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  1. Fifi and Doc

    After many years of restoration, there are now two B-29's airworthy and they're both at Oshkosh this year! Awesome!
  2. Could it also be that they see that the market is drying up and the future demand isn't what it once was?
  3. Fun Times At Swissport

    Now have filed for possible strike on Thursday...
  6. Trump Wins

    I guess 45 is annoyed with Sessions recusing himself because Sessions knew the truth would eventually come out. So if U.S. intelligence has the phone calls, it means either that 45's team is lying through their teeth, or the Russians are playing them and setting them up for the fall.
  7. Trump Wins

    If you are innocent, then why would you be investigating how to pardon? Also, what does it mean when your legal teams spokesperson resigns?
  8. Defcon, your age is showing Kids nowadays are so adept at following visual cues on a screen from growing up gaming. If you've ever watched them, they can totally shut out the outside world, and follow only what is on the screen in front of them. So if they are in an upset, they just follow what's in front of them. I bet that as part of this new tech, they used young people as part of the input for what can be followed. Besides, I have been on several sim tours where they have taken 12 year olds and told them that to fly the plane, just follow the cues on the screen. They are surprisingly good at it. We're just becoming fossils.....
  9. The answer to this is that the capitalists are salivating. Just think, all that overpriced construction they'd have to finance at usurious rates, and the desperation will drive down wages, and on and on. Good times coming! Burn that coal.....
  10. Trump Wins

    Yep, Hillary lost, no argument. But 45 is turning into the bigger loser, just sayin'...
  11. So if it is so onerous, why still live here?
  12. Just proof it's cheaper to buy software than train.