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  1. Theresa ('We are captain of our own ship') May's parting words to Sir Kim Darroch, former UK ambassador to US .....
  2. That damn leftist, pinko MSM...
  3. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how things shake down...
  4. couple of issues with the story... 1. 1.5 hours into the flight she fell asleep. " I fell asleep probably less than halfway through my short 1.5 hour flight." The flight is 50 minutes Gate to Gate - 1hr 33min Flight Duration - 1hr 19min 2. Walkie talkie in the cockpit. Never seen one on any of the planes unless maintenance or tow crew left it behind. doubtful A319 flight deck have a handheld mic that might be described by the technically unsavvy as a 'walky-talky thingy'? 3/4. Grooming/Inflight staff/ missed her sleeping in a row. doubtful. Downright inconceivable too many inconsistencies in the story.
  5. Trump unveils new Air Force One design plans
  6. Brexit - brilliance as only the British can pull off..
  7. Obviously a strongly principled man who can't support an organization that engages in exclusionary practices.
  8. An article sponsored by the 'Social Justice Foundation'? Amusement, possibly - pain, not so much.
  9. You do when they don't make enough noise....
  10. Do smuggled guns from the U.S. have an impact on Canadians? Yes Do changes in US abortion laws have an impact on Canadians? No What will Justin be lecturing Pence about on his visit to YOW?
  11. 'Onex is making more headway with WestJet purchase than its bid for Air Canada 20 years ago'
  12. Kinda like 'the noose is tightening' - btw, what the hell happened there? So, 7 months after their gain of the majority of the house - a gun control bill? Nope; an infrastructure bill? Nope; a health care bill? Nope; an immigration bill? Nope; lotsa energy and hot air about the snooze-o-rama that would be impeachment? You betcha. Keep it up guys, girls and conflicted - 4 more years!
  13. O ye of little faith -