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  1. United - #1 Where you don't want to be
  2. It won't be a Trump challenge alone, it's about time to end the pampering. 'I don’t expect there would be many countries that would do anything other than support a WTO action against Canada'
  3. It's all coming back - I was in the clown car at the circus one year, 23 kids plus clown in a '59 Chev.
  4. Two to spare I think, config is shown as 12/124.
  5. "Hillary won, I lost."?
  6. Climate Change - The root of ALL evil doncha know
  7. That Learjet's looking like a bargain..... United’s stock is falling 3.7% and wiping $830 million off the airline’s market cap
  8. Quite the contrary, I suspect there is no candidate the Republicans would rather see on the 2020 ballot than tired, old, beat-up Hillary and her boatload of baggage.
  9. Won't stay dead
  10. Unbelted driver impaled on steering column - EMS to let him bleed out on the principle of 'he got what's coming to him'?
  11. Under control of a HAL 9000.
  12. I hear a tune change...
  13. Battle of the Flight Watch's? flightradar24 indicates 0' just before GA initiated
  14. Well if there's anyone who knows Canada like the back of their hand...