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  1. Until last week, Yukon and NWT had a mandatory 14 day self-isolation policy for all visitors from outside the territory.
  2. I could also put up at least half a dozen cultural appropriation pics of Stephen Harper, but since they too would be irrelevant, I won't waste the bandwidth.
  3. No they don’t. The actions already taken were necessary - and they hurt, no question. Even if they opened up travel restrictions completely, people are not going to engage in discretionary travel until there’s a treatment or a vaccine. That has nothing to do with government actions - past or future.
  4. Nothing the government does at this point is going to change the lack of demand - certainly not overnight. And as far as the effect their restrictions have had on the industry, yes it's very tough but I'll take our results over the disaster we're seeing south of the border right now. If I have a choice between paying more out of pocket or paying with thousands more lives and decimating our healthcare system, that's an easy one.
  5. Why is an industry-funded lobby group writing the new protocol?
  6. Great point, the timing is no coincidence.
  7. It’s a roll of the dice, and I wouldn’t want to be the one who made this call if the news soon breaks of an outbreak traced to one of those “full” flights. Being in the age range where getting it could cause me or my wife permanent harm, we’ll be taking road trips only for quite a while. We are not alone in this.
  8. The issue isn't the Internet. It's the people who insist that facts which don't fit their narrative are "fake news".
  9. No worries Mitch. I remembered because after the TAM accident at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paolo, Airbus changed the A320 family SOP for use of reverse thrust with one locked out. The crew was required to select reverse on both engines and live with the ECAM warning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TAM_Airlines_Flight_3054
  10. Tell Al Gore he's full of it. Apparently YOU discovered the internet!
  11. As they are only switches, the reverser tabs will lift and the thrust levers can be moved into the reverse range. However, without the deployment conditions being met, there would be a reverser fault (or is it disagree??) ECAM message.
  12. This strategy is a carbon copy from Michael O’Leary’s playbook. Now all they need is to advertise flights to Toronto and then fly them into Kitchener.
  13. I’m going to assume that spin wasn’t in the plan!
  14. Have you ever seen "It Might Get Loud" with The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White?
  15. Before anyone rushes to blame this on greedy airlines putting money ahead of safety, ask yourself this. If Boeing had called Flight Ops management and told them the MAX flight control system contained a single point of failure that could cause an unrecoverable loss of control, do you believe they'd have signed off on that?
  16. I am a big fan of Joe Bonamassa, a very talented player. There’s a dearth of aviation stories these days, I vote we keep it here. One of Tommy’s recent uploads. I played an Australian-made Maton guitar in a shop in Avalon a few months back. One of the most pleasant guitars I’ve ever picked up. Amazing tone and very smooth, consistent action. I couldn’t make it sing like Tommy can, but I still want one!
  17. They're not at the end, where there is a teardrop for turnarounds (by the green star in the image). I know this because after the backup maneuver, they taxi straight ahead to the ramp. They landed on RWY 01 and they're at the second turnoff for the terminal (the red star in the image). The runway length is about 5300 ft, meaning it is a pretty impressive stopping distance. I landed on that runway once in a 320 and touched down at the first piano keys. With medium autobrake, we were not able to make that turnoff.
  18. I suspect the boys in the hangar would prefer they taxi to the end and turn around instead.
  19. That didn't take long. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-04/china-to-allow-foreign-airlines-back-after-retaliatory-u-s-ban
  20. I don’t understand the objections to the use of a mask (unless there’s a medical reason involved). It’s a simple thing that one gets accustomed to fairly quickly - if one wants to. It reminds me of the “personal freedom” protests we heard when seatbelt laws first came about. My aunt exercised that freedom and she paid for it with her life, leaving behind a dad with four kids to raise.
  21. Seems it would have been appropriate in this case.
  22. No worries there. At the end of the day, I am sympathetic to the complaints, but when I agree to a transaction where the conditions were right there for me to read, I should only expect the other party meet the conditions of said contract to the best of their ability, whether that’s delivering as promised, or providing the agreed compensation when they don’t (or can’t). If the airlines were grounded forever, I’d expect my money back regardless of the fare. They aren’t, so I have to settle for a credit for future travel.
  23. As far as I know, none of the airlines have switched over to operating trains and buses. None of the airlines in question has gone out of business. If they had, those who purchased tickets would join the thousands of folks who’ve been similarly affected by bankruptcies in the past. If I ordered a motorcycle and the government decided to ban their use on the roads I choose to travel because of a rash of accidents, is that the seller’s problem, or mine?
  24. The analogy is that the business did not control the situation that led to me being unable to make use of the purchase I made. They had no control of that at the time of the transaction. That is the case in most of the situations where people are demanding their money back for fare purchases that didn’t include the right to a refund. Whether the campground reopens next week or next year is also outside the control of the store, same for the airlines regarding the reopening of borders.