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  1. The IPCC has no credibility, nor shame. That was the beginning of the deep skepticism - the infamous "hockey stick." This fear mongering by every agency under the sun is nothing but ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Huge money is to be made by those espousing this 21rst century hoax. Questioning of the premise is akin to heresy, punishable by removal of your funding. What a sad legacy to saddle our grand children with - for those who choose to reproduce. There is a rising sentiment in western culture to not have kids because the sky is falling. Meanwhile, in other cultures...
  2. All their operational departures were "full reheat" (that's Brit for afterburner). They were turned off in the third segment, if I recall, and re-lit during transition to supersonic flight until a stable shock wave was established (somewhere vicinity M1.3). From Blues' description, they were in their initial transition. Something to behold, for sure!
  3. The comments are enlightening - most refuting the premise of the article.
  4. The AF Concorde was probably enroute to SM15W after departing one of the 26's at CDG. I'm guessing it followed a similar flight profile the BA Concorde flew xLHR in that it remained at ~FL280 until able to climb in supersonic transition to its first waypoint on the SST tracks of the day ( ). I would guess the climb transition was initiated somewhere north of the Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey). Blues, can you remember where you were (lat/long/FL) when you flew underneath her flight path?
  5. Don't need a keepsake. Got my memory! (and the 1/72 wood model my wife got me for Christmas 5 years ago, on our memento cabinet in the living room).
  6. Bull crap, I say. Do you really truly think a one or two year fluctuation is the result of "climate change"? I've had it with this "sky is falling" narrative being brain-washed into our younger generation and being readily accepted by our scientific illiterate older generation.
  7. What a shame. 15 years ago, they were the star of airlines operating out of the sub-continent. Heroes to Zeroes.
  8. Individual humans cannot experience "climate change" as climate is measured in centuries or millennia, not by individual weather events. Hence the scam.
  9. While I applaud most of your post, "stunting" starts at 50KPH above the posted limit. I couldn't agree more strongly about the enforcement - or lack thereof. But that goes to how many cops are out there. Most forces are so understaffed, one wonders why we even have laws that are ignored.
  10. This has got to be the stupidest of Stupid. " A technology that removes carbon dioxide from the air has received significant backing from major fossil fuel companies. " What the heck are plants, trees, forests supposed to use for photosynthesis? What the heck is photosynthesis? It's the world wide botanical process that provides the atmosphere of its 21% of OXYGEN - THE STUFF THAT KEEPS US ALIVE. Followed by the next stupidest statement: "CO2 is a powerful warming gas but there's not a lot of it in the atmosphere - for every million molecules of air, there are 410 of CO2 (0.00041%, using their number [invalidating their logic] - actually, the percentage is closer to 0.039%). While the CO2 is helping to drive temperatures up around the world, the comparatively low concentrations make it difficult to design efficient machines to remove the gas." I ask again, what will plants use to keep surface animal life alive given this insane idea's acceptance?
  11. Here's the latest out of Hogwarts: Mind you, it's dated April 1. Coincidence it is published the same day as the Tax Grab went into effect?
  12. When I recall Eastern Airlines, I recall horrible maintenance practices.
  13. I always preferred the tilt-down truck of the 763 vs the tilt-up of the A330. Made for a much smoother, almost unnoticeable touchdown (in the right hands!!!).
  14. Remember to turn on all your lights at 8:30 PM local time tonight!
  15. What a joke. And when the pilot becomes incapacitated ... what then? I'd like to witness the Minister of Transport that signs that exemption to allow airlines (704, 705) operators to operate single pilot IFR/day/night with nothing but [as described] in the right seat.
  16. But they did, and it was appropriate. So there. Thhhhbbbbbbbbbb......
  17. Hint: Their new OC will be dated 1 April. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink..
  18. Two pilots in absolutely the wrong profession. This is inconceivable when knowing you are going to go to Dusseldorf (EDDL) and get a clearance to Edinburgh (EGPH), enter it into the FMS and execute it. There's got to be more to this story other than pure unadulterated incompetence. More, I say...
  19. This and its newest variant is one scary-M-F'er of an airframe. We saw it routinely transiting CYYT from "way over there". Even got an internal tour of the gun ship. "Puff The Magic Dragon" was the song title of a Jefferson Airplane's 1970's song about a converted C-47 fitted with Gattling guns, circling suspected Viet Cong installations and hammering those sites with tens of thousands of rounds of lead and depleted uranium. Can you imagine a 4" gun firing @ 90 degrees to the direction of flight, back near the vertical stabilizer? The crews told us it was a 'full opposite rudder event."
  20. Ethiopian Airways has a lot of contract pilots. My experience of the contract pilot world in that part of the world was not stellar. Just sayin'...
  21. You're a brave man (assumed), seeker.
  22. Does that model 737 have fire suppression in any of its cargo holds?
  23. What's with the thread title?? One would have thought that with all the difficulties the MD80 series of aircraft have had with their horizontal stab/elevator system, any such problems would have been addressed decades ago.
  24. It actually looked like it was under control in a steep nose down, high speed attitude. Hope it's not what that might indicate... Has the video been removed or is it in another thread?