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  1. It's likely part of the airworthiness standards for evacuation routes over the wing. For example: "An escape route shall be established from each overwing emergency exit, and (except for flap surfaces suitable as slides) covered with a slip resistant surface... ...The escape route surface shall have a reflectance of at least 80 percent, and shall be defined by markings with a surface-to-marking contrast ratio of at least 5:1."
  2. CD

    The F-35

    I've known it as "Self Adjusting Military Foul Up"...
  3. "Mother Christmas In 1988, Roald Dahl composed a festive poem for Great Ormond Street Hospital, illustrated by Quentin Blake. It's a Christmas cracker. As the festive season is upon us, here's a slightly, well, alternative Christmas rhyme from Roald Dahl... Mother Christmas "Where art thou, Mother Christmas? I only wish I knew Why Father should get all the praise And no one mentions you. I'll bet you buy the presents And wrap them large and small While all the time that rotten swine Pretends he's done it all. So Hail To Mother Christmas Who shoulders all the work! And down with Father Christmas, That unmitigated jerk!" [c. RDNL] The 'Mother Christmas' poem was created by Roald Dahl in 1988 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Quentin Blake - also patron of Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity - provided the illustrations. You can find the poem, along with many other stories and verses, in The Roald Dahl Treasury."
  4. That isn't an option for operators that choose to use the new minimum crew ratio that was introduced in 2015, which is based on the number of seats.
  5. Actually, this project was started by the Conservatives, not that it really matters. It's a great facility with lots of research opportunities. I see I haven't missed much - it's still a forum to talk politics.