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  1. There has been a high level concept floated to the non-unionized employee groups on the continuation of a “similar” plan. It is however very light on details and doesn’t meet the needs of a replacement plan for the higher income earners as the limits in place would amount to a compensation decrease. That being said WestJet has done this before. In the years before the IPO WestJet issued “shares” in the then privately held company. These are the shares that made many of the original WestJet employees quite wealthy. As with any major compensation change the devil will be in the details.
  2. I hate those kiosks. They are not particularly user friendly, don’t work properly a lot of the time and even if you fill out your declaration in the app you end up having to confirm and/or answer most of the questions again. The line ups at customs in YYZ any given day during the wide body arrival crunch are nothing short of insane. I consistently see very confused arriving visitors spending up to 5 minutes trying to figure out the kiosks and then wondering why the camera is rising 3 feet above their head to take a picture. I have a hard time believing that they are any more efficient that just lining up and speaking to an officer. Oh yea I forget you still have to do that too.
  3. I wonder what happened to hydraulic lockouts, pins or other safe guards. 3000psi in a hydraulic system is not to be trifled with.
  4. Not that I am in the business of defending Swoop but apparently they have one tail down for air con cleaning due to a fume event and then a boarding pax threw coins into one of the engines for good luck. These would definitely class as unplanned in anyone’s book.
  5. Canada will require simulator training before Max can fly in Canada
  6. Well done AC crew. Sounds like an appropriate use of a Mayday call to me. No BS, get the CFR rolling, get priority, land the plane.
  7. Wow's financial woes have been apparent for many months but really came to a head when a proposed deal with Iceland Air collapsed last week. Anyone who booked with them in the last few weeks was taking a huge gamble but as we all know money talks and airlines keep promoting the almost god given right to cheap air travel to the masses.
  8. Not sure how they can legally do that. I guess it is China, though.
  9. I think you are misreading the schedule. 1310 departure, 20 minute flight with a 5 minute taxi on either end equals a 1340 arrival in Muskoka, 40 minutes on the ground for a 1420 departure back to YTZ.
  10. I agree, moving the Stab Trim Cutout Switches to Cutout has been a part of the Stabilizer Trim Runaway NNC on B737s for decades BUT it has been step 5 of 8 in an NNC that has 2 memory items. Only after Lion Air 610 was the MAX only NNC changed to have the Stab Trim Cutout Switches to Cutout upgraded to a memory item and it still resides as #5 of 5 memory items and #5 of 8 in total. There have been zero changes to the B737NG NNC. I have a few issues with the way this has been handled, first, the MCAS system was designed and installed on production aircraft and no customers or pilots flying the aircraft knew anything about its existence other than a brief mention in the definitions section of the FCOM. Second, MCAS has direct input to a primary flight control (Pitch) with no indications to the pilot and a single point of failure (Single AoA input) as seems to be the case in Lion Air at least. This is so contrary to established criteria and safeguards that without the significant loss of life it would be laughable in any safety orientated and risk managed environment. Third, the MCAS system when activated (erroneously or not) disables the normal Stab Brake function that has been available in B737 since the 1960s to mitigate Stab Trim Runaways but Boeing didn't think it was important to tell anyone that the system that was in 4500 B737s was NOT the same in the 250+/- MAXs. Major Boo Boo.
  11. This is incorrect. On all previous B737s the first action in the event of a stab trim runaway is to move the control column in the opposite direction. Doing this engages the mechanical stab brake stopping any further stab movement. In an MCAS event the stab brake is bypassed and doesn’t engage as in all previous B737s.
  12. There are of course other reasons for the jackscrew to indicate that the stab was in an unusual position. But IMHO if it indicates full or significant ND stab position that would be an indication that the MCAS had input or a substantial ND stab trim runaway that went uncontrolled. The stab trim runaway seems unlikely as simple back pressure on the column should engage the stab brake. In an MCAS intervention the stab brake function is disabled.
  13. I believe that Jack Hilton was the Guest of Honour at last Novembers Remembrance Day ceremony at the Museum of Flight here in Calgary that my wife and I attended. He gave a very moving address and braved the elements even though it was a snowy and blustery -10 that day. Thank you, Sir, blue skies and tailwinds forever.