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  1. Ex 9A Guy

    More Drones - London Gatwick Airport shutdown!

    A few well-placed shotgun shells or medium calibre bullets should cause serious controllability issues and/or terminal flight trajectory.
  2. Ex 9A Guy

    Another bad day for a Boeing

    5800' wet runway, 1 mile vis and a 10 knot tailwind is not a recipe for success in a B737-700. Thank goodness for the EMAS.
  3. 20 years in the industry with 15 of those at Lufthansa. That means WestJet is his 4th stop in 5 years. Great!!
  4. Ex 9A Guy

    Jetlines Announces

    This is the point I was trying, obviously not very clearly, to make.
  5. Ex 9A Guy

    Lion Air Down

    But yet the first time I and anyone else I have spoken to saw mention of MCAS was in the emergency AD.
  6. Ex 9A Guy

    Jetlines Announces

    Another “name” but no flying yet.
  7. Ex 9A Guy

    747 at YHZ

    Runway 23 CAT2 ILS has been OTS for months, the threshold is displaced and the RNAV minimums are raised. The only precision approach into YHZ for months has been the CAT1 ILS to 14. Hence the quartering TW and overrun on 14, not 23.
  8. Ex 9A Guy

    Lion Air Down

    A quick thrust/attitude reference for S&L flight on the NG/MAX for those who may care. Flaps extended........10° NU and 80%N1 Flaps up.......4° NU and 75% N1 Passed to me by a respected training pilot.
  9. Ex 9A Guy

    747 at YHZ

    They did land on 14, runway 23 ILS and CAT2 have been OTS for months. Strong x-wind landings on 14 with winds favouring 23 have been the norm in YHZ all summer.
  10. Ex 9A Guy

    Lion Air Down

    That is one messed up speed and altitude graph. 334 knots at 1600 feet. Holy crap!! They were all over the place.
  11. Ex 9A Guy

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    This smells like another paid for opinion piece by ATAC and others opposed to the proposed watered down Flight & Duty regs. Here is another of his "opinion pieces" WestJet's Labour Dispute
  12. Ex 9A Guy

    ACDM to be implemented at YYZ

    All I see is a headline with no text or press release. What kind of technology is this, I have not heard of it?
  13. I guess it would be a case of flyer beware!
  14. Ex 9A Guy

    Primera goes under

    Sounds like the industry as a whole is a better place without these vultures. I feel for all those adversely effected by the shutdown but some attempt to put the brakes on these flagging out schemes is definitely a good thing.
  15. Ex 9A Guy

    Primera goes under

    Saw them in YYZ on Saturday night. I remember because I commented to my F/O that I had never heard of them.