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  1. Spot on, Wolf. The ONLY solution is for a worldwide cessation of burning hydrocarbons. A full and complete cessation. In about 100 years, the atmosphere will be back to a pre-industrial, middle age condition. But we will still have 20 billion souls on the planet by 2050. What is the REAL problem here?
  2. Been saying this for decades and from the very beginning of this thread. The oceans cover nearly 80% of the surface of our pale blue dot. Their average depth is 10,000 feet. All atmospheric weather is a result of the atmosphere's physical contact with the oceans. The unbelievable vanity of the human creature to believe they have had an even infinitesimal effect on where our atmosphere/biosphere is evolving is overwhelming. The disgusting play by the Gor-Zuki lobby to influence world wide governments to steal the hard earned monies of their populace will be seen by historians as the Scam Of The Century.
  3. Identify this aircraft.

    First one SR-71. Haven't looked at second "challenge"...
  4. Wheel Tug - Cool!

    SO MUCH NEGATIVITY!!! These systems are GREAT innovations - using GPU electrical power to take the aircraft to the hold short line of the runway of departure...What's not to like? C'mon - extra weight? Vs up to 30 minutes all engine fuel burns while waiting in line? Yes, gate hold procedures help, but these devices improve fuel burns even more.
  5. Try a few centuries in a row.
  6. whats that noise???

    Wow - wasn't expecting those replies! Bottom line in this business? When you KNOW you've screwed up, first fix it, then "fall on your sword" to your boss. You'll NEVER get into trouble when you do. IF YOU DO??? You really don't want to be working there...
  7. whats that noise???

    Shnoot happens. Years ago, empty DH8 departing YSJ to YQM. "Let's see what this puppy can do!" Full power before brake release, rotation on speed, V2+10 climb. We weren't impressed by our "puppy." Not a minute after takeoff, tower (they had a tower then) asks if we have a problem. We each look at each other and respond "Negative." "Contact departure." On descent into YQM, high downwind for RW29, I call for "Landing gear down." Ooops.....
  8. This guy is dedicated!

    Great story!
  9. A Most Stunning Reversal For over 10 years, the now POTUS has decried NAFTA. Now, one day after two phone calls, one from Junior and one from the Mexican Presidente, and only days before signing a much touted Executive Order, NAFTA will remain intact. Go figure...
  10. A Near Thing

    Red HOLD SHORT lines in the runways similar to the taxiways, changed to green only with a takeoff clearance would be an improvement. Very expensive but one more tool in the chest of prevention of these events in the long term. I watched a Canadian charter carrier depart Belfast one morning without a takeoff clearance. Pilots apologized after the fact. Fortunately there was no loss of separation on their departure.
  11. SFO Incident

    Makes one wonder if one of these was in the right seat. Afraid to speak up??? Just askin'....
  12. Smashing a perfectly good guitar

  13. On THAT, I agree wholeheartedly!
  14. 787 Software Mods

    " Although a previous airworthiness directive (AD) required crews to avoid ice-crystal icing to prevent engine issues, the crew told investigators that the aircraft was too close to the precipitation to maneuver around it once the area appeared on the airborne radar " REALLY? Either not paying attention and flying into an anvil or inexperience in (I'm assuming) interpreting radar imagery during night ops.
  15. Sorry gator, but that's a pile of malarkey. (Look that up in your Funk & Wagnall's...) CO2 is and for thousands of years, has been a trace element in the earth's atmosphere. It continues to be so. Without CO2, all plant life would die. Any increase in CO2 levels is not due to human creations; it MAY be due to humans obliterating rain forests. Try looking at the problem from the other side of the coin.
  16. Those who map year to year differences of ice/no ice are delusional. So to are those who map differences in decades or even centuries. Climate is measured in millennia. The Gore-Zuki fraud continues.
  17. I couldn't disagree more. What a distorted interpretation of an all to frequent event of abuse by "the customer who is always right." The "customer" showed his true colours during the video. A jackass of the highest proportions who seemed to enjoy his self righteousness and superiority over "lowly" agents. Her "turning her back" was an attempt to defuse the situation where this idiot insisted on escalating the issue, to the point of the personal slurs he resorted to using.
  18. "... all 151 passengers were evacuated safely from the Airbus 319 aircraft using emergency slides,..." I think there's more to this than meets the eye. And 150 on a 319??? Where did they put 30 seats, in the belly?
  19. YYC ATC refusing second approach?

    Would like to hear the next controller's opinion of "wait times". Not really enough info in that clip to form an opinion.
  20. CAT IIIb Video

    No kidding. One has about a second on the Boeing to call "No Flare", "No Idle" or "No Roll-Out" should the automation fail, or revert to two-autopilot downgrade. I've seen autolands go foul while conducting approaches in VMC. Those times though, the ILS was not as protected as it is during true Cat III ops.
  21. Drag Reducing Microvanes for the RCAF

    Pretty kool! Add drag to reduce drag!