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  1. Not asking for help, don't need any. Just laying foundations. You demonstrate by your need to demonize instead of discuss, the need for help. History shows, most damage is done by conservative policies. That's why I provide the links. Name call all you want, you only prove my point.
  2. You do not have the permission or the right to speak for me. You need help.
  3. This is what was illustrated in the Netflix documentary 'The Great Hack'. A good watch if you have the time. Reports say the Trump campaign deterred millions of Black voters in 2016 A prominent British news outlet is claiming that the Trump campaign aimed to deter 3.5 million Black voters in 2016. The news outlet Channel 4 has exclusively obtained a vast cache of data that was used by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign on nearly 200 million American voters. Th
  4. Not only does he not pay taxes, he doesn't pay his contractors...
  5. Finally you are seeing the truth. The truth will lead you to seeing how the policy is fake also.
  6. trump is a fraud that you support, just like Glenn Beck's blaze tv. Just another yootoob warrior that has to fool people with spin instead of substance.
  7. If trump is stopping it, shouldn't he be the first to get rid of illegals working at his properties and to hire Americans? Hypocrisy.