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  1. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    I agree Malcolm, he has reversed himself on a non stop basis and lied about it since way before the election. The news of this recording raises a big question for me about this whole thing. With the plethora of files, documents and recordings that the FBI seized from Cohen, this indicates that there is more, and potentially bigger bombshell recordings to come. So this is my question... What so concerned Cohen in his dealings with Trump that he felt it was necessary to record these conversations?
  2. deicer

    Airbus Whale

    Beluga First Flight Video
  3. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    So the FBI has tapes of Cohen's conversations with Donnie about the model payoff's. What else do they have that Cohen will now want to talk about?
  4. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    It's not just in America
  5. deicer

    Our Prime Minister

    Baloney Meter Speaks
  6. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Sociopathic, psychopathic and now racist. The Trifecta!
  7. deicer

    Our Prime Minister

    Yes sir, I do that, yet sometimes it doesn't make the link. Next time it happens, I will try Seekers way.
  8. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    If this is true, then wow, she's good....
  9. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues
  10. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Maybe it was the reporting that Donnie's solo meeting with Vlad was unprecedented?
  11. deicer

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    What makes me think they didn't have that kind of conversation? Maybe the fact that the other Presidents had witnesses around them?