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  1. Thanks for all the kind words and the donations. We’re getting close to the run date. I’m still a bit short of this year’s fundraising goal, so additional sponsors are most welcome. The forecast here is for rain all day Sunday, but if Terry could run in snow, sleet, and rain on only one good leg, I’ll suck it up and run in the rain on two. Please feel free to share this link on your social media sites if you wish. Thank you. https://run.terryfox.ca/page/richard
  2. Yup. 2854.3 hours in T-33s and 4.8 on that specific aircraft (133413). One of the few I flew without tip tanks. I wouldn’t let it pass its post-inspection test flight because it rolled violently to the left whenever I pulled the stick straight back (no aileron input) to the point of buffet (onset of an accelerated stall) at 200 knots per the test card. I left the squadron before it got released, so not sure the eventual fix, if any. Many of the jets were slightly “bent” and had their own personality, but 413 was dangerous IMO. FWIW, all the T-33s could be rolled with only elevator input, but 413 was seriously out of limits.
  3. If you go to the website in my link and click on the “donate” button, you then fill in the boxes and make your donation using a credit card. A tax receipt will be sent directly to you shortly thereafter. If you prefer to make an offline donation instead, please let me know and we can sort something out that way.
  4. Dear AEFers, For the 14th year I will be running to raise funds in support of the Terry Fox Foundation and the research they do in search of a cure for cancer. This annual run continues Terry’s legacy and helps further his dream of finding a cure for cancer. My family was directly impacted by cancer in the past year. Our beautiful dog Max was diagnosed with cancer in December 2021 and he passed away peacefully on December 31st. This year my run is dedicated to Max. This year’s Terry Fox Run takes place on September 18th in many locations across Canada and throughout the world. I plan to run 10km in my town of Gravenhurst, Ontario. My fundraising goal this year is $5000. I encourage you all to find a site where you too can participate in a walk/run in support of this worthy cause. Alternatively, I would gladly accept your donation to sponsor my own run. To make an online donation, my fundraising site can be reached at: Richard Pulman | Terry Fox Run 2022. If you would prefer to make an offline donation, please send me a message and we can sort out the details. Thank you for considering this worthy cause. Richard P.S. If the link doesn't work for you, please cut & paste https://run.terryfox.ca/page/richard into your browser instead.
  5. Wadayamean “other forums”? There’s more?
  6. Thanks to everyone who came for a visit and took the time to get in touch. Was nice to catch up.
  7. Hi Ian, My RV8 is AOG at the moment. I’m ironing out some bugs left behind by the previous owner (the builder). Hoping to find some of the things I need to get the airplane up to my high standard while in KOSH. I don’t know much about the place where I’m staying other than it’s right outside the gate to KOSH. A couple of local guys I hang out with have been staying there for years and claim it’s a better deal than Scholler’s. I rented a small trailer/camper (on Outdoorsy.com) that I’ll pick up in Joliet. Just a tent on wheels really, but better than a tent on the ground when the inevitable TSRA+ rolls through. I’m expecting to pay $20/night (or so). Details below… Give me a shout if you’re going. 519-616-5369 Richard
  8. Anyone from here going to be there? I'm planning to get there Sunday afternoon and leave Friday morning. I'll be camping out in a hayfield across the street from Camp Scholler.
  9. It’s interesting that the political word of the year is “unacceptable” (Rogers… unacceptable, Hockey Canada… unacceptable, passport delays… unacceptable, airport delays… unacceptable, Catholic Church… unacceptable, inflation… unacceptable, higher interest rates… unacceptable, situation in Ukraine... unacceptable, etc, etc, etc) yet it doesn’t seem to apply to the people running the government or the price of gas.
  10. I could be available to fill one of those positions… But not in the right seat (or RP seat). I don’t think my phone will be ringing anytime soon.
  11. Yes, the software was a little too conservative at the time. We’d get some shortcuts along the way which didn’t help. There were time we’d run the APU for a few hours just to burn off some KG. Did our best not to burn any more than needed, but still…
  12. Many years ago we had to tanker into LHR as they had a fuel shortage due to a fuel-farm fire. I’ve logged a few hours in the LAM hold trying to get down to MLW. ATC wouldn’t let us jettison fuel, so we had to burn it instead.
  13. What does it matter if you can’t afford fuel to get to the cottage?
  14. Clearly you didn’t read the manual closely before that first flight. Boeing says to retard the thrust levers to reach idle at touchdown. Airbus, on the other hand, just starts yelling “retard” at the appropriate time.
  15. Sounds very similar to my first landing on the mighty Metro. I think the divots can still be found on the button of 36 in YWG.
  16. Colonel Miller was the Base Commander when I was on course in Moose Jaw. His son was on my course. Both super nice people! Sad to see such an accomplished flyer hang up the keys, but nice that he did it on his own terms and with such a classy gesture to boot. Funny story… When I arrived in YMJ for pilot training I had already been issued my new blue uniform because I was in YOW when DND began switching back to distinctive colours for each branch of the service. Only Colonel Miller and I had the new uniform. The Base CWO was p!ssed off because he still had to wear green! There was a lot of “what should we do about this” discussions, but finally it all fizzled out. Thankfully, by the time graduation rolled around, we all had our blues and looked good marching around the parade square. Well, as good as pilots can look on a parade square.
  17. Belated happy birthday Kip! Would you mind telling us which one of those characters reminds her of you? Given the “milestone”, I was looking for something more like in the group but can’t seem to locate it. Ummm….. Is there a “run and hide” emoticon??? I could use it about now.
  18. So does that mean the argument is valid until it isn’t OR not valid until it is?
  19. And once again the argument for interconnected control columns versus stand alone side sticks gets blown to smithereens.
  20. Union members in Canada have limited avenues available in pursuing employers. Your friend should read these and other similar articles from employment law firms before deciding on a course of action. https://jeffreyrobles.com/2021/01/04/as-a-union-member-can-i-sue-my-employer/ https://sultanlawyers.com/blog/how-do-i-enforce-my-rights-if-i-am-part-of-a-union/
  21. If that’s the case, I’d be the wrong person to ask. My resume department is closed.
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