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  1. I just got updated from one of my teens whose latest online gaming friend is from Melbourne. Quite the calamity going on down under.
  2. How about thorium nuclear energy? https://world-nuclear.org/information-library/current-and-future-generation/thorium.aspx It may be the best bridge between petroleum and unobtanium.
  3. Not a bad attempt, but pales in comparison to the Pythons' Australian wine review...
  4. Or, wow, that performance was brought to us by the French Bee training department.
  5. Thanks for all your contributions over the years Moon. As I have said before when others have retired, your input has helped me in what I do. Don't think because you have retired you have nothing to contribute. I hope to see you back.
  6. Sorry for the thread drift, but the latest is a hyper loop between Edmonton and Calgary. Rail is so 20th century.
  7. It's as bad as the miracle of high speed rail service between Edmonton and Calgary. Make it stop!
  8. An example of some structure monitoring tech https://www.remotedatum.co.uk/structural-monitoring/
  9. You would think that in the world of differential GPS it wouldn't be all that tough to create baseline measurements and then measure them annually. Should be a requirement for all reclaimed swamp land buildings.
  10. No mention of the hazard of mental health issues; German Wings for example.
  11. Awesome blended winglets.
  12. Humans got off easy with this pandemic exercise. Like accidents, I hope some good change comes so that we are better prepared for the next one. For example, the promise of creating a government vaccine lab (Canada's last one being shut down by Mulroney in 1980's).
  13. To me it's all about managing the health care system's ability to cope. Nobody wants an India situation where they are dying in the hospital parking lots.
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