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  1. Don't forget what the management team did when times were good.. https://www.tsb.gc.ca/ENG/rapports-reports/aviation/2016/a16w0092/a16w0092.html.
  2. Tried out the Oculus Rifts S on xplane 11.4 and the experience was quite good....for the view outside. For detailed interior graphics such as PFD MFD MCDU FMS displays the resolution is not quite there. You have to lean in a bit to see the numbers clearly. There is still a "screen door" effect, although minimal. For aircraft with minimal switch interaction such as light aircraft and military aircraft, a good set of flight controls will keep you happy. For more complex transport category aircraft with overhead panel and such you need to use the VR controllers. They work well but kind of spoil t
  3. Once third party add on aircraft are available it could be quite the game changer. Word is Xplane 12 is working on scenery that will be similar to Flightsim 2020. Competition is a great thing.
  4. Been evaluating it the past few weeks. A great tool to view the world and experience flight but unfortunately, the aircraft aerodynamic and systems modelling is quite poor.
  5. I am facinated by the full right aileron input to turn the aircraft right while on the ground. A good example of what humans resort to (in grained training - in this case driving a car perhaps) when faced with extremely high levels of stress.
  6. A Learfan with an allergic reaction!
  7. Competition for the Regional Manager position: https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?poster=1403035&toggleLanguage=en
  8. I like how he was flying through the crash...putting in power and control inputs throughout the event....never give up!
  9. A favourite go to video that's not a bad example of perceptual bias where as workload increases, narrowing or tunneling of visual and auditory attention may also occur, exacerbating what perceptual bias that may be already happening. In the video we don't know what perception the pilot has, although the conversation occurring with the person in the right seat may have something to do with it and the fairly high and tight base to final.
  10. https://aeronewsglobal.com/video-airbus-a320-pakistan-airlines-crashed-in-karachi-flight-pk8303/ Scroll down for CCTV footage from a different angle. High deck angle, wings level, significant descent rate.
  11. Working on my timing for the Kessell run...currently in the high 12s.
  12. That view of Chicago brought back memories of doing night freight...YWG to Wilmington...great shot.
  13. Interesting that the politicians like an economical business friendly May and most scientists would rather see a fall/early winter. No doubt that earlier will win followed by a significant rebound by the virus followed by vigorous finger pointing.