we're doing SOMETHING!'
  11. Swoop is classified as a 'small airline' with respect to compensation delay payments. Even at 50% of the quoted cost it's a pretty good bite out of thin margins.
  12. I wonder how his book is coming along....