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  1. It's likely part of the airworthiness standards for evacuation routes over the wing. For example: "An escape route shall be established from each overwing emergency exit, and (except for flap surfaces suitable as slides) covered with a slip resistant surface... ...The escape route surface shall have a reflectance of at least 80 percent, and shall be defined by markings with a surface-to-marking contrast ratio of at least 5:1."
  2. CD

    The F-35

    I've known it as "Self Adjusting Military Foul Up"... ?
  3. "Mother Christmas In 1988, Roald Dahl composed a festive poem for Great Ormond Street Hospital, illustrated by Quentin Blake. It's a Christmas cracker. As the festive season is upon us, here's a slightly, well, alternative Christmas rhyme from Roald Dahl... Mother Christmas "Where art thou, Mother Christmas? I only wish I knew Why Father should get all the praise And no one mentions you. I'll bet you buy the presents And wrap them large and small While all the time that rotten swine Pretends he's done it all. So Hail To Mother Christmas Who shoulders all the work! And down with Father Christmas, That unmitigated jerk!" [c. RDNL] The 'Mother Christmas' poem was created by Roald Dahl in 1988 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Quentin Blake - also patron of Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity - provided the illustrations. You can find the poem, along with many other stories and verses, in The Roald Dahl Treasury."
  4. That isn't an option for operators that choose to use the new minimum crew ratio that was introduced in 2015, which is based on the number of seats.
  5. Actually, this project was started by the Conservatives, not that it really matters. It's a great facility with lots of research opportunities. I see I haven't missed much - it's still a forum to talk politics.
  6. 90 seconds with how much legroom? FAA faces audit of airplane evacuation standards A federal watchdog wants to know how FAA is updating evacuation standards. The DOT's inspector general's office says passenger behavior and seating configurations have changed. One concern is passengers bringing carry-on baggage with them during an evacuation. Leslie Josephs | @lesliejosephs Published 2:19 PM ET Tue, 19 June 2018 Updated 2:51 PM ET Tue, 19 June 2018
  7. The minimum flight attendant requirements are specified in the regulations and not the standards.
  8. That link to the standards is also incorrect Malcolm... the regulatory requirements are in the link I provided above. Flyertalk is also a good forum to get a sense of service levels.
  9. The Canadian regulatory minimum referred to by Malcolm above is incorrect - that information is for private operators. The airline requirements are: "Minimum Number of Flight Attendants 705.201 (1) No air operator shall operate an aeroplane to carry passengers unless the air operator does so with the minimum number of flight attendants required on each deck. (2) Subject to subsections (4) to (7), the minimum number of flight attendants required on each deck of an aeroplane is determined in accordance with one of the following ratios that is selected by the air operator in respect of the model of that aeroplane: (a) one flight attendant for each unit of 40 passengers or for each portion of such a unit; or (b) one flight attendant for each unit of 50 passenger seats or for each portion of such a unit." http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-96-433/FullText.html#s-705.201
  10. NTSB Issues Urgent Safety Recommendation to Prohibit Flights that Use Unsafe Harness Systems
  11. Well, for a few months, the U.S. forced some foreign airlines to prohibit laptops from the cabin... at that point, I security concerns overrode safety concerns so passengers laptops were in baggage.
  12. It's happened in the past...
  13. Many of the full Flight Safety Investigation Reports used to be available online. However, as noted on the current site, the full reports are not currently available as a result of the web restructuring. For example, here are a few links that contain FSIRs that used to be on the old website: CH147202 Chinook CH147204 Chinook CC115465 Buffalo CT156112 Harvard II
  14. RCAF Investigation Reports - Summaries
  15. Couldn't that fall under the heading of more 'fake news'? How long was that little distraction they called the Cold War anyway... In any case, a new batch arrives Friday...
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