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  1. UNITED STATES v. MARTINEZ-FUERTE ET AL. - 428 U.S. 543 (1976)
  2. Our Prime Minister

    My understanding is If said hyphenated Canadian is holding a Canadian passport (which you must be a Canadian citizen to acquire) there is no Canadian residency requirement for any period to maintain citizenship status. However long absences may affect health care entitlements or tax status. If said hyphenated Canadian is classified as a Permanent Resident, then he/she must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years) in every 5-year period.
  3. Probably because the US Supreme Court has ruled the checkpoints themselves are not illegal.
  4. Kind of highlights the subtle differences in how leadership in US & Canada view their immigration policies: “Why are we having all these people from sh¡thole countries come here?”
  5. Trump Wins

    Too bad, it would've been fun to watch. 'Why the Democrats Won’t Nominate Oprah for President'
  6. They'll just lower the bar to entry arguing current standards are overkill and technological advances in simulators and other systems will provide for a sufficient measure of safety. The public won't push back if it means lower frequency/higher prices and the lobbyists will have their way.
  7. If there are any, I suspect they don't live in YEG or YWG. 'Simply sitting at a stop sign you're drawing enough power to go over 40 mph.'
  8. Trump Wins

    30K just before the Nov mid-terms? That would be a nice round number for someone to work with.
  9. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Probably have change of clothing in the roller bags they took down the slides with them..
  10. AEF CPU Usage

    I'm using a Win10 machine and this is the CPU usage I get from task mgr when AEF is the only site open on the following browsers: Chrome - 100% MS Edge - 100% Safari - 23% MS IE - 25% Must be something, I seldom see my CPU usage go above 50% (not that I spend a lot of time looking at it).
  11. Seasonal Whining

    ...or just get on with it and save the ammo for another fight.
  12. YYZ

    Hardly unknown, they repeat themselves endlessly.
  13. YYZ

    The shortcomings are well known - staff accordingly.
  14. Great New AirCanada Commercial

    Perhaps somewhat puzzling given its status as a flag carrier, but Air Canada appears to have never displayed the Canadian flag as part of its livery until the latest iteration this spring.
  15. fwiw: 'Aviation experts defend safety record of type of plane used in Saskatchewan crash'