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  1. Yes indeed, I'm sure no bias, slant or spin was allowed to creep in despite the writer's 13 years as a senior researcher and director of the Ontario New Democratic Party.
  2. Wow, the graph spiked. What a coincidence from the 'well, duh' file. But perhaps not surprising - 'PressProgress is a media project launched by the Broadbent Institute in 2013.'
  3. '911-Cleared for Chaos' - Discovery Channel Wed Sep 11 @ 10:00P
  4. FWIW, has a pile of pics of CAI aircraft arr/dep LHR with a date range of 1994-2000
  5. 'nuff said: ' Sonam worked at CNBC before joining the politics team at Insider.'
  6. 'If Jihadi Jack comes home, Canada only has itself to blame'
  7. 'Luckily, the high-standing maize crop acted like a cushion, and it was damp from rain, so sparks did not ignite it'
  8. Appears so. One (who blew 7x over) asked his sentence be suspended so he could continue treatment for alcohol dependency but judge ruled prison was the only way he could deal with him. Meanwhile, justice in Manchester isn't quite so 'hang'em high'.
  9. Overall a good week for Donald J - first the Mueller testimony and now the SCOTUS decision ok'ing use of military funds for the wall. Be a couple more vacancies coming up there in his 2nd term - will go a long way in righting the ship.
  10. Was this meant for this thread or 'Trump 2.0 Continues'?
  11. So where does it lie after the Mueller testimony?