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  1. ...and the clerks at the Squishy Mart and the bank tellers...
  2. Air Georgian on the Hot Seat

    You cannot fundamentally change the human condition but you can change the conditions in which they work.....James Reason
  3. New Cessna for FedEx

    Good point. Perhaps Textron/Cessna should stop producing aircraft for a market that requires an all weather aircraft. I guess it would be fine in the southern US.
  4. New Cessna for FedEx

    Let's hope that its performance in icing conditions is a considerable improvement over its little brother.
  5. Then it was the P210, and then the PA46.....
  6. ...and now for all that in French....
  7. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    That's it Kip! Well done.
  8. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Not quite Kip, it was a different page. The page is www.boeing.com/canada
  9. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Apparently Boeing does give a damn. Saw a TV commercial last night that showed how much Canada means to Boeing. I have tried posting the link but it never works. You'll have to google "Boeing Canada" to got to the Boeing / Canada website.
  10. 99.6 flight duty hours in 7 days...enough said. TSB Report A11W0048
  11. uber air

    And with the highest accident/fatality rate for that sector of aviation, an accident is likely. The potential regulation violations will be a minor nuisance compared to the litigation that would ensue.
  12. Air France A380 engine failure

    Impressive find. By the looks of the drifting snow another day or two and those parts may have been covered.
  13. Identify this aircraft.

    The helicopter is a Boeing v107 Vertol.