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  1. We managed to get rid of most of them a few years ago. Still, not the AEF it used to be. My thoughts go out to all my aviation colleagues, those I know and those I don't know, for the pain and suffering caused by this vicious pandemic. Keep calm and carry on...
  2. whoa whoa tabernacle! Dont' go, Jack! They just don't know. But I educate them one by one!!
  3. One of the biggest reasons I was hesitant to fly cargo only. It only takes one false declaration...
  4. Report it to who? The agency that overlooked it? Seriously??
  5. Unfortunately, this problem is pervasive in many parts of the eastern world and is HUGE in the lower end contract agencies, even some more reputable ones. I saw it first hand in India and Africa.
  6. I guess my memory fails me...again. I do recall the bigger issue we had was not landing distance but takeoff distance required for our weight (757). Still, good memories for the most part!
  7. That particular runway: Been There, Done That! They are AT the end! If I recall, that island strip is about 5,600' long and not very wide. It's not difficult to back up the 757 using reverse but nearly impossible (and definitely not approved) on the 767.
  8. Been my thoughts since the event. If true, it was an heroic action albeit at the cost of his and her lives. Fortunately, one is alive to tell us why the late ejection.
  9. I fear we are on the verge of an event far surpassing the horrific days of the Kent State slaughter of nearly exactly 50 years ago. God help America. God rid its Coward In Chief.
  10. Given all the educated (experienced) comments, I am still mystified why the ejection command was given so late instead of the time of loss of control (at its apogee). Hopefully, the pilot will be able to shed light on that decision.
  11. Mk I Eyeball! (2 actually...)
  12. Not exactly "Airline" material but aviation at its heart. I watched the ISS tonight again, twice, overfly my abode. Gotta be 50+ times I've seen it. Many times by itself, a few times coupled to a shuttle, once after the shuttle detached for re-entry with two distinct targets. For anyone not witnessed such a magnificent event, go here to look for your times. They're accurate to the minute in whichever time zone you happen to be.
  13. Nature's way of adopting to a world-wide pilot shortage. Good time to get out of the business and retire!
  14. Another limited factor are the airports able to handle the machine. 15 years ago, operating out of Gatwick, a walkway was built near the south terminal (if I recall) where aircraft would go underneath. They neglected to built it high enough to accommodate the 380 which was close to its inaugural launch.
  15. Rubbish. This Team is the spirit of Canada seen by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.( I ask for some to forgive my piggy-boarding about CBC Radio 1 being a similar, binding Canadianism from coast to coast to coast.) Captain Casey - my deepest condolences to your family, your team and your friends for your sacrifice; Captain MacDougall, godspeed to a full recovery and heartfelt thanks for steering your ailing bird away you best you could away from harm's way on the ground. Your latest ejection seems proof of that heroic deed.
  16. This is the fundamental difference between how our two countries evolved. Canada developed law and order before the settlers moved in; the Americans had the wild, wild west where lawlessness, the hired and/or fastest gun, the cheat, the gambler made local law. Whenever local law was challenged, someone died in a gunfight. Americans THRIVE on this lore and this behaviour. Some of the biggest figures in American history are those who stood up to government ("The Law") and lost. America (at least continental America) seems to be reverting as the current administration's divide and incite cam
  17. Mud or water or a combination of both? Payload in dispersant?
  18. An airline pilot, obviously. Look at that square jaw, the determined stare, the sun glasses. It's obvious. BTW the photo looks more like some remote hamlet in Nunavut than it does at Buttonville.
  19. So very sorry for you Boestar, all family & friends of all the crewmembers. A rare occurrence, thankfully in our Army, Navy & Air Force but sadly, one that occurs from time to time (don't want to use that old fashioned "Canadian Armed Forces" term) . Rest In Peace.
  20. It's been 40+ years since I taught, nay learned partial panel flight in a light single. I learned from the best - retired RCAF fighter jocks. I then taught what I learned, which was not described in the training manuals of the day. Example - in the early 80's, a PPL did not include a Night Rating. The flight school I worked for out west insisted on teaching VFR pilots how to track VOR' and ADF's to "get them home" at night. I refused to even turn on the radios and spent the full 5 hours on attitude flight with and without an attitude indicator and other basic flight instruments. Listening
  21. I remember the F-18 acquisition where the tech manuals were to be Eng/Fr. Rumour at the time was the translation cost us one airframe.