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  1. Trump Wins

    Interesting coming from a republican controlled congress...
  2. Little Hands on Experience needed

    And we all know how that's working out. Distracted driving is now the leading factor in collisions...
  3. C$1319 (plus tax) for an iPhone X
  4. Irma

    Ran across this on the net, if I lived in a disaster prone area, I would keep one or two on hand!
  5. They hold this much...
  6. And the view in the video is awesome!
  7. Interesting read.
  8. Irma

    Showing up on seismometers...
  10. Trump Wins

    While you can't argue the history of this clip, what it fails to acknowledge is that times have changed. So in a way, while being correct, it is wrong at the same time. Time to move forward....
  11. Trump Wins
  12. I know it isn't aviation, but don't you take some of these snacks when you travel?
  13. Trump Wins

    This is what friends do...