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  1. The two time banks stated run into the arrival times of major connection banks. That will have a major impact of misconnects. The apron construction just passed caused major backups with inbound and outbound traffic being held. I see this as being the same with regards to getting aircraft to the gate on time. What holds up the inbound, delays the next outbound, and the game continues. Having seen how the GTAA runs things, I have a very low confidence level of this not being disruptive. But hey, they have really spiffy new video screens in T1, don't they?
  2. First AC 777 in New Colours

    I like it! Watching them go by my house, the new scheme is distinctive and makes it more recognizable than the old lav spill blue. And yes, the tail logo does pop!
  3. Navigation Art

    Witnesses to the aerial incident...
  4. Incredibly the Semi Truck can go from zero-60mph in just five seconds and, even with a max load of 80,000lbs it can accelerate to 60mph in just 20 seconds. The Semi can also travel up a five per cent gradient with a max load at 65 mph, compared to a diesel truck that can travel 45mph. Earning 50 per cent per mile over a diesel truck due to the faster speed. Diesel trucks are 20 per cent more expensive than a Semi from day one. The new electric lorry will have a decent 500 miles of range at maximum weight at 60mph. "Because this truck has no gears, you're not constantly shifting gears,” said Musk. “It has one gear. It's smooth. It's like you're driving a Tesla, a Model S, or Model X, or Model 3, it's just big." Elon Musk described its 500 mile range as a “worst case scenario” alluding to a significantly higher max range without a huge load. There are motors on each wheel which alter torque and eliminates the possibility of jack-knifing. Design for the truck was inspired by a ‘bullet’ and has a better drag coefficient than the new Bugatti Chiron hypercar. Semi truck has a drag 0.36 coefficient compared to 0.38 on the Chiron. Drivers of the Semi sit centrally instead of to one side and are flanked by two touchscreens - similar to those seen in the Model 3. Claimed reliability for one million miles before breaking down and can still work with just two in a faster and more efficient way than a diesel truck.
  5. Trump Wins

    Well spoken from a convicted thief. He should recognize the same qualities he has in someone similar.
  6. While I won't argue the fact that Musk tends to be bombastic, you can't deny that he is pushing the envelope for everyone to develop new technology. Remember when long range aircraft used to have 4 engines and minimum of 3 flight crew or nobody wanted to go?
  7. The future is closer than you think...
  8. Trump Wins
  10. Trump Wins

    Trump policies good for trade...
  11. Keep an eye to the sky this weekend, if it is clear at night you'll have a good chance of spotting the Aurora....
  12. Trump Wins

    While he wasn't an elected official, he was officially part of a campaign and was an advisor working in the Whitehouse.
  13. Trump Wins

    With all the finger pointing, and accusations, I guess the old adage of 'don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house' comes into play. Wonder how the right will handle the news that their hero is just as bad as crooked Hilary?
  14. America First clearly means America alone: It is now officially the only country in the world to not sign onto the Paris agreement. Rather remarkably, Syria – which is currently the most violent place on Earth – has just announced at the COP23 climate summit in Bonn that they will sign on the dotted line. “As if it wasn’t already crystal clear, every single other country in the world is moving forward together to tackle the climate crisis, while Donald Trump has isolated the United States on the world stage in an embarrassing and dangerous position,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune told reporters. “With Syria on board, now the entire world is resolutely committed to advancing climate action – all save one country,” a statement from the World Resources Institute noted.