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  1. uh-oh, apology cooties.......
  2. Drop the tariff, label the source and let the consumer make the call.
  3. Airband

    Crap from the Left

    Can one also remember that no Ontario premier in the past 80 years has been elected with more people voting for him/her than voted against them or that Wynne was elected with a lower portion of the popular vote than Ford was?
  4. Airband

    Where is Bean ?

    He stopped posting over two years prior to AC share price surpassing WJA.
  5. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Says his lawyer but nobody else......
  6. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    They were focused on things that matter - an illegal immigrant killing a college girl in Iowa.
  7. Airband

    Our Prime Minister

    Maybe they could just consolidate all past transgressions against all aggrieved groups and call it 'White Guilt Day' Trudeau government planning new statutory holiday
  8. Airband

    AC on wrong taxiway in Narita

    Local news source reporting - "The plane was stranded on the taxiway alongside Narita’s Runway B. It was later towed by vehicles after steel sheets were placed on the rough road surface." “I was worried because the in-flight announcement was difficult to understand and it wasn’t clear when the situation was going to end,”
  9. 'Turbulence on Air Force One as Melania tunes in to 'fake news' CNN, much to Donald's irritation'
  10. Praise be, I've snuck through the gates of paradise..... On the menu for asylum seekers — meals that meet religious needs
  11. Airband

    Reality 2018

    Might luck out and get a centre seat.....
  12. Speaking of messes, how's that Brexit thing working out?
  13. Airband

    Our Prime Minister

    Perhaps as a favour to us who are blind to nuance and subtlety you could highlight the section of her statement that in any manner would support your contention ' that whatever happened between them started as consensual, then she backed off'
  14. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Who but CNN
  15. oh well, it's probably better than 'Facebook Place' The ACC turns into the Scotiabank Arena on July 1