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  1. Hmmm... it would be interesting to see the maintenance records from the previous days...
  2. Weird.... here’s video of the crash: maybe the brakes dragged on the starboard side?
  3. I once knew a guy who kept an F-18 engine in his barn.
  4. Nepal plane crash: Three die at world's 'most dangerous' airport
  5. And that’s not really acceptable, IMO. Why isn’t that information in those manuals?
  6. More electric planes...
  7. Lol! According to one of the persons cited above, “Since Air Canada is an overseas airline and there is a time difference with India, the airline needs time for due diligence. The lenders have agreed to give an extension.”
  8. Passengers on a Cancun, Mexico-bound flight from Toronto were left stranded for several hours on Saturday after their aircraft made an emergency landing in New Orleans. Sunwing Flight 511 left Pearson International Airport just after 10 a.m. on Saturday but had to land at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans at 1:32 p.m., Marcelo Gomez who was a passenger on the flight told CBC Toronto. "The plane had an engine problem and had to land in New Orleans. Local authorities could not host our group at the airport so we had to wait for four hours onboard," Gomez said. But the Toronto resident said being stuck on board the grounded Boeing 767-300 aircraft was only the beginning of their ordeal. "According to regulations, airplanes cannot have passengers on board for more than four hours, so around 4:40 [p.m.], we left the plane and local authorities put us in a closed room that looked like a big hallway or tunnel," Gomez explained. He said they ended up spending another three hours in that area. The Sunwing crew onboard were "excellent, very nice, patient [and] empathetic," and even ordered pizza for everyone, Gomez said, but the real problem started after they exited the disabled aircraft. "[There was] zero communication with customers and [the] call centre had no information to provide," Gomez said. "It's critical for companies in cases like this one to communicate often with their customers; otherwise it looks terrible on them and creates a lot of frustration such as the one I've seen this afternoon everywhere around me." The plane that suffered mechanical trouble was recently leased by Sunwing from Eastern Airlines, according to publicly available aircraft registration data. It was leased to cover the loss of four Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft that were grounded by Transport Canada on March 13 in wake of the Ethiopian Airlines disaster. Gomez told CBC News that passengers were advised Saturday night that another plane had been sent from Miami to take the more than 250 passengers to Cancun. Sunwing didn't immediately respond to CBC's requests for comment.
  9. They never have, why start now? For years now, I’ve heard of and witnessed the incredibly poor way Sunwing treats their passengers during a disruption. I always advise my friends to choose another airline other than this one.
  10. I think they are in a pickle. I see Sunwing currently has 2 767’s on lease from Eastern, to cover the grounded 737 Max shortage.
  11. My only concern was that it seems journalists these days are overly dramatic. I didn’t think the crew actually called a Mayday, but I have no concern about them doing so.
  12. “An Air Canada flight had a “bit of a hairy landing” at the Ottawa Airport early Thursday after the plane hit a flock of birds. An Air Canada spokeswoman said that flight AC342, with 170 passengers on board, which was scheduled to arrive from Vancouver at 12:46 a.m., made contact with birds on the descent and “as per our operating procedures airport services were called.” “The flight landed safely and no one was hurt,” she added. The plane, which made it to the gate at 1:22 a.m., is now in maintenance.” Mayday! Mayday! (Really?)
  13. Big order. Do they build any in China?
  14. Thanks for the clarification Rudder.
  15. The AoA indication is there on the PFD. The “eyebrows” in this picture are the “Pitch Level Indicator”, generated from the Flight Director, telling the pilot how close he is getting to a stall condition.
  16. I think it’s just astounding that the FAA had approved a .6 degree authority for MCAS, and then Boeing discloses it has 2.5 degrees authority.
  17. And now, for a little humour: Genius finds a solution!
  18. I wonder if it goes as fast as the manned ones at YYZ. Those guys are hazardous to anyone else driving on the ramp.
  19. Malcolm..... what was the point of that? I just wasted 13 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back!