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  1. JL

    Trenton 1971

    Diggin' the 104s near the end of the line.
  2. JL

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    Just heading to aeroplan site now to see what I can spend the last of my points on before this slow mo car crash finishes.
  3. JL

    Airbus now Lists C Series

    ...and the B717 an MD95
  4. JL

    Feline Aviator

    ...and his favourite approach into Portsmouth, NH GPS RWY16
  5. JL

    Fly Around The Moon

    I like how they blurred the Lander so they didn't have to spend too much time faking it. And where are the stars? There are no stars in the background!
  6. Looking at that interior I can smell the fried banana sandwiches and brylcreem.
  7. JL

    CAT 3 Onto a Carrier

    Them thar compooters are purty fancy!
  8. JL

    A380 Wake Turbulance

    Wake separation is rarely considered for aircraft in cruise. As long as you meet the altitude and distance requirements, ATC is happy. Time should be considered too in order to avoid wake.
  9. JL

    It’s raining poop in Kelowna!

    What a crappy thread...
  10. JL

    Longest Flight

    Singapore used to do that flight in a 340-500 configured for 100 business class seats; flight SQ21. They ceased the flight due to profitability issues; but it was popular. I am sure the 350 and seat configuration will make them some cash.
  11. JL

    Last Flight Video

    Also, the one in the video was actually flying and not gone mechanical at the gate...nyuk, nyuk.
  12. JL

    737 Crashes in Cuba

    From what I recall, the aural warning horn control CB had popped; no take-off misconfig warning sounded.
  13. JL

    737 Crashes in Cuba

    Shortly after WestJet started, they coaxed a lightly loaded 737-200 off of 16 in YYC with 0 flaps....in winter.
  14. "My instructor told me that if I keep it on the yellow line, I won't hit anything."
  15. TSB Update Includes info on aircraft weight, wing contamination and de-ice equipment.