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  1. Well duh....Amelia Earhart of course..... Rumour has it she was an American spy.....
  3. AFAIK, scheduled flights are accommodated. When I flew for Ontario Express into YXU and YHM during their airshows, our flights were coordinated with the air show schedule.
  4. Amazing story:
  5. “Didn’t want to hijack the dash thread so I started this one...maybe we could start a thread for neat aircraft“ All aircraft are neat. That would be a very long thread...
  6. That is an incredible story. Thanks for posting, st27. We honour our fallen soldiers every 11 November but we should remember them and the sacrifices they made every day.
  7. Clarification has been provided. Thanks
  8. 737’s parked at Renton Field:
  9. That’s an interesting turn of events. Glad everyone is okay. Details on this incident will be worth reading.
  10. Better end-of life than cut up in a salvage yard. Reminded me of this event from 2006:
  11. Only the -311 series of Dash 8 is eligible for the extended life program. The -301 main landing gear isn’t produced anymore. That’s why the Jazz 301’s are time-expiring. This may have been posted before but here’s what happens to a Dash 8-301. This was the first one I flew in ‘95.
  12. Viking itself may not but Longview Aviation does. Says so in the first paragraph of the article in post 1.
  13. As boestar said, demand has to be there. I’m sure Viking would consider building new Dash 8’s if orders were made. I doubt they follow the “if we build it, they will come” philosophy of manufacture.
  14. Shouldn’t take a few ladybugs to get an airplane a good wash.....
  15. I’m sure Viking will display the company name correctly. i hope they use this company logo as well.
  17. “Nothing will change....” Should print that slogan on all employee t-shirts....
  18. Here’s my thoughts; fuel truck was travelling in same direction as Dash8 off the left wing. Fuel truck decides to make a right turn directly into the nose section of the Dash8 (based on truck damage to the cage on right side of cab). Dash8 was still moving forward, it spun the truck around 180* under the wing close enough to damage the #1 prop. I didn’t see the prop damage until the latest photos. I don’t make a habit of speculation but am trying to figure out the physics involved in this incident. I can’t imagine what the crew saw or experienced when this happened.
  19. What does the age of the airplane have to do with anything? I can’t determine from the photos or video whether this is a DH8-301 or a -311. Based on the one photo, the MLG could be a -311. These models are scheduled for the ELP. The -301’s aren’t in the program due to their different MLG design. Does anyone know what the tail number or reg is?
  20. The first person to say “that’ll buff out” will be asked to leave the building.... That is one heck of an impact.
  21. How much of a mess can a receptionist make that requires a janitor?
  22. All that top secret garb isn’t worth it if there’s no way to get it on target....
  23. Great post, Kip. I’ll be getting a 3-year follow up next month. First time around, one benign polyp removed. Now the 3-year checkup then 10 years if all is well. For the record, I’ll be 58 on 5 May.