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  1. Praise be, I've snuck through the gates of paradise..... On the menu for asylum seekers — meals that meet religious needs
  2. Airband

    Reality 2018

    Might luck out and get a centre seat.....
  3. Speaking of messes, how's that Brexit thing working out?
  4. Airband

    Our Prime Minister

    Perhaps as a favour to us who are blind to nuance and subtlety you could highlight the section of her statement that in any manner would support your contention ' that whatever happened between them started as consensual, then she backed off'
  5. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Who but CNN
  6. oh well, it's probably better than 'Facebook Place' The ACC turns into the Scotiabank Arena on July 1
  7. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Had someone suggested otherwise?
  8. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Six more years of Supreme Court appointments - THAT'S the gift that will keep on giving well after Trump is gone.....
  9. Airband

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Good question, we should ask around.
  10. Six years of cutting off their noses?
  11. Airband

    First WJ plane in new livery

    'Tone deaf' or 'Lighten up'? 'Keep it in your pants'