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  1. Love is in (the somewhat fetid) air
  2. Sunwing Flight Receives Jet Escort After Passenger Threat
  3. To give the CBC an opportunity to shine light in dark corners?
  4. Buckle-up... Airline passenger bill of rights will go to Parliament this week
  5. It's not like AC is being ignored by the CBC.... 'Air Canada leaves teen 'trapped' alone overnight at Toronto's Pearson airport'
  6. Expression of horror and outrage from PETA to follow with proposed boycott of Indy 500 TV broadcast sponsors...
  7. I suspect we'll never know for sure other than it will probably be several lifetime earnings of a UA pilot and we're not likely to hear any first person account of the incident - ever.
  8. United - #1 Where you don't want to be
  9. It won't be a Trump challenge alone, it's about time to end the pampering. 'I don’t expect there would be many countries that would do anything other than support a WTO action against Canada'
  10. It's all coming back - I was in the clown car at the circus one year, 23 kids plus clown in a '59 Chev.
  11. Two to spare I think, config is shown as 12/124.
  12. "Hillary won, I lost."?