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  1. Ex 9A Guy

    Wrong Airport

    Jepp plate for RSW has a note about confusing the 2 airports. Glad this had a safe outcome and that the error was trapped and mitigated but it was definitely preventable by a thorough briefing.
  2. Ex 9A Guy

    RNV-Y FMC Pictures

    Sent you a PM
  3. Ex 9A Guy

    Odd ANA 787 go-around - guesses?

    Looks like a windshear warning with an initiated recovery and then an actual windshear encounter during the recovery.
  4. Ex 9A Guy

    AirCanada appointment

    Exactly 2 years to the day from when he left WestJet. I guess his no-compete clause is up.
  5. Ex 9A Guy

    WestJet Flight Attendants

    Also, CALDA has applied for certification of WestJet's Dispatchers. This executive group has really screwed the pooch when it comes to employee relations.
  6. Ex 9A Guy

    Funny Aviation satire youtube channel

    Captain Roger Victor breaks the plane
  7. Ex 9A Guy

    Funny Aviation satire youtube channel

    The maintenance controller one is priceless. No offense intended to any of our professional maintenance colleagues on here.
  8. Ex 9A Guy

    AirTransat Expands to Europe

    I'm pretty sure the last time I checked into a hotel I was considered a guest, was referred to as a guest and was also required to pay for the privilege.
  9. Ex 9A Guy

    Last Flight Video

    Speaking of registrations, I am not sure how the "FU" series made it past the PC police.
  10. Ex 9A Guy

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Best of luck to them.
  11. What is the first number? Completion rate? The large airlines are not too bad but the LCCs are brutal. 1 82.2% Vueling Airlines VY 85.25% 2 86.5% Jetstar Asia 3K 85.08% 3 85.4% Skymark Airlines BC 85.00% 4 81.5% Transavia HV 84.25% 5 91.9% Azul AD 84.14% The top 5 only just break a 90% completion rate. 85% OTP on 82% of your flights is only 70% OTP system-wide.
  12. Ex 9A Guy

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Maybe you should tell the CEO that. Q. WHY IS LAUNCHING SWOOP GOO D FOR WESTJET? A. [Ed Sims] Swoop will be operated using 10 of WestJet's Boeing 737-800 aircraft. If we kept these aircraft, it would’ve represented too much capacity for WestJet and still leave us unable to properly respond to other ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCCs) in the market. If we gave them back, there is such a shortage of aircraft in the market that there was a high likelihood those aircraft would’ve come right back to Canada and be operated by the competition. Launching Swoop gives us the right product to respond to ULCCs while WestJet continues to grow.
  13. Ex 9A Guy

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    So much for excess lease returns being used for Swoop flying. Tail 838 is a 2 ½ year old SFP -800 OWNED by WJ. Add that to the list of BS everyone has been fed. The lies just keep piling up. #Credibility gap.
  14. Ex 9A Guy

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Hi Dagger: I seem to remember from previous posts that you have a background in labour relations. Can you think of any actual situations were Section 80 has been invoked either by mutual agreement between the parties or imposed on the parties? I have done some research and can’t find any instances. Thanks
  15. Ex 9A Guy

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    95% of pilots voted. ALL pilots whether union members or not were eligible to vote. 95% of 1500+/- voted. Out of that, 91% voted in favour. so approximately 1300 out of 1500 voted in favour, 130 against and 70 didn't cast a ballot.