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  1. Looks like the Liberals are off to a good start... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5280484
  2. You would think that making the middle seat a little higher and forward than the other two would reduce the claustrophobic effect.
  3. TSB tried a shocking video after the last 777 severe turbulence event. I guess it didn't convince too many people.
  4. ...coordinated though. Notice the amount of rudder input?
  5. Time for probably a more emotional than rationale comment, but how many 0.1 percenters in Canada have made out incredibly well on Canadian tax payer dollars over the last 30 years propping up this poorly managed company. Somebody please correct my perception to alleviate my frustration.
  6. A comparison of several aircraft types and the amount of UV crew are exposed to. ( Warning: data from a sunglass manufacturer) https://methodseven.com/blog/aircraft-windscreen-uv-see-how-you-measure-up/
  7. I always thought it was a little d in de Havilland.
  8. The use of high def monitors (8k) as a virtual window installed in dividers between sections in the middle...may do the trick to alleviate the claustrophobic conditions.
  9. Maybe the poor got that way on the inbound flight...
  10. How do you know a drummer is at the door? The knock speeds up.
  11. The excess of hip hop culture is alive and well.
  12. I do think that the air carrier side of Sunwing is a loss leader...they will do just fine I am sure.
  13. How about a Langstrom 7/8 pitch oscillator calibration sprocket for the Bell 47 tail rotor assembly?