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  1. On this day in 2005... World Record - Mount Everest AS350 B3 landing - YouTube
  2. For those who have never experienced this Canadian classic! porkys gym scene - YouTube
  3. How can you be offended when you grew up watching this?
  4. Boestar Stop it! You're trying to introduce logic which is incompatible.
  5. Did you not lock multiple threads because of 'suggestive' not subjective material? Back to the point, Fox has been used by trump as a propaganda tool and yes, it helped foment the insurrection, both before the act, and in justifying it afterwards. Fox isn’t changing. If anything, it could move even further into conspiracy-mongering in an attempt to reinvigorate the audience it lost over the last few months. In the hours and days since the attempted insurrection, which some US nationa
  6. Thank you for the commentary about me. No comments on the fact that Fox News is basically propaganda used to incite violence?
  8. You are correct. I have used Fox in the past. The reason is that if you use any other mainstream media outlets on this forum, you get slammed about 'fake news' and 'agendas'. It is the spin of Fox and the false narratives created by trump that are the problem. It started an insurrection. And do you also realise that once again you are deflecting the conversation to be about me rather than the issues? Edited to add: Have you seen the posts on this forum that are single sourced and figured out how they get where they are regarding their opinions?
  9. For those who remember....
  10. Speaking of reality, and no, I didn't make this up. First, Fox news won a lawsuit claiming that 'no reasonable viewer' takes Tucker Carlson seriously, thereby confirming they air 'fake news'. Now capitol hill rioters are saying that trump and Fox News whipped them into a frenzy. The term is 'Foxitis' and 'Foxmania'. It just goes to show how watching Fox News, and getting false information spread by them has driven the United States down to the point it has achieved. Who's running the
  11. If MAGA's are so upset over trump's ban, then they should delete their FB accounts en mass. Capitalism.
  12. Facebook board upholds Trump suspension
  13. Anyone else see the conflict of interest here? Postmedia Tells Shareholders $35 Million in Federal Government Handouts is Now a ‘Key Pillar’ of Its Business Strategy Canada’s biggest newspaper chain says subsidies are for ‘welfare slackers’, but tells investors ‘government support’ is central to its business model
  14. Capitalism! It works both ways.