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Calling JFK Ground Control


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Received this e-mail and thought there would be some here who would enjoy it.

Just another day at a big city airport!!

This audio bit is a definite keeper --- particularly to any and all of you who were ever flew into a busy airport like JFK....!! This is the "Ground Controller" managing the taxiing aircraft as they maneuver around this complex airport, going to and from runways.

Earlier comments . . . .

Getting around on the ground was the hardest thing about flying.

I had forgotten how much fun aviation can be. This almost makes me want to go back to work.

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Greg, this was post a few weeks ago by the retired "blue" guy. Had some good discussion too. Hopefully some more will ensue with your repost.



Well actually...ummmm...errrr... I was "Blue", in the Air Force, and I am sorry I don't know what color WD was but then I went over with all of the other guys to "Blue" and then we all know what happened, and I actually retired "Red"....so I guess I could be referred to as "Purple " or some semblance thereoft :Grin-Nod::biggrin2:

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