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  1. Not to worry Jeff. I’m sure enough people get it wrong that Pete has often heard “whoooo are you, who, who, who, who” when presenting his ID.
  2. Psst.... If so, maybe you can spell his name correctly.
  3. FWIW, I don’t “take issue” with any of it. I’m just curious about how people reach their opinions and in the logic behind their arguments. I prod only to seek deeper understanding. There’s nothing else in it for me. If there is indeed criminal activity associated with the election, then redress should be pursued. But successfully prosecuting criminal activity requires proof of the act, not rumour, innuendo, misinterpretations, social media outrage, etc. Maybe there’s proof out there, maybe not; I certainly don’t know one way or the other. Either way, as previously mentioned, I highly doub
  4. Agree with you on many points, BUT if you (and others) accept this is true “I expect a Catholic Police Officer to guard the abortion clinic regardless of his view on abortion. I expect soldiers to do exactly the same thing…. for exactly the same reason. I expect Muslim judges to protect the rights of Christians and female judges to uphold the rights of men etc etc. In short, judges apply the law and activist judges who see their role as that of lawmaker need not apply.” then why would you (or anyone else) think there’s a bias among those who are just doing their job by counting the votes? And
  5. Just out of curiosity, why do you think the election should be decided by political appointees rather than the millions of people who cast their ballot, especially since, if it goes all the way to the Supreme Court, two thirds of the appointees were put there by the plaintiffs? Would you feel the same way if the current results were reversed (I.E. Democrats suing Republicans after a narrow loss)? I have no skin in this game and don’t bat for either team. Just curious how people think and what makes them tick, that’s all.
  6. I dunno friends, it sure looks like it could be the beginnings of a Death Star to me. ?
  7. Isn’t it more of a licence to spend money?
  8. Yes, well, if you look carefully, you’ll notice TWO photos. In the second photo the phone is “flipped” over. It can’t do many other tricks, and even flipping usually requires assistance; however, if you leave it on vibrate long enough, it can flip over on its way off the counter. This usually leads to the put-the-phone-back-together game, which is one of the only games available on this fine unit. Of course, there is the snake game which comes in handy while waiting in line for mediocre food & drink at Tim Horton’s or when you’re just bored of the bland scenery while driving along the 401.
  9. Why are they assuming she’s responsible for transmitting it to him? Given the timeline of all the people in POTUS’s circle being tested positive, it’s more likely to have been spread at the gathering to introduce Judge Barrett as the nominee for the Supreme Court.
  10. Just curious.... With full nose-up trim, what Gz load would you get at minimum-clean speed? Does the emergency checklist make any mention of using bank angle to help prevent excessive AOA in the event of a pitch up?
  11. 2020 Terry Fox Run complete! What a great feeling to do this each year. For complete results and to get the skinny on things such as “how long did he run without stopping?”, “was there any flesh-to-asphalt contact?”, “how long was that train anyways?”, “did he really outrun that bear?”, “what was his iPod playlist?”, ”were those thigh-to-fender encounter(s) painful?”, and “what’s really in that water bottle?”, please type into your browser and make a small donation in support of this important cause. Thank you.
  12. There are so many great lyrics written by Neil. I’ve had some others tell me the link doesn’t work, but so far it has only happened on some mobile devices. Please try using typing into your browser and hopefully that will work. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. I'm participating in the 2020 Terry Fox Run. Dear AEFers, For the 12th year in a row I am proudly supporting The Terry Fox Foundation in its ongoing work to fund innovative and progressive cancer research programs by taking part in The Terry Fox Run. Despite the global pandemic situation the run will take place this year although the format will be different than usual. Sadly, the customary large gatherings of Terry Fox participants will not be happening; however, individuals and their teams will be getting together in accordance with local health guidelines to participate and
  14. $30,000/hr. Afterburners are really expensive to use!
  15. If you can find them, these books are well worth the $$$. Great stories and stunning photos!
  16. Very true. Spatial orientation also plays a role in the outcome of an ejection. For example, a friend of mine was killed after a successful ejection when the seat came through his parachute from above after seat-man separation, tearing the parachute and striking him in the head. It is believed he became disoriented after losing sight of lead while in formation in cloud and had to jettison the aircraft. Until that accident, it had never crossed my mind that the seat could become a deadly projectile.
  17. FWIW, there are NO labour codes/protections for expat pilots. You go along to get along or you'll be sent along. You're not there to change culture. You're there because 1) there aren't enough locals to fill the seats, and 2) for the money. As soon as one of those change, you'll move along or be sent along. "Report(ing) it" won't change a thing other than you'll likely need to polish up your CV while the locals laugh hysterically at your vain attempt to change the system while counting their bribe money from the latest round of pilot applicants. It's a tough world out there!
  18. FWIW, on the A340, the outer levers were latched (couldn't be moved beyond idle reverse) until the inner reversers were fully deployed. So those "switches" can be prevented from moving if necessary. That said, I don't recall the A320 having any such mechanism.
  19. FWIW, I recently used this method and the CC (AMEX) refunded my money. So it does work, although I have no idea the overall success rate.
  20. FWIW, "Super Hornets" are F-18 E & F models. Canada has the old A & B models. They are substantially different airplanes.
  21. Someone should inform this “reporter” that there’s no such thing as a CF-18 Super Hornet. ?
  22. That's the question we're all asking, and patiently awaiting the answer from the pilot. Not much point speculating (I.E. you've assumed he didn't get a relight) when the answer will be coming right from the source once the AIB is complete.
  23. As previously mentioned, “the decision to eject is made on the ground”. That’s not just a saying, it’s a fact. With an engine failure on takeoff, the focus is on getting some altitude (zoom) and getting a relight (idle, air start) and, if no relight, getting out. There simply isn’t time to consider where the airplane would end up. Besides, 1) with so little energy in the aircraft at that point, control is nearly impossible (as seen in the videos), 2) once ejection is initiated, you have no idea where the airplane will go, and 3) it would go against all the training (“A delayed ejection only ta