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  1. If raising bail money is a sign of stupidity, then the right is leading the race... What Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 Million Fundraiser Reveals About the Unequal System of Justice in America
  3. The issues just don't stop...$FILE/2021-01-04.pdf
  4. Did they do tests this time? This was in 2017:
  5. Yes, it is an opinion piece, but no worse than the rest. I am offering a $1-million reward to anyone who can prove Tucker Carlson is not behind the QAnon conspiracy Great news for cult experts, sociologists, internet researchers, deprogrammers and the thousands of families destroyed by QAnon: the conspiracy theory is not real. This revelation does not com
  6. The only ones who wanted to avoid federal regulation. And it bit them hard. The Texas Interconnected System — which for a long time was actually operated by two discrete entities, one for northern Texas and one for southern Texas — had another priority: staying out of the reach of federal regulators. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Power Act, which charged the Federal Power Commission with overseeing interstate electricity sales. By not crossing state line
  7. It's going to get interesting. Even the trump appointees on the court voted against him. U.S. Supreme Court paves way for release of Trump's tax returns WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Donald Trump suffered a major setback on Monday in his long quest to conceal details of his finances as the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for a New York City prosecutor to obtain the former president’s tax returns and other records as part of an accelerating criminal investigation. The justices without comment rebuffed Tr
  9. With the new rover safely on Mars, the first pictures are in....
  10. You have posted his words as if you follow him:
  11. So why do you argue a point when the rest of the world shows that it works?
  12. It shows a lot that you celebrate the man who...
  13. ‘It’s digital warfare’: Research pulls back curtain on how much Iranian, Russian trolls are targeting Canada There are memes of Justin Trudeau — hundreds of them. Sexist insults. Photoshopped images of the prime minister wearing headscarves paired with Islamophobic messaging. Such comments and visuals taken from Twitter form the basis of a new study that asks the question: How are foreign actors using social media to influence
  14. Spare the crocodile tears. Should I have been as generous as you were with George Floyd? Meet the REAL George Floyd - Non Aviation Discussion Forum - The Airline Website