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  1. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Judging by his actions rather than his words, it appears Trump has given up. Doesn't want to play president any more....
  2. deicer

    Shootings and Knifings

    Hi Malcolm As those other methods have been used, as I pointed out above, there are now cost effective methods being put in place to prevent further incidents. Having said that, even when you combine all incidents of those type globally, they still do not compare to the numbers of deaths from mass shooting in the U.S. on an annual basis. 310 mass shootings to date...
  3. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Here's how I would handle it if I were the president. I would ask the Mexican government for their cooperation in keeping the caravan intact, and to have them directed as a group to a proper border crossing. When they showed up, they would be processed as any other immigrant/refugee. If they passed the process, then no issue. If they were not able to pass the processing at the border, then they would be bussed to the nearest airport where there would be a government charter to return them to their country of origination. Would probably be cheaper than what is happening currently, and it would send a message that illegal refugees/immigrants would not be admitted. Considering most illegals in the U.S. arrive by air, and overstay their visas, this shouldn't be that hard a process to have.
  4. First it's 'addiction issues', now sketchy contracts.... Who is the private company Ford is protecting? Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, issued the following statement in response to the PC government concealing the identity of a private company contracted to operate the cannabis warehouse: Posted on November 12, 2018 “The Premier is breaking his campaign promise to be transparent by concealing basic information about the company contracted to operate cannabis storage and distribution in Ontario. There is no reason to be acting with such secrecy. Yet, the government refuses to answer simple questions about the identity of this mysterious company and how it received an exclusive government contract. There are no records of a public tender process and this lack of transparency raises serious questions about the transparency of this government. The Premier should not be covering up for a secret company responsible for a massive backlog in the delivery of cannabis. People deserve answers about who this company is, how they were awarded the contract, and why they were unprepared to meet the demand for legal cannabis. The more this government withholds information, the more it opens the door to speculation of a backroom deal gone wrong. I’m calling on the Premier to be honest with the people of Ontario about the identity of this company and the contract signed with the government.” C'mon Dougy, what happened to being honest and open and not like the previous government??? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss....
  5. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    A view of the 'flap' from down under... The Internet is raining Trump memes after he cancelled a visit to a WWI cemetery
  6. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    The taxpayers must love spending $200 million on sending troops on a 'getaway', although it is the price to pay to have the CBP agents happy that someone else is doing "the work that agents don't want to do". What are 5,600 troops going to do at the border? Maybe not much WASHINGTON — In anticipation of the Honduran migrant caravan crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump ordered 5,600 troops to the border. But now that the troops have been deployed, they may find themselves with very little to do, according to officials familiar with the plans. Troops are not allowed to apprehend immigrants like border agents do. For the most part, they are laying barbed wire barriers and erecting tent facilities for themselves and the Border Patrol. The only armed troops are military police, who are there to protect the encampments where troops are staying. While some troops will wear body armor, they will do so only for self-defense and will not directly interact with immigrants. The operation, renamed this week from "Operation Faithful Patriot" to "border support," will cost at minimum $200 million, estimates say, and the number of troops involved could rise to as many as 15,000, according to figures Trump has floated. Trump has said the troops are defending the border and called them a "human wall." His critics have called it a campaign stunt designed to drive fear of immigration ahead of the mid-term elections. Military officials are using it as a readiness exercise, hoping troops will at least get training at the border that they can use on future deployments. One U.S. Customs & Border Protection official said border agents are happy to have support for jobs like rolling out barbed-wire. "I think they are happy that the military will be doing the work that agents don't want to do," said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Most of the troops are in Texas, including in the Rio Grande Valley, the southern border's most heavily trafficked section. Others are spread along other sectors in California and Arizona. Some sectors, such as El Paso, have said they don't know if or when they will have troops coming to support them. "Our service members are performing duties along the Southwest Border in support of Customs & Border Protection and will continue to do so until otherwise directed by our senior leaders, to include the commander-in-chief," said Mike Kucharek, chief of integrated communications for U.S. Northern Command, which is overseeing the mission. The latest figures on the migrant caravan predict somewhere between 3,500 to 5,000 Honduran migrants have made it to Mexico City and plan to travel north to the United States sometime over the next month. It is unlikely all of the caravan would cross the southern border in one day, but even if they did, the number is not expected to overwhelm border agents. In September, the latest month for which data is available, border agents arrested or denied entry to 1,685 undocumented immigrants per day on average. CBP is the largest federal law enforcement agency in the United States, with more than 40,000 sworn officers and more than 60,000 total employees.
  7. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Why did he have to whine about it though? Heel spurs acting up?
  8. deicer

    Shootings and Knifings

    The difference is this... Now that terrorists have used airplanes, security has increased, no more incidents. Now that terrorists have used vehicles, procedures have been changed to deflect vehicles from charging large gatherings. Other countries had mass shootings, changed their gun laws, now have way fewer incidents of mass shootings. The U.S. has an entrenched gun culture, leads the world in mass shootings, and blames everything but guns. 309 mass shootings in the U.S. to date, and counting.....
  9. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues Five months after Donald Trump declared he’d neutralized the threat from North Korea, commercial satellite imagery has identified 13 secret missile operating bases being used by Pyongyang to augment its ballistic missile program. A think tank report published Monday, entitled “Undeclared North Korea: Missile Operating Bases Revealed,” claims a network of undeclared missile facilities is spread across the totalitarian state. The bases are already known to U.S. intelligence agencies, according to sources speaking to the New York Times, but its public identification highlights how little has changed since Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore for a much-touted summit, and the challenge for U.S. negotiators in pushing the the North Korean leader to give up his weapons. The bases are “capable of inflicting significant damage even when its missiles are armed with only conventional warheads,” the report says, adding that the sites are also capable of taking nuclear missiles. While Pyongyang has upheld its promise to stop missile launches since the June meeting, revelations of ongoing missile development will bolster the claims that Kim has no intention of giving up his nuclear arsenal. “President Trump has made clear that should Chairman Kim follow through on his commitments, including complete denuclearization and the elimination of ballistic missile programs, a much brighter future lies ahead for North Korea and its people,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement responding to the new report. The report was published by the Beyond Parallel program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a major Washington think tank. The program is run by North Korea expert Victor Cha, who was considered by the Trump administration as an ambassador to South Korea before he criticized the way the White House was dealing with Kim. “It’s not like these bases have been frozen,” Cha told the New York Times. “Work is continuing. What everybody is worried about is that Trump is going to accept a bad deal — they give us a single test site and dismantle a few other things, and in return, they get a peace agreement.” Asked last week about the lack of movement on North Korea denuclearization in recent months, Trump told reporters: “We are in no rush. The sanctions are on. The missiles have stopped. The rockets have stopped. The hostages are home.” Along with continuing to build out its missile infrastructure, there is mounting evidence that the country is producing the fissile material needed to build more nuclear bombs. A report from 38 North earlier this month revealed that the Pyongsan Uranium Concentrate Pilot Plant, one of North Korea’s two largest declared uranium ore concentrate facilities, is continuing to operate as normal.
  10. I agree with this in principle. Where I see a difference is that you have multiple news outlets, all reporting the changes that the current administration is trying to effect, and also directly questioning the principals involved. The propaganda is the administration attempting to deflect from the truth by changing the perspective of the general public with regards to reporting of the news. When Acosta questioned Donnie about his use of the term 'invasion', it would have be a non-issue if Donnie had just addressed the question it would probably just gone away. Instead, it was turned into a very un-presidential personal attack on the reporter. Like his style or not, the reporter was just doing his job. He has to question and push back. By doing what he did, I see Trump trying to overall disgust the press corps into quitting. He doesn't question what they are doing, he makes it a personal attack. Then to have Acosta ejected and his pass pulled, that's authoritarianism, plain and simple. Again, the other side of Donnies conduct is that there has been an incredible increase in 'fact checking'. With that many outlets debunking the lies that Trump says, how can you ever believe him? So yes, there is propaganda happening. It just isn't from the Free Press. And that is fascism.
  11. deicer

    Shootings and Knifings

    Maybe, maybe not. The absence of guns would definitely cut down the number of deaths in any single incident though.
  12. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    You just can't stand someone who shows honour, do you?
  13. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Look at how he adores his favourite fellow dictator....
  14. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    I think he's just jealous. His 'parade favourite' doesn't love him anymore
  15. I will have to respectfully disagree with your point on control of the media. Media is driven by the numbers of subscribers. If it is shown as crap, numbers drop, fake news goes away. Can we agree on that? Donnie legitimises the real 'fake news' and minimises the truth because it is against him. The real problem that exists in my opinion, that has led to the masses believing scam news, is that they have purposely dumbed down the education system. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore. (Except for us, and that is why we debate our differing viewpoints). Society has been purposely dumbed down to create sheep that won't push back. Just look at what Donnie is having DeVos do to the education system even more at this time. So when the fascist stands up and shouts 'Fake News', the majority no longer asks..... Why?