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  1. History is not on your side here. Since 9/11, I've boarded hundreds of flights where one or more of my fellow passengers were dressed as she was. Not once have I seen any of them asked to remove it. By this apparently new standard, everyone wearing a ball cap or toque should be required to remove them while boarding. I can't wait to see the reaction to that!
  2. That airport has 4,500 ft runway and it sits in a bowl. It's really no closer to the Bristol track than Tri Cities airport.
  3. Gabor and his followers should be careful what they wish for. Flight cancellations like this are more prevalent in places where they've passed passenger bill of rights legislation. "Here's your money back, and good luck!"
  4. You don't build three new simulators in a couple of months. Unless the grounding goes on for much longer than anticipated, these will not be ready in time.
  5. This is very concerning. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/hong-kong-protests-latest-airport-china-military-response-a9055591.html
  6. Assuming she had not been vaccinated, why take a job that exposes you to so many people in a confined space?
  7. Speaking of refueling tankers, this was outside my office window this morning.
  8. Oops. https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/lufthansa/video-tail-section-airbus-a319-damaged-wrong-manipulation-mobile-stairs/
  9. It just taxied away from the parking spot and it definitely had four engines.
  10. Sched operations continue. Sometimes there are holds or departure delays depending on the cadence of the show but nothing is cancelled.
  11. Boeing has now filled ramp space with 737 Max's at three satellite airports and are working on a fourth. They're going all in on this one and are no longer playing with house money.
  12. if someone ever mentions "warrants", run like the wind as far as you can.
  13. This was a privately operated Beaver. Apparently they had an engine failure.
  14. I look forward to the day when respectful discourse returns and shooting messengers goes the way of the dodo.
  15. Might want to tweak the thread title. Gatwick is LGW.
  16. That thing is truly hideous. It’s now on display above one of the restaurants in the terminal in Anchorage. No one wants new radial engined aircraft. Avgas is becoming scarce in many places.
  17. I’d have to see it demonstrated before I’d be convinced but I’m all for making that seat a little less uncomfortable.
  18. If I'm making such decisions for Airbus, I'm not touching that deal with a 10 ft pole.
  19. We definitely need a "Get Off My Lawn" award.
  20. As a trainee technician, he may have lacked the experience and knowledge to make a proper risk assessment. It's a task that should require supervision.
  21. I thought Swoop was to be operationally independent from WestJet when it came to issues like IROPS.
  22. Reminds me of this scene. "Chunky industrial waste puke".