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  1. This MCAS issue with the Max is easily overcome with the 2 guys (or gals) in the Flight Deck given the proper skills, experience and training. The Max will fly again. The battery issues in the 787 were much more concerning to me, and everyone got over that.
  2. You know what they say... “Go ugly, early.”
  3. If the internet goes down at my place, I just... read a book.
  4. Hmmmm.....
  5. Yeah, the poor schmucks in the outboard seats are in for a roller coaster ride.
  6. This AD they’re about to issue with the 10-day window for compliance is a pretty big deal. I think a slat-track replacement is not a minor task, and will certainly disrupt everybody’s maintenance schedule. May as well get it done while they’re grounded though.
  7. Great post e-handle. My neighbor is dying from melanoma. He’s a real nice guy, and I’m gonna miss him. As will his family and friends.
  8. From the study: ”The pathogenic role of UV-A in melanoma is well established. UV-A is capable of causing DNA damage in cell culture5 and in animal models.6 Pilots flying for 56.6 minutes at 30 000 feet receive the same amount of UV-A carcinogenic effective radiation as that from a 20-minute tanning bed session. These levels could be significantly higher when flying over thick cloud layers and snow fields, which could reflect up to 85% of UV radiation. Airplane windshields do not completely block UV-A radiation and therefore are not enough to protect pilots. UV-A transmission inside airplanes can play a role in pilots’ increased risk of melanoma.” I’d be concerned.
  9. Not likely. Glad you read it though.
  10. Did you read the story? The judge wouldn’t award legal costs.
  11. Just put in vending machines.
  12. So, I am currently sitting onboard an Air Canada flight in YYZ, 2.5 hours past scheduled departure time. We’re still at the gate. Captain tells us there is a system wide computer meltdown, and nothing has departed since we boarded. Also, many of the flights that landed since this occurred cannot deplane, as there are not enough gates available. What I’m wondering is, how long will they hold us onboard? We are still at the gate, and can deplane if they open the door..,
  13. Better not be too noisy.
  14. Saw this on my Linkdin feed. Anyone of you people ever experience something like this?
  15. So, I learned something today. I had to google what “HAGD” means.
  16. Any news on the crew? Hope they’re ok, I hear the Captain is still in hospital with injuries...
  17. The AOA vane looks fine to me. Let’s tag it “serviceable” and put it in the supply system. Those things cost money you know.
  18. There appears to be quite a lot of damage.
  19. This is quite a revealing story, particularly about the South Carolina plant...