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  1. SFO Incident

    Similar circumstances in an event here in Canada... https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/B733_/_DH8D,_Fort_McMurray_Canada,_2014
  2. SFO Incident

    ICAO proposing 25 hour CVRs by 2021 and EASA has an NPA for 15hr minimum CVRs by 2019. L3 has 25 hour combined recorders on the A350 and 320neo http://www.airbus.com/newsroom/press-releases/en/2017/06/airbus-launches-new-fixed-and-deployable-flight-recorders-for-it.html
  3. whats that noise???

    Interesting to see the pilots' gender being reported.
  4. Combine that with space based ADS-B and there will be plenty of data.
  5. Another thought is protection from un contained engine failures or respecting the rotor burst zone. I doubt the aircraft was built to FAR25. So many questions...looks darn interesting though!
  6. Vintage Photo

    Great banter! I love old guys talking about old planes. With all respect, the comments here are important in remembering how we all got here and equally important as the equipment itself. I am looking forward to contributing to such a thread in a few more years - until then I will enjoy your contributions. Well done.
  7. It's like a massive tuning fork....I wonder how they dealt with resonance between the two fuselages...if there is any.
  8. Otto?

    Interesting technique on the power levers....one at a time?
  9. Never To Be Repeated

    Google Alerts and Wikipedia as your research department and The Cloud as your wind tunnel; I am sure there is more substance to this program than current pop culture buzz words
  10. FRMS Petition

    Thanks a bunch.
  11. FRMS Petition

    How would this petition fit into the Gazette I comment procedure? Would it be viewed separately, in combination or ignored due to the Gazette I process?
  12. Never To Be Repeated

    Similar to going to the moon the cost vs benefits of supersonic Transport and sending a man back to the moon just don't make sense in today's economic climate. I am sure glad it made sense back in the 60's. What a decade for air/space.
  13. Crop Duster? Not anymore

    2.8g limits seems a bit light for what the aircraft is intended for.
  14. ...or Louis Farrakhan...