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  1. LOL, that was indeed a good one Deicer, thanks and I will gift it back when the time comes
  2. Ya some issues, we are working on them. thanks for your patience.
  3. Sorry but the server had some issues and it took that long to get it back up and working. Carry on
  4. working on it, keep letting me know if the site is slow. Thanks Glen
  5. After looking into this, I found that there was a script installed on the site which has since been removed and the vulnerability fixed. thanks for bring this to our attention.
  6. Cheating a little, I Just look at my OANS
  7. Dear, I am getting in touch with you in relation with VintageAirRally. This adventure will begin in London in November 2016 and follow the Imperial British Road via the Eastern coast of Africa through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia etc. VintageAirRally gathers 15 biplanes built before 1950, 6 support aeroplanes (Caravan, Kodiak, Saratoga…) and 5 helicopters. In total, more than 70 peoples will be involved in the prestigious endeavour. Our team will be in Billy Bishop’s airport (Toronto) today Wednesday 13 July 2016. There will be some biplanes from Canadian teams along with
  8.  This is just an FYI. I have also closed the topic in question. Cheers Malcolm

    Perhaps you can do something about mo32a and have him completely remove his silly sequence of posts. I had no involvement at all regarding the AC thread but he seems to think I should. No one else seems to be acknowledging is child-like behaviour but I have asked him three times to delete it. 

    Also posting PM on the website seems to go against the whole idea. 

    Thank you for your assistance

    blues deville

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    I guess one question I need to ask before doing anything. Did you indeed tell some of the posters on this forum that your reported their posts and thus had them removed? We do not, in general, enter into disputes between members except to remind them to "play nice" or leave the forum. Infractions against our rules are of course dealt with.  I would appreciate your reply. 

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    Hello Marshall. 

    I have tried to paste exactly what I asked mo32a in my PM. But it won't attach. However, he posted it on the forum for all to view. You have seen it.

    1) I asked him politely on the thread to remove/delete his posit. He didn't.

    2) I asked him again via PM to remove his post. He didn't.

    2) The 3rd PM included advising him I would contact a moderator. I did try but I don't think it worked or was not received by you.

    I hope I'm not being considered the villan. mo32a has some issues with me for what reason I have no idea. Totally inappropriate and immature behaviour.

    According to the forum rules "bullying, insulting and other obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated". Bullying and personal attacks are not free-speech, rather it is verbal abuse. Would you or anyone you know accept being the punchline of some anonymous posting? I don't think so.

    And any PM discussions I've had in the past have remained just that. Private messages. Not posted in a forum thread!

    I expect you to do the right thing and have all of his posts with regards to me on that particular thread deleted and removed.



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    Well the PM didn't attach. However, what I wrote to him in the PM is clearly posted for all to read on the AC delayed flight thread. You should be able to see it. That's what was sent to him. 

    When someone is asked to remove or delete a post, I believe it's understood to completely remove it. Not quote yourself including the offending part and then announcing you've been asked to do so. Kind of sneaky way to agree and disagree at the same time.


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    I don't see anything that qualifies as any reason to edit your or his posts at this time. When it comes to bullying, insulting this is a grey area as there is also something called "fair comment" . We will however monitor future posts. In cases like this we do remind our members of the rules of this forum.

  9. You are correct Kip, the reverse thrust does very little but it does come into play when using the BTV (brake to vacate) as it helps with keeping the break temperatures a little lower for the turn around time since the 380 does not have any brake fans.
  10. We had an issue with a member today. They had the same email address with two member profiles, not sure how this happened? During the upgrade, one of the members profile was deleted (the one they wanted to keep) and the other one was untouched, not sure the logic however if there is any member that is having any issues with their account, please let us know as we have backups of the old forum and are able to recover that info.
  11. Thanks Jen, We still have a ways to go with the upgrade and will slowly be changing the layout, etc. The process will take some time Kip.
  12. Over the next couple of days we will be embarking on a major framework upgrade to our site and community. The site may be down for up to 2 days. You may have to clear you cache and cookies to log back in.
  13. Ha, that’s Hilarious Kip, Wish my company took that option, my 380 seat doesn’t have that installed!, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything if I had that .