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  1. 2.8g limits seems a bit light for what the aircraft is intended for.
  2. ...or Louis Farrakhan...
  3. L Ron Hubbard said if you want to get rich, invent a religion.
  4. A lot of 'lasts' for the Queen of the skies in the next few years. Not too much longer and the last '47 passenger flight will happen.
  5. ...don't miss the smoking section though
  6. I think they wanted to say 120/140. The 120 was fabric and tail wheel.
  7. Sure is cute though.....the aircraft. It's like a cross between a baby F16 and an F18. Can't wait to see some head to head comparisons with Textron's contender.
  8. Once again, irrefutable proof of geoengineering. Probably a coordinated spray program for that day...
  9. That is some serious chemtrail activity!
  10. Looks like USAF Thunderbird F100's in some of those shots. I like the Vulcan too; still remember the Vulcan's "dumbell turns" when it appeared at the '77 Cold Lake Airshow...loud too!
  11. Ooooh, burn..let's play nice.
  12. I wonder how many non- functioning wheel assemblies can you have on a 767.
  13. Life wants to live...we are life and we will do what it takes to keep on living; mother nature demands it.
  14. Always a tough call indeed; the balance between quality and timeliness. As another poster mused in another thread, I am sure if critical information is discovered it would be communicated by the investigation to the interested parties without delay - one would hope. Perhaps it is better to think of the final report as a record of the investigation and not a vehicle for communicating critical/urgent safety information. For example, on the First Air accident in Resolute, the accident happened on 20 Aug 2011, a Safety Advisory Letter regarding IFR separation in class D airspace was sent to DND on 8 Feb 2012 and the final report was released on 5 March 2014.
  15. What would be the definition of an on-time or not so late report?