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  1. J.O.

    WestJet 787

    Interesting they named the airplane in honour of Clive Beddoe. From what I know of the man, I not sure he’d be very supporting of this addition to the fleet.
  2. J.O.


    I thought "bot training" was a Russian initiative.
  3. J.O.

    The F-35

    Regardless of the words chosen to describe it, there is zero difference between our military's mandate and capabilities today vs those of five or more years ago. Let's face it, our military "strength" is but a peashooter when compared to that of most of our allies. Our country is both too large and too sparsely populated to afford much more. I'd much rather see us put more into the SAR program than spend ridiculous amounts of money on a boondoggle like the F35.
  4. J.O.

    Magnetic North on the move

    Yes, they're still required. With an effective trend monitoring program, the frequency between compass swings can be extended - I believe it's to a maximum of 5 years.
  5. American Airlines has two brand new aircraft they can't use because of his decisions. https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2019-01-14/government-shutdown-grounds-two-american-airlines-max-8s
  6. J.O.

    Chorus Aviation

  7. Black boxes in this post, Malcolm.
  8. J.O.


    I totally agree. Imagine a private sector CEO telling his employees they must continue working but they won’t get paid because the BOD won’t give him money for a stupid idea and he’s having a hissy fit. In any case, this show of solidarity and compassion is in the media now. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2019/01/12/canadian-air-traffic-controllers-buy-pizza-for-american-colleagues-affected-by-u-s-government-shutdown_a_23641079/
  9. J.O.


    I read that the folks in Gander and Moncton sent 32 pizzas to the New York Centre as well.
  10. J.O.

    WestJet Robo-calls?

    The number displayed is always spoofed. I got one from my own mobile number last year.
  11. J.O.

    Wow, just wow...

    Equipped with parts salvaged from Eastern 401?
  12. J.O.

    WestJet Robo-calls?

    Phishing. I get them every couple of weeks at the office. What's funny is the first time I got one, it was on my TC BlackBerry as I stood in the cafeteria at the WestJet campus in YYC! I get other ones purporting to be Marriott hotels as well.
  13. J.O.

    Friday Giggle...

    I knew the Major who wrote that report. He told it at our flying club banquet in the early 80's.
  14. J.O.

    Friday Giggle...

    At least he's wearing the right PPE. I've seen some scary lack of awareness in the past.
  15. J.O.

    Wow, just wow...

    This may be BS (or maybe Rich Pulman can fill in the blanks), but I recall a story about sending an aircraft and crew on a Hajj contract. Something about the locals wanting to bless the aircraft with a sacrifice prior to the first flight and the company's refusal to play along. A few weeks later the aircraft was sent home after two engine failures occurring 10 days apart - one on each side.
  16. J.O.

    WestJet 787

    WestJet loyalty members just received an email with the following 787 startup schedule:
  17. J.O.

    New Mtce Base for Porter

    FWIW, they built most of their operation with the money they got from suing over the cancellation of the bridge link.
  18. J.O.

    WestJet 787

    WestJet has an approved ETOPS program for the 767 so the addition of the 787 should be a fairly straightforward endeavour after some domestic proving runs.
  19. J.O.

    Late Christmas Gift?

    There’s no type certificate, so no way to register or fly it in Canada.
  20. The requirement to comply with the regulation doesn’t begin at boarding. Anyone representing the airline has a responsibility to intervene if a passenger appears to be intoxicated. Most airlines don’t emphasize that enough in training with their ground staff.
  21. J.O.

    AirBus A220 News

    Whatever it was, it wasn't tenderized properly.
  22. J.O.

    Plane to Vehicle Contact at YVR

    I’m assuming the Twittiot received some strong feedback because that account has been shut down. If the catering truck was parked, then it’s 100% on the ground crew. If it was moving, then the truck operator owns some responsibility as well. They’re not supposed to drive behind an aircraft when the beacon is flashing.
  23. Just because he’s a self-confessed pig doesn’t mean what he said about flying is wrong.
  24. Any pilot with more than a few years of IFR under their belt has said something about an ATC clearance or instruction that they’d never want broadcast.
  25. Especially if done to the Benny Hill theme song.