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  1. It's been many years, but I used to shoot on the range in the military. At the time we primarily used the FN rifle. What concerns me is one of the qualities that you like about weapons like the AR 15 and that is the large magazine and the rapid fire. Surely there has to be rifles that will work on the range where you have to reload after say 3 shots and maybe that's not too much to ask. We live in a society where there is a great deal of mental instability and with street drugs everywhere. It just takes one crazed individual who steals one of these weapons, (maybe even a kid steals his dad' AR 15 and slaughters a large number of people.
  2. GDR

    RCAF News

    Viking Air wanted to either rework the Buffalo or build a new airplane. The RCAF would have had a better airplane, help build the aerospace industry in Canada and the guy who says he is also saying that he supports Canadian workers could have provided jobs in Canada. Refurbished Buffalo aircraft would be in the air by now and I don't think we would have had to wait much longer for a brand new designed and made in Canada aircraft. It is so disheartening to see this sort of thing going on.
  3. Just a question. Why does anyone want or need an assault styled weapon? What on earth do you do with them?
  4. If I remember correctly, in a recent poll the NDP was up while the Liberals dropped. Maybe the NDP can replace the Liberals.
  5. This article shows a bird strike on a US Navy Goshawk followed by ejection. https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/u-s-military-releases-footage-of-jet-striking-bird-and-crashing-1.6076562
  6. Seeing as how for some reason there is no way to give a trophy to Kip's post the this reply will have to do. TROPHY FOR KIP!!!!!
  7. Who are we to believe... https://www.globalresearch.ca/unethical-up-98-times-worse-than-disease-top-scientists-publish-paradigm-shifting-study-about-covid-19-vaccines/5793272
  8. I too go back to the Jim Wood days. I think that the non-aviation discussion forum is kept separate and can be disregarded completely. Also there just isn't that many here any more on the aviation forum. I have found many of the discussions interesting and informative. I do think though that the non-aviation part of the site should be restricted to discussions. Cartoons mocking public figures just detract from the subject and don't elicit any discussion. I suggested having a separate thread titled "Humour" and those that want to and stick their cartoons in there. Greg
  9. GDR

    Non-aviation forums

    I think that it adds something to have a discussion on various topics, however I think possibly it could be monitored for content. I don't see a point in political cartoons whose only purpose is to ridicule some public figure and I think they drag down the discussion and of course don't elicit a discussion. Maybe there should be a specific thread titled "Humour" for cartoons of any kind and that they be deleted in put on another thread.
  10. Meanwhile in Denmark Denmark Government Advises People Under 50 Not to Get COVID-19 Boosters By Jack Phillips September 14, 2022 Updated: September 14, 2022 biggersmaller Print Denmark will not offer those under the age of 50 more COVID-19 vaccine boosters, the Danish Health Authority announced this week. “The purpose of vaccination is not to prevent infection with COVID-19, and people aged under 50 are therefore currently not being offered booster vaccination,” the agency wrote in a Sept. 13 statement. The Scandinavian country also explicitly dropped any pretense to halt the spread of COVID-19 and announced it will focus on protecting vulnerable individuals, including people with compromised immune systems and the elderly. Those people, it said, are the most at risk of developing severe COVID-19 cases. Instead, the agency has an “aim to prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death,” the statement said. The Health Authority noted that people under the age of 50 “are generally not at particularly higher risk of becoming severely ill” from the virus. Younger people “are well protected against becoming severely ill” and a “very large number of them have already been vaccinated and have previously been infected” with COVID-19, it said. “There is consequently good immunity among this part of the population,” the agency said. “It is important that the population also remembers the guidance on how to prevent the spread of infection, including staying at home in case of illness, frequent aeration or ventilation, social distancing, good coughing etiquette, hand hygiene, and cleaning.” Denmark was one of the first countries in the world to stop giving COVID-19 vaccines to healthy children. The UK has recently followed suit and ended giving COVID-19 vaccines to most children aged 11 and under. Children and young people who are at risk of developing COVID-19 cases can still receive the vaccine in Denmark if recommended by a doctor, the health agency said last month. “The Danish Health Authority does not currently plan on recommending vaccination to persons under the age of 18 as a group,” Lotte Baelum, a spokesperson for the Health Authority, told The Associated Press. “Children and young people who are at increased risk of a serious course of COVID-19 will continue to have the option of vaccination after individual assessment.” The UK Health Security Agency said in September that children who hadn’t turned 5 by the end of August wouldn’t be offered COVID-19 vaccines, noting that the COVID-19 vaccine offer for kids aged 5 to 11 was a temporary directive. In the United States, about two months after federal health officials authorized COVID-19 vaccine doses for young children and infants, only a very small percentage of children have received the first dose, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  11. What is the rationale for that? Actually, that isn't even correct. A retired MP cannot receive a pension until age 55. Is it better to have somebody with no previous real work experience, who has lived off a trust fund he inherited all his adult life?
  12. Here is an interesting article in the CBC. I wonder if the CBC is very concerned with Polievre's leadershop to defund them and is now starting to try and move the Liberals to a more centrist position in the hopes of trying to stop a Conservative win. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/liberal-mps-less-woke-1.6566633 With Poilievre's victory, some Liberal MPs hope party will pivot to the centre One MP says party needs to be ‘less woke’ Some Liberal MPs say the party needs to refocus as it prepares to go head-to-head against a new brand of Conservatives — including being "less woke," according to Radio-Canada. A handful of MPs spoke to the French-language arm of CBC — most on the condition that they not be named — as the party gathers for a caucus meeting in the coastal resort town of Saint Andrews, N.B. The meeting is meant to underline the party's priorities ahead of the fall sitting, which will see a new face leading His Majesty's Loyal Opposition: Pierre Poilievre. With his firebrand style, Poilievre has promised to fire Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem, accusing him of failing to rein in inflation, railed against COVID-19 restrictions and the federal government's vaccine mandate for travellers and public servants, and vowed to take on the elites. With a new Conservative leader making inflation a central theme, some Liberals said they believe that economic issues, such as the cost of living and labour shortages, must be brought back to the heart of government priorities. Another said the party needs to be better at showing it's listening to Canadians and their concerns. "You have to go back to the basics, to a more direct link with the people," they said. Within the Liberal ranks, some said they would like to see the party adopt more centrist positions to counter Poilievre. "We must return to a federal centre, centre-right party," said another MP, also on the condition they not be identified. "We need a government that is down to earth and less woke." "Poilievre's party can't fill the centre," said another. Earlier this year, the Liberals struck a deal heading in the other direction. The party has agreed to launch a new dental care program for middle- and low-income Canadians and advance a number of other NDP priorities in exchange for New Democrats propping up the federal government until 2025. Opinions on the deal were divided at caucus in New Brunswick. Passport delays, airport chaos 'hurt us:' Liberal MP "I am very comfortable with the alliance with the NDP for the stability of the government," said Alexandra Mendès, MP for Brossard-Saint-Lambert. "Sometimes, we are so preoccupied with petty politics that we forget big politics." Several Liberal sources said they believe that the delay in issuing passports was particularly damaging to Liberal voters, including many newcomers who were waiting for their travel documents to visit relatives abroad. "We had a difficult summer and it's not over," said Mendès. "After two years of confinement, what were we expecting?" Behind the scenes, some elected Liberals whispered that the minister responsible for the file, Karina Gould, was not up to it. "It hurt us. It could have been avoided," said one MP, who didn't want to be named.
  13. I think I'll keep that one under wraps.
  14. Another much more current great story. https://www.theepochtimes.com/man-born-without-a-hand-becomes-pilot-writes-childrens-book-is-forever-grateful-to-parents_4614461.html?utm_source=BR_article_free&utm_campaign=bright-2022-09-11-ca&utm_medium=email&est=%2BuhEtWIti%2BnZmHP1W2IDWWH8Eq2ht3vi8shW1zZ%2BkTStVw%2BpSofN4v45hQXn%2BMuUsNIh
  15. I think people used to be made of much tougher stuff. https://www.burnslakelakesdistrictnews.com/news/mercy-plane-sets-record-flight-from-burns-lake-made-in-five-hours/?utm_source=skies-daily-news-news-from-the-web&utm_campaign=skies-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=news-news-from-the-web&utm_content=V1
  16. It's not a conclusion. Just a suspicion born from the failing of our judicial system.
  17. This really smells of police vigilantism. The legal system is lined up against the police and they just took justice into their own hands. It is terrible that it has come to this and I worry that this way of thinking will spread to the general public.
  18. Well done Kip. It seems to me that you should repeat the retirement scenario and transfer out here with the boat to YYJ.
  19. The next step will be solid state batteries. None of the major players are North American let alone Canada. Toyota has said they will have a car run on a SSB out in 2024. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Technology/Toyota-secures-huge-lead-in-solid-state-battery-patents
  20. I have season tickets to our local junior A hockey team. They all want to be in the NHL. So far not one of them has held a regular position in the NHL. They put in hours of work of mind numbing drills and exercises just to get to the level they have. Gordie Howe made it as an all time great in the NHL. He is a couple of universes of overall skill above me.
  21. I suppose. That and 6:75 should get you a coffee. Kinda of a funny story about autographs. We're flying back from Japan and Gordie and Colleen Howe were on the flight. Gordie was up in the cockpit for hours. Really interesting and really nice guy. After a while Colleen came up and she had a scrap book of stuff from all the hockey schools they had worked at in Japan, so she asked me if I would sign the book as Captain of their return flight. Later I was telling my grandson about this and he said ,"let me get this straight - Gordie Howe got your autograph and you didn't get his. He had a point.
  22. Actually for the first time I have been on twitter. If you look at your top picture and you can see the back of the guy with a big brown cowboy hat, then look at the person right in front of him and then go one to the left you can see the back of my head. At last I have stardom although not in the way I had expected. My retirement plan was to be a teen idol but that hasn't worked out that well.
  23. I was at this rally. He is quite a speaker and sure got an enthusiastic reception. Here is an article from the left leaning Times Colonist. https://www.timescolonist.com/local-news/thousands-attend-pierre-poilievres-sidney-rally-5751358 A line of people waiting to shake hands with Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre wound around the inside of Sidney's Mary Winspear Centre on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022, during the MP's meet and greet. NINA GROSSMAN, TIMES COLONIST Listen to this article 00:02:43 Several thousand people came out to see Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre Sunday evening. Poilievre started the evening with a speech before posing for photos and shaking hands with attendees. The crowd roared in response to Poilievre’s promise that he would defund the CBC and repeated his disdain for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Conservative MP also elicited a strong response from the crowd when he condemned “woke culture.” “Are there any woke folk here today?” he asked the crowd, which laughed and booed in response. “Really the movement is not about racial justice or equality, it’s about control,” he said. “It’s about them telling you what you’re allowed to do.” Poilievre’s leadership campaign themes are “freedom” and “inflation,” specifically: Reclaiming Canadian values, firing the nation’s “gatekeepers,” reducing the government’s economic intervention and halting inflation by increasing production of goods and services. His website, which is narrow in detail but broad in promises of freedom and restored rights, promises to introduce a free speech act, protect federal jobs for unvaccinated employees and mandate universities to “uphold academic freedom and free speech to get federal grants.” He has also promised to cancel the carbon tax and to audit the Bank of Canada. “If anybody can get us out of this mess, he’s the man,” said Arla Rendle, who came to the rally from Saanichton. “We need to make it a free country again and see all the opportunities we have here bear fruit.” Amber Moss, who came from Victoria with her children and husband Philip Moss, said this was the first time she would be voting Conservative. “To see the turnout at this point. It’s shifting,” she said. “It’s been very upsetting to see the divisiveness in this country. We’re so polarized at this point, and it’s super sad.” Philip Moss said cost of living, a lack of debate and woke culture — particularly in schools —are some of his biggest concerns. “It’s totally fine for people to live their life the way they want to live it, but young children just need math and reading and simple things,” he said. Poilievre aligned his campaign with the trucker convoy that stormed Ottawa in January, filming a promotional video during the vaccine mandate protest and walking with protesters in a show of solidarity. During the Conservative leadership debate in May, the Ontario MP said if elected, he would fire Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem for he current state of Canada’s inflation rates. Poilievre’s Sidney meet and greet came after a visit to Nanaimo’s Benson Ballroom and preceded a Monday evening meet and greet in Vancouver at the Italian Cultural Centre. ngrossman@timescolonist.com
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