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  1. Airband

    Humboldt Crash Arrest

    "He didn't set out that day to do this,"
  2. Right - here today, gone tomorrow. Gotta be the dividends.
  3. Airband

    More Drones - London Gatwick Airport shutdown!

    Hell, close enough - hang 'em. “I think they’re just dying to pin it on somebody. I can’t believe for one minute it’s true. It’s just mad."
  4. Hmm, wonder if he said before or after he cancelled the Avro Arrow with the loss 25K Canadian jobs and subsequent purchase of 60+ used US fighters.
  5. Which makes Dougie a cheap date.
  6. Airband

    Trump’s aircraft hit..

    'the Global Express later departed to Hartford, Connecticut, which is home to a Bombardier service center'
  7. Airband

    Swoop has a bad day at YHZ

    and not to forget the 'Perennials', of which we have a few....
  8. Hmm, 10 million square feet of heated, covered space with heavy duty electrical infrastructure located adjacent to virtually unlimited source of water for irrigation and a large pool of potential employees to be trained at government expense
  9. He's a year late - there'll be too much 'Trump Fatigue' by the time the election rolls around. 'Maxime Bernier goes to a dark place'
  10. Yup, them damn deplorables are at again. Climate change, gun control, tweaking the media's nose - when will it ever stop.
  11. What does Tony Clement have to do with Doug Ford?
  12. Airband

    Lion Air Down

    Some reports indicating up to 1000 km/h.
  13. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Hard right trumps leftists in Brazil election.... 'He frequently disparaged women, gays and blacks, and said he would name military men to his Cabinet.'