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  1. How about a Langstrom 7/8 pitch oscillator calibration sprocket for the Bell 47 tail rotor assembly?
  2. How many months after the Canadian rebranding was it before AC took over....24 or so?
  3. The older I get the better I used to fly.
  4. An aircraft, relatively intact, sliding along the pavement shiny side up is not consistent with a Vmc roll/ stall event. It'll be interesting to get more info on the flight path (radar, surviving gps)..if available.
  5. How about post-impact survivability? The lack of post-impact fire protection in GA certification requirements is basically nil. https://skybrary.aero/bookshelf/content/bookDetails.php?bookId=2696
  6. ..or, the guy in the truck bed doesn't want to get dirty and fools his cohorts by appearing to push in a fevered manner to help the team.
  7. Therebe some good revenue for NAV CANADA...
  8. It is getting harder everyday to tell fact from fiction and now the latest graphic cards can do real time ray tracing for the ultimate in photorealistic effects.
  9. I do believe that is a screen shot from a flightsim. Sorry Kip, you've been duped again by those darn computer generated graphics.
  10. Looking at Google Earth, I would guess a loooong landing on RWY09.
  11. Diggin' the 104s near the end of the line.
  12. Just heading to aeroplan site now to see what I can spend the last of my points on before this slow mo car crash finishes.