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  2. And in the upcoming British election...
  3. With the concentration of power within one family, government posts going unfilled, and now legislators not consulting with constituents, seems more and more like a dictatorship. ■ There is no special art to the congressional recess town hall. But there is little doubt when one is going off the rails. ■ So perhaps it should surprise no one that so many lawmakers have chosen to avoid such outings with constituents during this two-week break from an institution most Americans disdain. There can be no viral video headaches from an event that never happened.
  4. Can't even get the agenda straight...
  5. It's a shame that it's news was so tainted...
  6. This is just an irrational argument and bullying. The American dairy producers are just looking for ways to dump their overproduction and to take over the Canadian market. They should get their own house in order before they challenge Canada's system. And here are all the stats...
  7. What if they make airline tickets like theatre tickets? You only sell the inventory you have, and if the patron doesn't show up for the performance, tough, no refunds, no rebooking?
  8. Dishonest representation of real news A favorite of political fake news, on the marginally more legitimate sites, includes completely out-of-context quotes that often say the opposite of what the in context quote says, complete misrepresentations of the intent or cause of actions by political leaders, suggesting a recent policy or action will result in an extreme version of the policy (often freely intermingled with conspiracy theories), treating a recurring or regular event like a sudden new innovation and a threat to [insert your political affiliation here]. The Rebel Media Rebelling against the facts, since 2015! Sites: Specialties:[185] Far-right (or alt-right) exaggerations of news Far-right (or alt-right) fake news Providing a home for failed Sun News Network employees Why it's fake/distorted: Headline: "Backlash over Trump’s leaked tape is really an attack on masculinity"[186] Headline: "Note telling offended left-wingers to 'suck it up' over Trump's win being investigated as a hate crime"[187] Headline: "'It’s like sex!' 10 things I love about going to church"[188] Headline: "Millennials argue: 'Trump has to die!'"[189] (or: "Watch as totally-sober kids outside bars are interviewed about politics") Headline: "WATCH: White CNN guest drops n-word ON AIR while trying to claim Trump, Bannon are racists"[190] (or: "Liberals said a no-no word!")
  9. Good Morning Malcolm I agree with your story above. And I cannot and will not argue that fake news exists and is a problem. However, Once again, I will ask if you have any proof of what I have been posting is fake?
  10. You're right, all this fake news is going to rule the world. Maybe I will switch to the Real News that pays Real Money to keep the truth from seeing the light of day...
  11. Now coming out of Europe is information that British spy agencies were the first to pick up SIGINT between Trump's team and the Russians, and were the ones to inform the Americans of such, starting the investigation. The last paragraph is most interesting...
  12. Keeping it Canadian...