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  1. Blessed are the curtain twitchers...
  2. Frustration grows as Sunwing doesn't give refunds for cancelled flights despite taking taxpayer aid Airline offers credit vouchers to affected passengers, but many just want their money back "This is a terrible way to do business," he said. "How is this even allowed to happen?"
  3. It’s time for Toronto think about whether the island airport should fly post-pandemic Tue May 11, 2021 - The Toronto Star By Matt Elliott - Contributing Columnist It’s really quiet at the foot of Bathurst Street these days. For more than a year, commercial passenger flights out of Billy Bishop Airport on the Toronto Islands have been grounded because of the pandemic. Porter, the airport’s busiest airline, has repeatedly pushed back its plans to take to the skies again. At last update, they were looking at June 21 as their tentative reopening date, but they’ve had to revise
  4. Most flights carrying COVID-19-positive passengers to Canadian airports were domestic Mon May 10, 2021 - The Globe and Mail Tamsin McMahon Mike Hager Flights delivering passengers infected with COVID-19 into Canadian airports are now predominantly domestic routes, a trend that began around the onset of spring break, according to federal data on airplane exposures compiled by The Globe and Mail. Between Jan 1 and May 5, there were 1,873 flights that arrived or departed from airports across Canada where at least one passenger later tested positive for the virus, according
  5. 'Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself.'
  6. More than 500 air passengers fined for defying hotel quarantine rules after landing in Vancouver and Toronto Some air passengers who landed in Montreal and Calgary say they have yet to be fined for breaking the rules "No visit, no phone call, no nothing."
  7. What does a $100-billion dollar EV subsidy look like? Can the Trudeau Liberals keep up with an American president determined to buy electric vehicle consumers? Mon May 03, 2021 - The National Post by David Booth Never mind that our dear Prime Minister once again seems to have pulled another policy statement out of his hat. Ignore the fact that announcing you’re cutting greenhouse gases by as much as 45 per cent at a major climate control conference — for Joe Biden’s Earth Day climate summit, in case you missed it — when, three days before, your finance minister tabled a budget
  8. Industries that didn't require 20 years of startup pain to gain total market dominance over the products they replaced? I guess we could take a look at PC's, flat screen tv's and smart phones vs electric vehicles struggling to make 3% market share for a start.
  9. Sure they will.. The electric vehicle charging industry is doing everything except making money A decade into its existence, the industry is still hunting for a winning business model
  10. As his advisers warned of a disastrous third wave, Doug Ford was settling a $10-million lawsuit over a movie about his late brother "Any insinuation that the premier’s focus hasn’t been on this pandemic is patently false."
  11. 'Forgotten Astronaut' Michael Collins Dies
  12. Yeah, shameful - 100 straight days of lining the pockets of the rich.
  13. Monitoring of global CO2 emissions
  14. "No way should Canadians be offered these doses.” Not a problem, just execute a seamless cutover to Plan B..... India's Serum Institute withholds AstraZeneca doses to contend with extensive increase in domestic cases
  15. India reported a surge of more than 314,000 new infections today