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  1. This is one of my pet peeves. The technique is very simple. Lift the reverse levers to the idle detent and maintain a slight pressure against the interlock, when conditions are met for deployment the lever will move, then select first or second detent reverse as required. No yanking needed.
  2. Getting this 3rd hand but it seems to explain certain anomalies According to Karachi Airport runway inspection report prepared by Pakistan CAA. Left engine scrape marks 4500 feet from runway start. Right engine scrape marks 5500 feet from runway start. Both engines scrape marks 6000 feet to 7000 feet from runway start. On the first attempt they called "established ILS 25L, 5 miles" while the tower responded that they were at "3,500 feet" which is too high for 5 miles. Tower offered vectors for a left 360 to reduce altitude but they declined. Accidentally landed with gears up, d
  3. I doubt there will be much 3rd party or even 1st party sim training taking place for some time to come. WestJet just cancelled all 3rd party and out of country simulator training. TC will be busy handing out extensions for a while it seems.
  4. Looks like quite the event. Would love to go.
  5. Correct, point taken. At least it is not another start up ULCC or something similar.
  6. I don't think this is an application for an airline. Small A/C are under 12,500lbs GTOW
  7. Bigger, heavier aircraft, higher approach speeds with the same size brakes as smaller lighter models.
  8. Who packs needed medication in checked baggage???????
  9. The B737-800 is a runway pig on landing. At 145,000lbs the AB3 landing distance shows 7690 feet, at 125,000lbs (an average landing weight) the distance only reduces to just under 7000 feet so a shortened runway to 6000 feet is definitely an issue in an -800. To get below 6000 feet you have to used AB MAX or MAX Manual braking, WB MAX shows 5520 and Max Manual shows 4420. What these pax experienced was likely Max Manual braking which on a dry runway in quite aggressive and certainly wouldn't be a normal experience for a passenger.
  10. Nothing like making a big news story over a non event. A cracked window, really. Well done crew who I am sure made this safety conscious decision in concert with their dispatcher and maintenance.
  11. The person who made these is quite clever and highlights many of the everyday aggravations of the job. There are 4 episodes so far. And and additional Pilot's wife version that is pretty amusing and scarily accurate in depicting some of the things the "left at home" spouse has to deal with. Livin' The Dream Part 1 Livin' The Dream Part 2 Livin' The Dream Part 3 Livin' The Dream - Pilot's Wife
  12. There is a new one. LOLOLOLOLOL Livin’ the Dream part 4
  13. I believe that WJ is storing all theirs domestically across the 3 main bases, YYC, YYZ and YVR.
  14. Yea, what Seeker said. Some humility on your part would definitely be a good thing. I see from your profile that you have been around this board since 2004 so maybe you just missed the previous explanations. Jack is a highly regarded and much beloved Ex Air Atlantic, and LTDed WestJet pilot who suffered a serious stroke a few years ago while on a pairing. Not using the spacebar is the least of Gentleman Jack's concerns.