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  1. The video suggests the first business jet to go supersonic in test flight. I do believe Dassault took the Falcon 20 past Mach 1.0 in 1963.
  2. Coke vs Pepsi, JPEG vs RAW, creation vs evolution...these discussions never resolve. How about...has anyone got an example of what type of flying/mission where one type would do better than the other. For example, 737-200 gravel ops.
  3. What is with all the raised runway/taxi surfaces? Those ditches are brutal. Flooding issues maybe?
  4. No problem! It is always challenging to have good discussions around complex events with limited information.
  5. No idea as to the distance. The image for the video update shows the wing but since there are two areas of reported wreckage, tough to say which location this is. As for the altitude of failure, the assumption is that if a wing separated at 30 000 feet it would be found further (downwind) from the wreckage than a separation at a much lower altitude (less time to be affected by wind drift).
  6. Maybe pointing out the obvious but to have an outer portion of wing with winglet still attached would indicate that section of wing was not attached to the aircraft at the time of impact. The distance of this wing portion from the main wreckage would roughly correlate to the altitude the failure occurred.
  7. I wonder if the MAX10 was ever in the running in this purchase decision.
  8. Digital/wifi thermostat sent me an email when the board on my furnace went. It was early fall and we were home...thankfully furnace was still under warranty.
  9. Another odd/incorrect? aviation word is the British use of "finals" for being on final. The British love their "maths" too.
  10. Can't argue with any of those observations. For me a pilot bar needs an airport nearby.
  11. If I had any critique of the place it would be the nachos. They used a processed cheese rather than freshly grated. Washrooms were nice and clean though.
  12. Happy hour started at 5 if I recall
  13. Had a beer there a few weeks ago...not bad.
  14. ...and a Dash 8 of all aircraft!
  15. ....ahhh yes, the bold, beautiful and harmonious balanced display that were the flying pumpkins. Loved that design.
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