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  1. Moon The Loon

    Southwest Business Model

    I sincerely hope WestJet does not follow this aspect of Southwest's model:
  2. Moon The Loon

    Scat 737 Burns

    If your maintenance is so stupid as to service the O2 with greasy hands and stainless steel tools, wellll........
  3. Moon The Loon

    Great Snowbird Video

    A great vid Greg, of the 2007 season. Many thanks for posting. My personal connection with the Snowbirds goes back to 1978 during my previous life in the movie business (NFB) where we produced a 25 minute short promo for them. That was the year the Minister of Defense awarded them squadron status. Was it due to our film? Who knows. They are an institution here in Canada, dating back to the early 1970's. They've had bad years; they've had great years. Later in my career, I had the pleasure/honour/priviliege of flying with many ex-Snowbirders at Canada 3000. This business has made me proud so many times over the last 40 years!
  4. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change?

    You're a brave man (assumed) Wolfhunter. As-Salamu Alaikum
  5. And don't forget the A340 in Toulose about 15 years ago. The airplane was destroyed in the incident.
  6. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change?

    Here's another gem, this time from the Financial Post:
  7. JT really, REALLY discredited himself today by sticking to a talking point that neither he nor the PMO "DIRECTED" the Minister to interfere. He refused to answer the question if he asked the Minister to interfere whether by asking or suggesting. Not too impressive of the youngster...
  8. They are probably hybrid.
  9. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change? Facts or fantasy?
  10. Moon The Loon

    Another Hazard of Ramping...

    I was being pushed back at JFK some years ago. About half way through the push into the alley, the tug's transmission exploded. We couldn't see it from the 767 flt deck and had the option of staying put and blocking the alley until a replacement tug could be found or power out. The ground crew advised we could power out once disconnected and would give guidance to avoid any debris on the ramp. That's what we did and the ground crew confirmed we avoided all the debris, confined to a pretty small area under where the tug used to be. Probably not as spectacular as Deicer's video - the marshaller was lucky he wasn't killed.
  11. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    Has anyone any current knowledge on this initiative? I've been asking for years "Why are we still using magnetic sources for direction?" With the ever increasing changes to magnetic poles on our planet (due to the flipping of the core, a once in 500,000 or so year occurrence: ) including possibly even multiple poles occurring given the rapidity of current changes within the next 50 years, the use of magnetic source for direction seems anachronistic. GPS/GNSS relies on degrees true changed to degrees magnetic by software. Why not just leave degrees true alone and use the magnetic compass as a back-up rather than a primary source of direction? Regulators & NavCan, PLEASE WEIGH IN!
  12. I first heard of these "things" about a year ago. I think the process was well under way amongst some folks all over the world at the time. Now the press seems to have vaulted the Bitcoin into our lives and the entire operation is now public, with the equivalent of ATM's popping up everywhere. Yesterday, I heard an interview from a professor/instructor at some Montreal financial training institute (don't know which one) and all he seemed to offer were emotional, vague justifications that the Bitcoin is the best new monetary device since money was invented. He extolled the fact it was unregulated. Mid interview, the current value of the Bitcoin was discussed - he said somewhere in the vicinity of USD$800 per. Then he went on to say that less than a year ago, they were in the penny-stock value. A good friend who is very familiar with the process (I guess it has to do with acquiring massively encrypted "pieces" of mathematical chains of some kind or another) tried to explain how it started, how it has the potential to wreck current international forms of finance and a lot of other things I couldn't fathom, and how current financial systems and centres of wealth are scared their empires might crumble in the face of this new unregulated form of commerce. The ONLY thing that jumps out at me about this entire thing is in the shape of a giant pyramid named Ponzi. For the record, none of the above was "copied" from anywhere. They're my thoughts and questions about something that is so radical, I feel like a caveman witnessing an airplane passing overhead. Anyone got anything to make this make more sense (cents?)??
  13. Apparently. Bet his middle name is Ponzi...
  14. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic

    Uhh, no. The magnetic north pole, yes.
  15. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change?

  16. You pays your money, you takes your chances: Cryptocurrency Exchange Says It Can't Access Millions After CEO Unexpectedly Died The QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange says it can't access some $190 million in bitcoin and other funds after its founder and CEO, Gerald Cotten, died at age 30 — without sharing the password for his encrypted laptop. Cotten was "the sole officer and director" of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange when he died, said his widow, Jennifer Robertson, in an affidavit that is part of the company's request for court assistance as it seeks protection from its creditors. The debt filing comes weeks after Robertson announced that Cotten had died — an event she described as "a shock to all of us."
  17. Moon The Loon

    Degrees True vs Magnetic Not the best written article, but on target.
  18. Moon The Loon

    Climate Change? The idiocy of MSM (main stream media) that the atmosphere produces deep sea oceanic temperature change continues. Once again, as stated repeatedly throughout this never-ending thread, the oceans (80% of the Earth's coverage) influence the atmosphere, not the other way around. Average depth of 80% of the planet's world oceans/seas is ~10,000 feet. Those who dispute the Carbon Conspiracy are heretics and should be damned. Me included.
  19. Moon The Loon

    Jan 30 2 Air Tindi aircraft down

    Deepest condolences to the entire Tindi team.
  20. Moon The Loon

    Islamic Party of Ontario

    This is a slippery slope...
  21. I just got burned with ransomeware on my home desktop 4 days ago. Fortunately, no files of importance are kept there. But what a nuisance. It came in on a Microsoft Silverlight installation which I didn't knowingly initiate and encrypted all text & photo files with a demand to use the TOR browser to send USD500 in Bitcoin to unlock my files. I discovered the vehicle it came in on with an uninstaller program which showed a new program installation within minutes of the encryption. Prior to uninstallation, I couldn't save files to my desktop. After getting rid of the extinct Silverlight program (deep uninstall), everything is back to normal except for the few files I wanted to keep but don't really need. Today, I got a pop-up stating my Trusteer Rapport needed an update. It looked extremely legitimate until looking at the URL links without the https:// just http:// Once I got rid of that and checked the legitimate site, the phishing scam was confirmed. Be careful out there - the internet is turning into a battlefield.
  22. Moon The Loon

    Reality 2019

    Life is a one way trip, and nobody gets out alive...
  23. Moon The Loon

    Super Hornet Video

    Very nice series of vids!
  24. Moon The Loon

    What's That Smell ???

    Wished I knew that trick on a flight to Paris one evening. The two "lads" beside me hadn't bathed in weeks. Uggghhhh....
  25. 602.03 No person shall act as a crew member of an aircraft (a) within 12 hours after consuming an alcoholic beverage; (b) while under the influence of alcohol; or (c) while using any drug that impairs the person’s faculties to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or of persons on board the aircraft is endangered in any way. SOR/2018-269, s. 5. Date modified: 2019-01-08