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  1. canadairguy

    Roy Halliday (YZ BLUE JAYS) Dies in Plane Crash

    This video was apparently taken 2 weeks before the accident. Sadly, watching it, the accident itself almost becomes predictable.
  2. The article claims the speed was recorded over 4 laps of a 3 km course. I'm assuming a closed course. If the course was circular it would have a radius of about 500 m, pretty difficult to achieve at >500 mph. I wonder how long the course really was.
  3. canadairguy

    Fifi and Doc

    I'm in Oshkosh and was at yesterday's airshow. Right after the two B29's took off, about 15 B25's took off. The B29's circled at about 2000 feet and the B25's "attacked" the airfield - one after one - at low altitude. This place is amazing!!!