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  1. Quite the contrary, I suspect there is no candidate the Republicans would rather see on the 2020 ballot than tired, old, beat-up Hillary and her boatload of baggage.
  2. Won't stay dead
  3. Unbelted driver impaled on steering column - EMS to let him bleed out on the principle of 'he got what's coming to him'?
  4. Under control of a HAL 9000.
  5. I hear a tune change...
  6. Battle of the Flight Watch's? flightradar24 indicates 0' just before GA initiated
  7. Well if there's anyone who knows Canada like the back of their hand...
  8. No centreline lighting on 15R?
  9. lol, short of facts? Make one up.
  10. Translation might be a little rough, but FWIW: NThe Calgary WestJet carrier is expected to acquire the integrated tour operator Transat A.T., says Turan Quettawala of Scotiabank. Our analysis suggests that a transaction would be beneficial both strategically and financially and would bring many synergies and competitive advantages to international markets, "the analyst wrote in a report. WestJet could offer as much value as 90% to get hold of Transat's shares and still find its account, he said. WestJet could offer up to $ 10 per share (a 45% to 90% capital gain) for Transat and add 25-30% to its own profits, Quettawala said. The report dated February 13 is not very popular on the stock market at this time. WestJet's share (Tor., WJA, $ 22.48) is stable Tuesday morning, while that of Transat (Tor., TRZ, $ 5.18) is up 5.5%. "Transat's share hit a low in 52 weeks Monday. It is at the same level as in 1992 and is well below the peak of $ 35.75 in September 2007. " "Transat's share is at the same level as in 1992" The evolution of the Transat share over 10 years. It's hard to say whether WestJet executives would want to consider such a deal, the analyst admits. On the other hand, the shareholders of Transat would surely be open to such a possibility after years without return on the stock market for the tour operator. With the expansion of WestJet in Montreal and Quebec City and the difficulties encountered by Transat in recent years, this speculation is not new. Various analysts have alluded to the occasion since 2014. In March 2014, Doug Cooper of Beacon Securities saw Transat as a good target for WestJet or Air Canada. He was lapping the benefits of consolidation for the profitability of the industry. According to Mr. Quettawala, WestJet could penetrate the European market faster and at lower cost and potentially gain greater power to impose its prices for transatlantic flights and to the south. The company could better compete with Air Canada and Rouge. The analyst adds that WestJet's investment merits would improve as the acquisition would reduce costs and the risk of its expansion abroad. WestJet could expand its service internationally at lower cost than through the internal expansion of its own fleet of aircraft. The carrier would benefit from a network already established in Europe in particular. Transatlantic Transatlantic flights are not as profitable as WestJet would like, but Transat's poor performance is due to competition from carriers offering scheduled flights. WestJet could remedy this disadvantage. WestJet would also get an instant market share of 20% on transatlantic flights and 23% on flights to the South while eliminating a competitor. Together, both carriers would account for 45% of the Southern market during the winter and 25% of that for transatlantic flights during the summer. "Although there is a risk in linking the two corporate cultures, it could also turn into an advantage with the addition of more bilingual employees to the various customer service positions," the analyst said. WestJet would get hold of a $ 150 million excess liquidity operator without issuing debt securities or shares. The leased fleet of Airbus330 and Boeing737 from Transat would not be an obstacle since WestJet could use Boeing aircraft for some of its destinations, resell some Airbus 310 aircraft, or consider the addition of A330neo aircraft to its own fleet. "WestJet would get 14 Airbus330s and their annual leases of $ 70M per year for $ 300M, while it would cost US $ 3.5B to buy new aircraft or US $ 800M to buy used devices," the analysis said. Transat also has hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean valued at $ 150 million that WestJet could sell, the analyst said. Administrative, operating and maintenance savings could reach 10% of the value of the transaction, Quettawala said. This analysis excludes the value of other assets such as landing rights abroad, the potential for better revenue management, and the intangible value of the Transat brand in Québec. Mr. Quettawala concluded his analysis by saying that the merits of such a union are sufficient to offset the potential risks associated with it, namely, the fact that Transat employees are unionized. The transaction could also raise opposition from the Quebec government, particularly if WestJet's offer was hostile.
  11. 2nd video (marked 'raw clip-plane makes emergency landing) shows fuel leak during approach and landing.
  12. Spill over from the Trump Bump.
  13. Nothing says 'flag carrier' like having the flag on the aircraft. Welcome back.
  14. I have read in numerous sources that the two E.O's were materially different and that the processes were qualitatively different. And I'm looking at where they are the same - both have been stayed by the courts. Most concur with the opinion that the Trump E.O. was wrongly conceived, badly executed, done in secret without coordination or communication with those responsible for enacting the order, no staff were made aware, and there was the likelihood that the E.O. unconstitutional. I'm not defending Trump's EO's, only the position that an attempted overreach is somehow unique when compared to Presidential peers. As far as I am aware, the Justice Department had no cause to respond to or comment upon the Obama E.O.s. Actually they did and perhaps he should have listened.