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  1. Flightradar 24 does some "compression" depending on how far out you zoom. I noticed this when looking at traffic over Canada. You see more graphically represented when you zoom in.
  2. According to Dr. Michael Osterholm, a man made virus (if you were going there with man-made) would not be this effective.
  3. A good interview with Dr. Michael Osterholm.
  4. Leather pants? Thieves are stylish in the lower mainland.
  5. ...and a generous amount of rattle reducing Nerf material.
  6. Interesting article; YVR-YYZ made the list. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/top-airline-routes-by-revenue/?fbclid=IwAR07-YQoGPniTqsEQHGsbZk3GiyLehtWAW6eUMXtyxzdXph4iyIFbP6tgio
  7. ...or, how much work is being done by technicians vs AMEs.
  8. This forum has been a regular stop for me for almost 20 years for the quality posts on many diverse subjects. Most important are the posts discussing accident/incident investigation and the mostly thoughtful and respectful contributions by all. These discussions do contribute, albeit indirectly, to the high level of safety the industry enjoys.
  9. The v shape fracture surface is consistent with running over an object vs cap separation type failures.
  10. Upon further reflection it would remain a transport category aircraft under CAR705.
  11. A less restrictive maintenance program?
  12. The conditions were conducive for carb icing that could have resulted in a reduction in power. Carb ice would not directly cause the aircraft to crash but may have been one event leading up to the terrible outcome.
  13. Happened with Air France A340 overrun too.