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  1. I guess I needed another reminder that old age is creeping in! It seems my comment on the logo resonated more with you than it did with me, as I have no memory of it at all (possibly for selective reasons ). If you are out this way, definitely let me know. We have a couple of nice craft breweries to try out!
  2. Judy and Glen; I remember when I learned that you were taking on this site and thinking that you would do a great job of herding this interesting group of cats. You didn't disappoint and I greatly appreciate how you've not only kept it alive, but helped it to thrive as arguably the best aviation forum on the net. Cheers! Jeff
  3. Meanwhile, Air Canada has honoured their collective agreement with ACPA.
  4. Risk vs. reward. Recovery may be possible but it’s no piece of cake. It’s doubtful there would there be any benefit to recovering long lost family members and there’s not likely to be any surprises from a safety investigation perspective, so why take the risk?
  5. I have to say I am unimpressed by WestJet's approach to public relations in recent months. I hope this isn't just another disappointment but if all they are doing is giving refunds for refundable fares, then this should never have been a "news" item. They should have already done that months ago.
  6. Absolutely agree. My company's work makes cross-border travel a necessity. While I haven't engaged in any of it myself, my colleagues report seeing a high degree of compliance by our aviation colleagues and clients south of the border.
  7. As time passes the virus will (hopefully) lose the “novel” moniker and be better understood. I read today that people with “O” blood type who’ve required hospitalization have on average spent fewer days in hospital; in an ICU or on a ventilator than patients with other blood types, particularly “AB-“. They don’t know why, but it’s an aspect worth exploring further.
  8. No vaccine has been developed for the common cold because it doesn't kill or maim enough of the population to warrant it. The skeptic in me also feels that the pharmaceutical industry makes a ton of money on cold "medicines" which really only mask the symptoms and delay the length of suffering, thus helping them to sell even more of their products. Not much of a motivator for developing a vaccine.
  9. Got me hook, line and sinker with that one, Kip!
  10. It's interesting how opponents of the "nanny state" change their tune when the challenges get closer to home.
  11. Try this one on for size. Be sure you're sitting down. https://www.brewdog.com/uk/brewdog-vs-schorschbrau-strength-in-numbers
  12. You're fixing the wrong part!
  13. CADORS posted an update today which essentially matches the Air Tindi version of events. Most CADORS are initiated by an Airborne Occurrence Report (AOR) from Nav Canada. Controllers and FSS specialists are not flight safety experts. They will file the AOR based on what they believe they were told. Regarding the specifics of this report, the pilot did the right thing. If a C208 standby generator failure is caused by a failure of the drive shaft, the engine oil will migrate out through the broken shaft, eventually leading to oil starvation. We had the same thing happen when a Caravan
  14. Do you know what “low hanging fruit” is? They’re masters at harvesting it and Trump has provided an ample supply.
  15. It's common knowledge that the NDP has no money to fight an election. Their protestations will somewhat appease their base, but they have no teeth behind them.
  16. My sister in law is the sales manager at a dealership in the GTA. They can't get enough EVs to meet the demand.
  17. When it was originally proposed as the new 787, the 737NG was equipped with an EICAS. We know how that turned out.
  18. Because the insurance industry is a financial enterprise, not a charity for airlines, or condo owners or anything else for that matter. Anyone who’s been involved in buying commercial insurance the past few years will tell you they’ve become much more risk averse in that time. The available number of underwriters for many insurance portfolios has dropped by half since 2017. There are a ton of unknowns in providing insurance for COVID-19 risks so it took some time to build an insurance model and cost it out.
  19. I doubt there were many insurers who were chomping at the bit to underwrite this program. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a self-funded program with Manulife simply doing the administrative duties on AC’s behalf.
  20. Cherries? Right now there are barely any trees!
  21. Starting up an ACMI regional carrier right now? They’re going to need a whole lot more than luck.
  22. So now you’re asking a front line crew to interpret which regulations apply and which ones don’t? Obviously you’ve never been in management because that kind of thinking can be your worst nightmare. Airlines pay their people to follow the rules to the greatest possible extent. Deviating from regs should only take place when there are other, more critical implications. An example would be landing below weather limits because you have doubts about the airworthiness of the aircraft. A crying 3 year old refusing to wear a mask is nowhere close to enough to being justification, especially
  23. The 3 year old was having a meltdown over wearing a mask. The crew was following the regulation, and given the company’s reCent zero tolerance statements, one can hardly blame them. Would you be so inclined to throw mud at the crew and the company if the kid was refusing to wear a seatbelt? Both are required by regulation, whether or not you, I, or the man on the moon like it. I also don’t get anyone who takes two kids under 4 on a domestic red eye flight. Passes or not, that’s asking for trouble. I suspect your actual beef is with mandatory mask rules. May as well get used to it, t